When Animals Attack™

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"Fox is smokin'. We continue with the most eye-popping animal attacks ever caught on tape."
(commercial preview for [4F18])
Bongo #29: For Ratings-Week 9, the television show "Zookeepers' Nightmare: Taunted Animals Give Payback" was number one with rating 8.8.


[2F13] Bullfrogs overrun Australia.
[AABF14] Plague of frogs.
[AABF17] Frog jumps on Professor Frink's leg.
[EABF15] Two Peruvian fighting frogs fight eachother.
[FABF04] Frog in biology lab wake up and attack kids.


[7G09] Maggie nearly eaten by bear.
[8F06] Marge wonders if Homer is late due to a bear attack.
[8F24] Bear ate kid's hat. {je}
[9F01] Polar bear rummaging through Homer's garbage.
[1F01]# Burns attacked by robotic teddy bear.
[1F06] Ernest Borgnine's Junior Camper group attacked by bear. {my}
[2F06] Talk-show bear attacks its audience.
[2F32] Homer warns about not feeding bears and shows baby bear biting his arm.
[3F16] News report about stowaway bear terrorizing space shuttle crew.
[3F20] Bear eats Homer's mailbox.
[5F19] Yogi Bear mauls Ranger Ned.
[AABF13] CB code translator: "10-33 Actual bear in air".
[AABF15] Grizzly scratches up Bart.
[BABF14] Bear takes Lisa's and Bart's place on rescue ladder.
[BABF21] Three Bears maul Goldilocks.
[CABF04] Male panda bear molests Homer.
[CABF16] Bear wandering around hospital corridor.
[DABF01] Choppy the Bear is now Choppy the Lumberjack.
[DABF12] Bart has a dancing bear.
[DABF15] Bart infected by "panda virus".
[DABF21] Reality game show "Tied to a Bear".
[EABF19] Homer attacked by grizzly bear, makes bear-fighting suit.
[FABF11] Chief Wiggum attacked by bear (as foresawn by Cletus).
[GABF05] Cave bear attacking caveman in museum exhibit.
[GABF06] Panda bears attack Homer.
[GABF12] Eight years in the future polar bear tries to attack Maggie.
[GABF14] Maggie attacked by live teddy bear at rapture.
[GABF18] ABC's new reality show "Billionaire vs. Bear".


[SB04] Oil gasket opened and bees swarms Homer's donut.
[7G09] Homer eats some wild honey along with some bees.
[8F04] Bart's going to take Maggie to throw some rocks at a hornet's nest.
[8F09]# Smithers is stung by several bees Mr. Burns is keeping. {nr}
[8F16] While Homer reclines in the hammock, a beehive falls on his stomach. Homer's bee-sting-covered hand drops more coins into the quickly-filling jar. {mj}
[9F20] The crowd overturns a truck in search of placebos, but only finds killer bees. One man eats one of the bees. {rd}
[1F02] A bee bites Homer's bottom. Now his bottom's big. {dh}
[1F16] Homer dares Burns to sick on him barking dogs with bees coming out of their mouths.
[1F17] Homer stung in eye while guarding sugar pile. {ah}
[2F08] Homer says "we'll just wait for the killer bees to come to us."
[2F19] Bart finds a hive of killer bees and ask Milhouse if wants to throw rocks at it.
[3F18] Lisa attacked by a swarm of bees and horseflies. {my}
[3F18] Smithers stung while riding bike.
[3F31] Homer dares Burns to sick bees on him (outtake from [1F16] )
[4F01] Nelson throws Groundskeeper Willie a hive of bees and tells him to catch football.
[4F21] Lisa spooked by beehive.
[AABF02] Homer sticks hand in beehive.
[AABF06] Bee stings Homer on the nose.
[BABF10] Killer bees mentioned.
[BABF19] Closeup of nasty looking bee on rose.
[CABF18] Kent Brockman talks about African killer bees.
[CABF19] Homers thinks he's being attacked by bees.
[CABF21] Bee nearly stung Homer.
[DABF01] Bart has a beard of bees on his face.
[EABF04] Homer stirs up beehive.
[EABF07] Bees released on to audience of spelling bee.
[GABF06] Burns worried about "bumbled bee" getting into car.
[HABF15] Lisa swallows bee in salad.
[HABF16] Baseball player accidently swallowed bee.


