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Key to Listed ULs:

  • T = 100% scientific truth
  • Tb = believed true, but not conclusively proven
  • F = 100% falsehood
  • Ft = A legend, mostly untrue, but with a true occurrence or known origin.
  • Fb = believed false, but not conclusively proven
  • U = unanswered and may be unanswerable
  • FOAF = Friend Of A Friend sent to
  • * = not listed in afu faq or snopes

T,F,T. "Baghdad Betty" told US army that Bart Simpson was sleeping with their wives.

(It was also a Johnny Carson joke but later reported as fact by CNN, Time magazine, New York Times, et al. In the original joke it's Homer instead of Bart).

Silly Dragon adds:

I was in the Al-Khobar complex when the broadcast was made, and I heard it. That was shortly before the Air Force started jamming the frequency Baghdad Betty was broadcasting on.

Dan Castellaneta mentions Bart's popularity with the Iraqis in his forword to Nancy Cartwright's autobiography.

See <gulf:bart>, <bart:vector>, <lyrics>, & <snopes:iraq>

F. "Blue star" or cartoon character (esp. Bart Simpson) tattoos laced with LSD is sold at schools to hook kids on acid.
See <snopes:bluestar>

T. You can find lots of weird messages on license plates if you try really hard.
See <plates>

T. A 'Dear Abby' advice column was pulled because it included a letter taken from Simpsons episode [7G14].
See <snopes:letter>

T. Voice actress Nancy Cartwright was elected mayor of Northridge, California.
See <snopes:cartwright>

[7G05] Herman lost his arm as a child due to sticking arm out of school bus window.
[HABF08] Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer) warns Homer to keep his head in the tour bus. Homer doesn't and gets his head whacked.
Fb. Schoolkid beheaded by road sign, due to sticking his head out the bus window. (FOAF)
See <snopes:beheaded>

[7G09] Scientists can't conclude whether Homer is a human or an ape.
T. "Baywatch" proves that apes share at least 95% of DNA with humans.
See <simian>

[7G11] Homer gives Marge a bowling ball as a birthday present.
T. A 'Dear Abby' advice column was pulled in 2004 because it included a letter taken from an episode of The Simpsons which first aired in 1990. See <snopes: dear abby>

[7G13] Bart flushes cherry bomb down toilet. Obvious consequences ensue.
T.* Students flush mysterious chemical down toilet. Toilet explodes off the wall.
(this happened at my high school but I won't say what the mysterious chemical is - hl)

[7F04] Lisa tells the classic babysitter horror story.
F. A babysitter left alone in charge of sleeping children receives several threatening phone calls. After reporting the calls to the phone company, the girl is notified by the telephone operator that the calls are originating from the upstairs extension. The babysitter flees the house just ahead of an armed intruder who has already murdered the children.
See <snopes:babysitter>

[7F12] Marge burns her bra in high school in order "to free ourselves from these male-imposed shackles!".
F. During the 1970s, militant feminists burned their bras as a way of calling attention to their cause and thus raising public consciousness about women's issues.
See <snopes:burnbra>

[7F14] Simpsons family puts "free to loving home" ad in the paper for Santa's Little Helper which is answered by an unscrupulous farmer.
[1F15] Ad for elephant answered by ivory poacher.
[2F18] Ad for free puppies answered by Mr. Burns who wants them all to make himself a vest.
F. Ads for "free pets" are frequently answered by testing labs for specimens.

[7F17] Dr. Monroe solicits money for an experiment where he will raise a small child in an isolation chamber he calls a `Monroe Box'.
[8F17] Principal Skinner envisions a state-of-the-art detention hall where children are held in place with magnets.
[9F14] Principal Skinner mentions that every showman is "Half B.F. Skinner and half P.T. Barnum"
F. B.F. Skinner's daughter died/committed suicide/sued because of she was reared in a Skinner box/special crib.
See <snopes:box>

[7F20] Homer seeks to catch mythical giant catfish.
F. Various encounters with giant catfish in lakes.
See <snopes:catfish>

[7F23] Ned Flanders opens the Leftorium.
Fb. Left-handed people have shorter life spans than righties.

[7F24] Homer sent to mental asylum for wearing pink shirt to work.
U. The sane are mistakenly incarcerated in lunatic asylums.
See <snopes:crazy>

[8F05] Krusty is worshipped in France.
T. Jerry Lewis was a demi-god in France during the 1960s.
See <straightdope:lewis>

[8F08] Moe sells a drink concocted by Homer called the "Flaming Moe".
F. Japanese beer company sells bottled hydrogen beer which enables patrons to shoot flames out of their mouths. See <snopes:flame>
T.* A flaming drink called the "double octane" has been served illegally in bars...
T.* ...and in Australian cocktail bars.

[8F08] Bart's prank call goes wrong when there is a patron in the bar named "Hugh Jass".
T. There are lots of stupid sounding names.

[8F12] Barney appears to be suffocating at football game because his entire body is covered with paint.
T. You'll probably die if your skin is completely coated w/paint, but not of asphyxiation.
See <snopes:goldfinger>

[8F13] Mr. Burns hires a hypnotist for his baseball team.
[CABF10] Sideshow Bob hypnotzies Bart to kill Krusty.
U. Hypnosis is a fake! Net says "Yes, no, zzzz".

[8F14] Wall E. Weasel band sings crappy Happy Birthday song.
[CABF04] ... but Simpsons family sings it correctly in restaurant.
[EABF13] Simpsons family singing Christmas carols at lawyer's house who tells them to cease & desist as those songs are copyrighted. Also Disney owns rights to two musical notes.
T. The song "Happy Birthday" is copyrighted.

[8F16] Krabappel's ex-husband car sputters out because her ex-husband pout sugar in her gas tank again.
F. Putting sugar in the gas tank will ruin a vehicle's engine.
See <snopes:sugar>

[8F19] Quimby paraphrases JFK's Berliner statement.
T. JF Kennedy said "Ich bin ein Berliner." Could be either "I am a native of Berlin" or "I am a jelly doughnut." Berliners knew what he was talking about.

[8F21] Homer discovers some Billy Beer in his old concert jacket.
[5F05] Homer has some Billy Beer hoarded in his safety deposit closet.
F. Cans of Billy beer is a real collectors item.
T. Various scam artists have tred to sell Billy Beer on eBay at inflated prices. Two billion cans were made and they are today only worth worth a paltry 50¢.
T. ... but cans of the unlicensed Duff Beer from Australia discontinued because of a Fox lawsuit are one of the most sought Simpsons collectors items.

