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The Voices
Commonly Asked Names
The Simpsons Household
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Springfield Elementary School
Other Schools
Bart's Classmates, Friends/Enemies
Lisa's Classmates, Friends/Enemies
Homer's Friends
Grampa's Friends
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Children's Television
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The Voices

{Curly braces} indicate who provides the voice.

{dc} = Dan Castellaneta
{ha} = Hank Azaria
{hs} = Harry Shearer
{jk} = Julie Kavner
{nc} = Nancy Cartwright
{ys} = Yeardley Smith

{jah} = Jo Ann Harris
{mr} = Maggie Roswell
{ph2} = Pamela Hayden
{rt} = Russi Taylor
{tm} = Tress MacNeille

Doris Grau
Marcia Wallace
Marcia Mitzman Gaven

Regular Special Guest:
{ab} = Albert Brooks
{jl} = John Lovitz
{kw} = Karl Wiedergott
{ph} = Phil Hartman

Kelsey Grammer

[Square brackets] indicate which episode the character appeared in.
Regular characters excluded.

[FILE] = Click to view the character file

Commonly Asked Names

Apu's last name? Nahasapeemapetilon [or -lan]
Bart and Lisa's counter-parts? Lester and Eliza
Bart's dog? Santa's Little Helper
Bumblebee Man's real name? Pedro (last name not known)
Chief Wiggum's wife? Sarah
Joey-Jo-Jo's full name? Joey Jo-Jo Jr. Shabadoo
Milhouse's last name? Van Houten
Nelson's last name? Muntz
Sideshow Bob's real name? Robert Underdunk Terwilliger
Smithers' first name? Waylon
The Simpsons' cat? Snowball 2
The baby with the one eye-brow? Gerald
The comic book dealer? Comic Book Guy, real name Jeff Albertson
The duck at the power plant? Stuart
The geeky scientist's name? Prof. John Frink
The old bearded guy's name? Jasper
The one-armed guy's name? Herman
The pale kid who gets sick a lot? Wendell Borton
The purple-hairded twins' names? Sherri and Terri
The three school bullies? Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney
The two cops? Eddie (white) and Lou (black)
The wrinkly old guy? Hans Moleman
The Seven Duffs Only four were mentioned in "Selma's Choice": Tipsy, Queasy, Surly, and Remorseful.
Willy's last name? Name was not mentioned on the show.

The Simpsons Household

Homer J. Simpson, the patriarch of the Simpsons family {dc} [FILE]
38 years old (in 4F03, age varies throughout series)
"J" stands for Jay [AABF02]
Soc Sec # 568-47-0008
Born in North Carolina.
Safety Inspector at SNPP .
Marjorie "Marge" Simpson nee Bouvier, Homer's loving wife {jk} [FILE]
34 years old
Bartholemew J. "Bart" Simpson, their eldest child {nc} [FILE]
"J" stands for Jo-Jo
Ten years old, fourth grade.
Knows how to mix drinks (cf. 8F03)
Lisa Marie Simpson, "Overlooked middle child" {ys} [FILE]
Eight years old, second grade.
Margaret "Maggie" Simpson, silent youngest child. [FILE]
{Gabor Csupo, ys, nc, Elizabeth Taylor, James Earl Jones}
One year old.
Snowball, the Simpsons' cat that was run over.
All Simpsons merchandise is dedicated to the memory of Snowball I.
Snowball 2, the Simpsons' present cat.
Santa's Little Helper (dog #8), the Simpsons' dog. {Frank Welker, dc}
Adopted from the Springfield Downs dog race track.
Princess, Lisa's pony, for a short while. {Frank Welker} [8F06]
Stampy, Bart's elephant, for a short while. [1F15]
Snuffy, Lisa's pet Hamster (died). [7F24]
She's The Fastest (a.k.a. dog #8), the family's new dog, for a short while. [2F18]
Mothered 25 puppies with SLH.
Roy, the Simpsons' "son", for a short while. {ha} [4F12]
Laddie, Bart's dog for a short time. {dc} [4F16]
Mojo, Homer's "helper" monkey for a short while [5F15]
Pinchy, Homer's lobster. Got eaten by his master. [AABF03]
Furious D/Duncan, Simpsons' race horse {Jim Cummings} [BABF09]


Abraham J. "Grampa" Simpson, Homer's father. {dc}
Lives at the Springfield Retirement Castle.
Mona Simpson, Homer's mother. {Glenn Close} [3F06]
Voice by {mr} in [7F16] and {tm} in [AABF02]
On the run for the last 25/27 years.
Other aliases: Mona Stevens, Martha Stewart, Penelope Olsen,
Muddy Mae Suggins
Patty and Selma Bouvier [FILE]
Marge's older twin sisters. {jk}
Both unmarried, 40 years old.
Referred to as the "Gruesome Twosome" by Homer.
Patty does not part her hair.
Selma does part her hair.
Patty wears necklace with round beads.
Selma wears necklace with oval beads.
Patty has no interest in men.
Selma remains on the prowl.
Selma was briefly married to both Sideshow Bob and later Troy McClure.
Jub Jub, Selma's pet iguana. [9F11]
Grandma Jackie Bouvier, Marge's mother. {jk}
Very disappointed in Marge.
Has a Marge-style hairdo.
Grampa Bouvier, Marge's father. {hs}
Died in a freak roller coaster accident.
Professional baby photographer after leaving the Navy.
Flight attendant. [2F08]
Uncle Hubert, died. [MG09]
Herbert Powell, Homer's half brother. {Danny DeVito} [7F16]
Was sent to Shelbyville Orphanage after he was born.
Makes baby translator [8F23]
Cousin Frank, Homer's cousin. Later Cousin Francene, then joined
a cult and became Mother Shabooboo. [9F08]
Gladys Bouvier, aunt to Marge, Patty and Selma. {jk}
Passed away. [9F11]
Uncle Arthur, it took 75 federal marshalls to bring him down. [1F19]
Great Aunt Hortense, Homer's aunt who past away. [3F12]
Male Relatives in [4F24]
  • Chet, runs an unsuccessful shrimp company. {dc}
  • Stanley, shoots birds at the airport. {dc}
  • #3, plays a millionaire at parties. {dc}
  • #4, steps in front of cars and sues the drivers. {dc}
  • #5, begs celebrities for money. {dc}
  • #6, prison snitch. {dc}
  • #7, jug band manager. {dc}
  • #8, his legs hurt. {dc}
    Female Relatives in [4F24]
  • Doctor {tm}
  • Architect {ph2}
  • Environmental Lawyer {tm}
  • Sales Coordinator {mr}
    Herb Powell's Biological Mother, Grampa had Herb Powell with her {jk} [AABF16]

  • Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (SNPP)

    Charles Montgomery "Monty" Burns, the boss. {hs}
    Voice by {Christopher Collins} in [7G03]
    81 years old [7F02].
    104 years old [2F16].
    Waylon (J.) Smithers, Mr. Burns' sycophantic side-kick. {hs}
    (Some sources give "Wayland" as first name.)
    Has a Yorkshire terrier called Hercules. [8F04]
    Lenny, nasal-voiced co-worker. {hs}
    Surname Leonard.
    Carl, handsome black co-worker. {ha}
    Surname Carlson. [BABF12]
    Ms. Finch, "Not a man" [7F15]
    Charlie, spectacled, wears a lab coat.
    Joey Security personnel and local goon.
    Chruser and Lowblow, hired goons.
    Eugene Fisk, Homer's assistant turned supervisor. [7G10]
    Karl, Homer's secretary. {Harvey Fierstein} [7F02]
    Smilin' Joe Fission, character in SNPP's public relations films. {hs}
    Rodney and Roderick, fuel rods in SNPP's public relations films.
    Blinky, 3-eyed fish from a river near the plant. [7G03, 7F01]
    The Gammels, Burns' favourite family [7F05]
    Aristotle Amandopolis, owner of the Shelbyville NPP. {jl} {dc} [8F04, 8F13]
    Hans, Fritz, Horst, temporally SNPP owners from Germany. {hs, ha, ph} [8F09]
    Jack Marley, co-worker in sector 7-G. {dc} [9F05]
    Sweeping floors. [3G04]
    Tibor, Homer's scapegoat for his accidents at SNPP. [9F05]
    Gummy Joe, fellow co-worker. [9F15]
    Queenie the Chicken, Homer's temporally replacement. [9F21]
    Bernie, one of SNPP's less bright employees. [1F02]
    Mindy Simmons, Homer's co-worker. {Michelle Pfeiffer} [1F07]
    Zutroy, temporally employee. {dc} [1F07]
    Stuart, employed duck. [1F07]
    Inanimate carbon rod, beats out Homer for `Employee of the Month' award
    and was Time magazine's `Man of the Year' [1F13]
    Guillermo, fellow co-worker. {ha} [2F16]
    Pops Freshemeyer, fellow co-worker. [3F10]
    Frank Grimes, hard-working employee. Died. {ha} [4F19]
    Executive Vice-President, heroic dog employed by Mr. Burns. {Frank Welker} [4F19]
    Furious George, Burns' monkey. [BABF08]

    Springfield Elementary School

    Seymour "Spanky" Skinner, Principal of Springfield Elementary School. {hs} [FILE]
    Rumoured to wear a toupee.
    Was previously principal of Springfield High School.
    Served in Vietnam.
    Real name Armin Tanzarian [4F23]
    The Real Seymour Skinner, reveals that the principal is an impostor. {Martin Sheen} [4F23]
    Mrs. Edna Krabappel Pronounced /kruh BOP ul/
    Bart's fourth grade teacher. {Marcia Wallace}
    Separated from her husband.
    Has attempted to seduce
  • Mr. Bergstrom
  • Homer (!)
  • Joey from Aerosmith
    Has had affairs with
  • the Master Chef at the Happy Sumo
  • Jose Canseco (almost)
    Has lusted after
  • Gordie Howe.
  • Miss. Elizabeth Hoover, Lisa's second grade teacher. {mr, ph2 in 9F12, nc in 7F19}
    In some episodes, Miss Hoover is Mrs Hoover.
    Mr. Schindler, art teacher. [7F18]
    Mr. Bergstrom, substitute teacher for Mrs. Hoover.
    {Dustin Hoffman, a.k.a. Sam Etic} [7F19]
    Since transferred elsewhere.
    Mr. Dewey Largo, bandleader and Lisa's music teacher. {hs}
    Otto Mann, the school bus driver. {hs}
    Also a bloodletting tech-dude. [7F22]
    J. Loren Pryor, school district psychiatrist. {hs}
    Mr. Glascock, former teacher. [8F15]
    Coach Fortner, alcoholic. [8F16]
    Groundskeeper Willy, keeper of the school's award-winning play field. {dc}
    Made millions in software, but lost it at the track.
    Father hung for stealing a pig. [9F13]
    Lunchlady Doris, school cook. {Doris Grau}
    Chalmers, school superintendent. {ha}
    Leopold, school official. {dc} [2F19, 1F18]
    The ballet teacher {Susan Sarandon}. [2F14]
    Superdude, beloved grade four gerbil. Died. [2F16]
    Mrs. Pummelhrose,gym teacher. [2F19]
    Lumpy, school snake. [2F32, 3F18]
    Kindergarten Teacher, Bart's first teacher. {mr} [3G02]
    Fake State Comptroller Atkins, hands Lisa a giant check. {kw} [AABF03]
    Real State Comptroller Atkins, gives school a grant. {hs} [AABF03]
    School Band Member, Sinatra-like boy who supports Lisa. {dc} [BABF09]

