Couch Openings

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Episode numbers indicate the couch scene used when the episode was shown for the first time; in some cases, the one used in Canada is listed where it was "original" and the USA one was repeated; also, some episodes did not have a couch opening the first time they aired in the USA but did for subsequent airings

The couch openings are also used in syndication except when marked:

* 1F01 couch opening is used
** See note below:
7F06 uses the 7F08 couch opening
9F21 uses only 9F21a
4F12 uses the video from the 8F24 couch opening, but the sound from the 4F12 couch opening; it is possible that the switch was made because 4F12 was the 167th episode to air, surpassing the 166 of The Flintstones as the most for a prime-time animated series
4F19 uses the 3F23 couch opening
FABF12 uses the DABF02 couch opening

7G02*, 7G07* Bart is squeezed off and pops into the air; during the shot of the TV, he is seen coming down
7G03*, 7G10* The couch falls apart when everybody is on it
7G04*, 7G13 Homer is squeezed off his side of the couch
7G06*, 7G12 Maggie is squeezed off and pops into the air; she comes right down into Marge's arms
7G09, 7G01 Everybody fits on the couch
7F03, 7F12, 7F22, 9F06* The couch falls through the floor
7F02, 7F13, 7F23 The "Simpson Shuffle": everybody is in a line in front of the couch; they do two "Egyptian struts" (right arm up, left arm down, wrists at 90-degree angles) in one direction, then two in the other, then sit on the couch with arms in a "ta-da" position.
7F01, 7F15 The couch unfolds into a bed
7F05*, 7F16* Maggie ends up in Marge's hair
7F08, 7F14* Everybody fits, including Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II
7F07*, 7F17* Grampa is lying on the couch sleeping
7F06**, 7F18 Homer tips the couch over sideways; Maggie falls off, but lands on a couch cushion which is on the floor
7F09, 7F19 The couch is gone; everyone looks around the empty spot
7F10*, 7F20* Homer bumps the others off the couch
7F11, 7F21* The couch tips over backwards; Maggie pops up from behind it
7F24*, 8F22 The couch tips over backwards, and everybody crashes through the back wall
8F01, 8F12 They sit, then Homer pulls Santa's Little Helper out from beneath him
8F03*, 8F14 Everybody forms a pyramid
8F04*, 8F16 A space alien hears them coming, pulls a cord, and disappears through a trap door in the floor
8F05, 8F15* Bart lands on everyone's lap
8F06*, 8F17 Homer gets to the couch first and lies on it; the others sit on him
8F07, 8F19 The seat cushions are missing; when they sit, they "fall into" the couch
8F08, 8F20 Two burglars are holding the couch as everybody sits on it; they are dumped off and the couch is carried away
8F09, 8F21 Santa's Little Helper is on the couch and keeps everyone else off
8F10, 8F23 Everybody cartwheels to the couch (Maggie falls in her attempt and hops there) and strikes a "Ta-Da" pose
8F11 Everybody bounces up and down on the couch; Homer bounces from one side to the other
8F13* Everybody except Maggie bang their heads together and lie unconscious on the floor
8F24 Everybody stops as the couch is occupied - by the Flintstones
8F18, 9F15* The couch swallows everybody as it transforms into a monster
9F01*, 9F12 The couch rotates 180 degrees through a secret door in the wall; an empty couch takes its place
9F02*, 9F14* As Maggie is already seated, Homer, Marge, and Bart run "past the edge of the film" and scurry back to the couch
9F04 Simpson-sized skeletons sit on the couch
9F03 The couch deflates (as if filled with air)
9F05, 9F17 Everybody has somebody else's head, which they remove and switch
9F07, 9F18* There's a wooden chair in place of the couch; the adults share it, with the children on their laps
9F08*, 9F13*, 9F16*, 9F22*, 2F08, AABF17, CABF13, DABF06 Everybody forms a chorus line, which turns into a large production number
During 9F22, in the "The Thompsons" opening, everyone runs to a couch on a houseboat, where fish then fall on them
9F09, 9F20 Everybody is "miniature" and must climb the "giant" couch; Maggie has to be pulled up
9F10 Everybody sits, just before the room is filled with other regular characters
9F11, 9F19 Everybody gets caught in a net that was spread on the floor
9F21a, 1F08, 1F21 Everybody runs into each other and shatters on the floor; Santa's Little Helper examines the damage
9F21b**, 1F11 Everybody runs into each other and end up on the couch as a five-headed "blob"
9F21c**, 1F09*, 1F20 Everybody runs into each other and there's an explosion; eventually, the pacifier lands and bounces away
1F02, 1F12, 2F33 Everybody, plus the couch, is crushed by a foot that is reminiscent of how Monty Python's Flying Circus opens
1F01 Everybody stops as the couch is occupied - by an identical Simpson family
1F04 A Zombie Simpson family crashes through the floor from below and sits on the couch
1F03 The couch is painted on a wall, which everybody runs through
1F05, 1F13 A fat man takes up most of the couch; everybody squeezes into the tiny spot remaining
1F06, 1F15, 2F04 The room is dark as five pairs of eyes go to the couch; light reveals that it's only eyes, as eyeless bodies quickly enter, sit down, and reattach to the eyes
1F07*, 1F19* Everybody sits, then they notice they're on the set of Late Show with David Letterman as "Dave" turns face forward
1F10 Everybody pokes their head up from behind the couch (Maggie does it from behind a cushion on the couch)
1F14 Everybody sees two couches, then they each split into two halves, each half sitting on a couch
1F16 Everybody is shaped like a ball and bounces around before landing on the couch and returning to normal
1F18 Everybody sits, then Homer gets up, rips the FOX logo from the screen corner, and they all stomp on it
1F22, 2F12 Everybody begins seated as if on an invisible couch; the couch comes in in pieces and forms itself atop them, causing them to fall to the floor
1F17, 2F13 The floor is well underwater, and only the tops of everybody's heads are visible until they reach the couch (Bart is using a snorkel)
2F01, 2F14* Everybody is "beamed aboard" the couch in original Star Trek style (complete with sound effect)
The two episodes' couch openings are slightly different; 2F01 has the family initially appear as black "starry" images before "fading in", while 2F14 has them appear amidst a burst of light
2F03 Everybody enters with a mismatched head and limbs (for example, one of Bart's legs is now Lisa's right arm, and Lisa's arms are where her legs should be)
2F05, 2F15 Everybody bounces up off the couch and gets their heads stuck in the ceiling
2F06, 2F18 Everybody chases the couch as it, along with the back wall, moves backwards away from them
2F07, 2F16 Everybody runs by the same TV and couch again and again, all except Maggie grinning the whole time
2F09, 2F19 Everybody runs to the couch from a different side (Marge runs down the side of a wall) in an M.C. Escher-style house
2F10, 2F21 The "James Bond" film opening, only with Homer in front of the couch firing the gun
The two episodes' couch openings have the same video but slightly different audio
