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This document lists all the guest stars on The Simpsons, and explains what happened to them (or what character they played) on the show. Regular voices such as Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, and Harry Shearer are not listed. Neither are recurring guest stars such as Tress McNeille, Marcia Wallace, Phil Hartman, and Kelsey Grammer. All guest stars played themselves unless otherwise noted.

Season One (1989-90)

7G06 Ron Taylor (Bleeding Gums Murphy)
The jazz legend who is also Lisa's mentor.
7G09 Albert Brooks (Cowboy Bob)
The manager of Cowboy Bob's RV Roundup.
7G11 Albert Brooks (Jacques)
Marge has an affair with this bowling instructor.
7G10 Sam McMurray (Gulliver Dark)
Sings at the Offramp Inn show.
7G01 June Foray (Babysitter service woman)
The receptionist for the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Babysitter Service gives the Simpson family.
7G01 Penny Marshall (Ms. Botz)
Strict disciplinarian who turns out to be a criminal.

Season Two (1990-91)

7F02 Harvey Fierstein (Karl)
Homer's godsend of a secretary, who out-suckups Smithers.
7F04 James Earl Jones (Mover, Serak the Preparer, Narrator)
Jones's voice is used in all three segments: as a mover for OFF in "Bad Dream House," as the aliens' cook in "Hungry Are the Damned," and as the narrator for "The Raven."
7F05 Tony Bennett
Appears briefly while singing the "Capital City" song.
7F05 Tom Poston (Capital City Goofball)
The greatest mascot in history.
7F07 Greg Berg (Homeless guys)
Bart meets these two at the homeless shelter after running away from home.
7F11 George Takei (Akira, the waiter)
7F11 Joey Miyashima (Master Chef)
7F11 Diane Tanaka (Hostess)
Workers at the Happy Sumo.
7F11 Larry King
Narrates the Bible on tape.
7F12 Jon Lovitz (Artie Ziff, Mr. Seckofsky)
Ziff is Marge's senior prom date in high school. Mr. Seckofsky is Homer's shop teacher.
7F16 Danny DeVito (Herb Powell)
Homer's previously unknown half-brother, who disowns him after Homer ruins his business.
7F14 Tracey Ullman (Emily Winthrop)
Runs an obedience school where Santa's Little Helper was trained.
7F17 Audrey Meadows (Bea Simmons)
Grampa's girlfriend, who dies and leaves him her fortune.
7F18 Jon Lovitz (Professor Lombarbo)
The teacher of Marge's college art course.
7F18 Ringo Starr
Sent a letter to Marge about how much he loved her Sixties painting of him.
7F19 Sam Etic (aka Dustin Hoffman) (Mr. Bergstrom)
The substitute teacher Lisa had a crush on.
7F21 Chloris Leachman (Mrs. Glick)
The delusioned old woman Bart did chores for. Has appeared many times in later episodes, but not with Chloris Leachman's voice.
7F21 Daniel Stern (Narrator)
Bart imagined his adult self narrating his childhood, like Kevin Arnold on "The Wonder Years."

Season Three (1991-92)

