The Simpsons Nudity List

Last updated June 6, 2004

Originally by Andrew Mutchler
Maintained, for some reason, by Benjamin J. Robinson


We chafe when people call The Simpsons "just a cartoon," but sometimes this attitude works in our favor. This list shows how this can be. It covers not just moments of nudity on The Simpsons, but also times when a character appears in his or her underwear, or when nudity is used as the basis of a joke. Do you think a live-action show, even one on Fox, can get away with all this? Fortunately, The Simpsons can; after all, it's "just a cartoon." -- Benjamin Robinson

Please note: This is a list of instances of, or references to, nudity on The Simpsons or its related merchandise. We regret that we cannot serve, e-mail, or otherwise make available pictures of OFF naked, nor list links where such material might be available. Also, we are not accepting such material at this time.

Hard-core nudity!
* = New since last updating 
 [MG22] Bart, Lisa and Maggie shed their clothes and dress in leaves  {mk}
 [MG24] Bart loses his swimsuit in shark tank  {mk} 
 [MG28] Naked Bart in zoo cage with Simpson-like monkeys  {mk} 
 [MG29] Bart starts an art collection with a nude painting  {mk} 
 [MG44] Homer carries naked Bart to bathtub; later chases him through
        the house  {mk} 
 [MG46] Bart, Lisa and Maggie wear neckties as loincloths  {mk} 
 [7G02] Bart runs through house covered only in green goop 
 [7G07] Bart changes from church clothes to play clothes without 
        breaking stride 
 [7G07] Jimbo swipes a copy of Playdude from Kwik-E-Mart  {ss}
 [7G09] Homer & Bart lose their clothes in the river 
 [7G10] Bart takes picture of his butt  {rd, dh} 
 [7G13] Bart rides past nude figures based on paintings 
 [7F05] Homer in stadium owner's office in jockstrap only 
 [7F09] Statue of David controversy ("I told you she was soft on full 
        frontal nudity") 
 [7F11] Bart takes down his pants to be spanked 
 [7F12] Homer moons for rebuttal  {rd, dh} 
 [7F12] Barney streaks through the prom 
 [7F13] Bart watches Top Hat Entertainment 
 [7F13] X-rated film: "Broadcast Nudes" 
 [7F14] Bart: "You can't give my dog away; I'll rip up all my clothes!" 
 [7F18] Homer's swimsuit "doesn't leave much to the imagination" 
 [7F18] "This park is not COPLESS so don't go TOPLESS" 
 [7F18] Marge catches Burns in the shower, then paints him in the nude 
 [7F22] Mr. Burns stands up in his hospital gown; his bare buttocks
        show  {ss}
 [8F01] The Simpsons walk in on Barbara Bush in the tub 
 [8F03] Boy streaks through chocolate factory 
 [8F04] Burns complains about movie starlet "naked as a jaybird" 
 [8F04] Homer pictures audience in their underwear, including himself 
 [8F10] Sonogram of prenatal Bart mooning Dr. Hibbert  {mk} 
 [8F11] "I Do Believe We're Naked" by Funky See, Funky Do  {et} 
 [8F12] Marge bathes Maggie in the kitchen sink  {ddg} 
 [8F12] Marge opens dressing room door while Bart's in his undies
 [8F13] Homer and his coworkers are showering at SNPP  {je}
 [8F14] Homer changes Maggie's diaper with a staple gun  {ddg}
 [8F14] Lisa says she's seen Patty and Selma naked [Poor girl -- Ed.]  {ss}
 [8F14] Marge gets a massage 
 [8F14] Marge in the tub at Rancho Relaxo  {ddg} 
 [8F15] Bart takes picture of his butt in the mirror  {rd, dh} 
 [8F16] Miss Krabappel seen in tub  {ss}
 [8F17] Maggie's baggie rips open 
 [8F22] Bart protests a girl in the treehouse ("What if I wanna strut 
        around nude?") 
 [8F23] Lenny forgets his underwear on the day of the physical 
 [8F24] Boy runs around in school bus naked 
 [8F24] Marge: "Where's your swimsuit?"  Bart: "I'm gonna swim nekkid." 
 [8F24] Homer joins Marge in the shower 
 [9F01] Homer imagines himself as a fetus ("I'm all naked and wet!") 
 [9F01] Homer whizzes with the door open 
 [9F01] Homer: "I usually dream about naked ... Marge." 
 [9F01] Homer in the shower twice: once when he listens to his "No Soap
