Phoney McRingring: "Are you stupider than a monkey?"
    Chief Wiggum: " big of a monkey?"
Maintained by Gary Niederhoff

This list contains all references to anything simian (monkey, ape, gorilla, etc) up through season 20. Separate references within an episode are denoted by bullets, while multiple references to the same instance are not.

  • Black text denotes a quote, preceded by italicized attribution
  • Green text denotes any appearance of simian related words
  • Blue text denotes on screen appearances of any simian form
  • Bold blue text denotes on screen appearances of recurring apes (collect all 3!)

1st Season
    Some Enchanted Evening [7G01]
      Woman at Babysitters: "Especially that big ape father"
    Bart the Genius [7G02]
      Bart: "Kwyjibo. Uh...a big, dumb, balding North American ape."
      Homer: "I'll show you a big dumb balding ape!"
    The Telltale Head [7G07]
      Bart: "...apes can't get into heaven"
      Homer: "What? Those cute little monkeys? That's terrible" {bg}
      "I can understand how they wouldn't let in those wild jungle apes"
    Call of the Simpsons [7G09]
      News Anchor: "Bigfoot, legendary half-man, half-ape is no longer a legend"
      Sign at campground: HALF-MAN HALF-APE BURGERS
      Scientist at press conference: "What about the sloping ape-like forehead?"
    Homer's Night Out [7G10]
      Burns: "A plant employee carrying on like an oversexed orangutan in heat!"
    Crepes of Wrath [7G13]
      Skinner: "No rough-housing on the monkey bars"

2nd Season
    Simpson & Delilah [7F02]
      Homer throws away a bottle of GORILLA MAN SCALP BLASTER
    Bart gets an 'F' [7F03]
    • Homer: "Its Big Gorilla week on Million Dollar Movies! C'mon boy!"
      Homer: "(Gasp) Ooooh! Gorilla the Conquerer"
      Gorilla the Conquerer terrorizes a city and is then sent floating off to sea in a cage
      Homer is watching another gorilla movie later in the week
    • Martin:"A blindfolded chimp with a pencil in his teeth..."
    Dancin' Homer [7F05]
      Homer: "I'm one sad ape-like dude"
    Bart the Daredevil [7F06]
      Marge: "Monkey see, Monkey do"
    Dead Putting Society [7F08]
      Ape on mini-golf course which Homer mimics
    Bart Gets Hit By a Car [7F10]
      Burns: "Get that big ape to my house tonight and we'll buy him off with a banana or two!"
    Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou [7F16]
      Voice over on car commercial: "Powerful like a Gorilla"
    Old Money [7F17]
    • 'I will not grease the monkey....bars' (Bart's Chalkboard line) {bg}
    • Bart: "...and a Monkey!"
    Lisa's Substitute [7F19]
      Lisa: "You, sir, are a baboon!"
      Homer: "She called me a baboon! The stupidest, ugliest, smelliest ape of them all!"
      Homer: "At least I'm good at monkey work. Y'know? Monkey?"
      Bart: "Thanks, Monkeyman!"
    War of the Simpsons [7F20]
      Homer: "You're a little Monkey aren'cha? Aren'cha y'little Monkey?"

3rd Season
    Stark Raving Dad [7F24]
      Leon Kompowski has a stuffed chimp named bubbles. {dh}
    Treehouse of Horror II [8F02]
      Homer buys a monkey's paw from a casbah merchant
      Merchant: "It is a monkey's paw, dating back to Alali bin al Afali"
      Homer: "That monkey's paw is going to make our dreams come true!"
      Flanders: "Is that one of those monkey paw dealies that lets you wish for things?"
      Homer: "I wish I had a monkey's paw"
    Like Father Like Clown [8F05]
      Krusty pulls Mr. Teeny out of a bag
      Homer: "Aw, we coulda seen a monkey!"
    Lisa's Pony [8F06]
      Monkeys in '2001: A Space Odyssey' sequence
    Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk [8F09]
      Moe: "We hear all about your monkey shines"
    I Married Marge [8F10]
    • Ape on mini-golf couse
    • Homer: "You mean like will apes be our masters?"
    Homer Alone [8F14]
      Mr. Teeny plays around with Krusty's car radio. {dh}
    Dog of Death [8F17]
      Mr. Teeny needs a refill on his nicotine gum
    Black Widower [8F20]
    • Mr. Teeny in Limo
    • Sideshow Bob: "I wanted a room with a fire place, you frameless luggage monkey!"
    Bart's Friend falls in Love [8F22]
    • Bart: "How would I go about creating a half-man, half-monkey-type creature?"
      "God shmod! I want my monkey-man!" {bg}
    • Theater Marquis: SING, MONKEY, SING
    Brother, Can you spare 2 dimes? [8F23]
      Herb wears monkey mask to scare Maggie

