The Simpsons vs. Smoking

Originally by Stuart Jackson
Maintained by Haynes Lee

It has always amazed me that even though The Simpsons is classified as a "childrens/family" cartoon, a great number of the characters are seen smoking-- Stuart Jackson

Simpson Family Members who are seen smoking

Bart (smoking cigar in the supermarket)         [7F20]
Bart (Homer sticks a cigarette in Bart's mouth) [8F03]
Bart (the drifter)                              [8F15]
Bart's bubble pipe (when Laura comes over)      [9F06]
Bart's bubble pipe (with Hugh Hefner)           [9F19]
Bart (fantasy being a cafeteria worker)         [1F19]
Bart ("I'll take up smoking and give that up")  [3G03]
Bart ("I dunno. I kinda want a cigarette")      [4F11]
Bart ("I'll take up smoking")                   [5F05]
Bart (cigar in Burns' chair)                    [BABF08]
Bart's bubble pipe (at playdude treehouse)      [FABF20]
Bart's bubble pipe (ending credits)             [GABF06]
Bart (_not_ smoking reefers)                    [HABF18]
Herb Powell (cigar)                             [7F16]
Herb's natural mother (the carnival incident!)  [7F16]
Homer (smoking cigar while getting massage)     [8F01]
Homer (smoking cigar while welding)             [8F07]
Homer ("this one came with a corn-cob pipe!")   [8F10]
Homer (smoking cigar with the cops)             [8F20]
Homer (smoking cigar while on couch)            [9F01]
Homer (the bearded blackjack gambler)           [9F12]
Homer (news file photo)                         [9F10]
Homer (big cigar in movie theatre)              [9F22]
Homer (lights cigar with $1 bill)               [2F14]
Homer ("I am in flavor country")                [2F14]
Homer (cigar a la Archie Bunker)                [3G02]
Homer (cigar a la senator at mansion)           [5F01]
Homer (cigar a la Thomas Edison)                [5F21]
Homer (cigarette a la Snake)                    [AABF01]
Homer (cigar)                                   [AABF09]
Homer (pipe)                                    [BABF19]
Homer (as Paul Bunayn with cigar)               [CABF17]
Homer (joint)                                   [DABF11]
Homer (cigar, later 19th century pipe)          [DABF21]
Homer (pipe while skateboarding)                [EABF05]
Homer (pipe before he dies)                     [EABF19]
Homer (Sherlock Holmes pipe)                    [EABF22]
Homer (lies about smoking to look cool)         [GABF07]
Homer (stick of butter, later cigar)            [GABF08]
Homer (cigar in heaven)                         [GABF14]
Lisa (the aging gambler)                        [8F12]
Lisa (at the supper table!)                     [CABF20]
Lisa ("I'll smoke it in class")                 [8F15]
Lisa (on the Laramie poster)                    [9F02]
Lisa (Homer wonders what's her favorite cigar)  [EABF03]
Marge (cigarette)                               [1F03]
Marge (cigarette)                               [3F24]
Marge (eats tobacco leaves)                     [FABF05]
Maggie (sucking on a cigarette)                 [9F02]
Mr Bouvier                                      [7F12]
Patty and Selma                                 [7G08]
Patty and Selma                                 [7G12]
Patty and Selma                                 [7F02]
Patty and Selma (buys Laramie Hi-Tars)          [7F15]
Patty and Selma                                 [7F20]
Patty and Selma                                 [8F07]
Patty and Selma                                 [8F08]
Patty and Selma                                 [8F09]
Patty or Selma (can't tell!)                    [8F19]
Patty and Selma                                 [8F20]
Patty and Selma (blow smoke into baby Lisa)     [9F08]
Patty and Selma (buys pack of Laramie 100s)     [9F11]
Patty and Selma                                 [1F01]
Patty and Selma (on horse)                      [1F05]
Patty and Selma                                 [1F06]
Patty and Selma (started fire)                 #[1F11]
Patty and Selma                                 [1F20]
Patty and Selma (while being burned at stake)   [2F03]
Patty and Selma (make Maggie cough from womb)   [2F10]
Patty and Selma                                 [2F11]
Patty and Selma (DMV)                           [2F14]
Patty or Selma (wedding)                        [2F15]
Patty and Selma                                 [3F06]
Patty and Selma                                 [3F11]
Patty and Selma                                 [3F12]
Patty and Selma (at DMV again)                  [3F17]
Patty and Selma                                 [3G02]
Patty and Selma                                 [4F04]
Patty and Selma ("We did it, we beat cancer")   [5F05]
Patty and Selma ("Ciggy" Olympic mascot)        [AABF16]
Patty and Selma                                 [AABF21]
Patty and Selma (safehouse)                     [CABF03]
Patty and Selma (apartment)                     [CABF19]
Patty and Selma                                 [DABF04]
Patty and Selma (as sirens)                     [DABF08]
Patty and Selma (babysitting Maggie)            [DABF10]
Patty and Selma (as elephant and lion)          [DABF19]
Patty and Selma (cigars)                        [EABF15]
Patty and Selma                                 [EABF16]
Patty and Selma                                 [EABF17]
Patty and Selma (shopping cart full of smokes)  [EABF19]
Patty and Selma (ran out of cigarettes)         [FABF08]
Patty and Selma (party)                         [FABF19]
Patty and Selma                                 [GABF04]
Patty and Selma (at Halloween party)            [GABF17]
Patty and Selma (at speeding dating club)       [HABF13]
Patty                                           [7G11]
Patty                                           [1F03]
Patty (lighting up a cigarette in photograph)   [4F06]
Patty (by lung capacity test booth)             [5F03]
Patty (addicted to nicotine)                    [BABF06]
Patty (double wedding)                          [DABF12]
Patty (bridal shower)                           [FABF12]
Patty                                           [GABF06]
Selma ("From now on, she's smoking for two!")   [3F15]
Selma (cigarette after sex)                     [FABF08]
Selma (will give up smoking for baby)           [GABF06]
Selma (cigarette at dance)                      [HABF05]
Selma (cigarette with MacGyver)                 [HABF10]
Young Patty and Selma                           [7F12]
Young Patty and Selma                           [7F18]
Young Patty and Selma ("Lets take up smoking")  [7F21]
Young Patty and Selma                           [2F08]
Young Patty and Selma                           [FABF13]
Young Patty and Selma (hiding cigarettes)       [JABF01]
Young Homer (during school)                     [7F12]
Homer's relative                                [4F24]
Grampa (pipe)                                   [CABF03]

