The Nelson Muntz File

Maintained by Robert Campbell

"Forgery! So he didn't have leprosy!"
-- Principal Skinner, "Separate Vocations (8F15)"

Episodes Based Around Nelson
7G05Bart the General
3F17Bart on the Road
4F01Lisa's Date With Density

7F20Grampa took off his belt to whup Nelson and his pants fell down. Nelson pointed his finger and said ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. {hl}
7F21Nelson laughs at Bart's lemonade stand {nr}
8F06At Lisa playing her sax
8F06As Nelson attacks Martin's car while Bart is driving it {ams}
8F14After Homer says to Marge they should snuggle
8F21Bart playing his guitar
9F10On the runaway monorail
9F14At Skinner who has been hit with a giant tomato.
9F14Homer riding Lisa's bike
9F20"Your mom's a jail bird"
9F22At Homer's "WIDE LOAD" tattoo
1F04Bart is on a stretcher and is in a straight jacket
1F06Bart puts his junior camper uniform on
1F06Says "Ha-h..aww" as he realizes he has to stay and do the test
1F09Bart collects stamps
1F11After Lisa talks about one dimensional characters with silly catch phrases
1F17After his "Grapes of Wrath" exhibition at the Diorama-Rama. {ams}
1F21Bart imagines Nelson
1F22After Bart falls to the ground
1F22After Milhouse says Bart could be hurt
1F22As he rips off Martins bathing suit
2F05An uncomfortable laugh after Skinner says he's doing well in Home Ec.
2F11After throwing rocks at Skinner's car. {ams}
2F14Bart does ballet
2F15When Lisa's wedding is called off. Nelson Jr also says Ha-Ha!
2F16To SLH. His pet bird also says Ha-Ha!
2F17At his reflection
2F31When Jay Shearman gets hit in the groin with a football
3F02During Bart's dream. His soul also says Ha-Ha!
3F04When Martin falls off his chair
3F10Says "Ha-..ho?" as he forgets what he usually says
3F17After he tosses Martin's toy dog out of the car window
3F17As he knocks over the 'Sunsphere'
3F18At Lisa's new hair style
3F18At Mrs Glick as she trips and lands into a garbage can. {ams}
3F18At Wadlow
3F18The crowd laugh at Nelson this time
3F23When the Simpsons leave town
3F24At the start of Homer's voyage. Note that the accent is now on the second 'Ha'.
3G02After stomping on Lisa's saxaphone {ms}
3G04Directed at Sherri, after Skinner reserved a space for Terri, but not Sherri, in the fallout shelter.
4F01After nothing is found in his locker
4F09After punching Martin. He then collapses because of the oysters
4F09When Skinner says he's a virgin
4F17After the fish Lisa frees gets eaten by a shark
4F21After Skinner's car gets blown up
4F23After Chalmers says you must respect the new principal
5F02At the witches being burnt.
5F08After pulling the couch back in the couch gag {ms}
5F08Laughs at Bart dressed in garden work clothes, (Bart opens door, sees Nelson) "Ha- (slams door) (opens again) ...-Ha!" {nr}
5F17Couch gag recycled from [5F08] {ms}
5F20Couch gag recycled from [5F08] {ms}
5F20When a blind Ralph falls. "Hey blindy! Have a nice trip!"
5F22After Nelson runs Milhouse's go-kart off the track {ams}
AABF10Skinner asks "what is laughter?" Nelson throws a shoe at him and hits him, and laughs {nr}
AABF13After playing a practical joke on Gil {nr}
AABF14After crowning himself new king (With the crown placed on his finger) in Bart's dream {ms}
BABF07Funzo laughed like Nelson.
BABF14While Bart and Lisa try to take a picture of dogs playing poker Nelson pops up at their window and takes the picture before Bart and Lisa can. Then he says that picture will for sure will make it on the Springfield phone book. Then he goes "HA-HA!". {ams}
BABF15When Bart and Milhouse get onto the camp bus they sit down. Nelson is in the seat behind them and says that they will be the two people he will pound on all week. As Bart and Millhouse jump off out the back of the bus Nelson of course goes, "HA-HA!". {ams}
CABF06When the file breaks during the black-and-white Christmas film.
CABF12After reading a copy of Mad magazine where they call him "Smellson".