7F24 John Jay Smith (aka Michael Jackson) (Leon Kompowsky)
Thinks he's Michael Jackson. Wonderful self-ref to this and Mr. Bergstrom in "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie": "Everyone had a cameo. Even Michael Jackson and Dustin Hoffman. Of course, they weren't credited, but you knew it was them."
8F03 Joe Mantegna (Fat Tony, Himself playing Fat Tony)
He's done the gangster Fat Tony many times, but on this ep he also played himself as Fat Tony in a "Movie of the Week" at the end of the show.
8F03 Neil Patrick Harris (Himself playing Bart)
Also in the "Movie of the Week."
8F04 Magic Johnson
Gives Homer a congratulatory call. Later scores a miraculous basket after tripping.
8F04 Chick Hearn
The announcer.
8F04 Jon Lovitz (Aristotle Amadopolis)
Owner of the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant, who has Homer give an inspiring speech.
8F05 Jackie Mason (Rabbi Hyman Krustofski)
Krusty the Clown's estranged father.
8F08 Catherine O'Hara (Collette)
Moe's new waitress.
8F08 Aerosmith
Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer do a gig while Moe's is popular. Let Moe sing along on "Walk This Way."
8F11 Sting
Takes part in the "Sending Our Love Down the Well" benefit and the rescue of Bart.
8F13 Jon Lovitz (Aristotle Amadopolis)
The owner of the Shelbyville NPP is back to make a wager with Burns.
8F13 Wade Boggs
8F13 Jose Canseco
8F13 Roger Clemens
8F13 Ken Griffey, Jr.
8F13 Don Mattingly
8F13 Steve Sax
8F13 Mike Scioscia
8F13 Ozzie Smith
8F13 Darryl Strawberry
All chosen as ringers for Burns' softball team, but only Strawberry plays.
8F13 Terry Cashman
Announcer at the softball championship.
8F15 Steve Allen (Bart's 'electronically altered' voice)
In Bart's daydream. I loved hearing him say "Aye Carumba!"
8F19 Beverly D'Angelo (Lurleen Lumpkin)
Homer's country singin' client - and temptress. Her only other line of dialogue, on "Marge vs. the Monorail," was spoken by Doris Grau, the voice of Lunchlady Doris.
8F21 Spinal Tap
    • David St. Hubbins aka Michael McKean
    • Nigel Tufnel aka Christopher Guest
    • Derek Smalls aka Harry Shearer
The fictional-turned-real heavy metal band (whose members include Simpsons regular Harry Shearer) performs a concert.
8F22 Kimmy Robertson (Samantha Stanky)
The girl Milhouse falls in love with.
8F23 Danny DeVito (Herb Powell)
Herb comes up with a moneymaking scheme to get out of the gutter in his return appearance.
8F23 Joe Frazier
Announces Homer as the winner of the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award forOutstanding Achievment in the Field of Excellence.

Season Four (1992-93)

8F18 Jon Lovitz (Llewellyn Sinclair)
Director of the play. Lovitz also does the voice of Sinclair's sister, who runs the Ayn Rand School for Tots.
9F02 Bob Hope
Performs at Fort Springfield with Lisa.
9F03 Neil Armstrong
Heard when Homer remembers his moon landing in 1969.
9F05 Tom Jones
Marge's favorite singer, kidnapped by Burns to woo her.
9F06 Sarah Gilbert (Laura Powers)
The new neighbor's daughter, who Bart gets a crush on.
9F06 Pamela Reed (Sara Powers)
The new neighbor.
9F07 Linda Ronstadt
Sings the "Plow King" jingle.
9F07 Adam West
Meets Homer at the auto show.
9F08 Elizabeth Taylor (Maggie Simpson)
Says "Daddy" at the end - one of only two official spoken words for the Simpsons tot.
9F10 Leonard Nimoy
A passenger on the monorail's doomed maiden voyage.
9F15 Dr. Joyce Brothers
Appears on the Smartline show. Only line of dialogue: "I brought my own mike!"
9F16 Brooke Shields
Gives an award to Abe.
9F18 Barry White
Serves as the grand marshall for Whacking Day. Later helps save the snakes.
9F20 David Crosby
Helps Lionel Hutz kick his alcohol addiction.
9F19 Johnny Carson
9F19 Bette Midler
9F19 Luke Perry
9F19 Hugh Hefner
9F19 Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • Anthony Kiedis
    • Flea
    • Arik Marshall
    • Chris Smith
Guests on Krusty's Komeback Special.
9F19 Barry White
A contestant on Springfield Squares.
9F19 Elizabeth Taylor
Turns down an offer to appear on the Komeback Special, which she later regrets.

Season Five (1993-94)

9F21 David Crosby
Gives the Be Sharps a Grammy.
9F21 George Harrison
Meets Homer at the after-award show party and rooftop concert.
9F21 The Dapper Dans (The Be Sharps)
This authentic barbershop quartet does the Be Sharps' singing voices.
1F01 The Ramones
    • Joey Ramone
    • Johnny Ramone
    • C.J. Ramone
    • Marky Ramone
Heckle Burns at his birthday party.
1F03 Pamela Reed (Ruth Powers)
Returns for a night on the town turned vigilante spree with Marge.
1F03 George Feneman (Narrator)
Does the Dragnet-like ending sequence.
1F05 James Brown
Sings at the "Do What You Feel" festival.
1F05 Albert Brooks (Brad Goodman, McGonickle)
Does the voice of the self-help guru and the TV show cop who cops an attitude.
1F06 Ernest Borgnine
Leads the Junior Campers retreat.
1F07 Werner Klemperer (Colonel Klink)
Reprises his "Hogan's Heroes" role as the form Homer's guardian angel assumes.
1F07 Michelle Pfeiffer (Mindy Simmons)
Homer's co-worker and temptress.
1F08 Gerry Cooney
Official greeter at Burns' casino.
1F08 Robert Goulet
Sings at Bart's treehouse casino.
1F09 Sam Neill (Malloy)
Grampa's friend, later shown to be the Cat Burglar.
1F11 Conan O'Brien
Bart appears on his show. O'Brien himself wrote three Simpsons episodes.
1F10 James Woods
Takes over Apu's job at the Kwik-E-Mart.
1F12 Kathleen Turner (Stacy Lovell)
The creator of Malibu Stacy.
1F13 Buzz Aldrin
Accompanies Homer on his space voyage.
1F13 James Taylor
Sings for the astronauts.