        Radio", and later when the animals won't go away  {ss}
 [9F01] Homer dances around house in his underwear  {ss}
 [9F01] Homer on the couch in his undies, reading Playdude 
 [9F03] Bart takes down his pants to be spanked ("Don't point that thing 
        at me!") 
 [9F04] Homer's toga ripped off 
 [9F04] Homer chased from tub by harpoon-wielding Krusty doll 
 [9F04] Man throws nude pictures of Whoopi Goldberg into bottomless pit;
        they get thrown back  {ss}
 [9F05] Marge, curator of large mammals (Homer in undies) 
 [9F05] Marge: "I'll sue the pants off you!"  Burns: "You don't have to 
        sue me to get my pants off." 
 [9F06] Mrs. Winfield: "When you walk past window, would you please wear 
 [9F06] Homer in kiddie pool, driving away househunters (and eating hot 
        dog dropped in water)  {ho} 
 [9F06] Lisa walks in on Bart in the tub 
 [9F06] Jimbo's shirt, then pants, chafe him 
 [9F07] Barney loses his diaper ("Hi, Ma!") 
 [9F08] Baby Bart walks in on Homer & Marge having sex (First words: "Ay 
 [9F08] Young naked Bart swings on clothesline  {mk}
 [9F10] Mayor Quimby entertains himself with pornographic playing
        cards  {je}
 [9F11] Lisa caught "swimming naked in the Fermentarium"  {br}
 [9F12] Homer runs from tub ("Hey, Homey, I can see your doodle!") 
 [9F13] Lisa: "That story isn't suitable for children."  Wiggum: "Really? 
        I keep my pants on in this version." 
 [9F13] Bart's impression of Nixon ("I am not a butt") 
 [9F14] Homer's pajama pants fall down 
 [9F15] "Nudes at Eleven" appears  {ss}
 [9F19] Red Hot Chili Peppers perform, as usual, in their underwear  {br}
 [9F19] Chief Wiggum and Dr. Hibbert lounge around Moe's in their
        underwear  {br}
 [9F20] Lionel Hutz forgets to wear his pants in court 
 [9F20] Bart: "Who's gonna change Maggie?" Homer: "We're gonna let her 
        roam free in the backyard and let nature take its course."
 [9F20] Looter runs down the street in his underwear 
 [9F21] The top of Homer's butt is visible on the back of the album  {ss}
 [9F22] "Wide Load" tattooed on Homer's butt  {ds} 
 [1F01] Smithers imagines Burns popping out of a cake 
 [1F01] Homer's "cheeky" impression of Burns 
 [1F01] Burns owns the only existing nude photo of Mark Twain 
 [1F01] Homer eats 64 slices of American cheese in his undies (Homer, 
        not the cheese) 
 [1F02] Homer in class in his underwear like some bad dream 
 [1F02] Homer naked, spanked in initiation ritual 
 [1F02] Homer flashes the graduating class 
 [1F03] Ruth Powers wants to get home before that naked talk show comes on
 [1F05] Patty & Selma on a horse 
 [1F07] Carl: "We can't take off our pants when it gets real hot" 
 [1F07] Homer envisions Mindy as Venus ("naked chick ridin' a clam")  {dx}
 [1F09] Barney robbed ("I thought I had more stuff than this") 
 [1F12] Smithers' startup screen of undressed Burns 
 [1F15] Bill & Marty offer to have Principal Skinner wear his pants down 
        around his ankles for the rest of the school year 
 [1F16] Smithers bathes Burns  {mk} 
 [1F18] Home movie of naked baby Bart on toilet 
 [1F18] Willy strips to his skivvies and greases up 
 [1F22] Martin's swimsuit ripped off 
 [1F22] Homer and Marge swim naked 
 [2F03] Family turn inside out (presumably their clothes end up inside) 
 [2F04] Bart lifts Willy's kilt at Scotchtoberfest 
 [2F05] Uter in locker room ("That kid's got bosoms!") 
 [2F06] Homer's robe wafts up 
 [2F06] Homer videotaped getting out of shower 
 [2F07] Homer & Marge make several unsuccessful attempts at sex  {mk} 
 [2F07] Bart walks in on his parents ("Don't turn on the light!") 
 [2F07] Homer looks at the Kama Sutra 
 [2F07] Homer looks at book of Mapplethorpe photos ("I'm pursuing my 
        interest in ... AAAAAGH!") 
 [2F07] Homer & Marge stuck in tub together  {mk} 
 [2F07] Homer threw pants out the window and said he'd never need them 
 [2F09] Homer stripped of all Stonecutters garb 
