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/ The Marge File V1.3\_____________________________________
 "Is he well enough for me to start mothering              |
  him unbearably, doctor?"             -Marge              |
>>Age, height and shoe size
  [7G01] Age 34
  [7G11] shoe-size is 13AA
  [8F14] Marge is 6' 2" tall with hair
  [9F20] Marge is 8' 6" tall with hair. {jv}
>>Marge Episodes
   [7F09] Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
   [8F10] I Married Marge
   [8F18] A Streetcar named Marge {as}
   [9F05] Marge Gets a Job
   [9F10] Marge vs. the Monorail
   [2F08] Fear of Flying
   [2F21] The Springfield Connection   
   [4F08] The Twisted World of Marge Simpson   
   [4F18] In Marge We Trust
   [5F02] Treehouse of Horror VIII "Easy-Bake Coven" 
   [5F06] Realty Bites
   [AABF10] Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers" 
   [BABF05] Take My Wife, Sleaze
   [BABF18] It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
   [CABF05] Pokey Mom
>>Items found in hair
   [7G08] Huge jar of cash
   [7F06] check to cover damages to Homer's car.
   [7F20] telephone number to call if Grampa falls in the bathtub   
   [8F02] money
   [9F13] cat
   [1F08] pacifier
   [1F08] second pacifier {ddg}
   [2F01] rooster/chicken.
   [2F18] puppy (put into hair) 
   [3G03] beach umbrella (to demonstrate healthy hair)  
   [4F08] checkbook   
   [5F02] swarm of bats (THOH VIII)
   [BABF16] pencil 
>>Color of Hair cap and gown
   [7F02] blue cap, purple or reddish gown 
          {I couldn't tell -dh}
   [7F09] blue cap, blue gown
   [8F14] purple cap, purple gown
>>Going to bed gownless
   [7F11] One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
   [8F09] Burns Verkauft das Kraftwerk
   [8F16] Bart the Lover 
   [8F19] Colonel Homer
   [8F24] Camp Krusty
   [1F05] Bart's Inner Child
   [1F19] The Boy Who Knew Too Much  
   [1F20] Secrets of a Successful Marriage

>>Didn't wear hair cap to bed
   [7G07] "The Tell-Tale Head"
   [7F05] Dancin' Homer
   [8F01] Mr Lisa Goes To Washington
   [8F16] Bart the Lover
   [9F05] Marge Gets a Job
   [9F07] Mr. Plow
   [9F11] Selma's Choice {as}
   [1F02] Homer Goes to College
   [1F09] Homer the Vigilante
   [1F20] Secrets of a Successful Marriage
   [4F17] The Old Man and the Lisa
>>Bunny slippers
   [7G01] At breakfast
   [7G03] when Homer was going to kill himself
   [7G10] while brushing her teeth
   [7G11] ?
   [7F04] in the Bad Dream House
   [7F09] when Maude and Helen ask Marge to help in their
          protest against Michelangelo's David
   [7F11] when she finds Homer slumped over in the chair
   [7F16] ?
   [8F22] beside bed when Bart swipes Homer's change jar
   [1F15] as she enters the kitchen
   [1F17] when she walks out to the back yard to see Homer.
   [2F08] white and blue bunny slippers!
>>Important Events
   [7G03] First episode to show hair cap?
   [7F12] burned her bra in 1974; met and fell in love with 
   [8F18] leading Lady in `Oh! Streetcar'. {as}
>>Suggestive snuggling with Homer
   [8F01] While Homer was reading.
>>Misc titbits
   [7F09] Made family protest in front of I&S int.
   [7F14] Shows Lisa the Bouvier quilt.
   [8F16] Tells Bart about love letters. {as}
   [7G01] Sobs about Homer on Dr. Monroe's radio call-in show
   [7F24] when Homer is sent to the nut house
   [8F10] when Homer leaves her
   [8F24] during last meal before Bart & Lisa are shipped off 
          to Kamp Krusty
   [9F06] she breaks down on the witness stand.
   [9F21] Homer informs her that he wasn't to mention their 
          marriage {ddg}
   [3G03] When she discovers she's losing her hair       
>>Her hand thing (that makes Homer give in)
   [7F22] When Homer wanted to mail the letter that night
   [9F14] when she wants Homer to give beer for a month.
>>Her curler stand (in the master bedroom)
   [7G01] While she was getting ready for her night out with
   [7F20] when Maggie was ripping up money
   [8F08] ???
   [8F22] ???
   [9F04] when the family barricade themselves from the zombies
   [9F07] ???
>>Feeding Maggie
   [8F14] Can't give Maggie her bottle as she's having trouble
          pulling her pacifier out of her mouth {ddg}
   [1F05] She's feeding Maggie (with a spoon) when the power
          cord for the circular saw Homer is using against the 
          trampoline comes out of the wall socket {ddg}
   [7G06] Her own Mother's advice about sadness/smiling
   [7F12] Doctor telling her why she's been throwing up in the morning
   [7F21] did chores for young Patty & Selma to buy a light
          bulb toy oven.
   [9F11] when she was young {but was a false memory - as}
   [1F13] remembering why she has trouble making friends - Homer!
   [2F01] to trip to Sandy Beach
   [2F08] remembers Dad was an airplane attendant
   [2F10] flashback to Marge telling Homer she's pregnant with Bart
   [2F10] flashback to Marge telling Homer she's pregnant with Lisa   
>>Motherly Advice
   [7G06] tells Lisa to smile - then tells her that it's OK
          not to smile unless she wants to {ddg}
   [7F22] [To Lisa] "I don't want you wearing rings. It 
          looks cheap. But three."
   [8F12] "Well, anyone who beats you up for wearing a shirt
          isn't your friend."
   [1F19] "You should listen to your heart, and not the 
           voices in your head" {ddg}
>>A peek into the future
{Suggestive sections are welcomed}


ddg - Don Del Grande 
 as - Andrew Shaw
 vj - Vaughn Jett 

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