[8F22] Skinner recalls being spat on upon returning home from Vietnam instead of the promised parade.
[BABF09] Homer shoots some bull about fighting in Vietnam and being spat on upon returning home.
Tb.* Vietnam veterans returning home were greeted by spitting protesters. (read book "Homecoming: When the Soldiers Returned from Vietnam" by Bob Greene {md})

[9F02] A lawyer and two thugs from the Walt Disney Company attempt to close down Springfield Elementary's school carnival for using the phrase "Happiest Place on Earth." {cc}
[HABF22] Krusty's lawyers serve Marge notice that her Krusty sculpture is a breach of copyright.
T. Disney forced three day care centers to remove cartoon characters painted on their walls.
See <snopes:daycare>

[9F02] Homer out of desperation eats a whole jar of Vaseline.
T.* In the old days people used to eat Vaseline to grease their innards. It even came with in strawberry flavor.

[9F03] One of Bart's atrocities is replacing Mrs. Krabappel's birth-control pills with Tic-Tacs.
Fb. Daughter uses mother's birth control pills and replaces them with aspirin.
See <snopes:pregnant>

[9F04] A zombie Krusty asks his young television viewers to send him their parents brains on a three by five card.
[FABF16] Krusty needing expensive prescription drugs asks his young fans to break into their parents' medicine cabinets and send the pills to him.
T. Soupy Sales was suspended for asking his young television viewers to send him "green pieces of paper" taken from their parents' wallets.
See <snopes:soupy>

[9F04] When Burns asks Smithers what he thought about hiring Marge, Smithers says, "I think women and sea-men don't mix." Burns replies, "We know what you think!"
F. The UK cartoon series "Captain Pugwash" had character names with sexual double entendres.
See <snopes:pugwash>

[9F10] Mayor Quimby thinks Leonard Nimoy was one of "The Little Rascals".
[2F17] Moe was in the original "The Little Rascals".
T.* Robert "Baretta" Blake was in the original "The Little Rascals" (but he wasn't Spanky).

[9F10] Old town charter says that every month the police chief gets "two comely lasses of virtue true".
Fb. Medieval lords really have the "right of the first night"-- that is, the right to be the first to bed the local maidens.
See <straightdope:first night>

[9F11] Twenty-two immigrant laborers died during the construction of the Duff Beer-amid.
T. Over a hundred workers died during the building of the Hoover Dam. Cemetary for them is nearby at Duff Gardens.
F. There are workmen who died building Hoover Dam and were entombed in it.
See <snopes:hoover>

[9F12] Kent Brockman falls for the "I.P. Freely" gag on the Channel 6 News.
T. Newspaper reporter falls for the old "funny name" gag. See <snopes:ipfreely>

[9F14] Duff quality control employee finds mice, rat, syringe human nose in beer bottles but misses goldfish and Hitler's head.
Fb. Various unsavoury items such as rodents, syringes, condoms, etc. have appeared in beer bottles, Coke cans, etc.
T. Many occurrences have turned out to be frauds in order to sue the company for product liability.
T.* The first successful negligence lawsuit was the 1932 English case Donoghue v. Stevenson concerning a snail found in a bottle of ginger beer. {sr}
See <snopes:finger>, <snopes:syringe>, <snopes:beervat> [1f01]

[9F15] Football player trips over human-shaped patch of dirt after SNPP union boss mysteriously disappears.
[AABF13] Teamsters mentioned what they did to Jimmy Hoffa.
U.* The body of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa is buried under the end zone of Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

[9F17] Lisa explains that April Fool's Day dates back to the pagans when the early Christians played tricks on them.
F.* April Fool's Day originated as a prank by converted Aztecs playing pranks on their heathen compatriots on their springtime holiday (this artificial UL was first trolled in "Why Things Are" by Joel Achenbach).
U. April Fools' Day began in the 1500s when the Gregorian calendar took over from the Julian. Those who forgot the change and attempted to celebrate New Year's (previously celebrated on the 1st of April) on the wrong date were teased as "April fools."
See <snopes:april fool>

[9F17] Vending machine collapses on Homer.
[1F03] Homer gets both arms stuck in separate vending machines.
T. People have been injured by rocking a vending machine that falls on them.

[9F18] Springfield has an annual "Whacking Day" for snakes.
T. For some reason, some folks kill snakes by grabbing tail and "snapping" them.

[9F19] Gabbo caught saying "All the kids in Springfield are SOB's." on live television.
F. Some kid's talk show host says "That ought to shut the little bastards up!" on live TV/radio. (FOAF)

Mark Aaron Richey responds to this thread:

Wrong: it's true!! Back in the '50s there was a popular radio program for kids hosted by "Uncle Don," who lost his job after saying "That oughta hold the little bastards," thinking the microphone had been shut off.

Um, no it isn't. "Uncle Don" was a popular children's radio show host in the New York City area from the late 20's to the early 50's. That story got attached to him sometime in the thirties. If he had said it, his radio career would have probably been over.

That story has been floating around since the early days of radio, late teens and early 20's. The story attached itself to Uncle Don because he was the most famous. You can see it happening today, with that rumor going around that anybody with a kid twelve and under is entitled to a savings bond from Gerber to settle a price fixing lawsuit. The truth was that a smaller company agreed to pay a much smaller amount to a small number of customers last year, but it mutated and attached itself to Gerber. Same thing happened with this legend. Truth it, Gabbo is the first "person" ever caught cussing at his audience on camera.

Mark Richey

See <snopes:bastards> and <snopes:Uncle Don>

[9F20] Frink proves that Marge was present at the Kennedy assassination.
U. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

[9F20] Grampa fights off alligator stuck in toilet.
[4F15] Rex Banner mentions what happens to pet baby alligators.
[BABF16] Marge will welcome big gator in her toilet anytime.
[CABF18] Dragon started out as baby that was flushed down toilet.
[FABF23] Hans Moleman eaten alive bvy sewere alligators.
F. There are alligators inhabiting the sewers of New York City.
See <snopes:gator> & <snopes:gator2>

[9F20, 2F08, 2F19, BABF10, CABF18] Killer bee references.
T. "Killer" African bees are swarming into Texas from down South.

[1F01] Bart buys a bag of ice from the Kwiki Mart. When he notices a head in the bag, and Apu quickly thinks up an excuse about the bags with heads being chock-full of heady goodness.
U. Customer at fast food chicken outlet is served a batter-fried rat. (On November 28, 2000, a breaded deep-fried chicken head was allegedly found in a box of chicken wings purchased at a McDonald's in Newport News, Virginia)
See <snopes:friedrat> and [9f14]

[1F02] Nerds debate some guys at MIT over the internet (circa 1993) why Captain Picard is better than Captain Kirk.
U. "Trekkies" are controlling the minds of everyone on the net.

[1F03] When Ruth Powers turns off her tail lights Chief Wiggum thinks he saw a ghost car.
F. Drug runner evades detection by driving a fast black car while wearing night vision goggles.
See <snopes:stealth>

[1F04] Martin was embarrassed of his Wang tee-shirt.
Tb.* Wang Computers had a tee-shirt slogan "Wang Cares" which sounds like "wankers".

[1F04] Flanders' decapitated head says "Heidily-ho, Bart!".
[FABF06] Agnes still berating executioner Wiggum after getting beheaded.
Tb. Guillotined persons may remain conscious long enough to blink.

