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"All right, a crime spree!"
-- "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie (9F03)"

Who is Snake?
Snake is the generic crook/robber/jailbird of the show. A friend of both Otto and Sideshow Bob, he first appeared in 7F20 (as Otto's guest at Bart's party). He robbed the Kwik-E-Mart six times and has had seven run-ins with Chief Wiggum. Some notable features are the snake tattoo on his right arm, his torn jean-jacket, his hair and the bulge of the cigarette pack he keeps under his right sleeve. According to Hank Azaria (Snake's voice), he was based on a druggie at his alum, Tufts University, named Cliff Tazner, who would walk around informing people of his current drug condition ... without reason {mgk}.

Episodes Starring Snake
5F06Realty Bites
5F24All Singing, All Dancing
AABF01Hell Toupee
CABF18A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love

Robbing the Kwik-E-Mart
SC22Tried to, but it was closed (now he has to go all the way to Shelbyville!)
8F15While Lou, Eddie and Bart drive by unaware in a police car
9F07Knocks it over with a pal just after Homer plows in front of it
9F20Hauls away the entire Kwik-E-Mart as Apu and Sanjay attend Marge's trial
1F06As Bart asks for an all-syrup Super Squishee
1F11Apu salvages the moment by quoting the "I Didn't Do It" boy
2F31Featured in Apu's film "Bright Lights, Beef Jerky"
DABF17Homer foils robbery by dousing Snake with hot Nacho Cheez.

Other Crimes
8F04Robbing a bank (foiled by Chief Wiggum's penny jar)
8F15Tries to run over Bart
9F03Maggie breaks him out of prison (Later steals a beta machine)
9F09Hunted down for cattle-rustling in an episode of Bad Cops
9F10Robs Springfield while the town folk attend the meet in Town Hall
1F02Poses as the "wallet inspector"
1F05Steals Homer's trampoline (cut in syndication)
1F15Takes over the police station and steals the officers' uniforms
2F05Starts a riot at the hockey game
3F10Bowls for Chief Wiggum's team; escapes once he's unlocked (cut in syndication)
3F18Robs Moe's bar, fights with Chief Wiggum and ends up tied to a chair in Herman's antique shop
4F13Robs a bank
5F01Robs the motel and tries to kill Mayor Quimby; almost steals Homer's gun
5F06Tries to kill Homer in order to get his car back
5F12Seen trying to steal Moe's car; Homer throws him out to steal it himself {tn}
5F17Steals a crossdressed Chief Wiggum's purse in the midst of a stakeout {tn}
AABF01Torching an orphanage, blowing up a bus full of nuns and smoking in the Kwik-E-Mart
AABF20Robs Springfield's internet cafe, along with the Simpsons' bank account
DABF07Robbing Springfield National Bank.

In Jail
8F19Participates in a prison riot, which is briefly interrupted by Lurleen's song
8F20Sideshow Bob's fellow inmate
9F03Freed when Maggie crashes a hole through the wall
9F21One of the prison inmates listening to Homer's Barbershop Quartet
9F22Sideshow Bob's fellow inmate
2F02Prison riot
2F05Persuades Wiggum to release inmates
3F10Bowls for Chief Wiggum's team; escapes once he's unlocked (cut in syndication)
5F06During the police auction; later, he breaks out to reclaim his car from Homer {tk}
AABF10Escapes when Marge plows down the fence with her Canyanero (he says to her: "Thanks, chick-dude!")

Other Major Appearances
7F20Otto invites him to Bart's party
8F21Attended the `Spinal Tap' concert with Otto (they start a riot)
9F19Has a run-in with Bette Midler
2F16Apologizes to Apu for being in the can when the need arises for a gun-toting lunatic
3F02He and his girlfriend eat for free because Moe did not serve with a smile
4F13Shows up in Dr. Nick's clinic after getting shot during a bank robbery
AABF14Appears as a "Snake" in the Garden of Eden; offers Adam and Eve an apple
AABF19Narrowly avoids a duel with Homer
CABF18Kidnaps Homer and Gloria (Montgomery Burn's Fiance).

Minor Appearances
7F24Telephone sequence (reused from 7F20)
9F12Homer passes someone who looks like Snake sleeping in a dumpster
1F05Appears for a second when the "Do What you Feel" festival collapses
1F09One of the treasure seekers
2F13The statue of Australia's first prime-minister looks like him
2F17Puts up a sign for the wealthy Hollywood folk: "Give Me $1,000,000 or I'll Bash You"
2F20Seen among the Springfield mob tearing down Burns' sunblocker; he helps pull it down with a motorcycle (perhaps Snake is willing to help the town for once) (cut in syndication) {nr}
Part of the bloodthirsty mob out to claim the reward for Homer's capture {nr}
3F23Waves "Sayonara" as OFF leaves Springfield
3G03Waves to Shary Bobbins in the park
Robs Hans Moleman in the background while Chief Wiggum rests his feet {nr}
4F13Talking to Herman in front of the Crypto Barn at the Squidport
AABF09In the background, in the courtroom
AABF11In Moe's Tavern
BABF09Wins a Springfield Pride Award
BABF17Playing Cards At Moe's Tavern with; Homer, Fat Tony, Moe, and Krusty.
CABF01In The Electric Chair At Springfield Penitentiary.
CABF09Homer scares the police away from beating out Snake's shirt fire
CABF16Snake is seated in the audience at the YMCA.
DABF09Snake starts the "death race" between Grandpa Simpson and the Souvenir Jackitos.


{nr} Nick Rose
{tk} Todd Kitta
{tn} Tim Nolan

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