Young Springfieldians who are seen smoking

Martin (during his book report - not really)    [7F03]
Young Barney                                    [7F12]
Nelson (in the soapbox pits)                    [8F07]
The girls in the "Bad Girl Bathroom"            [8F15]
Dolph (smoking a cigar at dinner)               [8F24]
Jimbo (smoking a cigar at dinner)               [8F24]
Kearney (smoking a cigar at dinner)             [8F24]
Lots of little kids (in the crowd)              [9F02]
Nelson (playing soccer)                         [9F12]
Kearney (purchases cigars)                      [3F20]
Nelson ("I got to quit smoking")                [5F03]
Mrs. Krabappel bums her cigarettes to the kids  [AABF07]
Nelson (as Goliath)                             [AABF14]
Nelson (pipe, a la Hugh Hefner)                 [BABF02]]
Nelson (grown-up with cigar)                    [BABF14
Young Fat Tony (growing whacky tobacky patch)   [CABF21]
Homer asks how many cigars the kids are allowed [GABF01]
Nelson (grown-up, go out for cigs like dad did) [GABF12]
Jimbo (askS Marge to teach them how to smoke)   [GABF20]
Krabappel offers kids Lucky Strikes             [HABF17]
Nelson eats Ol' Gil's nicotine patches          [JABF01]

Guest Stars seen smoking

Hugh Hefner (pipe)                              [9F19]
Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap (on the bus)         [8F21]
Ernest Borgnine (cigar)                         [1F06]
Fyvush Finkel (cigar playing Krusty)            [3G02]
Keith Richards (cigarettes repeatedly!)         [DABF22]

Famous people seen smoking

Santa Claus                                     [8F22]
Al Capone (cigar)                               [9F03]
Franklin Roosevelt (cigarette holder)          #[9F03]
Billy Crystal (cigar)                           [1F11]
Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro in photo (cigar)    [2F13]
Dave Berg (pipe in MAD magazine office)         [4F22]
President of France                             [5F02]
Zombie Edgar Winter rock band                   [5F02]
Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro (cigar)             [5F14]
Humphrey Bogart (cigarette in Casablanca)       [5F18]
Ingrid Bergman  (cigarette in Casablanca)       [5F18]
Clint Eastwood (Paint Your Wagon movie)         [5F24]
Phyllis Diller (cigarette holder)               [AABF02]
Carroll O'Connor (cigar in All in the Family)   [AABF09]
Lucy MacGilicutty Ricardo (cigarette)           [BABF04]
Fidel Castro (cigar)                            [BABF08]
President Clinton (100 cigarettes)              [FABF17]
Dean Martin (cigarette in heaven)               [GABF14]
Santa Clause (pipe)                             [GABF21]
Hunter S. Thompson (cigarette holder in pic)    [HABF09]

