The Moe Szyslak File

Created by Ryan Irvine
Maintained by David McCormick

"Looks like it's suicide again for me..." - Moe Szyslak {ds}

  • The Simpsons: Compete Guide to our Favorite Family profile
    • occupation
      • surly, two-faced owner of Moe's Tavern
    • specializes in serving:
      • Duff Beer
    • cocktail mixing skills:
      • virtually nonexistent
    • trusts:
      • no one
    • serves drinks on the house:
      • never (error, see beer on the house)
    • bane of his existence:
      • Bart Simpson and his regular prank calls asking for such fictitious bar patrons as Jacques Strap, I.P. Freely, B.O. Problem and Amanda Huggenkiss
    • heritage:
      • claims his forefathers were bartenders to the Czar

  • appearance:
    • navy blue bow tie
    • navy blue bar apron
    • light blue/purple button down shirt
    • gray pants {bp}

    • hair color
      • grey
      • [2F21] Moe says his natural color is chestnut
    • [3F02] apparently wears a wig, because his hairpiece is much smaller than it usually is in other episodes

    • [1F09] vigilante uniform:
      • boy scout outfit 
      • Kaiser German helmet


  • Evidence that Moe was a European immigrant
    • [2F17] Moe is one of the original "Little Rascals" in the show "Our Gang"
    • [3F20] Moe, in disguise, takes the citizenship test
  • Evidence that Moe is Italian
    • [1F05] Moe's inner child has an italian accent.
    • [1F05] Moe says, "Mama Mia!"
  • Evidence that Moe is Russian
    • [8F08] Moe's forefathers were bartenders to the Czars
    • NOTE: in the complete guide, it mentions in Moe's profile that his forefathers were the bartenders to the Czar.

  • Evidence that Moe is of Arabic origin
    • [2F21] Moe's real name is Mommar

  • Evidence that Moe is Polish
    • [8F08] A waitress calls Moe by his (real?) name: Morris

  • Miscellaneous facts and theories
    • Not only does it imply in the show that he's Italian, [1F05] but the trading cards (SkyBox '94, card S24) describe Moe as the "illegitimate son of an Italian fruit vendor."  Of course, the same card reveals that he wears Bumblebee Man After Shave... {al}

    • Szyslak. More Slavic. He's been hinted at being  European [2F17], from Italian[1F05], to Slavic. Those have been the general tendencies of his mysterious past... {ak}

    • I think Szyslak is a Polish name, so he might be some sort of Italian Polish mix...which however doesn't explain his first name being Mommar [2F21]...I guess he's just a mutt.  :) {kn.}

    • I've got it!  Moe is the son of a Polish father and an Italian mother fleeing the Axis forces of WW2.  Not realizing that Libya was part of the Axis, they emigrated to there, and were forced to change Moe's name to Mommar to avoid arousing suspicion. When the war ended, they fled to the US, and joined a tight knit italian ghetto, but then the ghetto turned into a slum, and Moe put on an uncaring facade to avoid his real compassion. {ag}

