The Simpsons DVD Companion and Cuts Guide

Created by Matt Garvey


The good news: The season-by-season DVD releases of The Simpsons are, for the most part, outstanding. In addition to the full-length episodes and many documented extra features, there is an assortment of hidden bits.
The bad news: Try as they might, the DVDs are having a hard time living up 100% to the "complete" in their titles. It's an asterisk (an aggravating one at times), to be sure, but the true Simpsons fan and/or historian will want to know just what's missing, and if possible, where to find it.
This guide's purpose is to serve as a companion, to make sure you can get the most out of your collection. (Whether you do or not is something else, but the rest of The Simpsons Archive is there to help.)

More detailed introduction

The design of this file is fairly straightforward. Each season has its own section of the document, with a quick-reference summary ("quotable notables," which are the most interesting/important), and an entry for each episode of note plus one for a listing of Easter eggs and miscellaneous tidbits. Each entry lists the episode (by production code, with a link to The Simpsons Archive's capsule), a detailed description, and a list of where different versions are or were seen. (Note: In many cases, particularly syndicated versions, you mustn't assume that the whole version can act as a replacement.)

There are three levels into which entries are grouped (then by airing order within them), and they are identifiable by the colored headings for each subsection. The colors match traffic lights in purpose.
The red entries are high alert. These are known cuts where the DVD is missing the, uh, missing part, or has the worse of two alternatives.
Yellow entries can mean several things: known "cuts" or other edits that are mildly annoying; of two different versions of the same thing (not a straight cut), the better one is there but the other is not archived; or a possible/vague cut about which we lack enough information to say if the DVDs are missing anything.
Green entries are mainly for completists, or those who have heard about a cut but want to know it's OK. Green entries signify that the DVD is essentially an authoritative source on what's in the episode. Syndication cuts will not be found here (that's why we have a syndication cuts guide), and neither will most cases where Fox wanted to save a few seconds on a non-premiere airdate.
I have done my best to put each entry into the proper section, but if you have a problem with something, feel free to alert me.

Assorted notes

The most important note (for now) is that this document is young. Frequently throughout the guide, I mention that further information would be appreciated. Don't be shy! If you have a network airing tape hanging around or can otherwise contribute knowledge on these topics, or if you notice an omission of any kind, send me an email. I would rather send out a couple of "I'm on it already" replies than not hear about an interesting facet of Simpsons history (as it applies to this file, at least). (If it's been a while since the last revision, chances are that I could use that information.) The same goes for non-content suggestions. If there's a way to improve readability or the structure of the page, or you notice a typo or unclear wording, let me know.

This needn't be just an online guide. I intend to keep a printed version in each season's DVD box, right in the little pocket, for quick reference any time I might need it, and you are free to do the same. I have no immediate plans to convert these to PDF (though I might welcome them), but if you know basic HTML, you can save a copy of this file and tweak it to your heart's content. Adjust the table width to fit the DVD box, shrink the font, whatever you like. (To get the colored bars to print, you might need to adjust your browser's settings.)

A comment on alternate sources for scenes in question: You might have noticed that the only network versions (usually) listed are Fox and Global. These are the only networks really under the control of the producers (Fox in the US, Global in Canada); international broadcasts are usually made at later dates, and to the best of my knowledge, each country may dub or edit whatever it likes, and change its mind later. (Note also that "synd" refers only to the US syndication package.) If you have a copy of an episode from outside the US or Canada, you can look for different parts I mention in this guide, but no promises.
On a similar note, this guide is mostly relevant just to the region 1 (R1) releases. I believe that each season is also released in R2 and R4, and though they probably are built from whatever's on the R1 DVDs and thus are unlikely to contain anything extra, there might be additional changes. Notes on them are welcome.

At this point, you might be saying, "Matt, the episodes on these DVDs seem pretty good to me. So what if a couple parts are missing here or there?" Well, you've got some attitude, mister. If that's what you think, this page probably isn't for you. The episodes are terrific - and Fox and the producers are to be commended for their efforts in putting the DVDs out with loads of commentaries and other extras (plus some excellent menus since season 5, even if the "animation showcases" are something of a step back and you can't skip the new FBI warning, hint hint). But it's quite aggravating to know that people might not be getting the full experience (at least where what made it to air is concerned), and that's why this guide was made. Chances are, unfortunately, that there will be no revisions to the DVDs (barring a supplement in a later release), so you can enjoy these fine purchases to the fullest with a little help from The Simpsons Archive. (If anyone knows just why Fox's DVD releases [not just OFF] tend to have this chronic problem of using revised versions only, please let me know. Is it a legal issue? Ignorance? Did they burn or overwrite the old tapes? I'd like them to see the Seinfeld DVDs; both versions of the pilot, "The Revenge," and "The Handicap Spot" are on those. Even simple alternate audio tracks and short video clips would be enough for these ambiguities.)

You might also be wondering why many times the syndicated version has something that got left off the DVD. It appears that, with very few exceptions, syndicated episodes were not built from revised masters (even those from the first 5 seasons, which sat on a shelf for a while before they even had to be prepared for syndication), so the changes made to the network copy don't affect them.

Finally, a short list of other Simpsons Archive pages relevant to this one. I refer to several throughout this guide, as well, so you ought to know what on earth they are:
The Broadcast Ambiguities list: This guide is in a sense an extension of the ambiguities list; it's a great resource, I owe it one.
The Air Dates list: An invaluable resource, useful in this case for identifying which airing you have if you know the date.
The Syndication Cuts Guide: Besides telling you what you missed on a daily rerun, these documents contain some other interesting tidbits for the know-it-all.
The Simpsons DVD news: Find out the latest dirt on new releases, or check out the older dirt and pretend it's 2002 again, what with all the future tenses in the archive.
Many more lists for the anal Simpsons fan can be found here. But now, on with the guide!

What's new

4/19/09 update:

  • Added section for season 11
  • Updated act breaks and future concerns for season 11, added JABF08, JABF20, KABF02 to future concerns
  • Updated info on 8F06 and 8F12
7/16/08 update:
  • Added sections for season 10 and movie
  • Updated act breaks and future concerns for season 10, added FABF02, HABF15, JABF12 to future concerns
  • Added an entry for 8F06
  • Updated info on 5F13, added request for info on 2F02 and 5F09
  • Updated info on several single-disc releases (look for {jv} notes)
  • Added a tip for season 3
7/3/07 (the dedications update):
  • Added notes on 5F13 and 5F09
  • Moved 3F06 into the red zone
  • Added 5F22 and CABF18 to future concerns
5/8/07 (pre-upload):
  • Added section for season 9
  • Updated act breaks and future concerns for season 9 as well as JABF07
  • Updated info on 7F20, 8F07, 3F06, 3F10, and 4F05
  • Added section for season 8
  • Updated act breaks and future concerns for season 8 as well as DABF03, FABF20, GABF14, and HABF08
  • Added section for season 7 (aka "coping with senility death"); extra info would be appreciated
  • Added "Kiss and Tell" to singles
  • Updated act breaks and future concerns for season 7 as well as DABF21 and GABF14
  • Made slight updates to 7G07, 2F18, and season 4 and 6 eggs and tips
  • Added section for season 6 (clarifications quite welcome, as well as stuff absent from non-R1 releases)
  • Added section for act breaks
  • Added section for single-disc releases
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  • Updated Easter eggs and tips for seasons 3, 4, and 5
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  • Added this list

Season 1 Quotable notables: 7G05, 7G07, 7G02
7G05 For some reason, some opening credits are missing on the DVD. I do not know if this error was present in any other versions, or a glitch during DVD production (in the commentary, a remark is made about John Swartzwelder soon after his name should appear).
The missing credits, all centered at the bottom of the screen, from the opening shot of the house through the oven view, read as such:

Created by

Developed by



Produced By

Written By

Update: I've been tipped off by "Roger Myers III" of the No Homers Club, who says: "My understanding is that the DVD mastering co. was provided with an edited best-available master (from the badly-preserved [K]lasky-Csupo days), and no one caught the discrepancy, which might have led someone to go hunt down a lower-quality copy to 'fill in' the credit sequence, or create replacements. (It was one of the gripes that Gracie had which led a new company to get the job.)" {jm} {rm}
This is good to know (I wonder if this version was broadcast at some point also); it could also explain some of the other notable omissions in seasons 1, 3, and 4.

Credits: Some original airing
No credits: DVD
Unknown: Other Fox/Global airings, synd, VHS release
7G07 At the end of the episode, two sections are absent from the DVD. It seems that they were only in Fox's original broadcast, though they resurface in syndication. Comments follow; the missing parts are in italics and two others (to be explained) are in bold.

And if you still want to tear apart this young Sunday School student as he stands on the brink of salvation, I await your wrath.
But I'd like to add one thing. It wasn't until I removed the head of Jebediah Springfield that we realized we were taking our heritage for granted. That was a crime, too; one I think we are all guilty of.
Hey, he's right. / Ah, the kid's got us there.
He's got a point there.
And I know I'll always feel an inner shame far greater than any punishment you can dish out. Far, far greater. Far, far, far, far greater.
The crowd relaxes.

Soon after...
Look, it's glorious!
It's beautiful man! [0:01; Monroe/Otto are v.o. when cut]
I love you, Smithers.
The feeling is more than mutual, sir.
The crowd rejoices, and church bells ring. [0:04]
Bart gets down from the statue.
Woo! Good going, son. But remember, most lynch mobs aren't this nice. [0:04]
(Executive Producer credits appear.)

So, one wonders, what's the deal? I am not sure why these scenes didn't appear in later broadcasts, or why they didn't appear on "The Complete First Season" DVD. Here are some thoughts: (1) In the commentary, Mike Reiss mentioned that in the first season, changes were common(!) after the first run (and in fact, the "lynch mob" line might not have been in the first run); though no mention was made specifically of the scenes in question, it might be an editorial decision and not a network time cut. (2) I read somewhere (update: this turned out to be IMDb's "alternate versions" page for OFF, so I'm less inclined to believe it) that there had to be some educational content in the show, and this was inserted against the producers' will to satisfy that (the full version does seem to have an anomalous sound before Bart's monologue) but intentionally left off the DVD. This could be a joke, however. (3) It's worth noting that the animation for these sections seems recycled, which would support a quick edit, but on the other hand, many early episodes resorted to this at times. (4) There are two different pieces from this scene missing in syndication: "man!" in Otto's remark, and the "lynch mob" segment. The total running time without those parts but with the missing ones is 23:05, as mentioned by Bart. This seems like an odd coincidence; if anyone has the original Fox airing on tape, please let me know for further study.

Update: I've been informed that an Australian retail tape of this episode matches the other version; it contains the sections in italics but not those in bold. The time (with NTSC/PAL correction factor) is approximately correct, so I don't believe there are any other differences there. Still, I will always welcome more discoveries. {sq}

Long version: Some original airing, synd, Australian VHS (each lacking other parts)
Short version: DVD, some other original airing
Unknown: Other Fox/Global airings

Note: network broadcast versions with the scenes in italics are probably missing those in bold, and vice versa. This will be updated as I find out more.

(outtakes reel, some DVDs)
It seems that the commentary for the 7G01 outtakes is not present on some DVD releases. This is known to affect R2's UK and Scandinavian releases (thanks Jouni), and the R4 Australian release. {sq} It probably affects other countries as well; any more information as to locations and reasons (for example, it seems that 3 episodes reside on disc 3 in those regions, compared to R1's 1, so maybe space was a concern) would be helpful.

And no, I don't intend to type in the entire commentary here. Sorry.

Outtakes commentary: R1, others?
None: R2 (UK, Scandinavia) and R4 (Australia) at least, maybe more
7G02 Originally, Marcia Wallace was credited as MARSHA WALLACE. The DVD credits her as MARCIA WALLACE.

The original spelling was used in syndication, but I don't know if the change was made between network runs or in preparation for the DVD.