Main Characters in Springfield who are seen smoking

Agnes Skinner (cig. holder as Helen of Troy)    [DABF08]
Agnes Skinner (cig. holder as Jennifer Lopez)   [DABF12]
Apu (cigarette)                                 [3F18]
Apu (dreams of cigarette machine)               [3G04]
Apu (water pipe)                                [DABF14]
Barney Gumbel (drinks beer from ashtray)        [9F06]
Barney Gumbel (lights cigar and catches on fire)[1F15]
Barney Gumble  (cigar)                          [2F14]
Brandine (cigarette holder)                     [DABF17]
Brandine (cigarette)                            [FABF15]
Brandine (cigarrete)                            [FABF20]
Mr Burns (holds a pipe)                         [7F18]
Mr Burns ("I've been smoking harmless tobacco") [1F16]
Mr Burns Brother, George (cigar)                [1F01]
Mr Burns (looking for opium)                    [EABF10]
Mr Burns (opium den)                            [FABF23]
Captain McAllister (The Fryin Dutchmen)         [9F06]
Captain McAllister (Hornpipe Fever)             [9F07]
Captain McAllister (houseboat salesman)         [9F08]
Captain McAllister (fighting giant squid)       [9F21]
Captain McAllister (at festival)                [1F05]
Captain McAllister (at casino proposal)         [1F08]
Captain McAllister (at mob)                     [1F09]
Captain McAllister (in Lenny's class)           [1F20]
Captain McAllister (in lighthouse)              [2F04]
Captain McAllister (in delivery room)           [2F10]
Captain McAllister (in shelter)                 [2F11]
Captain McAllister (at town meeting)            [2F16]
Captain McAllister (in church)                  [3F02]
Captain McAllister (in bowling alley)           [3F10]
Captain McAllister (in store)                   [3F12]
Captain McAllister (on bridge of ship)          [3F24]
Captain McAllister (in school gym)              [4F01]
Captain McAllister (on beached oil tanker)      [4F06]
Captain McAllister (in singing group)           [4F20]
Captain McAllister (on rock)                    [5F02]
Captain McAllister (bachelor auction)           [5F04]
Captain McAllister (at real-estate exam)        [5F06]
Captain McAllister (at Xmas party)              [5F07]
Captain McAllister (in crowd)                   [5F09]
Captain McAllister (in line to file income tax) [5F14]
Captain McAllister (outside mansion)            [5F19]
Captain McAllister (at beach)                   [AABF03]
Captain McAllister (Ship of Lost Souls)         [AABF04]
Captain McAllister (bus, jail)                  [AABF08]
Captain McAllister (outside boat)               [AABF11]
Captain McAllister (on boat)                    [AABF16]
Captain McAllister (in audience)                [AABF18]
Captain McAllister                              [AABF21]
Captain McAllister (pier)                       [AABF23]
Captain McAllister (at football game)           [BABF06]
Captain McAllister (at marriage)                [BABF08]
Captain McAllister (under dock)                 [BABF17]
Captain McAllister (at area code meeting)       [BABF20]
Captain McAllister (on dock)                    [BABF21]
Captain McAllister (movie audience)             [BABF22]
Captain McAllister                              [DABF03]
Captain McAllister                              [DABF04]
Captain McAllister (at improv)                  [DABF06]
Captain McAllister (as Poseidon)                [DABF08]
Captain McAllister                              [DABF17]
Captain McAllister (gun rally, then as gator)   [DABF19]
Captain McAllister                              [EABF02]
Captain McAllister (in jury)                    [EABF06]
Captain McAllister (at dance)                   [EABF08]
Captain McAllister (signing petition)           [EABF11]
Captain McAllister (in treehouse)               [EABF14]
Captain McAllister                              [EABF16]
Captain McAllister                              [EABF17]
Captain McAllitser (at casino)                  [EABF20]
Captain McAllitser (at town meeting)            [EABF21]
Captain McAllister (in montage)                 [FABF05]
Captain McAllister (at AA meeting)              [FABF10]
Captain McAllister (in prisoner line)           [FABF11]
Captain McAllister (waving flag)                [FABF15]
Captain McAllister (at crowd)                   [FABF17]
Captain McAllister (delivering newsletter)      [FABF18]
Captain McAllister (at cook-off)                [FABF20]
Captain McAllister (on boat)                    [FABF21]
Captain McAllister (opium den)                  [FABF23]
Captain McAllister (as Jonah)                   [GABF02]
Captain McAllister                              [GABF04]
Captain McAllister (selling gumbo machine)      [GABF11]
Captain McAllister (at Lil' Starmaker)          [GABF13]
Captain McAllister (outside Flanders house)     [GABF15]
Captain McAllister (in head bag)                [GABF17]
Captain McAllister (at Halloween party)         [GABF17]
Captain McAllister (at recall meeting)          [GABF21]
Captain McAllister (Flying Dutchman)            [HABF11
Captain McAllister (at fight)                   [HABF13]
Captain McAllister                              [HABF18]
Captain McAllister (as sculpture)               [HABF22]
Carl (cigar)                                    [1F20]
Carl (cigar)                                    [2F14]
Carl (joint)                                    [DABF11]
Chief Wiggum (cigar)                            [8F20]
Chief Wiggum (don't Bogart that medicine)       [4F16]
Chief Wiggum (cigar)                            [EABF06]
Chief Wiggum (cigarette in photo)               [EABF08]
Chief Wiggum (cigar)                            [FABF23]
Cletus (opium den)                              [FABF23]
Disco Stu (opium den)                           [FABF23]
Dr Marvin Monroe (on his radio talkshow)        [7G01]
Eddie the Cop (cigar)                           [8F20]
Fat Tony                                        [8F03]
Fat Tony? (in car on bridge)                    [8F14]
Fat Tony                                        [2F12]
Fat Tony                                        [4F15]
Fat Tony                                        [AABF05]
Fat Tony                                        [BABF07]
Fat Tony (Sopranos segment)                     [DABF17]
Fat Tony                                        [DABF12]
Fat Tony                                        [DABF18]
Fat Tony                                        [EABF11]
Fat Tony                                        [GABF18]
Fat Tony (cigar)                                [HABF15]
Groundskeeper Willie (pipe)                     [HABF05]
Groundskeeper Willie (opium)                    [HABF11]
Hans Moleman (joint)                            [DABF11]
Herman (cigarette)                              [7G05]
Herman (at Moe's)                               [7F10]
Herman (at shop)                                [7F17]
Herman (digging at the well)                    [8F11]
Herman (playing pool at Moe's)                  [8F12]
Herman (singing the Monorail song)              [9F10]
Herman (Stonecutters)                           [2F09]
Herman (at card game)                           [2F21]
Herman (at shop)                                [3F18]
Herman (in crowd)                               [4F13]
Herman (outside bomb shelter)                   [5F02]
Herman (in audience)                            [5F10]
Herman (at Barney's Bowl-a-Rama)                [BABF02]
Herman (at rock and roll camp)                  [DABF22]
Herman (in crowd)                               [EABF17]
Herman (opium den)                              [FABF23]
Herman (outside Flanders house)                 [GABF15]