 [2F10] Photo of naked baby Bart riding Snowball I 
 [2F10] Mayor Quimby & Cap'n McAllister with their newborn kids 
 [2F10] Newborn Maggie ("It's a boy! And what a boy!" "That's the 
        umbilical cord.")  {mk} 
 [2F12] Tiny bicycle pulls Homer's pants down 
 [2F12] Naked butt on "Gigantic Asses" magazine cover 
 [2F13] Homer in shower; water turns hot and cold repeatedly 
 [2F13] Australian Prime Minister floating nude in inner tube in lake 
 [2F13] Bare butt being booted on Australian flag 
 [2F13] Bart moons Australians with "Don't Tread On Me" written on butt 
 [2F18] SLH digs up record of "The Streak" with bare butt on cover 
 [2F20] Groundskeeper Willie does a Sharon Stone impression with his
        kilt  {hl}
 [2F21] Nudie card deck: The Girls of the Internet 
 [2F21] Marge sees horse not wearing diaper 
 [2F22] When Homer tries to climb the fence he shows a bit of butt
        crack  {bw}
 [2F31] Bart shows a slide of his butt, says it's an aerial view of 
 [2F31] Jay Sherman in underwear, hanging from the roof 
 [2F32] Bart's butt: Dr. Cheeks ("I'm doing my rounds and I'm a little 
 [2F32] Book: "Happiness is a Naked Steve Allen"
 [2F33] Clip of Homer in kiddie pool from 9F06  {ss}
 [3F01] In the clothes-burning scene, part of Bart's butt can be seen under
        the cloth draped over him  {br}
 [3F06] When Homer tries to impress his mother by standing on his head,
        the top of his butt is visible  {ss}
 [3F08] Porno magazines "Cheek Week", "Granny Fanny" and "American Breast
        Enthusiast" appear  {ss}
 [3F13] Homer shows a bit of butt crack when he retrieves the fife  {br}
 [3F16] Apu arrested for public nudity  {br}
 [3F18] Maggie trapped naked in a newspaper kiosk  {br}
 [3F18] Bumblebee Man is seen on a nude beach  {ptc}
 [3F22] Homer's makeshift "bathing suit" meets with police disapproval  {br}
 [3F22] Homer buys a copy of "American Breast Enthusiast"  {ss}
 [3F24] Flashback to when Homer was drunk and naked in a cotton candy
        machine  {ptc}
 [3F31] Troy McClure gives us what we're all waiting for ... hard core
        nudity!  (This also has an alternate -- and more revealing --
        version of Bart interrupting his parents in [2F07])  {br}
 [3F31] In addition to the "hard-core nudity" clips, there's a clip from
        [MG44] where Bart's butt appears  {ss}
 [3G01] Hans Moleman appears naked behind an X-ray machine  {ss}
 [3G02] Homer imagines himself playing table football with Michelangelo's
        "David"  {ss}
 [3G03] Maggie runs through house without diapers  {br}
 [3G03] Marge in the shower [Yowsa! -- Ed.]  {ss}
 [4F01] Jimbo, Dolph, Kearney and Nelson moon Skinner's house  {ss}
 [4F02] Bill Clinton and Bob Dole naked in Kang and Kodos' ship  {ss}
 [4F04] Bart lying in front of the tv only in his undies  {bw}
 [4F04] Homer in his underwear, playing with slot-cars  {bw}
 [4F06] Princess Kashmir fan dances at the Maison Derriere  {ptc}
 [4F09] Lisa says she heard that Skinner and Krabappel were naked
        in the closet  {ss}
 [4F11] Homer tells John it will be raining naked ladies  {ptc}
 [4F14] Coveralls that don't quite "cover all"  {ss}
 [4F15] Apu exhorts everybody to "get naked" at St. Patty's Day
        parade, and Kirk complies  {br}
 [4F19] After he snaps, Frank Grimes partially moons his co-workers  {br}
 [4F20] Wiggum in his undies  {br}
 [4F23] Tamzarian/Skinner advertises the "nudiest girls in town"  {ss}
 [4F24] Bare behind seen on graphic for Kent Brockman's towel-snapping
        report  {br}
 [4F24] Apu and Sanjay are seen standing naked in front of their new
        brainchild, the Nude-E-Mart  {ac}
 [5F02] Homer dances naked in his "Homer Rocks" "sermon"  {ss}
 [5F02] Bart says that Lisa's a witch, and pretends that she's forcing him
        to drop his pantaloons  {ss}
 [5F05] In the "sauna" couch gag, the family appears wearing only
        towels  [This was later recycled for (5F14)]  {ac}