4th Season
    A Streetcar Named Marge [8F18]
      Marge (in Song): "Keep yelling, you big ape!"
    Treehouse of Horror III [9F04]
    • KING HOMER (in which Homer is depicted as a giant ape)
      Marge: "Single White Female wanted for mysterious expedition. Must like monkeys..."
        (which is shown on screen as a classified ad)
      Carl: "I heard we're goin' to Ape Island"
        Lenny: "Yeah, to capture a giant ape. I wish we were going to Candy Apple Island" Charlie: "Candy Apple Island? Whatta they got there?"
        Carl: "Apes. But they're not so big"
      Burns: "We'll sell monkey stew to the army!"
      Burns: "Alright you big ape, get a snootful of this gas bomb!"
      Burns: "Well, the ape's going to stand around for three hours or so"
      Barney: "Hey monkey! You want a peanut?!"
      Newspaper Headline: WOMAN WEDS APE
        Various simians at wedding
        Wedding cake is topped by ape bachelor{dh}
    • The monkey's paw is seen at the House of Evil {dh}
    New kid on the Block [9F06]
    • Sign: MONKEY HOUSE
      Monkey lovemaking sounds are heard
      Homer: "Zookeeper! Those monkeys are killing each other!"
    • 'Bottomless Pete' gawker: "I heard they shaved a Gorilla"
    I Love Lisa [9F13]
    • Bart: "Baboon heart... my body... rejecting it..." {bg}
    • A monkey sits atop Krusty's head
      Krusty: "So, why do they call this a Urine Monkey?"
    Duffless [9F14]
      Setting on Bart's go-go ray: THE MONKEY
      Mrs. Krabappel: "Can't... stop... doing... the monkey!"
    Last Exit to Springfield [9F15]
      Burns: "This is a thousand monkeys working at a thousand typewriters"
      About 20 monkeys are seen on screen
      Burns: "You stupid monkey!"
    The Front [9F16]
      Roger Meyers Jr.: "If I puked in a fountain pen & mailed it to the monkey house..."
    So its come to this: Clip Show [9F17]
      The x-ray of Homer's skull looks like an ape. {dh}
    Krusty gets Kancelled [9F19]
      Mr Teeny hits the bottle after Krusty gets Kancelled
    Marge in Chains [9F20]
      Lionel Hutz : "By hiring me as your lawyer, you also get this smoking monkey"
      Lionel Hutz has a drawer full of smoking monkeys

5th Season
    Rosebud [1F01]
      Futuristic apes uncover Bobo
    Homer goes to College [1F02]
      Burns: "You must find the Jade Monkey by nightfall"
      Smithers: "Actually, sir, we found the jade monkey; it was in your glove compartment"
    Treehouse of Horror IV [1F04]
    Bart's Inner Child [1F05]
      Monkey escapes zoo when ferris wheel breaks
    The Last Temptation of Homer [1F07]
      Burns unleashes winged monkeys a la 'Wizard of Oz' {bg}
    Homer and Apu [1F10]
    • Sign in pet shop window: TODAY ONLY: LAUGHING MONKEYS
      Sign is surrounded by laughing monkeys
    • James Woods (on the phone with his agent): "Yeah, 'cause those monkey p[roducers]..."
    Bart gets Famous [1F11]
    • Organ grinder with monkey in Homer's flashback
    • Mr. Teeny backstage
    Deep Space Homer [1F13]
    • Homer's Xray looks like a gorilla, and he acts like one
    • NASA scientist: "Maybe we should finally tell them the big secret - that all the chimps we sent into space came back super intelligent."
      Chimp in suit on rollerskates: "No. I don't think we'll be telling them that"
    • Homer: "The only danger is if they send us to that terrible 'Planet of the Apes'!"
    Lady Bouvier's Lover [1F21]
    • Banner on Krusty's show: MONKEYTOWN PHILHARMONIC
      Kazoo playing monkeys attack Sideshow Mel
      Homer: "Maggie, can you point to the Monkey?"
    • Grampa:"That big ape thinks he can muscle in on my girl, does he?"

6th Season
    Lisa's Rival [1F17]
    • FBI Agent: "There he is on the monkey bars"
    • Bart: "They're tryin' to make a monkey outta you"
    Another Simpsons Clip Show [2F33]
      Burns lets loose winged monkeys a la 'Wizard of Oz' (from 1F07)
    Sideshow Bob Roberts [2F02]
    • Listing in phone book: A GORILLA
    • Tombstones depicting two chimps named Mr. & Mrs. Bananas at pet cemetery
    • Maggie has a stuffed monkey {dh}
    Treehouse of Horror V [2F03]
    • Produced By J. "MONKEY BRAINS" MENDEL {bg}
    • Burns: "Oh, goody, the Sea Monkeys I ordered have arrived" {bg}
    Fear of Flying [2F08]
      Marge has a 'Monkees' lunchbox
      Girl on bus: "Ewww, you like the monkees??!"
      Dr. Zweig: "The Monkees weren't about music, Marge"
    Homer the Great [2F09]
      Homer: "I'll get a bunch of monkeys, dress them up, and make them re-enact the Civil War..." "Couldn't hurt. Unless the monkeys start hurting people. Which they almost certainly would"
      Monkeys 're-enact' the Battle of Gettysburg
      Marge: "You can't just keep hanging around these colobus monkeys. Somebody's going to get parasites!"
    And Maggie makes Three [2F10]
      Bart: "You're a pin monkey?! Wow!"
      Marge: "Can we get by on a pin monkey's salary?"
    A Star is Burns [2F31]
      Monkeys in Homer's head pick fleas, then do math
    Two Dozen and One Greyhounds [2F18]
      Burns (in song): " See my vest , see my vest, made of real gorilla's chest..."
    The PTA Disbands [2F19]
      Teacher: "Skinner said the teachers will crack any minute, purple monkey dishwasher"
      Mrs. Krabappel: "Well! We'll show him! Especially for that purple monkey dishwasher remark!"
    Round Springfield [2F32]
      Groundskeeper Willie: "Bonjourrrrr! Ye cheese eatin' surrender monkeys!"