[7G09] Buzzards circling Simpsons.
[9F05] Condor crushes Krusty's skull with its claws.
[1F04] Grampa attacked by buzzards.
[1F07] SNPP employee attacked by Stuart the duck.
[2F01] Hans Moleman in phone booth attacked by flock of birds.
[2F20] Pigeon is swimming with disease.
[3F02] Milhouse worried about bird pecking his soul forever.
[3F06] Pelican drops fish into Homer's pants.
[3F18] Bumble-bee man disguised as tree, attacked by woodpecker.
[3F22] Seagull swoops at Lisa, flock attacks Homer's car.
[3F23] Owl attacks Lisa's chipmunk.
[3G04] Antartica penguins have their own aircraft carrier.
[4F19] Raven tries to carry away Grimes diploma.
[5F12] Seagulls attack cop.
[5F22] Tribunal of legal eagles peck at Bart's eyes.
[5F22] Pigeons described as "feathered rats".
[AABF06] Vultures attack Homer and Ned.
[AABF11] Parrot spooks Marge.
[AABF13] Flock of birds attack seed-bearing Milhouse.
[AABF18] Popcorn-encrusted Homer attacked by flock of chickens.
[AABF19] Ostrich goes on rampage.
[BABF01] Vulture attacks Flanders' corpse.
[BABF20] Woodpecker pecks Bart's head.
[CABF04] Flock of seagulls attacks chum-sprayed parade crowd.
[CABF12] Bird snatches Bart's fake moustache.
[CABF13] Mother bird attacks Bart.
[CABF20] American eagle pecks at Moe's eyes/crotch.
[DABF01] Spotted owl keeps endangering itself.
[DABF03] Toucan swipes Homer's map.
[DABF05] Ostrich attacks Homer.
[DABF07] Ostrich attacks Bart.
[DABF11] Flock of crows peck out Homer's eyes.
[DABF12] Bird feather pokes into Homer's eyes.
[DABF16] Birds attack screamapillar.
[DABF19] Owl (Lisa) tries to carry off and eat anteater (baby Maggie).
[EABF01] Birds peck at Sideshow Bob's remote control zapper.
[EABF16] Flock of birds carry off moose.
[EABF19] Birds attack Homer's sugar ball.
[EABF21] Grim Reaper compared to vulture.
[EABF22] Bart tells Milhouse he has a ladybug in his hair.
[FABF04] Crows circle over a near dead Milhouse.
[FABF06] Vultures attack dead Otto.
[FABF10] Singing bird irritating hungover Marge.
[GABF03] Crows pecking out Milhouse's dad's eyes.
[GABF10] Marge saw owl eating mouse on pillow
[GABF16] Raven spooks Homer and Marge.
[GABF16] Owl spooks Lisa.
[GABF17] Mutant peacocks attacks Bart.
[GABF22] Birds attack Nelson when he robs a nest of their eggs,
[HABF03] Eagle snatches Homer's wedding money.
[HABF07] Mother duck bites Homer on the lip.
[HABF09] Seagull distracts Tiger Woods by landing on his head.
[HABF19] Birds peck at Moe's head.
[JABF02] Homer tells Lisa there's no barn owls


[VSCD] Willie fights and defeats a wolf in the school hallway. {kab}
[7F01] SLH jumps on Mr. Burns. {cl}
[7F14] SLH eats live bug.
[8F09] Couch Scene: Santa's Little Helper is on the couch keeping everyone else off.
[8F10] Homer attacked by a pack of attack dogs on first day of job as dog trainer.
[8F14]# SLH attacks Homer's hand puppets and Homer as well.
[9F05] Bart attacked by Alaska timberwolf.
[1F02]# Homer fights dog for ham.
[2F03] SLH attacks inside-out Bart.
[2F22] Junkyard dog eats door of Flanders' mobile home.
[3F02] SLH bites a trapped Homer in the rear as Lisa and Bart watch. {sl}
[3F24] Spirit coyote rips at Homer's pant leg. {da}
[3G03] Krusty bitten in nose by dog during "dumb pet tricks".
[5F10] Newspaper headline: "Dog kills cat, then self".
[5F21] Dogs maul Homer's corpse.
[5F23] Movementarian hounds chase Marge.
[AABF02] Dog growls at Homer.
[AABF07] Hounds seen in horror movie.
[AABF08] Hounds goes after Ralph's package.
[AABF12] Hounds guarding museum exhibits.
[BABF01] Flanders attacked by wolf.
[BABF05] SLH growls at Homer. {pc}
[BABF06] Man has dog chewing his butt.
[BABF07] Hibbert's dog attacks Homer.
[CABF06] Wolves burrow towards trapped school children.
[CABF07] Wolves waiting for Grampa's corpse.
[CABF11] Picture of bulldog beating up poodle.
[CABF13] SLH bites Homer's leg.
[CABF14] SLH chews on Homer's severed thumb.
[CABF20] Sheepdog growls at Barney.
[DABF01] Wolf pack attacks Homer.
[DABF02] Space monster is a dog.
[DABF07] Vicious dog repeatedly attacks Bart.
[DABF07] Stuffed fox and wolf spooks Bart.
[DABF16] Santa's Little Helper attacks screamapillar, then cat.
[EABF03] Detective thought Lisa may have been a werewolf.
[EABF06] SLH growls at AA meeting.
[EABF09] SLH eats its own fur.
[EABF14] Dogs growl at SLH.
[EABF14] Rin Tin Tin attacks Hitler.
[EABF14] SLH attacks mailman.
[EABF16] Wolf carries off Ralph.
[FABF01] SNL's puppy chews on Krusty.
[FABF02] Wolves attack a trapped Hans Moleman.
[FABF04] Dogs snap at Milhouse.
[FABF11] Prison dogs barking at Bart while he escapes.
[FABF23] Dog attacks cat.
[GABF05] Bart fighting with feral dog.
[GABF10] Santa's Little Helper tugging Jasper's beard.
[GABF15] Santa's Little Helper growls at Bart.
[GABF17] Pack of dogs attack Mayor Quimby/MacCheese.
[GABF19] Kirk Van Houten has been fit from dogs chasing him.
[HABF12] Wolf growls at Lisa.
[HABF19] SLH bites Moe's arm.
[JABF02] Wild dogs tore off sleeves.