Herman (at supermarket)                         [GABF21]
Hibbert (cigar)                                 [3G01]
Karl (at the stag party)                        [7G10]
Kent Brockman (cigarette)                       [1F10]
Kent Brockman (cigarette)                       [FABF10]
Kirk Van Houten (smoking at dinner party)       [4F04]
Kirk Van Houten (cigarettes in margueritas)     [GABF19]
Krusty the Clown (before meeting his father)    [8F05]
Krusty the Clown                                [9F08]
Krusty the Clown (in the hospital!)             [9F09]
Krusty the Clown                                [9F16]
Krusty the Clown (smoking very heavily!)        [9F19]
Krusty the Clown (on trading card)              [1F04]
Krusty the Clown (on oil rig)                   [1F06]
Krusty the Clown (monologue)                   #[1F08]
Krusty the Clown                                [1F11]
Krusty the Clown                                [1F22]
Krusty the Clown                                [2F02]
Krusty the Clown                                [2F12]
Krusty the Clown (a very old infirm Krusty)     [2F15]
Krusty the Clown (as FDR)                       [2F31]
Krusty the Clown                                [3F08]
Krusty the Clown                                [4F12]
Krusty the Clown                                [4F13]
Krusty the Clown                                [5F07]
Krusty the Clown                                [5F10]
Krusty the Clown                                [5F15]
Krusty the Clown                                [AABF02]
Krusty the Clown                                [BABF01]
Krusty the Clown (a very old infirm Krusty)     [BABF14]
Krusty the Clown                                [CABF10]
Krusty the Clown                                [DABF07]
Krusty the Clown                                [DABF13]
Krusty the Clown                                [DABF18]
Krusty the Clown                                [EABF01]
Krusty the Clown                                [EABF03]
Krusty the Clown                                [EABF09]
Krusty the Clown                                [FABF01]
Krusty the Clown                                [FABF11]
Krusty the Clown (cigar)                        [HABF05]
Krusty mentions about chain smoking clowns.     [GABF11]
Krusty freebasing moon rocks.                   [GABF11]
Krusty the Clown                                [GABF13]
Krusty the Clown (cigarette)                    [HABF15]
Krusty the Clown (cigar)                        [JABF01]
Lenny (at the stag party)                       [7G10]
Lenny (cigar)                                   [1F20]
Lenny (cigar)                                   [2F14]
Lenny (at card game)                            [2F21]
Lenny (joint)                                   [DABF11]
Lenny (cigar)                                   [FABF08]
Lenny (opium den)                               [FABF23]
Lenny (cigarette)                               [HABF14]
Lou the Cop (cigar)                             [8F20]
Lunchlady / Nurse Doris (cigarette)             [9F13]
Lunchlady / Nurse Doris                         [9F18]
Lunchlady / Nurse Doris                         [2F03]
Lunchlady / Nurse Doris                         [3F03]
Milhouse ("Mom! Bart's smoking!")               [3F07]
Miss Hoover (in the staff room)                 [8F15]
Miss Hoover (during the yo-yo assembly)         [8F16]
Miss Hoover                                     [1F18]
Miss Hoover (during film)                       [2F22]
Miss Hoover (during presentation)               [3F13]
Miss Hoover                                     [AABF07]
Moe (cigar)                                     [2F14]
Moe (smokes a huge cigar)                       [2F21]
Moe (cigarette, cigar)                          [4F03]
Moe (cigar at poker table)                      [BABF17]
Moe (running opium den)                         [FABF23]
Kearney's and Dolph's dad                       [4F03]
Mrs. Krabappel (seducing Mr Bergstrom)          [7F19]
Mrs. Krabappel (in the staff room)              [8F15]
Mrs. Krabappel (during the Yo-Yo assembly)      [8F16]
Mrs. Krabappel (during the Fuzzy Bunny video)   [8F22]
Mrs. Krabappel                                  [1F18]
Mrs. Krabappel (Skinner's office)               [1F19]
Mrs. Krabappel (during film)                    [2F22]
Mrs. Krabappel (during presentation)            [3F13]
Mrs. Krabappel (Nelson stole her cigarettes)    [4F01]
Mrs. Krabappel                                  [4F09]
Mrs. Krabappel (outside)                        [AABF07]
Mrs. Krabappel (balloon dance)                  [AABF10]
Mrs. Krabappel                                  [AABF22]
Mrs. Krabappel (cig. holder on monopoly box)    [DABF01]
Mrs. Krabappel (in photo)                       [EABF02]
Mrs. Krabappel (at book club)                   [EABF08]
Mrs. Krabappel (Skinner's office)               [FABF07]
Mrs. Krabappel (at AA meeting)                  [FABF10]
Mrs. Krabappel (at apartment)                   [FABF19]
Mrs. Krabappel (8 years in future)              [GABF12]
Mrs. Krabappel (after having sex with Skinner)  [HABF13]
Mrs. Krabappel offers kids Lucky Strikes        [HABF17]
Mrs. Krabappel (hallway)                        [JABF02]
Ned Flanders ("good pipe weather!")             [9F05]
Ned Flanders (biker smoking cigarette)          [AABF22]
Ned Flanders (pipe)                             [EABF10]
Ned Flanders (Canadian Ned offer him a joint)   [FABF16]
Nelson's father (buying cigarettes)             [FABF19]
Nelson's mother (cigarette)                     [FABF02]
Nelson's mother (cigarette)                     [FABF19]
Nelson's mother (cigarette)                     [JABF02]
Ralph Wiggum (opium den)                        [FABF23]
Rev Lovejoy (playing cards)                     [9F20]
Roger Meyers (president of Itchy and Scratchy)  [7F09]
Roger Meyers                                    [9F16]
Roger Meyers                                    [2F32]
Roger Meyers                                    [3F17]
Roger Meyers                                    [4F12]
Otto (concert smells like his jacket)           [3F21]
Otto ("what were you smokin'")                  [4F12]
Otto (says cult must be smoking wacky tabacky)  [5F23]
Otto (smoking joint)                            [EABF04]
Mayor Quimby (cigar)                            [EABF09]
Side Show Bob (cigar in movie theatre)          [9F22]
Side Show Bob (stakes fortune in cigarettes)    [EABF01]
Side Show Mel (pipe)                            [2F20]
Skinner (picks up cigar butt with umbrella)    #[1F19]
Skinner (smelled marijuana smoke in Vietnam)    [2F04]
Skinner (ashtray next to bed)                   [4F23]
Skinner (smoking cigarette in Duff cage!)       [BABF12]
Smithers (cigarette)                            [7F22]
Smithers (cigarette)                            [2F02]
Smithers ("My mouth tastes like an ashtray")    [2F20]
Smithers (ashtray besides his computer)         [3F14]
Snake (executed for smoking!)                   [AABF01]
Snake (cigarette)                               [AABF19]
Snake (cigar at poker table)                    [BABF17]
Snake (supposed to get some cigarettes)         [CABF18]
Snake (cigarette in prison)                     [FABF08]
Superintendent Chalmers (cigar in DMV queue)    [7F15]
Superintendent Chalmers (cigar)                 [2F16]
Troy McClure ("Smoke Yourself Thin" video)      [1F05]
Troy McClure (cigar)                            [3F15]
Troy McClure (smoking cigarette during break)   [3F31]
Willie (opium den)                              [FABF23]
Wolfecastle (cigar at boxing match)             [4F03]
Wolfecastle (described himself as pot smoking)  [GABF21]