7th Season
    Home Sweet Home-Diddly-Dum-Doodily [3F01]
      Van Houten's basket monkey gives Bart lice
    Lisa the vegetarian [3F03]
      Gorilla & Monkey in Meat industry school film
    Treehouse of Horror VI [3F04]
      HOMER 3D
      Professor Frink: "For all we know, there could be cubes in there the size of gorillas and other large..." {bg}
    King-Size Homer [3F05]
      Arnie: "A bunch of escaped infected monkeys are roaming the expressway... those monkeys seem confused and irritable"
    Marge Be Not Proud [3F07]
      Donkey Kong talks Bart into shoplifting
    Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming [3F08]
      Couch opening: Everybody is a sea monkey {bg}
    Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield [3F11]
      Ape on mini-golf course (DELETED SCENE)
    Bart the Fink [3F12]
    • Sign at bank shows giant crazed gorilla
      Bankers are all wearing ape masks
      Banker: "ook, ook, are you folks ready to go ape?"
      Marge: "A professional in an ape mask is still a professional"
    • Mr. Teeny at the funeral
    A Fish Called Selma [3F15]
    • Mack Parker: "...Planet of the Apes... The Musical"
      Actors in ape makeup portray characters and extras from 'Planet of the Apes'
      Troy McClure (as the human): "Get your paws off me, you dirty ape!"
      Troy McClure (in song): "I hate every ape I see, from chimpan 'A' to chimpan 'Z'. No, you'll never make a monkey out of me"
        "You finally made a monkey out of me!"
        Chorus: "Yes we finally made a monkey..."
    • Mr. Teeny at the wedding
    22 Short Films About Springfield [3F18]
    • Mr. Teeny in the kitchen 'helping' with Lisa's Hair {jr}
    • Professor Frink: "...when a monkey stole the glasses off the top of my head! ...That monkey is going to pay"
    Homerpalooza [3F21]
      Dr. Zaius T-shirt in crowd at concert {bg}

8th Season
    Burns, Baby Burns [4F05]
      A guy leaves costume store in gorilla suit and returns to party at end of episode
    A Milhouse Divided [4F04]
    • Reverend Lovejoy: " a jet powered, monkey navigated... and it goes on like this"
    • Nelson: "...a bunch of us are goin' to the car dealer and swipe the giant gorilla balloon" (DELETED SCENE)
    The Springfield Files [3G01]
      Live appearance of Donkey Kong at Noiseland Arcade
    SimpsoncalifragilisticexpialaDOH!cious [3G03]
      Shari Bobbins (in song): "It may be sour grapes, but you're all a bunch of apes"
    Homer's Phobia [4F11]
      The Cockamamie's has a clapping Monkey. {dh}
    The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show [4F12]
    • Troy McClure: "You may remember me from such cartoons as 'Christmas Ape' and 'Christmas Ape goes to Summer Camp'"
    • Flanders: "That was the best episode of Impy & Chimpy I've ever seen!"
    • Mr. Teeny poster
    My Sister, My Sitter [3F13]
      Monkey wheelbarrows Prof. Frink to Dr. Riviera's clinic
    The Old Man and the Lisa [4F17]
      Burns: "...besetting us with droughts and floods and poison monkeys!"
    In Marge we Trust [4F18]
    • Monkey in "Mr. Sparkle" commercial
    • Baboons attack Flanders
      Signpost reading: BABOON COUNTY, USA
      Lisa: "That came from Baboon County, USA!"
      Marge: "C'mon Ned, knock that monkey down!"
      Reverend Lovejoy: "Say your prayers, you heathen baboons!"
      Sign on railroad reading: LEAVING BABOON COUNTY, USA
      Sign on railroad reading: ENTERING BABOON COUNTY, USA

        Reverend Lovejoy: "Baboons to the left of me, baboons to the right... A pair of the great apes rose up at me..."
    The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase [4F20]
      Homer wears Ape mask in "Chief Wiggum P.I."
    The Secret War of Lisa Simpson [4F21]
      Banana Sticker on Police Console featured picture of a gorilla
      Chief Wiggum: "Gorilla's Choice"

9th Season
    Lisa's Sax [3G02]
      Marge holds up a book called CURIOUS GEORGE AND THE EBOLA VIRUS which pictures the famous chimp
    Treehouse of Horror VIII [5F02]
    Lisa the Skeptic [5F05]
      Mr. Teeny at the unveiling of the mall
    Realty Bites [5F06]
      Marge: "...dogs, cats, phone answering monkeys"
    Miracle on Evergreen Terrace [5F07]
      Apu takes Mr. Teeny doll from Maggie
    All Singing, All Dancing [5F24]
      Burns: " See my vest , see my vest, made of real gorilla's chest..." (from 2F18)
    Bart Carny [5F08]
      Stuffed monkey as prize at carnival
    Das Bus [5F11]
    • Homer has a cymbal clapping monkey in his "office" (DELETED SCENE)
    • A chimp brings Nelson a drink on Bart's fantasy island
      Bart: "And every night the monkey butlers will regale us with Jungle stories"
      Nelson: "How many monkey butlers will there be?"
      Later Bart laments: "No food, no shelter, no monkey butlers. This island is a death hole"
    The Last Temptation of Krust [5F10]
    • Krusty and Sideshow Mel show up to the benefit dragging Mr. Teeny along on rollerskates.
    • Krusty: "Where is that stinkin' monkey?!"
      Mr. Teeny skates up and suggests that Krusty have a banana to cheer up
      Krusty: "Augh! That's your answer to everything! Look at my life. I'm talking to a monkey..."
    • Mr. Teeny hangs from the shower rod
      Homer: "I didn't know you, Jay Leno and a monkey were bathing a clown"
    Dumbell Indemnity [5F12]
      Drive-In Marquis: HAIL TO THE CHIMP
      Homer: "They're showing 'Hail to the Chimp'!"
      The President, a chimp, attacks one of his advisors
      A picture of a chimp in founding father gear is seen on the wall