[1F10] Homer tries to destroy a Twinkie and Apu responds "Silly customer. You cannot harm a Twinkie".
[FABF07] Homer storing Twinkie in wall safe because he heard they turn to liquor after ten years.
F. Hostess Twinkies have an indefinite shelf life.
See <snopes:twinkies>

[1F12] Krusty Burger's "secret sauce" is mayonnaise left out in sun.
F. Various gross stories about fast food outlet's "secret sauce" and mayonnaise.
See <snopes:sauce>

[1F12] Stacey Lavelle was forced out the Malibu Stacy doll company in 1974 because she was funneling profits to the Viet Cong.
T. During the Vietnam War Jane Fonda went to Hanoi in 1972 on behalf of the Viet Cong government.
See <snopes:hanoijane>

[1F13] Itchy pops Scratchy's space helmet, head blows up.
[BABF01] Homer's and Bart's heads explode in the vacuum of space.
F. People explode/boil/something in the vacuum of space.

[1F16] Burns plans to have Smithers buried alive with him.
[CABF07] Cadaver-cam shows Bart trying to claw his way out of coffin.
[GABF16] Groundskeeper Willie's cousin Gravedigger Billy claims to to have never buried anyone alive in 30 years. Then hand rises from the grave.
T. People have been buried alive.
See <snopes:buried>

[1F16] Homer complains that he can't lurk in the bushes outside Chef Boyardee's house.
[4F05] Burns' son says to angry chef "Give my regards to Mrs. Boyardee."
T. Chef Boyardee was a real person.
See <snopes:boyardee>

[1F21] Homer thinks his kids will become freaks with five fingers on each hand.
U. Human beings will eventually evolve to having six fingers on each hand.
See <straightdope:fingers>

[1F22] Marge thinks you should wait at least an hour after eating before going into swimming pool.
F. Swimming right after eating will cause cramps and you'll drown.
See <straigtdope:hourwait> & <snopes:hourwait>

[2F01] At Itchy and Scratchy land there is a "Itchy's 70s Disco" near Parents' Island.
T. There is a "secret" "Club 33" serving hard liquor, in New Orleans Square, Disneyland.
F. A private club can be found near Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World. See <snopes:club21>

[2F01] Homer and Bart hauled off to underground jail at Itchy and Scratchy Land.
T. Disney parks are riddled with secret tunnels and surveillance equipment.

[2F03] Patty & Selma burned at the stake.
[5F02] Marge accused of being a witch.
F. Alleged witches were burned at the stake in the US during the Salem trials.
T. Alleged witches were hanged or pressed to death.
T. Mass. recanted the Salem trials and freed the witches within a few years.
T. Name of last alleged witch was cleared in 1957.

[2F04] Milhouse remakrs about when Native Americans were given blankets infected with cooties.
[FABF18] Burns remarks about smallpox infected blankets.
T. Europeans got rid hostile Indians by giving them smallpox infected blankets.
See <straightdope:blankets>

[2F06] Homer lobs a hand grenade consisting of a fizzing can of Buzz Cola filled with Pop Rocks.
F. Mikey (Life cereal) exploded from eating Pop Rocks with soda.
See <snopes:poprocks>

[2F06] Grampa's flag has only 49 stars.
T. The USA did have a 49 star flag.

[2F08] Lisa syas the Chinese use the same word for "crisis" as they do for "opportunity".
U. The Chinese word for "crisis" is a combination of "danger" and "opportunity"?
See <straightdope:crisis>

[2F09] Homer saves Lenny's life by stamping on his egg sandwich.
T. Eggs and chicken are horribly contaminated, and should NOT be eaten raw.

[2F11] Bart discovers comet heading towards Earth.
[CABF17] Frink discovers comet heading towards Earth.
T. 800ft diameter asteroid passed within 500K miles of hitting earth in 1989.

[2F12] Flanders' life saved from sniper's bullet by bible he carries close to his heart (and an extra large piece of the True Cross).
[EABF15] Homer saved by a bible stuffed into his crotch.
Tb.* Soldier's saved from sniper's bullet by bible he carries in his chest pocket.
T.* The same thing for a pack of playing cards, a Zippo lighter, and with President Theodore Roosevelt by an extra thick speech.

[2F13] Lisa explains to Bart how the Coriolis Effect affect the counterclockwise spin of draining water.
F. Bath water drains the other way round in other hemisphere, due to Coriolis.
T. Coriolis force affects fluids if you take incredible pains to isolate it.
T. You can also consult the sci.physics FAQ [part 2].
T.* regular Aaron Varhola had a kitchen sink that drained clockwise.
See <straightdope:coriolis>
See <snopes:Coriolis>

[2F13] Bart makes a phonecall to the "disputed zone".
T.* There is a Neutral Zone today. It's near Saudi Arabia.
See <straigtdope:neutral>

[2F13] Bart distracts Australian by saying dingo is eating baby.
[AABF03] Computer game has baby-eating dingos.
U. Dingos eat babies. Australian courts say YES, NO, YES.

[2F13] Bart introduces bullfrogs to Australia which overrun the country.
[5F22] Bart introduces Bolivian tree lizards to Springfield which overrun the city. {sg}
T. Cane toads are now a plague, originally imported to eat cane beetles.

[2F17] Bart heard that Buddy Hodges (who played Fallout Boy on in the 1950s "Radioactive Man" tv series) was killed in Vietnam.
F. "Leave It to Beaver" star Jerry Mathers was killed in Vietnam.
See <snopes:beaver>

[2F17] Snake holds up a sign "Give Me A Million Dollars or I'll Bash You".
[FABF07] Homer holding up sign "Need $. Will settle for cents".
T. Some beggars with "will work for food" signs are just extra sympathy scams.

[2F19] Otto seems sick after trying to siphon gas from bus.
[DABF19] Frat boy in movie gets sick after tapping in a septic tank which he thought was a beer keg.
F. Guy tries to siphon gas from an RV but instead siphons from the septic tank; found unconscious by RV next morning.
See <snopes:siphon>

[2F19] Lunchlady Doris grinding up gym mats into meat for school cafeteria.
[3F03] Lunchlady Doris says the school meatloaf has no meat in it.
F. Fast food restaurants and school cafeterias use 'Grade D but edible' meat.
See <snopes:badmeat>

[2F31] Shot of Krusty directing zoo animals into one entrance of a Krusty Burger and people walking out the exit on the other side of the building.
F,T,T,U. Fast food places use unusual ingredients: worm, kangaroo meat, seaweed, rat.