    Other Schools

    Ms. Mellon, Bart's learning co-ordinator at gifted school. {Marcia Wallace} [7G02]
    Professor Lombardo, Art teacher at Springfield Community College. {jl} [7F18]
    Bobby Peterson, Dean at Springfield University {ha} [1F02]
    Adult Education Annex Administrator, gives Homer a teaching job. {ha} [1F20]
    Teacher, at Cypress Creek Elementary {tm} [3F23]
    Bart's fellow 'remedial' classmates at Cypress Creek Elementary [3F23]:
  • Dot {nc}
  • Gordy {nc}
  • Warren {nc}
    Principal Valiant, Shelbyville Elementary. {ha} [2F19]
    Miss Tillingham, owns a pre-school. {mr} [3G02]

  • Bart's Classmates and Friends/Enemies

    Milhouse Van Houten, Bart's spit brother and best friend {ph2, tm in 9F12}
    Blue hair, big nose and glasses.
    Not very bright.
    We've also met his parents, whom Milhouse obviously
    takes after.
    Martin Prince, brainy class president. {rt, ph2}
    Wendell Borton, grey with curly hair, gets sick on school bus trips a lot. Also in the band. {rt, jah, ph2}
    Sherri and Terri, purple-haired twins.
    Their father works at SNPP.
    Smart and like to tease Bart. {rt, mr in 1F18}
    Nelson Muntz, a bully. {nc} [FILE]
    Lewis, black {jah, nc, ph2, rt}
    Richard, yellow with stylish grey hair {mr, jah}
    The "usual gang" consists of Bart, Milhouse, Lewis and Richard.
    Ethan Foley, student at ELCfGC who talks in palindromes.
    ("O Memsahib, Bart. Rabbi has memo.")
    Sidney Swift, student at ELCfGC who speaks backwards phonetically
    ("Trabing norm doog!")
    Cecile Shapiro, student at ELCfGC experimenting on hamsters
    The worst kids in town: [FILE]
  • Jimbo "Corky" Jones, the tall one. {tm, ph2, rt}
  • Kearney, the pudgy one. {nc}
    Has a son who sleeps in a drawer {nc} [4F04]
  • Dolph, the short one. {tm}
    Grim Reaper, Bart's imaginary friend. {hs} [8F20]
    Samantha Stanky, came between Bart and Milhouse {Kimmy Robertson} [8F22]
    Ezekiel and Ishmael, prayed for the souls of Bart's classmates. [8F22]
    Arthur, Bart's fireworks victim. [9F03]
    Warren, Junior Camper. [1F06]
    Shelby, Bart's Shelbyville counterpart. {tm} [2F22]
    Dooley, fellow classmate. [3F01]

  • Lisa's Classmates, Friends/Enemies

    Janey Hagstrom, black classmate, tall thin head, protruding upper lip {ph2, jah, tm, rt}
    Arguably Lisa's best friend.
    Can touch her nose with her tongue.
    Ralph Wiggum, stringy haired classmate. {nc} [FILE]
    Eats paste.
    Chuck, blonde classmate who can invert his eyelids.
    Wanda, girl whose future husband will be a janitor. [8F08]
    "Bleeding Gums" Murphy, Blues sax player. {Ron Taylor}
    Dr. Hibbert's brother? [2F32]
    Passed away in 2F32.
    Voiced by Daryl L. Coley in 7F05.
    Ralph, works at Springfield Public Library. [7F08]
    Rex, fellow classmate and dramatic actor. {Michael Carrington} [9F13,1F22]
    Quiggly, cross-eyed student. [9F15]
    Uter, foreign exchange student. {rt}
    Anya, Lisa's pen-pal. {ph2} [9F22]
    Celeste, her talking Stacey doll says, "My spidey sense is tingling --
    anybody call for a web-slinger?" [1F12]
    Allison Taylor, new classmate. {Winona Ryder, ph2} [1F17, 5F20]
    brainy, plays sax.
    Sara, school bully. [1F17]
    Lisa's fellow members in `Super friends' [2F11]
  • Ham {ph2}
  • Email
  • Cosine
  • Report Card
  • Database {nc}
    Langdon Alger, Lisa's secret crush, for a short while. [3F17]
    Very quiet and enjoys puzzles.
    Lisa's imaginary friends [3F22]
  • Pippi Longstockings {tm}
  • Eustace B. Tilley {ha}
  • Alice of Wonderland {nc}
  • The Mad Hatter
    Erin, Lisa's new friend {Christina Ricci} [3F22]
    Lisa's other new friends [3F22]
  • Ben {dc}
  • Dean {hs}
  • Rick {ha}
    Alex Whitney, new student who acts too grown-up for her age {Lisa Kudrow} [5F20]
    Francine, bully who indirectly prompts Lisa into making a scientific discovery {Kathy Griffin} [CABF11]

  • Homer's Friends

    Barney Gumble, bachelor slob. {dc}
    Larry, bar denizen.
    Sam, bar denizen.
    Gary, Doug, Benjamin, Homer's Nerd tutors. {dc, ha, hs} [1F02]
    Coyote, Homer's spirit guide. {Johnny Cash} [3F24]
    Charlie, barfly at Moe's--gets arrested by the FBI. {ha} [5F14]
    Seth and Munchie, Homer's hippie friends. Attended Woodstock. {Martin Mull, George Carlin} [AABF02]
    Trent Steele, tree-hugging enviromentalist. Invited Homer to a dinner party. {ha} [AABF09]

    Grampa's Friends

    Jasper, white-bearded inmate at the Retirement Castle. {hs}
    Also likes to complain.
    Herman, one-armed owner of a military antiques store. {hs}
    Beatrice "Bea" Simmons, Grampa's girlfriend who died and left him $106,000.
    {Audrey Meadows} [7F17]
    Mrs. Spencer, woman whose family didn't forget her at Thanksgiving. {mr} [7F07]
    Crazy old man, fellow inmate at the Retirement Castle. {dc}
    Wanted to be Bart's Grampa.
    Malloy, the Springfield Cat Burglar. {Sam Neill} [1F09]
    Cornelius Talmadge, resident at the Retirement Castle. {ha} [5F04]
    Haiti Veteran, at the Veterans of Unpopular Wars Hall. {ha} [3G04]
    Old Woman, dances with Grampa on the boat. {tm} [AABF16]

    The Neighbors

    Ned Flanders, Homer's next-door neighbor. {hs} [FILE]
    Son of beatniks. [1F18]
    Maude Flanders, his wife. {mr, ph2 in 2F31, Marcia Mitzman Gaven}
    Died. [BABF10]
    Todd Flanders, his miniature-golf-playing son. {nc, jah in 7G08}
    Plays violin. [7F06]
    Rod Flanders, his other son. {ph2}
    Grandma Flanders, had trouble with her psalms. [9F08]
    Sylvia Winfield, elderly woman whose pool Santa's Little Helper
    likes to frolic in. {mr} [7F14]
    Move to Florida with her husband. [9F06]
    Mrs. Glick, Elderly shut-in whom Bart did chores for. {Cloris Leachman, tm}
    Asa, Mrs. Glick's dead brother. [7F21]
    Hans Moleman, hapless driver with walking cane and eyeglasses. {dc} [FILE]
    Mr. Stanky, Samantha's overly protective father. {hs} [8F22]
    Mr. Prince, Martin's father. {ha} [8F24, 4F09]
    Mrs. Prince, Martin's mother. {rt} [CABF08]
    Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, Apu's wife. {tm, Jan Hooks}
    Jamshed, Sanjay's son. [9F01]
    Pahusacheta Nahasapeemapetilon, Sanjay's daughter. {rt} [9F02, 4F09]
    Ruth Powers, new neighbor. {Pamela Reed, mr in 5F04}
    Laura Powers, Ruth's 15-year-old daughter. {Sara Gilbert}
    Love interest for Bart.
    Abigail, Bart's former baby-sitter. [9F06]
    Abby, looks after Abigail, now. [9F06]
    Mr. Muntz, Nelson's Dad. {ph, ha} [9F12, 5F03]
    Judge Muntz, Nelson's Grandfather {ha} [3F19]
    Kirk Van Houten, Milhouse's Dad. {ha}
    Luann Van Houten, Milhouse's Mother. {mr}
    Nana Van Houten, Milhouse's grandmother. {tm, nc} [3F02]
    Grandpa Van Houten, Milhouse's gradnfather. {ha} [3F19]
    Sarah Wiggum, Chief Wiggum's wife. {nc}
    Agnes, Skinner's mother. {tm}
    Overly possessive.
    Baby Gerald, Baby with the one eye-brow. Maggie's nemesis. [1F18,1F21,4F16]
    Mr. Taylor, Allison Taylor's father. [1F17]
    Jessica Lovejoy, the Lovejoys daughter. {Meryl Streep} [2F04]
    Expelled from boarding school.
    Bart's short-lived love interest.
    Cletus (a.k.a. The slack-jawed yokel), a bad parent. {ha}
    Has kids: Tiffany, Heather, Cody, Dylan, Dermot, Jordan, Taylor, Brittany, Wesley, Rumer, Scout, Cassidy, Zoe ("Zo"), Chloe ("Clo"), Max, Hunter, Kendall, Caitlin, Noah, Sascha, Morgan, Kyra, Ian ("Ee-an"), Lauren, Q-bert, Phil [4F08]
    Brandine, Cletus' better half. {tm}
    Mrs. Burns, Burns' 122 year old mother. {tm} [3F14]
    Has limited capacities.
    All she can do is dial and yell.
    Emma, Bumblebee Man's better half. {tm} [3F18]
    Kearney's Father {dc} [4F03]
    Jimbo's Father {ha} [4F03]
    Dolph's Father {hs} [4F03]
    Starla, Kirk's floozie. {tm} [4F04]
    Eugene and Rusty, Maison Derriere regulars. [4F06]
    Happiest Man in Springfield, the name says it all. {hs} [4F07]
    Roscoe, runs the steel mill. {hs} [4F11]
    Cousin Merl, Cletus' cousin. {hs} [4F14]
    Geech, Cletus' smellhound [4F14]
    Cecil Terwilliger, Sideshow Bob's brother. {David Hyde Pierce} [4F14]
    Mr. Mitchell, a blind man. {ha} [4F16]