2F11, 2F22 In black & white, everybody (wearing Mickey Mouse gloves) waves their hands in circles
2F31, 2F32 A giant Maggie, a slightly smaller Lisa, and so on down to a tiny Homer, sit on the couch
2F20 As the couch moves aside, everybody lines up in front of a police lineup height chart
2F17, 3F12, 3F22 The couch acts like a FAX machine, and a sheet with a picture of everybody (in couch-sitting position) comes up from the back and slides beneath it
3F01, 3F13 Everybody, including SLH, Snowball II, and Grampa, appear in eight squares "Brady Bunch" style (with the couch in the middle); all but Grampa run to the couch
3F02, 3F14 Everybody is wearing fezzes and drives around in minicars like Shriners
3F03, 3F16 Everybody runs to the couch, entirely gray; the colors are then spray-painted on them
3F04 Everybody drops from above, hanging from their necks by nooses; Maggie still manages to suck her pacifier
3F05, 3F15 Everybody is a wind-up doll
3F06, 3F17 Everybody is put on the couch by a pinsetter, after Snowball II is scared off by the pin-clearing bar
3F08, 3F18 Everybody is a sea-monkey and swims to a couch made of clam shells to stare at a treasure chest
3F31 A sequence of openings: 8F18, 9F02, 9F10, 9F09, 8F09, 1F02, 2F31, 2F09, 2F06, 1F17, 2F11, and 9F08
3F07, 3F19 Homer pulls a drain plug from the floor, and everybody and everything is sucked down the drain
3F10 Everybody sits, then inside a mouse hole, a mouse family sits on an identical couch
3F09, 3F20 A big game hunter sits on the couch, with a "Homer-skin rug" on the floor and the others' heads on the wall
3F11, 3F21 Everybody sits, bathed in flourescent "black light", until Homer turns on the lamp
4F02 As Death begins on the couch, everybody runs up to the couch and falls over dead
3F23, 3F24 Everybody lands on the couch via parachute except Homer, who lands on the floor with an unopened chute
4F03, 4F15 Everybody is in western gear as they sit on the couch, when then gallops away into the desert
4F05, 4F09 Everybody is a clear balloon, which float onto the couch and then pop
4F06, 4F12** A takeoff on the cover of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
4F04, 4F19** Bart is green; Homer changes TV channels, turning Bart red; Homer slaps Bart on the head, turning him normal
4F01, 4F14,4F21 Everybody and everything is upside-down, until everybody falls off the couch and onto the "ceiling"
4F07, 4F18 Homer puts a coin in the "Vend-A-Couch", then bangs the back wall; the couch then falls on him
3G01 Everybody flies in on jet-packs; Maggie flies in last and lands on Marge's lap
4F08, 4F17 Everybody is involved in a giant game of Whack-A-Mole; Homer ends up getting whacked
4F10, 4F16 Grampa is sleeping in a convertible bed, which they convert back to a sofa (with him in it) and sit on it
3G03 The couch remains empty while everybody waits outside as Homer struggles to open the front door
4F11 The couch is in an "America Onlink" window, which takes its time loading everybody before being interrupted
4F13 The couch is sliding on the deck of a ship; when everybody (in raingear) sits on it, they are covered by a wave
4F22 To the tune of "Sweet Georgia Brown", everybody enters dressed as Harlem Globetrotters
4F23 Everybody runs to the couch dressed in space suits; the couch then "lifts off" into space
3G02 Homer stands in front of the couch; the top half then comes off (and lands on the couch), revealing Marge, then Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
5F02 Everybody sits on the couch, then metal helmets fall on their heads and they are shackled in before being electrocuted
5F01, 5F10 Everybody has their rear ends on fire as they run to a water-filled couch
5F03, 5F12, AABF05 Everybody sits on the couch and is crushed into a rectangular block auto-crusher style
5F04, 5F13 Bart spray-paints everyone onto the couch, adding an "El Barto" signature
5F05, 5F14 Three men in towels are on the couch, which is part of a sauna
5F06, 5F15, AABF06 Everybody sits, then a human hand spins the picture around
5F07, 5F16 The couch is inside a snow globe
5F24 The floor is a treadmill; Homer falls and says "Marge, stop this crazy thing!" George Jetson-style
5F08, 5F17, 5F20 Nelson pulls the couch back, and everyone ends up sitting on the floor
5F23 Everyone is miniature (like in 9F09), only this time Santa's Little Helper takes Homer away in his mouth
5F11, 5F18, AABF04 Everyone is a frog (Maggie a tadpole) jumping to a lily pad; Homer turns on the TV with his tongue
4F24 A vine grows in the middle of the room; everyone appears as a fruit or vegetable
3G04 A takeoff on "Rocky & Bullwinkle" where everyone pops up from out of the ground
5F09 Everyone except Bart runs into Bart's classroom, where he writes "I Will Not Mess With The Opening Credits" on the chalkboard
5F21, AABF16 A number of Springfieldians are sitting in chairs in front of the couch, as if in a movie theater
5F22, AABF12 Two firemen carry the couch and catch everybody falling from above - except Homer, who falls through the floor
AABF01 Freddy Kruger of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason of Friday the 13th sit on the couch and wonder where everyone else is
5F19, AABF09 Marge carries in a laundry basket and hangs the others on a clothesline
AABF02, AABF10 The couch turns into an amusement park ride
AABF03, AABF11 Everybody is put under a hair dryer and ends up with someone else's hair; the weight of Marge's hair causes Maggie to tip over
AABF07, AABF15 The floor opens and everybody falls while "riding" it "Dr. Strangelove"-style
AABF08, AABF18 The couch, floating on water, hits an iceberg and sinks; Maggie resurfaces on a cushion
AABF13, BABF08 An adult Bart and Lisa and a young Homer (with a Maggie doll) and Marge go to the couch; Homer takes the remote from Lisa, but Lisa slaps his hand and he gives it back
AABF14 Everybody slips on banana peels, but end up on the couch anyway (Maggie ends up in Marge's arms)
AABF20, BABF05 The couch is a paper shredder; everybody ends up sucked into the couch and comes out in strips
AABF23, BABF14 Everybody stops as the couch is occupied - by the Simpsons from The Tracey Ullman Show; all ten of the Simpsons run off screaming
AABF22, BABF18 Everybody is white with numbers "paint by numbers" style; artists enter and paint in the colors
AABF21, BABF12 Marge erases the Matt Groening signature on the floor; Matt appears and rewrites it (with his right hand)
BABF01 Everybody appears as a character from a previous Halloween Special; Maggie disintegrates Lisa
AABF19, BABF13 A bouncer lets everybody except Homer onto the couch
BABF02,CABF15 A cement truck pours cement versions of everybody onto the couch; Homer breaks in two
BABF03, CABF05 The couch rotates 180 degrees through the wall, replaced by Vincent Price with Ned Flanders shackled upside-down
BABF07 Everybody slides down a fire pole - except Homer, who gets stuck in the hole in the ceiling
BABF04, CABF16 Everybody is a crash test dummy; the couch crashes into the TV
BABF06, CABF10 A psychiatrist is sitting next to the couch; Homer lies on it and says "Oh, Doctor, I'm crazy"