[2F32] Milhouse, Ralph, Lewis and rabbit eaten by the school snake.
[CABF19] Smithers the snake eats Mr. Burns.
[DABF10] Giant anaconda snake swallows Bart whole in Amazon jungle.
[HABF01] Giant anaconda snake swallowed two of Santa's reindeer.
F. A South American camper was eaten by an anaconda.
See <snopes:snake>
T. Photograph shows a snake that burst trying to eat an alligator.
See <snopes:snakegator>

[3F01] Milhouse gets sick from a monkey he found passed out in a wicker basket bought from Pier One (changed to Trader Pete's in syndication).
[5F22] Bolivian tree lizards introduced to Springfield by crate of donuts imported from Bolivia.
F. Snake hidden in imported fruit (bananas, pineapple, etc.) bites/kills someone.
Tb.* Frogs, snakes, and other exotic non-indigneous species have shown up in imported fruit. {jk}

[3F02] Milhouse sayswhen you sneeze, that's your soul trying to escape, and saying "God bless you" crams it back in.
U. The origin of saying "Bless you!" when someone sneezes stems from an ancient desire to safeguard the sneezer's soul or to commend the dying to the mercy of God.
See <snopes:blessyou>

[3F02] Itchy drops a penny off the Seattle tower which embeds in the pavement.
[AABF19] Silver dollar dropped off top of building embeds in Lenny's skull.
F. A penny falling from height of Empire State building will embed in pavement.
NOTE: Matt Groening wrote this in "Life In Hell".

[3F03] Meat Council film shows eagle carrying off sheep.
[DABF19] Owl (Lisa) tries to carry off and eat anteater (baby Maggie).
U. An eagle swooped down and made off with a beloved chihuahua.
See <snopes:dognap>

[3F05] Homer hunts for the "any key" on his computer keyboard.
T. Many technical support hotlines had users asking about the "any key". This problem was solved by instructing users to hit the "return key".
See <snopes:key>

[3F08] Brockman's recalls in final newscast of "dogs that were mistakenly issued major credit cards, and others who weren't so lucky." {sg}
[4F16] Bart gets a credit card in the name of his dog, "Santos L. Halpor".
Tb.* Family pet gets credit card. Also an old "Married... With Children" episode.

[3F12] After his death, Bart spots Krusty at various places.
Tb. Elvis lives near Palo Alto, works for Sun, and speaks with an English accent.

[3F13] After Jebediah Springfield's tongue was bitten off by a Turk in a grog house fight, he had it replaced with a prosthetic tongue made out of silver.
Tb.* After the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) had his nose was sliced off in a duel, he had it replaced with a prosthetic nose made out of silver (see 98/07/17 Straight Dope column or Straight Dope Classic although this was pointed out a year earlier in a.t.s. {ag}). See [aabf04]

[3F15] Urban legend about well-known film/TV personality Troy McClure and his fetish for fish.
[5F01] Chalkboard punishment is "Everyone is tired of that Richard Gere story".
[DABF02] Richard Gere and rocket hamster appear in same episode without incident.
[FABF15] Smithers has a cage full of murderous gerbils and hamsters.
F. Well-known film/TV personality (Richard Gere, various news broadcasters, et al.) put a gerbil up his ass for "wriggly furry fun".
See <snopes:gerbil>
U. An equally disgusting story involving the rock group Led Zeppelin, a female groupie, and a mud shark (another version involves a lobster).
See <snopes:mudshark>.

[3F15] ET reporter questions whether Selma is a woman.
U. Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite.
T. Like with any celebrity, there are lots of rumors about her.
See <snopes:jamie>

[3F16] Krusty has an extensive collection of pornography.
F. Walt Disney had a secret collection of porn.
See <snopes:porn>

[3F16] Roger Meyers Sr.'s head being cryogenically frozen.
F. Old Walt Disney's dead body was frozen for later revivification.
See <snopes:frozen>

[3F16] Apu arrested for public nudity after he accidently locks himself nude outside the house.
T. Naked man gets locked out of his place.
See <snopes:nudeman>

[3F17] Bart puts car in cruise control, goes to back and nearly crashes.
[AABF13] Truckers use Navitron AutoDriver to steer their rigs.
U. Driver sets cruise control, wrongly believes it steers too! Crashes...
See <snopes:cruise>

[3F18] Chief Wiggum talks about the Krusty's "partially gelatinated non-dairy gum-based beverages" which McDonald's calls "shakes".
[HABF22] Homer says his ice cream does not contain ice or cream.
T. Unless marked "dairy", fast food shakes aren't milk: mostly carrageen gel.
See <snopes:shakes>

[3F18] Dr. Nick Riviera places cadavers from the morgue in the passenger seat of his car so that he can use the carpool lane.
[EABF19] Homer uses sugar ball as passenger to use carpool lane.
T.* Police have nailed drivers for trying to pass life-sized dummies as passengers in order to use the carpool lane.
See <snopes:carpool>

[3F18] Cletus finds pair of army boots hanging from telephone wire.
[FABF23] Bullies drape Hans Moleman's shoes over telephone wires whiles he's still in them.
Fb. Street lore has it that shoes draped over telephone wires indicate the neighborhood is open to drug trafficking.
See <snopes:sneakers>
Tb.* Many Marines who are released from active duty will throw their boots over the telephone lines in celebration that they will never have to wear them again. {jk}

[3F24] Cloud of dust spells "D'oh!" when Homer gives annoyed grunt.
U. The letters S-E-X are formed by a swirling cloud of dust in The Lion King.
See <snopes:lionking>

[3F19] Grampa in WW2 puts helmet over hand grenade and sits on it. Grenade safely goes off.
F*. A hand grenade explosion can be contained by placing a helmet over it and sitting on it."
T*. A soldier died doing this.
NOTE: This myth was mentioned in Apocalypse Now and was to be presented in a November 2006 Mythbusters episode but was dropped.

[3F20] Apu attended the "Springfield Heights Institute of Technology".
Fb. Sam Houston State University was once "Sam Houston Institute of Teaching", renamed due to initials.

[3F24] Burns has made some saltpeter chili.
T. British army doses water with bromide (for purification), soldiers say it's
U. suppress soldiers' libidos. US Army salts their peters with saltpeter.
See <snopes:saltpeter>

[3G01] While running in fear Homer tramps down a crop circle saying "Yahhh!".
T. Crop circles (at least in the UK) have been shown to be man-made.

[3G01] Picture of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in a dress.
F. J. Edgar Hoover was a cross-dresser.
See <straightdope:hoover>

[3G01] Agent Mulder tears a tiny strip off the label of his beer bottle.
F. Peeling labels off a beer bottle means you're: a) a virgin, b) gonna get lucky, c) sexually frustrated.

[4F02] Lisa's science project exhibit: "Will cola dissolve a tooth?
T. Coca-cola is acidic.
F. A tooth will left in a glass of Coca-Cola overnight will dissolve.
See <snopes:coke>

[4F04] Marge washes toilet seats in dishwasher.
U. An employee at a well-known hamburger chain in Sweden was discovered washing toilet seats in the restaurant's dishwasher.
NOTE: This Simpsons episode aired six years before this UL was sighted.
See <snopes:toilet>

[4F04] Ned Flanders eats corn starch to keep down his libido.
Tb.* Dr. Kellogg invented the breakfast cereal "Corn Flakes" to keep down the libido. He too was very religious. (see movie "Road to Welleville")
T.* Graham crackers were invented to suppress sexual appetite.
See <snopes:graham>

[4F04] When Rev. Lovejoy admonished Kirk Van Houten at a party game, Kirk snaps back "Aw, cram it, churchy!".
T. A disappointed youngster on the Bozo the Clown Show when admonished by the clown host, the kid snaps back "Cram it, clown!". {mr2}
See <snopes:bozo>

[4F05] Rats can be heard splashing around in the toilets at cider mill.
T. Sewer rats can come into the house through the water plumbing and bite one's behind while on the potty.