[VSCD] A mountain lion attacks Krusty in Krusty's Cut-up Classics video. {kab}
[7F01]# Snowball II jumps on Mr. Burns. {cl}
[7F06] Daredevil Lance Murdoch dragged back into pool by lion.
[7F17] Lions eat Simpsons' car.
[7F21] Mrs. Glick's cat attacks Bart.
[8F02] Snowball II transformed into fire breathing beast.
[9F01] Krusty attacked by Snowball II after fire rescue.
[9F07] Krusty mauled by tigers on "Carnival of the Stars". {ddg}
[1F08] Tiger pounces on its lion-tamers. {dc}
[1F08] Maggie nearly eaten by tiger.
[1F08] Milhouse attacked by kittens after failed magic hat trick.
[2F22] Tiger lunges at Bart.
[3F02] Snowball II hisses at Bart.
[4F01] Snowball II takes swipe at Lisa.
[5F15] Crazy cat lady throws cats at Lisa.
[5F16] Snow leopard takes swipe at sleeping Homer.
[5F22] Cat jumps on Bart's back.
[AABF06] Tiger attacks Homer and Ned.
[AABF12] Snowball takes swipe at Maggie.
[AABF15] Lion in painting licks Homer.
[AABF16] Snowball II hisses and takes swipe at Homer.
[BABF15] Cougar released in mall to kill giant rat.
[CABF04] Homer sics panther on banker.
[CABF11] Homer thinks cats sleeps on babies' faces.
[CABF13] Cheetah spooks Marge.
[DABF01] Cougar pack attacks Homer.
[DABF07] Stuffed cougar spooks Bart.
[DABF19] Panther (Marge) attacks bird.
[DABF20] Lion eating gazelle.
[DABF21] Old lion gums zebra.
[EABF14] Snowball II scratches Homer to wake him up.
[EABF16] Flanders' cat eats fly.
[EABF19] Cats attack Homer's sugar ball.
[FABF01] Crazy cat lady shows up.
[FABF04] Cats swipe at Marge and Lisa.
[FABF04] Crazy cat lady shows up.
[FABF06] Lisa wakes up montain lion.
[FABF19] Cats hisses.
[FABF21] Lion knocks lazy lion out of tree.
[FABF23] Cat Lady appears.
[GABF02] Cat Lady appears.
[GABF06] Cat Lady appears.
[GABF08] Snowball II hisses and takes swipe at Lisa.
[GABF09] Snowball II attacks Homer balloon in opening couch scene.
[GABF12] Cat Lady appears.
[GABF14] Cats all over Moe at sushi bar.
[GABF15] Cat lady appears.
[GABF16] Snowball II spooks Lisa.
[GABF17] Bart going to push his robot brother into lion's den.
[GABF17] Snowball II uses Marge as scratching post.
[GABF18] Gameshow bear really a tiger.
[GABF21] Cat Lady appears.
[GABF22] Cat Lady appears.
[HABF01] Cat Lady appears.
[HABF10] Tigers behind doors.
[HABF11] Tigers in hallway.
[HABF18] Tiger bites Bart's arm.
[HABF20] Cats and firecrackers put into Skinner's pants.
[JABF01] Cat lady appears.


[8F17] Kent Brockman's llama bites Ted Kennedy. {je}
[9F03] Homer shoos goats from kitchen.
[9F06] Moose charges Homer.
[1F02] Pig bites Homer.
[2F01] Homer kicked by mule.
[3F03] Maggie nearly eaten by herd of goats and llamas at petting zoo.
[3F07] Reindeer growl and rear at the kids.
[4F11] Homer rammed multiple times by herd of reindeer.
[AABF14] Sheep bites King David (Bart). {pc}
[AABF19] Homer is attacked by cows, goats and sheep. {am}
[AABF19] A particularly evil sheep sabotages helicopter.
[BABF04] Reindeer try to eat Lisa.
[BABF09] Bart's horse beats up the other racehorses.
[CABF05] Bull charges Simpsons family.
[CABF15] Cow kicks Professor Frink in the groin.
[CABF17] Bull ox kicks Paul "Homer" Bunyan in the groin. (commercial preview only)
[DABF05] Donkey ran amok with Homer during party.
[DABF07] Stuffed moose spooks Bart.
[DABF07] Horse soils more than it cleans.
[DABF21] Zebra bites old lion.
[EABF13] Horse gives menacing look at Lisa.
[EABF13] Herd of elk herd snort back at Homer.
[EABF16] Bull charges Milhouse.
[FABF15] Pig eating pig.
[FABF17] Donkey literally eats Bart's shorts.
[FABF18] Ponies hiss at Lisa.
[GABF12] Eight years in the future Burns' mansion defended by uni-clams.
[GABF13] Unicorn impales Itchy & Scratchy with its horn.
[GABF18] Lisa has rash from where reindeer licked her.
[HABF01] Goat rams Homer.
[HABF06] Big horn sheep rams Lisa and Burns.
[HABF09] Bulls run amok from bullring.
[HABF10] Cow eats Homer's iPod.