 [5F05] Not really nudity, but noteworthy nonetheless:  the phony angel
        skeleton has a fig leaf in front of its pelvis  {ss}
 [5F08] Homer and Bart moon a shark while riding on a glass-bottom
        boat  {ss}
 [5F09] Marge changes Maggie's diaper  {ptc}
 [5F09] Krusty throws out huge box marked "Used Porno"  {ss}
 [5F10] Bart and Jay Leno give Krusty a bath  {ss}
 [5F11] Comic Book Guy looks at Internet pornography ("Lace:  The Final
        Brassiere")  {ss}
 [5F14] Homer shows a bit of butt crack when looking for the trillion
        dollar bill in Mr. Burns' house  {ptc}
 [5F16] Comic Book Guy sits on portable toilet  {ss}
 [5F18] Homer and Marge run through most of third act without a stitch of
        clothing  {br}
        [This is something of a pioneering episode.  It's the first time
         we see Marge's derriere, and the only time we see (however
         fleetingly) a grown woman's breasts.]
 [5F20] Groundskeeper Willie bathes in cafeteria using Ajax and Brillo
        brand pads  {hl}
 [5F21] Imitating his hero Thomas Edison, Homer ditches his pajamas  {br}
 [5F21] At the end of the second act, Bart is sitting on the toilet chair
        with his pants down, only covered by a newspaper  {ac}
 [AABF02] Young Homer dances naked and free at Woodstock  {br}
 [AABF02] Later, young Homer appears in the buff in his mother's mural
          (Gotta love the strategically-placed flower on this one)  {br}
 [AABF02] Homer the hippie lounges naked on the couch -- which is 
          sitting on the front lawn at the time  {br}
 [AABF03] Bart talks of Homer boycotting pants  {je}
 [AABF04] It's mechanical, but the animatronic dancing girls do show us
          their derrieres  {br}
 [AABF04] A gust of wind exposes Homer's backside at the wharf  {br}
 [AABF07] Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Barney shower up at Springfield
          Elementary (Hey, good clean fun!)  {br}
 [AABF07] In his imaginary movie, Homer dances the maypole in his
          undies  {br}
 [AABF07] Nelson moons Principal Skinner  {br}
 [AABF08] Lovejoy inadvertently stripped to his undies en route to
          the Super Bowl  {br}
 [AABF10] Bart wears only his underpants before donning the chicken  {br}
          (Try using that sentence in normal conversation!)
 [AABF10] Mrs. Krabbappel wears balloons and keep popping them to
          reveal herself (ew)  {ac}
 [AABF11] Homer shows a bit of butt crack while fighting the pilot  {br}
 [1ACV01] Fry must strip and get on the prob ... oops, wrong show!  {br}
 [AABF14] Homer and Marge sport only the latest in fig leaf fashion
          at the garden of Eden  {br}
 [AABF14] Adam tells Eve he loves her even more than the butterscotch
          pond or the porno bush  {ptc}
 [AABF15] Homer draws Lenny and Carl while they shower at SNPP
          (Also, you can see a bit of Carl's rear end)  {br}
 [AABF15] Picasso's abstract nudes in "Les Demioselles d'Avignon"
          shown in Springsonian (At least, I think they're
          nude!)  {br}
 [AABF16] Smithers draws a nude portrait of (shudder) Mr. Burns  {br}
 [AABF17] A gust of wind briefly shows us Homer isn't wearing anything
          under his kilt  {br}
 [AABF18] Bart, naked, rides a hog through the house.  Later in the
          show, the hog returns the favor  {br}
 [AABF18] At the "How low will you go" competition Kirk only wears a
          diaper  {bw}
 [AABF18] Homer's in his undies for a boudoir photography session  {br}
 [AABF19] Homer wears his briefs in Dr. Hibbert's office  {br}
 [AABF19] Later, he strips to his skivvies to go "swimming" at the
          old farm  {br}
 [AABF20] Willie looks at "Upkilt" pornography on the internet  {ss}
 [AABF21] Naked baby picture of Homer in "The Springfield Shopper."  {ptc}
          [This is the first time a live, non-statue character has
           shown us the full monty -- Ed.]
 [AABF21] Homer tries to shower off the stench of failure  {dcb}