[4F05] Chief Wiggum notices 555 as a phoney telephone number.
T.* Hollywood uses telephone numbers in the form of 555-xxxx. There is no 555 telephone exchange in North America.

[4F07] Condemned prisoner is momentarily saved from execution after being blown off electric chair by hurricane.
F. If the first attempt to execute a condemned prisoner fails, he is entitled to go free.
See <snopes:second chance>
T*. John 'Babbacombe' Lee had a death sentence commuted to life after three failed hanging attempts in 1885 Victorian England.

[4F10, 5F12] Identical snowflakes mentioned.
F. No two snowflakes are alike.
NOTE: Matt Groening wrote this in "Life In Hell".

[4F11] Homer pays $900 gas bill in pennies.
F. There are legal limits on how much of your debts you can pay in coins (US)
T. ...Though some Treasury PR flack did imply otherwise for pennies and nickels.
T. ...but there have been legal limits on how much coin a creditor must accept.
T. ...For some strange reason, Canadian law is much clearer on this topic.
See <snopes:penny>

[4F13] Smithers is seen in Dr. Nick Riviera's walk-in clinic standing up in front of an empty seat looking rather uncomfortable. Top item in the clinic's diagnosis form is "Unusual sex practices."
T. People put assorted objects up their butts, get stuck, removed in hospital.

[4F15] Springfield has a law requiring ducks to wear pants.
F. Donald Duck was once banned in Finland because the character doesn't wear pants.
See <snopes:finland>

[4F17] Lisa rescues fish trapped in six-pack ring. Burns uses the idea for netting fish.
[BABF21] Lisa rescues baby dolphin trapped in six-pack ring.
[CABF01] Lisa rescues fish trapped in flyer.
F. Discarded six-pack rings are a major threat to marine life.
T. The real culprit is discarded fishing lure. See <straightdope:six-pack>

[4F17] Shark eats Lisa's newly-released fish.
Fb. Otter, newly-released after $50K Valdez clean-up, is eaten by whale.

[4F19] Homer nearly drinks an unlabeled beaker of sulphuric acid.
Tb.* Thirsty worker chugs down an unlabelled bottle of clear liquid thinking that it's water. It's sulpuric acid! {bjr}

[4F21] Chief Wiggum shows in the crime museum an exhibit of a stoned female hippie eating a baby sandwich. {bjr}
[GABF01] Homer asks Marge if Barts sleeps in the microwave.
F. Couple hires hippie-type babysitter. Later, mother calls and sitter says everything is fine; she's stuffed the turkey and put it in the oven. Mom worries since they don't have an turkey; parents rush home and find that stoned sitter has (or is about to) put baby in the (microwave) oven.

[4F21] Statue of general mounted on horse with both forelegs in the air with inscription "I'll die before I surrender, Tim" which implies that the general died in battle. {o}
F. The positioning of the hooves on equestrian statues indicates how the riders died.
See <snopes:statue>

[4F22] Marge and Lisa see skinned rabbits in window of butcher shop in New York's Chinatown.
[CABF21] Chinese restaraunt has cat noses on menu.
[FABF07] Scratchy comes to Chinese restaurant for "All You Can Eat Cat Special", ends up on the menu.
F. Ethnic eateries (Chinese/E. Indian/Italian) use cat/dog/human meat instead of expected meat.
See <snopes:chinese>

[4F22] Homer would rather drink crab juice than Mountain Dew.
[EABF13] Homer spits our bear urine when told he's actually drinking Fresco.
F. Men who drink Mountain Dew soda develop shrunken testicles.
See <snopes:yellow>

[4F24] Japser freezes himself in the freezer section of the Kwik-e-Mart to be revived at a future date.
F. Man locked in an unplugged freezer imagines himself freezing and dies.
See <snopes:freezer>

[5F01] Kids seen tipping over sleeping dog during soccer riot.
[AABF19] Chief Wiggum brings Ralph to farm so he can tip over some cows.
[FABF13] Bart remarked Homer must have tipped dinosaurs when he was young.
Tb. Cow-tipping (pushing over a sleeping cow) has happened.

[5F01] Bart sees video camera in ceiling of hotel room.
U. Honeymooning couple's activities are secretly videotaped by hotel.
See <snopes:honeyvid>

[5F02] Bats fly into Homer's hair(s).
F.* Bats/birds fly into womens' hair and gets entangled.

[5F03] Homer says that doctors have been telling us to drink eight glasses of gravy a day.
F. 75% of Americans are "chronically dehydrated" because they fail to drink eight glasses of water per day.
See <snopes:water>

[5F04] Mouse spooks elephant at Apu's wedding.
Fb. Contrary to popular belief, elephants aren't afraid of mice. They can be frightened of things they hear but can't see, however, which may be how the "elephant vs. mice" story got started. {bjr}
See <snopes:elephant>

[5F06] Homer says seatbelts kill more people than they save.
F. Folks shouldn't wear seat belts because they might not be able to escape their vehicles in a car fire.
See <snopes:seatbelt>

[5F06]# Kirk Van Houten gets his forearm sliced off in freak car accident. Gets re-attached at the end.
T.* In 1998 a man in New Zealand gets a forearm transplant. {ag}
U. A man who lost his arm in an accident failed to notice it until 40 minutes later.
See <snopes:armless>

[5F07]# Kruster Burger employees seen spitting into the Simpson family's hamburgers.
[FABF22] Marge and her friend catch a young Moe working fresh out of prison working as a high school cafeteria worker spitting into soup.
T. Fast food employees have been known to spit into the customers' food (among other indecent things).

[5F08] Carnies gives Simpsons family free tickets for boat tour. Family return afterwards to find that the carnies have taken over their house.
Fb. Opera tickets left as thanks for a borrowed car lure homeowners out for an evening, enabling the car borrowers to burgle the home undisturbed.
See <snopes:tickets>

[5F10] Homer gets audited by the IRS for missing the mailing deadline of this tax return by mere seconds.
Fb. IRS still gives substantial penalties for tax returns mailed even a few days late.
See <straightdope:audit>

[5F13] Ralph Wiggum mistakes a rat for a "pointy kitty".
[AABF19] Lisa shears what appears to be a sheep but it turns out to be a rat.
[DABF17] Fat Tony has scam selling ferrets as toy poodles to pet shop.
F. [Wo]man found a rat in [Mexico] and brought it home thinking it was a dog.
See <snopes:dog> & <snopes:chihuahua>

[5F18] Homer dragged butt naked over church skylight during sermon.
F. A hotel guest finds the perfect place to get an all over tan. The guests dining below think so too. See <snopes:skylight>

[5F19] Homer warned about driving boat drunk.
T. You can be guilty of DUI on a bicycle, horse, perambulator, etc most places.