Bar tabs, credits, and beer on the house
  • [7G03] Moe refuses to give Homer a credit because Homer will never pay him back
  • [7G10] Moe gives free beer to unescorted ladies on ladies night
  • [7F11] Gives Homer a beer on the house when Homer is supposed to die from eating the poisonous fish
  • [8F08] Gives Homer a Flaming Moe on the house
  • [9F06] Marge gives the new neighbors a coupon for free beer at Moe's
  • [9F07] Homer earns a free beer from Moe in appreciation
  • [2F32] gives Barney a free beer in exchange for his A.A. chip
  • [3F18] Barney's beer tab is 14 billion dollars
  • [4F05] Larry Burns charges his bar tab to his dad
  • [4F08] gives Eddy, a cop, a beer on the house
Various occupations, volunteer work, and affiliations
  • bartender at Moe's tavern
  • [7F08] a member of the protesting group SNUH
  • [8F08] opens up "Flaming Moe's"
  • [8F12] oversees various people's football bets
  • [8F18] stage manager for the "Oh!  Streetcar!" musical
  • [9F21] sells oysters that resemble Lucille Ball
  • [9F22] holds Panda's captive in the back of his bar
  • [1F09] is a member of Homer's vigilante
  • [1F14] reads to sick children at the hospital
  • [1F20] teaches a class on gangster rapper self defense
  • [2F03] works as a bartender at Mr. Burns' summer house
  • [2F05] coaches bart's hockey team
  • [2F05] refers to being a bookie and that he is 64 grand in the hole
  • [2F09] Moe is a Stonecutter
  • [2F14] is a loan shark
  • [2F31] directs and stars in his own film, "Moe Better Booze"
  • [2F19] takes over as a teacher for Bart's class when the PTA disbands
  • [2F17] one of the original members of the cast of "Our Gang"
  • [3F02] opens "Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag"
  • [3F10] joins a bowling league as a member of the Pin Pals
  • [4F03] was a former boxer
  • [4F03] becomes Homer's boxing manager
  • [3F24] Moe owns a chili bar at the chili cookout
  • [3G01] runs a whale smuggling operation out of Moe's Tavern
  • [3G03] a member of a Civil War recreation group
  • [4F15] opens up "Moe's Pet Shop"
  • [5F23] joins the movementarians, believes in voodoo
  • [3G04] serves as first mate aboard Homer's navy ship
  • [5F01] picks a fight with Flanders at the game, and is a member of the NRA {hw}
Appearances on The Simpsons
  • [7G08] serves Homer and Barney a drink
  • [7G03] receives a prank phone call from IP Freely
  • [7G04] serves drinks to Homer and the police officers
  • [7G06] receives a prank phone call from Jacques Strapp
  • [7G07] Moe tries to cheer the barflies up after Jebediah Springfield is decapitated
  • [7G10] Moe hosts ladies night at the tavern
  • [7G13] receives a prank phone call from Al Caholic
  • [7F02] greets Homer a good morning when he goes to Moe's tavern
  • [7F05] listens to Homer tell his story about his Dancin' Homer experience
  • [7F06] serves Homer a drink during the ad for Truckasaurus
  • [7F09] protests against Itchy and Scratchy along with SNUH
  • [7F10] consoles Homer after Marge turns down a huge settlement
  • [7F11] receives a prank call from Seymour Butz
  • [7F13] comes over to Homer's to watch the boxing match on illegal cable
  • [7F15] receives a prank call from Homer Sexual
  • [7F17] tries to convince Grandpa to give him Bea's money
  • [7F20] is a house guest at the Simpsons house
  • [7F22] receives a prank call from Mike Rotch
  • [7F24] seen in the crowd waiting for "Michael Jackson" to arrive at the Simpsons house
  • [8F01] reads an article about Congressman Bob Arnold's scandal
  • [7F23] seen looking at the merchandise at the Leftorium
  • [8F04] fears the worst when an SNPP core meltdown is eminent
  • [8F05] watches Krusty the Klown reunite with his estranged father
  • [8F02] is chased by Kodos with a slingshot
  • [8F06] serves Homer a drink
  • [8F08] opens up Flaming Moe's
  • [8F09] receives a prank call from a Miss Bea O'Problem
  • [8F11] helps in the effort to dig Bart out of the well
  • [8F12] serves as a bookie for Football bets
  • [8F13] serves a drink to Wade Boggs
  • [8F17] the gang watches a lottery commercial at Moe's Tavern
  • [8F19] won't serve Homer a Fudd Beer at Moe's Tavern
  • [8F20] at the reception for Selma's wedding
  • [8F23] hosts the washer and dryer race
  • [8F18] serves as a stage manager for the "Oh! Streetcar! musical
  • [9F01] explains that Moe's religion is Snake Handling
  • [9F02] is asked by Homer if he ever feels unnatractive
  • [9F06] does not want to accept a coupon from Laura's mom. "No this is Bo's Tavern."
  • [9F07] the gange watches Krusty from the tavern
  • [9F09] holds 6 seconds of silence to pray for Homer
  • [9F10] one of the people in the crowd at the town meeting
  • [9F13] recieves a valentine from Barney
  • [9F14] reluctant to accept Homer back to Moe's after Homer takes a break from drinking
  • [9F17] comes to visit Homer in the hospital
  • [9F19] many celebrities visit after the Krusty Komeback Special
  • [9F21] sells oysters that resemble Lucille Ball
  • [9F22] holds Panda's captive in the back of his bar
  • [1F01] leads the mob to get Burns' bear back
  • [1F03] refuses to let Homer play darts
  • [1F05] one of the people at "Do What you Feel Day"
  • [1F06] yells at a man for not using a coaster
