[MC09] The Last Butterfinger


Compiled by Jordan Eisenberg

Did You Notice . . .

... the Simpsons aren't shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart? ... this is the first commercial to feature Marge, even though she doesn't say anything? ... the man on the loudspeaker is the Sarcastic, Middle-Aged Man? ... as Homer and Bart both yell out "the last Butterfinger," Homer is eating free samples, and Bart is playing a Space Mutants game? ... Homer passes a kiosk for Krusty the Clown posters as he runs across the store?

Episode References

- [7F07] Bart uses the line "Simpson, going deep!" - [AABF03] Homer eats free samples


- Homer apparently runs past the frozen foods section, but the cardboard food stands he passes are taller than the freezer doors, which is unusual.


Yours Truly: Another good one. Suddenly I have a great craving for peanutbutter... (A-)

Quotes and Scene Summaries

The Simpsons enter the grocery store. As Bart passes through the sliding doors, he yells "Open sesame!" and Homer chuckles. The rest of the family follow into the store, when the loudspeaker comes to life. Louspeaker: Hey, Joe! We're down to the last Butterfinger. Bart & Homer: [together] [scream] The last Butterfinger?!?! Homer dashes across the store, as does Bart, and the two of them arrive at opposite ends of the same aisle, each noting their arrival with a gasp and "Aha!" In the very center of the aisle is the Butterfinger display rack, and there is indeed only one left. The two of them dash once again towards the crispity, crunchety treat. Homer: [grabbing it seconds before Bart] Heh-heh! Bart: Hey! Homer turns the other way to leave, but he runs into Otto's shopping cart and the Butterfinger flies out of his hands. Maggie (sitting in the shopping cart) follows it with her eyes as it travels above the store towards the front. Bart: [running towards it] Simpson going deep... Bart runs across the store, catches it and slides right onto the checkout counter, which registers the sale. Homer is grappling onto Bart's legs, and obviously annoyed. [announcer/ live action interlude] The family is leaving the store, with Bart sitting on the front end of their shopping cart and Homer following behind, his head hung low. Homer: [moans] Bart: Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger! [takes a bite] [End of Commercial. Time: 0:30]

This capsule is ©1999 by Jordan Eisenberg. The Simpsons and Butterfinger remain the propeties of FOX and Butterfinger, respectively. Any meaningful contributions to society at large by my work here was stricty unintentional. Thanks to Brian Petersen for supplying tapes of the commercials, without which there could be no capsule.

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