[5F23] Pretty much everything to do with the Movementarians.
F. Unification Church (i.e. Moonies) owns Entenmann's bakery.
F. Unification Church (i.e. Moonies) owns Waldenbooks.
Tb. Unification Church (i.e. Moonies) owns a fish processing plant in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
U. Those guys selling roses on roads are connected with the Moonies.

[AABF01] Snake holds up Quick-E-Mart but not arrested until he smokes in a no-smoking area.
T. Couple on UK train had oral sex, then sex, then smoked in non-smoking area,
F. ...nobody complained until they started smoking;
T. ...train crew ignored complaints until couple started smoking.

[AABF01] Snake executed for smoking in a no-smoking area.
F. There are various extremely harsh penalities (e.g., execution) for drunk driving in other countries (e.g., Turkey, Norway, El Salvador, etc.)
T.* People convicted of petty theft have been jailed for life under California's "Three Strikes" career-criminal legislation.

[AABF01] Homer gets a scalp transplant from a recently executed Snake.
F. There's a hair donor program for transplanting scalps from dead cadavers to needy bald men. It was a hoax, see <skaggs>.

[AABF03] Lisa should have been caught cheating on test because she correctly answered a question that was cut off by the photocopier machine.
Fb. Prof. nails exam thief by cutting bottom 0.5" of exam to find longer answer.
See <snopes:cheat>

[AABF03] Homer gets attached to a lobster he was going to cook.
Fb. Lobsters, dropped in boiling water, scream. (Nah, it's steam from under shell)

[AABF04] Grampa's kidneys burst when Homer won't let him go to the bathroom.
Tb. The Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) supposedly died from a burst bladder. As the story goes, Tycho was at the table of a baron, downing quite a bit of wine/other spirits. Unfortunately, etiquette dictated that one not rise from the table until the baron did so first. Sure enough, Tycho's bladder burst and he died some unspecified amount of time later. See [3f13]
Tb.* You are more likely to pee your pants first.

[AABF04] Homer wakes up from accident, a kidney has been stolen from him!
F. Guy/gal wakes up in Big City, a kidney has been stolen from him!
See <snopes:kidney> & <snopes:kidney2>

[AABF05] Homer defends Mayor Quimby by saying at least he also makes the trains run on time. Lisa corrects him by pointing out that they're regulated by the Federal Department of Transportation.
F. Italian dictator Benito Mussolini made the trains run on time.
See <snopes:trains>

[AABF07] Babe Ruth IV pointing to the bleachers in the right field-- possibly to a dying little boy.
[CABF17] Paul "Homer" Bunyan says he will hit comet with bat for the little crippled boy (that he crippled).
U.* Babe Ruth-arguably the greatest baseball player of all time. Legend has it that he pointed to the bleachers during the 1933 World Series, and promptly hit a homerun there, though whether he did that or not is in dispute. He also was a noted fan of the nightlife, and it's entirely possible, in fact probable, that he did have some illegitimate children. {mar}
(The "Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes" claims that he promised a seriously ill young boy that he would hit a home run for him in the game later that day - and not only did just that, but later commented on the boy's recovery, "Best medicine in the world, a home run". Note that, assuming this is true, this was NOT the home run where he supposedly pointed to the fence. {ddg})

[AABF07] Homer sings the song: "Whistle while you work. Hitler is a jerk. Mussolini bit his weenie. Now it doesn't work."
Tb. Adolf Hitler only had one testicle. Immortalized in many a kid's rhyme.
T. If you have to ask about Hitler's or Goebbels' balls, try using your brain instead of repeating that stupid song.

[AABF07] Controversial `under 70' curfew law passed by one vote because Homer didn't bother to vote.
U. Many important elections have been decided by one vote.
T. In an effort to impress upon her readers the importance of casting their votes, Ann Landers passed along various `one vote' canards her sister had run ten years earlier, riddled with many historical inaccuracies, a.k.a. `One Vote Fallacies'.
See <snopes:onevote>

Don Del Grande adds:
In all practicality, a Presidential (or Senate or Congressional) election can't be decided by "one vote" (unless you count "one Electoral vote", and even that was fixed); if a Presidential vote in any state is THAT close, and Legislature of that state was controlled by the losing party, they would probably call for recount after recount until either their party's candidate won or they got tired of the whole thing; similarly for a Senate or Congressional election where the current controlling party lost, as "each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns, and Qualifications of its own Members" (U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 5, first paragraph). (This actually happened - I think it was in the House of Representatives in 1984; the controlling Democrats kept calling for recount after recount until the Democrat ended up ahead, after which they said "that's the one that counts".)

[AABF20] Entire Simpsons family have epileptic seizures from watching flashing Japanese cartoon.
T. An episode of the popular kid's TV show Pokemon caused over 700 young children in Japan to have an epileptic attack.
See <snopes:pokemon>

[AABF20] Homer uses toilet not realizing his family can see him on the televison set.
[BABF22] Homer takes a whizz while still wearing motion capture suit not realizing audience is watching.
U.* Priest had just finished mass and had to go to the bathroom quite urgently. In his rush to the restroom he forgot to remove or turn off his cordless microphone. The church was filled with the sound of a flushing toilet!

[AABF20] Homer gets red tide poisoning from a can of plankton deemed unfit for human consumption in Mexico.
[HABF20] Thailand food factory formerly Petco.
T. Woman removes label from "tuna" can, finds cat food label underneath.
T. The cat food actually was tuna canned 6 years earlier in Canada, declared unfit for human consumption, allowed to be exported as pet food, and then illegally relabeled as tuna again. (Toronto Star, March 24, 1992)
See <snopes:tuna>

[AABF22] Bart says that he now uses 10% of his brain capacity.
Fb. People only use 10% of their brain capacity.
See <snopes:10percent>

[AABF22] Bart paranoid of spy satellites listening in on him wants to remove Lisa's dental fillings.
T. Some combinations of metal tooth fillings can receive radio signals.
U. Radio transmissions picked up by the fillings of Television comedienne Lucille Ball led to the capture of Japanese spies.
See <snopes:fillings>

[BABF01] Children use x-ray machine to check their candy for pins, needles, and razor blades.
T. Pins, needles, and razor blades have been found in trick-or-treaters' loot.
See <snopes:pins>

[BABF02] Krusty's brand-name bubble gum contains spider eggs.
F. "Bubble Yum" bubble gum is manufactured with spiders' eggs.
See <snopes:gum>

[BABF02] Maggie in distress develops superhuman strength to save Homer.
F. In great desperation, mother lifts car off and rescues trapped child.