Other Characters Seen Smoking (that have names)

El Barto (police sketch)                        [7G03]
Clown in police lineup (cigarette)              [7G12]
Dave Rosenfield (baseball team owner)           [7F05]
Ellen (the baseball organ player)               [7F05]
Senator Mendosa (in the McBain movie)           [7F16]
Gloria (at the marriage retreat)                [7F20]
Buddy Hodges (Fallout Boy)                      [7F21]
Dirk Richter (Radioactive Man)                  [7F21]
Dave (in the Mental Hospital)                   [7F24]
Senator Bob Arnold (when he gets busted)        [8F01]
Customs officer                                 [8F02]
Smooth Jimmy Apollo                             [8F12]
Butterball Jackson (on the TV)                  [8F19]
Mr Black (smoking a cigar at dinner)            [8F24]
Jack Larson (president of Laramie Cigarettes)   [9F02]
Joe (the Krusty doll technician)                [9F04]
Surly Joe (foundation repairman)                [9F05]
Arthur Krandall (Gabbo's partner)               [9F19]
Ruth Powers (cigarette)                         [1F03]
Lenny's wife  (cigarette)                       [1F03]
Stacy Lavelle (cigarette)                       [1F12]
MacGarnicle and his boss                        [1F19]
George Meany                                    [1F22]
Birch Barlowe (cigar)                           [2F02]
Jericho                                         [2F21]
Blind Willy Witherspoon (cigarette)             [2F32]
Don Brodka (cigarette)                          [3F07]
Brandine (Cletus's wife)                        [3F11]
Brandine                                        [3F18]
Don Brodka                                      [3F18]
Fernando Vidal                                  [3F19]
Baron von Wortzenberger                         [3F19]
Cigarette Smoking Man (from X-Files)            [3G01]
Captain Tenille (cigar)                         [3G04]
Starla (Kirk's flame)                           [4F04]
Cooder the Carny (did cigarette trick)          [5F08]
The Leader (in old news photo)                  [5F23]
Harvard President (pipe)                        [AABF03]
"Mrs. Homer Simpson" (cigarette)                [AABF06]
"Mom" (cigarette)                               [AABF15]
Gunter (eurotrash) (cigarette)                  [AABF15]
Astrid Weller (cigarette holder)                [AABF15]
Female casting agent (cigarette)                [BABF12]
Louie the gangster (cigarette)                  [BABF17]
Louie the butler (cigarette)                    [BABF22]
Rich Texan (cigar)                              [CABF01]
Rich Texan (cigar)                              [GABF02]
Mr. Costington (cigar)                          [CABF04]
Rich Texan (cigar)                              [DABF01]
Homer's and Flanders' Vegas wives (cigarettes)  [DABF01]
Oomba Loomba (cigarette)                        [DABF03]
Professor Dorien (pipe)                         [DABF05]
Dexter Colt (cigarette)                         [EABF03]
Artie Ziff (cigar)                              [FABF08]