[9F10] Bart imagines using giant robotic ant to bite Skinner in half. {cu}
[9F14] Homer confronted by giant spider.
[9F16] Scratchy's skull stripped bare by flesh-eating ants.
[1F13] Race of giant ants seemingly take over space shuttle.
[1F18] Tick sucking on the back of Bart's head.
[2F04] Milhouse mentions cootie inflected blankets.
[2F04] Ant trips Bart on skateboard.
[2F32] Bart imagines himself reincarnating as a butterfly and burning down school.
[3F01] Marge shoos spider that is scaring Homer.
[3F01] Bart has headlice.
[3F02] Milhouse's house infested with potato bugs.
[3F08] Krusty quickly gets out way after dropping scorpion.
[3F09] President Bush attacked by swarm of locusts.
[3G01] Red Tick beer made with tick infected dogs.
[3G02] Moe's jar of pickled eggs has cockroach in it.
[4F01] Nelson's house infested by cockroaches.
[4F08] Batch of flour infested by millipedes.
[4F13] Rod and Todd Flanders attacked by a moth.
[4F13] Store called "Malaria Zone" where all the explorers shop.
[4F24] Milhouse has headlice.
[5F02] Bart turns into mutant fly, chased by spider.
[5F03]# Marge recounts a tick burrowing into her skin.
[5F05] Lisa found a scorpion in her apple sauce.
[5F20] Principal Skinner has to rescue his mother from a June bug.
[5F22] Troy McClure film: "Eww Earwhigs".
[AABF18] Nasty looking spider in gazebo eight.
[AABF20] Canadian gameshow contestants have scorpions dropped on them.
[BABF02] Krusty's bubble gum contains spider eggs.
[BABF06] Ants crawling up Milhouse's arm cast.
[BABF08] Brain parasite lays eggs in Smithers' brain.
[BABF09] Water beetle eats through clogged pipe.
[BABF11] Butterfly gets in Homer's arm; eats thru to his brain.
[BABF12] Moe was bitten by an acting bug. {pc}
[BABF13] Ralph mentions spider bite at Disneyland. {pc}
[BABF13] Bugs terrorizing park, skeletonize park rangers' hand.
[BABF16] Question about black widow at the door.
[BABF16] Question about scorpion on the phone.
[CABF04] Headlice inspection day at school.
[CABF13] Giant spider attacks suitcase.
[CABF13] Bart swarmed by mosquitoes.
[CABF13] Guide says don't let the bedbugs paralyze you.
[CABF13] Marge and Lisa shoot bees at poachers.
[CABF14] Tick sucking on Cletus' head. (commercial preview only)
[CABF15] Ants crawling into Milhouse's mouth.
[DABF06] Cletus has a gutworm.
[DABF07] Bart uses a rubber spider to scare Lisa.
[DABF07] Homer's workspace to be sprayed for ticks.
[DABF14] Professor Frink has a steam-powered super-spider.
[DABF15] Chinese mosquito bites Bart and infects him with "panda virus".
[DABF16] Picture of large screamapillar attacking city.
[DABF17] Homer makes some remarks about Milhouse's cooties.
[DABF21] Bart's blackboard punishment mentions Milhouse has cooties.
[DABF21] Russian termites eats Simpsons household.
[EABF08] Homer swallows caterpillar while sleeping which comes out his mouth as a butterfly.
[EABF11] Homer thinks big moth in front of telescope is a space monster.
[EABF16] Fly lands on Flanders' sandwich.
[EABF17] Moe thinks sweater is infested with chiggers.
[EABF19] Ants attack Homer's sugar ball.
[EABF21] Grim Reaper compared to flesh eating maggots,
[EABF21] Homer as Grim Reaper tells guy to feed the worms.
[EABF22] Bart tells Milhouse he has a ladybug in his hair.
[FABF04] Homer blames cuts on insect bites.
[FABF07] Bart infested by spiders on skeleton.
[FABF11] Skin mite burrowing on Marge's skin.
[FABF11] Bart makes up name "Lotta Cooties" for bride.
[FABF11] Bart afraid of catching cooties from girls.
[FABF13] Bart says Milhouse and Ralph are due for their "cootie shots".
[FABF13] Milhouse has ringworm.
[FABF18] Ant pushes over Mr. Burns.
[FABF21] Grampa scared of spiders in Homer's garage.
[GABF01] Cockroaches in Moe's Tavern.
[GABF02] Worms coming out of Devil Flanders mouth.
[GABF03] Milhouse's dad's bachelor pad infested with cockroaches.
[GABF07] Homer attacked by spiders in garage.
[GABF10] Cockroach at old folk's home.
[GABF13] Lisa says processed food contains trace amounts of bug feces.
[GABF14] Bart attacked by swarm of flies at rapture.
[GABF16] Spider with Bart's head spooks Lisa.
[GABF18] Manatee lagoon full of bugs.
[GABF20] Flies flying around puddle.
[HABF05] Worm in rancid meat.
[HABF14] Giant maggot in movie.
[HABF17] Rats, snakes, spiders coming out of Burns coffin.
[HABF19] Moes chair infested with cockroaches.
[HABF20] Hat of maggots.
[JABF01] Ol' Gil refers to spider bites as Xmas kisses.

In Springfield Illustrated #1, Simpsons producer David Silverman says Mr. Burns is modeled after the praying mantis.

