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Cool Disco Stu Appearances

[3F09] First cool appearance.
[3F18] Seen laughing at uncool Nelson.
[4F05] Seen dancing in cool street party.
[4F06] Seen in cool burlesque house.
[4F08] Selling cool disco academies franchises.
[5F04] Seen in uncool rejection section at cool bachelor auction.
[5F05] Seen at cool meeting of Apocalypse.
[5F10] Seen leaving Moe's right before cool Canyanero song.
[5F12] Has own cool discoteque.
[BABF01] Seen looting cool laundry.
[BABF02] Seen at cool gameshow.
[BABF04] Seen trying to pick up Marge at cool ski resort.
[BABF06] Seen at cool religious revival.
[BABF20] Seen at cool area code meeting.
[CABF06] Seen on cool skating rink.
[CABF15] Seen at cool Praiseland park, then cool Disco Heaven!
[DABF03] Seen in cool human pyramid.
[DABF03] Got hooked on the white stuff during the 1970s.
[DABF04] Seen at cool retro-70s high school prom.
[DABF08] Seen in cool ancient Greece as cool Discus Stu.
[DABF11] Seen at cool PHISH concert.
[DABF14] Seen rollerblading at cool Civil War re-enactment.
[DABF19] Seen at cool gun rally, later as cool Disco Shrew.
[DABF22] Seen in cool taxicab. Actually hates disco music.
[EABF04] Scene in Moe's cool bar.
[EABF06] Seen at Homer's cool church party.
[EABF08] Seen at cool lupus run.
[EABF11] Seen at cool park.
[EABF15] Seen at cool party.
[EABF16] Seen in cool crowd.
[EABF17] Seen in cool baseball game fighting uncool Mr. Bergstrom.
[EABF21] Seen in cool crowd chasing Bart and Milhouse.
[FABF01] Seen on Homer's cool talk show.
[FABF02] Seen in cool Christmas mob.
[FABF03] Seen in cool town meeting.
[FABF05] Mentioned in Marge's cool list of thank yous.
[FABF05] Seen in cool montage.
[FABF12] Seen at cool wedding.
[FABF15] Seen at cool fair, hospital opening, meeting.
[FABF17] Seen in cool crowd.
[FABF18] Seen in delivering cool newsletter
[FABF23] Seen at cool opium den.
[GABF04] Gets annullment for marriage with Selma.
[GABF13] Seen at cool Lil' Starmaker competition.
[GABF15] Seen at outside Flanders' cool house.
[GABF17] Seen at cool Halloween party dressed up as Steve Martin.
[GABF19] Seen dancing with cool Luanne Van Houten.
[GABF20] Seen in audience at cool karaoke concert.
[GABF21] Quimby complaing that in recall election "every nutcase, whacko and Disco Stu" would be running against him.
[GABF21] Seen at cool recall meeting.
[HABF01] Seen at cool Apu's Quick-e-Mart.
[HABF09] Seen at cool bullfight.
[HABF11] Seen at cool ship cruise.
[HABF14] Seen cutting at cool line in museum.
[HABF17] Disco Stu was Swingin' Stu in the late 1930s.
[HABF18] Seen at cool wedding.
[HABF22] Seen at Marge's cool sculpture exhibition.
BONGO #28: Seen on cool exercise bike.
BONGO #31: Seen dressed up as cool leather biker from the Village People.
BONGO #33: Seen picking up Miss Hoover??!!
BONGO #39: Seen in cool jury.
BONGO #49: Seen in cool dating game show.
BONGO #80: Seen on cool front cover in front of unemployment office holding up sign "Will Boogie Down For Food".
GUIDE TO SPRINGFIELD: Seen coming out of cool Springfield Mystery Spot. Stu's Disco mentioned.

Cool Disco Stu Quotes

[3F09] "Disco Stu doesn't advertise."
[3F09] "Disco Stu likes disco music."
[4F08] "Did you know that disco record sales were up 400% for the year ending 1976? If these trends continues... AAY!"
[DABF14] The South will boogie again.