Season Six (1994-95)

1F17 Winona Ryder (Allison Taylor)
Lisa's rival, a new student in Springfield Elementary.
2F33 Albert Brooks (Jacques)
2F33 Sara Gilbert (Laura Powers)
2F33 Jon Lovitz (Artie Ziff)
2F33 Michelle Pfeiffer (Mindy Simmons)
These guests appear through clips from "Life On the Fast Lane", "New Kid on the Block", "The Way We Was", and "The Last Temptation of Homer" respectively.
2F02 Dr.Demento
Briefly heard on Bart's radio.
2F02 Larry King
Mediates the Mayoral Debates.
2F02 Henry Corden (Fred Flintstone)
Talks to Bart on the Flintstone Phone.
2F03 James Earl Jones (Maggie Simpson)
Speaks one line in an alternate universe during "Time and Punishment."
2F04 Meryl Streep (Jessica Lovejoy)
Bart's evil girlfriend, and Rev. Lovejoy's daughter.
2F06 Dennis Franz (Himself playing Homer)
From the Fox TV movie "Homer S: Portrait of an Ass-Grabber."
2F08 Ted Danson (Sam Malone)
2F08 Woody Harrelson (Woody Boyd)
2F08 Rhea Perlman (Carla Tortelli)
2F08 Jon Ratzenberger (Cliff Claven)
2F08 George Wendt (Norm Peterson)
All play their "Cheers" characters in a bar Homer stumbles across.
2F08 Ann Bancroft (Dr. Zweig)
Marge's therapist.
2F09 Patrick Stewart (Number One)
Head of the Stonecutters, Springfield division.
2F12 Dick Cavett
Co-hosts the Regional Ace Awards with Krusty Homer.
2F12 Johnny Unitas
Advertises the Lady Krusty Mustache Trimmer.
2F14 Mel Brooks
Homer's customer in the limo.
2F14 Susan Sarandon (Ballet Teacher)
Teaches Bart how to do ballet.
2F31 Jon Lovitz (Jay Sherman)
The Critic, who comes to Springfield to judge the local film festival.
2F31 Maurice LaMarche (George C. Scott)
Doing his Oscar winner "Man Getting Hit by Football."
2F15 Mandy Patankin (Hugh Parkfield)
Lisa's fiance in 2010.
2F32 Ron Taylor (Bleeding Gums Murphy)
Returns only to die.
2F32 Steve Allen
Hosts the Tonight Show in a flashback.
2F16 Tito Puente
Teacher for Lisa's proposed jazz course. After being cancelled because of budget cuts, he becomes a suspect.

Season Seven (1995-96)

2F20 Tito Puente
Clears himself with a slanderous mambo.
2F17 Mickey Rooney
Tries to convince Milhouse to continue as Fallout Boy.
3F03 Paul & Linda McCartney
The first married couple guest stars in history help Lisa keep away from meat.
3F04 Paul Anka
Sings the "Just Don't Look" jingle in "Attack of the 50 Ft. Eyesores."
3F06 Glenn Close (Grandma Simpson)
Homer's long-lost mother, assumed dead but actually an underground fugitive.
3F06 Harry Morgan (Bill Gannon)
FBI agent trying to arrest Grandma Simpson.
3F08 R. Lee Emrey (Colonel Leslie Hapablap)
In charge of Springfield's Air Force base.
3F31 Buzz Aldrin
In a clip from "Deep Space Homer".
3F31 Glenn Close (Grandma Simpson)
In an outtake from "Mother Simpson."
3F31 Liz Georges (Maggie Simpson)
Utters the line "Good night" in the "Good Night" clip from the Tracey Ullman days.
3F07 Lawrence Tierney (Don Brodka)
Detective at Try-n-Save.
3F11 Tom Kite
Gives Homer golfing tips.
3F12 Bob Newhart
Speaks at Krusty's funeral.
3F13 Donald Sutherland (Hollis Hurlbut)
Runs Springfield's Historical Society.
3F16 Suzanne Somers
Announcer at the Itchy & Scratchy parade.
3F16 Kirk Douglas (Chester J. Lampwick)
The real creator of Itchy.
3F16 Jack Sheldon (Amendment)
Sings during the "I'm an Amendment-to-Be" sketch.
3F15 Jeff Goldblum (MacArthur Parker)
Troy McClure's agent.
3F21 Cypress Hill
    • Sen Dog
    • B-Real
    • Mixmaster Muggs
Performs while high.
3F21 Peter Frampton
Gets the short end of the stick; Homer ruins his pig, Cypress Hill steals his orchestra, and Sonic Youth steals his watermelon.
3F21 Smashing Pumpkins
    • Billy Corgan
    • James Iha
    • D'Arcy Wretzky
    • Jimmy Chamberlain
Advise Homer about being a super freak.
3F21 Sonic Youth
    • Thurston Moore
    • Lee Ranaldo
    • Kim Gordon
    • Steve Shelley
Gets into Peter Frampton's cooler.
3F22 Christina Ricci (Erin)
One of Lisa's newfound friends.

