[2F33] Another Simpsons Clip Show

Another Simpsons Clip Show                                Written by Penny Wise
                                                    Directed by David Silverman
Production code: 2F33                       Original airdate in N.A.: 25-Sep-94
                                                  Capsule revision E, 22-Feb-97

Title sequence

Blackboard :- I will not use abbrev.
              I will not use ab/ at cutoff.

Lisa's Solo:- None due to shortened intro.

Couch      :- The family runs in and sits on the couch, when they get
              crushed by a Terri Gilliam-esque Monty Python bare foot.
              Recycled from 1F02.

Did you notice...

    ... Lisa points out the error in the original 9F14: that Valentine's
        Day that year (February 14) was "unusually warm"?

Don Del Grande:
    ... the blackboard opening is done "by hand" as opposed to computer-
        generated letters, something that hasn't been done in years, yet
        this quote hasn't been used before?
    ... Marge and Homer are in bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night?
    ... Homer calls Jacques "jock"?
    ... on "Non-Threatening Boys" magazine, Corey's name is spelled
        "CORY", and his last name is not quite legible (it could be
        "Masterson", as in the star of "School of Hard Knockers" from

Dave Hall:
    ... Scratchy has cat portraits on the walls of his shack?
    ... Scratchy's shack has a mouse hole?
    ... Wendell closes his eyes during the Fuzzy Bunny video?
    ... Mrs. Krabappel was smoking in class?
    ... Smithers wears his eyeglasses to bed?
    ... the picture of Burns on Smithers' night table?
    ... Marge's birthday cake had seven candles?
    ... Marge doesn't know anything about bowling, yet she scribbles on
        the score sheet?
    ... the moon is shaped like a bowling ball?  (It even has three
    ... how Jacques held Marge's hands in the convertible?
    ... Ralph shook both ends of his mailbox?
    ... Lisa had her pencil behind her ear?
    ... Lisa gave Ralph a valentine meant for someone else?
    ... Ralph didn't wave his hand until after Lisa slammed the front
    ... Laura had blue hair in Bart's nightmare fantasy?
    ... Burns wears a red rose on his lapel?
    ... Jackie's veil doesn't actually cover her whole head?
    ... Jackie doesn't return Burns' ring?

Voice credits

- Starring
    - Dan Castellaneta (Homer, Krusty)
    - Julie Kavner (Marge, Selma, Jackie)
    - Nancy Cartwright (Bart, Ralph)
    - Yeardley Smith (Lisa)
    - Hank Azaria (Moe)
    - Harry Shearer (Flanders, Smithers, Burns)
- Special Guest Voice
    - A. Brooks (Jacques)
    - Sara Gilbert (Laura Powers)
    - Kelsey Grammer (Sideshow Bob)
    - Phil Hartman (Troy McClure)
    - Jon Lovitz (Artie Ziff)
    - Michelle Pfeiffer (Mindy Simmons)
    - Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Krabappel)
- Also Starring
    - Michael Carrington (announcer in 9F13?)

Previous episode references

- [7G01] Moe: "Al Coholic"
- [7G03] Moe: "I.  P. Freely"
- [7G06] Moe: "Jacques Strap"
- [7G10] Marge kisses Homer at bottom of red-carpeted stairs
- [7F10] Marge kisses Homer at Moe's
- [7F11] Marge's almost-affair with Jacques
- [7F11] Moe: "Seymour Butz"
- [7F12] Marge getting mad at Artie, then driving Homer home
- [7F15] Moe: "Homer Sexual"
- [7F22] Moe: "Mike Rotch"
- [8F02] Moe: "I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face..."
- [8F08] Moe: "Hugh Jass"
- [8F10?]  Marge kisses Homer
- [8F17] Homer throws "The Lottery" on the fire
- [8F17] Homer: "Mmm...snouts"
- [8F18] Marge kisses Homer
- [8F20] Selma and Sideshow Bob in bed
- [8F22] "Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to You-Know-What"
- [9F01] I&S "Flay Me to the Moon"
- [9F05] Smithers imagines Burns flying through the window
- [9F06] Homer eating hotdog in kiddie pool
- [9F06] Laura tells Bart about Jimbo
- [9F06] Moe: "Amanda Huggenkiss"
- [9F06] Moe: "Ivana Tinkle"
- [9F13] Ned serenades Maude on Valentine's Day
- [9F17] Homer: "Mmm...chocolate"
- [1F03] Homer: "Mmm...invisible cola"
- [1F03] Marge kisses Homer
- [1F04] Homer: "Mmm...forbidden donut"
- [1F06] Homer: "Mmm...free goo"
- [1F07] Homer gets tempted by Mindy
- [1F08] Marge kisses Homer
- [1F14] Homer kisses Flanders repeatedly at football game
- [1F14] Homer: "Mmm...sacrilicious"
- [1F20] Grampa and Marge's mother's romance