      Homer (laughing): "That's what you get for not hailing to the chimp!"
      The chimp President later parachutes from a crashing plane
    Lisa the Simpson [4F12]
      Grampa: "Your dad used to be smart as a monkey, but then his mind started gettin' lazy, and now he's dumb as a chimp"
    This Litte Wiggy [5F13]
      Mr. Teeny doll amongst Ralph's toys
    Girly Edition [5F15]
      Apu has a helper monkey because he was shot 6 times
        Apu: "That is just my helper monkey, sir"
        Homer: "Helper monkey, eh?"
      A couple of monkeys are seen when Homer goes to Animal Assistants
        Homer: "I'd like a monkey please"
          "Just the monkey, then"
        Clerk: "Sir, helper monkeys are only for the physically challenged or enfeebled"
        Grampa: "This monkey's gonna change my life...mmmm, I can't wait to eat that monkey!"
      Marge chases Homer's helper monkey, Mojo, around the kitchen
        Marge: "Monkey! There's a monkey in the house!...Why didn't you tell me you were bringing home a filthy monkey?!"
        Homer: "This filthy monkey made the orange juice you're drinking!"
      Homer and Mojo sit on the sofa drinking beer and watching TV
        Marge: "The monkey's on my part of the sofa!"
        Marge: "You already have a monkey!"
      Homer and Mojo steal doughnuts from Lard Lad
        Homer: "You're a helper monkey! This isn't helping!"
      Mojo mimics Lisa's evil laughter
      Homer and Mojo lay on the floor, gorged on junk food
        Marge: "Why is that monkey wearing a diaper?...You said this monkey would be sweeping the floors... I want you to take that monkey back..."
      Homer takes Mojo back to Animal Assistants
    Natural Born Kissers [5F18]
      Ape on mini-golf course

10th Season
    Bart the Mother [5F22]
      Skinner: "We've lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat"
      Lisa: "But then we're stuck with gorillas!"
      Skinner: "When wintertime rolls around, the gorillas simply freeze to death"
    When You Dish Upon A Star [5F19]
      Homer (in song): "Magilla Gorilla, gorilla for sale" (followed by crazed ape noises)
    D'oh'in in the Wind [AABF02]
      Mr. Teeny is freaked out by Homer's freak out
    Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble" [AABF04]
    • Bart: "I rented all of your favorite Gorilla movies: 'Gorilla Squadron', 'Gorilla Island Six'..."
      Homer: "Apes-A-Poppin!"
    • French guy on ship: "I stole this accordion from a blind monkey!"
    Viva Ned Flanders [AABF06]
    • Lenny: "What's your secret Flanders? Goat placenta? Monkey sweat?" {dh}
    • Gorilla on Rollercoaster at Safari Casino
    Wild Barts Can't be Broken [AABF07]
      Krusty (in song): "Channel hopping, ribbon popping monkeys!"
    I'm with Cupid [AABF11]
      Valentine's Day card with monkeys on it
      Homer: "That's funny... 'cause they're monkeys!"
    • Marge: "Its not that monkey card I found in the car, is it?"
    Make Room for Lisa [AABF12]
      On TV: simian sounds as animals attack magicians
    Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers" [AABF10]
      Homer: "I don't wanna pay 4 bucks to watch some monkey wannabe laying around in the sun"
    Simpsons Bible Stories [AABF14]
      Monkey in tree at beginning of Marge's dream
    Mom and Pop Art [AABF15]
    • Bart's chalkboard line reads A TRAINED APE COULD NOT TEACH GYM
    • Astrid Weller: "It could be a mental patient, hillbilly, or chimpanzee"
      Homer: "(Gasp) At my High School I was voted most likely to be a mental patient, hillbilly, or chimpanzee!"
    Monty Can't buy me Love [AABF17]
      Homer is captivated by a wallfull of TVs displaying a banjo playing monkey {dh}
    They Saved Lisa's Brain [AABF18]
    • Homer acts like an ape at KBBL contest
    • Skinner: "We have some new rules and regulations that you're just going to go ape poopie over"
    Thirty Minutes over Tokyo [AABF20]
    • Bart: "I know a website that shows monkeys doin' it!"
      Homer: "C'mon, Lisa! Monkeys!"
    • Homer: "Even a chimp couldn't blow through this much dough." (DELETED SCENE)

11th Season
    Brothers Little Helper [AABF22]
      Ralph: "I want a bike and a monkey, and a friend for the monkey"
    E-I-E-I-D'oh! [AABF19]
    • 'Orangutan At Dance' in credits of Zorro
    • Farm Neighbor: "You couldn't grow stink on a monkey!"
    Eight Misbehavin' [BABF03]
    • Apu: "And after all, monkey see, monkey do"
    • Apu: "I, too, am afraid I am guilty of monkeying with nature"
    • Gorilla with baby at zoo
    • Mr. Killkid: "Its not just you prancing around in a monkey suit is it?"
    Mansion Family [BABF08]
      Homer: "They'll never know the joys of a monkey knife fight"
      'Furious George', the embattled chimp, appears freshly knived
      Burns: "Smithers, this monkey is going to need most of your skin"
    Alone Again, Natura-Diddly [BABF10]
      Homer: "...Like a chocolate covered raisin, or a monkey in a cowboy suit"
    Pygmoelian [BABF12]
      Producer: "...not Cornelius from Planet of the Apes ugly"
    Days of Wine and D'oh'ses [BABF14]
      Barney: "Well, it ain't beer, but at least I got that monkey off my back"
    Kill the Gator and Run [BABF15]
      Sienneca: "We got Kid Rock comin' up for all you mosh monkeys!"