Marine Life:

[7F06] Daredevil Lance Murdoch attacked by after falling into tank of water "filled with man-eating great white sharks, deadly electric eels, ravenous piranha, bone-crushing alligators, and perhaps most frightening of all, the king of the jungle, one ferocious lion!"
[7F11] Homer poisoned by eating ill-prepared blowfish.
[8F07] Sharks eats son in aquarium during "Underwater Fathering".
[9F08]# Captain McAllister attacked by great white shark.
[9F12] Sharks eats starfish. {cw}
[9F20] Homer attacked by lobsters he's trying to cook.
[9F21] Captain McAllister fights off giant squid with harpoon. {sl}
[9F22] Bart runs desperately from one end of the boat to the other, only to find the water inhabited by alligators and electric eels.
[1F11] Bumble-bee guy has lobster pinching his rear stinger.
[1F18] Hermit crab pinches Skinner in the ear.
[1F19] Killer whale jumps and crushes boy in Willie outtake.
[3F18] Captain McAllister mentions a baltic squid that can suck the rivets off a submarine's hull.
[4F17] Shark eats Lisa's freed fish.
[4F20] Chief Wiggum attacked by lobsters he's trying to cook.
[4F21] Octopus attaches itself to Prof. Frink's face.
[5F01] Electric eels reason yo have guns.
[5F05] Two fish bite Homer-type neanderthal's arms.
[5F08] Great White Shark rams glass bottom boat.
[5F11] Bart sees barracuda, moray eel, octopus, jellyfish, and hammerhead shark. Gets bit by a blowfish.
[AABF01] Bart skeletonized by swarm of piranha fish.
[AABF03] Marge pinched by lobster she's trying to cook.
[AABF19] Homer attacked by leeches.
[BABF02] Teller lowered into shark tank.
[BABF06] Man impaled by swordfish.
[BABF08] Shark fins circling in water.
[BABF17] Manta ray circling Lisa in water.
[BABF19] Queen watches Homer getting pinched by lobster on tele.
[BABF21] Killer dolphins take over the world.
[BABF22] Shark bites Scratchy in half.
[CABF03] Landed shark appears to have eaten Bart's dog.
[CABF03] Giant sturgeon eats surfing Russian cosmonauts.
[CABF09] Homer attacked by leeches.
[CABF11] Nelson imagines himself as octopus strangling school staff.
[CABF13] Homer's arm bitten by leeches.
[CABF13] Homer's other arm bitten by fish.
[CABF22] Seal growls at Homer and Marge.
[DABF03] Homer falls on whale.
[DABF03] Sugar shark bites Moe.
[DABF10] Woman sunbather accidently puts jellyfish on her face.
[DABF12] Homer is shown jumping the shark.
[DABF18] Lobsters in tank clicking their claws.
[DABF22] Homer jumpings sharks again in couch opening, gets legs bitten off.
[EABF01] Poison blowfish one of Homer's enemies.
[EABF01] Sharks circling prison.
[EABF01] Homer nearly impaled by Museum of Swordfish.
[EABF08] School of stinging red jellyfish invade beach, stuns Ralph Wiggum.
[EABF10] Burns lowers Homer into a pool of electric eels.
[EABF14] Giant great white shark attacks Homer.
[EABF15] Bart attacked by octopus.
[EABF15] Bart hammered by hammerhead shark.
[EABF15] Picture of Ralph Wiggum with puffer fish in mouth.
[EABF15] Picture of kid stuck in whale's blowhole.
[EABF15] Picture of octopus attacking school bus.
[EABF21] Frink father's was bitten by shark.
[EABF22] Britain had a "mad fish" plague.
[FABF05] Whale drags Flanders and Homer out to sea.
[FABF06] Dr. Nick says Marge's womb is full of sea serpents.
[FABF06] Dr. Nick applies leeches to Bart.
[FABF17] Walrus guarding prison island.
[FABF21] Deep sea fish eat OFF in couch opening.
[FABF23] Live eel crawls out of Chief Wiggum's mouth.
[GABF01] Horseshoe crab slapping Moe's face with tail.
[GABF02] Sperm whale swallows Jonah (Captain McAllister).
[GABF04] Giant mutant fish in SNPP cooling pond attacks Howell Huser.
[GABF12] Eight years in the future Burns' mansion defended by uni-clams.
[GABF15] Maggie spooked by shark on television.
[GABF18] Marge spooked by manatee.
[HABF08] Souless shark on HDTV.
[HABF11] Octopus attacking cook with multiple knives.
[HABF11] Shark from Jaws eating ship's rumba instructor.
[HABF13] Homer coughs up octopus.
[HABF20] Eels in photobooth.
[HABF20] Homer likens himself to a jellyfish cruising for rich snorkellers.
[HABF20] Bart allergic to shrimp.
[JABF02] Octopus steal oxygen tank.