Nelson Attacks Bart
7G05Stops Bart from fighting his friend. Discovers his nose is bleeding.
7G05Bart daydreams: Nelson has killed him. Nelson then punches his casket.
7G05Attacks Bart, then throws him into a trash can.
7G05Attacks Bart the next day.
7G05Threatens Bart while he's tied up.
8F07Uses his car to attack Bart's car.
9F07Attacks Bart with snowballs, after Homer prevented school from being cancelled.
9F12Kicks a soccer ball into Bart's face.
9F18Throws something at Bart when he climbs into the duct.
1F06Threatens Bart: "You better play keepaway!"
1F07"We've been doing a lot of upper body work on Bart. Today let's pound his kidneys."
1F07Beats Bart up.
1F11Punches Bart - "That's for taking credit for other people's work."
2F04Shoots Bart and the other kids with his 'Killmatic 3000'.
2F04Belts Bart - "That's for besmirching an innocent girl's name!"
2F05"This is for wasting teacher's valuable time!"
2F14Chases Bart the Ballerina.
2F19Punches Bart when Marge becomes their teacher.
2F19Bashes Bart with help from Jimbo and Dolph.
3F02Pushes Bart over with the aid of his soul.
3F17Punches Bart in the head, because Nelson wants to see the Andy Williams concert.
4F12Hits Bart then leaves the Simpsons' house.
5F08"You wrecked Hitler's car! What did he ever do to you." He then punches Bart.
5F13Snatches the master key from Bart, and plays keep-away with Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney. He then punches Bart in the stomach.
5F22Smacks Bart's cheeks out of boredom.
AABF14During Bart's Bible story dream.
BABF15Reveals his plan to beat Bart up in order to gratify his need to pound people.

Nelson Attacks Milhouse
8F22Milhouse's ball says he'll get attacked today. Nelson says "that ball knows everything" and punches Milhouse.
9F18"Keep filling your shirt with krud till I get back."
2F11Has Milhouse in a headlock while in the bomb shelter.
3F17Hits Milhouse in the back of his head for playing with the stereo controls.
4F01Milhouse gives him a note - "guess who likes you?" Milhouse is rushed away in an ambulance.
5F01Attacks Milhouse during the soccer riots.
5F22Knocks Milhouse off the kart track.
AABF03Plays tetherball with Milhouse. Milhouse gets hit in the face with the ball and his glasses break.
AABF07Kicks Milhouse to help get under the fence.
AABF21Beats up Milhouse on the field trip to the Springfield Shopper. {db}
AABF22Nelson unintentionally hits Milhouse with a basketball, breaking his glasses.
BABF15Reveals his plan to beat Milhouse up in order to gratify his need to pound people.
BABF18Makes a video called "Stop Hitting Yourself" in which he makes Milhouse punch himself.

Nelson Attacks Martin
9F02Turns his water pistol on Martin
9F04Kidney punches Martin at the Halloween Party
9F14Shoots Martin's balloon at the science fair. "I was aiming for his head."
1F01Is about to attack Bart, but decides to turn on Martin instead.
1F16Hits Martin at the tryouts for Burns' heir.
1F22Rips Martin's bathing suit off.
2F22Hits Martin who tries to give Nelson some advice.
2F22After helping Martin out at the lemonade table, he takes a swipe at him but misses.
3F17Throws Martin's toy dog out of the window.
3F17Bart, Milhouse and Martin all stare at Nelson. Then we see Martin crouching.
3F31Pulls Martin's bathing suit down. A clip from [1F22]
4F09Punches Martin after his party.
4F13Is about to beat up Martin outside of the I&S Store.
CABF11Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney have Martin suspended under the bleachers and they throw tomatoes at him.

