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Created by Dave Hall
Contributions from Dale G. Abersold
Maintained by Bruce Gomes

/ The Lisa File V2.0\______________________________________
 "Poor Krusty.  He's like a black velvet painting          |
 come to life."       - Lisa on a begrived clown.          |

 Credit is usually given to the first person to point out 
 an observation.

 References are arranged in order of original airdate in 
 the US.
   If you had contributed to this list, but don't see the 
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>>New categories incorporated into the file...
   Socially Conscious Lisa

>>Quick index
 - Age & grade                   - Flashbacks
 - Lisa Episodes                 - Dressed up
 - Malibu Stacy quotes           - A peek into the future
 - Bart's names for Lisa's doll  - Showing her age
 - Playing her sax               - Devious or Clever Lisa
 - Absent or little seen         - Socially Conscious Lisa
 - Important Events              - Corey
 - Misc titbits                  - Her laugh/Smile
 - Signs of Intelligence         - Sardonic/Teasing Remarks
 - Bonding with Bart             - Other Instruments
 - Fighting with Bart            - Victim of Bart's Pranks
 - Sobbing                       - Clothing/Accessories
 - Standing up for/Against       - Lisa's clothing

>>Age & grade
   [7G06] "The saddest kid in grade number two." {cjb}
   [7F18] Marge mentions her age as eight. {cjb}
   [7F24] Lisa's 8th birthday. {cjb}
   [8F01] states her age is eight years old
   [8F15] puts "Grade 2" on her CANT test {ddg}
   [1F17] thinks Allison is "another" eight-year-old. {ddg}
   From (Don Del Grande)
     If you must put a date on Lisa's birth, it was 1984, 
     because it happened during the 1984 Summer Olympics.
     Of course, Lisa was born "about eight years ago". :-)
>>Lisa Episodes
   [7G06] Moaning Lisa
   [7F13] Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
   [7F19] Lisa's Substitute
   [8F01] Mr Lisa Goes To Washington
   [8F06] Lisa's Pony
   [8F12] Lisa the Greek
   [8F15] Separate Vocations
   [9F02] Lisa the Beauty Queen
   [9F08] Lisa's first Words. {gm}
   [9F13] I Love Lisa
   [1F12] Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey
   [1F17] Lisa's Rival {gm}
   [2F05] Lisa on Ice
   [2F15] Lisa's Wedding
   [3F03] Lisa the Vegetarian
   [3F13] Lisa the Iconoclast
   [3F22] Summer of 4 Ft. 2
   [4F02] Treehouse of Horror VII ("The Genesis Tub")
   [4F01] Lisa's Date with Density
   [4F13] My Sister, My Sitter
   [4F17] The Old Man and the Lisa
   [4F21] The Secret War of Lisa Simpson
   [3G02] Lisa's Sax
   [5F05] Lisa the Skeptic
   [4F24] Lisa the Simpson
   [5F15] Girly Edition
   [5F17] Lost Our Lisa
   [5F20] Lard of the Dance
>>Malibu Stacy quotes: {tlm}
   "I wish they taught shopping in school."
   "Let's bake some cookies for the boys."
   "Don't ask me - I'm just a girl (giggle)."
   "Now let's forget our troubles with a big bowl of 
    strawberry ice cream!"
   "Thinking too much gives you wrinkles."
   "My name is Stacy, but you can call me (wolf whistle)."

>>Bart's names for Lisa's doll: {tlm}
   Blabbermouth, the drippy doll for jerks
   Wendy Windbag
   Ugly Doris
   Hortence the mule-faced doll
   Loudmouth Lisa
   Stupid Lisa, Garbage Face