Background/Other People seen smoking

Man on "America's Most Armed and Dangerous"     [7G01]
Video arcade clerk                              [7G06]
Man in audience at the Sapphire Lounge          [7G10]
Mr Burns' spin doctor (election guy?!?)         [7F01]
One of the Itchy and Scratchy writers           [7F09]
Young Homer's chauffeur                         [7F12]
Guy on the Laramie billboard                    [7F15]
Guy in the DMV queue                            [7F15]
Homer looks at no smoking sign                 #[7F15]
One of Mendosa's colleagues (McBain)            [7F16]
The cab driver                                  [7F17]
Roulette wheel spinner                          [7F17]
One of the guys in the bait shop                [7F20]
Guy at Krusty Burger (in the kitchen!)          [7F21]
Man at the "Tamo'Shanter Connection" Shop       [7F22]
Two Guys in the kitchen at the Springfield Mall [7F23]
Most of the gangsters in the club               [8F03]
One of the guys in the FBI Van                  [8F03]
Homer's Stockbroker                             [8F09]
Organist                                        [8F10]
Guy at the Ice Cream Parlour                    [8F11]
Card dealer                                     [8F12]
Ticket Guy at the Springfield Mystery Spot      [8F13]
Most of the teachers in the staff room          [8F15]
Father in the "zinc" video (pipe)               [8F16]
Man and woman on Colorization Theatre           [8F16]
Three teachers in the staff room                [8F17]
Worker at dog pound                             [8F17]
Most of the patrons of the Beer 'N Brawl        [8F19]
Members of the Beer 'N Brawl Band               [8F19]
Some inmates in the Springfield Prison          [8F20]
Nurse at Camp Krusty                            [8F24]
Guy on the garbage barge                        [9F01]
Little Miss Springfield Choreographer           [9F02]
Oriental Shopkeeper at the House of Evil        [9F04]
Gangster at the Bottomless Pit                  [9F04]
One of the "Two Guys from Kabul"                [9F06]
Two guys playing cards with Homer               [9F12]
Krusty's chauffeur                              [9F10]
Heart delivery boy                              [9F13]
Crim's at the swank unveiling (McBain)          [9F15]
Irish Whacker                                   [9F18]
Flea market salesman, Grammy nominee            [9F21]
Mr Burns evil uncle                             [1F01]
Admissions officer                              [1F02]
Patron in western bar                           [1F03]
Prostitute                                      [1F08]
Guy mobbed by the vigilantes                   #[1F09]
Irishman (pipe)                                 [1F09]
Sound engineer (cigarrette)                     [1F11]
Man in Quimby's entourage (pipe)                [1F14]
Marge Simpson actress (cigarette)               [1F16]
Nurse (cigarette)                              #[1F22]
Patron at swanky bar                            [2F08]
Patrons at lesbian bar                          [2F08]
Plumber (pipe)                                  [2F09]
Barfly (cigar)                                  [2F14]
Surly teamster (cigar)                          [2F17]
Ninth Bearded Infantry                          [2F19]
Zip Boy                                         [3F04]
Freak at Hullabalooza                           [3F21]
Carny (cigarette)                               [3F22]
Conductor at back of bus                        [3G01]
Krusty in detox                                 [3G02]
Patrons in roulette room                        [3G04]
Lunch Lady Doris-esque government worker        [4F04]
Man outside Flanders house                      [4F07]
Patron in Italian restereunt                    [4F08]
Prostitute                                      [4F13]
Nurse, patients in waiting room                 [4F13]
Repo man                                        [4F16]
Man in Mr. Sparkle video                        [4F18]
Gas station attendant                           [4F18]
Prostitute outside hotel                        [5F01]
Carny worker, card shark, guy putting up sign   [5F08]
Cigar smoking businessman                       [5F09]
Garbage man                                     [5F09]
City clerk                                      [5F09]
Man in audience (pipe)                          [5F09]
Man outside Java The Hut                        [5F10]
Leprechaun                                      [5F13]   
IRS agents in surveillance van (ashtray)        [5F14]
Cuban boxers smoking cigars during match        [5F14]
Acne worker (cigar)                             [5F20]
Movementarian sentry                            [5F23]
Wharf rats, French crew of Ship of Lost Souls   [AABF04]
Dan's Manager                                   [AABF08]
Yuppies at garden party                         [AABF09]
Russian Olympic delegate (cigarette)            [AABF16]
Poppa Wheelie's female bar patron               [BABF05]
Pirate (pipe)                                   [BABF08]
Cletus' Pa (pipe)                               [BABF10]
Soap character in opening credits               [BABF12]
Female gambling patron                          [BABF14] 
Casino security guard                           [BABF14]
Gangster (cigarette)                            [BABF17]
Man at Blockoland souvenir stand (cigar)        [CABF09]
Nazi at Berlin Olympics (cigarette holder)      [CABF12]
Unattractive waitress                           [CABF13]
Showboat gambling patron (cigarette)            [CABF17]
Leprechaun                                      [CABF19]   
Wedding guest (cigarette)                       [CABF19]
1950s sci-fi spaceman (cigarette)               [DABF02]
Duff record holder (mouthfull of cigarettes)    [DABF03]
Roughnecks (cigarettes)                         [DABF04]
Man on Old Old Spice label (pipe)               [DABF09]
Cool comatose crowd (cigarettes)                [DABF09]
Repo man (cigar)                                [DABF13]
Cafe Kafka patron (cigarette)                   [DABF15]
Disco patrons (cigarettes)                      [DABF22]
Draq queen (cigar)                              [EABF01]
That 30s Show dad (pipe)                        [EABF01]
Guy at crackhouse (cigarette)                   [EABF04]
Mennonites shooting craps (cigarettes)          [EABF14]
Mobster (cigarette)                             [EABF17]
Swedish Nobel Prize chairman (pipe)             [EABF21]
Prison inmates (cigarettes)                     [FABF08]
Hooker (cigarrette)                             [FABF11]
Miami seniors (cigars, cigarettes)              [FABF14]
Surly French sailor (cigarette)                 [FABF17]
Hillbilly (cigarette)                           [FABF20]
News boss (cigarette)                           [FABF22]
Man outside gay bar (cigarrette)                [GABF01]
Soldier on cover of Life magazine (cigarette)   [GABF01]
Gangsta (cigar)                                 [GABF04]
Frenchman (cigarette)                           [GABF05]
Teamster/techie (cigar)                         [GABF13]
Homer says hippies would want to smoke joint    [GABF14]
Hooker by casino chapel (cigarette)             [GABF22]
Rich guy (pipe)                                 [HABF06]
Twin quint brothers (cigars)                    [HABF13]
Mobsters (cigars)                               [HABF15]
Jazz musicians (cigarettes)                     [HABF18]
Poetry Editor (cigar)                           [HABF19] 
Maple syrup saleswoman (pipe)                   [HABF19]
Bilbo Baggin figurine (pipe)                    [HABF20]
Sarcastic janitor (cigarette)                   [JABF01]
Leprechaun (pipe)                               [JABF01]