BABF09, CABF09 Dressed in karate gear (with black belts), everybody chops up the couch
BABF10, CABF11 Everybody (except Maggie) is driving a bumper car; Homer is bumped by the others against the back wall
BABF11, CABF17 The couch is in Evergreen Terrace subway station; everybody gets aboard a train
BABF16 Everybody (except Maggie) walks barefoot over hot coals
BABF15 Everybody swings in on vines "Tarzan"-style; Homer swings out of the room
BABF19 Bart puts a coin in the "magic fingers"; the couch vibrates its way off the screen
BABF20 Bart puts a Whoopee Cushion under the couch seat, which Homer sits on
BABF17, CABF21 Everybody freezes in mid-air as the camera pans "The Matrix"-style from the TV to the couch
CABF01 Everybody (except Maggie) is dressed as one of the Teletubbies (and Maggie applauds as they enter)
CABF04, CABF14 Everybody skateboards off a ramp onto the couch, except that Homer lands on the floor
CABF02 Santa's Little Helper dances on his hind legs like Snoopy as everybody watches
CABF03 The couch is in a fishbowl; everybody is wearing scuba gear
CABF06, CABF20 Everybody is in a football uniform and piles on a football; Maggie leaves the pile and spikes the ball
BABF22 Everybody lands on the couch via a Futurama-style tube, except that Fry is in place of (and is then sucked up and replaced by) Bart
CABF08 In front of a "valet" sign, the "teenage kid" pushes the couch into place
CABF07 Everybody ice skates to the couch; Homer's end of the couch falls through the ice
CABF12, CABF18 The couch is outside a prison wall; everybody is dressed in prison clothes as they tunnel to the couch
CABF22 Everybody jumps off a sailboat, which turns out to be the sailboat painting above the couch
DABF02, DABF12 Everybody (except Maggie, replaced by a "7") is in the window of a five-reel slot machine
DABF01, DABF11 A gardener trims a hedge into the shape of everybody on the couch
DABF03, DABF13 A giant clamp (like on the prize machines in arcades) grabs Homer by the head and lifts him off the couch
DABF05, DABF16 In black and white, Homer appears as Charlie Chaplin in silent film style, with the others as "extras"
DABF04, DABF14 Two "Repo Depot" men take the couch away
DABF07, DABF15 The pimple-faced teenager is making out with a girl on the couch
DABF09, DABF17 Blue Man Group perform in front of the couch
DABF08, EABF10 The couch opening is drawn as a flipper book in pencil, with the pages flipped by real hands
DABF10, EABF08 Everybody is a marionette, and they run into each other; the puppeteer, Matt Groening, gives up in disgust
DABF22, EABF11 Homer is on water skis, with the others on him, as he ski-jumps over sharks; everybody lands on the couch, but Homer is without his legs, which are in the shark's mouths
DABF20, EABF19, GABF13 Homer goes through the Get Smart! opening, but when he falls through the bottom of the telephone booth, he lands on the couch (where the others are already sitting)
DABF18, EABF07 The couch is drawn on a "Sketch-A-Etch"
DABF21 A mouse cursor drags Homer from the left side of the couch to the right, changes the wall color to green, and replaces the boat painting with the Mona Lisa
EABF01, EABF09 Homer uses the remote to switch everyone to the caveman era, then the Roman era, then back to the present
EABF02, EABF12 Everybody is deep-fried in a fast-food fryer, then emptied onto the couch and salted
EABF03, EABF14 In black and white, everyone is wearing early-20th-century clothing and is watching the TV from a girder at a construction site
EABF04, EABF15 Everybody sticks their head through a wall of them sitting on the couch (but in different positions), which is photographed
EABF06, EABF16 Everybody is picked up off the couch by a baby as if they were dolls
EABF05, EABF17 Everybody and everything is gingerbread; Homer takes a bite out of Bart
EABF13 Everybody is a mime, walking against the wind and then sitting on a non-existant couch
EABF18, FABF10 Everybody grows old and turns into dust
EABF20, FABF11 A Polaroid photo "ejects" onto the couch; it develops into a photo of the family
EABF22, FABF12** There is a Play-Doh press on the back wall; it presses Play-Doh versions of everybody out onto the couch
FABF01, FABF15 Everybody slides down "batpoles" and end up on the couch, in Batman-style costumes, in the "Batcave"
FABF02, FABF18 The couch is a street bench in Japan, and everyone is a famous anime character (for example, Homer as Ultraman and Bart as Astro Boy)
FABF03, FABF13 Somebody throws knives at the wall while everyone is seated on the couch
FABF04 FABF14 Everybody is squeezed like frosting out of a pastry bag onto the top of a cake
FABF05 Everybody's head pops out of a giant piece of apple pie
FABF06, FABF17 A tray is placed into a microwave, and everybody rises from it
FABF07 A woman throws some seeds into a plot of dirt where the couch usually is, and waters them; everybody sprouts up like plants
FABF09 Everybody is a bag on a moving dry-cleaning rack, which stops over the couch
FABF08, GABF05, KABF02 The couch scene pans out until it reaches intergalactic space, where the galaxies are replaced with atoms, which pan out until they reach Homer's head and then the couch scene again
Actually, there are slight differences between the three; Homer says "Wow" in FABF08, "Cool" in GABF05, and "Weird" in KABF02; also, Kang and Kodos are heard laughing in GABF05 and KABF02
FABF20, GABF11 Everybody sits on the couch, which is outside - and which is catapulted
FABF19 Everybody runs to where the couch is supposed to be, but isn't - because it then falls on top of them
FABF22, GABF14 Everybody looks like Moe
FABF21, GABF15 The couch is attached to a giant fish, which eats everybody
FABF16 Without music, everybody enters and sits on the couch; Lisa says, "What, can't we sit on the couch without something happening?", and Homer is then harpooned
GABF01 Everything is made of sand; everybody crawls to the couch and sits on it, after which everything collapses, revealing the desert sun
GABF02 Everybody gets on top of one another in front of the couch, forming a totem pole
GABF03 Everybody is a chess piece (Homer the King, Marge the Queen, Lisa the Knight, Bart the Rook, and Maggie the Pawn) and hops to the couch
GABF04 Everybody is wearing an ice hockey uniform and skates around the couch; Homer carries the Stanley Cup (with Maggie inside it)
GABF06, HABF12 The room is dark, except for a number of pairs of eyes; the lights come on to reveal a surprise party for the Simpsons as they approach the couch, causing Homer to collapse
GABF07 "Homer" removes his Homer head mask, revealing himself to be Sideshow Bob, who then pulls out a knife and goes after Bart
GABF08, HABF08 A roasting spit comes out of the wall and through the couch, while the floor opens up to reveal fire; the spit rotates the couch, and everyone on it, over the flames
GABF12, HABF13 Five miniature vehicles enter, only to transform (literally) into the Simpsons
GABF10, HABF11 The couch scene is a jigsaw puzzle, with the heads missing; two hands put the heads in place, then, noticing Homer and Maggie are switched, fixes them and says, "Woo-hoo!"