 [AABF22] Homer, Marge, Abe, Jasper, Captain McAllister, Dr. Hibbert,
          Dr. Nick, and Pedro the Bumblebee Man watch the nudity-
          intensive "Showgirls."  {dcb}
 [AABF23] Mel Gibson and Homer moon a speeding car  {bjr}
 [BABF01] Lucy Lawless tries to take off the top of her Xena outfit.
          She quickly changes her mind when the crowd takes out some
          Cameras  {ptc}
 [BABF01] Stretch Dude looks at the porno section of The Collector's
          store  {ptc}
 [BABF01] Nelson copies his butt on the copy machine  {ptc}
 [BABF02] One of the things of Homer's "Before I Die, I Want to..."
          list is "See Stevie Nicks naked"  {ptc}
 [BABF05] Homer gets his shirt and pants caught in his motorcycle's
          chain, leaving him in his underwear  {br}
 [BABF05] Marge photographed in her lingere  {br}
 [BABF05] Biker butt crack when someone scratches his rear with Lisa's
          book  {br}
 [BABF07] Bart's butt examined by Dr. Hibbert.  He's given a fanny-
          cast with an examination window in it  {br}
 [BABF08] Apu parties nekkid on Burns' yacht  {br}
 [BABF08] Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa clean a lab containing naked
          proto-Burnses and proto-Smithers in tubes  {br}
 [BABF10] Ned bares more than his soul in the shower  {br}
 [BABF11] Homer is next to "The Island of the Naked Girls."  D'oh!  So
          close, and yet so far ... {dcb}
 [BABF11] Butt crack again when Homer retrieves the bibles  {br}
 [BABF13] Ralph walks out of the show sans towel  {br}
 [BABF14] An embarrassing baby picture of Bart and Lisa, as toddlers,
          sitting naked on the toilet appears on Springfield's phone
          book.  {br}
          [This represents a milestone of sorts:  It's the first time
           we've seen Lisa naked.  Also, we've now seen this whole
           family in the buff -- Ed.]
 [BABF16] At the hotel, a guy chases a topless girl past the pool {br}
 [BABF16] Meanwhile, a nekkid student dangles from one of the
          balconies {br}
 [BABF16] Later, we see (from behind, alas) a topless chick at the
          Kid Rock concert {br}
 [BABF16] Homer shows his butt crack when he sees the college students
          returning to their studies  {ptc}
 [BABF18] Comic Book Guy is seen in only his underwear when Marge
          steals his prescription pants  {pt}
 [BABF19] The publicity shot of the family driving to "Superstar Bay"
          shows a bit of Maggie's tush  {br}
 [BABF19] Marge bathes (presumably nude) in a tub of money  {br}
 [BABF21] Homer shows a bit of butt crack as he waves his fanny from
          heaven to Ned Flanders  {pt}
 [CABF02] Mrs. Skinner asks her son if he's looking at naked ladies on
          the computer  {ptc}
 [CABF04] Homer stripped of both his underwear and his dignity at
          the zoo  {br}
 [CABF05] Homer shows some butt crack when the trash can fixed
          his back  {ptc}
 [CABF07] Homer seen showering as the show begins  {br}
 [CABF07] Homer accidentally tears his pants while practicing tennis,
          revealing his underwear  {br}
 [CABF08] Bart and Milhouse stand around the Laundromat in their
          underwear while their clothes are in the wash  {br}
 [CABF08] The top edge of CBG's butt can bee seen when Tom Savini's
          hand gives him a wedgie  {br}
 [CABF13] Homer shows butt crack when asking for two seats  {br}
 [CABF14] Homer loses his towel while running to breakfast  {br}
 [CABF16] Willie's bum can be seen while driving to the basket  {br}
 [CABF17] Tale-spinnin' hobo gets undressed for his sponge bath  {br}
 [CABF17] Giant Homer/Paul Bunyan shown as naked immediately after he
          was born  {br}
 [CABF17] Homer/Paul catches a meteor in his butt crack  {br}
 [CABF17] A picture of a woman flashing her privates [Well, "privates"
          by the standard of the day ... -- Ed.] {ptc}
 [CABF17] A picture of Bart baring his butt on a wanted poster  {ptc}