    Springfield Civil Servants

    Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield, Town founder. {hs} [FILE]
    Chief "Clancy" Wiggum Police chief. {ha}
    Consistently wears his badge on the wrong side of his chest.
    Diamond Joe Quimby, Town Mayor. {dc} [FILE]
    Designator of Springfield's "SNOW DAY".
    Gave opening speech at comic book convention.
    Inaugurated Springfield nuclear warning sign.
    Announced renaming of Michael Jackson Expressway.
    Dropped starting flag at soap box derby.
    Proclaimed 11 Nov as Flaming Moe's Day.
    Sang in `We're Sending Our Love Down the Well'.
    Roxie, Mayor Quimby's secretary. (mentioned) [9F02]
    Judge Multon, judge at Bart vs. Mr. Burns trial. [7F10]
    Mrs. Norton, Springfield Public Library librarian. [7F08]
    Eddie and Lou, two of Springfield's finest. {hs, ha}
    Bobo, their tracking dog. [7G04]
    The femail-man, the Mail Lady [7G10,7F22]
    Judge Snyder, judge at Marge vs. Kwik-E-Mart. Lionel Hutz ran over his son. {hs} [9F20], [4F20]
    Agent Goodman, City of Springfield's Dept. of Child Welfare. {ha} [3F01]
    Telephone Operator {Joan Kenley} [3F01,3F05, 4F23]
    Hollis Hurlbut, curator of the Springfield Historical Society. {Donald Sutherland}[3F13]
    Quimby's Assistant {hs} [4F15]
    Rex Banner, Springfield's new Chief of Police. {Dave Thomas} [4F15]
    Ranger, works at the Mt. Useful National Park. {ha} [4F10]
    Ranger McFadden, another ranger. {ha} [4F10]
    Ghanaian Chauffeur, ambassador's driver {ha} [4F13]
    911 Operator, didn't help babysitter Lisa {tm} [4F13]
    Librarian, gives Homer the phone book for Hokkaido, Japan. {ha} [4F18]
    DMV Clerk, offers Marge a 'Nitzi' license plate. {ha} [4F19]
    Officer Steve Grabowski, policeman in New York {hs} [4F22]
    Fireman, at the bachelor auction. {ha} [5F04]
    Kenny, security guard at the art museum. {dc} [4F24]
    Ray Patterson, former sanitation commissioner {Steve Martin} [5F09]
    Artistic Policeman, takes mugshots of Homer. {ha} [5F12]
    Security Guard, at Morningwood Penitentiary {dc} [5F13]
    IRS Man, audits Homer. {ha} [5F14]
    Agent Miller and Agent Johnson, make Homer spy on his friends and his boss. {ha, hs} [5F14]
    Big Tom, one of the mayor's bodyguards {ha} [AABF05]
    Ernie, the mayor's other bodyguard {dc} [AABF05]
    Leavelle, teaches people how to become bodyguards [AABF05]
    Coast Guard, try to lure Homer back from the international waters {ha} [BABF08]

    Other Civil Servants

    Mary Bailey, Governor that ran against Mr. Burns. {mr} [7F01]
    Bob Arnold, corrupt politician {ha} [8F01]
    Jerry, lobbyist who bribes Congressman Arnold [8F01]
    Evan Conover, with the US State Department. {ph} [2F13]
    Avril Ward, ambassador to Australia {hs} [2F13]
    Joe Friday, FBI's finest. {hs} [3F06]
    Bill Gannon, FBI's finest. {Harry Morgan} [3F06]
    Colonel Hapablap, colonel on U. S. Air Force base. {R. Lee Ermey} [3F08]
    The Amendment {Jack Sheldon} [3F16]
    George Bush {hs} [8F01, 3F09, 5F06]
    Barbara Bush {mr} [8F01], {tm} [3F09]
    Bill Clinton {hs, ph, kw} [9F13, 4F02, 1F15, 1F21, AABF08, AABF09, BABF09]
    Hillary Clinton [9F13]
    Richard Nixon [1F02]
    Jimmy Carter [1F02]
    Henry Kissinger [1F08]
    Gerald Ford {dc} [3F09]
    Harry S. Truman {hs} [5F14]
    Fox Mulder, FBI agent. {David Duchovny} [3G01]
    Dana Scully, FBI agent. {Gillian Anderson} [3G01]
    Characters from the Rommelwood Military Academy [4F21]
  • Commandant, the leader. {Willem Dafoe}
  • Cadet in Poetry Class {nc}
  • Poetry Instructor {ha}
  • Cadet Leader {tm}
  • Anderson {dc}
  • Franklin, the girliest cadet. {mr}
  • Cadet, black hair. {ha}
  • Rangemaster {ha}
    Adlai Stevenson, in an educational film. {hs} [4F21]
    French President, launches a nuclear missile to Springfield. {ha} [5F02]
    Fidel Castro, president of Cuba. {dc} [5F14, BABF08]
    U.N. Representatives [3G04]
  • Russia/Soviet Union {ha}
  • United States {hs}
    Lenin, pursuing to crush capitalism. {dc} [3G04]
    Ross Perot, reform party founder, on the spaceship [BABF01]
    Dan Quayle, George Bush's vice president on the spaceship [BABF01]
    FBI Agent, arrests Homer and Bart for fraud {Ed Norton} [CABF03]
    Mayor of Albuquerque, confident the Dallas Cowboys will be happy to play baseball {ha} [CABF09]

  • Children's Television

    Krusty the Klown, a.k.a. Herschel Shmoikel Krustofsky {dc}
    Host of the very commercial `Krusty the Clown Show'.
    Promotes pork products.
    Bart's hero. Also said once, his name was Herschel Pinkis Yarughem Krustofski.
    Sideshow Bob, a.k.a. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger {Kelsey Grammer}
    Krusty's sidekick until he tried to frame Krusty.
    Did not speak on the show (while Krusty was in charge)
    After being released from jail, married Selma,
    then tried to murder her.
    Tried to blow up Springfield, later saved it.
    Back in jail.
    Sideshow Mel, a.k.a. Melvin Van Horne {dc}
    Krusty the Clown's new sidekick.
    Does not speak on air, but rather uses a horn.
    Sang in `We're Sending Our Love Down the Well'.
    Corporal Punishment Maintains order in the studio.
    Gina Ballerina, another regular.
    Miss Lois Pennycandy, Krusty's executive assistant. {ph2}
    Mr. Teeny, Krusty's cigar-smoking chimp. {dc}
    Bill, Krusty's Accountant. [2F12]
    Krusty Burglar, midget from Estonia. {dc} [1F16,2F12,2F17]
    Fuzzy Bunny, cartoon rabbit. [8F22]
    Star of "Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You-Know-What"
    Fluffy Bunny, Fuzzy Bunny's love interest. [8F22]
    Sideshow Rahem, former sidekick. [9F13]
    Sideshow Luke Perry, Krusty's worthless half-brother. {Luke Perry} [9F19]
    Gabbo, talking puppet. {ha}
    The competition. [9F19]
    Arthur Crandall, Gabbo's ventriloquist. [9F19]
    Worker and Parasite, Eastern Europe's favorite cat and mouse team. [9F19]
    Former characters from the short-lived "Itchy & Scratchy and Friends Hour" [2F01]
  • Disgruntled Goat
  • Uncle Ant
  • Ku Klux Klam
  • Brown-Nose Bear [3F16]
  • Flatulent Fox [3F16]
  • Rich Uncle Skeleton [3F16]
  • Dinner Dog [3F16]
    Ms. No-Means-No, Krusty's new, court ordered sidekick. [2F32]
    Itchy and Scratchy, violent mouse and cat cartoon on Krusty's show. {dc, hs}
    Roger Meyers, President of Itchy and Scratchy, Intl. {Alex Rocco}
    Ms. White, Roger Meyers' secretary
    I&S writers in 9F16
  • Al Jean
  • Jeff Martin
  • George Meyer
  • Mike Reiss
  • Sam Simon
  • John Swartzwelder
  • Jon Vitti
    Chester J. Lampwick Creator of Itchy. {Kirk Douglas} [3F16]
    The Happy Little Elves
    Yendor, Bubbles, Doofy, Moldy and Chilly, the elf that cannot love.
    Jimmy, child co-star in an educational film {nc} [3F03]
    Stingy and Battery, Krusty's emergency show characters. [3F08]
    Poochie "short-lived" character on Itchy & Scratchy. Voiced by Homer. {dc} [4F12]
    Weinstein, one of the writers of the I&S&P Show. {dc} [4F12]
    Cohen, another writer. {hs} [4F12]
    June Bellamy, the voice of Itchy & Scratchy. {tm} [4F12]
    Billy, co-star in an educational film on DNA. {tm} [4F24, 5F22]

  • The Media

    Phil, local newscaster [mg34]
    Bill Pie "In the Sky", KBBL traffic reporter {dc} [7G01]
    Host, of "America's Most Armed and Dangerous" {Christopher Collins} [7G01]
    Kent Brockman, emmy-winning newsman for Channel 6. {hs}
    Hosts `Smartline', a nightly news/interview show.
    One daughter.
    Originally called Kenny Brockelstein [3F06]
    Stephanie, aka "Stephanie the Weather Girl", Brockman's girlfriend {tm} [CABF07]
    Scott Christian, Brockman's colleague, host of `Laugh and a Half'. {dc}
    Dave Glass, sportscaster for the Springfield Isotopes. {hs} [7F05]
    Dave Shutton, investigative reporter. {hs} [7F01, 8F11]
    Chick Hearn, sportscaster for the L. A. Lakers. {himself} [8F04]
    Arnie Pie, KBBL traffic reporter {dc}
    Bill and Marty, music DJs at KBBL {dc, hs}
    Keith Jackson, play-by-play announcer.
    Brad Goodman, a `self-help' book author. {ab} [1F05]
    Jim Wallace, reporter for The Associated Press. {hs} [1F13]
    Toby Hunter, reporter for The Minneapolis Star. {mr} [1F13]
    Birch Barlow, Rush Limbaugh knockoff. {hs} [2F02]
    Matt Groening, cartoonist, creator of The Simpsons. [9F16,1F19,3F31]
    James L. Brooks, film/television producer. [3F31]
    Sam Simon, writer/producer. [3F31]
    Lori, hostess of 'Entertainment Tonight' {ph2} [3F15]
    Channel 6 Station Manager, puts Lisa on the air. {dc} [4F24]
    Technician, wants to get Lisa off the air. {ha} [4F24]
    Reporters, at Krusty's retirement press conference. {dc, mr, hs} [5F10]
    Dennis Conroy, baseball announcer in the Springfield War Memorial Stadium. {hs} [AABF07]
    Generic TV show execs, purveyors of "Police Cops" and hoping to spice up Krusty's show {ha/hs/tm} [AABF09, CABF10]
    Arthur Fortune, Billionaire who moved to Springfield. {hs} [AABF17]
    Jerry Rude, shock-jock. {Michael McKean} [AABF17]
    Chuck Garabedian, the host of the Mega-Savings Seminar {ha} [AABF20]
    Editor, makes Homer a food critic {Ed Asner} [AABF21]
    Daphne Beaumont, theater critic {tm} [AABF21]
    Garth Tralawney, TV critic {hs} [AABF21]
    Jamie Killday, farm supply critic {dc} [AABF21]
    Channel 3 Reporter, tells about the Shelbyville nonuplets {tm} [BABF03]
    L.T. Smash, record exec.. turns out to be Lt. Smash, military propagandist {hs} [CABF12]