  • [1F07] tries to offer Homer advice
  • [1F09] a member of Homer's vigilante
  • [1F13] Homer makes a long distance phone call from Moe's
  • [1F14] can be seen at the church service
  • [1F15] refuses to give Stampy free peanuts
  • [1F16] talks to himself in a mirror
  • [1F19] testifies for Freddie Quimby
  • [1F21] can be seen at Burns' wedding
  • [1F20] takes the marriage class from Homer
  • [2F33] a segment is shown with all the instances of prank calls to Moe
  • [2F02] decides to help get Bob out of prison
  • [2F03] Moe's dead body hangs from a noose in the intro
  • [2F04] is seen at the church service
  • [2F05] coaches in a junior hockey league
  • [2F06] sticks up for Homer when the mob is outsite Homer's house
  • [2F08] kicks Homer out of the bar after Homer pulls a prank on him
  • [2F09] is a member of the stonecutters
  • [2F10] congradulates Homer on getting Marge pregnant
  • [2F11] sits in the crowd during the meeting concerning the comet
  • [2F14] lights a cigar with a dollar bill
  • [2F31] makes the film "Moe Better Booze"
  • [2F15] attends Lisa's wedding
  • [2F19] fills in for Mrs. Krabapple when the PTA disbands
  • [2F32] gives Barney a free beer in exchange for an AA chip
  • [2F21] seen at the beauty parlor
  • [2F16] loses Moe's tavern when Burn's oil rig is causing lots of fumes
  • [2F20] considered a suspect in the Mr. Burns shooting
  • [2F17] reveals that he killed the original Alfa
  • [3F02] opens Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag
  • [3F03] a guest at Homer's barbeque
  • [3F04] Moe is hung in a noose in the opening
  • [3F08] in attendance at the air show
  • [3F31] shown shooting Mr. Burns in a scrapped ending to [2F16]
  • [3F10] on Homer's bowling team
  • [3F09] pays Homer five bucks to sock the Ayatohllah
  • [3F12] at the auctioning of Krusty's possessions
  • [3F13] at the Jebediah Springfield parade and at the tavern when Lisa visits
  • [3F14] thinks he is recieving a prank call when Burns calls for Smithers
  • [3F15] serves Homer and Troy McClure
  • [3F17] recieves a prank call from Ura Snotball
  • [3F18] reveals that Barney owes him 14 billion dollars
  • [3F20] blames all the tax problems on "immigants"
  • [4F02] one of the people at the presidential debate
  • [4F03] becomes Homer's boxing manager
  • [4F05] serves Homer and Larry Burns a drink
  • [4F06] part of the mob to destroy the Burlesque House
  • [4F04] serves Homer and Kirk VanHouten a drink
  • [4F07] helps rebuild Ned Flanders' house
  • [3F24] has a booth at the chili cookout
  • [3G01] makes Homer take the breathilizer test
  • [4F08] serves Homer a beer
  • [3G03] inside the snowglobe during Sherry Bobbins' song
  • [4F12] is at the Simpsons house for the premiere of Poochie
  • [4F11] goes on a hunting trip with Barney, Homer, and Bart
  • [4F14] a protester outside the prison
  • [4F13] "opens" Moe's Brewing Company on the dock
  • [4F15] opens up Moe's Pet Shop
  • [4F16] tries to get his bar floor back after it was repossessed
  • [4F17] is at the opening of the Lil Lisa recycling plant
  • [4F18] frequently calls the Listen Lady for advice
  • [4F19] comforts Homer about the Frank Grimes situation
  • [4F20] a main character in The Lovematic Grandpa
  • [4F22] serves drinks etc. in the opening scene.  {hw}
  • [5F02] is one of the people that survived the nuclear blast
  • [5F03] is at the health fair.  {hw}
  • [5F04] is a reject at the bachelor auction
  • [5F05] believes the Lisa's findings really are of an angel
  • [5F06] Marge meets Moe to inquire on whether he wants to sell his house.  {hw}
  • [5F07] seen at the Simpsons house after the presents are "stolen"
  • [5F24] appears in a clip (4F06)
  • [5F23] joins the movementarians, believes in voodoo
  • [5F10] hosts Krusty the Clown in his bar.  {hw}
  • [5F12] is one of the main characters in the episode.  {hw}
  • [3G04] serves as first mate aboard Homer's navy ship
  • [5F14] is seen at the post office filling out his tax forms
  • [5F09] gives Homer advice on his campaign slogan
  • [5F01] picks a fight with Flanders at the game, and is a member of the NRA {hw}
  • [5F18] believes they should monoxide the windmill at the miniature golf course
  • [5F21] the host of Moes Tavern when Homer is telling stories about Edion.  {hw}
  • [AABF01] is killed by Homer after he is possesed by Snake's hair
  • [AABF03] seen in church.  {hw}
  • [AABF04] wants to get Homer's buttocks if Homer dies.
  • [AABF05] serves Homer a drink
  • [AABF06] burned by Holy water
  • [AABF07] host of the Tavern, and one of the adults at the billboard.  {hw}
  • [AABF08] one of the people that goes on the SuperBowl trip
  • [AABF09] serves Homer a drink
  • [AABF11] one of the people who set out to ruin Apu's Valentines spree.  {hw}
  • [AABF13] attends the road rage seminar {hw}
  • [AABF14] seen at church
  • [AABF15] meets Homer's arty friends, and gets a sketch from Homer.  {hw}

 {bp}     Brian Petersen
 {ds}     Dave Sweatt
 {th}     Tammy Hocking
 {ag}     Andrew Gill
 {kn}     Kiss Neroli
 {d93}   D-oh 93
 {ak}     Andrew Krupowicz
 {ls}      Lee Salem
 {po}     Peteroo
 {asl}     A.S. Lenehan
 {bt}      Bleidei/Tarazi
 {hw}     Hari Wierny

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