Freeze frame fun

- Marge's book: "The Bridges of Madison County" {do}
- In the credits: "The producers would like to acknowledge the
  contributions of the following individuals: John Vitti, George Meyer,
  Matt Groening, David Stern, Greg Daniels, Dan McGrath, Bill
  Canterbury, Sam Simon, Frank Mula, Conan O'Brien, John Swartzwelder,
  Rob Cohen, Nell Scovell, David Richardson, Joseph A. Boucher, Al Jean
  & Mike Reiss, Jay Kogen & Wallace Wolodarsky, Bill Oakley & Josh
  Weinstein".  {ddg}

Animation, continuity, and other goofs

When Homer and Marge are in bed, Homer says it's 3 am.  Marge says it's
9:45.  The clock says it's 11:50.  {av}

Since when does "Ren & Stimpy" clip old shows into new ones?  True, a
"new" R&S episode occasionally consists of a "new" story and a repeated

In the opening scene, Homer's belching should produces *some* movement,
even from that angle in bed.  {mk}

If this was a conversation during a meal, as long as everyone took to
eat, their food would *have* to have gotten cold.  {mk}

Moe's hair is black in earlier episodes.  {dh}

Maggie changes positions on the couch during the I&S clip.  {dh}

Bart has a soft drink (which later disappears).  {dh}

Homer and the kids already know _something_ about Jacques.  {dh}

It's a stupid place to have an elevator inside or around a cooling
tower.  {dh}


Merrick Weintraub: Kudos to OFF staff.  This Clip show makes up for the
    last one.  The writers saw a thread of relationships throughout the
    series and assembled them nicely for this episode.

Aaron Varhola: The new material had deadly meta-humor; even the board
    scene and (recycled) couch gag made fun of the idea of a clip show.
    Lisa's cynical comments about love and about no coats on Valentine's
    Day were perfect; Homer's (unspoken) moral would be: "You only have
    to get love right once, and Marge and I did."  New material: A-.

Don Frega: Tonight's episode was the same recycled, repackaged,
    premasticated product that network television has been subjecting
    audiences to for years.  Are we supposed to eat it up just because
    it's another Simpsons episode?  [...] I don't need burned out
    writers telling me what was funny 4 years ago.

Chris McPhee: This is ridiculous.  Shape up or you risk losing even your
    loyalest of fans.  At least make it look like you are trying and let
    the show die gracefully.  That is, unless Bart's comment about the
    Cosby show was right and you do plan to "run the show into the

Carl Mueller: What was the point?  It sucked.  Bad.  At least the first
    clip show had a funny subplot.

Blair Dillman: Last night's "show" was astonishingly bad and an insult
    to all Simpsons fans.  Hey, if it's clips we want, we can refer to
    our tapes of old shows!

Douglas Ferry: I could barely even keep my eyes on the tv during last
    night's show.  Were it not for my fanatical devotion to taping every
    Simpsons without commercials, I would have turned it off during the
    first 5 minutes.

Don Del Grande: F - if you're going to do a clip show, use a lot of
    short clips, as opposed to huge chunks of clips.  (WARNING - BAD PUN
    COMING UP) Looks like a case of (writer) Penny Wise being Pound
    Foolish.  Of course, the real problem was that she DIDN'T write
    enough of this episode...

Max Payton: Another clip show?  Aw, gees.  Even the spliced-in humor
    didn't liven up the thing.  When the best part of the show is the
    assortment of "Mmm, <fill-in-blank>" and prank calls to Moe...that's
    a sad commentary, people.  Really sad.

John Smolka: The real funny part about Sunday's episode is everyone who
    is mad that it was a lame show.  When Lisa said: "It's a composite
    of old shows.." it proved that the producers knew what they were
    doing.  It was like a 22 minute Rake Scene, and therefore it was

Matthew Kurth: An opportunity wasted and a family diminished.  The
    recycled footage gag was nice and the Moe montage kicked ass.
    However, the clips were poorly-assembled, the narration was awful,
    the selection was poor, and the characterization was abysmal. 4/10

Tony Hill: I don't know how to compare this to a regular ep, but this
    was definitely better than the first clip show.  Some of the clips
    ran too long; they could have used more and shorter clips.  I give
    it a B+.