    Rev. Timothy Lovejoy Pastor of the First Church of Springfield. {hs} [FILE]
    Panellist on `Gabbing about God', a radio show.
    Helen Lovejoy, his wife. {mr}
    Miss Albright, Sunday School teacher. {tm}
    Mrs. Feesh, organ player. [1F05]
    Voice of Heaven, {ph} [7F10]
    Moses, {ph} [7F13]
    Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky Krusty's once-estranged father. {Jackie Mason} [8F05]
    Panellist on `Gabbing about God', a radio show.
    Monsignor Kenneth Daly, panellist on `Gabbing about God', a radio show. [8F05]
    God, the Almighty. {hs} [9F01,2F31, 5F11]
    Satan, the devil himself. {hs} {dc-BABF21}
    The saints in stained glass windows [4F18]
  • St. Bartholomew {hs}
  • St. Donickus {dc}
  • St. Eleutherius {dc}
  • St. Lucian {ha}
    Hare Krishna Monk and Christian, stop Homer at the airport. {ha, ha} [5F23]
    Glen and Jane, recruiters for the Movementarian sect {ha, ph2} [5F23]
    The Leader, head of the Movementarians. {ha} [5F23]
    Brother Faith, faith healer who asked Bart to help him {Don Cheadle} [BABF06]
    The Pope, seen at the Mayo Clinic {ha} [BABF08]
    Rachel Jordan, lead singer of a Christian rock band {Shawn Colvin} [BABF10]
    St. Peter, at entrance to Heaven {dc} [BABF21]

  • Television/Movie Personalities

    Troy McClure, Former actor {ph, dc in 7F14} [FILE]
    now host of 'I Can't Believe They Invented It',
    a program-length advertisement.
    Starring in 'Handle with Care' and in a Planet of the Apes musical.
    Did promotional film for The Chocolate Factory
    and video for Rancho Relaxo.
    Dolores Montenegro, Troy McClure's co-star in "Preacher With A Shovel" [8F01]
    and "Calling All Quakers" [8F14]
    "Charles Darwin", portrayed by an actor in a TV ad. {hs} [7F01]
    Watson and Drederick Tatum {ha} [7F13]
    the champion and challenger in the
    Bout to Knock the Other Guy Out.
    (Tatum wins by TKO.)
    Tatum is originally from Springfield.
    Dirk Richter, actor who played "Radioactive Man"[7F21]
    Bullet-riddled body found in a bordello.
    Buddy Hodges, actor who portrayed 'Fallout Boy' in the 'Radioactive Man' TV show. [7F21]
    Characters in Akira's Karate Commercial [7F23]
  • Homermaker {ys?}
  • Landscape Architecht {ys}
  • Doctor {ha}
    Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon
    McBain, hero of a series of high-violence movies {hs}
    (In real life Rainier Wolfcastle)
    Skowie, McBain's sidekick.
    Senator Mendoza, the evil villain. {ha}
    Corporal Markokuffenfuehrer Wolfcastle, McBain's announcer for 'Up Late with McBain'. {hs} [9F22]
    Animal Handler, brings an Alaskan timberwolf to Krusty's show {nc} [9F05]
    Bumblebee Man, the Spanish/Mexican bee guy. {ha} [FILE]
    First name is Pedro. [3F10]
    Kyle Darren, age 34, plays teenager on Springfield Heights 90201. [9F10]
    Corey Masterson, star of School of Hard Knockers [1F02]
    Nerdlinger, Corey's nerdy sidekick [1F02]
    Dean Bitterman, Corey's nemesis [1F02]
    Edward, star of public television show `Edward the Penitent'. [1F03]
    MacGarnicle, hero of a cop show. {Albert Brooks} [1F05]
    Contestants on Bart's Imaginary Game Show, "Matchgame 2034" [1F11]
  • Billy Crystal {dc}
  • Spike Lee {hs}
  • Farrah Fawcett Majors {rt}
  • Laurie Anderson {rt}
  • Kitty Carlisle {mr}
    Godfrey Jones, trash tabloid TV host. {hs} [2F06]
    Wife cheats on him.
    James Bond, visits Mr. Burns' Casino {dc} [3F31]
    Meets Blofeld {hs}, Jaws and Oddjob.
    MacArthur Parker, Troy McClure's agent. {Jeff Goldblum} [3F15]
    Gentle Ben, bear with its own talk show. [2F06]
    Knightboat, crime-solving boat. {ha} [2F10]
    Scoutmaster, a villain in the Radioactive Man TV show. {ha} [2F17]
    Charlton Heston, in the Burns movie. {ph} [2F31]
    George C. Scott, stars in "Football In The Groin" {Maurice LaMarche}[2F31]
    Charles Bronson, seen in "Death Wish 9" and "The Andy Griffith Show" {ha} [2F31, 3G03]
    Quentin Tarantino, director. {dc} [3G03]
    Characters in the "Mr. Sparkle" commercial [4F18]
  • Mr. Sparkle {Sab Shimono}
  • Announcer {hs}
  • Reporter {Sab Shimono}
  • Dancing Woman #1 {Denise Kumagai}
  • Dancing Woman #2 {Karen Maruyama}
    "Lisa", a substitute for Lisa in 'The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour' {ph2} [4F20]
    Michigan J. Frog, presents "The Krusty the Clown Story" {dc} [3G02]
    Announcer, announces "The Krusty the Clown Story" {hs} [3G02]
    Chin-Ho, Krusty's son in a TV movie. {tm} [3G02]
    Man in "Twin Peaks", dances with a horse. {hs} [3G02]
    Soccer Announcer, in a TV soccer commercial. {hs} [5F01]
    Oscar the Grouch, Sesame street character who's after Homer {dc} [5F09, BABF11]
    President Chimp, the president in the movie {dc} [5F12]
    Politician, confronts the chimp president in the Oval Office {ha} [5F12]
    K.I.T.T., the car from "Knight Rider" {William Daniels} [5F21]
    Lee Marvin, in "Paint Your Wagon" {ha} [5F24]
    Clint Eastwood, in "Paint Your Wagon" {ha} [5F24]
    Man resembling Lee van Cleef is also seen.
    Freddy Kruger and Jason, wait for OFF on the couch. {Robert Englund, hs} [AABF01]
    Man, escapes from the Titanic in a boat {ha} [AABF05]
    Clarice, makes out with the man in boat {tm} [AABF05]
    "Lost in Space" Robot, at the convention {Dick Tufeld} [AABF05]
    C-3P0, from "Star Wars" {dc} [AABF05]
    R2-D2, from "Star Wars" [AABF05]
    Jonathan Harris, at the convention (Dr. Smith) {kw} [AABF05]
    Characters in "The Bloodening" [AABF07]
  • Man With Pitchfork {kw}
  • Boys #1 and #2 {kw, tm}
  • Girl {tm}
  • Constable {kw}
    Characters in "Don't Go There" [AABF07]
  • Man {ha}
  • Woman {ph2}
    Vincent Price, responsible for the missing feet in the egg model kit. {kw} [AABF07]
    Homer Simpson, character on the FOX show "Police Cops" {ha} [AABF09]
    Lance Kaufman, Homer's sidekick on "Police Cops" {dc} [AABF09]
    Woody Harrelson, at Trent Steel's party wearing pants made from hemp [AABF09]
    Magician, attacked by animals on "When Animals Attack Magicians" [AABF12]
    People in the Road Rage Documentary [AABF10]
  • Sergeant Crew {tm}
  • Angry Man {dc}
  • Angry Woman {tm}
  • Angry Judge {hs}
    Characters in "The Monster That Ate Everybody" [AABF13]
  • Trucker {hs}
  • Woman, asks if the monster ate her friends/relatives, Patrick and Erika {ph2}
  • Woman's Boyfriend, says the monster ate everybody {dc}
    Doug Vaccaro, in the Barbecue Pit Kit ad.
    Known as Chip and the TV Comedy, "Two-in' Around". {ha} [AABF15]
    Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, star the version of "Gone With the Wind" that was edited for seniors. {tm, hs} [AABF16]
    British Woman and Italian Man, characters in "Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #644" {mr, dc} [AABF18]
    Jim Belushi, appears in the film being filmed in the airplane. {dc} [AABF20]
    Woody Allen, stars in a commercial in Japan {hs} [AABF20]
    Throws garbage onto Homer's head [4F22]
    Multi-award winner at the awards ceremony [BABF19]
    Chip, hosts the Japanese game show, "Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show" {George Takei} [AABF20]
    Senator Payne, senator in Mel Gibson's violent remake of "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" {dc} [AABF23]
    Anne Heche, dating Ellen DeGeneres {tm} [AABF23]
    Ellen DeGeneres, dating Anne Heche {mr} [AABF23]
    Edward Christian, assistant VP of Finance and Distribution at Polystar Pictures. {Jack Burns} [AABF23]
    William Milo and
    Robin Hannah, duo who greenlighted all of Shaquille O'Neal's movies, including "Kazaam!" {kw, tm} [AABF23]
    Adam West and Burt Ward, at the Hollywood Memorabilia Museum {hs} [AABF23]
    John Travolta, flew with Mel Gibson in his jet {kw?} [AABF23]
    Robert Downey Jr., held up by cops [AABF23]
    Showgirl, in adult movie Homer and Marge watch {tm} [AABF22]
    Rosie O'Donnell, on the spaceship to the sun; sings the Trolley song {tm} [BABF01]
    Pauly Shore, man from MTV; also on the spaceship; wants to do a show with Tom Arnold {hs} [BABF01]
    Others on the Spaceship to the Sun [BABF01]:
  • Spike Lee
  • Dr. Laura
  • Courtney Love
  • Tonya Harding
    Characters in "�Donde Esta Justice?" [BABF07]:
  • Announcer {hs}
  • Defendant {ha}
  • Lawyer {tm}
  • Judge (Bumblebee Man) {ha}
    Krusty's Non-Denominational Holiday Funfest guests [BABF07]:
  • T�a Leoni
  • Beck
  • The Dixie Chicks
  • Patrick Ewing
    Teletubbies, try to kill Homer [BABF11]
    Angry Brits, in the TV show Homer watches {dc} [BABF11]
    Producer, of soap opera "It Never Ends" {tm} [BABF12]
    Lisa-Bella, dancer in critically-acclaimed film Lisa and Marge see {ys} [BABF15]
    Number 6, he of "The Prisoner" {Patrick McGoohan} [CABF02]
    Number 2, "The Prisoner" {ha} [CABF02]
    Number 15, "The Prisoner" {ha} [CABF02]
    Al, Jerry and a third man, pre-football game show {ha, hs, ha} [CABF06]
    Santa, "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't But Then Was" {dc} [CABF06]
    Hobgoblin, "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't But Then Was" {dc} [CABF06]
    Bo Peep, "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't But Then Was" {tm} [CABF06]
    Meganaut and Princess Tempura, "Transformazoids" {ha, tm} [BABF22]
    Gravey and Jobriath, parody of "Davey and Goliath" {nc, dc} [BABF22]
    Virgil, host of "Me Wantee!" {hs} [CABF10]
    Cienega, VJ {tm} [CABF12]

