Simpsons Collectible Stickers

From Artbox

Courtesy Don Del Grande

There are five stickers per pack, and 24 packs per box

There are 72 stickers plus 12 "prism stickers" (chase cards) in the set

As these are stickers, there is nothing on the back except the logos for The Simpsons, 20th Century Fox, Matt Groening, and Artbox.

Cards where each name appears the same when turned upside-down
  1. Bart angel/devil
  2. "Homey" eating donut/licking fingers
  3. Marge excited/worried
  4. Maggie staring/crying
  5. Lisa with a happy/glazed look

    Line drawings of couch scenes

  6. Everyone crashes through the back wall
  7. Giant Maggie down to tiny Homer
  8. Crushed by a giant foot
  9. Sea monkeys
  10. Skeletons
  11. Big game hunter with heads on the wall / Homer-skin rug


  12. Catch phrases (Lisa's is "I think I'll go to my room now")
  13. Maggie in a bag of groceries
  14. Bart drooling with a remote control
  15. "Nuclear family" - couch with arrows pointing to it from heads
  16. Homer eating a hamburger
  17. "Everyone's favorite couch"
  18. "Close but no donut"
  19. Springfield Country Club logo
  20. Property of Ned Flanders (with "Homer Simpson" placed over it)
  21. Homer demonstrates the Donut Curl
  22. "D'oh! Nuts! Mmmmm, donuts"
  23. Homer's dream golf course: nine donut holes
  24. Homer as "Duff Couch Coach"
  25. "Donuts - is there nothing they can't do?"
  26. Homer getting himself into a rut trying to hit a golf ball
  27. "Carpe Diem - Seize the Donut"
  28. Homer holding up a giant donut with "XXXXXL" logo (I think this was on some giveaway giant shorts once)
  29. "If something's too hard to do, then it's not worth doing"
  30. Nelson "Ha-ha"
  31. Springfield Hall Patrol badge
  32. The "I Didn't Do It" boy
  33. "Yeah...nothing rhymes with Bart"
  34. Bart undergoes Squishee Brain Freeze
  35. Nelson "Smell ya later"
  36. Bart "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything"
  37. "100% Bart" - Bart outlined with his sayings
  38. Naked Bart
  39. Bart aiming a slingshot at you
  40. Angel Lisa/Devil Bart (the word "Bart" turned over becomes "Lisa")
  41. Bart homework excuses
  42. Maggie amongst flowers
  43. Maggie "see...hear...speak no evil"
  44. Malibu Stacy
  45. "Where's Maggie?"
  46. Lisa "Don't have a cow, man"
  47. Lisa "Love Now"
  48. Lisa "Something about him really appeals to me"
  49. Lisa "Girl power"
  50. Lisa as goalie - "Cool on ice"
  51. Bart fishing - "The old 'fission' hole"
  52. Bart and Maggie - "I like school! Jazz rules! Smart girls are cool!"
  53. Lisa and sunshine

    Skateboard Logos (sorry, I ride for Rocket Boards - that's a Klasky-Csupo joke)

  54. Toxic Skateboards
  55. 99% Bart Sk8-O-Lux
  56. Bart Sk8
  57. Bartwear
  58. Toxic skateboarding Bart
  59. Homer sk8 company
  60. SSC (Springfield Skate Club)

    Miscellaneous Skateboarding

  61. "Bart Would"
  62. "Homey Isle Style"
  63. "Smell the Gravel"
  64. Skateboarding is not a crime, man [neither is driving a car...if you don't do either on sidewalks]

    More Miscellaneous

  65. Mr. Burns' photo on a dartboard
  66. Jebediah Springfield statue
  67. Homer - "SNPP Worker Drone"
  68. "Greetings from Springfield" postcard
  69. Krusty Burger sign - "Over Dozens Sold"
  70. Lard Lad Donuts sign
  71. Mr. Burns - "Excellent"
  72. Apu - "Thank you, come again"
The 12 "prism cards" have a bowling motif; for example, one of them has Lisa (is that a poodle skirt she's wearing?) with Zen Bowling - "see the pins, be the pins"

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