[9F04] King Homer eats several people, including Lenny, Smithers, Shirley Temple and Marge's father. {rd}
[9F13] Urine monkey pees in Krusty's hair.
[1F11] Organ monkey attacks teenage Homer's face.
[1F21] Sideshow Mel attacked by orchestra of monkeys.
[2F09] Homer uses monkeys to reenact the Civil War.
[3F01] Pet monkey gives Bart headlice, Milhouse the plague.
[3F05] News report of a bunch of escaped infected confused and irritable monkeys roaming the expressway.
[4F18] Baboons attack Ned Flanders in monkey pit.
[5F12] Presidential chimpanzee attacks aide's face.
[5F15] Marge needs to get tetanus shot after being attacked by Homer's monkey.
[5F16] Abominable Snowman manhandles Homer in dream.
[5F22] Gorillas that have a taste for snakes.
[AABF12] Screaming monkeys featured on "When Animals Attack Magicians".
[BABF08] Monkey knife fight.
[CABF03] Monkeys attack Marge after magic act.
[CABF08] Radioactive ape takes over Flanders household.
[CABF13] Chimp jumps on Homer's face.
[DABF10] Pack of monkeys attack orphan.
[DABF18] Monkey slaps Mr. Teeny.
[EABF01] Photo of gorilla who has stolen Homer's pants.
[EABF03] Mr. Teeny bit Elliot Gould's kid.
[EABF06] Skating monkey throws diaper at judges.
[EABF22] Brazil still has problem with monkeys.
[HABF07] Bart taken hostage by monkey at animal retirement home.
[HABF10] Monkey fights elephant (and gets eaten).
[HABF18] King Homer snatches Marge from building (opening credits)


[7F19] Miss Hoover think she has lyme disease from ticks.
[9F20] Osaka flu invades Springfield.
[1F07] Sign: "Capital City Plaza Hotel, Legionnaires' Disease-Free since 1990".
[2F03] OFF mention flesh-eating virus in chorus song at end.
[2F32] Krusty O's contains flesh-eating bacteria in every box.
[3F01] Milhouse catches the ebola virus.
[3F06] Burns' lab has Rocking Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu cultures.
[3F13] Jebediah Springfield succumbed to diptheria.
[3G01] Scully & Mulder mention flesh-eating virus.
[3G02] "Curious George and the Ebola Virus".
[4F09] Martin's birthday party guests catches botulism from raw oysters.
[5F09] Bart's nurse says he has the plague.
[AABF20] Expired plankton tainted with red tide.
[BABF02] Krusty's bubble gum is a carrier of the Hantavirus.
[BABF04] Bart and Homer think they have leprosy.
[BABF21] Bart catches plague from rat bite.
[CABF19] Woman has cholera.
[DABF15] Bart infected by "panda virus".
[EABF11] Kruster Burgers contaminated by Mad Cow Disease.
[EABF18] Burn's germ warfare experiments mentioned.
[EABF22] Britain had a "mad fish" plague.
[FABF06] Bart scares lisa with plague rat.
[FABF07] Homer uses rat as remote control.
[FABF18] Burns mention smallpox infected blankets.
[GABF09] Skinner paints Groundskeeper Willie's face to make him look like he has the plague.
[GABF19] Maggie catches chicken pox. Homer hosts pox party so all the neighborhood children can get infected.


[AABF09] Mexican fighting trees able to protect themselves.
[CABF13] Homer eaten by giant man-eating plant.
[EABF17] Venus flytrap bites Homer.
[EABF17] Giant Sumutran Century Flower stinks up the entire town.


[7F06] Truckosaurus eats car.
[7F06] Alligators attack Lance Murdoch.
[8F24] Snake bit Milhouse.
[8F11] Scratchy falls down well into mouth of alligator.
[9F01] Moe is a practising snake-handler and has the snake bites to prove it.
[9F11] Homer runs into alligator's mouth playing maze..
[9F18] Snake Whacking Day.
[9F20] Grampa fights alligator in toilet.
[9F22] Bart runs desperately from one end of the boat to the other, only to find the water inhabited by alligators and electric eels.
[1F15]# Turtle Wax turtle grabs Homer's hair.
[2F03] Tyrannosaurs Rex snaps at Homer.
[2F04] Groundskeeper Willie attacked by wee turtles.
[2F05] President Lisa chased by dinosaurs on Monster Island.
[2F06] Homer explains that in the postcard of alligator biting woman's bottom that she is being sexually harassed.
[2F08] Moe repeatedly bitten by snake.
[2F32] Milhouse eaten by large snake.
[3F02] Sponge dinosaur eats Lisa. {pc}
[3G01] Turtle bites Grampa.
[3G01] Crocodile eats frog.
[4F20] Chief Wiggum attacked by alligator
[5F01] Alligator is a type of weapon.
[5F08] Snake bites Ned Flanders.
[5F19] Snapping turtles chase after Homer.
[5F22] Bolivian tree lizards overrun Springfield.
[5F22] Chinese needle snakes that eat lizards.
[5F23] Marge runs across alligators.
[AABF15] Hissing snake hiding in piano.
[AABF17] Loch Ness monster swallows Mr. Burns.
[AABF18] Otto swallowed by large snake.
[AABF20] Godzilla attacks airliner.
[BABF03] Homer repeatedly bitten by cobras.
[BABF06] Preacher has snake handler rattlers.
[BABF10] Snake strikes lizard.
[BABF16] Question about rattlesnake in window.
[BABF16] Baby gators attack Homer.
[BABF21] Rattlesnake attached to Homer's arm.
[BABF22] Turtle bites Cletus' finger.
[CABF13] Crocodile attacks boat.
[CABF18] Dragon runs amok at parade.
[CABF19] Smithers the snake eats Mr. Burns.
[CABF22] Homer having nightmares about cobras.
[DABF03] Homer uses cobra as banjo pick.
[DABF07] Stuffed cobra spooks Bart.
[DABF10] Wrist bracelet turns out to be a poisonous snake.
[DABF10] Giant anaconda snake swallows Bart whole.
[DABF18] Homer's wedding ring inside turtle.
[EABF01] Turtle used as back scratcher.
[EABF13] Rattlesnake guarding its eggs.
[EABF14] Toxic pricker snake attacks Krusty.
[EABF15] Turtle attacks Bart.
[FABF03] Crocodile mauls Steve 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin.
[FABF06] Man's belt turns out to be a poisonous snake.
[FABF13] Rattlesnake rattles at young Homer.
[FABF18] Homer drives right into middle of rattlesnake sanctuary.
[FABF23] Sewer alligators attack Hans Moleman.
[GABF06] Selma's pet iquana bites her toe thinking she's dead.
[GABF11] Itchy feeds Scratchy to some alligators.
[GABF14] Marge's hair turned into snakes at rapture.
[GABF17] Mutant peacocks have snakes for tongues.
[GABF20] Cletus resues son swallowed by alligator.
[HABF01] Giant anaconda snake swallowed two of Santa's reindeer.
[HABF03] Town fountain full of pythons.
[HABF10] MacGyver jumps into basket full of pythons.
[HABF17] Rats, snakes, spiders coming out of Burns coffin.
[JABF02] Dragon swallows villian.