Animals/Non-Humans in Springfield who are seen smoking!

Cat in I&S cartoon.                             [8F03]
Mister Teeny (Krusty's monkey)                  [8F05]
Mister Teeny (refill on nicotine gum)           [8F17]
Fuzzy Bunny (cigar)                             [8F22]
Menthol Moose                                   [9F02]
Menthol Moose                                   [9F07]
Santa's Little Helper (Bart's Experiment)       [9F14]
At least 2 of the 1000 Monkeys (writing novel)  [9F15]
Gabbo                                           [9F19]
Gunter & Ernst's tiger Anastasia (pipe)         [1F08]
Mr. Teeny (cigarette)                           [1F11]
Super intelligent chimp (pipe)                  [1F13]
Dogs in I&S cartoon                             [1F16]
Joe Camel                                       [2F02]
Itchy (cigarette)                               [3F16]
Donkey Kong                                     [3G01]
Joe Camel                                       [4F02]
Mister Teeny (smoking cigar in poster)          [4F12]
Mister Teeny                                    [5F05]
Robot gunslinger                                [AABF04]
Dog at poker table                              [BABF14]
Dolphin (pipe)                                  [BABF21]
Itchy and Scratchy (cigarettes)                 [BABF22]
Penguin (cigarette)                             [CABF02]
Mr. Teeny (cigarette)                           [CABF16]
Paul Bunyan's bull ox (cigar)                   [CABF17]
Mr. Teeny (cigarette out in wild)               [DABF18]
Springfielders turned into animals              [DABF19]
Mr. Teeny (cigarette)                           [EABF02]
Smoking lab monkeys (cigarettes)                [EABF03]
Mr. Teeny (cigarette)                           [EABF09]
Mr. Teeny (cigarette)                           [EABF11]
Hail to the Chimp (cigarette)                   [EABF15]
Pie (cigar)                                     [FABF15]
Mr. Teeny (cigar)                               [FABF18]
Playing card (cigarette)                        [GABF01]
Patron in Springshire Tea House (pipe)          [GABF20]

Laramie References

Laramie Cigarettes Billboard                    [7F05]
Laramie Cigarettes Billboard                    [7F15]
"A Packet of Lady Laramies"                     [7F15]
"A Packet of Laramie Hi-Tars"                   [7F15]
Sponsored Radioactive Man tv show during 50s    [7F21]
The 12,000 Cartons of Laramies in Bart's Room   [8F03]
Shipment of Laramie cigarettes stolen by mob    [8F03]
Laramie Tar cigarette machine in McBain movie   [8F07]
Ad on side of theatre                           [8F08]
Sponsored Spinal Tapp                           [8F21]
Sponsored Little Miss Springfield pageant       [9F02]
Laramie ad at stadium                           [9F22]
Ad on the back cover of "Bad Boy's Life"        [1F17]
Presents Itchy and Scratchy's Mine Field       #[2F01]
Sign at rink "Menthol Moose smokes Laramies"    [2F05]
DNA Expert bribed with carton of Laramies       [2F20]
Laramie septic fuel                             [3F04]
Homer gets Marge Laramie brand cigarettes       [3F08]
Cigarette machine in bowling alley              [3F10]
Sponsored drag race                             [3F14]
Sponsored Hullabalooza                          [3F21]
Laramie ad for 100s on back of magazine cover   [3F21]
Sponsored Satan's Formula 1 car)                [3F31]
Ad in Springfield Coliseum                      [4F03]
Ad for High Tar in Moes's bar                   [4F11]
Billboard for Laramie Slims                     [4F11]
Ad in New York taxi cab                         [4F22]
Bart gives Homer a carton in jail              #[5F12]
Ads around "No Smoking" sign                    [AABF01]
Try to buy Homer's "tomacco" crop               [AABF19]
Sponsored car race                              [BABF10]
Sponsored Itchy and Scratchy                    [BABF22]
Laramie High-Tars with extra nico-glycerol      [BABF22]
Laramie sign in Moe's Tavern                    [BABF22]
Laramie sign in Moe's Tavern                    [EABF03]
Laramie sign in Moe's Tavern                    [EABF10]
Laramie sign on baseball game billboard         [EABF17]
Laramie sign in Moe's Tavern                    [FABF17]
Apu selling Laramies                            [FABF19]
Pack of Laramies in garbage can                 [FABF20]
Laramie sign in Moe's Tavern                    [GABF07]
Laramie sign in Moe's Tavern                    [GABF20]