12th Season
    A Tale of Two Springfields [BABF20]
      Phoney McRingring: "... even monkeys can memorize 10 numbers. Are you stupider than a monkey?"
      Chief Wiggum: " big of a monkey?"
    HOMR [BABF22]
    • Homer envisions himself owning a King Kong sized ape as a result of his investment
      Homer: "You heard the monkey, make the trade"
    • Sign at product testing facility reads: SCREAMING MONKEY MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTER
      Monkeys are heard screaming inside
    Homer vs. Dignity [CABF04]
    • Burns' many references to Homer as his 'Prank Monkey'
        "Let's say I make you... my 'Prank Monkey!"
        "I can't have my little monkey running around in rags"
        "Alright Prank Monkey, let's make mischief"
        "Time for Monkey to shine"
        "First rate job, Monkey"
        "Here you go, Monkey"
        "Well done, Monkey"
        "Monty say, Monkey do"
        "Well, well. It looks like my Monkey has evolved into a man. A poor man"
      Homer: "I'm not your Monkey anymore!"
      Burns: "Silence, Monkey!"
    • Simian Screeches can be heard at the zoo
    • Stuffed monkeys & gorilla at Costingtons
    The Computer Wore Menace Shoes [CABF02]
      Homer is awakened by a mechanical cymbal clapping monkey
    The Great Money Caper [CABF03]
      A magician chops Marge into four monkeys which then attack her
      Homer: "So, she was made of chimps!"
    Skinner's Sense of Snow [CABF06]
      Homer: "Aw, I wanted to see 'em fire a gorilla out of a cannon"
    Worst Episode Ever [CABF08]
      Flanders: "My neighbor Homer released a radioactive ape in my house"
      Bart: "It wasn't Dad's fault. The ape tricked him"
      A flourescent ape (actually more of a baboon) later slaps Ned around in the car.
    Day of the Jackanapes [CABF10]
    • Mr. Teeny attends the meeting with Krusty and the network executives
    • Krusty: "Our own Chimp'n'Dales dancer gives you the 'Full Monkey'"
      Mr. Teeny performs a strip tease
    • Mr. Teeny saves Krusty's life and destroys the network executives in one fell swoop
    Bye Bye Nerdie [CABF11]
      Lisa: "I think I figured out what sets off that big ape Francine"
    Simpsons Safari [CABF13]
    • Moe: "Watch what you're doin' there, sack monkey"
    • Baboon is a score in Bart's safari bingo
    • Monkey face on Homer's 'map'
      Homer: "Heh heh heh heh... Monkey"
    • A chimp keeps Bart from having to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro
      Marge: "A chimp!" Bart: "Maybe he'll lead us to bananas"
      Homer: "...or more mouth watering monkeys"
      Chimps abound in nearly every scene at the refuge
      Homer: "So, I noticed your home smells of feces... and not just monkey feces, either"
      Joan Bushwell: "Every day I get up at 5:30, watch the chimps... and think about chimps until its time for bed"
      Greenpeace Guy: "Give us the chimps and no one gets hurt!"
      Homer: "Somebody light this monkey! AAAAAUUUGGGGGH!!!! HELP!!, BAD MONKEY!"
      Lisa: "(Gasp) The chimps are running a diamond mine!"
      Lisa: "How could you exploit your beloved chimps like this?"
      Lisa: "These are just pictures of monkeys from famous movies!"
        Gorillas chasing Taylor in "Planet of the Apes"
        A Flying Monkey with the head of the scarecrow from "Wizard of Oz"
        The original "King Kong" atop the Empire State Building
    Trilogy of Error [CABF14]
      Mr. Teeny drives Lisa to the wrong school and at the end returns to complain that the plot of the episode made no sense
    Children of a Lesser Clod [CABF16]
      Mr. Teeny supplies Krusty with script like "Santa Claus himself would vomit with rage"

13th Season
    The Parent Rap [CABF22]
      Charlton Heston (as sampled by KBBL D.J.s Marty & Bill): "Damn Dirty Ape"
    Hunka Hunka Burns in Love [CABF18]
      Chief Wiggum: "You're just a decrepit monkey skeleton!"
      Burns: "Perhaps, but this monkey skeleton is in love!"
    Jaws Wired Shut [DABF05]
    • Theater Marquis: EDITOR IN CHIMP
    • Duffman: "OK, Chug Monkeys"
    The Bart Wants What it Wants [DABF06]
      Sinjin Van Hoekstraton: "Monkeys point"
      Homer: "Monkeys cry"
    The Latest Gun in the West [DABF07]
      Mr. Teeny is in Krusty's sketch
      Sideshow Mel: "We don't take kindly to transvestite chimpanzees here in Pine Corners!"
    The Old Man and the Key [DABF09]
      Lisa: "Statistics show that old people drive at least as well as sleep deprived apes"
    Tales from the Public Domain [DABF08]
      Mr. Teeny is a member of Krusty's comedy troupe in 'Hamlet'
    Blame it on Lisa [DABF10]
      Renaldo: "Now the monkeys can not bite me!"
      Monkeys attack Renaldo
      Bart: "Fine. I wanna meet monkeys"
    Weekend at Burnsie's [DABF11]
      Homer: "I could walk up to the President and blow smoke in his stupid monkey face!"
    I am Furious Yellow [DABF13]
      Guiseppe the monkey claps for Italian-American Sauce Bread Day
      Stereotypical Italian Guy: "Guiseppe is such a happy monkey!"
    The Sweetest Apu [DABF14]
    • Poster of Mr. Teeny in Krusty's office
    • Mandula: "You remind me of the monkeyman who slaughtered my family's chickens"