Marsha: Fox #1 (1/14/90), synd
Marcia: DVD
Unknown: Fox #2+, Global
Easter eggs
1: Simpsons shirt news report (1:44). On disc 3, go to "extra features," "next," highlight the 7G01 script, then press Left (highlights Bart's shirt) and Enter.
2: Assorted magazine covers (12). On disc 3, go to "extra features," "next," "art of the Simpsons," highlight "extra features," then press Left (highlights Bart's comic book) and Enter.

Season 2 Quotable notables: 7F01, 7F21
(R2 UK only)
To avoid a "12" rating in the UK, some of the commentary track in this episode was edited out (replaced with episode audio). It takes place between about 9:47 and 10:13 on the R2 UK disc; this is the only edit we are aware of in the season 2 commentaries. (See also the BBFC Ratings page.) The cut comments are in italics.

That's a much nicer room than we got Harvey Fierstein apparently. Jay Kogen just told me today that he told us when he came in for the recording session we had bought him a hotel room with obvious semen stains on the headboard.
[amused sound; maybe best described as a dry spit take]
Nothing too good for our guest stars.
I hate it when they're obvious.

[all silent for a little while]
Mr. Burns seems to have gotten a lot of independence from this board.

Cut commentary: R2 UK DVD
Full commentary: Every other release AFAIK
7F01 The original blackboard for this episode was I WILL NOT XEROX MY BUTT. This was changed for Fox's third airing (6/25/92) to POTATO NOT POTATOE (or perhaps "POTATO" NOT "POTATOE"; comments welcome) in honor of Dan Quayle's famous goof. Global's copy seems unchanged, as does the DVD version; the gag seems more or less lost now.

Note: The blackboard list says that it's IT'S POTATO, NOT POTATOE; I can't be sure of the wording, so any definitive info would help. (Also note that earlier versions of that list say it was the second airing. It's the third, and Don has edited his list accordingly.)

Xerox: DVD, Fox #1 (11/1/90) and #2 (1/3/91), all 3 Global, as well as EABF14 and EABF15 synd
Potato: Fox #3 (6/25/92)
Neither: Synd
Unknown: VHS release
7F06 Short version: There were many cuts on several network airings, and the DVD appears to be totally or mostly unharmed.

Long version: So you aren't just content to know that, are you? Nor am I, but it gives me a headache figuring this out.

When Fox (and Global, it seems) first aired this episode on 12/6/90, it was extensively cut so that the "Bartman" video could be shown. Fox's second broadcast (2/28/91) was cut as well (about the same - see the ambiguities list for more) for coverage of Operation Desert Shield, but Global seems to have run the full version then. There were three other network broadcasts, on 8/29/91, 7/1/93, and 1/8/95. I would guess that Global showed the full version each time. I would normally assume Fox did the same; it is reported that #3 was the first time the US saw the full version, but then according to the syndication cuts guide the fourth airing was the cut version as well.

These same cuts, more or less, are outlined in the syndication cuts guide, so visit it if you like. Chances are that the syndicated version (though maybe not the wacky altered opening) was built from Fox's cut version, as it was already shorter. The DVD, and old VHS release, both have the full version with all the proper content, but there is a timing discrepancy among those, the cut Fox version, and the syndicated version in act 1. My guess is that the syndicated act 1 is actually expanded and that all full versions are right.

See the SCG and ambiguities list if you want to make more sense of this. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the expansion/compression or have info on any of the 10 network airings (5 dates times 2 networks).

Full version: DVD, VHS release, Fox #3/5?, Global #2+?
Various cut versions: Fox/Global #1, Fox #4, other Fox/Global?, synd
Unknown: Any with "?" above
7F20 The ambiguities list put me on the lookout for a mystery scene in this episode from Fox's third and final airing (8/20/92) that wasn't present in the first two (5/2/91, 8/8/91). Guess what? There did seem to be one, and it's on the DVD. It is unknown whether the footage appeared on Global at any time, or why it was omitted or added at all. (Italics mark the lines in question.)

He forgets birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, both religious and secular; he chews with his mouth open; he gambles; he hangs out at a seedy bar with bums and lowlifes...
[sobbing] Oh, it's true, it's all true.
Homer, don't interrupt.
He blows his nose on the towels and puts them back in the middle.
I only did that a coupla times!
Meanwhile, at the supermarket...

Neat, eh? But then why is this entry in the yellow section and not in the green? I noticed that the DVD timings were the same as the compressed syndicated version according to the SCG (after compensating for the other cuts). The capsule, which is built from Fox airings missing that scene, has even odder timings, as if it was cut in acts 1 and 2 but never compressed. I can't figure out why all these timings are different; perhaps the airing with this scene was in fact compressed, or the others were expanded, or someone's VCR was screwy. (This is not helped by the fact that at least one airing also seemed to feature a shorter opening sequence than what is on the DVD.) So, as usual, if you have any way to help explain this, especially if you have a tape of any of the original airings, please let me know.

Update: According to {ss}, this scene is found in present-day (2006-7) reruns on CBC and Global in Canada, as well as in syndication copies from WUTV Buffalo and KCPQ Seattle. My syndication copy is missing it, but it is my understanding that early episodes have slightly different syndication versions (I get the feeling that the first round of syndication sometimes had more cuts). Info is welcome, and I'll keep my eyes out for more syndicated airings.

Towel scene: Fox #3 (8/20/92), DVD
No such scene: Fox #1 (5/2/91) and #2 (8/8/91), synd?
Unknown: Global

Note: Versions with this scene might be different in other ways.

7F21 (Adapted from the capsule) The third Fox airing (4/30/92), which was the date of the Cosby Show finale, concluded with the following clip:

Close-up of the Simpsons' television: a picture of Bill Cosby with the legend "The Cosby Show / 1984-1992".
Homer: Little Theo. You grew up before our eyes.
Bart: Hey, Dad, how come they're taking The Cosby Show off the air?
Homer: Because Mr. Cosby wanted to stop before the quality suffered.
Bart: Quality, schmality! If I had a TV show, I'd run that sucker into the ground!
Homer: [patting Bart on the back] Amen, boy. Amen.

Without seeing it myself, I do not know where the animation came from (recycled, I'd imagine, but from where?) or if this ran before or after the credits.

This clip probably did not air on the 4th and final Fox airing, and is not on the DVD or in the syndicated version. Global's copy was not changed. It is also not known (to us) if the rest of the episode was edited to accommodate this.

Cosby joke: Fox #3 (4/30/92)
None: Fox #1 (5/9/91), #2 (8/25/91), #4 (2/24/94), DVD, synd, Global
Unknown: VHS release
7F14 According to the ambiguities list, the original Fox and Global broadcasts (3/7/91) were "extensively cut and time compressed" so that the premiere of the "Deep, Deep Trouble" video could follow the episode. Every other broadcast seems to have used the full version, as does the DVD. As always, corrections or clarifications are welcome.

If anyone has the original broadcast on tape and can contribute a SCG-like list of cuts and timings for that version, that would be helpful.

Full version: DVD, Fox/Global #2+
Cut version: Fox/Global #1 (3/7/91)
Easter eggs (adapted from elsewhere on The Simpsons Archive)
1: Short animated thank-you note. On disc 1, go to "Two Cars..." (7F01), "language selection," highlight "French," then press Right (highlights Blinky) and Enter.
2: Two sketches. On disc 3, go to "Bart's Dog Gets an F" (7F14), "language selection," highlight "main menu," then press Right (highlights quilt shred) and Enter. Press Right again for the other sketch.
3: Sketch. On disc 3, go to "Old Money" (7F17), highlight "language selection," then press Left (highlights fez) and Enter.
4: Sketch. On disc 3, go to "Brush with Greatness" (7F18), "language selection," highlight "English 5.1," then press right (highlights the picture frame) and Enter.
5: Sketch. On disc 4, go to "Three Men and a Comic Book" (7F21), "language selection," highlight "French," then press right (highlights paper) and Enter.
6: Two sketches. On disc 4, go to "Blood Feud" (7F22), "language selection," highlight "French," then press Right (highlighting the eyes) and Enter. Press Right again for the other sketch.
7: Extra storyboard. On disc 4, go to the storyboards for "Bart Gets an F" (7F03) in special features. On the 11th page, there is a panel covered by a sticky note. Press Up.

Season 3 Quotable notables: 8F04, 7F24, 8F07, 8F12
8F04 In the original aired version (10/17/91), these lines were said:

Burns: Oh, Smithers, I guess there's nothing left but to kiss my sorry butt good-bye.
Bart: Bad influence, my ass!

When Fox reran the episodes (presumably both repeats, 2/27/92 and 7/9/92), the lines had changed:

Burns: Oh, Smithers, I guess there's nothing left to do but kiss my sorry ass good-bye.
Bart: Bad influence, my butt!

The change was never observed on Global, and the lines as originally aired are also present in syndication. Unfortunately, the changed version is included on the DVD.

This edit is hard to figure out. The changed version is on the DVD, but is that an accident, an unwilling concession, or the actual intention of the producers? The commentary implies that they wanted both to be "ass," yet the storyboard included on the DVD reflects "ass/butt," and at the same time the animation always clearly shows Bart saying "ass." Maybe they decided after the first airing that they'd rather take the other end of the compromise with Fox? Without hearing directly from the producers, I can't say for sure which they'd like to have or why the change persists on the DVD (but see my introduction). However, my own opinion holds it that "butt/ass" is the better of the two if one has to choose; saying "ass" is uncharacteristic for Burns, yet it adds oomph to the line "Bad influence, my ass! How many times have I told you? Never listen to your mother!"

See also 8F04's entry below, and note that any Fox airing is thus edited in some way.

Sorry butt/my ass: Fox #1 (10/17/91), all Global, synd
Sorry ass/my butt: Fox #2+ (presumably), DVD
7F24 The second Fox broadcast (1/30/92) featured a special scene before the intro, in response to George Bush's 1/27 speech mentioning OFF (this was repeated during the 1/28 State of the Union, but I think the original speech is featured here). The scene is described below. Animation was recycled from the first scene of 7F02.

For some reason, the intro from 8F03 was used instead during this broadcast (they are the same length), and it is unknown if the rest of the episode was cut or compressed to accommodate the Bush retort. The scene did not reappear on Fox or in syndication, and was never seen on Global. It is not in the season 3 DVD, as it's not really a part of the episode, but the clip is seen in full on the season 4 set (about 3:31 into the "Bush vs. Simpsons" featurette on disc 1).

The Simpsons, plus Patty and Selma, are watching TV. Live-action footage of President Bush is seen on the tube.
We are going to keep on trying to strengthen the American family, to make American families a lot more like the Waltons and a lot less like the Simpsons.
[shocked] Huh?
Hey, we're just like the Waltons. We're praying for an end to the depression, too!

Bush clip: Fox #2 (1/30/92, with 8F03 opening), in Bush featurette on S4 DVD (disc 1)
No clip: DVD, Fox #1 (9/19/91), Fox #3 (4/8/93), all Global, synd
8F01 According to the ambiguities list, the second (of two) Fox airing (12/12/91) is rumored to have featured an extra scene not shown in the first airing (9/26/91). It is not known if this was ever seen on Global.

The ambiguities list is also the only place I have heard about this. The DVD, SCG, and capsule all have comparable timings, so if there was an extra scene (or a missing one in the first airing) then all 3 of these come from the same of those two. Seems pretty unlikely, but as usual, any info would be helpful. (This episode was also released on VHS in a "Best of the Simpsons" pack; timings from that would help.)

Knowing very little about this possible phantom scene, I can't say which has what. Timings for the VHS release would be appreciated, though.
8F06 Call me late to the party. I was vaguely aware of a music problem involving this episode and the clip's inclusion in 9F17, but I didn't look into it much until 2008. Here's the scoop:

When Homer goes to Slumberland, there is some calm music that was originally intended to be the Beatles' "Golden Slumbers." (Note: I really doubt it was meant to be a clip of the Beatles' version, which also has vocals.) However, according to Al Jean in the 9F17 commentary, they found out that what they'd paid for were sync rights, but not the master rights. (Sync rights appear to be the rights to use a piece of music as a specifically-timed accompaniment to video or a slideshow; master rights I think are just rights to use a song, or maybe even a certain recording.) However, beyond that I'm having a little trouble nailing down just what happened and when.