 [CABF18] Burns and Smithers visit the "nude female fire station" {br}
 [CABF18] Implied nudity:  Homer and Marge under the sheets  {br}
 [CABF19] Marge takes a bath in the Ultrahouse 3000  {ptc}
 [CABF19] Milhouse's clothes are stripped off when he performs a magic
          trick  {ptc}
 [CABF22] Bart orders Flanders to "hula" out of his pants  {br}
 [CABF22] Top of Homer's butt visible when he's whipped with the
          tether  {br}
 [DABF01] Rain dissolves Willie's overalls, showing underpants  {br}
 [DABF03] Homer pulls down the pants of a few people as he climbs the
          human pyramid  {br}
 [DABF07] Dog strips Bart to his underwear  {br}
 [DABF10] Maggie changes herself  {ptc}
 [DABF10] Homer's butt cheeks are seen under his Speedo  {ptc}
 [DABF11] Maggie uses her diaper as a parachute  {ptc}
 [DABF11] Mr. Burns in and out of the tub  {ptc}
 [DABF15] Data and Martin hung up by their underwear  {br}
 [DABF18] Krusty's underwear can be seen when he's chucked into the
          can  {br}
 [DABF18] Krusty and Bart in the sauna, wearing towels  {br}
 [DABF18] Marge bares her breasts to distract the police {br}
 [DABF21] Marge relaxes in the skybox bathtub, while Homer gets a
          massage in a towel  {br}
 [DABF21] Homer's on the loo when it comes crashing through the
          kitchen ceiling  {br}
 [EABF02] Bart photocopies is butt, and puts the copies in the church
          hymn books  {br}
 [EABF03] Bart tricks Skinner into exposing himself in his yard  {br}
*[EABF08] Sara Sloane starts to remove her blouse on a movie set  {br}
 [EABF08] Flanders (!) and Hollywood starlet Sara Sloane make love
          outdoors in a park  {br}
 [EABF09] Photo of Krusty and a woman with her bikini top off  {ptc}
 [EABF10] Dr. Hibbert teaches a "How to Strip for Your Wife" class;
          Homer in his underwear  {ptc}
 [EABF12] Grady says, "With a male roommate, we can walk around
          naked."  Homer immediately takes his robe off  {ptc}
 [EABF13] Homer's pants fall off  {br}
 [EABF14] Homer commissions an ice sculpture of himself as Rodin's
          famous nude statue, "The Thinker"  {br}
 [EABF15] Bart moons his class during the aquarium field trip  {br}
 [EABF17] Grampa loses his robe while roaming in the streets  {br}
 [EABF21] Stockholm has nude traffic cops (Must be a fun job during
          the winter!)  {br}
 [EABF21] Skinner gets pantsed during assembly  {br}
 [EABF21] Homer and Nelson stripped at the power plant during another
          of Bart and Milhouse's pranks  {br}
 [FABF02] CBG's pants split while he's skating.  To cover the
          exposure, He activates his "cloaking device" (a sweater),
          but that rips, too  {br}
 [FABF03] Naked babies dance at Roofi concert  {br}
 [FABF04] Bart moons the bullies from his new ten-speed bike {br}
 [FABF05] In the scene showing the townsfolk on the phone, Luann and
          Smithers are in (separate) bubble baths  {br}
 [FABF06] Dr. Nick shows a Tudor-era diagram of the womb  {br}
 [FABF06] Bart moons the audience while supposedly touting a concert
          in "Krackow" (get it?)  {br}
 [FABF07] Repo man de-pants Kirk in the street  {br}
 [FABF11] Homer's pants are torn off on the escalator  {br}
 [FABF11] Two inmates get wedgies  {br}
 [FABF11] Bart shows some butt crack after Gina cuts his uniform  {br}
 [FABF12] Both Duff-Man and Chief Wiggum perform strip-tease acts
          at the bachelorette party  {br}
*[FABF13] Top of Homer's butt seen when he drags Bart from the
          treehouse  {br}
*[FABF14] Homer practically naked in a Speedo  {br}
*[FABF14] Homer and Marge aren't wearing any clothes when they and the
          moon mansion reach the bottom of Niagara Falls {br}
*[FABF15] Homer wears his underpants on the outside of his Pieman
          uniform  {br}
*[FABF15] Many of SNPP's employees seen in the shower  {br}
*[FABF17] Bart accidentally moons Old Glory  {br}