Nelson Attacks Someone Else
7G05Nelson threatens his two goons.
7F20Throws something at Wendell's face during Bart's party.
8F16Hits some kid with his yo-yo, after the kid complains about his yo-yo trick.
1F05Throws mud at some kid in Homer's 'Muckville USA'.
1F16Threatens Mr Burns during the Burns' heir tryout.
1F18Pets SLH so hard, he causes the dog to sneeze.
3F01"I feel like punching myself" - the class photo.
3F17Hits an angry father who drives past him.
3F20Pulls Uter's suspenders and tells him to "go back to Germania."
4F01Tells Lisa her butt is sticking out. When she tries to look, he kicks her.
4F01Makes Groundskeeper Willie's job tough.
4F01Throws a bee hive at Willie.
5F08Fantastic Dan pops out of the 'Whack-A-Mole' game. Guess who gets whacked?
5F16Pelts Homer with eggs.
5F20Throws grease balls around.
AABF14Kills Ralph in Bart's dream. {ms}
BABF06Threatens a group of children to go forth and spread the word.
CABF09Reluctantly punches Drederick Tatum and gives him a wedgie, after Lisa applies "Poindextrose" to him. This leaves Tatum with no recource.
CABF12Goes to attack Ned Flanders while trying to play the Praiseland version of whack-a-mole.
CABF22Nelson rides on his bike and whips Homer and Marge with an extension cord.

Nelson Attacks Something
8F16Carves into his desk with a knife.
9F14Shoots Martin's science project.
1F17Attacks his grapes with a mallet.
1F18Tears up a textbook while Flanders is the Principal.
2F11Throws rocks at Skinner's car.
2F22Catches fish using toy soldiers. Throws the fish at passing cars.
3F17Throws a rock at the 'Sunsphere', causing it to fall.
3G02Stomps on Lisa's saxaphone.
4F01Attacks a bee hive with a rake.
4F01Helps his fellow bullies attack Skinner's place.
4F24Stabs Prof. Provolone's image with a fork.
5F13He pictures himself slapping the brains of the 'Three Stooges'.
5F13Plays hackey sack with Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney. However they're using a frog.
5F22Breaks the Skee-Ball machine and takes a roll of tickets out of it.
5F22Shoots various objects, including his parents' car.
AABF11Destroys Bart's project on the bus, causing brown goo to spray everywhere.
BABF01Nelson's overstuffed pillowcase causes the X-ray machine to go haywire.
CABF04An aged Nelson konocks over Homer's headstone, laughs and then coughs in the Simpson's financial prediction.
CABF09Fights Bart's robot at Blockoland, causing Bart's robot's head to pop up on a spring. Nelson gets dragged away for knocking "his block off".

Nelson Out of Character
7F09Is seen painting a fence.
8F01Reads his essay: "So burn that flag if you must!..."
9F18Locked in the basement with Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney.
1F22He finds change at the bottom of the pool and gives it to Lisa
2F05Does Home Ec.
2F05Gets scared off by Lisa.
2F14Enjoys Bart's ballet performance. Says it reminds him of 'Fame'.
2F17Insults himself and says "Hey, that hurts. No wonder no one came to my birthday party."
2F22Helps Martin out at the Shelby lemonade stand.
3F10Forgets how he laughs.
3F17Always wanted to see Macon, Georgia.
3F17Wants to see the Andy Williams concert.
3F17He loved the Andy Williams concert.
3G03Gives Shary Bobbins some posies. She kisses him and he blushes.
4F01Allows Lisa to pick out new clothes and change his hair style.
4F01Has a picnic with Lisa. He also kisses her.
4F01Decides not to go with Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney.
5F12Suggests to Jimbo, Dolph and Kearny to go pick huckelberries. {nr}
5F20Talks about huckelberries. {nr}
AABF07Holds the fence open to allow Lisa to cross to the other side.
Is Bart's father figure. He sits in Bart's room wearing a robe and smoking a pipe. He tells Bart "if you tie a string around your finger, it'll turn purple." {nr}