I have three versions of the scene and its music. All seem to have the same background music, but the DVD version of 8F06 has a guitar melody that is essentially a section of the "Golden Slumbers" tune, all versions of 9F17 I've seen have a different (original?) guitar melody, and another copy of 8F06 I have has no guitar at all. That last copy is a digital one, and I don't know the source; it is full-length, uncompressed, and uninterrupted by commercials, so I have a strong suspicion it's from the early 90s US VHS release ("The Best of the Simpsons: Volume 12").

From what I can tell, the music rights issue made for several versions of 8F06, and in the meantime (or perhaps to avoid paying more money for just a clip show) 9F17 was stuck with a soundalike for all its versions. Here's what I've pieced together from the episode capsules and The original airing probably used the no-guitar version because of a botched rights purchase (compare a similar situation in BABF09), though I see some evidence (possibly misremembered since it's 6 years after the fact) that an actual clip of the Beatles recording was used. When it repeated on 4/16/92 (and presumably 12/24/92), several a.t.s posts mentioned the addition of a guitar track, which is probably what is featured on the DVD. If the first airing didn't have a clip of the real song, I assume this is what the producers intended for us to hear. The capsule for 9F17 notes that the clip has "the enhanced soundtrack," though it may not have been compared directly with 8F06's, and it still sounds like all versions of it (network, syndication, DVD) use a single soundalike. If the other copy of 8F06 I have is from the VHS release, I would not be surprised, since that fits in with this well.

Look, that's all I know so far. I have no concrete evidence for any of the Fox airings (3 of 8F06, 2 of 9F17), or their Global counterparts. I'm not really sure if the other version of 8F06 is the VHS release or not. I'm waiting for both episodes to run in syndication. I eagerly await any help I can get on this (backed up by tape if possible); I'd even like to move it into the green section if it turns out beyond a doubt that the DVD's version was the initial intent.

Update: It appears 8F06 uses the no-guitar version in syndication. That's one piece of the puzzle!

Golden Slumbers melody on guitar: 8F06 DVD
Soundalike melody on guitar: all versions of 9F17?
No guitar: 8F06 synd, something that may be 8F06 VHS
Unknown: All Fox/Global of 8F06 (11/7/91, 4/16/92, 12/24/92) and 9F17 (4/1/93, 8/12/93), 9F17 synd, 8F06 VHS
Short version: The DVD's copy of this episode is essentially fine. See below for some alternate lines.

Long version: The intro for this episode in the Syndication Cuts Guide implies that a significant amount of time is required to do anything with this episode besides watch it, and this guide is no exception. I have done my best to figure out what the deal is in the face of conflicting notes and confusing timings.

11/14/91, network airing #1: Fox and probably Global air a short version of this episode so that Michael Jackson's "Black or White" music video can be seen after the credits. There are many cuts and other edits, and possibly compression. Fox broadcasts a short (clouds-to-driveway) intro, but Global may get a longer one. (The capsule and Complete Guide were built from this [Fox] version, so they contain the alternate lines listed below.)

4/2/92, network airing #2: Both networks seem to air a longer version now that the full time slot is available. Most likely this was the original, as-intended version. This time (on Fox at least) the blackboard "I WILL NOT FAKE RABIES" is shown, and the episode may have been compressed. (See below for more on blackboard.)

5/20/93, network airing #3 (of 3): Fox might have used a shortened opening sequence, but otherwise the full episode aired. Global likely aired what it did in 1992.

1994: The episode is prepared for syndication. The intro is the infamous 1F01 sequence, but otherwise the content seems to match the short version. However, timing is different.

The DVD matches most closely (if not exactly) with the 1992 version, and all network/DVD versions seem to use the same couch and sax solo (when applicable). Now we try to make sense of this. If you consult the SCG, you will probably come to the conclusion that the people making the syndicated version started with Fox's original airing, as it was already pretty short. However (and this is where my interpretation comes in), it was probably _too_ short and the episode was expanded (rather than the Fox airings and DVD being compressed). I am happy with this explanation of the apparent compression, since the pacing on the DVD seems fine to me. However, that is not the end of this story, and if you have a 1991 airing or the syndicated version on tape, you've got yourself some alternate lines. I won't bore you with the rest of the cuts (though you are free to visit the SCG and see what they are), as you own the DVD version (right?), but here is what isn't on the shiny circles, and was probably put together specifically for the short version.

The VHS Village and beauty parlor scenes were swapped in the syndicated and first-airing versions. Because of this, the fade-in from the driveway to the VHS village had to be cut.

Homer's football tape:
[full version, seen on DVD]
They called him the Galloping Gazelle. His habitat: the frozen tundra of Soldier Field. For six seasons and two Pro Bowls, he grazed on the tasty green turf of the end zone. Until one fateful Sunday in November, when the Gazelle was stopped in his tracks by a big cat named Wayne Scheshevski.
[short/synd version, 14s shorter, different and funnier v.o.]
The compound fracture, truly one of football's greatest injuries.

After "What are your son's hobbies?"
[full/DVD version]
Homer: Well, he's always chewing on that phone cord.
Marge: He hasn't done that since he was two.
Homer: Then he *has no hobby.
[short/synd version, dubbed awkwardly from *]
Homer: Kids don't have _hobbies_!

"Good morning, everybody, and welcome to an event that hearkens back to the care-free days of the great depression: the soapbox derby."
[short?/synd version]
Homer slurps for one extra second.

I happen to like the "compound fracture" line better, and there are certainly different tones in Homer's voice (and impacts of that scene) for the "hobbies" part. I don't know if the extra slurp time was in the original airing or added just for syndication (and don't much care). Nonetheless, I intend to hang onto my syndicated copy.

So which is the "real" version? I would say unhesitatingly that what's on DVD is the originally made episode, based on the nature of the edits above, and having determined from various timings that it is probably not compressed.

Big update! Previously, I noted that Global originally broadcast an opening with the blackboard "HAMSTERS CANNOT FLY" in place of the "I WILL NOT FAKE RABIES" found, where applicable, on Fox and the DVD. In March 2007, {ss} pointed out a startling revelation in the form of a newsgroup post by Raymond Chen (compiler of many early episode capsules). In short, he explained that he assumed Global would be showing a longer opening sequence, and invented the hamsters quote as a placeholder for the capsule. When no one supplied information about it by the time he did the capsule (3/26; if only he'd waited a week!), he forgot to take it out, and history was born! Presumably, Global's original broadcast matched Fox's closely or exactly. Still, any further information would be welcome, and of course you can still bring it up at parties.

You must be joking. Till someone presents me tapes of all 6 network airings, I'm not touching this summary. If you have the DVD, you have almost everything; see the actual entry for alternate lines, which you can find in syndication.
8F12 Boy am I glad they don't do this anymore. Fox's third airing (1/28/93) of this episode featured redubbed lines reflecting the 1993 Super Bowl. The fourth and final airing (9/18/94) had, coincidentally, the same redubbed lines, as well as a few other changes, all detailed below.

Update! I insert this paragraph and list here instead of below for importance. {ss} noticed that a repeat on CIII (Global Ontario) in September 2008 was the 1994 version! Unfortunately he was not able to get it recorded, but we will await another repeat. Other Global viewers may wish to as well. My notes below were culled from the ambiguities list and lacking either repeat version I didn't actually check the original wording verbatim either; once I have something to compare directly, I will update those. {ss}'s list of notes for the 1994 version:

  • "week 3 of the NFL on Fox"
  • mentions of Miami and Super Bowl XXIX
  • Tel Aviv line changed to "including our new stolen affiliates overseas"
  • "happy fans will be looting and turning over cars in the Lone Star State tonight" (as opposed to "the nation's capital") (presumably 1993 airing also)

It is unknown whether Global's copy ever reflected these changes (my guess is "no"). Both the syndicated and DVD versions have the original lines, and as far as I know no other edits were made. Note: the teams and stadiums listed are general; I am not going to list every time one is mentioned, or if it was a shortened name (e.g. "Buffalo").

[First and second Fox airings, probably all Global]
Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills, Minneapolis Metrodome

[Third Fox airing]
Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Pasadena Rose Bowl

[Fourth Fox airing]
Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Pasadena Rose Bowl
As well, according to the ambiguities list, "week eight of the NFL on Fox" was edited to "week three..." and "including our newest affiliate, W Gimel Aleph Nun in Tel Aviv" was edited to refer to new Fox affiliates leaving CBS because of the NFL network swap.

(If anyone knows the wording of the Fox affiliate edit, please let me know!) Anyway, the fourth airing would be nifty to have on tape; it would have been fairly easy to dump that onto the DVD as an alternate audio track, but I won't be losing any sleep over it.

Original lines: Fox #1 (1/23/92), Fox #2 (6/11/92), all Global(?), DVD, synd
Team/venue edit: Fox #3 (1/29/93)
Same team/venue edit and more: Fox #4 (9/18/94)
(R2 UK only)
The BBFC Ratings page says that there is a bit of commentary missing from this episode on the R2 UK version of the DVD. This might be only a rumor, as no one has said what's actually missing. Any information on this would be appreciated, even if there's no edit. Cut commentary: R2 UK DVD?
Full commentary: The rest
8F03 Fox's original broadcast (10/10/91) used a shortened opening sequence taken from 7F19 for unknown reasons (possibly same as 8F04 and 8F05, see below). No comment has been made on other cuts in this episode. All Fox repeats used the proper opening. Global's broadcasts were not edited, nor is the DVD. Full version: DVD, Fox #2+, all Global
Cut version, wrong couch: Fox #1 (10/10/91)
Unknown: VHS release
8F04 Fox's original broadcast (10/17/91) used a shortened opening sequence (clouds to driveway, with a couch gag from 7F11 or 7F06 - don't know which) to make room for a Michael Jackson video promo. All Fox repeats used the proper opening. Global's broadcasts were not edited, nor is the DVD.

See also 8F04's entry above.

Full intro: DVD, Fox #2+, all Global
Short intro, wrong couch: Fox #1 (10/17/91)
8F05 Fox's original broadcast (10/24/91) used a shortened opening sequence (clouds to driveway, couch gag seems to be the same) to make room for another Michael Jackson video promo. All Fox repeats used the proper opening. Global's broadcasts were not edited, nor is the DVD. Full intro: DVD, Fox #2+, all Global
Short intro: Fox #1 (10/24/91)
Unknown: VHS release
8F21 Fox's original broadcast (4/23/92) used a shortened opening sequence (clouds to driveway, couch gag same) for unknown reasons. Without any other news, I will assume Fox repeats and all Global airings were not edited, and the DVD is not either. Full intro: DVD, "Backstage Pass" R2/R4 DVD {jv}, Fox #2+?, all Global?
Short intro: Fox #1 (4/23/92)
8F22 Fox's original broadcast (5/7/92) used a shortened opening sequence (clouds to driveway, couch gag same) for unknown reasons. Are you sensing a pattern here for season 3? Again, without info to the contrary, Fox repeats and all Global airings were not edited, and the DVD is fine. Full intro: DVD, Fox #2+?, all Global?
Short intro: Fox #1 (5/7/92)
Easter eggs
1: Audio outtakes (about 10 minutes). On disc 3's main menu, type "84763" to access the hidden outtakes menu. Note: This can be tricky, or impossible, based on your DVD player. It has to be able to interpret numbers as "nth menu selection." If hitting "8" removes the highlight and then restarts the menu music, it should work. Just wait for the highlight to return before entering each number; if it doesn't, you might have to press Enter to make it come back.
2: Sketches (13, chosen at random). On disc 4's special features menu, type "742" to see a sketch. It will take many more than 13 tries to get all of them, though. Note: It's tricky, see above.
3: Hidden commentaries (on 7F24 and 8F06 by Mike Reiss, on 8F16 and 8F15 by Al Jean). The easiest way to access these is to start the episode, then select audio track 5/5. But they did build it into the menu system; choose "10" (not 1-0, you might have to use a ">10" key first) at the "special features" menu of the episode in question.
4: Couch gag cycling (R2 only?). On disc 4, one can apparently use the "previous" and "next" buttons to browse through the couch gags used to exit the main menu. I can't replicate this on my R1 set, however. {ar}

Helpful tip
The scene-specific sketches are great, but the only way to access them is to watch the whole episode and wait for the pencil icon to appear. This is not very fun when you just want to see the sketches, so here is a list of approximately where each one appears (just fast forward to that point).
8F05: 1:46, 5:18, 19:58
8F02: 10:10, 12:44
8F08: 18:08
8F09: 13:22, 21:32
8F10: 4:01
8F11: 7:57
8F14: 3:33, 11:11
8F17: 18:32
8F19: 8:25
8F20: 8:17, 8:46, 9:25, 10:07, 13:51, 19:09, 20:50, 21:02, 21:13 (the mother lode!)