GABF09 Everybody is a balloon which floats to the couch, except for Homer, who is popped by Snowball II
GABF18 Everybody walks through a metal detector; after four failed attempts, Homer (who is stripped down to his briefs) is scanned by a security guard with a handheld scanning wand
GABF16, HABF05 Six clay balls roll around the floor, eventually becoming the family - and Gumby
GABF19, HABF09 Everybody sits on the couch, then the TiVo "Delete This Recording Now?" appears; when the show is "deleted", the screen goes black
GABF20, HABF16 Springfield's couches (no to mention loungers, booths, and barstools) rise up against their masters
GABF21 The living room is inside an "Earth Family" exhibit in a Rigelian zoo
GABF22 The couch is replaced by a nest; a giant bird feeds Homer a worm
HABF02, HABF10 A pair of animated hands deals five cards onto the couch; the jack (Bart), queen (Marge), king (Homer), and ace (Lisa) of diamonds, and a joker (Maggie)
HABF01, JABF10 The couch appears on the front page of the Springfield Shopper under the headline "COUCH GAG THRILLS NATION"
HABF03, HABF14 A photographer takes the family picture on the couch, which becomes a series of family portraits from 2006 to 2013; the 2013 photo has everybody as a robot
HABF04, JABF08 The Bonanza opening, complete with its theme music
HABF06 The couch enters on a conveyor belt; Homer is added by a mechanical clamp
HABF07 Everybody has to crawl under lasers to get to the couch; after all of the lasers are turned off, Homer's head falls to the floor
HABF15, JABF11 There are four chairs in place of the couch; everybody plays musical chairs
HABF18 Everybody except Homer get on the couch, then "King Homer" reaches through a window, grabs Marge, and climbs to the top of a building while biplanes fly around them
HABF20, JABF09 Ralph selects a Homer doll from a vending machine, and bites his head off
HABF21, JABF13 The couch, and everyone on it, goes through a car wash
HABF19, KABF13 Everyone is drag-and-dropped onto the couch, which is then drag-and-dropped onto a wastebasket; a computer menu item "empty trash" is then selected
HABF22, JABF07 Everyone is a cockroach; when the lights turn on, they all scatter
JABF02 Someone (who sounds a lot like Homer) makes paper dowls of everyone
JABF01, KABF21 Everyone sits on the couch, which is reflected in an ornament on a Christmas tree
JABF03 Everyone, plus the couch, is pinned to a bulletin board
JABF05 Everyone is an infant until they reach the couch, then they revert to their normal ages
JABF04 Everyone is a stand-up paper doll; a pair of hands puts clothes on them, after which they sit on the couch
JABF06, JABF18, KABF12 A single Homer cell starts dividing, then becomes a creature which eventually evolves into present-day Homer
In JABF06, when Homer gets to the couch, Marge asks him what took him so long; in JABF18, she asks if he brought the milk
JABF12 Two Simpson families end up sitting on the couch, with more Simpson families filling up the room, eventually overflowing the entire house
JABF20 The pig from the movie is on the couch; as everyone sits, Homer holds it in his lap, calling it "my summer love"
JABF21 Everybody and everything is made of Lego
JABF19 Everybody except Maggie sits on the couch, then a giant hand grabs Homer; it turns out the couch is inside a dollhouse, and Homer was grabbed by the "real" Maggie, who puts him in her mouth
JABF22 The couch, with everybody on it, is on the cover of Modern Couch Gag magazine
JABF17, KABF11 The couch, with everybody on it, is inside a pop-up book
KABF01 A magician makes the couch, and then everybody sitting on it, appear from out of nowhere
KABF03, KABF10 A medieval tapestry shows Les Flanders taking away the couch of Les Simpsons, only for Les Simpsons to regain the couch (and Flanders, in pieces) in battle; the "Created By" and "Developed By" credits were part of the tapestry
KABF04 The couch scene is on a painting, with the inscription, "Ceci n'est pas une couch gag." ("This is not a couch gag")
KABF05 Everyone attaches themselves to a mobile hanging in front of the couch
KABF06 The couch scene is on a Lite-Brite
KABF07 Professor Frink puts drops of water onto five pills on the couch, which turn into spongy Simpsons; he needs a bucket of water to get Homer to full size
KABF08 Wile E. Coyote paints a couch onto the wall, and everybody but Maggie runs into the wall; Maggie makes the Road Runner "Beep Beep" sound (and sticks out her tongue Road Runner-style) as Marge, Bart, and Lisa sit on the couch, but when Homer tries it, he crashes through the wall
KABF09 Everyone is painted onto the couch with a giant paint brush
KABF17 Everyone is encased in a block of carbonite (like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back)
KABF15 Everyone is at the base of a mountain, on which is carved The Simpsons sitting on a couch
KABF14 The couch, with everyone on it, is taken up into the air by a tornado, then lands on a farm, with everything in black and white
KABF18 Everybody pops out of their own cuckoo clock
KABF19 In ancient Pompeii, everybody is sitting on a stone bench, and gets covered in volcanic ash
KABF20 Bart writes, "I WILL NOT BRING THE CHALKBOARD HOME," on a chalkboard in front of the couch
KABF22 The couch is inside a box marked "COUCH GAG #429" (since it first appeared on the 429th episode); Comic Book Guy puts a "$19.99" sticker on it and then comments, "Worst Couch Gag Ever"
LABF01, LABF16 Everyone discovers the couch has literally run off, and chase it through various sites worldwide, finally sitting on it while it is in space, after which it returns to Earth and crashes into the house
LABF02, LABF12, PABF05, YABF14 Everyone goes through scenes from The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Brady Bunch, and Cheers, before sitting on the couch and breathing a sigh of relief
LABF03 The dilapidated couch is buried, and everyone goes to a "couch ranch" to get a new one
LABF04, MABF04 The couch is a pi�ata; Ralph strikes it with a pole, and everyone falls out of it
LABF11, MABF10 Everyone is on all fours and on leashes as if they are in a dog show; when Bart is selected as the winner, he and Homer get into a fight
LABF05, MABF09 At a restaurant, Comic Book Guy eats a salad (which looks like Homer's head), soup (Lisa), spaghetti and meatballs (Marge), and steak (Bart), and the bill comes with a Maggie-shaped mint; when he wipes his mouth, the napkin stain is everyone on the couch
The second time LABF05 aired, on 6/28/09, there was no couch opening, as the opening credits were replaced with an airing of "Do the Bart, Man" in tribute to Michael Jackson, who died three days earlier
LABF06 Blank acetate sheets are flipped over, eventually revealing everyone on the couch, but Homer is naked; Marge flips over an additional sheet with Homer's clothes
LABF07 Everyone hacks their way through a jungle, only to find a gorilla Simpson family sitting on the couch
LABF08, MABF06 Everyone swims to the couch from a competition-style swimming pool, except for Homer, who ends up floating face down
LABF10 Everyone is in the stands at a Roman glaidtorial games; Bart catches a gladiator's head
LABF09 A sculptor makes a statue of everyone sitting on the couch, then changes it to a Civil War-style general on horseback
LABF13 At Springfield subway station, everyone waits for a subway, which has the couch inside; they board the train and sit on the couch as it departs
LABF15 Everyone takes place in a Wild West shootout taking place around the couch
LABF17 Everyone, back in caveman days, sits on a log, which sinks into a tarpit; their skeletons, still sitting on the log, are on display in a museum
LABF18 Everyone, in Victorian clothing and standing around a Christmas tree, sings a modified last verse of The Twelve Days of Christmas
LABF19 Marge puts a turkey on the dining room table, after which everyone, including Patty and Selma, grabs some food and moves into the living room to watch a football game on TV
MABF01 The couch cushions, lamps, telephone, rug, and TV are partying before everyone arrives; the furniture then gets back into place, and everyone sits on the couch
MABF02 First Homer, then everybody appear as pinballs in a Simpsons pinball machine (which is different from the two that actually exist)