In School
7G07Is seen in Sunday School.
8F03Says he thinks Bart had Skinner killed by gangsters.
8F08Corrects Bart - it's called a "Flaming Moe."
8F11Congratulates Bart.
8F15Bart proves to Skinner that Nelson forged an absent slip.
8F16Is seen carving into his desk with a knife.
8F16Sees the yo-yo demonstration
8F16Asks if the pilgrims had yo-yo's.
8F22Asks Mrs Krabappel why she doesn't live with her husband.
9F03Him and Milhouse have seen the I&S move 30 times, so he walks off with Milhouse.
9F05He's seen in class.
9F07Attacks Bart with snowballs at school.
9F14Has an array of squirrel wasting weapons at the school fair. Shoots Martin's balloon.
9F18Gets tricked into being locked in the school's basement.
9F18Talks with his fellow bullies in the basement.
9F21Taunts Bart: "your mom's a jail bird." He then invites Bart to play.
1F06Teases Bart in class, but realizes the joke is on him.
1F07Tries to tease Bart - "nice shoes, two feet."
1F07Chases 'nerd' Bart. Later bashes the normal Bart.
1F17His diorama entry: 'The Grapes of Wrath'.
1F18Has an empty can of tomato paste for show and tell.
1F18"A walking clock!"
1F18Pets SLH so hard, causing SLH to sneeze.
1F18Is seen tearing up a textbook under Principal Flanders rein.
2F05Skinner tells Nelson he's doing well in Home Ec.
2F11Throws rocks at Skinner's car.
2F14Says Taw Kwon Do has filled up.
2F14Says Bart's performance reminds him of 'Fame'.
2F16"Smells like one of Van Houten's."
2F17Corrects Skinner: "It's Radioactive man stupid!"
2F17Auditions for the role of Fallout Boy - and gets rejected. He laughs at his own reflection and says "that hurt".
2F19Punches Bart when Marge becomes their teacher.
2F19Bashes Bart after Marge gives Bart a dollar.
2F22Rushes into class: "Everybody come quick! Something happened! No time to explain!"
3F01Mrs Krabappel says he looks "adorable". He wants to punch himself.
3F04He is gleaming. He says Willie ran his floor buffer over him.
3F04Laughs at Martin when he falls off his chair.
3F10"I'm with the shirt: homework rots!"
3F10Forgets how to laugh in class.
3F20Tells Uter to "go back to Germania."
3F21Is on the school bus.
3F21Is in the Simpson's car pool headed to school.
3F22Argues with Lisa over the yearbooks. Hands the yearbooks out freely.
3G02"He's the greatest showman since that kid who eats worms" says a young Nelson, after Bart gets taken away by Skinner.
4F01His locker is searched. Nothing is found initially, but...
4F01Stolen goods are found in his locker. Says Skinner has "got lethal tuna breath."
4F01Gives back the stolen goods. Tells students to "bite me" and "cram it", he then kicks Lisa's butt.
4F01Forced to help Groundskeeper Willie with the yard work. Poor old Willie.
4F01Tells Lisa how to make her detention shorter. She decides to accept his advice.
4F01Starts hitting a bee hive with a rake.
4F01Throws the bee hive at Willie.
4F01Says "way to drink milk, poindexter" to Milhouse.
4F01Milhouse gives Nelson a note. Milhouse is then rushed away in an ambulance.
4F01Lisa tells him the note was from her. She invites him to her house.
4F04Nelson tells Milhouse about his mom on the school bus.
4F09Martin gives Nelson an invitation to his birthday party.
4F09Bart tell Mrs K. he loves her, Nelson says "where are you registered, Simpson."
4F09Mrs K. delivers her final address, and asks Nelson how many kids did he beat up. He says fifty.
4F21Is at the Police Station for the field trip.
4F21Laughs when Skinner's car get blown up.
4F23Laughs when Chalmers says they have respect their new principal.
4F24Is is the cafeteria. "Talk about weak coffee."
4F24Solves the puzzle in the cafeteria.
5F05Is one of the detention students that is punished with an archaeological dig.
AABF03Has his office in the boys' bathroom. He gives Lisa the answers to her test.
AABF03Plays tetherball with Milhouse.
AABF07Distracts Skinner by mooning him.
AABF08Is on the field trip to the Post Office. Asks the Postmaster if he's ever gone on a killing spree.
AABF10Is in the audience at the "That's Edu-Tainment" talent show.
AABF22We learn Nelson is forced to wear a shock collar to prevent sexual thoughts.
AABF22"Hey look at those dogs going at it...fighting over a fan belt".
AABF22Is seen on the day Bart steals the tank. Was he cutting class?
BABF02Is seen in class. He is sitting at the back of the room.
BABF07Was in the "Save our School" play.
BABF07"He's rekindled my love affair with books."
BABF07Had some suggestions about the new toy.
CABF06Says "what the hell is this" during the black-and-white Christmas film.
CABF06Tells Principal Skinner to get a DVD player.
CABF06Is one of the students trapped in school because of the snow.
CABF06Tries to ride though the snow with his bike, only to bounce off the pile snow.
CABF06Gets hooked on a coat hook by Groundskeeper Willie.
CABF06Uses a school debating trophy to dole out pickle relish.
CABF06Finds Principal Skinner's file personnel file, informing the students he makes $25,000 a year.
CABF06Skinner offers Nelson a deal, making him a hall monitor in return for helping him. Nelson says he spits on his monitors.
BABF22His "moron says what" joke at Homer backfires, and the whole class point at Nelson and laugh "Ha-Ha".
CABF05Says "finally, art that doesn't suck" about Jack's mural.
CABF11Imagines the new kid as a child-octopus creature which terrorizes other students.