Another tip (see also movie notes)
Many widescreen DVD menus are encoded in such a way that most DVD players will crop them for 4:3 displays, even when set to letterbox. The season 3 menus (especially the couch gag main menus) are widescreen. If you have such a setup and want to see all the snazzy stuff on the sides, try playing the DVD on a computer, or tell the DVD player you have a 16:9 TV (it'll look squished but you can tell what is there, gawk at it for a few minutes, and set it back).

Season 4 Quotable notable: 9F05
9F05 This is season 4's only notable change, but it is particularly notable. The original scene goes:

Bart, to avoid this test, you've had smallpox, the bends, and that unfortunate bout of Tourette's syndrome.
I'm not sure I'm over it...

For Fox's second (of two) airing (3/25/93), the last ailment was changed to "rabies" (actually, I think the whole line was rerecorded), and possibly some of the rest of the scene was edited (according to the ambiguities list). Global's copy never changed, and the syndicated version uses the "Tourette's" line, though it is mangled later on.

Unfortunately, the DVD retains the "rabies" line (despite its airing exactly once). Was this an oversight, or an intentional choice, or was it that they had no choice? According to story editor Bill Oakley (in this episode's capsule), "Though it rarely happens, the producers received several very strong complaints from Tourette's-afflicted children around the country and decided that the line might have been too insensitive. The change was made in consultation with the writers and staff." [Editorializing edited out because of the update below:]

Update: According to the NHC's "Roger Myers III," this was indeed an oversight. {jm} {rm} I have also been told that the "The Simpsons: Risky Business" DVD (R2/R4) uses the original line. {sq} Unless the producers decide to issue an R1 single-disc with this episode (I'm all for the "oops, we goofed" sampler, guys!) or include the short clip on a later release, that DVD or US/Canadian syndication are your best bets for locating the original line.

Tourette's: Fox #1 (11/5/92), all Global, synd (though edited later), R2/R4 single DVD ("The Simpsons: Risky Business")
Rabies: Fox #2 (3/25/93), Season 4 DVD
9F01 The original Fox broadcast (10/8/92) used a shortened intro (probably taken from 7F19), with the missing couch, for unknown reasons. Later airings (1/7/93, 11/27/94) both seemed to use the full-length opening, with the blackboard "I WILL NOT PRESCRIBE MEDICATION." I do not know which sax solo or couch were used then, though I suppose they were "break out" and the pivoting wall.

On the other hand, all Global broadcasts used a full opening, with the blackboard "I WILL NOT DEFAME NEW ORLEANS," and the same couch and solo(?) as listed above. Neither is used in syndication, and the DVD uses what was seen on Global.

See 9F02's entry below for more information on this.

New Orleans: All Global, DVD
Medication, same(?) sax/couch: Fox #2+?
Neither (7F19 opening): Fox #1 (10/8/92)
9F02 Both Fox broadcasts (10/15/92, 2/18/93) featured the full-length opening sequence, with the blackboard "I WILL NOT DEFAME NEW ORLEANS," and presumably with the sax solo "crazy bebop" and couch gag where the family runs off the edge of the film.

And both Global broadcasts used the same opening, except that the blackboard was "I WILL NOT PRESCRIBE MEDICATION." Again, neither opening is used in syndication, and the DVD uses what Global showed.

If you haven't read 9F01's entry above, do so, then return to this explanation. It seems that the "New Orleans" blackboard was slated for 9F01, since it was the first new episode after 8F18. However, for whatever reason, it had to use a shortened opening on Fox, which meant that the blackboard could not be seen. Global didn't have to worry about this, so it showed its full version as planned. But Fox still wanted to apologize to New Orleans (since Canadian TV signals don't generally reach Louisiana), so for its next new episode (9F02), the blackboard was replaced and (I guess) the rest of it was left alone. Global, meanwhile, just aired the opening with the "medication" blackboard; either Fox had sent that ahead of time or there was no sense changing the copy sent to Global (as they hadn't shown that one yet). Great, fine, so Canada's seen them both (as originally intended), but the US still has to see the "medication" one. Come January 1993, Fox can air 9F01's full-length opening, so I imagine they spliced that blackboard in there for the US (rather than just letting both episodes' Fox repeats be the original way), then the already-altered "New Orleans" one for 9F02 in February, and Global stuck by its original copies. Finally, in 1994, for 9F01's last repeat, just stick with what was done. Hooray!

...and that's what I think happened. The DVDs reflect the pre-short-intro-but-what-about-New-Orleans-frenzy versions that Global kept and Fox probably would have otherwise shown, and nothing is missing on the DVD, so I'm happy with that. However, if you have any info on exactly what was shown when or why, please let me know. I may as well find out.

Medication: All Global, DVD
New Orleans: Both Fox
Easter eggs
1: Alternate commentary with Conan O'Brien (and the rest) on 9F10. The easiest way to access this is to start playing the episode and switch to audio track 5/5, but after a bit of tinkering based on the egg below, I found that pressing 1-enter-1-enter from the episode's menu would present a microphone icon to click on. ("1"-"50" is another possible way to access this; note that the monorail is said to exceed 150 mph, and see my correction below. {jlh})
2: Sketches (on 9F09 and 9F19). Thanks to a "Homer" pulled by Adam Ravenscroft, a year after the set's release, these Easter eggs are uncovered. As usual, you might have to play with this a bit (or find a new DVD player); the codes of "2" and "40" (possibly hitting "enter" after each) or "2" "2" for 9F09, and "35" or "7" for 9F19, should highlight a pencil icon from those episodes' menus. There may yet be more; if you find any (or other codes), please let me know. {ar} Oops! Before I heard from Mr. Ravenscroft, The Simpsons Archive was alerted to all three of these eggs by {jlh}, but they were hidden here. He also notes that "35" can refer to the number of years Krusty is said to have been on TV, but doesn't see the significance of "240." Weight maybe?

Season 5 Quotable notables: none!
Great news! I don't think there's anything missing on this set (truly the Complete Fifth Season), for the basic reason that there don't seem to be alternate versions (excepting syndication and international cuts). They even left in the "SC-59" goof in 1F09. I might also add that this set has the best menu system yet; amusing without getting in the way, and less clicks to get to what you want.

(On the other hand, I might take this moment to disparage the animation showcases; it's an improvement on season 4, but I'd still like to page through the full-page storyboards to see what's different.)

Note: Not every deleted scene you know from 3F31 or other assorted places is here. I don't know why, but I'd guess that some scenes were not even completed (color, sound effects) until their inclusion in the clip show (look at the movie in 1F10), and others just didn't make the cut. I've made peace with it.

Easter eggs
1: Hidden commentary on 1F18 animatic. If you see a "100th episode" ribbon in disc 4's menus, select it, or just go to that animatic (by itself) and choose audio track 3/3.
2: Little object animations (two per disc, just one on disc 3). On each disc's main menu, press Up from the top selection to highlight an object, then optionally Left or Right to switch to the other object, and press Enter. It's always the same, but kind of fun.

Helpful tips
Audio outtake for 1F13 (3:42): Where is it? If you selected (and watched) the commentary through the menu interface, you'd have seen the ear icon. Otherwise, get yourself to 17:43 (after the commentators remark on singing "Fire and Rain" a couple times, or after "underground sugar caves") and press Enter. It doesn't matter if the ear shows up, just press it. (You might also try finding an ear icon in the menus. I can't find anything like it in the R1 set, but in R2 you should be able to by going right from "play with commentary." {ar})

Deleted scenes: This is a great assortment of material, but your best bet is to watch them all on disc 4. (Even then, you can only skip one chapter at a time, but that's better than nothing.) Not only does each one there have a lead-in for context, but the in-episode hot spots are awkwardly placed so that you need good timing to make them flow right and the scenes return a few seconds too early in the episode.
Regardless, here's a list of where the deleted scenes can be found within individual episodes, along with their chapter numbers on disc 4. (Note that the montage is presented in production order.)
9F21: 19:13 (1), 19:27 (2)
9F22: 3:53 (3), 4:36 (4), 11:24 (5), 21:40 (6)
1F01: 16:44 (7)
1F02: 6:01 (8), 9:08 (9), 17:05 (10)
1F04: 19:21 (11)
1F07: 4:34 (12), 7:08 (13), 18:53 (14)
1F08: 7:49 (15), 10:01 (16), 10:51 (17), 11:58 (18)
1F09: 13:24 (19), 18:22 (20), 21:42 (21)
1F10: 8:57 (22), 9:54 (23), 16:24 (24), 17:39 (25)
1F11: 12:21 (26), 16:18 (27)
1F14: 7:27 (28), 11:44 (29)
1F16: 3:50 (30), 11:43 (31)
1F18: 4:54 (32), 6:26 (33), 14:46 (34), 20:06 (35)
1F19: 8:09 (36), 9:42 (37), 11:34 (38), 17:51 (39), 21:24 (40)

Season 6 Quotable notables: 2F02, 2F18
2F33 I've heard reports that the credits originally listed the production code as "2FF33" or something similar by accident. It's silly, but there is an intriguing mystery to the whole thing. (Thanks are due to our own Don Del Grande, who dusted off his old tapes to help me out.)

In the original (and only) network airing, there is the "#" followed by a half-space, 2F, another half-space, and 33, as if a card was hastily placed on top to fill the space. According to Don, the first 3 seems to have an even trimming down its left side, as if it got partly covered up. (I don't quite see that, though it does seem as if it's been tilted down and to the right.) Even more strangely, in syndication and on the DVD (which match), the 3s have swapped positions!

So what's going on? A theory is that the error was caught with little time to go, fixed hastily, and the episode broadcast. Then, at some point before it was trimmed for syndication, the 3s were swapped in the master, and the matter was considered closed. Bear in mind that this is just a theory, based on what I know so far. I should also note that Don's original tape is based on the west-coast feed, and I haven't yet located an east-coast airing; it is possible that the erroneous code was broadcast in the east, or just in a pre-feed.

Any more information on this would be helpful, including how Global's copy and international copies look.

Fixed p-code: Fox (9/25/94, west)
Fixed with swapped 3s: DVD, synd
Unknown: Global, Fox (east)
2F02 You might have noticed that this episode on DVD has a very short opening, which flies through the "P" straight to the TV. Fox's original broadcast (10/9/94) used a short opening (clouds, driveway, couch gag) with 1F06's short opening and couch gag {ddg}. The rerun (4/23/95), however, used the even shorter opening, saving about 13 seconds.

Usually, these DVDs have the longer opening if one was shortened for any reason at all (whether for the premiere or a later airing), so I must wonder if there is a particular reason it didn't this time. (I must admit that I'm glad to have it, as this is the only episode to use such an opening, and I can always put in 1F06 to see the original one.) It's worth noting that while I've seen a BBC2 tape with the very short opening, the syndicated version uses the popular 1F01 intro (making it shorter than 1F06's but longer than the very short one).

Again, any further information would be appreciated, such as what the Global airings used, how it looks overseas, if there was any point besides saving time, and if any other edits got made. (Update: I forgot at first that this episode was released on VHS in Political Party volume 1. I don't know which opening was used there, but if you have the tape, let me know!)

Short opening: Fox #1 (10/9/94), 1F06
Very short opening: Fox #2 (4/23/95), DVD
Neither: Synd
Unknown: Global, VHS
2F18 Nature is a beautiful and wondrous thing. Tides ebb and flow, flowers bloom, and greyhounds have sex on the racetrack.