LABF20 Everyone is a sperm that penetrates an egg containing a couch; the egg starts dividing, and eventually becomes a baby Mr. Burns
MABF03 Homer appears alone, and starts a "Couch Gag" application on his iPhone; when Mr. Burns interrupts with a phone call, Homer swallows the phone (with the others on the couch)
MABF05 Everyone is a Tarot card (Homer as King of Cups; Marge as Queen of Cups; Bart as The Fool; Lisa as High Priestess; Maggie as Death) dealt onto a table; Grampa turns the Death card around and pushes it back to the fortune teller, who dies
MABF07 Everyone is a bug in a garden in the backyard
MABF08 The couch is in the front yard, and everyone sits on it, only for the front of the house to come down around them (they fit through the middle upstairs window), revealing that it was just a piece of wood shaped and painted like the front of the house, and the house is not there
MABF14, NABF05 The couch goes through various parts of the Springfield Shopper, with everyone going after it; the couch decides to reconcile after seeing a classified ad the family had placed
MABF12 Everyone in Springfield lip-syncs Ke$ha's "TiK ToK"
MABF13 A pair of (animated) hands is seen opening the box of, putting together, and painting, a plastic model of the couch with everyone on it, then destroying it by setting off a firecracker; it turns out to be Nelson
MABF11 Harold of Harold and the Purple Crayon draws in the couch scene with his crayon; when Homer asks Harold to draw him some beer, he does
MABF15 Homer and Bart appear as puppets in a "Punch & Judy"-style show set in front of the couch; when puppet Bart hits puppet Homer, real Homer chokes real Bart
MABF21 The couch is below a banner reading "22 SEASONS - CONGRATULATIONS FROM FOX"; a man comes out holding a cupcake with a candle on it, which Maggie blows out, only for the man to eat the cupcake and walk off as the banner falls
MABF17 Everybody sits, then notices a dead body on the floor; Homer "drives" the couch like a getaway car, only for everyone (including the couch) to get caught, identified in a lineup, sent to prison, and eventually given the electric chair - er, couch - where they turn into a Lite-Brite picture
MABF18 Workers at an Asian factory are drawing couch scenes on cels, one of which is dipped in hazardous liquid by a child; beneath them, more workers put out Simpsons T-shirts, stuff Bart dolls with stuffing made by putting small animals through a woodchipper, seal boxes with the tongue of a detached dolphin's head, and punch holes in DVDs with a unicorn's horn, all inside a factory shaped like the 20th Century Fox logo
This couch scene was done by British graffiti artist Banksy
MABF20 Everybody sits, then a daredevil jumps over the couch from one side to the other on a motorcycle, only to run into something after he drives out the front door
NABF01, PABF15 Everybody becomes a Na'vi avatar (from Avatar); Bart eventually captures a winged couch-like creature, upon which everybody sits and watches TV with red/blue 3D glasses
NABF02 Professor Frink is on the couch and shoots a ray gun at everybody, who then shrinks; eventually, they run into a mousehole and sit on a block of cheese, which triggers a mousetrap to snap on them
MABF19 An Advent calendar has a different Springfield scene for each day, with Christmas Eve having everybody on the couch with Santa (and Maggie on Santa's lap)
NABF03 The couch gets out of bed, shaves, eats breakfast, rides a subway, clocks in outside of the Simpsons' back door, and takes its place as everyone runs in and sits on it
NABF04 A giant hand scoops Simpsons-shaped scoops of ice cream onto a banana split, then adds chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and cherries; a giant Santa's Little Helper then eats it
NABF06 Homer breaks his leg running to the couch; Mr. Burns sends in Barney off of a bench as a substitute
NABF07 The living room floor is ice, and everyone is in a hockey uniform ready for a faceoff, which turns into a fight broken up by referees Lenny and Carl; everybody ends up sitting in the penalty box
NABF08 On a "The Simpsons Couch Gag Game" video game, the five family members are selected as players, and after they sit on the couch, "GAME OVER" appears on the screen
NABF09 Everyone sits, then the couch's cushions spring them into the viewer's TV screen
NABF10 The entire couch scene is in ASCII art; Bart takes some of the letters and spells "FATSO" on top of Homer, who replies in a word baloon, "D'oh!"
NABF12 The couch is on the cover of a video, which is inside an abandoned "Million Dollar Video" store with an "Out of Business" sign on it; a wrecking ball demolishes the building
NABF13, NABF21 The couch is in the Smithsonian Museum; the family break into the museum at night in order to be able to sit on it
NABF14, PABF12 Everything, and everyone, appears as black words on a white background
NABF17 How the show might look if it was drawn by The Ren & Stimpy Show's creator, John Kricfalusi (and, in fact, he did draw the couch opening)
PABF02 Homer is unable to remove a sword stuck in the couch; Ned Flanders comes by and pulls out the sword (which says "Property of Ned Flanders" on it)
NABF18 Everybody is a Gingerbread cookie on a plate; Homer eats one of his own arms
PABF03 In a Victorian-period setting, the lights go out, there is a gunshot, and when they come back on, Homer is dead; Bart is taken away, while Marge stuffs a gun back into her hair
PABF04 Everybody travels through the streets of New York City to reach the couch, which is on the set of Late Show with David Letterman
Note this is different from the opening in 1F07: among other things, Letterman speaks in this one
PABF06 Moe leads a celebration of the show's 500th episode, only for Lisa to point out (after reading The Comprehensive 20 Year Simpsons Episode Guide and doing some counting on her fingers, when all she needed to do was check the episode list at, thank you very much) that it's only the 499th
PABF07 Every couch gag (except for 7G09, 9F21a, 9F21b, 3F31, 5F07, and LABF13), in the order in which they first appeared, is shown; the family then sits on the couch, and the scene is pulled back to reveal other couch gags which form a giant "500", which shatters, revealing Homer choking Bart (both in tuxedoes)
PABF09 Springfield resembles the opening to HBO's Game of Thrones, with the buildings rising out of the ground, being driven by cogs, and a giant couch overlooking the entire town
PABF08 Everyone lays on a layer of seaweed covered with rice on the floor in front of the couch, which is rolled up and then chopped into pieces like sushi; Maggie pops out from one of the pieces, apparently still in one piece
PABF10 Everyone sits on the couch, with a banner reading "America - Most Powerful Country in the World" behind them; the years pass by from 1989 to 2012, with various Simpson images appearing at appropriate times (e.g. Poochie in 1993); the banner changes to "Too Big to fail, We Hope", and Maggie ends up holding a Chinese flag
PABF11, RABF01 The couch opening is a Plymptoon (directed and animated by Bill Plympton) where a young Homer falls in love with, and impregnates, a couch, only to dump it when he meets Marge, and then rescue it from a garbage truck; while Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa sit on the couch, Maggie sits on the "baby couch"
PABF13 The couch gag is on a card stunt (where people in an audience hold up cards to form a giant picture)
PABF14 Everybody is playing what appears to be "Simpsons Couch Gag for the Funtendo Zii", but Homer is having trouble getting Homer to sit on the couch, just as he keeps missing in real life
PABF21 In a scene based on Maggie Simpson in: The Longest Daycare, everybody except Maggie is a butterfly that hatches from its own cocoon, only to be chased by Gerald wielding a mallet; they make their escape when Maggie props open a door for them with her pacifier
PABF16 Everybody is on the couch, with Homer behind a steering wheel; the couch is in a Wacky Races-style race against other pieces of furniture, which is won by Grampa in a recliner when the others crash right before the finish line
