Virtual Springfield Strategy Guide

Courtesy Alex Scott

HINT: To quickly get somewhere, on the map screen hold Ctrl+V+S and double click the location you want to go to.

Objective #1: Get all the trading cards.

Here are the locations of trading cards. The cards appear in a spot more than one time. Sometimes a card is there, sometimes not. Under the lamp in Town Hall. Under Maggie's bed. In the TV in Krusty's office. In the wall of Burns's office. Behind the Labor Laws poster in Krustylu Studios. Behind the clip board in the TV control room. In the cabinets under the hamster in Ms. Hoovers class. On a tree branch out the window of Bart's tree house. Behind the preachers stand.

Objective #2: Get to the cabinets under the hamster in Ms. Hoovers class.

Get Ms. Hoover's class map from Lisa's desk drawers in her bedroom. Go to Springfield Elementary. Go to Ms. Hoover's class. Look in Ms. Hoover's bottom right desk drawer. Get the hamster food. You can now access the cabinets.

Objective #3: Get in the lockers at Springfield Elementary.

In Bart's room go under his bed and get the piece of paper on the bed frame. Go to Springfield Elementary and you can now check out the lockers.

Objective #4: Get inside Grampa Simpson's Bottom drawer.

Inside Bart's locker grab the piece of paper taped to the door. Go to Springfield Retirement Castle. Now you can get in Grampa's Bottom drawer.

Objective #5: Go to the Stonecutters meeting place.

In Grampa's bottom drawer, grab the ring. Now pay the stonecutters a visit.

Objective #6: Enter Burns's executive washroom.

Go behind the speaking booth in the Stonecutters lodge. Open the case and get the key. Go to Burns's office and click on the fireplace and tada! You're in the executive wash room!

Objective #7: Play the donut toss game.

Go to Homer and Marge's bedroom. Click on the dresser. open the drawer all the way to the right and get the butterfinger wrapper. Go to sector 7G at the Nuclear Power Plant. Now pull the lever then pull the string and get the donuts.

Objective #8: Go to Principal Skinner's office.

Go to Moe's Tavern. Click on the bar and get the box on the left. Grab the key that has the tag that says Spanky. Now you can enter Principal Skinner's office.

Objective #9: Beat Krusty's Karnival of Kash arcade game.

Shoot the coin when Krusty's head is all the way left. If you do this the coin is more likely to get into his mouth.

Objective #10: Get into Krusty's office.

Go to town hall. Go into the middle desk drawer. Get the Krusty key. Go to Krustylu Studios. Go into the room with Krusty's face on the door.

The Final Objective: Get the secret card #75.

After getting all the cards click on the switch that brings down the cards. In front will be (guess what) card #75! I'm not going to tell you what the card says because it's a secret!

For detailed information about the game, check out Vince Chan's Guide to Virtual Springfield.

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