  • Local Businessmen

    Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Babysitting Service receptionist {June Foray} [7G01]
    Florist, sells Homer some flowers. {Paul Willson} [7G01]
    Tattoo Guy, [7G08]
    Moe, proprietor of Moe's Tavern. {ha} [FILE]
    Voice by {Christopher Collins} in [7G01]
    Saved Jerry and his wife's lives [8F06]
    Last name is Szyslak.
    Bernard, Flaming Moe's bouncer. {hs} [8F08]
    usher at media circus for Timmy O'Toole. [8F11]
    Shotgun Pete, Homer and Marge get married in his chapel. [8F10, 4F04]
    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the Kwik-E-Mart clerk. {ha}
    Kids: Poonam, Sashi, Pria, Uma, Anoop, Sandeep, Nabendu and Gheet
    Sanjay, Apu's violence-deploring brother.
    Snake, professional hold-up artist. {ha} [FILE]
    Mr. Chupo, owner and proprietor of Chupo's Candy Store [mg34]
    Dr. Julius Hibbert, Simpsons' family doctor. {hs}
    Graduated from Johns Hopkins University.
    Married to Sylvia
    May have a twin brother that is the director at the Shelbyville Orphanage.
    Lionel Hutz, Bart's attorney when he was hit by Mr. Burns. {ph} [FILE]
    He has a card that turns into a sponge in water.
    Also a pen that looks like a cigar.
    Executor of Bea Simmons' estate.
    Consulted about copyrighting the Flaming Moe.
    Defended Bart against murder charges.
    Executor of Gladys Bouvier' estate.
    Della, Hutz's secretary. {Doris Grau} [7F10]
    Dr. Nick Riviera, shifty doctor. {ha}
    Affiliate of Lionel Hutz.
    Invented candy that claims to clean & straighten teeth.
    Invented `Spiffy!', an all-purpose cleaner.
    Invents a sun tan lotion that is also a laxative.
    Dr. Marvin Monroe, Psychiatrist at the Family Therapy Center {hs}
    Host of a radio call-in therapy show. (555-PAIN)
    Past away sometime before the start of 7th season.
    Dr. Wolfe, Springfield's dentist. [9F15]
    Dr. Steve, chiropractor {hs} [CABF05]
    Professor John Frink {ha} [FILE]
    man who hoped his death ray would win Grampa's money
    technical advisor during nuclear scare
    tried to analyse Flaming Moe for secret ingredient
    had plan to rescue Timmy O'Toole
    created a computer to pick football games
    created a radio-controlled airplane for babies
    invented a robot bear for Burns
    technical advisor to Itchy & Scratchy Land
    invented the Super Sour ball and the AT-5000 autodialer
    Cowboy Bob, salesman at Bob's RV ROUND-UP. {ab} [7G09]
    Jacques, good bowler at Barney's Bowl-A-Rama. {ab} [7G11]
    Made the moves on Marge.
    Jake, Barber, owner of Jake's Unisex Hair Palace
    Akira, waiter/proprietor of the Happy Sumo. {George Takei, ha}
    Master, the Master Chef at the Happy Sumo {Sab Shimono} [7F11]
    Toshiro, the apprentice chef. {Joey Miyashima} [7F11]
    Hostess, at the Happy Sumo. {Diana Tanaka} [7F11]
    Richie Sakai, singing customer at the Happy Sumo.
    Cable Guy, steals cable for Homer. {ph} [7F13]
    Miss Emily Winthrop, Barbara Woodhouse-like trainer at the Emily Winthrop Canine College {Tracey Ullman} [7F14]
    Princess Kashmir, Exotic dancer.
    (April Flowers, in real life Shauna Tifton)
    Apu's girlfriend. {mr} [8F06]
    Comic Book Guy, Owner of Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. Real name Jeff Albertson. {ha} [FILE]
    Received his bachelor's in Folklore and Mythology.
    Akira, Instructor at martial arts school. [7F23]
    Chuck Ellis, Bill collector for Springfield Collection Agency [7F23]
    Fat Tony, Mobster {Joe Mantegna}
    Legs and Louie, Fat Tony's boys. {ha, hs}
    Jack Larson, President of Laramie Cigarettes. {hs}
    Princess Opal, Psychic. {ph2, tm} [9F11, 5F08]
    Yiddle, owner of Yiddle's Jokes, on the Lower East Side [8F05]
    Jerry, Proprietor of King Toot's Music Store, the music store next to Moe's Tavern. {hs} [8F06, 3G02]
    Dave and Dave, Jr., father and son at the Nat'l Fatherhood Institute [8F07]
    Waitress, Moe's temporally waitress {Catherine O'Hara} [8F08]
    Harv Bannister, representative from Tipsy McStagger's Good-Time
    Drinking and Eating Emporium {hs} [8F08]
    Wall E. Weasel, mascot for kiddie entertainment center. [8F11]
    Senior Beaverotti, Wall E. Weasel's mechanical sidekick. [8F11]
    Marco, he'll be your waiter. [8F12]
    Nick, owner of a bowling supply shop. [8F14]
    Nick, owner of another bowling supply shop. [8F14]
    Ted Carpenter, rep from the Twirl King Yo-Yo Company. [8F16]
    Twirl King Yo-Yo demonstrators. [8F16]
  • Mr. Amazing
  • Sparkle
  • Zero-Gravity
  • The Cobra
    Veterinarian Surgeon, operated on SLH's twisted stomach. {ha} [8F17,9F17]
    Mr. Takahashi, Calligraphy class teacher. (mentioned) [8F18]
    Surly Joe, owner of `Surly Joe Foundation Repair' [9F05]
    Your "The only foundation repair in town."
    Captain McAllister, a.k.a. The Old Sea Captain [FILE]
    Owner and proprietor of The Frying Dutchman. {hs}
    First name is Horatio.
    Two guys from Kabul, Afghan restaurant owners. [9F06]
    Crazy Vlaclav, owner of Place of Automobiles. [9F07]
    Mr. Johansson, owner of Gulp 'N' Blow. [9F19]
    Nigel, theatrical agent. [9F21]
    Mr. Peterson, owner of a Krusty Burger. [1F12]
    Luigi, Italian restaurant owner. {ha} [1F18,1F21]
    Salvadore, Luigi's kitchen assistant.
    Dr. Zweig, Marge's psychiatrist. {Anne Bancroft} [2F08]
    Al Gumble, owner of Barney's Bowl-A-Rama. [2F10,3F10]
    Barney's Uncle.
    Joey, sickly shoe-shine boy at Barney's Bowl-a-Rama. [2F10]
    Don Vittorio DiMaggio, Head Mobster {ha} [2F12,3F01]
    Benevenstanciano, hands Marge the Sponge and Vacuum magazine {ha} [2F21]
    Mr. Jericho, counterfeit jeans dealer. {ha} [2F21]
    Don Brodka, store detective from Try-N-Save security. {Lawrence Tierney} [3F07]
    Dr. Sally Waxler, Milhouse's psychiatrist [3F08]
    Handsome Pete, will dance for nickels. [3F12]
    Generic pimple-faced teenagers, who work at various jobs. {ha} [FILE]
    Jimmy the Scumbag, telemarketing scam artist. [4F01]
    Lucius Sweet, Drederick Tatum's boxing manager. {Paul Winfield} [4F03, 5F14]
    Armando, Marge's hair stylist [4F04]
    Belle, runs the Maison Derriere. {tm} [4F06, 5F24]
    Dr. Foster, Ned Flanders psychiatrist. {ha} [4F07]
    Frank Ormand, Pretzel Wagon franchise dealer. {Jack Lemmon} [4F08]
    John, gay store owner. {John Waters} [4F11]
    Fernando Vidal, the world's most devious assassin {dc} [3F19]
    Freak Show Manager, runs Hullabalooza's freak show. {hs} [3F21]
    Royce McCutcheon, a franchiser. {ha} [4F08]
    Repossession Man {ha} [4F16]
    Repo Depot Proprietor {ha} [4F16]
    MoneyBank Creditor, his company gave Bart a credit card. {hs} [4F16]
    Uriah the Hippie, runs the recycling centre {ha} [4F17]
    Grocery Store Supervisor, carries Mr. Burns to Chief Wiggum {dc} [4F17]
    Grocery Clerk, lets Mr. Burns out of a milk compartment {ha} [4F17]
    Real Estate Agent, sells Mr. Burns' house {tm} [4F17]
    Donny, owns a discount gas station {ha} [4F18]
    Auctioneer, sells Bart 35 Industry Way {ha} [4F19]
    Ex-Con Home Security Man, tries to sell Homer bullet-proof windows. {hs} [5F01]
    TV Repair Guy, trapped by Selma. {ha} [5F01]
    Generic Sarcastic Middle-Aged Worker, real name Raphael per CABF10 {ha} [FILE]
    Homer's limo driver [7F12]
    Delivery man taking cigarettes out of Bart's room [8F03]
    Owns a pet shop [8F06], [9F14]
    Car Mechanic [9F09]
    Cameraman at the Gabbo Show [9F19]
    Worker for Stern Lecture Plumbing [2F09]
    Innkeeper at the Aphrodite Inn [2F07]
    Sprays for potato bugs at the Van Houten's [3F02]
    Clerk at Miscellaneous, Etc. [4F03]
    Seen in the Burlesque house [4F06]
    Worker at the Noiseland Arcade [3G01]
    Clerk at the gun store [5F01]
    Sportacus clerk [5F03]
    Sid, supervisor at the Heavenly Hills mall construction site. {dc} [5F05]
    Sid's Partner, {ha} [5F05]
    Cookie Kwan and Nick Callahan, Marge's co-workers at Red Blazer Realty. {tm, ha} [5F06]
    Kliff, of Kliff's Kar Khalet. {ha} [5F07]
    Colonel Tex, owner of the traveling carnival. {dc} [5F08]
    Gil, works at various places. {dc} [FILE]
    Parody of a salesman in a Jack Lemmon movie.
    Lindsay Naegle, of Kid First Industries and later various other ultra-modern businesses {tm}
    Member of MENSA [AABF18]
    The Yes Guy, unofficially Franko Nelson, various jobs {dc}
    Speaks in rising inflection due to stroke [AABF05]
    Promoter, runs the Springfield Comedy Festival. {hs} [5F10]
    Canyonero Representatives, hire Krusty to make an ad. {hs, ha} [5F10]
    Bacardi Girl, offers Moe drinks at Stu's Disco {tm} [5F12]
    Myron, Kent Brockman's accountant. {dc} [5F14]
    Brad and Neil, market the Powersauce bars. {Brendan Fraser, Steven Weber} [5F16]
    Larry, the bus driver {ha} [5F17]
    Tour Guide, at the Edison museum {ha} [5F21]
    Bookstore Clerk, at Just Crichton and King Bookstore. [5F23]
    Corn Vendor, sells corn by the UN building. {dc} [3G04]
    Postmaster Bill, postmaster at the Springfield Post Office {dc} [AABF08]
    Stan, man who works at the car showroom {hs} [AABF10]
    Repo Depot Workers #1 and #2, repossess the sensory deprivation tanks {kw, hs} [AABF12]
    Omnitouch Woman, represents Omnitouch cellphone company at the Smithsonian {tm} [AABF12]
    Gwen, the waitress at the truck stop "Joe's Diner" {tm} [AABF13]
    Se�or Ding-Dong, the mascot for "Se�or Ding-Dong's Doorbell Fiesta." {ha} [AABF13]
    Chef, shows Homer and �clair {hs} [AABF21]
    Pharms, help Bart with his ADD problem {ha, tm} [AABF22]
    Larry Kidkill, zookeeper who displays Apu's octuplets {Garry Marshall} [BABF03]
    Virtual Doctor, tells Bart and Homer they have leprosy {Elwood Edwards} [BABF04]
    Owner, owns the 50's restaurant where Homer wins a motorcycle {dc} [BABF05]
    Jim Hope, teaches at Springfield Elementary only to make a survey about the new Christmas toy "Funzo" {Tim Robbins} [BABF07]
    Phil, another Kid First employee {hs} [BABF07]
    Doctor, diagnoses Mr. Burns with everything {ha} [BABF08]
    Female Doctor, at the Mayo Clinic [BABF08]
    Omnigogs Salesman, at the state fair {ha} [BABF09]
    Barker, at the state fair with the diving horse {hs} [BABF09]
    Titania, buxom female bartender attempting to get her photo on the Duff 2000 calendar {ph2} [BABF12]
    Plastic Surgeon, Moe's plastic surgeon {kw} [BABF12]
    Arizona Cardinals Rep, Homer rejects his offer of an NFL franchise {dc} [BABF20]
    "..for Dummies" Author, evidently a genuine dummy {dc} [BABF17]
    Jake, owner of Jake's Unisex Hair Palace, pays in hair {dc} [CABF01]
    Mr. Costington, owner of Costington's {ha} [CABF04]
    Maitre D', says the Simpsons' singing lacks passion {ha} [CABF04]
    Questo, waiter and mentalist {dc} [CABF03]
    Diablo, magician {ha} [CABF02]
    Derek Reynolds, of Plan 9 Comics, home to Biclops {hs} [CABF08]
    Henry K. Duff VIII, Duff Beer exec and sometime owner of Springfield Isotopes {Stacy Keach} [CABF09]
    Baby-proofer, shocks in order to sell baby-proofing products {tm} [CABF11]