PABF19 Everybody is on the couch...which is tattooed onto Marge's back
PABF22 Everybody is on the couch - except for Homer, who appears with a hockey mask and axe; the scene is on the cover of a "Tales from the Couch" comic book
PABF18 Everybody is on the couch, but entirely black; a hand flips plastic sheets adding layers of bodies until they appear in their entirety
RABF02 Everybody is an award (Homer, an Oscar; Marge, an Emmy; Lisa, a Grammy; Maggie, the Stanley Cup; Bart, a purple version of the Kids Choice Awards' orange blimp); when they get to the couch, they are compacted together into a cube stamped "World's Greatest Grampa", which Grampa picks up
RABF03 The couch gag is a movie trailer for the movie, The Couch
RABF02 The couch is inside a dunk tank; when Nelson hits the target, everyone falls into the water, and Homer eventually surfaces face down
RABF07 Everybody is a (full-size) Moe; "The Szyslaks...already cancelled"
RABF05 The PABF09 opening is used, but at the end, everyone is on the couch, and a knight decapitates Homer (and slices off the top of Marge's hair) with his sword
RABF06 Everybody does the Harlem Homer Shake
RABF09 In another Bill Plympton-animated opening, Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa are in a 1930s gangster story, armed, when Maggie turns on the lights, revealing everyone in the present day...and then starts shooting a Tommy gun from the couch
RABF10 Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie have their faces on Easter eggs, which are in a nest on the couch; Homer enters and sits on them
RABF11 Everyone is skydiving, but when Homer's chute falls apart, he causes everyone to crash through the roof and land on the couch
RABF13 A block of ice is cut into an ice sculpture of everyone on the couch; Grampa walks into the room and turns up the thermostat, causing the sculpture to melt
RABF12 The show as done by Robot Chicken (who actually did the couch gag)
RABF14 Everyone is a sea creature, sitting on a couch-shaped coral reef; Blinky swims by and eats them
There are five dandelions on the couch; when the TV sneezes, the room is filled with tiny airborne Homers, Marges, Barts, Lisas, and Maggies
This was the winner of the "Create Your Own Couch Gag" contest
A Canadian Loon, John A. Macdonald, a hockey player, and a Canadian Beaver are already on the couch; everybody squeezes onto the couch with them, as Maggie replaces her pacifier with a hockey puck and sucks on it
This was the winner of Global's "Create Your Own Couch Gag" contest, open to Canadians (well, except for Quebec)
RABF20 The couch has a "SIMPSONS 25th SEASON" sign behind it; a bouncer lets everyone except Homer onto the couch
This continued with still images in the closing credits; other coast members, plus the casts of Family Guy, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, and (after originally being denied, then protesting) The Cleveland Show were allowed in - but still not Homer
RABF16 Lisa falls through a hole in the couch, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" style, and meets...the Hypnotoad
RABF18 Everybody makes a The Hobbit-style trek to the couch
RABF22 Everybody (except Maggie) tries to get to the couch as if they are climbing from a different direction, but gravity is pulling them away; Homer fails, and falls up through the ceiling into the sky
RABF19 In 1620, everybody is chased onto the Mayflower (which looks like the boat in the painting above the couch) and sail to Plymouth Couch
SABF04 Everyone is an inflatable "air dancer" balloon at a Used Couch Lot; Bart cuts Homer free
SABF01 "Twas the Couch Gag Before Christmas", with everyone standing in front of the couch in a Victorian-era image
SABF03 In another Bill Plympton-animated opening, Maggie clicks on a TV remote control, and the couch (and the background) change into various items, including a horse, a whale, a comet, and a surfboard
SABF06 Homer sits down to watch the Super Bowl, only to have to get up to get his six-pack of beer...which Bart tossed over an overhead power line
SABF08 Everyone sits, then the lights go out as Marge goes to change a fuse; when the lights come back on, the couch gag is drawn by Sylvain Chomet, and include Homer eating snails, Lisa trying to stop Bart from stuffing a duck with corn to make foie gras, and Marge looking for Maggie (who is in Homer's butt crack)
SABF07 Earth's single large land mass breaks apart into five Simpsons-shaped continents, only for a Moe-shaped asteroid to destroy the planet
SABF09 Homer is the patient in a game of Operation, with other characters as the pieces (for example, Lisa is "Brainy" (the brain), and Moe is "Elbow Bender" (the elbow)); when "Pain in the Butt" Bart is removed, he grabs the retriever and sticks it into the hole where Bart was, causing Homer's nose to light up and Homer to scream in pain
SABF11 Everyone is involved in the "running of the longhorned couches"; when they get to the couch, one of them bursts through the wall behind them, pushes Homer off the couch, and takes his place
SABF12 The couch gag, like the rest of the opening, is in Minecraft style; everyone sits on the couch, then a green four-legged Moe enters and explodes
SABF13 The couch and the floor are covered in bubble wrap, which everyone pops
SABF14 In a Michal Socha-directed couch opening, everybody takes a trip through Homer's body
SABF15, TABF12 Everybody is a pawn in The Game of Life, which ends with everybody on the couch
SABF18 Everybody is at San Diego Comic Fest, seated at a table along with Matt Groening; when Comic Book Guy asks about a second movie, only Maggie remains
SABF20 In a couch gag designed by Don Hertzfeldt (who also made the Academy Award nominated Rejected), Homer goes back in time to April 19, 1987 (the date of the Simpsons' first appearance on The Tracey Ullman Show, then forward to the year 10,535, where episode 164,775.7 of "The Sampsans" has characters that only look vaguely like humans
SABF17 Homer saves Scratchy from being killed by Itchy on the couch, but when Scratchy overstays his welcome, Homer brings Itchy back to finish the job
SABF19 Random scenes of Springfield life, set to Cat Stevens's "Tea for the Tillerman", end with Homer having tea on the couch, only to cause everything to shatter when he stands up with the tablecloth tucked into his pants
SABF16 The couch turns into Hedonismbot from Futurama
TABF01 The couch is a ski lift chair; when it returns, everyone but Maggie is injured
TABF02 Everybody is so busy looking at their cellphones that they run into each other walking to the couch
TABF03 Lisa (as Elsa in Frozen) responds to a snowball from Bart by building a giant ice castle; Homer (as Olaf) bites his carrot nose, then complains that it's a carrot
RABF15 Everybody is at an art museum looking at paintings of themselves; Homer takes a remote control and changes the paintings to TV programs
TABF05 Homer, Marge, and Bart are the three bears, with Lisa as Goldilocks (lying on the baby bear's couch)
TABF06 The couch turns into a "sushi boat", and everybody into pieces of sushi; everybody is snapped up by chopsticks except Homer, but when he celebrates, he falls into the water and a fish eats him
TABF07 The couch gag is in "8-bit animation" along with the rest of the show's opening titles
TABF08 Everybody sitting on the couch is a dot-matrix printer printout; when the paper jams, Homer responds, "Mmmm, paper jam"
TABF10 Everyone sits on the couch, then gets sucked into a portal above the couch, then run in and get sucked up two more times; the fourth time, Bart stays off the couch, then turns off the portal, and discovers Homer's head left behind
TABF11 Everyone begins on the couch as a kernel of popcorn, which pops one at a time
TABF13 The couch is made of ice, in the sea in the Antarctic; everyone is a penguin except for Homer, who is a walrus who eats the others
TABF15 In place of the couch is a soccer goal, which Homer tries to defend, only to end up being buried by soccer balls... kicked by Maggie, wearing a Women's Team USA uniform (just before the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup)
TABF16 Rick and Morty (of the Adult Swim show of the same name) crash into the couch, killing everybody, and their attempts to clone them don't go quite according to plan