[BABF07] When Bart orders a Funzo European voltage convertor the Funzo dolls suggests "Why not get three?".
T. Alka-Seltzer dramatically increased their sales by instructing consumers to use two tablets instead of one.
See <snopes:seltzer>

[BABF07] During the Christmas season Moe tries to commit suicide by sticking his head in oven.
[DABF02] Lenny and Carl say that Moe has these "accidents" around Christmas.
[FABF02] During the Christmas season Ol' Gil tries to hang himself and later Moe tries top commit suicide by jumping off building.
[HABF01] Moe tries to commit suicide repeatedly during Christmas.
F. The suicide rate increases significantly during the winter holiday season.
See <snopes:xmas suicide>

[BABF08] Captain McAllister performs a marriage at sea.
F. Ship captains, on their own authority, can perform marriages.
See <straightdope:sea>

[BABF08] Smithers catches a parasite that lays eggs in his brain.
[BABF11] Butterfly gets in Homer's arm, eats thru to his brain.
[FABF11] Alien babe wants to lay eggs in Bart's brain.
F. Explorer gets bug in ear; bug eats thru to other ear; gave birth on way. {dld} {ck}
See <snopes:bug>

[BABF11] Homer opens the Bible in the middle to the Book of Psalms.
F. Psalm 118 is the "center" of the Bible.
See <snopes:psalms>
Tb.* ... but the Book of Psalms usually is (at least with the Protestant Bible if you ignore the appendices).

[BABF11] Homer constantly licking South Pacific toads to get a buzz.
T.* Some people lick toads for hallucinogenic purposes. {dld}, {dh2}, {ck}
T.* You are more likey to get very sick from the toxins (or even die).
See <lickill>

[BABF17] Bart and Homer blows up large watermelon, showers yard and house with pulp.
T. Oregon Highway Division blows up eight ton dead whale, showers area with blubber.
See <snopes:whale>

[BABF18] Lisa warns that throwing rice at wedding can cause birds to explode.
F. Rice thrown to wish newly-wedded couples well can kill their fine feathered friends.
See <snopes:rice>

[BABF18] Kids say if you say "Bloody Margie" five times, she'll appear, but then she gouges your eyes out.
F. If you stand in a mirror and say "Bloody Mary" three times while turning around, then a ghoulish image will appear in the mirror. {jk2}
See <bloody mary>

[BABF19] Ozzy Osbourne bit head off of Grammy award.
U.* Ozzy Osbourne bites head of live bat on stage during the 1980s.

[BABF19] Bart pays Lenny and Carl $1000 to kiss eachother.
[DABF10] When Bart ogles a stripper on a Brazilian kid show, Marge remarks that "Bert and Ernie left it to your imagination".
F. Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie are "gay."
T. ...but Smithers is.

[BABF20] Bart writes a subliminal message on the opening chalkboard.
[CABF12] Rock video has subliminal U.S. Navy recruitment messages.
T. Subliminal messages in advertising are ineffective, but outlawed anyway.
See <straightdope:popcorn> & <snopes:popcorn>

[CABF01] Skinner offers Bart straight A's in consolation for his sister's demise. {bjr}
F. A standard college regulation specifies that a student whose roommate commits suicide automatically receive a 4.0 grade point average for the current school term.
See <snopes:asuicide>

[BABF22] A young Homer puts a crayon up his nose accidently giving himself a lobotomy making him act the way he does.
[FABF17] Bart once faked a railroad spike through the head.
T.* In 1848 railroad worker Phineas Gage suffered major damage to his frontal lobes when an accidental explosion shot a one-inch steel rod throgh his skull. While he made a full physical recovery, he was never the same again. Once quiet, respectful, and mentally well-balanced, he became gross, profane, shiftless, and vulgar.
See <gage>

[CABF02] Woman was kidnapped because she found a way to turn water to gasoline.
Fb.* Oil companies have suppressed a man's invention of a car that uses water for fuel. See <straightdope:gas>

[CABF07] Funeral director says that mausoleum can be seen from space.
F. The Great Wall of China can be seen with the naked eye from the moon.
T. Many manmade structures can be seen with the naked eye from Earth orbit.
See <snopes:greatwall>

[CABF08] During Cold War the town of Springfield was designated as the "Nuclear Whipping Boy" for friendly nations to calibrate their weapons.
U.* During the Cold War city of dubious strategic value is on the Soviets list of first cities to strike in nuclear attack.

[CABF11] Homer warns about cats sleeping on babies' faces.
[GABF08] A very fat Snowball II falls on Lisa smothering her.
[GABF11] Homer says a childhood accident is more something like getting smothered by a cat.
F. Cats suck the breath from babies, sometimes killing them.
See <snopes:cats>

[CABF11] Prof. Frink in order to get scientists' attention shouts that pi is exactly 3.
F. Alabama redefined the value of pi to 3 to bring it in line with Biblical precepts. Alabama's state legislature redefined the value of pi from 3.14159 to 3.
See <snopes:pi>
T. Indiana House Bill #246 of 1897 is a piece of gibberish that could be interpreted to mean pi = 3.2, 4, or 160/49. Killed in state Senate.
Fb. Some state (e.g., KS, OK, etc.) once considered a bill setting pi = 3 (or some other arbitrary, non-transcendental number).
See <pi>

[CABF12] Hitler leaves Berlin Olympics in disgust after Jesse Owens beats zeppelin in 100 yard dash.
F. Adolf Hitler intentionally snubbed Jesse Owens by refusing to shake hands with him in the 1936 Olympics.
T. Hitler didn't shake hands with any athletes after the first day of competition, and Jesse didn't win anything until the second. Hitler did, however, snub another black American athlete, Cornelius Johnson.

[CABF13] Homer attacked by hippopotamus on African safari.
Tb. The hippopotamus is perhaps the most dangerous animal in Africa.
See <straightdope:hippo>

[CABF15] Flanders tells his son that Harry Potter and his friends are going straight to Hell for practicing witchcraft.
F. Harry Potter books are sparking a rise in Satanism among children.
See <snopes:potter>

[CABF17] There was a "28 IF" sign at the Delaware train depot.
Also, Barts' blackboard punishment says "I should not be 21 by now" refers to how old Bart should be in that episode IF he actually aged since 1989.
F. Paul McCartney's "death" (the "28 IF" sign - on one of The Beatles' album covers, a car had a license plate with 28 IF on it, a "clue" that Paul was dead as he would be 28 IF he was alive). {ddg}
See <snopes:beatles>

[CABF19] Gypsy fortune teller challenges if Marge is a cop, and says she has to answer her truthfully.
F. Prostitutes can safely challenge johns with the question "Are you a cop?" because law enforcement officers must answer truthfully.
See <snopes:cop>

[DABF12] When Homer is blind-folded, his other senses start getting sharper.
F*. Blind people have an acute sense of hearing, smell, etc.

[EABF02] Stories about Bart so bad that the school board thought he's nothing but an urban legend.