  • Music

    Aerosmith, themselves [8F08]
    Sting, himself [8F11]
    Terry Cashman, himself [8F13]
    Spinal Tap, themselves {Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, hs}
    Barry White, himself (was Bart & Lisa's snake charmer) [9F18]
    Red Hot Chili Peppers, themselves [9F19]
    The Ramones, themselves [1F01]
    James Brown, himself [1F05]
    Tito Puente, himself [2F16,2F20]
    Paul & Linda McCartney, themselves [3F03]
    Paul Anka, himself [3F04]
    Cypress Hill, themselves [3F21]
    Peter Frampton, himself [3F21]
    The Smashing Pumpkins, themselves [3F21]
    Sonic Youth, themselves [3F21]
    U2, themselves [5F09]
    The Moody Blues, themselves [AABF06]
    Cyndi Lauper, herself [AABF07]
    Elton John, himself [AABF11]
    The B-52s, themselves [AABF19]
    Clarence Clemons, narrator [BABF07]
    NRBQ, themselves (live action; over end credits) [BABF05]
    Britney Spears, herself [BABF08]
    Bachman Turner Overdrive, themselves [BABF09]
    Kid Rock, himself [BABF16]
    Charlie Rose, himself [BABF16]
    Joe C., himself [BABF16]
    The Who, themselves [BABF20]
    *N Sync, themselves [CABF12]


    Antoine Tex O'Hara, owner of the Springfield Isotopes [7F05]
    Dan Horde, Baseball announcer at the `employees and spouse
    and no more than three children' night. {Ken Levine}
    In real life -- was one of the writers on the show.
    Flash Bailey, player on the Isotopes. [7F05]
    Dave Rosenfield, owner of the major league baseball team. [7F05]
    Capital City Goofball, Capital City's mascot. {Tom Poston} [7F05]
    "Just squeeze the weeze."
    Chick Hearn, Los Angeles Laker announcer [8F04]
    Bret Gunsilman, Football Sportscaster {hs} [8F12]
    Smooth Jimmy Apollo, Football Sportscaster who makes predictions {ph} [8F12]
    Ringers on Monty Burns' nuclear power plant softball team [8F13]
  • Steve Sax
  • Wade Boggs
  • Don Mattingly
  • Jose Canseco
  • Darryl Strawberry
  • Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • Mike Scoscia
  • Ozzie Smith
  • Roger Clemens
    Magic Johnson, himself. [8F04]
    Joe Frazier, himself. [8F23]
    Brian Bartlett Starr, former Green Bay football player. [9F12]
    Gerry Cooney, himself. [1F08]
    Stan Taylor, football player for the Springfield Atoms. [1F14]
    Johnny Unitas, himself. [2F12]
    Bret "Hitman" Hart, himself. [4F17]
    Pele, promotes Crestfield wax paper. {ha} [5F01]
    Joe Namath, himself. [5F03]
    Springfield Football Team Member, meets an angry crowd at the airport. {hs} [5F23]
    Clay Banskar, two-time race track champion {ha} [BABF10]
    Andre Agassi, himself [CABF07]
    Pete Sampras, himself [CABF07]
    Serena Williams, herself [CABF07]
    Venus Williams, herself [CABF07]

  • Blasts from the Past

    Artie Ziff, Marge's Sr. Prom date. {jl, dc in 9F16} [7F12, 2F33, 9F16]
    Estelle, wouldn't go out with Barney. {mr} [7F12]
    Mr. Harlan Dondelinger, Homer's high school principal his senior year. (1974)
    Mrs. Blumenstein, teacher who runs the debate team. {mr} [7F12]
    Mr. Sikorsky, Shop teacher. {jl} [7F12]
    Kim, Marge's high school friend. {tm} [7F12]
    Mr. Schindler, Marge's art teacher. {hs} [7F18]
    Homer Glumplich, {ha} [2F09]
    Evelyne Peters, Marge's former high school acquaintance. {tm} [3F11]
    Part of the "Flying Hellfish":
  • Sheldon Skinner {hs}
  • Arnie Gumble {dc}
  • Asa Phelps
  • Iggy Wiggum {ha}
  • Milton "Ox" Haas {ha}
  • Etch Westgrin {dc}
  • Griff McDonald [3F19]
    Mimsy Bancroft, Burns' unrequited love. [4F05]
    Lily Bancroft, Mimsy's sister and Larry's mother. [4F05]
    C.W. McAllister, climbed the Murderhorn with Abe Simpson in 1928. [5F16]
    Edwina, Abe's long lost girlfriend in England. {Jane Leeves} [EABF22]

  • Famous People

    Tony Bennett, himself [7F05]
    Larry King, himself [7F11,2F02]
    Ringo Starr, himself [7F18]
    Leon Kompowski, the man who thought he was Michael Jackson {Michael Jackson} [7F24]
    Michael Jackson was credited as "John Jay Smith" for his speaking part.
    Kipp Lennon sang the songs.
    Neil Patrick Harris, himself (as Bart Simpson) [8F03]
    Joe Mantegna, himself (as Fat Tony) [8F03]
    Steve Allen, Bart Simpson's electronically altered voice [8F15], himself [2F32]
    Bob Hope, himself [9F02]
    Tom Jones, himself [9F05]
    Linda Ronstadt, herself [9F07]
    Adam West, himself [9F07, AABF23]
    Leonard Nimoy, himself [9F10, 3G01]
    Dr. Joyce Brothers, herself [9F15]
    Brooke Shields, herself [9F16]
    Bette Midler, herself [9F19]
    Johnny Carson, himself [9F19]
    Hugh Hefner, himself [9F19]
    Elizabeth Taylor, Maggie's voice [9F08], herself [9F19]
    David Crosby, himself [9F20,9F21]
    Lionel Hutz's AA sponsor and Barney's hero.
    George Harrison, himself [9F21, 5F24]
    Ernest Borgnine, himself [1F06]
    Gerry Cooney, himself [1F08]
    Robert Goulet, himself [1F08]
    James Woods, himself [1F10]
    Conan O'Brien, himself [1F11]
    Buzz Aldrin, himself [1F13]
    James Taylor, himself [1F13]
    Dr. Demento, himself [2F02]
    Dennis Franz, himself (as Homer Simpson) [2F06]
    The gang at "Cheers" [2F08]
  • Ted Danson
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Rhea Perlman
  • John Ratzenberger
  • George Wendt
    Dick Cavett, himself [2F12]
    Mel Brooks, himself [2F14]
    Mickey Rooney, himself [2F17]
    Tom Kite, himself [3F11]
    Bob Newhart, himself [3F12]
    Suzanne Somers, herself [3F16]
    Michael Buffer, himself [4F03]
    Tim Conway, himself [4F20]
    Bruce Baum, himself [5F10]
    Michael Carrington, himself [3G04]
    Bob Denver, himself [3G04]
    Fyvush Finkel, himself, as Krusty [3G02]
    Roy Firestone, himself [5F03]
    Janeane Garofalo, herself [5F10]
    Bob "Bobcat" Goldthwait, himself [5F10]
    Stephen Jay Gould, himself [5F05]
    Jay Leno, himself [5F10]
    Alex Trebek, himself [5F07]
    Steven Wright, himself [5F10]
    Alec Baldwin, himself [5F19]
    Kim Basinger, herself [5F19]
    Brian Grazer, himself [5F19]
    Ron Howard, himself [5F19]
    Jerry Springer, himself [AABF01]
    Kathie Lee Gifford, herself [AABF01]
    Regis Philbin, himself [AABF01]
    Ed McMahon, himself [AABF01]
    Mark Hamill, himself, Luke Skywalker [AABF05]
    Troy Aikman, himself [AABF08]
    John Madden, himself [AABF08]
    Dan Marino, himself [AABF08]
    Rupert Murdoch, himself [AABF08]
    Dolly Parton, herself [AABF08]
    Pat Summerall, himself [AABF08]
    Ed Begley, Jr., himself [AABF09]
    Jasper Johns, himself [AABF15]
    Jack LaLanne, himself [AABF16]
    Stephen Hawking, himself [AABF18]
    Mark McGwire, himself [AABF22]
    Mel Gibson, himself [AABF23]
    Tom Arnold, himself [BABF01]
    Dick Clark, himself [BABF01]
    Lucy Lawless, herself [BABF01]
    Ron Howard, himself [BABF02]
    Pat O'Brien, himself [BABF02]
    Nancy O'Dell, herself [BABF02]
    Penn & Teller, themselves [BABF02]
    Butch Patrick, himself [BABF03]
    Jay North, himself [BABF05]
    Gary Coleman, himself [BABF07, CABF10, more]
    Betty White, herself [BABF11]
    Robert Evans, himself [BABF16]
    Willie Nelson, himself [BABF19]
    Stephen King, himself [BABF17]
    Amy Tan, herself [BABF17]
    Christopher Walken {Jay Mohr} [BABF17]
    Leeza Gibbons, herself [CABF04]
    Bruce Vilanch, himself [CABF05]
    Tom Savini, himself [CABF08]
    Cesar Chavez, "spirit of" {ha} [CABF09]

  • Miscellaneous Characters

    Lucille Botzcowski (Miss Botz), the Baby-sitter from Hell {Penny Marshall} [7G01]
    Howie, video boxing champ {Susan Blu} [7G06]
    This kid made Homer bark like a dog.
    Daria, Barney's female companion. [7G08]
    Brittany, young girl celebrating her birthday on Krusty the Clown Show. {ph2} [7G12]
    Cesar and Ugolin, bad French wine makers. {hs, dc} [7G13]
    Maurice, their donkey. [7G13]
    Adil Hoxha, foreign exchange student from Tirana, Albania. {tm} [7G13]
    Kang and Kodos, two aliens from Rigel 4. {hs, dc}
    Serak the Preparer, ship's cook. {James Earl Jones} [7F04]

    In order to pronounce the fourth alien's name correctly, you have to pull out your tongue.