Other Stuff
7G05Gets defeated by Bart and his army.
7F06Is at the Springfield Gorge. Asks where Bart is.
7F17Is in the line for Grampa's money.
8F07Is smoking in the pit area. He extinguishes his cigarette on his tongue.
8F07"It took me ages to steal that bumper."
8F11Is at Wall E. Weasel's for Bart's birthday party. He cheats at Skee-Ball.
9F05Is seen laughing at the Simpson's slanted house.
9F10He's in the Couch Gag.
9F12Is playing soccer - "I hurt someone!" His dad is the soccer coach.
9F19Is playing with a slot car race track.
9F21"Whoa, a Methuselah rookie card!"
1F05Is jumping on the trampoline.
1F08Is writing Robert Goulet's name on a board outside Bart's 'casino'.
1F08Responds to Robert Goulet's question: "Your manager says for you to shut up!"
1F21Seen writhing on the Kwik-E-Mart's floor.
1F22"Hey Bart! Your epidermis is showing!"
2F07"With no adults I run this city. [awkward pause] Um...carry on."
2F11Is seen outside of the bomb shelter.
2F17Watches a man painting a horse.
2F20Is seen in the angry mod chasing Homer.
2F22"This place (Shelbyville) is really starting to freak me out."
2F22Gets paired up with Martin - "Your wussiness better come in handy!"
3F02Is seen singing in church.
3F02Is in Rev. Lovejoy's office.
3F05Sees Homer: "What's he doing with that broom?"
3F05High fives Jimbo.
3F07Steals a vest from the Try-N-Save. "Shoplifting is a victimless crime."
3F07Receives a book of carpet samples for Christmas in Bart's dream.
3F07Steals a replacement wheel barrow tire from the Try-N-Save.
3F09Is at the rummage sale. He has bought/stolen 'Bigger Than Jesus'.
3F17Sees a movie called 'Naked Lunch'. "I can think of at least two things wrong with that title."
3F17"We can rent a carpet shampooer."
3F17Lives in a shack.
3F17Seems his parents don't care where he goes.
3F17Wears a wig.
3F17Gives Milhouse's glasses to the pawn broker.
3F17Throws his bag into a boxcar, but he can't jump onto the moving train.
3F17Is in the plane's cargo hold.
3F20Watches the bear being taken away.
3F20Is in the angry mob.
3F21Is in the audience watching Homer's cannonball show.
3F24Has a chili stand.
4F01His house is infested with cockroaches.
4F01Has a 'Nuke the Whales' poster. "Gotta nuke something."
4F01Can't play the guitar.
4F01Hides from the cops at Lisa's place.
4F01Tells Lisa he lied to her.
4F06Is in the Couch Gag.
4F06Takes control of Milhouse's RC plane. Crashes it onto the roof of the Maison Derriere.
4F12Is in the focus group.
4F12Has the I&S executives believe he likes the man wearing Speedos.
4F12"That stunk!" - after watching the Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show.
4F13Is at the Grand Opening of the South Street Squidport.
4F23Is seen at the train station.
4F24Is in the Kwik-E-Mart. "Check it out, a freezer geezer!"
5F01Is at the soccer match.
5F02Is dressed as a devil.
5F03Is the Springfield Wildcats star quarterback. His number is 02.