You might be aware that that last one caused a bit of a problem at Fox. A scene about five minutes into this episode was animated to show Santa's Little Helper and She's the Fastest mating full-screen, but this was redone in a "shoulders-up" version before broadcast. However, this was not felt satisfactory, so the actual Fox network airings used a modified version of the scene, as described below. (Note that in both, the elapsed time and soundtrack are exactly the same.) After "he could never win this race, or could he?":

[shoulders-up version]
(1) SLH is seen head-on, chasing STF
(2) Shot of SLH running, followed by a zoom to reveal STF in front of and underneath him (7.2 sec)
(3) The family watches from the stands

[Fox broadcast version]
(1) SLH is seen head-on, chasing STF
(2) Recycled shot of mechanized bunny and dogs 8, 5, 6 (4.7 sec)
(3) Shot of SLH running (before the reveal) (2.5 sec)
(4) The family watches from the stands

According to the Ambiguities List, the edited version was not shown on Global; and according to the SCG, US viewers were in for a surprise when the episode reached syndication, as it too was the shoulders-up version. Fortunately, the DVD also has that one. (I believe that the framing for Global, synd, and DVD is identical, but confirmation would be nice.)

It's also worth noting that the full-screen version might have made its way to New Zealand for its premiere there, according to David Silverman. (I am not 100% sure of this, but it would seem like an odd piece of news to report if they got merely the shoulders-up one.) More juicy tidbits on this would definitely be nice.

Note: {ddg} wishes to stress that, lest it sound like the NZ/"full-screen" version showed a complete shot of either of the dogs, "not even the animatic (which shows more of the two dogs than any of the versions that made it to color) showed more than the top half of SLH." Got it?

Shoulders-up: Both Global, DVD, synd
Trimmed with filler: Both Fox
Full-screen: New Zealand, possibly
2F04, 2F11 The Syndication Cuts Guide mentions a few edits that were made to these episodes for their second airings. See it for details, since there's little reason to clutter this up with them.

Note that the scene in 2F04 was once again intact for its third airing (and 2F11 only had two). I'd assume both cuts were made for time, but it's possible that the "smothering" remark in 2F04 was cut for some current-events-related reason. I don't know what happened on Global, or if anything else was altered, but both episodes seem to be fully intact on DVD.

Cut in 2F04: Fox #2 (3/26/95)
Cut in 2F11: Fox #2 (6/4/95)
2F10, 2F13, 2F32 Usually I don't bother listing openings that were shortened for network repeats, but as older versions of the openings and sax solo lists had some discrepancies with the original airings, I thought it would make sense to note these here. The openings on the DVDs match those of the original airings {ddg}.

It seems likely that 2F32 used a shorter opening for its repeat, and 2F13 may have as well; for all three, some element of miscommunication was probably a factor. I'd welcome any exact details on these episodes' second Fox airings, but it's not a high priority.

All three have their original openings on this DVD set, which is all I know for sure at present.
Easter eggs
1: Production codes. Once any episode's main menu refreshes (for example, after you watch the episode, or return to it from a submenu), the production code in the mug shot can be highlighted and selected. On most episodes, this only seems to play the episode, but there are some fun diversions on 2F03 and 2F16.
2: Anne Bancroft tribute. I wouldn't consider this an Easter egg as much as a part of the commentary, but not everyone watches the credits all the way through. To see it, simply be sure the commentary track is active when episode 2F08 ends, and you'll be taken to a short addendum by David Mirkin.

Goofy note: I don't think it merits a mention in the red or yellow zone, but the "surround" notice (which is usually centered at the bottom of the screen) in 2F03 was actually placed at the bottom left. Those notices don't appear on the DVDs, but you can check it out in syndication.

Deleted scenes: I did it for season 5, but I'm not going to list the times when each scene is found in its episode. In fact, I'm not a fan of their presentation that way, particularly as the subtitles can't be enabled easily; some sort of automatic branching might be better. I also hope that in the future the collections of deleted scenes can be accessed randomly by chapter number, or menu, so we don't have to hit "next" several dozen times to get to a certain one.

Tip (R2): While in R1 one can access the squirrel-house sketch for 2F03 through a pencil icon during the relevant deleted scene (on disc 4 only), elsewhere going Right from "Play all deleted scenes with commentary" might prove useful. {ar}

Season 7 Quotable notables: 3F01, 3F06, 3F10
3F06 Jackie Banks, who was an animation checker and scene planner on the show, died in 1995 (this is the most specific date I know). The original Fox airing of this episode on 11/19/95 contained a dedication to her ("Dedicated to the Memory of/JACKIE BANKS") at the end of the credits (after Matt Groening and James L. Brooks, but before the Gracie logo) {ddg}. {ddg} is 90% certain that this was in the sole network repeat on 7/14/96, and it remains in syndication as well.

However, the DVD version is missing it; instead, the MG and JLB credits take up a little more time (more than usual) to fill the gap. I must wonder just what is going on (see 3F10 below).

I do not know whether either of Global's broadcasts included the dedication, and can't make a very good guess about that or the reason for the DVD's omission without more information. Please send any my way! (Update: {ss} mentions that a recent (2006-2007) rerun on Global did feature the dedication, noting that even their reruns tend to be uncut from their original broadcasts for season 6 and up. Hence, this was probably found in Global's original runs.)

Dedication included: Fox #1 (11/19/95), Fox #2 (7/14/96)?, synd, both Global?
Missing: DVD
3F10 During act 3, Homer refers to a trophy rack he built, which is seen with an Oscar on it. It was awarded to Dr. Haing S. Ngor, but Homer wrote his own name in instead.

The episode first ran on 1/7/96, but on 2/25, Dr. Ngor was killed. The one network repeat on 4/28 still featured his name (even on Fox), according to the ambiguities list and {ddg}. However, in syndication, the name was changed to Don Ameche. (Presumably this is to avoid the joke being in bad taste, though one wonders why the repeat retained the name. Perhaps it was not a proactive edit [I believe 2 months is enough to permit a retake such as this], but came about only when the second airing reminded everyone of his inclusion.) Note that this episode did not air in syndication until 11/18/96.

However, the DVD release uses Don Ameche. Ugh.

On another note, Doris Grau, who was the script supervisor since the Tracey Ullman days and provided some unforgettable voices (most notably Lunchlady Doris), died on 12/30/95. This episode (in fact her last, I believe, not counting 3G02 {ss}) was dedicated to her; during the end credits, just before the Gracie logo, it reads "In Loving Memory/of/DORIS GRAU" in a large italic font. According to {ddg}, this appears for about three seconds as the music finishes (meaning the speed of the credits is different than the version without it).

Version without it? Yes, while this dedication appeared during the first Fox airing (and most likely the repeat, as well as both Global airings?) and can be seen in syndication, it is not to be found on the DVD.

So what happened? The Ngor/Ameche change was made apparently only for syndication, and Doris Grau's dedication is in all known broadcast versions, yet somehow a new version seems to have been made just for the DVD. Lucky us! (If there is any more information, especially a correction, please let me know.)

Ngor: Fox and Global (both airings)
Ameche: DVD, synd

Grau dedication: Both Fox/Global(?), synd
Missing: DVD
3F01 When the episode was first broadcast 10/1/95, a flashback explaining Bart's lice shows Milhouse telling him:

We bought a wicker basket from Pier 1, and he was passed out inside.

This sparked a minor controversy, and the replacement line (with a fictional store)

We bought a wicker basket from Trader Pete's, and he was passed out inside.

was substituted. According to the ambiguities list, the changed line appeared in both Fox repeats, but no change was made on Global. The replacement line is found in syndication, however.

I'm happy to report that "Pier 1" has resurfaced for the DVD release. However, take a look at the English and Spanish subtitles and the closed captions. Why, it's "Trader Pete's"! Neat! Is it possible that the replacement line was being prepared for the DVD but was changed back to Pier 1 at the last minute? (I can't understand the French or Spanish dubs well enough to tell what they say, but even if I could, I don't know which store name might have been used originally overseas.)

Note: I'm classifying this as yellow, not green, because it would have been nice to include a "Trader Pete's" clip elsewhere on the disc.

Pier 1: Fox #1 (10/1/95), all Global, DVD
Trader Pete's: Fox #2+ (1/21/96, 6/30/96), synd
You know, that kind of mush might fly at Lamps Plus, but don't peddle it here. If I wanted smoke blown up my ass, I'd be at home with a pack of cigarettes and a short length of hose. [0:05]
Bart chuckles nervously.

Such is the line (italicized) that was never seen on Fox. (The network, that is, not Fox affiliates who happen to run The Simpsons in syndication. See below.) Apparently, this line was deemed unsuitable, and was cut from both Fox broadcasts.

It would seem, however, that the trim was made only at Fox, close to airing, because Global's airings and the syndication version include the line (see ambiguities file). And guess what: so does the DVD! Enough said.

Smoke line: Both Global, DVD, "Bart Wars" DVD {bg}, synd
No such line: Both Fox (12/17/95, 12/22/96)
Easter egg
Eggs have been in short supply for the last few releases, unless they've been hidden very well. This barely even qualifies as an egg, but some viewers might be unaware of it*:
At the end of the 3F10 commentary, after the episode is done, you can hear some parting words from David Mirkin, as this was his last episode as executive producer.
*I even noted the stretch of blackness and silence when I watched the episode proper, but hopped up as the commentary was trailing off to get a snack, and almost missed it myself!

Season 8 Quotable notables: none
4F05 The syndication cuts guide notes an odd occurrence. Near the end of the episode, when the simulation of Homer being subdued by a barrage of baseballs starts to run, the family walks out of the room, leaving us with a few seconds to listen to Homer's reactions.

Ouch! Ooch! Eech! Ouch! Ooch! Ohh, stop it!

In syndication, the last two seconds are cut out, leaving just four exclamations. However, these reportedly change to "Ow, oh, ee! Ay!"

The DVD version is not replaced, and chances are that no network (Fox or Global) airings used the alternate lines, but I don't wish to jump to conclusions either way without more information. (Compare 8F07.) (Update: {dt} was able to help me get a syndicated copy, and the exclamations are remarkably similar. Only the fourth one (ouch/ay) sounded different, but it doesn't seem like the "ay" could come from the "ouch.")

Ouch...: All Fox/Global?, DVD
Ow...: Synd
4F12 This episode's opening is the standard short one, with the Sergeant Pepper couch gag (repeat of 4F06). However, an alternate opening exists, which replaces the video of the couch gag (but not the audio) with 8F24's, in which the Simpsons run in to find the Flintstones on the couch. (This is because as the 167th episode to air, it beat the Flintstones' record of 166.) This is most notably seen in syndication, but I am not sure when the change was made.

The episode capsule (see left) includes some interesting clues. The idea of honoring the occasion by using that couch was brought up in a review from viewer Mark Aaron Richey shortly after the original (2/9/97) airing; later in the capsule, though I can't find a date for this remark, UK viewer James R. Cherry describes the alternate version, which was aired on Sky. It is my understanding that versions sent overseas are usually based on some network copy, not anything that might have been done for syndication, which suggests strongly that the second (5/25/97) airing may have been changed.

The DVD retains the original opening, and the alternate one can be found in syndication (or with some imagination on your part). This may surprise you if you've read my notes about 2F02 (above), but while it would be nice to have both, it won't choke me up that only the original is found here.

However, any information as to which version was used on the second airing (Global as well as Fox) would definitely be useful.

Original couch: Airing #1 (2/9/97), DVD
Flintstones: Synd
Unknown: Fox/Global #2 (5/25/97)
4F17 This one is pretty simple. When Bret Hart is told that the Shrieking Sheik lives next door to Burns' manor, a loud shrieking is heard offscreen. While the syndication cuts guide suggests that this was added for syndication, I believe that the previous author was having some stereo problems with the original tape, because I have confirmed with a copy of the only network airing that the sound is indeed present there. Of course, it is also on the DVD; I just wanted to assure any concerned readers that everything's fine. Shrieking: All known versions
4F19 The ambiguities list says that "In all Global network broadcasts, the scene of Frank Grimes being electrocuted was cut (leaving only the sizzling sound and sight of shocked co-workers intact). The scene was never cut by Fox and appears intact in syndication."