TABF17 Everybody appears on Beatles covers (including The Yellow Album), only to be run over on "Flabby Road"
TABF19 Everybody is a car (similar to the ones in Cars); Maggie the Monster Truck runs over the others
TABF18 As part of John Kricfalusi's Treehouse of Horror opening, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie hide under the couch; Homer tells them that ghosts don't exist, after which a monster opens him up, pulls out his ghost, and eats it
TABF20 The Starship Donutprize shoots a Space Couch, only to be destroyed when it is surrounded by them
VABF01 A hand throws five dice from a cup; everybody appears face-up except Homer, whose die, after teetering, comes up Mr. Burns
VABF02 Everybody appears rotoscoped before reverting back to their usual animated forms
VABF04 Homer is on the couch alone; the opening turns into the opening credits of LA-Z Rider (by Steve Cutts)
VABF07 Homer discovers a letter from the couch, saying that it has left the family, which searches for the the couch until they find it at a French Foreign Legion outpost...which is all a dream by Homer on the couch...who sees a letter from Marge saying she's leaving him because he spends too much time on the couch
VABF06 Everybody is in a football uniform: Homer takes the snap (Maggie), then dives over the couch and through the wall behind it
VABF08 In the show's fourth Bill Plympton-animated opening (and one of the few, if not the first, not to have any of the Simpsons in it), the couch and the TV dream of having a romance, but it is not meant to be, as the TV's plug isn't long enough for it to reach the couch
VABF10 Homer sends emojis of everybody and the couch as a text message, but gets the response "Meh", "I Don't Get It", and "Needs a Payoff"
VABF11 Out in space, everyone awakens from a sleep chamber, only to find that Homer is now just bones
VABF12 Everybody appears as various Disney characters; Maggie as a generic 1920s-era girl, Lisa as Cinderella, Marge as Sleeping Beauty, Homer as Baloo, and Bart as the Sorceror's Apprentice
VABF14 Everybody runs to the couch...and through a banner on which the couch is printed, into a football stadium
VABF15 The couch opening is animated in the style of an Ikea instruction booklet as Homer tries to put together a Co�ch
VABF20 The opening is done in the style of the opening credits of Adventure Time
VABF18 Everyone is reduced to head icons on a smartphone's "Couch Gag" app, except for Homer, who's too fat even for a tablet, so he's hit on the head with a giant mallet
VABF16 The Simpsons are captured on "The Planet of the Couches," but their couch frees them and shows them where they really are, only for Homer to kill it so everyone can sit on it
VABF21 After a trip to a museum, Homer sees everything, including the couch, as abstract, but when he tries to turn abstract himself, he becomes a Roy Lichtenstein-style Ben-Day Dots character
VABF19 Everybody is a Greek god on a cloud couch, except for Lisa, who is missing until she pops out of a hole in Homer's head
WABF01 In the opening, Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Maggie have problems getting home; when Bart does, he sits on the couch and puts photos of the others next to him; "Finally, I get the remote!"
WABF03 The couch is missing, and everybody faces a firing squad; the scene turns into Goya's painting El 3 de mayo de 1808 en Madrid: los fusilamientos en la monta�a del Pr�ncipe P�o
WABF02 Everybody is dressed as a character from A Christmas Carol; Mr. Burns, as Ebenezer Scrooge, releases "the Christmas hounds" (with antlers)
WABF06 The couch is on a sticker that is part of a Simpsons Couch Gag Play Set, which itself is part of a 3 For $1 closeout sale of Simpsons items that Marge refuses to buy for Bart
WABF07 Everybody but Maggie sits, then Marge opens a safe behind the sailboat painting and pulls Maggie out
WABF08 Everybody sits, then Homer notices the sailboat painting is missing; he eventually gets it back from the Robot Chicken nerd
WABF09 Everybody is at the bottom of a pachinko machine; Homer ends up swallowing a pachinko ball
WABF10 Everyone is crudely Maggie, who is drawn by Lisa, who is drawn by Bart, who is drawn by Marge, who is drawn by Homer, who stabs himself in the eye with a pencil
WABF11 Various animals the Simpsons have owned over the years, including some of Santa's Little Helper's puppies, Spider-Pig, Furious D, and Stampy, are on the couch
WABF12 Everyone is one of the X-Men; Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance
WABF13 The opening is a takeoff on the opening to The Big Bang Theory, although they still insist "Barting Over" is the 300th episode
WABF14 Everyone is a Chia head
WABF15 The couch, and the TV, are carried to the top of Mount Everest; Maggie then taps Homer on the boot with an ice pick, and the couch, plus everybody on it, freezes and then crumbles
WABF16 The room has a Homer couch, a Bart table lamp, a Lisa floor lamp, a Marge TV, and a Maggie ship painting; five couches enter and sit on the Homer couch
During the episode, at a hardware store, another family sits on a couch; the pimple-faced teen tells the father, "You sit on it, you bought it," and the family father says, "Doo!"
WABF19 The Simpsons, and their couch, go through history, from leaving Russia through the Revolution through heading to another planet after the waters on Earth rise
WABF20 The couch gag is a silent film, with Bart, Lisa, and Maggie going down an elevator in a coal mine that goes down into hell...and Bart likes it
WABF19 The entire opening takes place underwater, with everyone as a fish; their couch is hooked by Ned Flanders, who puts it into a lobster cage
XABF01 The couch takes the place of the Lincoln Memorial, and appears on the back of a penny
XABF02 Everyone pops into a kernel of popcorn, which then become part of a garland around a Christmas tree
XABF04 Dr. Hibbert "delivers" a baby couch, which Homer drops, then Maggie sits on
XABF06 A remake of Bill Plympton's cartoon Your Face, with Homer as the main character
XABF08 Everybody enters the Museum of Television, passes by various monuments to long-running TV series, including one that says, "Gunsmoke - 635 Episodes," and sits on a couch next to a sign saying, "The Simpsons - 636 episodes," only for Lisa to point out they're four episodes early
XABF07 A dot-to-dot puzzle turns into everybody on the couch, with a three-eyed Homer
XABF11 The Simpsons are lumberjacks, and turn a giant log into the couch - or at least they would have if Lisa had been there
XABF12 The couch is part of a Ferris wheel
XABF13 Everybody is printed from separate inkjet printers; when Homer's paper jams, he responds, "Mmmm, jam"
XABF14 The couch is missing, but some Amish men enter and build a wooden one
XABF19 On a planet 30 light years away, an alien Simpsons family on a couch is watching the end of the Christmas special, and "Homer" asks why Homer sounds like Walter Matthau
XABF17 Homer is "teleported" through the door in the garage, and finds himself inside of "Bob's Burgers" restaurant as the cast of that show are going through that show's opening
This was immediately followed by a second appearance of the titles, after which God joins St. Peter on the couch in heaven
XABF18 Everybody is on an exercise bike; everybody but Homer rides their bike out of the living room
XABF20 Everybody is a slice of toast, and comes up from the coach as if it was a toaster; Homer gets stuck and ends up being burnt
YABF01 Homer is asleep on the couch as the others arrive; he dreams they are a family of merfolk, with that Homer on the couch dreaming they are in some black-and-white line-drawn art universe, where that Homer is dreaming everybody is an atom
YABF02 Everyone reenacts the cave monster scene from The Empire Strikes Back (with Homer as the monster)
YABF03 The couch is in a football stadium; Homer carries Maggie like a football as everyone, wearing football uniforms, sits on the couch, then Homer spins Maggie on his finger
YABF04 An alien on the couch sticks Maggie's pacifier into his wrist, and everybody but Maggie disappears
YABF06 Everybody jumps into a heart-shaped box of chocolates on the couch; Mr. Burns walks in and takes a bite out of Homer's head