14th Season
    Treehouse of Horror 13 [DABF19]
      Crocodile McAllister: "Yarrrr, the half-man/half-gorilla speaks the truth!"
    How I Spent My Strummer Vacation [DABF2]
      Promo slide for 'Monkey Trauma Center' depicts chimp medical staff
      Voiceover: "MTC, Monkey Trauma Center, will not be seen tonight"
      Homer: "Awww, I can't believe they cancelled Monkey Trauma Center for this!"
    Bart vs. Lisa vs. 3rd Grade [DABF20]
    • On TV: simian sounds heard at the end of 'Animal Survivor' intro
    • Monkeys are switchboard operators on a satellite
    Large Marge [DABF18]
      Mr. Teeny gets a cigarette slapped out of his mouth by one of several chimpanzees in the jungle
    The Great Louse Detective [EABF01]
    • News airs file photo of Homer with gorilla who has stolen his pants
    • Frank Grimes, Jr.: "Your ape-like incompetence drove my father insane"
    Special Edna [EABF02]
    • Bart envisions Mr. Teeny as a possible date for Mrs. Krabappel
    • Agnes: "My fanny is baboon red after that car ride!"
    • Agnes' inner monlogue: "He has the tiny hands of a chimp"
    The Dad Who Knew Too Little [EABF03]
    • Elliot Gould: "Your monkey bit my kid again!"
      Repeated cuts to Mr. Teeny
    • Lisa: "They're making monkeys smoke cigarettes"
      Several monkeys are smoking cigarettes
      Kent Brockman: "Breaking news at the Screaming Monkey Research Labs..."
      Lou: "One of these monkeys has the same name as my ex-wife"
      Sign on monkey cage at circus: SEE THE AMAZING SMOKING MONKEYS
      Monkeys are smoking in their cage at the cirucus
      Smoking monkeys are hanging out in Cletus's yard
    Pray Anything [EABF06]
      Figure skating monkey on TV
      Announcer: "You're watching 'Monkey Olympics' on Fox"
      On screen graphic: MONKEY OLYMPICS
      Noodles the monkey reacts to the judges' scores
      Carl: "Did you see the judging in the monkey figure skating?"
    A Star is Born Again [EABF08]
    • Ralph: "...and monkeys and Santa and gorillas..."
    • Gorilla on the set of "The Zookeeper's Wife"
    • Guy in gorilla suit during Benny Hill parody (twice)
    Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington [EABF09]
    • Stuffed monkey in attendance at Malibu Stacey's wedding
    • Mr. Teeny sits on a shelf, smoking
      Krusty: "Teeny here is from Brazil. His uncle was the head monkey at the Bureau of Tourism"
    C.E. D'oh! [EABF10]
    • Mr. Burns: "And what book is that? 'The Ape Who Wanted a Big Bonus'?"
    • Turkish street vendor: "Banana made of drugs! Monkey made of drugs!"
      Vendor presents a monkey made of drugs
    'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky [EABF11]
    • Mr. Teeny is sitting on Krusty's desk, smoking
    • Declan Desmond: "Springfields's Machiavelli of the monkey bars is one Bartholomew Simpson"
    • Moe: "You ain't that gorilla from the zoo!"
    Old Yeller-Belly [EABF14]
      Mr. Teeny driving ambulance on WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK bumper
    Brake My Wife, Please [EABF15]
      In a gratuitous flashback, Homer sees the trailer (and title) of the film EDITOR-IN-CHIMP
      A cigar smoking chimp in suspenders stars in the film
      Homer: "That monkey's wearing a hat!"
      The Editor-in-chimp is heard reprimanding a reporter
    Bart of War [EABF16]
    • Lou: "That's the Monkees, Chief"
    • Gorilla with barrel hoop in Jim Proudfoot's flashback
    • Apu: "Is this another of those youth groups that apes the culture of those indigenous peoples you invaded and destroyed?"
    • Mr. Teeny in baseball riot

15th Season
    My Mother the Carjacker [EABF18]
      Bart: "If it please the court, I would like to go ape on my sister"
    The Regina Monologues [EABF22]
      Homer: "I'd like to return to Brazil, but I hear thier monkey problem is even worse now"
    The Fat and the Furriest [EABF19]
      Homer: "It was just this tag that made you go apescat"
    Today I am a Clown [FABF01]
      Mr. Teeny is giving Krusty a massage
    Tis the 15th Season [FABF02]
      Mr. Teeny is on the channel 6 holiday special
    Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore [FABF07]
      Lancelot Link (Secret Chimp) is part of the "Things that shouldn't talk, but do" exhibit at the Museum of Television and TV
    The Ziff who Came to Dinner [FABF08]
    • Marquis at Googolplex: RETURN TO APE VALLEY
    • Artie Ziff: "Twice a week I get your email of the monkey peeing in his own mouth"
      Homer: "That monkey got America through some tough times"
    Smart and Smarter [FABF09]
      Henry (Simon Cowell): "Let's just watch the tape, monkeyman"
    Wandering Juvie [FABF11]
      Bart: "I'd better eyeball that ape one more time"
    My Big Fat Geek Wedding [FABF12]
      Guy dressed like Cornelius from Planet of the Apes at BiMonSciFiCon
    Catch 'em if you Can [FABF14]
      Box at Lackluster Video has picture of an ape
      Box appears to read: APE CHIMP
    Bart Mangled Banner [FABF17]
      Krusty forces Mr. Teeny to swallow his illegal pills
    Fraudcast News [FABF18]
    • Bart: "I've got a dad that looks like a monkey"
      Homer is eating a banana and scratching himself
    • Krusty berates Mr. Teeny for not living up to his predecessor
      Three stuffed Mr. Teenys are on the wall in Krusty's office