I've never seen this Global edit, but the DVD matches the syndication version of this scene (Grimes is seen being electrocuted, complete with cartoon skeleton effect), so I presume there's nothing to worry about here. It would be neat to see what Global did though.

Electrocution: Both Fox, DVD, synd
None such: Both Global
Easter egg
Extra deleted scenes! On several episodes, within the episode's submenu, the projector has a little blinking light. Press Left (or Left+Up if necessary) to highlight it, then Enter, to access one or more deleted scenes from the episode (NOT included with the rest of the deleted scenes).
These can be found on 3F23 (disc 1), 4F08 and 4F10 (disc 2), 4F12 (disc 3), and 4F17 and 4F19 (disc 4).

Season 9 Quotable notables: 5F13, 5F09
5F13 This episode was originally dedicated to Sunni Walton O'Neil in the usual place, right before the Gracie Films logo, with a simple remark on its own screen ("Dedicated to the memory/of/SUNNI WALTON O'NEIL") for one second. This is not present on the DVD.

This is getting a little strange now (see season 7 as well as 5F09 below). Why are the dedications disappearing? In most cases, I have not seen a copy without them until the DVD. I do know that it was in the first network airing (3/22/98) but am not sure about the second (7/26/98), nor whether Global and other international copies had it. (Update: {dt} got me a syndication copy, and it's in there too.)

I note that the IMDb says she died on 12/29/97, well before this episode aired. Another strange thing is that no one at The Simpsons Archive seems to know what connection she had with the show. {ddg} notes that IMDb mentions that she was an impressionist, so perhaps she did some uncredited work for this episode, since that seems like the most reasonable explanation for the delay (compare Phil Hartman's dedication in 5F22). On the technical side, {ddg} also notes that the credits are the same length in both versions, with everything from Dan Castellaneta to the end being slightly shorter or longer depending on whether the dedication is there or not (compare 3F06).

As usual, any additional information about various airings/versions or the nature of the dedication would be quite useful.

Dedication included: Fox #1 (3/22/98), Fox #2 (7/26/98)?, synd, both Global?
Missing: DVD
5F09 Another missing dedication. This was for Linda McCartney, who guest-starred in 3F03; before the Gracie Films logo, there is a frame of her, Paul, and Lisa from that episode, with "Dedicated to the memory/of/LINDA McCARTNEY" underneath in the standard font, for about 2.5-3 seconds (including fade-in and fade-out). The timing of the rest of the credits is not affected because there's no music in the "spoons" bit to make the silence seem out of place.

So once again, this is not on the DVD, but it does seem to be present everywhere else (I'll update this when I catch the episode in syndication, or when anyone confirms its presence or absence in something besides the Fox premiere). I'll note that the original airing (4/26/98) was not the first episode after her 4/17/98 death, but presumably the 4/19 premiere of 5F15 was too soon to get the dedication in there, or this episode was felt to be more visible as the 200th.

Whatever information can be supplied would be appreciated (particularly why these things are being zapped left and right), including Global airings, international versions, and whether it's on the UK VHS release of "Greatest Hits" (the episode is not on the matching DVD). If anyone's checking that last one, could you also see if Mr. Burns says "wankers" in it? It's only 5 seconds before. (Update: I forgot at first that this episode was released on VHS in Political Party volume 1. I don't know which opening was used there, but if you have the tape, let me know!)

Dedication included: Fox #1 (4/26/98), Fox #2 (8/2/98)?, synd?, both Global?
Missing: DVD
Unknown: VHS
5F02 The syndication cuts guide suggests that Homer does not say "they're in my hair!" twice in the original version, but again, I believe the previous author was having some stereo sound problems (see 4F17 entry above), since the second time it's off to the left. It's been confirmed that the original airing has both, and of course the DVD does as well. {ddg} Double line: All known versions
5F04 This probably doesn't need to be included, but I will put it in anyway because rumors are hard to kill. When Bart is making the wedding fire "sacred," he is seen to be tossing pages from a book into the fire. In the original airing, in syndication, and on the DVD, the book is titled "HYMNS," but it's been claimed that originally it was a Bible. I'll repeat that the original airing did say "hymns," and I've gotten this confirmed. However, it is clear that it was originally supposed to be a Bible: Mike Scully mentions in the commentary that it was animated that way, but he decided to switch it; and {bg} points out that the pages have a distinct 2-column design, which most hymnals don't. {ddg} Hymns: All known versions
Easter eggs
1: Extra deleted scenes. As with season 8, look for the blinking lights on various episodes' submenus (watch out for dummy lights!). Use your arrow keys to highlight them, and Enter to see these additional deleted scenes. These can be found on 4F23, 5F02, and 5F01 (disc 1), 5F06 and 5F23 (disc 2), 5F10, 4F24, and 3G04 (disc 3), and 5F15 and 5F18 (disc 4).
2: Parting thoughts from Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein. When Professor Provolone's Picto-Puzzle appears in 4F24, use your remote to solve the puzzle, and you should be greeted with a new submenu (thanks to "Lugnut" on If direct title selection is more your style, choose title 8 on disc 3, and go to the last audio track.
3: Movie behind-the-scenes footage. From the menu for 5F09 on disc 4, enter "7" and "27"; you may have to wait for the menu to repeat first, or fiddle with the way you enter numbers {rf}. Again, if this is easier, get to title 17.
4: Extra commentary on 4F22. If you used "play all" to listen to the commentaries, you might be surprised to learn that there's a second one on this episode. Select the last audio track or just choose it from the menu.
5: Weird menu land. Not really an Easter egg so much as a DVD leftover, somehow the animation showcase for 4F02 (season 8, disc 1) found its way onto disc 4 of this set. If you can, go to title 8, and you'll see it. When it's done, you'll get to visit rejected menu land! (It eventually gets stuck in a loop but you can use the mismatched cursor to get out.)

Season 10 Quotable notables: 5F21, 5F22, 5F19, AABF06, AABF15
5F21 This might be the first or only time an actual DVD commentary has been the first to alert me to a change. Several times in the 5F16 commentary, talk of the phrase "(God) damn it" prompted a mention of this episode's dialogue change. (The moments in 5F16 seem to be correct and unchanged in all versions.)

When Homer realizes Edison has already invented his chair stop, the chair swings forward and clatters on the floor as he says "Aw, damn it!" The original airing had an appropriately quick and angry delivery, but some people felt that the chair noise made it sound like "God damn it" instead, which is a TV no-no in general. The line was rerecorded with a very drawn-out and whiny delivery (you go ahead and quote AABF09, I'll wait) for future broadcasts. Guess which one made it to DVD? Guess what they talked about during the commentary? How this was not fixed, I don't know; compare AABF08 below.

The original line persists in syndication, though, and {ddg} confirms that it sounds the same as the premiere, with closed captions reflecting the "God"lessness of the line. Presumably both Fox repeats used the new line, but I don't know about Global.

Original line: Fox/Global #1 (9/20/98), synd
Whiny replacement line: DVD, both Fox repeats (12/27/98, 6/27/99?)
Unknown: Global repeats
5F22 Phil Hartman was killed on 5/28/98. The one Fox repeat of 5F08 on 5/31/98 was the first episode to air after this, and featured a tribute to Phil during the credits:

Two stills, one of Troy McClure, one of Lionel Hutz, at the top of the frame, with "In loving memory/of our friend,/Phil Hartman" in white in the usual credits font. (Thanks to {ddg} for the description, and the capsules for 5F08 and 5F22 for confirming this date.)

Since this was not an episode premiere, the dedication was repeated on the first airing of 5F22. According to {ddg} it was silent and occurred between the cast credits and Gracie logo (Fox's short credits), but I assume a full-credits version would have it at the end, just before Gracie, also silent. (This was not the first new episode to air after his death, but it was the last new episode to feature new voicework from him. Of the two episodes, most consider 5F22 to be the one truly dedicated to Phil.)

It's not on the DVD version of either episode, which is really a shame. (Matt Groening mentions him at the end of the 5F22 commentary, almost as if their copy had the dedication and reminded him. Compare 7G05.) It's also not found in syndication (I have yet to catch a good syndicated copy of 5F08 but am not hopeful). I don't know if Fox's two repeats of 5F22 used the dedication, or if any of Global's broadcasts of either episode featured it.

For more information about the dedication and Phil's "last" episode, see the capsule comments for this episode, 4F20, and 5F24.

Dedication included: 5F08 Fox repeat (5/31/98), Fox #1 (9/27/98)
Missing: DVD, both synd(?)
Unknown: Fox repeats (1/3/99, 6/13/99), all Global versions
Marge's birthday is April 20th, same as Hitler's...

Marge's birthday is Juu-ly 15th, same as Lassie's...

According to the ambiguities list, the second line aired exactly once, on Fox's third airing (9/19/99). It didn't appear on Global, it doesn't appear in syndication, and... oh, wait, it is on the DVD, and not as a bonus feature if you get my drift. (Actually, in syndication the Lassie line is written in the closed captions.)

I assume that the reason for the change is that the (second) 4/20/99 airing occurred on the same day as the Columbine shooting, even though that airing was at 9:30 pm, and someone complained. It's worth pointing out that while April 20th is Hitler's birthday, it is likely unrelated and may not even have been the original intended date for the shooting. As for the quick change, compare Haing S. Ngor in 3F10 above. (I might also note that I found no support that 7/15 is Lassie's birthday, but I'm not a Lassie buff either.)

No mention of it is made on the DVD commentary. I don't know which version is on the R2/R4 "Viva Los Simpsons" single-disc release...yet.

Hitler: Fox #1 (1/10/99), Fox #2 (4/20/99), synd, all Global
Lassie: Fox #3 (9/19/99), DVD
Unknown: "Viva Los Simpsons" DVD
5F19 I'm putting this in the yellow section because it's a text change and because there may be a legal reason it needed to stay changed.

Originally, Bart's blackboard punishment was "BUTT.COM IS NOT MY E-MAIL ADDRESS". However, since was a real domain, it was changed for the Fox repeat (and the DVD, naturally!) to "BUTT.BUTT". (What's that line about repetition=comedy? I don't think I need to stress that neither is an actual email address, either.)

According to the ambiguities list, only the Fox repeat was changed, and Global used every time. The original is intact in syndication, as well, so that's your best bet to see it. The replacement line is on the full season DVD as well as the R2 "The Simpsons Go to Hollywood" single-disc {jv}. Honestly, though, is the line so bad? Who's pulling a "Jenny" (867-5309) on this? (It's not even Bart's!) Did people with the phone number 764-8437 get inundated with calls after 3F14 aired? Yeesh. Fox #1 (11/8/98), synd, both Global
butt.butt: Fox #2 (3/7/99), DVD, "The Simpsons Go to Hollywood" R2 DVD
AABF08 The Catholic Church. We've made a few... changes.

This line was changed in Fox repeats because of pressure from religious groups (surprise!). The new line, apparently, uses the phrase "the church" instead, but I've never heard it, and I don't know if it was rerecorded or just spliced together.

According to the ambiguities list, Global's copy was not changed, and the full line is used in syndication. Fortunately, the original line is also found on the DVD (and the "Simpsons Gone Wild" single-disc affair)!

However, the DVD commentary highlights a problem with the DVDs overall. The copy the commentary group was using (as well as one Mike Scully watched beforehand) had the edited line, and the original line is on the full-season DVD release because they noticed that and requested its reinstatement. One part of the problem is that edited or censored versions of the episodes do seem to be the default most of the time, and the other is that even when changes are noticed (for example, 5F21 and 5F19 above), a special effort seems to be needed to use the right version. I didn't include the "future concerns" section for nothing!

As usual, if anyone knows how the replacement line sounded, let me know.

The Catholic Church: Fox #1 (1/31/99), all Global, synd, DVD, "The Simpsons Gone Wild" DVD
The Church: Fox repeats (5/18/99, 9/5/99)
You never finished painting the garage... [half-painted garage seen]
...and you still haven't taken down those awful hostage ribbons from the old oak tree. [pan up to see a bunch of yellow ribbons blowing in the wind in the tree Homer's hammock is on, with large flies buzzing around]
Oh, you know as soon as I take 'em down there'll just be more hostages!
And you could at least get that snake out of the piano!