Other References

The Bong (I had to put this in ! - sj)          [7F12]
King Tobacco (on the Bouvier quilt)             [7F14]
Pipe rack on coffee table                       [7F17]
Lionel Hutz's Pen ("It looks just like a cigar")[7F17]
"Smoking really burns me up" sign in forest     [8F01]
Aztec Indian smoking chocolate                  [8F03]
Greedy Pig Senators have cigars                 [8F01]
Bart's Job ("Cutting cigars...a job")           [8F03]
Krusty's nicotine gum                           [8F05]
Cigarette machine in Moe's Tavern               [8F08]
Room with Quimby and Wiggum has ashtrays        [8F14]
Miss North Carolina                             [8F18]
Newspaper ad: "Non smoker preferred"            [9F04]
Mr Burns ("He loves a smoke - enjoys a joke!")  [9F05]
Krusty's nicotine patches                       [9F16]
Lionel Hutz's smoking monkeys                   [9F20]
Bart buys pencil holder which really is a bong  [9F21]
Marge on Bart ("Tomorrow, he could be smoking!")[1F04]
Beatniks: "Put this in your pipe and smoke it!" [1F09]
Rack of pipes on coffee table                   [1F12]
Lenny's "How To Chew Tobacco" class             [1F20]
Quimby growing pot in his closet                [2F02]
Joe Camel mentioned                             [2F02]
Grampa's cigar box                              [2F16]
Grampa's cigar box                              [2F20]
Sign: "Over 50 Million Cigarette Smokers"       [3F04]
Cigarette machine in Moe's Tavern               [3F13]
Homer's duties to Burns is lying to Congress    [3F14]
Painting of Freud smoking                       [3G02]
Irish parade float has cigar                    [4F15]
Moe's "pet shop" has cigarette machine          [4F15]
Commandant says you're in "flavor country"      [4F21]
"No Smoking" sign in observation deck           [4F22]
Censor cuts out crack pipe scene                [5F02]
Cigarette butt in litter                        [5F08]
Reason for coming to Cuban: smuggling cigars?   [5F14]
Cigar store Indian                              [AABF04]
Apu says Manjula's dress is smoking             [AABF11]
Govt supports both anti- & pro-tobacco programs [AABF12]
Smoking IS permitted sign on toilet stall       [AABF19]
Homer says Marge is not like a "doobie"         [BABF05]
Second-hand smoke at AA meeting                 [BABF14]
Being a non-smoker adds 8 years to your life    [BABF16]
Giant tree to made into drive-in humidor        [CABF01]
Giant bong outside hemp store                   [CABF01]
Dr. C. Everett Koop appears                     [CABF11]
1850s Apu sells three plugs of tobacky          [CABF17] 
1850s Apu sells extra-stength opium             [CABF17]
Cigarette machine in Moe's Tavern               [CABF19]
Cigarette machine in Moe's Tavern               [CABF20]
Rod and Todd flush "sin sticks" down to Hell    [DABF01]
Cigarette Aficiondo magazine                    [DABF01]
Sugar being addictive and the sugar industry    [DABF03]
Marlborough theme played                        [DABF05]
Duke McCoy was the biggest thing since opium    [DABF07]
Alcohol marketed to young alcoholics            [DABF07]
Homer kept cigarette butt used to burn him      [DABF10]
Prescription bong                               [DABF11]
Ashtray on executives' table                    [DABF21]
Bananas stuffed with cigarette butts            [EABF03]
Sign: Restroom for crack smokers only           [EABF04]
Bumper sticker: Talk to your kids about huffing [EABF04]
Jamaica calling for a "joint" U.N. session.     [EABF09]
Peace Pipe Afficianado magazine                 [EABF13]
School selling loose cigarettes for funding     [EABF20]
Bart has nicotine gum in Halloween treats       [EABF21]
Large "Prince Albert in a Can" in London store  [EABF22]
Homers says "Get back to your bong, hippie"     [FABF02]
Tobacco lobbyist turns into devil               [FABF03]
Tobacco, Virginia's miracle crop                [FABF05]
Artie Ziff squirting out prisoners' cigarettes  [FABF08]
Ex-smokers drinking, ex-drinkers smoking at AA  [FABF10]
Cigarette machine in Moe's Tavern               [FABF17]
Health plan premiums lower for non-smokers      [FABF21]
Cigarette machine in Moe's Tavern               [GABF01]
Cigarette butts floating above air vent         [GABF01]
Patty burns Homer burns with cigaratte          [GABF04]
Insurance asks about smoking                    [GABF07]
Cigar with angel wings in heaven                [GABF14]
Dr. Lungstrong's Tobacco Lotion                 [GABF20]
Lisa upturned ashcan                            [GABF21]
Cigarette ad on back of Krabappel's magazine    [HABF02]
Bart let camerman smoke in his room             [HABF08]
Quimby say it's okay to park in handicapped     [HABF14]
parking space if you want to get smokes.
Cigarette machine in Moe's Tavern               [JABF01]

#- cut in syndication

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