[VSCD] A raccoon destroys the Nuclear control panel in "The Donut Toss Game." {kab}
[7G09] Homer attacked by bunch of squirrels and rabbits when trying to flush bush.
[8F04] River of rats scurrying away/towards SNPP.
[9F10] Mutated squirrels uses laser eyes to pick acorns.
[9F10] Mother possum bit Homer.
[9F22] Cops use squirrels in pants for the purpose gambling.
[1F03] Lionel Hutz rummaging through Homer's garbage.
[1F03]# Homer gets sprayed by skunk.
[2F02] Bats spooks library patron.
[2F21] Lionel Hutz rummaging through dumpster.
[3F06] Beavers attack Homer doll.
[3F08] Sideshow Bob's nuclear bomb is infested with rats. {ah}
[3F23] Chipmunk blows dandelion seeds into Lisa's face making her hay fever even worse. {my}
[4F05] Apple cider mill infested with rats after WWII.
[4F18] Racoon attacks Homer's face.
[4F19] Rats scurrying towards Moe's Tavern.
[4F22] Above rats occupying Moe's Tavern.
[5F01] Flying squirrels reason to have guns.
[5F02] Bats fly into Homer's hair(s).
[5F07] Rat with reindeer antlers on Moe's Tavern.
[5F08] Rats running on hotdog rollers.
[5F09]# Rats occupy family's garbage heap.
[5F22] Mongoose, badger threaten bird nest.
[AABF02] Homer attacked in face by rats.
[AABF05] Rats are milked.
[AABF11] Racoon wakes Homer from drunken stupor.
[AABF16] Rats run out of Springfield before Olympic delegation arrive.
[AABF19] Lisa spooked by rat. {am}
[AABF19] Racoon attacks Homer's face.
[AABF20] Family sprayed by skunk at gameshow.
[AABF21] Homer bitten by bat.
[BABF03] Homer attacked by mongoose.
[BABF10] Squirrels having rumble.
[BABF20] Badger mauls Homer.
[BABF21] Bart catches plague from rat bite.
[CABF04] Homer sprayed by pack of skunks.
[CABF10] Bats spooks Bart.
[CABF11] Homer assures Marge that Maggie will be afraid of bunnies.
[CABF13] Bushbaby spooks guide, soils shirt.
[DABF01] Skunk sprays Bart.
[DABF01] Chipmunk bites Homer in the butt.
[DABF10] Multi-colored rats running through Brazil slum.
[DABF10] Coatimundi snarls at Marge and Lisa.
[DABF10] Flock of vampire bats bite Homer.
[DABF13] Bat in living room.
[DABF13] Krusty mentions lemur that is always chomping on his groin.
[DABF15] Maggie fending off raccoon.
[DABF17] Springfield overrun by ferrets.
[DABF22] Rat eating pretzel on Moe's Tavern.
[EABF05] Maggie attacked by feral Furbies.
[EABF05] Bart spooked by shadow of rat.
[EABF09] Spooked squirrel bites off head of Malibu Stacy doll.
[EABF13] Dam of beavers attacks Homer.
[EABF18] Rats scene with Maggie.
[FABF04] Skunk raises tail at Marge and Lisa.
[FABF06] Bart scares lisa with plague rat.
[FABF12] Imaginary bunny forcing Barney to drink.
[FABF15] Smithers has a cage full of murderous gerbils and hamsters.
[FABF19] Skunk sprays Sherri and Terri.
[GABF01] Rats in Moe's Tavern.
[GABF02] Football player dresses up like beaver and gnaws down goal post.
[GABF04] Barney suggest giants rats to attrack tourists to Springfield.
[GABF06] Porcupine pricks sleeping Homer full of needles.
[GABF09] Rats escape from pie and jump into Milhouse's and Bart's mouths.
[GABF16] Flock of bats spooks Lisa.
[GABF20] Springshire Tea House had to close because their cakes were filled with rat droppings.
[GABF21] Rats chewed through Moe's wiring.
[HABF06] Flock of bats chews on Homer's legs.
[HABF12] Pack of squirrels pour poison down Groundskeeper Skinner's throat.
[HABF15] Squirrel chatters at Nelson.
[HABF17] Rats, snakes, spiders coming out of Burns coffin.
[HABF20] Skinner allergic to peanuts, peanuts appear as bats.