16th Season
    Midnight Rx [FABF16]
    • Mr. Teeny carries a giant lithium dibromide pill
    • Homer envisions he and grampa gaining entrance into Canada via giant ape
    Sleeping with the Enemy [FABF19]
      Girl at Saks Fifth Grade wearing t-shirt with monkey on it
    Mommie Beerest [GABF01]
      Mr. Teeny almost gets sucked out of the airplane
    Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass [GABF02]
    • Tour Bus Driver: "Look at the American computer monkey! Dance, monkey! Dance!"
    • Homer acts like an ape (Donkey Kong to be exact)
    Pranksta Rap [GABF03]
      Kirk VanHouten's jacket of Milhouse's stuffed animals includes a purple monkey
    There's Something About Marrying [GABF04]
    • Girl ape on mini-golf course
    On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister [GABF05]
      Monkey on the cover of 'Math Safari' (in willie's "class")
    Goo Goo Gai Pan [GABF06]
      Homer: "You name it, old wise mountain ape"
    Mobile Homer [GABF07]
    • Krusty: "Can't I get a cup of coffee without doing a monkey dance for you freaks?"
    • Bart: "The RV dealer is across town under that gorilla blimp"
      Camper Kong (the gorilla blimp) floats above RV dealer and later out to sea
    The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star [GABF09]
      A stuffed monkey hangs from Homer's bag of bingo booty
    Futuredrama [GABF12]
      Billboard reads: GIVE APES THE VOTE. YOU WON'T REGRET IT
      Billboard shows gorilla giving a thumbs up
    A Star is Torn [GABF13]
    • Homer: "The song I wrote you is so shmaltzy, it'll make 'Moon River' sound like a farting orangutan!"
    • Mr. Teeny brings out the remote for the Buzz Cola trap door

17th Season
    Treehouse of Horror XVI [GABF17]
    • Chimpanzees at zoo
    • Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and Baboon heads are among Burns's hunting trophies
    • Grampa is dressed as a gorilla and then becomes one
      Lisa: "Grampa is a gorilla"
      Gorillampa: "I'm a young, strappin' gorilla!"
      Dracula Hibbert: "Off we go to the gorilla hospital"
    The Italian Bob [HABF02]
      Mr. Teeny in jester's costume at Pagliacci
    We're On the Road to D'ohwhere [HABF04]
      'Fun' Homer: "We'll get a monkey drunk and push him down the stairs"
    Bart has Two Mommies [HABF07]
      Toot-Toot the chimp abducts Bart
      Homer: "My son's been ape-napped!"
      Zoo guide: "A chimp that size could tear your sons head right off!"
      Homer: "When stupid Homer wasn't looking, Bart got kidnapped by a monkey"
      Homer: "When the monkey falls asleep, I'll sneak you out in this trash bag. Then I'll come back and feed the monkey a peach full of anti-freeze"
      Homer: "I fell asleep before the monkey!"
      Kent Brockman: "Local boy Bart Simpson is being held hostage by an angry chimpanzee"
      Homer: "Hey Monkey! Eat tranquilizer dart!"
      Homer: "Lisa, monkeys don't have feelings"
      Marge: "While you were living the glamourous life of a TV chimp..."
      Kent Brockman: "Now our latest update on monkeyboy Bart Simpson"
        News graphic: SIMPSON THE CHIMP SON
        News graphic pictures Bart and Toot-Toot
      Toot-Toot is reunited with her son, Louis (Mr. Teeny)
    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore [HABF10]
    • Burns: "I don't want my scooped out monkey head to get cold"
    • Homer: "Now, for my amusement, let the monkey fight the elephant!"
      A monkey and an elephant are brought into the room
    Girls Just Want to Have Sums [HABF12]
      Monkeys are characters in "Stab-A-Lot"
      Marge: "Keep walking, monkey"
    Regarding Margie [HABF13]
      Ape on mini-golf course
    The Monkey Suit [HABF14]
      The Title (finally!)
      Evolution exhibit depicts man's descent from ape
      Todd: "Daddy, was Mommy a monkey?"
      Flanders: "No one was ever a monkey!"
      Flanders: "They're telling people we descended from a pack of apes"
      PhD in Truthology: "If man evolved from monkeys, there'd be evidence"
        He holds up a picture depicting evolution beginning with apes
        Caption on picture: APES
      Clarice Drummond: "And you are positive that man and ape cannot be related?"
      Homer acts like an ape
      Flanders: "Will you shut your yap you big monkey faced gorilla!"
      Clarice: "Can you say that this man could not possibly be related to that ape?"
    Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play [HABF16]
      Homer (yelling in the distance): "And I say a monkey can mow our lawn!"

18th Season
    Jazzy & the Pussycats [HABF18]
    • Homer appears as giant gorilla (King Homer) in couch opening
    • Simian sounds emitted during 'Circus Fire' program on white noise machine
    • Lisa rescues monkeys from the Shameful Brothers Circus (Closed by popular demand)
    G.I. (D'OH) [HABF21]
      Krusty: "... and the monkey head mittens"
      Krusty has a pair of mittens made out of monkey heads
    Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair) [HABF22]
    • Burns: "On your feet, you sniggering orang-u-tan"
    • Homer: "You made me a sculpture of Magilla Gorilla"
    The Haw-Hawked Couple [JABF02]
      T.R. Francis: "Just read the book, you shaved ape"
    Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times [JABF05]
      King Kong waves to paparazzi from atop the Empire State Building
    Little Big Girl [JABF04]
    • Mr. Teeny skates away from donating organs to Krusty
    • A lion fights a gorilla at North Haverbrook's "Ultimate Fighting Zoo"
    Springfield Up [JABF07]
      Declan Desmond: "I actually feel affection for these knuckle-dragging sub-monkeys"
    Yokel Chords [JABF09]
    • Mr. Teeny poster in Krusty's office
    • Mr. Teeny ejects Lisa from Krusty's office
    Homerazzi [JABF06]
    • Homer evolves from monkey to ape in the couch scene
    • Mr. Teeny's cocaine orgy pictured on cover of Springfield Inquisitor
    The Boys of Bummer [JABF11]
      Little League Announcer: "It's like watching a monkey swallow a hand grenade"
    24 Minutes [JABF14]
      Dolph dons an ape mask to protect himself from the ultimate stink bomb
    You Kent Always Say What You Want [JABF15]
    • Mr. Teeny poster in the halls of Channel 6
    • Mr. Teeny (without his hat!)