Cool Disco Stu Movies

"Saturday Night Fever"
[2F01] Dance floor in discoteque very similar.
[2F01] John Travolta working behind bar, dressed the same.
[2F04] Stayin' Alive plays while Bart struts like John Travolta.
[2F15] Martin plays medley version of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
[3F09] Homer butchers Stayin' Alive.
[3F15] Travolta monkey pulling the trademark SNF pose (finger pointed up into the air).
[3G01] In old 1970s surveillance tape Lenny looks like John Travolta (with finger pointed up into the air).
[3G02] Homer and Marge reminisce about movies John Travolta had been in.
[4F08] Picture of John Travolta as Tony Manero on wall behind Disco Stu. Disco Stu does Travolta pose.
[5F04] Apu at similar looking discoteque complete with glitter ball.
[5F12] Dance floor in discoteque very similar.
[CABF15] John Travolta waiting in line for Disco Heaven.
[CABF18] Mr. Burns dressed up like John Travolta at disco.
[DABF14] Disco Stu does the Travolta pose at Civil War re-enactment.
[EABF21] Frink's father strutting to "Stayin' Alive".
[FABF11] Disco Stu does the Travolta pose on ship cruise.
[HABF22] Disco Stu sculpture in SNF pose.

"I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!"
[4F08] Disco Stu's goldfish platforms similar to pair worn by pimp.

"Can't Stop the Music" (starring the Village People)
[4F08] Disco Stu's "Can't Stop the Learning" disco academies.

[3G03] Willie sings "Maniac", does fast steps, and then dumps a bucket of water on himself.

Cool Disco Stu Music

Alicia Bridges:
[4F04], [4F11], [AABF11] "I Love The Nightlife" (Disco 'Round)

Andrea True Connection:
[DABF03] "More More More (How Do You Like It?)"
[EABF13] "Moe Moe Moe (Why Nobody Likes Me?)"

Barry Manilow??!!:
[2F10] "Copa-Ca-Bana" {kab}
[DABF08] Sirens use song similar to "Copa-Ca-Bana" to draw ships to their doom.
[DABF10] Simpsons go to Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Barry White:
[7F12] "Don't be a Baby, Lady" (Homer make-out music) [?]
[1F07], [9F18] "Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)"

Bee Gees:
[2F04] "Stayin' Alive"
[3F09] "Stayin' Alive" (Homer rapping "Table Five")
[3G02] Homer and Marge reminisce about Bee Gees
[5F04] Symphonic "Stayin' Alive" plays while Moe being rejected at bachelor auction
[EABF21] Frink's father strutting to "Stayin' Alive"

C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams:
[4F11] "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"
[5F20] "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"
[GABF02] "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"

Carl Douglas:
[BABF15] "Kung Fu Fighting" (what Frink will teach Lisa to dance to)
[CABF11] "Kung Fu Fighting" (what teenage Homer sings while beating up either Smithers or Artie Ziff)

Disco Inferno:
[4F05] "Burn, Baby Burn" (Episode title is "Burns, Baby, Burns")
[AABF22] Banner at fire safety school seminar "Learn, Bay, Learn".
[DABF04] Played at retro-70s high school prom.

Disco Tex and his Sex-o-lettes:
[7F07] "Get Dancin'" (parodied in Hooray for Everything)
[CABF15] "Get Dancin'" (theme music in Disco Heaven)

Donna Summer:
[BABF19] "Love to Love You Baby" (Lovely to Love Your Lovein')
[FABF01] "Last Dance" (Homer's music for SNL's night out)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood:
[3F14] "Relax (Don't Do It)" (Smithers disco music) {kab}
[CABF11] One of the boys on the bus wears a T-shirt with, "Frankie Says: Relax" written on it; when FGtH was popular, these were sold as memorabilia. {disco benjamin j. robinson}
[EABF04] Played on jukebox in Moe's bar.

Isaac Hayes:
[7F11] Theme from "Shaft" (Bart karaoke)

Hues Connection, The:
[HABF11] "Rock the Boat" played at disco on ship!

Johnnie Taylor:
[BABF04] "Disco Lady" (Disco Stu's makeout song)

K.C. and the Sunshine Band:
[7F20] "That's the Way (Uh Huh) I Like It"
[3F31] "Shake That Booty"
[4F24] "Get Down the Night"
[DABF19] Cabbie asks Disco Stu if he got down tonight.
[HABF11] Disco Stu mentions a couple of lines from "Get Down the Night".