The part in italics was not shown during the Fox/Global premiere (4/11/99), but according to the ambiguities list, it reappeared on both for the repeat on 8/1/99. It is not in syndication, perhaps just because that version was shorter to begin with. The reason for the removal was assumed to be a hostage situation in Kosovo at the time (the episode capsule has some neat clues to this as well).

DVD owners may rejoice, though, at the inclusion of the long-lost scene! It appeared to remain something of a mystery (or at least didn't surface in exact words) until this release. Oddly, there's no mention of it on the commentary. Now that I see the scene in full, the shorter one does feel incomplete, probably because two things don't make as good a list as three do.

For what it's worth, since the scene is at the beginning of the episode, opening credits appear during it; in both the premiere and syndication (which match {ddg}), the content of each credit after it is shifted by three, with the final ones (Sakai, Jean, Moore) appearing after the credits ordinarily end, while Skinner and Edna talk.

Hostage scene: Fox/Global #2 (8/1/99), DVD
No hostage scene: Fox/Global #1 (4/11/99), synd
Easter eggs
Extra deleted scenes. As with season 8 and 9, these are noted by (barely visible this time) lights on various episodes' submenus, in the screening monitor. Use your arrow keys to highlight them (Up from play episode), and Enter to see these additional deleted scenes.
These can be found on AABF07 (disc 2), AABF12 and AABF13 (disc 3), and AABF20 (disc 4).

Season 11 Quotable notables: BABF01, BABF09, BABF19
ALL Edge enhancement all over the place! The crazy package wasn't enough, I guess, so they had to stick EE on all the episodes and extras (seen also on the movie DVD). You might not notice, depending on your display, but on anything halfway-decent it looks atrocious. Halo effects, no nice crisp image, it just looks awful. And it can't have been to save space; someone at FHE turned it on in 2007 and I pray it will disappear soon. (Honestly, I feel that it looks so crappy that it should be cause for a recall. Fox doesn't agree.)
BABF19 Two things here. I'll get the easy one out of the way first: in the original broadcast, Moe's last name was spelled on-screen as "Syzlak", which was clearly wrong. By the time it got to syndication, the graphic was corrected to "Szyslak", and this spelling is on DVD. I do not know if the change was made for the network repeats on Fox (it probably did not change on Global, see below), but I suspect it was. Since this is not part of the animation, it is easily changed; later seasons have some other quick fixes as well.

And then there's the state the Simpsons are said to live in near the end. The gag was always to surprise viewers by firmly stating it, then change it on repeats. It changed, once anyway:

First airing (5/21/00) and all Global, plus synd: (for this) Northern Kentucky (family)
Second and third Fox airing (7/12/00, 12/31/00): Southern Missouri

These are definite (from capsule and a.t.s). With the deliberate nature of the gag, you'd expect that the DVD would include both versions! Not only doesn't it (the English track uses KY), but it manages to screw up in several ways while actually trying to deliver the goods.

Way the First: the commentary mentions the whole idea along with several alternate takes (southern Missouri, western Massachusetts, the small island of Lanai [in HI]; some perhaps from their memory). A special feature is included to showcase some alternates (western Oregon, southern Illinois [with final "s"], southern Louisiana, this family from the small island of Lanai, eastern Nebraska), but as you might have noticed, does not actually include "southern Missouri"! Now, "southern Missouri" is actually heard in the commentators' track, though they talk over part of it. This seems to follow the pattern (see e.g. AABF08) of the commentators getting any revised network tape; it seems almost as if they expected that version to be primary on the DVD, but in that case, "northern Kentucky" should have appeared in the montage, and it doesn't. Note that the Spanish dub on the DVD goes with northern KY, and the French dub western MA (not included in Jim Forbes' narration in the extras, and perhaps not recorded by him at all).

Way the Second: the special feature is hinted at cryptically in the booklet, and is linked only from a "?" icon that pops up at the appropriate point in the episode, like the deleted scenes. However, this "?" appears during any playback of the episode, not just in the commentary for example, thus ruining a normal viewing. In fact, some players may not display it at all or allow the space to act as a link, and the feature is in the menu system, preventing even a direct title selection. (Note: The icon is not part of the typical subtitle tracks; players that generate it do so for all subtitles.)

For all those reasons and not more, I plant this firmly in the red. Too bad, because the episode itself is quite fun.

Syzlak: Fox #1 (5/21/00), Global all?, synd
Szyslak: DVD, both Fox repeats (7/12/00, 12/31/00)?

Northern Kentucky: Fox premiere (5/21/00), all Global, synd, DVD
Southern Missouri: Fox repeats (7/12/00, 12/31/00), slightly audible on DVD commentary
Others: see text

Guess I forgot to put the fog lights in!

Homer sings that to the tune of the "Super Sugar Crisp" jingle from seconds earlier. He sings it again during Ned's flashback, but not always to the same tune. In some versions, the flashback version differs mainly in the way Homer sings "fog lights in"; all three notes are the same pitch as "lights" was originally. The Fox premiere (10/31/99) is afflicted with the change {ddg}, and the syndicated version seems to be as well (I didn't do the SCG for this season). The DVD version has the tune match in all three instances; presumably, this version aired on Fox at least once too. I don't know about Global (I suspect all used the original Fox version), or the R2 DVD "The".

It appears to be a rights issue (hinted at on the commentary but not in depth). I can only imagine that either because it's a commercial or from its short nature, a small number of uses of the song is OK, but after that, clearance is needed, and it wasn't available for the premiere. The whole thing is very much like BABF09, below.

Same tune in flashback: DVD, Fox repeats (7/2/00, 10/29/00)?
New tune in flashback: Fox #1 (10/31/99), synd?
Unknown: all Global, "The" R2 DVD
BABF03 Here's an interesting one. Frank Welker is not credited in the original version (11/21/99), but he is on the DVD, along with the other guest voices (but before Tress MacNeille). I don't know when this change happened, or if he's credited in syndication. The change is effected by shortening the credits afterward ever so slightly.

But I wouldn't have noticed except for two things. First, on DVD, the color of the black background darkens slightly from the Dan Castellaneta/Julie Kavner border to just before James L. Brooks' name appears at the very end; remember that the first and last credits fade, so I guess the whole thing couldn't be replaced. Second, Homer's screaming over the credits about the next show times is no longer synchronized correctly. Like several other episodes around this time, the special credits were designed to finish right as the cast list ended and Fox cut them off. Now, Homer finishes talking one name too early.

Because of the first thing (the black level changing), I am torn as to when this might have happened. If it was some time during its run on Fox, they should have been able to re-generate the credits easily, unless they were in a rush; conversely, if it was done for the DVD, the old method may not have been available, but re-jiggering the credits less obviously should have been possible too. Hmm.

Frank Welker: DVD
No Frank Welker: Fox #1 (11/21/99)
Unknown: Fox repeats (1/30/00, 6/25/00), all Global, synd
BABF09 Cake's "The Distance" was the subject of a rights issue (there's a brief tale about it on the commentary). In the original airing, an instrumental soundalike was used, and this version is also found in syndication. The two Fox repeats did manage to get the actual song (with vocals), and that is found on the DVD as well. (I do not know about Global.) "The Distance": DVD, Fox repeats (3/28/00, 8/6/00)
Instrumental soundalike: Fox #1 (2/6/00), synd
Unknown: all Global
Easter eggs
1: Extra deleted scenes. Same deal as the past few seasons, found from the episode menus. Press Up to highlight the crystal ball. Some episodes have two, and a deck of tarot cards will be highlighted before the ball. These can be found on AABF23 (2) (disc 1), BABF02, BABF03, BABF05, BABF04 (2), and BABF06 (disc 2), BABF08 (2), BABF09, BABF10 (2), and BABF13 (disc 3), and BABF14, BABF16, BABF15, and BABF19 (disc 4). A few are particularly notable: BABF13's has the "Maggie on the moon" scene from the commercial, and BABF19's features the "don't print that" bit originally seen in the CABF12 credits.
2: A Simpsons ride. Go Up on the main menu of disc 4.
3: A Japanese "CC Lemon" commercial. I don't see how to access this through the menu system, and it may have been meant to be deleted, but disc 4, title 17 has it. This apparently aired around 2001, and I don't believe it was included on any previous DVD set.

The Simpsons Movie
Yellow? Yeah, in keeping with the theme of the guide, here are some things you might like to know about some shortcomings of the disc. It's not a review of the movie or the DVD.

My notes are based mostly on the widescreen DVD release, but I got some help from {ddg} on the Blu-Ray, and it seems that the discs are about the same, except for the resolution and menus. I don't have the pan-and-scan DVD, and you shouldn't either, but if I see a copy at a library I might have some notes later on that transfer.

A main complaint is the shortage of deleted or alternate scenes. I am aware that there is enough unused footage to make up the running length several times over, but with only a few deleted scenes and 5 trailers, many things the public has seen are not on the disc. TV promos, which are not included for some reason, supply a lot of these bits. A sampling that come to mind (more are welcome, especially if backed up with video):

  • "that's really the same thing" extended Burns scene
  • a donut crashing down to replace the 0 in 20th Century Fox logo (or being there already)
  • a 30-second spot ending with Don LaFontaine saying "this film is not yet rated or finished," seen before act II of the Fox premiere of JABF15 (5/20/07)
  • "that's enough whipping... with this hand!" as seen in an animatic preview at Comic-Con {ddg}
  • Kang and Kodos making fun of the credits (apparently in previews, see also commentary)
  • possibly only scripted, an explanation of how Arnold is president (mentioned in Benjamin Robinson's movie review on a.t.s)
There are a few other things you can see on other DVD releases, which I've detailed in the blue section.

A few trailers had alternate versions when aired on TV. (The DVD versions do not include the green "approved" notices.) Here is a summary:

  • Announcement trailer (Mar '06): I think this was supplied with Ice Age 2 (premiered 3/31/06), but it also appeared on 4/2/06 after act II of Fox's premiere of HABF09. The TV version was cropped to 4:3, except for the movie title and such at the end, which was "letterboxed" (just with blue bars instead of black to match the rest of it).
  • Bunny 1 (Nov '06): This was also shown on TV. After act II of HABF21 on Fox (11/12/06), this trailer was presented in its entirety, in widescreen, with the green notice at the start.
  • Bunny 2 (Nov '06): I don't know if this was shown on TV.
  • The Line (Feb '07): Fox's (and only Fox's) premiere of JABF07 (2/18/07) was shortened to include a version of this trailer. (What is this, season 2-3 again?) It was 2 minutes long and widescreen, and came in the middle of the act II/III break. The beginning was changed as so: Brief sweeping cuts of 20th Century Fox logo with traditional fanfare. Fanfare continues over the following. VO: "This summer, America's favorite family..." A shot of the family gasping in Alaska, then the beautiful Alaskan view. VO: "...hits the big screen." Clips of Bart flying into the Krustyburger window and "on July 27th" graphic/VO appear here, as seen later in the trailer. (12 seconds to this point.) The TV version matches the trailer after the dogsled bit starts, except that the two moved clips are not seen again. (Music that plays during those clips during the trailer seems to be rearranged for TV.)
  • Theatrical (Jun '07): I doubt this was shown on TV.

My other main complaint is the horrible edge enhancement on the DVD's main feature. I don't think it's an unavoidable result of compression, but rather a default setting someone forgot to change. (It really looks horrible on animation!) If you don't know what I'm talking about, pause the movie any time a character is visible and look at the outlines. There are little ghost lines on both sides. At times, it makes the movie almost unwatchable, or at least hard to gaze at. I don't know if this affects the Blu-Ray, but I really hope it doesn't.

That may be all to mention for now. I am very happy that the original aspect ratio was maintained by windowboxing for the I&S opening. I haven't noticed any changes or fixes, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn of any, but it would be hard to compare with the film prints. Tips and corrections are welcome as always.