YABF07 Everybody is a cup, filled with a different drink (Duff, Diet Buzz, Lemonade, Baby Buzz, and Buzz Cola)
YABF08 Homer and Marge are playing $1,000,000 Pyramid, where Marge tries to get Homer to say, "Things a Couch Would Say"
YABF11 Except for Homer, who is in full color, the entire couch scene is in black and white; in fact, the couch, and the others, are entirely black with white lines
YABF12 "My Three Kids," a takeoff on the opening credits of My Three Sons
YABF16 Everybody except Homer tries to sit on the couch, only to discover that it, and the back wall, are a painting; Homer tries to sit, and crashes through the painting
YABF19 Homer tries to make an origami swan, but it ends up being everyone sitting on the couch
YABF22 Everybody impersonates Queen (with Homer as Freddie Mercury) at a concert
YABF20 Everybody is a dart that hits a dartboard behind the couch...except Homer, who misses it
ZABF02 Everybody is on Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride
ZABF04 Ned, Rod, and Todd Flanders enter their own house, but there's no couch; Ned explains that he gave it to the poor
ZABF01 Everyone is added to a couch Christmas tree ornament; when Homer is added, the tree falls over
ZABF05 The couch is on a penny, which Nelson puts on a railroad track, before he gets hit by a train
ZABF07 Everyone is a cat from Cats; when they start tearing up the couch, Mr. Burns appears and releases his hounds
ZABF09 Lisa runs to the couch, alone; she then wonders if everyone else has forgotten Daylight Saving Time
ZABF11 A phone app shows Bart, Lisa, and the two cars approaching the house; after everyone sits on the couch, the hand rates the trip 1 star and leaves no tip
YABF13 Everybody is involved in extreme sports, until Homer crashes a jet plane, where it is revealed that they are all on the couch wearing VR goggles
ZABF12 Everybody's clothes run to the couch; off to one side, everybody shivers in their underwear
ZABF13 In an opening reminiscent of HBO's Succession, "home movies" are mixed with a clip from "Who Shot Mr. Burns, Part Two"
ZABF19 Everybody tries to sit on the couch, but fall to the floor; the couch is actually on a green screen controlled by Nelson
ZABF21 The couch starts with black spots where everybody sits, then, layer by layer, transparent cels are added until everybody appears in full
ZABF15 The couch is on the moon, and everybody, in spacesuits, bounces to it; Homer bounces off of it and into space
QABF02 Everybody runs in, to find dinner set up on the floor in front of the couch, which tells them, "Go sleep on the bed!"
QABF01 The living room is shown from above, and everyone except Homer is a Pac-Man ghost; Homer enters as Pac-Man and gobbles them up, only to be killed by a Flanders ghost
QABF05 On what appears to be Mars, a flying saucer lands on the couch, crushing it; Marge and Maggie emerge, and join the others, all in spacesuits, except that Homer is not wearing a helmet, and his head explodes
QABF09 In a couch opening by Bill Plympton entitled "Homer's Family," parts of Homer's face become Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, whom Homer then joins on the couch
QABF11, UABF01 In a couch gag by Janine Wiget & Katrin von Niederh�usern, a pair of human hands create a Homer ink stamp from a potato, then stamp everybody's image; the Swiss army knife that cut the potato then ends up on the couch, with everybody's head on a blade, only for Marge's blade to cut Homer's head off
The UABF01 version did not include the portion on the couch
QABF14 The couch is replaced by a nest with three eggs; Marge and Homer are birds that sit on the eggs, only for Homer to crush them
QABF19 Grampa gives Maggie a cardboard castle to play with instead of her cellphone, which results in a CGI segment where "Princess Maggie" is given a flying dragon to cheer her up, only for her to burn pretty much everything in site; it ends with everybody on the couch (and everybody except Maggie scorched)
UABF02 Everybody is crammed together into the shape of the couch; they separate, land on their feet, and run off in different directions
UABF09 A hand moves the pieces of a "15 puzzle" to reveal everyone on the couch, only for Homer to burp and scramble the pieces again
UABF10 While Lisa plays her sax, the others are notes appearing on a musical staff on the wall
UABF15 Everybody's face is carved on a mountain, Mount Rushmore-style; when Homer picks at a tree branch sticking out of his nose, against Marge's warnings, his face falls off
At the end of the episode, everybody runs to the couch, then an entire show opening is run backwards; when Maggie is reverse-scanned over the cash register, it says, "REFUND"
UABF14 A few years into the future, Bart, Lisa, and their friends are having a party, only to go into hiding when Homer and Marge come home and sit on the couch
UABF16 Above a web browser's "No Internet" message, everybody, in black and white, moves across the screen as if they are part of an 8-bit video game, eventually jumping onto a couch, except for Homer, who gets stuck on a canvas
UABF19 In another Bill Plympton-designed couch gag, the living room couch swallows everyone up like a tornado
UABF21 The couch is replaced by a Scrabble rack, with tiles rearranging themselves until they spell "COUCH GAG"
OABF01 A pair of humans (possibly Jacob's of Jacob's Food Diaries) carve and shape food into everybody, including Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II, on the couch...which then has gravy poured over it
OABF06 In a stop-motion couch gag by Stoopid Buddy (makers of Robot Chicken), when Homer tugs at a loose thread in the couch, he is pulled into the couch, where he discovers, among other things, a TV Guide with a talking ALF on the cover
OABF09 Everybody runs to the couch, only for "Weird Al" Yankovic to stand in front of it, playing his accordion
OABF10 A pair of giant (animated) hands opens a cardboard box and pulls out the couch, then pulls out and places dolls of everybody on the couch; a bulldog comes in and grabs Homer with its mouth
OABF11 While there was none at the start of the episode, there was sort of one near the end; they run to the couch in slow motion, then stare at each other before sitting down together
OABF13 Everybody runs to the couch, which is surrounded by various characters (in fact, characters have been added throughout the entire opening); Homer asks quietly, "Who the hell are these people?," as the shot of the TV reveals that it is the 750th episode
OABF20 Sports-car-driving Homer gets home and sits on the couch, only for Marge to enter and tell him there's no food and Santa's Little Helper got sprayed by a skunk - and then wake up at his desk at work
OABF19 In a live-action opening, someone traces their hand on a piece of paper, cuts it out, and puts a beak on the thumb and some feet underneath to make it look like a turkey, which walks across the screen and pecks on some food, which causes the fingers to turn into Lisa, Marge, Bart, and Maggie; it reaches a couch, where it eats a final piece of food and poops out Homer onto the couch
35ABF03 Everyone hangs from a tree like a leaf; they shrivel up and fall off, and Groundskeeper Willy blows them offscreen with a leaf blower
35ABF10 The couch is a painting...which turns into one by Roy Lichtenstein
35ABF12 During the episode, there is a parody of the opening that includes Bart's brain in a jar in every scene, including a couch opening where everybody but Bart run to the couch, only to see the brain in the jar on it, and run off in fear, as Bart reveals himself from behind the couch, laughing

The first time HABF08 aired in the USA, with the live-action opening, a live-action version of the 7G09 opening was used

2F02 originally used the 1F06 couch opening; in syndication, it has the 1F01 couch opening; however, on the DVD, it has no couch opening

9F04, 1F04, 2F03, 3F04, 4F02, 5F02, AABF01, BABF01, RABF16, TABF18, and VABF16 are Halloween Special couch openings.

9F21 originally used three openings (shown in order 9F21a, b, c); between openings, a clapboard marked "Couch Gag - Take 2 (3)" appeared, and someone shouted "Take Two (Three)"

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