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"The wolf's at ol' Gil's door."
-- "Lisa Gets an "A" (AABF03)"

Who is Gil?
One of the newest major additions to The Simpsons' cast of characters, Gil is one of many losers in Springfield, and has yet to hold a job for more than one episode. He is a parody of Jack Lemmon's character in the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross," which may explain why he looks similar to the character Frank Ormand in 4F08, who was voiced by Mr. Lemmon. Gil's voice is provided by Dan Castellaneta.

Appearances - Episodes
5F06Working at Red Blazer Realty
5F10Working as a salesman at Goody New Shoes
5F14Awaiting an audit at the I.R.S. building
5F18Working at a used car lot
AABF03Installing computers at Springfield Elementary
AABF05At the Leavelle's Bodyguard Academy
AABF06Gambling his company payroll in Las Vegas
AABF10Selling cars at the O.K. Car-Ral
AABF13Salesman for Se´┐Żor Ding-Dong's Doorbell Fiesta
AABF17Seen in the background running, after Mr Burns gets blinded. {lje}
AABF19Homer slaps him with a glove in the Kwik-E-Mart
AABF21Telemarketing for the Springfield Shopper sales department
BABF03In charge of "cleanup" at the Kwik-E-Mart
BABF06Seen cheering at Brother Faith's revival {lje}
BABF14Tries to sell Amway during an AA meeting
CABF10Lives in the storage locker next to Sideshow Bob
CABF19A Gil-bot tries to sell Marge the ultra-house {lje}
CABF20Seen trapped in Montymort's "Wailing Wall"
DABF03Is the lawyer for Marge
DABF16Is the lawyer for Marge and Homer {lje}
DABF17Stealing cinder blocks from Cinderblock City {lje}
DABF17Seen at the town hall meeting, and at church {lje}
DABF19He and his crops are devoured by Homer clones {lje}
DABF19A sign reading 'Fire Gil, Not Guns' is seen at the protest {lje}
DABF22At Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp {lje}
DABF22At Homer's concert {lje}
EABF02In Bart's thought bubble of people Edna could date
EABF11Among the mob planning to get revenge on Bart and Lisa
EABF14Sells his eyes for money {lje}
EABF15Seen during "I Like To Walk" and Marge's banquet
EABF15Is rioting in the ball park
EABF17Briefly seen before Moe is nudged down hill by Wiggum
EABF21Amongst the mob chasing Bart and Milhouse
EABF18Mona's lawyer
FABF02Prepares to hang himself with Christmas lights
FABF02Seen skating on Homer's ice rink, with Christmas lights still wrapped around him {lje}
FABF02Crashes his car to avoid killing Snowball V {lje}
FABF16Among those seen in the phone montage, seen among booing crows {lje}
FABF16He is a driving instuctor, ho ends up in a car crash with Squeaky-Voiced Teen {lje}

Appearances - Comics
(Credit to Liam J Elcoat for inspiration and many contributions for this section)
SC39In the first Jury
SC42Seen in the town hall meeting
SC49On front cover, in front of Waldo of "Where's Waldo?" fame
SC50Seen skydipping on the double-page spread
SC52Driving the truck that got hijacked by the mafia
SC60Plays poker with Homer, Lenny and Carl at the start
SC60In the 'Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl' short, he's a security guard
SC64Seen during the Jimmy The Scumbag trial
SC65In a storage locker, looking for the winning Duff bottle-top
SC67Is selling the seeds
SC68He catches Nelson shoplifting from The Leftorium, who also catches Gil shoplifting from The Leftorium
SC74Watches the family drag Homer into Krusty's
SC77Works as a telemarketer
SC78Krusty's lawyer
SC79as The Grinch
SC80In the unemployemnt office; flashback of him trying - and failing - to sell various items
SC81Plays 'Ol' Gul' in "Rhyme of the Middle-Aged Mariner"
SC81Seen in the crowd at Bart's band in 'Lisa Longsocks'

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{lje} - Liam J Elcoat

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