 [Do the Bartman] Bart rides past the (occupied) showers at SNPP  {je}
 [Deep Deep Trouble] Bart lounges on the lawn covered only by his 
 Marge sleeps gownless in: 
   [7F11] One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish  {dh} 
   [8F09] Burns Verkauft das Kraftwerk  {dh} 
   [8F16] Bart the Lover  {as} 
   [8F19] Colonel Homer  {as} 
   [8F24] Camp Krusty  {dh} 
   [1F05] Bart's Inner Child  {dh} 
   [1F19] The Boy Who Knew Too Much  {as} 
   [1F20] Secrets of a Successful Marriage  {as} 


 [Sep] Homer & the kids swim nude in Taj Mahal reflecting pool  {ddg} 
 [Apr] Homer & Marge as Adam & Eve 
 [cover]  Painting of Bart reclining nude 
 [Jan]    The Creation of Bartholomew (Bart in figleaf) 
 [Mar]    The Drinker (Homer in his underwear) 
 [May]    The Rebirth of Venus (Marge as Venus [breast exposed!], Bart as 
 [Jun]    St. Simpastian (Homer in underwear) 
 [center] Garden of De Frights (people in various states of undress) 

 [Feb] Bart, Lisa, and Maggie can b seen wearing bushes � la "The
       Pagans (MG22)"  {ac}
 [Mar] Bart moons Dr. Hibbert  {ddg}
 [Jun] Above the caption 7:45 A.M. Homer can be seen sleeping in the
       shower(!)  {ac}
 [Jul] Homer's bathing suit shows some butt crack, but that still more
       modest than ..  {br}
 [Jul] ... Bart, who can be seen naked, but behind the bush (possibly
       peeing) not to mention that Nelson has a mirror which allows us
       to see Bart's butt (not that we haven't seen it before)  {ac}