Easter eggs
1: Non-THX trailer. On the DVD, go to language selection, and move all the way to the left until "Audio" is underlined. (Blu-Ray: Press Up on the language selection menu to highlight the language and audio line. {ddg})
2: Sketch galleries. On the DVD, the deleted scenes, special stuff, and trailer submenus each have one. Press Up until the submenu name is highlighted. (Thanks to Ryan Mead on a.t.s for pointing this method out.) (Blu-Ray: From the main menu, highlight any of the three choices below Play Movie, and move left, so the choice is underlined instead. Each goes to one gallery. {ddg})
3: Notice from Russ Cargill. If you're like me, you don't want to sit through unskippable warnings (see below) or may tune them out. Before the FBI warning is a similar-looking EPA notice that you might not have seen. (Blu-Ray too. {ddg})
4: OK, it's not really hidden, but if you're impatient you might have skipped it without realizing it. After the Fox and Alvin & the Chipmunks promos, there's another one for Bender's Big Score. If you're into that sort of thing, you can select chapter 3 when the promos are playing, or try to access title 28. (It's on the Blu-Ray too. {ddg})

Tips and such
1: Additional deleted scene, animatics, etc. Remember that season 9 has an animatic preview at the start of disc 1 and a behind-the-scenes Easter egg on disc 4; season 10 has a deleted scene on disc 4 that isn't found here.
2: One way to avoid the unskippable warnings is to use the chapter selection menu. Fox Home Entertainment realized some time ago that this works, so you can't go straight to chapter 1, but any other will do. It's still a little quicker, and it makes me happy.
3: Many widescreen DVD menus are encoded in such a way that most DVD players will crop them for 4:3 displays, even when set to letterbox. If you have such a setup and want to see all the snazzy stuff on the sides, try playing the DVD on a computer, or tell the DVD player you have a 16:9 TV (it'll look squished but you can tell what is there, gawk at it for a few minutes, and set it back). I don't know if the P&S DVD menus are the same, and I have no idea if Blu-Ray players do similar stuff in the rarer event they're hooked up to a 4:3 TV.
4: Reel changes. For reasons similar to the act/chapter breaks I've been checking for the series, I kept track of how the film was split into reels and where the changes are. Interestingly, the DVD chapters are very close. There are 5 reels and 25 chapters, and the changes happen almost exactly every 5 chapters. Three of the changes take place on chapter marks (5-6, 10-11, 20-21), but the other is at about 48:40, one minute before the chapter 15-16 mark. Oh well.

Single-disc releases

This is a brief catalog of the single-disc releases currently available in regions 1, 2, and 4. Listed are the episodes included, any extra features (the common "Finest Moments" are apparently just montages, but if any include missing or deleted scenes, please let me know), and known/possible issues. I would appreciate any information that should be listed here, especially as I do not have access to most of these DVDs. See your initials in braces!
(Note: "SC__" refers to the UK's "Simpsons Classics" series, many of which are the same as or similar to UK VHS releases of the same titles. The numbering is mine, based on the order of release.)
For more information on different versions, see above (through current season released), or email me if you want to help but don't know what to look for.

R2R4 The Simpsons Backstage Pass (AKA Music Themes) (SC16) BABF20, 9F21, 3F21, 8F21, Otto's Finest Moments (2:24)
  • Oops! CABF12 was seen in early menu art, but 9F21 replaces it on the actual release. {jv}
  • 8F21 uses the full intro. {jv}
R2R4 The Simpsons Film Festival AABF23, 9F03, 3F18, 2F31, Troy McClure's Finest Moments (2:38 {jv})
R1R2R4 The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 2F03, 3F04, 4F02, CABF19, Kang & Kodos' Finest Moments (2:58)
R2R4 The Simpsons: Risky Business 9F05, 1F13, 3F14, 5F06, Chief Wiggum's Finest Moments (3:27)
  • The "Tourette's" line (see above) is intact in this version of 9F05. {sq}
R2 The Simpsons Go to Hollywood (SC01) 5F19, 2F08, 9F19, 8F08
  • 5F19 replaces AABF09 from the UK VHS (AABF09 is now on the "Dark Secrets" DVD).
  • Unfortunately, 5F19 still uses "butt.butt" here. {jv}
R2 The Simpsons: Greatest Hits (SC02) 7G08, 1F18, 7F03, 9F08
  • The UK VHS release also includes 5F09, which is absent from the DVD.
R1R2 The Simpsons: Bart Wars (SC03) AABF05, 8F17, 4F21, 3F07, "Making of Bart Wars" featurette
  • 3F07 contains the originally absent "smoke blown up my ass" line. {bg}
  • Uter's shirt in AABF05 reads "Futurama" (in your face, space rumor!). {bg}
R2 The Simpsons: Too Hot for TV (SC04) AABF01, 5F01, 5F18, 2F07
R2 Dark Secrets of the Simpsons (AKA The Simpsons: Dark Secrets) (SC05) AABF09, 3G01, 3F13, 2F06
  • AABF09 replaces 2F09 from the UK VHS.
R1R2 Christmas with the Simpsons 7G08, 9F07, 5F07, BABF07, DABF02, Mr. Burns' Finest Moments (3:21) {sb}
  • More details wanted on BABF07 (for the alternate credits list, actually; bells anywhere? ({jv} says no))
R1R2R4 The Simpsons Gone Wild 7G10, AABF08, BABF08, CABF20, Krusty's Finest Moments (2:26)
  • AABF08 contains the "Catholic church" line. {bg}
R2 The Simpsons: Heaven and Hell (SC06) 3F02, 4F18, 1F04, 9F01
R2 The Simpsons: Against the World (SC07) 2F14, 9F10, 7F13, 2F13
  • More details on 2F13's opening wanted
R2 Sex, Lies, & the Simpsons (SC08) 1F07, 4F06, 9F06, 1F17
R2 On Your Marks, Get Set, D'oh! (SC09) BABF06, 4F03, 2F05, 7F05
R2 The (SC10) BABF01, 2F01, 5F11, 1F02
R1R2 The Simpsons: Christmas 2 CABF04, CABF06, EABF13, FABF02, animation showcase (as in seasons 4 and 5) for FABF02 act I
  • More details wanted on EABF13. (It appears to be the syndicated version, but in a nutshell I'm not sure when the changes were made. Timings - see scg-14 - or inside info would help.)
R2 The Simpsons: Raiders of the Lost Fridge (SC11) AABF21, 3F05, 8F09, 3F03
  • AABF21 and 8F09 replace 9F15 and 4F15 from the UK VHS.
R2 The Simpsons: The Last Temptation of Homer (SC12) 7F02, 7F11, 8F14, 8F19
R2 The Simpsons: Crime and Punishment (SC13) 9F20, 1F09, 3F23, 3F12
R2 Viva Los Simpsons (SC14) 2F12, 1F08, AABF06, 8F13
  • More details wanted on AABF06 (Hitler's birthday or Lassie's)
R2 The Simpsons: Springfield Murder Mysteries (SC15) 2F16, 2F20, 8F20, 9F22
R2 The Simpsons: Around the World in 80 D'ohs EABF22, AABF20, DABF10, CABF13
  • More details wanted on CABF13 (existence of subtitles during song)
R1R2R4 The Simpsons: Kiss and Tell: The Story of Their Love 5F18, DABF18, EABF12, FABF13, animation showcase on FABF13 (act II {jv})

A note on act breaks

I had mentioned in the past that the placement of chapter breaks was often poor, ignoring the act breaks sometimes completely. But good news! This has been steadily improving, and season 6 is the first to feature a new chapter at each act break. (Note that for most episodes, there is a commercial break after the opening, but not before the credits.) I took some notes on the matter, and here is a brief summary:
Season 1: About half have a good intro/act 1, but only 7G05 and 7G13 have acts 1/2, and only 7G04 has acts 2/3. 7G10 comes maddeningly close with a chapter 5 seconds before act 2, and 7G07 is very front-loaded (chapter 5 is nearly half the episode).
Season 2: Four episodes have the correct breaks (7F08, 7F15, 7F22, and 7F04, which is the only episode yet with 5 chapters), and five more have one correct in the middle (acts 1/2 or 2/3). Several don't have a chapter after the opening, five have chapters within a minute of an act break, and many have uneven distribution.
Season 3: Each episode has a chapter between acts 1/2 and 2/3, and all but 8F02 have chapters after the opening and before the credits. Most episodes use the extra chapter break to split the longest act.
Season 4: Most episodes have chapter breaks between acts and after the opening, but 9F10 lacks a chapter at both inside act breaks, and 9F12 and 9F18 are missing chapters after act 2. A handful don't have one right before the credits, but none of them had commercial breaks there anyway.
Season 5: Every episode except 1F11 has the correct breaks, including one after the opening and one at the credits; 1F11 has no chapter at or anywhere near the end of act 2.
Season 6: Perfect! Every episode has a break after the opening, after each act, and before the credits (though the executive producers are now included in the credits). Interestingly, almost each one has the extra chapter in act 1, but 2F01, 2F06, and 2F07 have theirs in act 2. Go figure.
Season 7, 8, 9, 10, 11: Perfect again! No additional comments.

Future concerns

Attention DVD-makers! As many previous problems with the seasonal DVD releases seem to be the result of haste or oversight, this is a list of ambiguities and edits that might pose problems in the future. (Some appear to be syndication-only but worth preserving.) These are intentionally short (after all, brevity is...wit), but should be enough for now, until the respective DVDs are made. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, the ambiguities list, SCG, and capsules might be of some help.) Contributions to this list are especially encouraged!
I would encourage the producers to include as many of the alternate versions (not counting plain old cuts) as possible. The "Seinfeld" approach of a whole separate title for the alternate is not necessary, but another audio track might be nice for some (e.g. 3F01, AABF06, GABF10), and brief video clips (on their own) would do well for others (such as 3F10 and BABF19) as well as for any ambiguities in already-released seasons. (If any items from past seasons are not oversights but the result of missing or destroyed masters, almost any copy would do.) Maybe I'm being a little anal, but season [whatever] is coming up and there's a world of nasty cuts out there!
And now, the list:

CABF12: "...a Chinaman?" vs. "...Chinese?"
CABF13: Rumor that some airings are missing subtitles of African song
CABF16: "Pokemon" shtick cut off at Fox logo on some airings
CABF18: George Harrison dedication may be absent from DVD
CABF21: Homer's screams during Fox logo missing in syndication and maybe others
DABF01: "They're all right" vs. "we did it" (see scg-13)
DABF03: Ron Taylor tribute (missing in network repeats)
DABF14: Last-minute blackboard gag
DABF17: Last-minute Stephen Jay Gould tribute
DABF21: James Coburn vs. Lee Marvin bug killer (see scg-14)
EABF03: Credits gag not used in some network airings
EABF13: Syndicated version seems to be on a DVD already; maybe on Fox too?
FABF02: Frat boys at Flanders house with/without snow on ground {tr}
FABF09: Credits not used in some network airings; alternate line from Marge
FABF20: "BFD" muted to various degrees in network airings; Russi (not) credited
GABF01: Last-minute Johnny Carson tribute
GABF10: Credits not used in some network airings; more of the Gracie sound
GABF14: "Judgement" corrected to "judgment" (aww), credits reordered
HABF08: Live-action vs. animated intro, last scene redone
HABF15: Krusty's nose color error corrected
JABF07: Original US airing severely shortened
JABF08: Reanimated scene at beach {jp}
JABF12: Rudy Giuliani scene missing in some or all network versions
JABF20: Alternate framing used for a shot in syndication
KABF02: Badfinger's "Day after Day" cover vs. real version


{ar} Adam Ravenscroft (aka "Adzzzzzzzzzz" of the NHC)
{bg} Bruce Gomes
{ddg} Don Del Grande
{dt} David Toomey
{jlh} Jesse Lee Herndon
{jm} Jeremy Montano
{jp} Jerry Pasnikowski (not Jouni Paakkinen)
{jv} Joachim Varne
{rf} Robbie Ferguson
{rm} Reliable source "Roger Myers III" of the No Homers Club forum
{sb} Scott B.
{sq} Sean Quirke
{ss} "Senor Spielbergo"
{tr} Tim Reardon

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