[MG24] The Aquarium

The Aquarium                                           Written by Matt Groening
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> Didja notice...
    Voice credits:
        NANCY CARTWRIGHT as Bart
        YEARDLEY SMITH as Lisa

    Animation producer was Margot Pipkin.
    Animators were Wesley Archer and David Silverman.

    The credits list the casting director as BONNIE PIETILA rather

    ... Julie Kavner doesn't appear in the entire episode?  She's
        not even listed in the title credits.
    ... Maggie fell once?  As they were walking past the tank.

> Freeze Frame Fun
>> The aquarium roof
   Sign:  If you're here, you're *LOST*.
   Sign:  KEEP OUT
   Sign:  GO AWAY
   Two pipes, one labelled `NO' and the other labelled `DON'T'.

> Assorted comments and observations
Brian Howard {bh} gives the timing for this short as 1:04, which means
that nothing was cut for syndication.

> Quotes and scene summary
% H = Homer, B = Bart, L = Lisa
% Homer and the kids walk through an aquarium exhibit.  Behind them is
% a wall of glass, through which we see seaweed floating and the
% occasional fish.

H: Stick close by, kids, and I'll explain everything you need to know about
   the briny deep.
L: [with reverence] I want to see a giant squid attack a sperm whale and
   battle to the death.
B: I want to swim free with the fishes.

% Bart produces a pair of swim trunks.

B: I brought my lucky red swim trunks.
H: All right, can the chatter and listen up.

% Close-up on Homer as he plays tour guide.

H: Here, we have the hideous Moray eel.

% The eel swims out of its hiding place, then scoots off.

H: And over here, we have the tasty but repulsive sea bass.

% The resemblance to Homer is uncanny.

L: [points offscreen] Yuck!  What the hell is that?

% Homer turns and reacts.

H: Bart!

% In the tank floats Bart, who gurgles...

B: Come on in!  The water's fine!

% [End of Act One.  Time: 0:27]
% Bart floats in the tank as the girls and Homer watch.  Maggie sits on
% the railing.

H: [pointing at Bart]  Boy!  You come out of that tank right now!
L: Do some tricks, Bart!

% A shark swims past, Bart riding it like a horse.

L: Oh!

% The girls applaud.  Homer turns his back and folds his arms.

H: [grumbles]  Stop that.  It only encourages him.

% The shark swims past again, Bart standing on one leg on the shark's back.

L: Ah!

% The girls applaud.  Homer defiantly closes his eyes.

L: Dad, you gotta see this!

% Homer turns around, opens his eyes, and gasps.
% The shark swims past slowly, Bart's limp head hanging out of its mouth.
% [End of Act Two.  Time: 0:42]
% Homer and the girls are on the aquarium roof looking into the tank.

L: Bart should be coming up for air any minute now.  Look, I see something!

% In the water floats a pair of swim trunks.  Homer fishes it out.

H: [sadly]  Lucky red swim trunks...
L: [sadly] Well, the trunks were lucky, even if Bart wasn't...

% Bart's head pops out of the water.

B: I'll take those.

% The girls smile with relief.  Bart leaps out (naked), grabs the
% swim trunks...

B: Thank you very much.

% ... and scurries off.

H: [trying to contain his anger] Bart... Come over here...

% Bart is back in the pool, as a shark circles him menacingly.

B: I'd like to accomodate you, Homer, but I'm afraid it's safer in here.

% [End of Act Three.  Time: 1:04]
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