Season Eight (1996-97)

3F23 Albert Brooks (Hank Scorpio)
Homer's new boss, and a power-crazed supervillian.
4F03 Michael Buffer
Announces the Simpson-Tatum match.
4F03 Paul Winfield (Lucious Sweet)
Moe's mentor, and Tatum's manager.
4F05 Rodney Dangerfield (Larry Burns)
Mr. Burns' boorish son.
4F07 Jon Lovitz (Jay Sherman)
Committed, possibly after his show was cancelled.
3F24 Johnny Cash (Coyote)
Guide to Homer's quest for a soulmate.
3G01 Leonard Nimoy
Hosts the show; orders a hot dog.
3G01 Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully)
3G01 David Duchovny (Fox Mulder)
Reprise their "X Files" characters and investigate Homer's sighting of an alien.
4F08 Jack Lemmon (Frank Ormand)
The Pretzel Wagon Man.
4F11 John Waters (John)
Homer's gay friend; runs a collectibles shop in the mall.
4F14 David Hyde Pierce (Cecil Terwilliger)
Sideshow Bob's younger brother.
4F15 Dave Thomas (Rex Banner)
Fights the war against alcohol in Springfield.
4F17 Bret "The Hitman" Hart
Moves into Mr. Burns' mansion.
4F18 Sab Shimono (Mr. Sparkle)
A corporate mascot who looks like Homer.
4F20 Gailard Sartain (Big Daddy)
Wiggum's nemesis in "Chief Wiggum, PI."
4F20 Tim Conway
Guest star on "The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour."
4F21 Willem Dafoe (Commandant)
In charge of the military academy Bart and Lisa attend

Season Nine (1997-98)

4F23 Martin Sheen (Sgt. Seymour Skinner)
The "real" Skinner.
3G02 Fyvush Finkel (Himself playing Krusty)
On a WB TV movie of Krusty's life.
5F03 Joe Namath
Gives Bart advice on football - and vapor lock.
5F03 Roy Firestone
Hosted the "Sports Spew!" radio show.
5F03 Mike Judge (Hank Hill)
Guest stars from "King of the Hill".
5F04 Jan Hooks (Manjula)
Apu's fiance.
5F04 Andrea Martin (Apu's mother)
Comes to see Apu get married to Manjula.
5F05 Stephen Jay Gould
Examines the angel.
5F07 Alex Trebek
Hosts "Jeopardy!" like on real life, but tells Marge she owes them money.
5F08 Jim Varney (Cooter)
The carny who takes over the Simpson house.
5F11 Jack Ong (Chinese fisherman)
Catches Otto.
5F11 James Earl Jones (Narrator)
Explains how the kids get back to civilization in time for...
5F10 Bruce Baum
5F10 Janeane Garafolo
5F10 Bobcat Goldthwait
5F10 Steven Wright
Appear at the Springfield Comedy Fest.
5F10 Jay Leno
At the Comedy Fest, but also helps Krusty reform his act.
5F10 Hank Williams, Jr
Sings the Canyonero theme at the end.
5F12 Helen Hunt (Renee)
Moe's expensive girlfriend.
3G04 Bob Denver
Performs at the USO club.
3G04 Rod Steiger (Captain Tenille)
Commands Homer's nuclear sub.
5F14 Paul Winfield (Lucious Sweet)
Makes a brief return; apparently has tax problems.
5F09 U2
    • Bono
    • The Edge
    • Adam Clayton
    • Larry Mullen
Help Homer win his campaign for sanitation engineer.
5F09 Steve Martin (Ray Patterson)
The former sanitation engineer.
5F16 Brendan Fraser (Brad)
5F16 Steven Weber (Neil)
Spokesmen for Powersauce Bars
5F20 Lisa Kudrow (Alexis)
A new kid in school; she wants to grow up quickly.