Books and Magazines

 "Simpsons Uncensored Family Album" cover
   Young naked Bart lies on rug

 "The Simpsons Guide to Springfield"
   Bart is seen streaking through Jebediah Springfield Park  {ac}
   [What is with that kid, anyway? -- Ed.]

 "Bart Simpson's Guide to Life"
   Bart naked in several poses on the endpapers  {br}

   He also poses in the nude behind the table of contents  {br}

   [pg. 112] Shown the buff on the "s.e.x." chapter  {br}

   [pg. 153] Burns, Barney, and Bart stand about sans clothes, next
   to a box with the question, "Wouldn't the world be a happier place
   if everyone would just strut around nude?"  {br}
   [If I have to look at these three in the raw, the answer is,
    "no." -- Ed.]

   [pg. 164] Angelic Bart rides upon a cloud, introducing the
   "Religion" chapter  {br}

 TV Guide Promotions
   February 14, 1999:  Homer lies naked, with a box of Valentine's
   chocolates covering the family jewels, and beckons Marge  {br}

   April 4, 1999:  Homer and Marge to the Adam and Eve thing  {br}

 Simpsons Comics
   [SC43] Lisa accidentally loses her dress.  Unfortunately for her,
          she picked this day to "go commando" ...  {jt}

   [SC44] On the back cover, Bart lies naked, covered by a well-placed
          Bongo logo.  This is to advertise the new "Simpsons" comic
          strip.  (Get it?)  {br}

 "Animation Magazine" cover
   No. 86, January 2000.  Homer and Marge as Adam and Eve looking exactly
   like they did in the Adam and Eve story in "Simpsons Bible Stories
   (AABF14)"  {ptc}

 "Rolling Stone" covers
   No. 910, November 18, 2002.  One of the covers is a parody of
   Nirvana's "Nevermind" album.  It shows baby Bart, swimming underwater
   and chasing a Krusty Buck on a fishhook.  The cover is repeated on the
   table-of-contents" page, but with one difference:  the "interior"
   version show's Bart's wang.  [This isn't a gratuitous addition -- the
   Nirvana covers shows the same thing.]  {br}

   Another one of the covers is a parody of Bruce Springsteen's "Born in
   the USA" cover, with Homer's backside to the camera.  As he often
   does, Homey shows us a little butt crack.  {br}


 French soap commercial
   Reportedly, this shows Bart's, er, edible starchy tuber  {hl}

 Virtual Springfield
   In Church Bart thinks, "Do I dare run through here naked?  Think of
   the publicity!"  {ac}

   In the Flander's bar game, there are a couple of semi-nude figures
   (both done in good taste)  {ac}

   In the Simpson's family album there's the picture of Bart riding
   Snowball from "And Maggie Makes Three (2F10)"  {ac}

   Lisa is wearing only a towel when Bart stumbles upon her in the
   bathroom  {dj}

   In Homer and Marge's room, he see Homer eating with just his
   underpants on  {dj}

 "The Simpsons Go Hollywood" videocassettes
   Homer, Marge and Bart as Oscar statuettes  {ptc}

 Video CDs
   [These might also be available in other formats, such as VHS videocassette.
    If they are, I'm not counting them as separate entries on the list -- Ed.]
   "Sex, Lies, and Videotape"
      Homer, wearing only his underwear, sits on a chair in what is
      presumably meant to be a seductive pose  {pk}

   "The Simpsons:  Too Hot for TV"
      The whole family is in the buff!  (Maggie, incidentally, does
      not appear to be anatomically correct)  {pk}

 Simpsons Collectible Stickers
   Sticker #38 is Bart Simpson in the nude {ddg}

 Playmates action figures
   Wave 4 has a figure of Homer in his underwear  {mc}

 Valentine's Day cards
   One card features Bart as an unclothed Cupid  {br}

{dx}  "dxk33"
{rd}  Rick Diamant
{dh}  Dave Hall
{ds}  Dan Siemens
{mk}  Matthew Kurth
{ddg} Don Del Grande
{et}  Elson R. Trinidad
{as}  Andrew Shaw
{ho}  "Homerclese"
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{ac}  "Astrid"
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{ptc} Paul T. Campa
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Items with no crediting beside them belong to none other than
Andrew Mutchler

Thanks to James A. Cherry for suggesting the typesetting, 
and Erik A. Larsen for suggesting including calendars.

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