The Simpsons Movie
  • A cymbal clapping monkey appears in Homer's head and urges him to listen to Marge
  • Mr. Teeny flees from Maggie's broken bottle challenge

19th Season
    Homer of Seville [JABF18]
      Homer evolves from monkey to ape in the couch scene (from JABF06)
    I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings [JABF19]
      Eddie wins a stuffed monkey for Wiggum at the amusement park
      Wiggum: "Can't a man spend one minute with a stuffed monkey?"
      Lou: "The monkey would make a better chief" Wiggum: "What did you say?"
      Lou: "I said the monkey would make a better chief!"
      Wiggum: "Yeah, he's a good monkey, alright"
      Wiggum" "I'll show you which monkey would make the best chief!"
    Treehouse of Horror XVIII [JABF16]
    • Homer: "I'm going to midnight monkey madness at the zoo"
      Marge: "How was your midnight monkey madness?"
    • Mr. Teeny at Kent Brockman's party
    Little Orphan Millie [JABF22]
      Homer: "And that's why, to this day, you never see a shark with monkey arms"
    Funeral for a Fiend [KABF01]
    • Monkey in "Mr. Sparkle" commercial (from F418)
    • Mr. Teeny at Bob's faux funeral
    Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind [KABF02]
      Homer sits with apes from '2001: A Space Odessy' (from 8F06)
    That 90's Show [KABF04]
    • Heating Technician: "Just shut up, monkey man, and make the gas flow"
    • Gorilla in straightjacket in Sadgasm video
    Apocalypse Cow [KABF10]
      Picture of gorilla on Tress MacNeille's CD
    Mona Leaves-a [KABF12]
    • Homer evolves from monkey to ape in the couch scene (from JABF06)
    • Stuffed monkey at Stuff-N-Hugs
    • Cigar smoking monkey on toilet at end of Mona's video will
    All About Lisa [KABF13]
    • Krusty: "You creepy little show monkeys!"
    • Mr. Teeny featured frequently throughout episode
      Krusty: "Where's the chimp?"
      Lisa: "Its one thing to fill in for a monkey, but a comedy legend?"

20th Season
[note: Starting with the LABF production series, the new HD opening features Mr. Teeny for a couple of frames, which will only be noted this one time.]

    Lost Verizon [KABF15]
      Brian Grazer: "Only one face came to mind for the constipated gorilla: yours"
      Dennis Leary and a cast of extras dressed as gorillas on the set of "Everyone Poops"
    Double, Double, Boy in Trouble [KABF14]
      Simon: "You semi-literate spew monkey"
    Dangerous Curves [KABF18]
      Selma & Patty have a file labeled UNCLE, MONKEY'S
    Mypods and Boomsticks [KABF20]
      Mr. Teeny with Krusty at the Mapple store
    The Burns and the Bees [KABF21]
      Gorilla playing basketball on a trampoline
      Burns: "Was that a real gorilla?"
    Take My Life, Please [LABF01]
      Mr. Teeny on the Springfield Wall of Fame.
    No Loan Again, Naturally [LABF03]
      Lisa: "I wish you'd picked an easier theme than Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkeys"
      Homer's float has monkeys on it
    Gone Maggie Gone [LABF04]
      Mother Superior: "Well, little monkey, its time for you to spend some time with the man in the yellow hat"
    Wedding For Disaster [LABF05]
    • Maggie sees Homer as a giant ape.
      Homer ape reads a copy of APES magazine.
    • Krusty: "the monkey needs to keep his strength up. We're gonna drop him out of a blimp tomorrow and see what happens"
      Mr. Teeny looks at krusty, horrified
      [and despite the last scene taking place the next day, and the presence of a blimp, the callback opportunity was wasted]
    The Good, The Sad, and the Drugly [LABF07]
      Entire family are apes in the couch gag
    Coming to Homerica [LABF12]
      Mr. Teeny plays chess with Krusty
Planet of the Apes references
  • [8F10] I Married Marge - Homer: "You mean like will Apes be our masters?"
  • [1F13] Deep Space Homer - Homer: "The only danger is if they send us to that terrible 'Planet of the Apes'!" (Homer re-enacts Taylor's epiphany)
  • [1F01] Rosebud - Future shows Zira & Cornelius finding bobo and robotic Burns
  • [1F22] Bart of Darkness - ITCHY & SCRATCHY IN "PLANET OF THE ACHES"
  • [2F04] Bart's Girlfriend - Children hunted by parents on horseback with nets
  • [3F15] A Fish Called Selma - Planet of the Apes is redone onstage as a musical
  • [3F21] Homerpalooza - T-shirt featuring Dr. Zaius {bg}
  • [4F18] In Marge We Trust - The Church Marquis reads: CONQUEST OF THE COUNTY OF THE APES
  • [3G04] Simpson Tide - Planet of the Doughnuts
  • [BABF09] Saddlesore Galactica - track announcer: "Might this be the start of a terrifying 'Planet of the Horses'?"
  • [BABF12] Pygmoelian - soap producer: "...not Cornelius from Planet of the Apes ugly"
  • [CABF13] Simpson's Safari - Dr. Bushwell's 'serious research' contains a still from Planet of the Apes
  • [CABF22] The Parent Rap - KBBL D.J.s Marty & Bill have a sample of Charlton Heston: "Damn Dirty Ape"
  • [FABF12] My Big Fat Geek Wedding - Guy in Cornelius costume at BiMonSciFiCon
  • [GABF12] Futuredrama - Future has several 'Forbidden Zones'
    Sign in the future reads: GIVE APES THE VOTE, YOU WON'T REGRET IT
  • [KABF16] Treehouse of Horror XIX - VHS tape labeled PLANET OF THE TASTE uses footage from Planet of the Apes.
Suggestions, additions and corrections are welcomed.


{bg} Bruce Gomes
{dh} Dave Hall
(jr} Jared Rasmussen

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