5F03"I've got to give up smoking".
5F13Imagines that he is in a lab where he weighs the brains of the 'Three Stooges'.
5F13Is in a car along with Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney.
5F13Stares in amazement at the police master key. He later snatches the key from Bart.
5F14Is singing at the new year's celebrations. He is drinking.
5F15Is on Lisa's news team. She selected him because they used to date (he also threatened her).
5F15Introduces the Kidz Newz.
5F15Lisa asks him to cover for her, so he resumes the Kidz Newz in a rather unorthodox fashion.
5F16Gets picked by Bart for his team. He questions Bart's decision for picking Homer.
5F20Tells Lisa her earlobe is bleeding.
5F22Gets the B-B Gun from the puberty boy.
5F22Carves a phone message into his wall. "Mom - Dad called, Re: Bail."
5F22Says his mom doesn't give a crap about what he does.
5F22Is seen frying a carrot.
5F24Is seen singing in church. A clip from [3F02].
AABF07Is waiting at the ice cream truck.
AABF07Has Dr Hibbert's ID. He talks with a deep voice and laughs like the Dr Hibbert. Chief Wiggum can't spot any difference.
AABF07Tells his mom he's breaking curfew.
AABF07Says "man, I never liked Shakespeare until now" as he watches the movie.
AABF07Says his dad gets into car accidents on purpose.
AABF07Joins the Kids vs. Adults argument.
AABF21Is being driven to the newspaper by Homer, along with Bart, Lisa and Milhouse.
AABF21Homer can smell cake, so he says to Bart "your old man has an awesome nose".
AABF22Is in a thearte watching a movie.
BABF01Is waitng to get his candy x-rayed. He is dressed as Jughead and has a pillowcase overstuffed with candy.
BABF01Gets swallowed up by the photocopier as he tries to photocopy his butt.
BABF09Wants the school band to play "Little Brown Jug".
BABF09Says "that horse don't take no guff from nobody ... I mean sh..."
BABF10Is at the car race where Maude gets killed.
CABF13In the future Nelson runs a club called the Crab Shack. He lets Bart perform there.
CABF02Told Bart that Mayor Quimby spent the street repair fund on a swimming pool for himself.
CABF02Tells Homer that frozen hobos are being dissected in Science.
CABF06Claims to be part Eskimo.
CABF08Looks at a copy of "Death of a Sad Sack" and says "this better not be another fake-out."
CABF12Is a member of the boy band Party Posse who will "break your nose, your glasses and your heart."
CABF11Refuses to protect Lisa against the bully Francine, on the basis girls bite, kick and scratch.
CABF11Offers some insights of bullying to Lisa.
CABF16Is at Homer's day care center. As Homer sings "if your happy and you know it say a swear" Nelson says "Boobs".
CABF17Plays Huckleberry Finn in a Simpsons version of the Mark Twain classic.


{ms} Mike Smith
{nr} Nick Rose
{hl} Haynes Lee
{db} DCBastian
{ams} Anthony Michael Scrima
Bruce Gomes

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