Raymond Chen: What the hell was that?  [a 9F19 quote, everyone - ed]
    [well duh - ed]

Yours Truly: I never thought I could like the original clip show (9F17),
    but it was _worlds_ better than this one.  How embarrassing for
    whoever wrote this episode.  Grade: F.

Quotes and Scene Summary

[Syndication cuts are marked in curly braces "{}" and are courtesy of
Frederic Briere.]

Marge reads a romance novel tearfully in bed one night while Homer
sleeps next to her.

Marge: [sniffling] This romance is so full of heartfelt passion.  I can
       really identify with this corn-fed heroine.
        [turns to Homer] Homer...Homer, you awake?  This is important --
       give me some sign you're awake...
Homer: [belches]
Marge: [annoyed] Wake up!
Homer: [slurred] Wha?  What's wrong?  House run away?  Dog's on fire?
Marge: Homey, do you think the romance has gone out of our lives?
Homer: [belches]
-- A definitive answer, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

Marge: [annoyed] Wake up!
Homer: Marge, it's 3:00am and I worked all day!
Marge: It's 9:30pm and you spend your whole Saturday drinking beer in
       Maggie's kiddie pool!
        [clip from 9F06: Homer pulling hotdog from kiddie pool]
       Homer, young people learn about love from adults and we've been
       setting a terrible example for our children and the community in
       general.  I want us to deal with the issues raised by this book.
Homer: [takes it] Hmm...
        [clip from 8F17: book lands on fire]
Marge: Hmm...I knew we shouldn't have put a fireplace in the bedroom.
-- It's good for snuggling, however, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

The next day the children are watching a clip from Itchy and Scratchy in
9F01, "Flay Me to the Moon", and laughing uproariously.

       [kids laughs at Itchy and Scratchy]
Marge: How many times can you laugh at that cat getting hit by the moon?
 Bart: It's a _new_ episode.
 Lisa: Not exactly...they pieced it together from old shows, but it
       seems new to the trusting eyes of impressionable youth.
 Bart: Really?
 Lisa: Ren and Stimpy do it all the time.
Marge: Yes they do, and when was the last time you heard anyone talk
       about Ren and Stimpy?
-- Not since the cartoon awards in 9F16, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

The family sit around the kitchen table.

Marge: Children, your father and I have fed and clothed you but we've
       neglected something more important: it's time to learn about
 Bart: No need, Mom.  We already learned in school.
        [0:38 clip from 8F22: Fuzzy and Fluffy Bunny]
Marge: I mean "romance", not "love".
 Lisa: Mom, romance is dead.  It was acquired in a hostile takeover by
       Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece.
-- No cynicism here, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

Marge disagrees, claiming romance is all around them, citing examples
from 9F13 (Ned serenading Maude) and 9F05 (Smithers dreaming of Burns
flying through the window).

Marge: All you have to do [to remember romance] is think about your most
       cherished memories.
 Bart: Hmm...
        [flashback to 7G01]7G01]
  Moe: [on the phone] Moe's Tavern.
 Bart: Hello, is Al there?
  Moe: Al?
 Bart: Yeah, Al.  Last name, Coholic.
  Moe: Lemme check.  [turns] Phone call for Al...Al Coholic?
  Moe: Er, Jacques Strap?  [7G06][7G06]
  Moe: Is I. P. Freely here?  [7G03][7G03]
  Moe: Hey, is there a Butz here?  Seymour Butz?  [7F11][7F11]
  Moe: Uh...Homer Sexual?  [7F15][7F15]
  Moe: Mike Rotch?  [7F22][7F22]
  Moe: Er, Amanda Huggenkiss?  [9F06][9F06]
  Moe: Uh, Hugh Jass?  [8F08][8F08]
  Moe: Ivana Tinkle?  [9F06][9F06]
  Moe: I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt
       smells and...I like to kiss my own butt.  [8F02][8F02]
-- Yeah, _true_ romance, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

"No, no, no," emphasizes Marge.

Marge: Ask your heart what its fondest desire is.
Homer: Hmm...
Homer: Mmm...chocolate.  [9F17][9F17]
Homer: Mmm...invisible cola.  [1F03][1F03]
Homer: Mmm...forbidden donut.  [1F04][1F04]
Homer: {Mmm...sacrilicious.  [1F14]}[1F14]}
Homer: {Mmm...snouts.  [8F17]}[8F17]}
Homer: {Mmm...free goo.  [1F06]}[1F06]}
Homer: {Mmm...something.}
-- Don't get too specific, now, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

But Marge still isn't getting through.