    Rasputin the Friendly Russian, wrestler, formerly The Mad Russian [7F06]
    Werner von Brawn, Wrestler [7F06]
    Truck-o-Saurus, 20 tons and 4 stories of car crushing, fire breathing,
    prehistoric insanity (at Springfield Speedway). [7F06]
    Captain Lance Murdock, professional daredevil, inspired Bart. {dc}
    John and Gloria, Couple at Rev. Lovejoy's marriage retreat. [7F20,8F13]
    Gloria {jk}
    General Sherman, catfish at Catfish Lake [7F20]
    Dr. Crab, Radioactive Man's Arch-villain [7F20]
    Ozbado, Mr. Burns' jai alai opponent. [7F22]
    Mr. Roman, ghost writer for Burns' story about his brush with death. [7F22]
    Left-Handed Customer, drops a cup at the Leftorium. [7F23]
    Floyd, Homer's fellow patient at the New Bedlam Rest Home. [7F24]
    Chief, Homer's fellow patient at the New Bedlam Rest Home. [7F24]
    Brad Fletcher, senate page. [8F01]
    Wilson DeFarge, perennial third-party candidate. [8F01]
    Faith Crowley, patriotism editor of Reading Digest magazine {mr} [8F01]
    Trong Van Din and Maria Dominguez
    finalists in the essay-writing contest {jah, ph2} [8F01]
    Ronnie Beck, three-time soapbox derby winner and Bart's hero [8F07]
    Hugh Jass, nice middle-aged man. [8F08]
    Mr. Big Nose, likes to punch people. [8F14,9F07,9F21]
    Gregory, the masseur at Rancho Relaxo. [8F14]
    Mr. Bartone, gangster Bart squeals on in his dream. [8F15]
    Roweena, skin care consultant. [8F18]
    William F. George, syndicated columnist. [8F18]
    Mr. Boswell, author of those worst-dressed lists. [8F18]
    Debra Jo Smallwood, Miss American Girl. {Lona Williams} [8F18]
    Made rude remarks at the United Nations.
    Lewelyn Sinclair, musical director. {jl} [8F18]
    Ms. Sinclair, runs the Ayn Rand School for Tots {jl} [8F18]
    Yodelin' Zeke, musical performer at The Beer -N- Brawl tavern. [8F19]
    Lurleen Lumpkin, country singer {Beverly D'Angelo, Doris Grau} [8F19, 9F10]
    Nurse, points out that the doctor wasn't supposed to move the patient's gallbladder {jk} [8F19]
    Cutter and Icepick, Sideshow Bob's convict friends [8F20]
    The Swamp Hag, Radioactive Man's Arch-villain [8F22]
    Amber Dempsey, Little Miss Springfield. {Lona Williams} [9F02]
    Had eyelash implants done in Paraguay.
    Irish Woman, thinks Mike Farrell really "boils her potato" {ys} [9F08]
    Fred, Dr. Riviera's Lobotomy patient. [9F09]
    Andre, Selma's ideal man for Marge. [9F09]
    Mr. McGregory, man with a leg for an arm and vice versa. [9F09]
    Dr. Riviera's former patient.
    Lyle Lanley, Con Artist. {ph} [9F10,5F24]
    Sebastian Cobb, Lanley's monorail builder for North Haverbrook. [9F10]
    Bitey, Homer's pet opossum on the Monorail [9F10]
    Mitch and Jim, teenagers who work at Duff Gardens. [9F11]
    Tipsy, Queasy, Surly, and Remorseful (part of The Seven Duffs) [9F11]
    Tom, Bart's bigger brother. {ph} [9F12]
    Pepi, Homer's little brother. {tm} [9F12]
    Phil, Duff Brewery quality control. [9F14],
    a Friend of Barney's.
    Mrs. Phillips, wife of husband who's `D.W.I'. [9F14]
    Dr. Hillbilly, wrestler. [9F15]
    Iron Yuppie, wrestler. [9F15]
    Chuckie Fitzhugh, the unseen union president. [9F15]
    Adolf Hitler, {hs} [9F18, 2F13, 3F19, 5F14], {dc} [CABF12]
    Phillips, convict who killed husband with a screwdriver {tm} [9F20]
    "Tattoo" Annie, Marge's fellow convict. {ph2} [9F20]
    The Human Fly, media seeker. {dc} [9F21]
    Sir Oinksalot, Springfield A&M mascot pig [1F02]
    Truck Stop Waitress, hates when the waffles stick together. {Pamela Reed} [1F03]
    "Jury of the Damned" in 1F04
       Benedict Arnold
       Lizzie Borden
       Richard Nixon
       John Wilkes Booth
       John Dillinger
       1976 Philadelphia Flyers
    Joey JoJo Jr. Shabadoo, Bar denizen who didn't like his name. {ha} [1F07]
    Colonel Klink, Homer's guardian angel {Werner Klemperer} [1F07]
    Sir Isaac Newton, Homer's guardian angel's first incarnation. {ha} [1F07]
    Gunter & Ernst, tiger-tamers. {hs, ha} [1F08, 5F04, AABF06]
    Stacy Lavelle, creator of Malibu Stacy {Kathleen Turner} [1F12]
    Malibu Stacy, talking doll. {ph2} [1F12]
    Lisa Lionheart, another talking doll. [1F12]
    G.I. Joe, Stacy Lavelle's ex-husband. {ha} [1F12]
    Race Banyon, NASA astronaut. {ha} [1F13]
    Mr. Blackheart, Ivory bone dealer. {hs} [1F15]
    Freddy Quimby, Mayor Quimby's spoiled nephew. {dc} [1F19]
    Dropped out of the forth grade.
    French Waiter, at the Quimby mansion. {ha} [1F19]
    Mrs. McFierly, keeps a compost heap on her front porch. [2F02]
    Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Homer's acquaintance in time travelling. [2F03]
    Sarah (Plain and Tall), neighbor girl who gets no attention. [2F04]
    Ashley Grant, University grad student. {ph2} [2F06]
    Part-time baby-sitter.
    Guy Incognito, Homer's look-a-like. {dc} [2F08]
    Was beaten up for simply wanting a drink.
    Number One, Stonecutter head member. {Patrick Stewart} [2F09, 5F24]
    Egg Council Guy, a Stonecutter. [2F09]
    Warren, observatory staffer. [1F11]
    Bort, little boy in I&S land with a popular name. {ph2} [2F01]
    Adult Bort, in I&S land. {hs} [2F01]
    Jerry, City Hall staffer. [2F11]
    Tobias Drundridge, Australian kid. {nc} [2F13]
    Bruno Drundridge, Tobias' father. {ha} [2F13]
    Shelbyville Manhattan, founder of Shelbyville {ha} [2F22]
    Shelbyville Milhouse, boy from Shelbyville. {ha} [2F22]
    Hugh St. John Alastair Parkfield, Lisa's "future" fiancee. {Mandy Patinkin} [2F15]
    Dr. Colossus, Super Villain [2F20]
    Jay Sherman, Film Critic. {jl} [2F31, 4F07]
    Senor Spielbergo, Steven Spielberg's non-union Mexican equivalent. {ha}[2F31]
    Hired to make Burns' film biography.
    Japanese Father and Mother, buy a star map from Bart. {ha, ph2} [2F31]
    Blind Willy Witherspoon, B.G. Murphy's mentor. [2F32]
    Played an umbrella for thirty years.
    Characters in the clouds with BGM [2F32]
  • Mufasa {hs}
  • James Earl Jones {hs}
  • Darth Vader {hs}
    Shoshanna, Snake's girlfriend. [3F02]
    Relatives at the Flanders family union [3F03]
  • Jose Flanders {ha}
  • Lord Thistlewick Flanders
    Gavin, bratty kid. {nc} [3F07, AABF03]
    Disco Stu, doesn't advertise. {dc} [FILE]
    Society highbrows [3F11]
       Patricia {tm}
       Rauberta {mr}
       Susan {ph2}
    Wadlow, very tall man. {ha} [3F18]
    Mr. & Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon, Apu's father {ha} & mother {mr, Andrea Martin} [3F20, 5F04]
    Crystal, Otto's girlfriend. [3F23]
    Larry Burns, Burns' illegitimate son. {Rodney Dangerfield} [4F05]
    Baron von Wortzenberger, the rightful owner of the Flying Hellfish treasure {ha} [3F19]
    Lester, Bart's alter ego. {tm} [3F16]
    Eliza, Lisa's alter ego. [3F16]
    Hank Scorpio, Super Villain {ab} [3F23]
    Homer's boss, for a short while.
    Bont, secret agent. {dc} [3F23]
    Hugo, Bart's "evil" twin brother. {nc} [4F02]
    Fan Man, Flys around with a fan strapped to his back. {dc} [4F03]
    Boxcar Fred, Homer's boxing opponent [4F03]
    Shary Bobbins, the Simpsons' nanny for a short while. {mr} [3G03]
    Mrs. Periwinkle, nanny candidate who was chased away by Homer. {nc} [3G03]
    Mrs. Pennyfeather, another nanny candidate. {mr} [3G03]
    Chase, Luann Van Houten's boyfriend {ha} [4F04]
    Pyro in American Gladiators
    Dink, Burns's old room-mate. {dc} [4F05]
    Investo, robot. {ha} [4F08]
    Smokey the Bear Robot, asks us who can prevent forest fires. {ha} [4F10]
    Mathemagician, mathematics entertainer. {ha} [4F09]
    Duff Executive {hs} [4F15]
    Senior Dance Instructor, leads a dance "party" at the Retirement Castle {ha} [4F17]
    Zombie Recyclers, recycle for Mr. Burns. {tm, dc} [4F17]
    Zookeeper, doesn't want to save Flanders from the baboons. {ha, hs} [4F18, CABF04]
    "Mr. Sparkle" Factory Foreman {Gette Watanabe} [4F18]
    "Mr. Sparkle" Factory Worker {Gette Watanabe} [4F18]
    Japanese Tourist, recognizes Homer as Mr. Sparkle {Gette Watanabe} [4F18]
    Ozmodiar, a small alien only Homer is able to see. {dc} [4F20]
    Big Daddy, criminal boss. {Gailard Sartain} [4F20]
    Paul Prudhomme, chef at a Bourbon Street eatery {ha} [4F20]
    Betty, Moe's date. {tm} [4F20]
    Duffman, beer promoter in a costume {ha} [4F22]
    First name Larry [BABF12] or Sid [CABF09]
    Limo driver, brings Barney back from N.Y. {ha} [4F22]
    "ZZ Top" Rabbi, seen in N.Y. {ha?} [4F22]
    Captain, on the immigrant ship. {hs} [4F22]
    World Trade Center Workers, {ha, hs, dc} [4F22]
    Subway Bum, asks Lisa's address. {dc} [4F22]
    Khlav Kalash Vendor, also sells Mountain Dew and crab juice {ha} [4F22]
    Worked previously at Fleet-A-Pita [4F08]
    Sold balloons. [5F12]
    Frightened Lisa in the Russian part of Springfield [5F17]
    N.Y. Mailman, stops Homer from soiling the mail {dc} [4F22]
    MAD Magazine Secretary, {tm} [4F22]
    Alfred E. Neuman, lead figure of the MAD Magazine {dc} [4F22]
    Drug Addict Star, in a "Betty Ford" musical. {Kipp Lennon} [4F22]
    Horse Cab Driver, gives Marge and the kids a ride. {dc} [4F22]
