The Sarcastic Middle-Aged Man File

Originally by teen-aged Jordan Eisenberg
Maintained by sarcastic Ben Healy

"Invent yourself some underpants!"
-- "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace (5F21)"

MC09Supermarket, voice on the loudspeaker
7F12Limo driver
7F14Magazine store, clerk
7F17Cab driver
7F21Clerk, Foreign Exchange {nr}
8F01Worker, U.S. coin mint (cut in syndication)
8F03Straight and Narrow Storage Co., mover
8F06All Creatures Great and Cheap, employee (cut in syndication)
8F14Clerk, Nick's Bowling Shop (the one on the _other_ side of town)
8F16Mechanic, assisting Mrs. Krabappel
8F19Google-Plex Cinema, ticket booth
8F22Crane operator, Homer's funeral (in a dream sequence) {mh}
9F02School Carnival, charicature artist {ri}
9F04Krusty Co., repairman
9F07Salesman, car show {dj}
9F08Worker, hog fat rendering plant {dj}
9F09Gas station, pump jockey
9F14All Creatures Great and Small, clerk
9F19The "Gabbo" show, cameraman
9F21Selling Malibu Stacey dolls, Springfield Swap Meet {dj}
1F21Delivers I & S animation sells {dj}
2F07Aphrodite Inn, clerk
2F09Stern Lecture Plumbing, plumber
2F20DNA lab professor
3F02Potato bug sprayer
3F06Electric Company, workman
3F11Ogdenville Outlet Mall, salesman
3F13Copy Jelopy, clerk
3G01Noiseland Arcade, assistant to Donkey Kong
3G04In and Out Piercing, employee
4F03Miscellaneous, Etc., clerk
4F16Repo Depot, clerk
5F01Bloodbath and Beyond, clerk
5F03Sportacus, clerk
5F09Sex offender registration office, clerk
5F17Yukingham Palace, clerk
AABF03Eatie Gourmet's, lobster salesman
AABF08High-Pressure Tire Sales, auto mechanic
AABF13Delivery man, Luigi's
AABF15Worker, The Springsonian
AABF16Delivery man
AABF20Worker, Springfield Airport
BABF09Bet taker, Springfield Downs
BABF14Clerk, AAA
CABF03Mechanic, "Dentz" auto garage
CABF10Tenant, "Broken Dreams Storage Lockers" (we learn his name -- Raphael!)
EABF03Toy Shop Salesman
EABF06Plumber, assisting OFF

Other Appearances
7F24In a mental institution; suggests that Homer dates a nurse
9F20Under OFF's rug: "Hey, watch it!"
1F01Talking to Charles Lindenbergh in 1927 {dj}
2F06Riding an old-time bicycle; kicks Homer for making fun of them
3F05In the crowd at the Aztec theater: "Hey, buddy, I got a movie for ya.' A fridge too far!"
4F06In the audience as Bart gives a monologue
5F21Walks his dog outside OFF's house: "Do us a favor. Invent yourself some underpants!"

What's This Guy's Real Name?
(Thanks to Dave Hall for forwarding this.)
Simpsons sound editor Bob Beecher revealed on recently: "He doesn't have one name. His character's name always fits the scene so he's gone by many names, 'Clerk', 'Shopkeeper', etc. But in the script the direction given to the voice is 'Wiseguy Voice'. So call him 'Wiseguy' if you want."

{dj} Daniel Janes
{mh} "Mirthhouse"
{nr} Nick Rose
{ri} Rich

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