Marge: No, think about people.  Think about moments in your life that
       have been very romantic.
Homer: Oh, OK.
        [clip from 1F14: Homer kissing Flanders at football game]
Marge: That's not the idea at all...
-- "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

Marge gives in and decides to tell the family about her almost-affair
with Jacques.  A 3:06 clip from 7G11 runs which Marge narrates over.

Marge: I made the right decision to stay with my Homey, so there was no
       harm done.
Homer: [groans]
Marge: So if you kind of mentally snip out the part where I already had
       a husband, that's my idea of romance.
Homer: Marge, I want you to stop seeing the Jacques.  You can let him
       down gently, but over the next couple of months I want you to
       break it off.
Marge: Er, OK, Homer...
Homer: Whew!  That was a close one, kids.
-- Marge, reasonable acquiescer, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

[End of Act One.  Time: 8:07]

Homer decides he has a confession to make as well.

Homer: OK, Marge: as long as we're traumatizing the kids, _I_ have a
       scandalous story of my own.
        [3:27 {2:57 in syndication} clip from 1F07: Homer and Mindy]
 Bart: What happened to Mindy?
Marge: [angry] Yes, what _did_ happen to her?
Homer: Ehh, she hit the bottle pretty hard and lost her job.
Marge: Hmph.  Good.
-- Not exactly a gracious reaction, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

Marge: Does anyone else have a love story?
 Lisa: Yes, I do.  And just like your love stories, it's tragic and
       filled with hurt feelings and scars that will never heal.
        [2:31 clip from 9F13: Lisa and Ralph]
Marge: Lisa, not all romances turn out that way.  Bart, do you have a
       love story that doesn't end in heartbreak?
 Bart: Yes, I do.
        [0:28 clip from 9F06: Bart and Laura]
       Wait...that _did_ end in heartbreak.  Thanks for opening up old
       wounds, _Mom_.
Marge: Hmm.
-- "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

[End of Act Two.  Time: 15:28]

Marge: [bright] Well, as Jerry Lee Lewis would say, "There's a whole
       lotta frownin' going on".  [laughs, then says "Mmm..."]
 Lisa: Mom, doesn't _any_ love story have a happy ending?
Marge: Of course!  Remember when...uh...your aunt Selma got married?
        [0:04 flashback to 8F20: Sideshow Bob rubbing Selma's feet]
Selma: Ooh, oh, good, mm.
  Bob: [quietly] Soon I will kill you --
Marge: [in the present] Oh wait, wait, that's no good.  I know...your
       _grandfather_?, remember?
        [2:15 clip from 1F20: Grampa and Mrs. Bouvier]
 Lisa: That doesn't seem like a happy ending.  That seems more like a
       detached tale of modern alienation.
Marge: I give up.  Did anybody learn anything about love tonight?
 Bart: We learned it screws everybody up.
Marge: Well, there's that side of it, but there's also -- oh, help me
       out here, Lisa.
 Lisa: Sorry, Mom.  I've decided to save my love for someone who's
       guaranteed not to reject me.  [pulls out "Non-Threatening Boys"]
       Soon, Corey, soon.
-- Here are some words that rhyme with Corey: ..., "Another Simpsons
    Clip Show"

Marge sighs.

Marge: Well kids, I tried, but maybe you're right.
Homer: Wait a minute, Marge.  Love isn't hopeless.  Maybe I'm no expert
       on the subject, but there was one time I got it right.
        [1:32 clip from 7F12: Marge and Artie, then Marge and Homer]
 Lisa: Aw, your first kiss...
Homer: But not the last.
        [seven clips of Marge and Homer kissing, from 7G10, 7F10, 7F02,
       8F10, 8F10, 8F18, 1F08]1F08]
Marge: Oh, Homey...
        [they kiss again]
       You see, kids?  That's what I mean by romance.
        [kids laugh in the other room at Itchy and Scratchy]
-- I guess they prefer violence, "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

Homey and Marge kiss anyway, ignoring their violence-obsessed children.

[End of Act Three.  Time: 21:06]


   {ddg} Don Del Grande (special thanks to Don for providing so many of
         the episode codes for the clips)
   {dh}  Dave Hall (also sent all the clips, but I didn't notice until
   {mk}  Matthew Kurth
   {do}  David Oliver
   {av}  Aaron Varhola
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