Season Ten (1998-99)

5F21 William Daniels (KITT)
Appears in the slide show.
AABF01 Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger)
Speaks in couch scene
AABF01 Ed McMahon
Hosts Snake's execution.
AABF01 Regis Philbin & Kathie Lee Gifford
Bart & Lisa land in their soup.
AABF01 Jerry Springer
Homer, Marge, Maggie, and Kang appear on his show.
5F19 Kim Basinger
5F19 Alec Baldwin
5F19 Ron Howard
Getting away from it all in Springfield, until Homer blabs.
5F19 Brian Grazer
Runs the studio Ron Howard sells the movie idea to.
AABF02 Martin Mull (Seth)
AABF02 George Carlin (Munchie)
Homer's hippie pals.
AABF05 Mark Hamill
Appears at the sci-fi convention and dinner theater.
AABF05 Dick Tutfield (Voice of the robot)
At the sci-fi convention; reprises his role from the "Lost in Space" TV show.
AABF06 The Moody Blues
    • Ray Thomas
    • Graeme Edge
    • Justin Hayward
    • John Lodge
Befriend Homer and Ned in the casino.
AABF07 Cyndi Lauper
Sings the national anthem.
AABF08 Fred Willard (Wally Krogen)
Springfield travel agent.
AABF08 Rosey Grier
Runs the chapel.
AABF08 Troy Aikman
Draws caricatures.
AABF08 Dan Marino
Throws passes outside the Super Bowl.
AABF08 Pat Summerall
AABF08 John Madden
Announce the Super Bowl.
AABF08 Dolly Parton
Springs Homer and his pals from jail.
AABF08 Rupert Murdoch
Homer and his buddies break into his booth.
AABF09 Ed Begley, Jr.
Advocates solar energy; chains himself to a tree.
AABF11 Jan Hooks (Manjula)
Apu's wife has marital problems.
AABF11 Elton John
Sings an ode for Manjula.
AABF15 Isabella Rossellini (Astrid Weller)
AABF15 Jasper Johns
Homer's fellow artists/art critics.
AABF16 Jack LaLane
Tries to save Springfield's elders.
AABF17 Michael McKean (Jerry Rude)
Shock jock who interviews Mr. Burns.
AABF18 Stephen Hawking
Saves Lisa from town riots.
AABF20 George Takei (Game Show Host)
Puts the Simpson family through a tough ordeal to return home.

Season Eleven (1999-2000)

AABF19 The B-52's
Sing the "Glove Slap" number.
AABF21 Ed Asner (Springfield Shopper editor)
Hires Homer to be a food critic.
AABF22 Mark McGwire
Does the dirty work for Major League Baseball.
AABF23 Mel Gibson
Homer thinks his movie stinks, so they remake it.
AABF23 Jack Burns (Edward Christian)
Studio executive who dislikes Homer and Mel's "altered" ending.
BABF01 Lucy Lawless
Kidnapped by The Collector.
BABF01 Dick Clark
Hosts Springfield's New Year's Rockin' Eve.
BABF01 Tom Arnold
In the rocket of undesirable celebs.
BABF02 Ron Howard
Guest on Springfield Squares; later reassures.
BABF02 Penn & Teller
Homer ruins their act.
BABF03 Jan Hooks (Manjula)
Bears octuplets.
BABF03 Garry Marshall (Larry Kidkill)
The exploitive zookeeper.
BABF03 Butch Patrick
The Zookeeper's helper.
BABF05 John Goodman (Meat Hook)
Head of Bakersfield's Hell's Satans.
BABF05 Henry Winkler (Ramrod)
Another Hell's Satan.
Perform at the biker club and over the closing credits.
BABF06 Don Cheadle (Brother Faith)
Inspires Bart to become a faith healer.
BABF08 Britney Spears
Co-presenter at the awards show.
BABF09 Randy Bachman
BABF09 Fred Turner
Perform at the State Fair.

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