    Violin Player, plays at The Jazz Hole {tm?} [4F24]
    Jazz Fan, criticizes the violin player. {dc} [4F24]
    Fox censor, butchers a script. Then gets butchered. {hs} [5F02]
    Alien, Kang reports a missile sighting to him. {ha} [5F02]
    Willie's Friend, joins the soccer riot. {dc} [5F01]
    Hank Hill, from Arlen, TX {Mike Judge} [5F03]
    Peggy, Bobby, Luanne, Boomhauer, Dale and Bill are also present.
    Retirement Castle Worker, hands out pills. {ha} [5F04]
    Air India Clerk, at the airport. {dc} [5F04]
    Apu's Relative, chases Ganesh-Homer. {ha} [5F04]
    Johnny D, Snake's sellmate. {ha} [5F06]
    Drug Lord, buys Johnny D's car at the police auction. [5F06]
    Test Supervisor, supervises the real estate test. {dc} [5F06]
    Pidgeon, convinces Marge to tell the truth. {dc} [5F06]
    Patches and Poor Violet, orphan kids. {ph2, tm} [5F07]
    Tooth Chipper Operator, at the carnival. {hs?} [5F08]
    Screamatorium Operator, at the carnival. {ha} [5F08]
    Screamatorium Repair Guy, changes a bulb. {dc} [5F08]
    Impervo the Painless, at the carnival. {ha} [5F08]
    Humphrey, a talking camel. {ha} [5F08]
    Cooder, carny worker who steals the Simpsons' house. {Jim Varney} [5F08]
    Spud, Cooder's son. {tm} [5F08]
    Bill Gates, runs some computer business. {ha} [5F11]
    Renee, Moe's girlfriend. {Helen Hunt} [5F12]
    Robby the Automathon, robot from the Springfield Knowledgeum. {ha} [5F13]
    Leprechaun, tells Ralph to burn things. {ha} [5F13]
    Cuban Vendor Boy, gives Homer some donkey meat. {tm} [5F14]
    The Cat Lady, crazy woman with lots of cats {tm} [5F15]
    Sherpas, help Homer to climb the highest mountain in Springfield {ha, hs?} [5F16]
    British Maid, catches Homer and Marge... you know {mr} [5F18]
    Thomas Edison's Ghost, in Homer's dream {hs} [5F21]
    Donut Judge and Attorney, at the planet of the donuts. {hs, dc} [3G04]
    Giant Donut, eats Homer. {dc} [3G04]
    Captain Tenille, captain of U.S.S. Jebediah {Rod Steiger} [3G04]
    Female Officer, onboard U.S.S. Jebediah {ph2?} [3G04]
    Mr. Sulu, another submarine crew member. {ha} [3G04]
    Russian Officer, head of the Russian submarine. {hs} [3G04]
    Navy Instructor, instructs the navy. Doesn't like Homer. {Michael Carrington} [3G04]
    Naval Rescource Recruiter, recruits Homer. {ha} [3G04]
    Pastry Chef, congratulates the graduates. {dc} [3G04]
    Recreationist, congratulates new WWI recreationists. {ha} [3G04]
    Mrs. Gumble, Barney's mother {dc} [3G04]
    Audience Member, on the Jerry Springer show {tm} [AABF01]
    Lost Souls, a bunch of cads, bounders and tiger stabbers on Captain McCallister's ship [AABF04]
  • Man in Dinner Jacket {kw}
  • The British Raj Man {hs}
  • The Frenchman {dc}
  • Woman {tm}
    Nerdy Young Woman, nerd at the convention who likes Comic Book Guy {tm} [AABF05]
    Ticket-Taker, at the Super Bowl {ha} [AABF08]
    Bus Driver, drives the bus to the Super Bowl {tm} [AABF08]
    Josh, Krusty's nephew [AABF09]
    Navitron Auto-Drive, makes the car drive automatically {dc} [AABF13]
    Marlin and Marine, Jahova's Witnesses. {ph2, ha} [AABF13]
    Red Barclay, won the meat eating contest at "The Slaughterhouse" restaurant. {hs} [AABF13]
    Died from meat poisoning.
    Shopkeeper, sells homer Pep Pills. {dc} [AABF13]
    "Little Punk", wants Homer to honk his horn {tm} [AABF13]
    Talking Pig, provides Adam and Eve food in the Garden of Eden {kw} [AABF14]
    Groundhog, takes Marge's order for a hole. {ha} [AABF14]
    Gary, God's unicorn {tm} [AABF14]
    Bush, squeals on Bart. {hs} [AABF14]
    Santa's Little Helper, talks to King David a la Davey and Goliath. {ha} [AABF14]
    Gunter, Joto and Central Hampstead on Cecil Cecil, Homer's art critics. {dc, kw} [AABF15]
    Leonardo Da Vinci Painting, hurts Homer with all his limbs in his dream. {dc} [AABF15]
    Abstract Painting, shoots Homer in his dream. {kw} [AABF15]
    Andy, throws soup at Homer in his dream. {ha} [AABF15]
    Astrid Weller, Homer's art dealer. {Isabella Rossellini} [AABF15]
    Installation Guy, has an installation to installate. {ha} [AABF15]
    France Representative, angry at the Olympic representative. {dc} [AABF16]
    Olympic Representative, suggests Springfield for the Olympics. {dc} [AABF16]
    Russia Representative, suggest Moscow for the Olympics. {hs} [AABF16]
    Mongolia, suggests Motown for the Olympics but wants it to be called Mongoliatown. {ha} [AABF16]
    Japan Representative, suggests Hokkaido. {ha} [AABF16]
    Mr. Pennybags, attends the Mega Savings Seminar {kw} [AABF20]
    Voice of Toilet, pleased to take your waste {Gedde Watanabe} [AABF20]
    "Average American" Waiter, waiter at the American restaurant in Japan. {Gedde Watanabe} [AABF20]
    Japanese Stewardess, tells Bart that it is not safe to use electrical devices on the plane. {Karen Maruyama} [AABF20]
    Japanese Father and Mother, contestants on the game show {Gedde Watanabe, Denise Kumagai} [AABF20]
    Sumo Wrestler, wrestles with Homer [AABF20]
    Actor, at the dinner theater {dc} [AABF21]
    Hosey the Bear, man dressed up as a bear at the fire-related field trip {kw} [AABF22]
    Rick James, sings a song called "Superfreak" {kw} [BABF01]
    Guard, lets Lisa into the spaceship with Marge {hs} [BABF01]
    Allen Wrench, helpful robot at Shøp {ha} [BABF03]
    Nonuplet Parents, as seen on TV. {hs, tm} [BABF03]
    Forklift Operator, amazed by the nonuplets. {ha} [BABF03]
    Worker, takes octuplets' presents to the Shelbyville Nine. {dc} [BABF03]
    Stage Manager, runs the Octupia show {dc} [BABF03]
    Christopher & Terrence, zoo security {ha} [BABF03]
    Meathook, biker from "Hell's Satans" {John Goodman} [BABF05]
    Ramrod, another biker from "Hell's Satans" {Henry Winkler} [BABF05]
    Seatfiller, takes Homer's seat {ha} [BABF08]
    Cornelius Chapman, Springfield's oldest resident {dc} [BABF08]
    Pirates, attack Homer's yacht {dc, ha} [BABF08]
    Jockey Trolls, give Homer and Bart hard time {ha, dc, hs, nc} [BABF09]
    "Lisa Jr.", girl on the island who Homer calls Lisa Jr. {ys} [BABF11]
    Islander, befriends Homer {hs} [BABF11]
    Indian Casino Manager, tells Bart his future {ha} [BABF13]
    Crazy Talk, the brother of the Indian casino manager [BABF13]
    Helicopter Pilot, teaches Barney lessons {ha} [BABF14]
    Inspector, approves the nuclear power planet - until one little problem {dc} [BABF16]
    Becky, Otto's mad fianc� {Parker Posey} [BABF18]
    Jury Guy, in the courtroom jury which proclaims Marge crazy {dc} [BABF18]
    Goldilocks, evidently breathing her last breath as the Three Bears attack {nc} [BABF21]
    Rapunzel, long-haired girl from the fairy-tale {tm} [BABF21]
    Witch, hungry for Bart and Lisa, "Hansel and Gretel" style {tm} [BABF21]
    George Cauldron, improbable date of witch {hs} [BABF21]
    Snorky, power-hungry dolphin {hs} [BABF21]
    Phoney McRingRing, "here to explain why the convenience of one area code in your town has been replaced by the convenience of two area codes" {ha} [BABF20]
    Guard, in denial of being fired by The Who {ha} [BABF20]
    Sophie, Krusty's daughter {Drew Barrymore} [BABF17]
    Sophie's mother {tm} [BABF17]
    Heckling soldiers, who object to Krusty's offensive and racy comedy act {ha, kw, hs} [BABF17]
    Jesse, youthful environmetal activist, object of Lisa's affection {Joshua Jackson} [CABF01]
    Caleb, able to film Quimby's dodgy dealings on the sly {kw} [CABF01]
    Officer Scraps, police dog Wiggum hopes will find Homer {dc} [CABF02]
    Terrorist, whom Burns supplies with uranium {ha} [CABF02]
    Skinner's comrade soldiers, purveyors of dirty anecdotes {hs, dc} [CABF06]
    Jack Crowley, prisoner-turned-painter {Michael Keaton} [CABF05]
    Prisoner, likes to smell things {Robert Schimmel} [CABF05]
    Old Comedian, think Seinfeld as an OAP {hs} [CABF07]
    Yiddisha Guy, Retirement Castle talent show MC {ha} [CABF07]
    Admiral, superior officer to Lt. Smash {hs} [CABF12]
    Boy in Blockoland Comemrcial, not all that enthused about Blocko brand {tm} [CABF09]
    The Blocks of Blockoland, including Lincoln and a cowboy {all dc} [CABF12]
    Francine's mom, mother of bully Francine {tm} [CABF11]
    Francine's dad, father of bully Francine {ha} [CABF11]


    Chris Baker, Richard Baxter, Burton Benenson, Brent Benson, Dave Berg, Michael Berg, Kevin Bowman, Dmitri G. Brengauz, Mike Calandra, Paul Campa, Clyde, Ben Collins, James Danatzis, "Dankhour", Chris Dent, Mark Enders, Brian Epperly, Josh Forman, Richard Forshaw, Curtis Gibby, Bruce Gomes, Stephen Hosmer, Brendyn Jones, Gabor Kiss, Torsten Kracke, Matthew Kurth, Jason Law, Benoit Leblond, Christopher W. Lee, Ondre Lombard, Joseph Marriott, Bill McNeal, Bruce Mills, Jason Moulton, Andrew Christopher Oishi, Sander Oppenheim, Brian Petersen, Dave Putro, Suzy Rose, Josh Rothman, Gary Russel, Rob Schaller, Randy K. Souza, Robert Manning Staley, Jacob Stohler, Mark Taylor, Ariel Tupaz, Eric Van Steen and Joey Warner.

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