[EABF08] Homer swallows caterpillar while sleeping which comes out his mouth as a butterfly.
[GABF07] Homer swallows hundreds of spiders after becoming unconscious in garage.
F. The average person swallows eight spiders per year (usually while sleeping).
See <snopes:spider>

[EABF08] Homer mistakes tabloid newpapers with altoids.
U. Altoids mints greatly enhance the pleasures of oral sex.
See <snopes:altoids>

[EABF13] When attacked by beavers Homers says that he wanted to die choking on food.
F. "Mama" Cass Elliot of The Mamas and the Papas choked to death on a ham sandwich.
See <snopes:mamacass>

[EABF13] Moon looks huge over the horizon.
F. The moon looks larger near the horizon than up in the sky due to refraction.
T. The above is due to an optical illusion.

[EABF14] Krusty gets between a toxic pricker snake and its baby and the mother snaka attacks him.
Fb*. A mother bear will attack anyone who gets between her and its cub.

[EABF16] Homer Simpsons imitates Michael Jackson saying to Beatles bobbleheads that he owns all their songs.
Tb. Michael Jackson owns the rights to the Beatles' songs.
See <snopes:jackson>

[FABF04] Dr. Hibbert runs over Bart's bike. He pays to have bike replaced. He drives away vowing to more careful and then runs over Snowball II.
F. Firemen rescue old lady's cat from tree. She invites them for tea. They run over cat when they leave.
See <snopes:firemen>

[FABF17] Arab fanatics carrying posters with Homer on them.
T. Bert, the Sesame Street muppet, appeared on posters carried by supporters of Osama bin Laden.
See <snopes:bertisevil>

[FABF18] Mr. Burns buys almost all the media outlets in Springfield.
T. The FCC plans to loosen its strictures against conglomerate ownership of media outlets.
See <snopes:fcc>

[GABF04] When Homer gets struck in cat door Patty and Selma gives his butt a makeover.
F. A man stuck in cat door without his pants is mistaken for a work of art.
See <snopes:burpus>

[GABF05] Bart adopted by a pack of feral dogs.
[FABF07] Bart kidnapped by mother ape.
T. There are well documented cases of feral children being raised by wolves or other wild animals.
See <straightdope:feral>

[GABF06] Couch scene has Homer dropping dead from heart attack when he gets startled by everyone yelling "surprise" at surprise party.
Tb. Elderly person dies of heart attack at surpise 100th birthday party.

[GABF10] Homers dreams up with a formula to make a cola drink, dreams of making millions off it, but quickly forgets the recipe.
F. Only two Coca-Cola executives know Coke's formula, and each of them knows only half of it.
See <snopes:formula>

[GABF13] Lisa says processed food contains trace amounts of bug feces.
[GABF20] Springshire Tea House had to close because their cakes were filled with rat droppings.
T. U.S. health inspectors allow a certain amount of rodent droppings and hair in our foodstuffs.
F. Rat urine is toxic to humans.
See <snopes:raturine>

[GABF16] Famous author wanted to be a children's book illustrator ever since Playboy wouldn't publish his cartoons because they were too filthy.
T. Dr. Seuss' earlier work was the 1939 adult book "The Seven Lady Godivas" containing seven nude drawings of woman but too badly drawn to be considered erotic.

[HABF04] Moe tried to hang himself but rope breaks. So she sues rope company. Gets rich from huge settlement and also a new rope.
F. Stella Awards list six outrageous-but-real lawsuits showcase the need for tort reform.
<snopes: lawsuit>

[JABF01] Ol' Gil refers to Marge as "Backout Betty".


Matt Groening wrote the humor essay "Men Speak in Estrogen, Men Speak in Testosterone" which was widely distributed over the internet during 1999.
F. It was actually written by Richard Roeper back on May 11, 1986 for the Chicago Sun Times under the headline "It's time to face the facts: Men and Women ARE different." This UL is discussed in Roeper's book "Hollywood Urban Legends".

Matt Groening once posted to a.t.s..
Fb. On November 14 '96, the Museum of Radio and Television hosted a satellite conference with the creators of the Simpsons (including MG). MG stated he never posted to a.t.s. but jokes that he would if he could find a way to do it without revealing his identity. {dh}

Ditto for Yeardley Smith.
Tb. YS posted to a.t.s. on Aug 18th, 1994, as a sort of a reply to the discussion generated by Raymond Chen posting of an old interview about her (four days earlier). YS herself confirmed this a year later when she and her boyfriend visited Australia a year later (July '95) where Chris Dent and Gavan McCormack had asked her about the post while she was signing autographs at a local comic shop. {dh}

Ditto for Harry Shearer.
Tb. HS posted to a.t.s. seven times in late March, 1998 concerning the voice actors strike. {mr}

Ditto for Alf Clausen.
Tb. AC posted once to a.t.s. on October 20, 1999 about the upcoming Simpsonic CD.

Matt Groening faked his own death in order to increase sales of Simpsons merchandise.
F. On April 1, 1998, Ben Collins posted Matt Groening's fake obitiuary to a.t.s. as an April Fool's joke. It even shocked Matt Groening himself.

[7F21] Comic Book Store Guy has a masters in folklore and mythology.
T. People who follow such stuff have no life.

[1F21] Grampa repeatedly mugged by copyright lawyers.
T. Fox has had Simpsons fan sites closed.

[2F17] Comic Book Store Guy posts a Radioactive Man movie rumor to the internet.
T,F,U. There is/isn't going to be a Simpsons movie (however Fox registered the internet domain SIMPSONSMOVIE.COM on April 22, 1998).
T. Production began in 2006 with a slated July 27, 2007 release date

[4F01] Homer uses an auto dialer to solicit money. Annoys everyone, gets arrested.
T. "Dave Rhodes" letter asking for money is bogus. If you post it to a.t.s., you almost deserve to be mailbombed.

[4F12] The Itchy & Scratchy Show gets dismal ratings.
Tb. is dead.

[4F12] After the Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie show, the Comic Book Store Guy posts his disgust with the ISP show as the "Worst Episode Ever" within minutes after its airing.
Tb. The Simpsons writers read a.t.s. on a regular basis and get their ideas from the discussions. The "worst episode ever" comment is typical blather in (and and as well).

[DABF12] Homer is shown jumping the shark in water skis.
[DABF22] Homer jumping sharks in couch opening, gets legs bitten off.
F,T,F,U. The Simpsons has "jumped the shark" and it's now downhill for now on.
See <jump-the-shark>

[EABF22] UK soccer player David Beckham (who is also the husband of Victoria 'Posh' Spice) landed a cameo role in the Simpsons 300th episode to be shot in England only to be later rejected by the producers because he wasn't famous enough to be featured back in the USA.
F,F,F! Simpsons producer Al Jean was shocked to hear the news himself.

Mobster in Sopranos episode "He Has Risen" says a Simpsons producer died while sitting on a toilet.
Tb. All Simpsons producers are alive and well. But this is how Elvis Presley died.

# cut in syndication

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