El Fichero del Bumblebee Guy
(The Bumblebee Guy File)

Creado originalmente por Dave Hall & Jordan Eisenberg
Mantenido actualmente por Peter McGinley

"Oh, he wants that corn so much!"
-- "Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield (3F11)"

Characteristics of The Bumblebee Guy
The Bumblebee Guy is a Mexican actor working in the US. He wears his bumblebee suit (black and yellow stripes; antennae) almost exclusively. His companions are his co-workers, his wife (divorced, as of 3F18) and his pet chihuahua. Custody of the pet chihuahua proceeding the divorce is up in the air. The Bumblebee Guy is voiced by Hank Azaria.

The Bumblebee Guy on TV
SC20His show is on in Biff Westwood's limo
9F03Bart uses his show to distract Homer from punishing him
9F07Bart and Lisa watch Chespirito on TV
9F15Burns shows Homer his world's largest TV -- which Chespirito happens to be on
9F17Homer watches, unaware that Bart is setting up his April Fools' prank
9F19Chespirito beats out Krusty in the TV ratings
1F01Mr. Burns takes over Chespirito's show, among others
2F06Homer switches channels and sees Chespirito getting his butt pinched
3F08Says goodbye to all his loyal fans as all television is demolished in Springfield {rs}
3F11OFF watches his show before Abe wrecks the TV
4F20Marrying Selma in a special Season Nine preview
BABF01Contestant on "Springfield Squares"
BABF05Acts as the judge in "Donde Esta Justice?"
BABF17Plays a foreign exchange student on "Dawson's Creek"

The Bumblebee Guy in Real Life
1F11Bart visits Channel 6 while Chespirito is taping a show
Chespirito fills in for Kent Brockman's newscast
2F31Auditions for Mr. Burns' movie
3F08One of the esteemed representatives of television
3F10Chespirito is among the members of the 'Channel 6 Wastelanders' bowling team
3F18He destroys his own house through a series of mishaps, which prompts his wife to divorce him (partly cut in syndication)
3F23waves "Adios" to OFF as they leave Springfield
3F24In the bar as Homer searches for his soulmate; says he's a compadre
4F08Marge serves him a free pretzel at the ball game
4F09Superintendent Chalmers mentions 'the guy in the bee suit'
AABF13He is one of many Springfieldians irritated by OFF's new doorbell
AABF23He squelches Hollywood's fears about the Latino market by commenting "Es Muy Bueno!"
BABF10Squeals for a free t-shirt at the race track
BABF20Shouts "Viva la revolution!" as Homer and his 939'ers secede from Springfield

The Bumblebee Guy in the Background
SC22On the sidewalk as Burns talks to Apu (out of costume, except for the antennea)
SC31Apu dresses up in a similar bee suit for the masquerade ball
2F20Helping the villagers pull down the sunblock (cut in syndication)
3F18Appears briefly in the eyes of a real bee
3F20Among those taking the citizenship test
3F24runs a chili stand at the cookoff
4F06Among the crazed mob; provides a brief 'boing' sound for the song
4F15Seen in Moe's phony pet shop during prohibition
5F01At the soccer game
5F05In the crowd as Springfield awaits 'the end'
AABF08On Homer's Super Bowl bus tour
BABF01Flees in terror from McDonalds; later loots some stereos on the street
BABF15Seeing "Tango de la Muerte" at the Springfield Mall Cinema

The Many Names of The Bumblebee Guy
Known by most as 'The Bumblebee Guy', this fellow has quite an identity crisis going. In "Team Homer (3F10)", he wore a name tag that said Pedro, which is the only real name that has been given directly by the show. A few insiders and most denizens, myself included, however, refer to him as Chespirito, as is explained in the following document . . .

The Origins of the Name 'Chespirito'
This letter by Jose Javier from San Juan, Puerto Rico is the only element I've retained since gaining control of the Bumblebee Guy file. In it, he was kind enough to point out the origins of the real Chespirito (for the purpose of this list, it has been edited):
  Roberto Gomez BolaNos, a.k.a "Chespirito", is a well known
  comedian in Mexico.  His fame came with the TV shows "El 
  Chapulin Colorado" (The Red Grasshopper) and "El Chavo del 
  Ocho" (The Kid from the 8th.).
  Both shows were made at the Televisa studios, and ran for 
  almost ten year with great ratings in all Latin-America.  
  No longer made, the re-runs are being shown in most Latin 
  audiences including the USA.
  "El Chapulin Colorado" was a parody of classic heroes like 
  Superman.  With a red grasshopper costume and very dull 
  reflexes, he defends justice in his own style and always won
  because he has the courage to defy all the bad
  people with his big heart (that's why the yellow heart in 
  his chest ). His most common phrases were: "Siganme los 
  buenos!" ("Follow me, good ones!") and "No contaban con mi
  astucia!" ("They don't count with my Astuteness").
  Jose Javier
  San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bumblebee Guy Quotes and Translations
9F03"Ay, el estomago" (Oh, my stomach) {cl}
9F07"Ay, la policia" (Oh, the policeman) {cl}
9F19"Dos huevos por favor-ay, que lastima" (Two eggs, please-oh, what a pity!)
2F06"Ay, ay, ay! Es Homer Simpson. Me ha molestado! Oh!" (Aaaahhhh! It's Homer Simpson. He has disturbed me!) {mdr}
3F10"Buenas noches, senoritas!" (Good night, girls!)
AABF13"Ay-ay-ay, Se´┐Żor Ding-Dong!"
BABF17"Hola, Harmony. Que es el dilly-o?"
????"No es bueno" (this isn't good)
????"El yo-yo es grande" (The yo-yo is big)
????"Ay, un gato malodoro" (Oh, a stinky cat)
????"No me gusta!" (I don't like it)
????"Dios no me ama!" (God doesn't love me!) {mdr}

This article, posted to a.t.s. by Veronica Marquez, comments on the dialogue in "22 Short Films About Springfield":

    The Spanish in this episode is atrocious, sounding more like a
    translation of English dialogue into Spanish than real Spanish.
    And worse, there's no such word as `wudpequero' in Spanish.  Of
    course it takes a fluent Spanish speaker like  myself to
    understand what I mean.

    For the record, Pedro said: `Oh, what a terrible day at work.
    First, the attack of the crazy woodpecker.  Then, a disaster of
    electricity.  And finally, a catastrophe with a baseball.' Then,
    `Ah, time to relax in peace and quiet.  Ow, oranges on the head!
    Ow, a precarious chandelier.'  Then the woman says `Look at the
    terrible thing I don't understand how this know how I can live
    with a man so irresponsible.  No, no no no no!'  (Hey, don't ask
    me what that should mean.)  Then, Pedro says (the only acceptable
    Spanish here) `Oh, where's my tequila?'  And most legal statements
    in the United States are done in English regardless of the language
    spoken.  You'd find better Spanish on bilingual applications.

    I think the awful Spanish made it funnier, but that's just me.
    Diff'rent strokes, it takes diff'rent strokes to move the world...


{cl} Chad Lehman
{jj} Jose Javier
{mdr} Michael D. Richey
{rs} Ryan Satre
{vm} Veronica Marquez

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