Zoo Animals:

[9F22] Sideshow Bob trampled by parade of elephants.
[1F05] Zoo animals escape after ferris wheel smashes gates: polar bear, monkey, ape, snake, camel, moose, birds, lion, elephant.
[1F15] Bart's elephant goes on a rampage.
[2F13] Koala bear attaches ride on helicopter.
[2F18] Rhino escapes zoo and mauls bystanders during newscast.
[2F31] Shot of Krusty directing zoo animals into one entrance of a Krusty Burger and people walking out the exit on the other side of the building.
[3F03] Meat Council film shows a lion catching an antelope, a hawk carrying off a fully grown sheep, a dog eating a frisbee, and a shark catching a gorilla.
[5F04] Elephant grabs Homer around the waist by his trunk and slams him against the ground. {my}
[5F11] Wild boar charges children.
[AABF02] Barney's pink elephant stamps out his drug hallucination.
[AABF10] Lemur bites kangaroo's tail, kangaroo kicks rhino which causes a rhino stampede.
[AABF15] Animals escape from zoo during flood.
[AABF19] Animals run amok on farm in nicotine withdrawal fits.
[AABF21] Homer causes stampede at zoo.
[BABF03] Koala bears eating freshly killed antelope.
[BABF18] Elephant grabs SLH with its trunk.
[CABF02] Koala bear blowing sleeping gas through eyes.
[CABF06] Vietnamese elephant eats escaping American p.o.w.
[CABF13] Warthog spooks Lisa.
[CABF13] Hippopotamus attacks Homer.
[DABF18] Bart's elephant swallows Milhouse, Bart and Homer.
[DABF21] Old lion gums zebra, zebra bites lion back.
[EABF13] Menacing wildlife glowing eyes in dark woods.
[EABF19] Elephant attacks grizlly bear in nature preserve.
[FABF14] Dreaderick Tatum schedule to fight white rhino.
[FABF21] Bart has game "Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinoes".
[HABF10] Elephant eats monkey.

Burns Releasing The Hounds™:

[7G04] Burns warns company picnic to clear out because the hounds are going to released in 10 minutes.
[7F10] Burns asks Smithers to release hounds on Homer and Marge when he decides to reject their settlement.
[7F07] Burns releases hounds on Bart when he tries to steal pie from window sill.
[8F17] Burns releases hounds on Flanders when he solicits him about recycling.
[8F17] Burns releases hounds on Bart when Smithers reports a sweet little boy is ringing the doorbell.
[8F17] Burns recalls his dog "Crippler" nabbing his first hippie in the 1960s. {ag}
[9F15] Burns has a two-headed mutant dog. {ag}
[1F02] Burns has hound chained to his chair at Springfield College.
[3F10] Homer gets mauled by the hounds when he takes back the bowling trophy Burns kept for himself.
[3F31] Burns releases Richard Simmons robot on Homer. (outtake from [1F16])
[4F10] Burns has a "mad dog drill" button on his emergency console.
[4F16] Burns and Smithers seen walking hound in park (without incident).
[5F14] Burns presses "hounds" button without incident.
[BABF07] Homer mentions that Mr. Burns is always releasing the hounds on people soliciting for various charities.
[CABF01] Burns releases hounds on Bart but not before he attaches Thai menus to their collars.
[DABF11] Burns threatens to feed Homer's ribs to the dogs.
[EABF13] Burns releases the hounds on the Simpsons family after they sing him some Christmas carols.
[GABF22] Burns releases the hounds on charity crowd after reneging on donation.

Chief Wiggum Releasing The Hounds:

[7G04] Chief Wiggum's hound picks up Homer's scent in bar.
[8F15] Chief Wiggum uses hounds to track down the Teachers Editions. {my}
[9F20] Chief Wiggum is about to release the dogs on rioters but because of his off-key singing they attack him. {ag}
[1F09] Chief Wiggum uses hounds to track down the Cat Burglar but instead releases hounds upon himself.
[2F17] Chief Wiggum uses them to find Milhouse.
[5F18] Chief Wiggum uses Homer's underwear for scent which spooks hound.
[CABF22] Hound left in back of Wiggum's police cruiser snarls at Bart and Milhouse.
[DABF11] Chief Wiggum's drug dog sniffs a joint in Homer's pant pocket, mauls his crotch repeatedly.
[GABF05] Chief Wiggum using dogs to track down killer.

Evil Flanders Releasing The Hounds:

[2F03] Evil Flanders releases hounds on Homer when he refuses to get a lobotomy. {cg}

#- cut in syndication
Contributors: {ag} Alberto Gonzales, {ah} Alan Hamilton, {ac} AceMan, {ak} Alan Kyle (who pointed out many corrections), {bh} Brian Rathjen, {cu} Craig (uk), {cg} Charles Gregory, {cl} Chad Lehman, {cw} Craig Whyte, {da} Dale Abersold, {ddg} Don Del Grande, {dc} Donna Coyne, {dh} Dominik Halas, {je} Jordan Eisenberg, {kab} Kevin A. Bowman, {mj} Margaret H. Jones, {my} Matt Yorston (who pointed out many corrections), {nr} Nick Rose, {rd} Rick Diamant, {sl} Simon Lau.

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