Leo Sayer:
[9F17] self-titled album in Homer's record collection
[3F21] "You Make Me Feel Like Dancin" {kab}

Lipps, Inc.:
[8F19] "Funkytown"

Marilyn McCoo:
[GABF17] "Disco Stu should have went as Marilyn McCoo"

Lou Reed:
[9F11] "Walk on the Wild Side" (sanitized version) (Hooray for Everything)

[2F09] George Washington "Let us party like 'twas 1799!"
[3F18] Apu: "I'm going to party like it's on sale for 1999"

Rick Dees:
[3G02] "Disco Duck" (Homer and Marge reminisce)
[EABF04] During fight, Disco Stu said that he shoud have disco ducked.

Rick James:
[1F11] "Superfreak" (Bart rap)
[BABF01] "Superfreak" (performed by him before being arrested)

Rod Stewart:
[9F13] "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" (sanitized Flanders version) {kab}

Mike Sembello:
[3G03] "Maniac (on the dance floor)" (Willie rendition)

Van McCoy:
[7F12], [9F16], [4F08] "Do the Hustle!"

Village People:
[9F21] Nigel says about Chief Wiggum "Yech! Too Village People" {kab}
[9F07] Captain McAllister's sea chantey: "In The Navy"
[1F14] "Macho Man" (Homer singing "Nacho Man")
[3G04] Village People singing "In The Navy" on top of sub.
[4F11] Slight reference to "In the Navy" and construction worker.

Walter Murphy:
[2F15] Martin plays "A Fifth of Beethoven" on organ.
[DABF14] "A Fifth of Beethoven" played at Civil War re-enactment.

Weather Girls:
[2F08], [4F12] "It's Raining Men"

Cool Disco Stu References

[7F04] Disco Gravestone.
[7F12] Homer says "My tux is going to have the widest lapels, the most ruffles, and the highest platform shoes you ever saw!".
[8F08] Disco music played during Kent Brockman's "Eye on Springfield".
[8F08] Glitter ball in Moe's Tavern.
[8F10] Homer has a "DISCO SUCKS" bumper sticker.
[8F19] Homer says "I haven't felt this way since `Funky Town'" (this song marked the end of the disco era).
[1F01] Right before Homer did his comedy act there was the Leisure Suit Larry sign with Mr. Burns' face on it. (JohnHC)
[2F01] "Itchy's 70s Disco (Est. 1980)" (Disco music died in 1980. The last great disco hit was "Funky Town").
[3F09] Homer's "DISCO STU" jacket (not enough room for "DISCO STU").
#(Not that Disco Stu didn't get his share of the action...)
[4F08] Glitter ball in Disco Stu's booth.
[4F11] Anvil bar scene.
[4F18] Rev. Lovejoy has button for "disco siren" on his podium.
[5F02] Prof. Frink selling mood pants.
[5F10] Discoteque featured in Mexican soap opera.
[AABF19] Glitter ball in couch scene.
[BABF01] Spooky Roller Disco.
[BABF19] Simpsons albums: Simpsons Boogie, Lovely to Love Your Lovin', Simpsons Christmas Boogie.
[CABF08] Glitter ball seen during Homer's antacid trip.
[CABF15] Glitter ball in Disco Heaven.
[CABF15] Studio 54-like lineup to get into Disco Heaven.
[DABF04] Retro-70s prom has glitter ball, Hibbert and others wear afros.
[EABF13] Phrase "disco beat" in Homer's song about Flanders.
[FABF10] Glitter ball scene at juvie hall dance.
[FABF20] Honkies try to take over disco in Blackula movie.
[GABF12] Eight years in the future disco ball at prom.
[GABF20] Disco balls seen in karaoke store.
[GABF22] Disco ball in Mayor Quimby's office.
[HABF11] Disco Stu reports an outbreak of disco fever.
[HABF15] Disco music playing on Otto's radio.

#- cut in uncool syndication

Who Inspired Disco Stu?

  • John Travolta??!!
  • sounds like the Fonz (Henry Winkler) "Happy Days".
  • amalgam of the slogan "Disco Sucks" and Rick Dee's hit song "Disco Duck".
  • looks like Arnold Horshak from "Welcome Back Kotter."
  • looks more like Disco Bean from the movie comedy "The Search for One-eye Jimmy" (1996). {disco claire severance}

Cool Disco Stu Links

Disco Kevin A. Bowman's {kab} Music Reference List

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