>>Playing her sax
   [7G06] her bedroom
   [7F03] along with Bleeding Gums Murphy, as the others are
          singing {ddg}
   [7F06] at her recital
   [7F07] up in her room during Thanksgiving dinner {sj}
   [7F19] plays for Mr. Bergstrom. {pg}
   [7F23] at the playground
   [8F06] at the school talent show; at the pony stables 
   [8F12] in her room during the Super Bowl {ddg}
   [8F15] plays for a music instructor
   [8F15] outside Mrs. Krabappel's classroom at the end 
   [8F16] when Bart ask her for advice {as}
   [8F21] jams with Bart
   [8F19] during Lurleen Lumpkin's recording session {av}
   [9F22] (holding it, but not playing it) as Sideshow Bob
          drives by announcing that she "will not be killed
          by" him {ddg}
   [1F09] one note at a time, in her sleep {ddg}
   [1F17] her audition (as well as practicing for it 
          beforehand). {ddg}
   [2F32] Several times throughout the episode
>>Absent or little seen
   [7F02] Little seen
   [7F10] has only five lines in the entire episode {rjc}
   [7F15] during Selma's bedside chat
   [8F03] Seen at breakfast, chocolate factory and watching
   [8F21] seen only during Otto's bedtime story.
>>Important Events
   [7G06] Jams with Bleeding Gums, and he performed one of 
          her songs. {ts}
   [7F23] sax was stolen by bullies who teased her. {gm}
   [7F24] eighth birthday {ddg}
   [8F01] wins local essay contest {jac}
   [8F06] First step, and first word {as}
   [8F06] first solo in school band {jac}
   [9F02] first runner-up in the Little Miss Springfield 
          pageant {ddg}
   [9F08] born ~1984/5 (8F23 somewhat confirms this as 
          1985.) {gm}
   [9F08] first word (second version)
   [9F15] needs braces
   [1F09] sax stolen.
>>Misc tidbits
   [7G05] Gave Bart a dirty cupcake off the floor
   [8F06] Homer can't find picture of her in his wallet {gm}
   [8F13] upsets Strawberry with chant (Surprised even 
          Bart.) {gm}
   [8F15] Homer doesn't know her birthday
   [9F02] it seems Homer has made up for his wallet's 
          omission. {gm}
>>Signs of Intelligence
   [7G06] Grieves about deep philosophical issues {gm}
   [7G07] helps Homer with the word "Valhalla"
   [7G09] (mistakenly) explains navigation by stars {gm}
   [7G11] makes a birthday card out of macaroni for Marge
   [7G11] understands the crisis her parents are going 
          through {gm}
   [7G12] helps Bart clear Krusty from robbery charges
   [7F08] coaches Bart to play golf
   [7F11] Knows what sushi is {av}
   [7F18] recognizes and encourages Marge's painting talent
   [7F22] educates Maggie with flash cards
   [7F23] tells Homer what Schadenfreude means
   [8F01] her anti-corruption speech {gm}
   [8F05] makes detailed studies of Hebrew resources for
          information {gm}
   [8F09] explains to Homer about Germany {gm}
   [8F09] made a new bar soap by squeezing little soap 
          slivers together
   [8F12] predicts outcome of pro football games very 
          successfully {gm}
   [8F24] gets all As except B+ in conduct {jac}
   [9F02] "Make this town a better place" (Which she almost
          does.) {gm}
   [9F05] pads Marge's resume' {gm}
   [9F09] instructs Dr. Nick where to make incision {jac}
   [9F10] questions why the town needs a monorail {gm}
   [9F15] successfully supports Homer lead Union strike {gm}
   [1F02] Knows who David Byrne, Orville Redenbacher, and
          David Souter are{av}
   [1F12] mostly succeeds in convincing MS about sexist MS
          dolls {gm}
   [1F20] questions Homer on his teaching style. {jac}
   [2F02] Drives (and listens to 80's music!)
   [2F02] Foils Sideshow Bob's electoral fraud
   [2F03] Uses television to cure her father's homicidal 
   [2F07] Reads the new Al Gore book, debunks Bart's 
          conspiracy theories
   [2F08] Recognizes that Marge is suppressing her feelings
   [2F09] Skeptical about the Stonecutter view of history
   [2F11] Associates with the nerdish "Superfriends" (hey, 
          associating with nerds is definitely a sign of 
          intelligence in my book)
   [2F13] (counterexample) Gets the "Coriolis Effect" wrong
   [2F13] Understands the problem of introducing foreign 
          elements into an ecosystem
   [2F16] Arranges for Tito Puente to teach a jazz class at 
          Springfield Elementary
   [2F19] Upset about the teachers' strike; breaks the laws 
          of thermodynamics
   [2F20] Correctly figures out the true identity of Mr. 
          Burns' assailant
   [2F31] Admires the fact that Jay Sherman is a Pulitzer 
          Prize winner
>>Bonding with Bart
   [7G02] Laughs with Bart & Homer at the opera despite 
          Marge's stare {gm}
   [7F06] exclaims she would miss Bart if he jumped the 
          gorge {gm}
   [7F07] when Bart apologizes on the roof at the end {ddg}
   [7F08] instructs Bart on how to play golf {ts}
   [7F18] together they move directly to the front of the 
          H2WHOA line {ddg}
   [7F24] hugs Bart in appreciation of his present to her 
   [8F05] helps bring Krusty and his Father together
   [8F15] he takes the rap for Lisa's theft of teachers' 
          editions {ts}
   [8F24] supports Bart in liberating the camp {gm}
   [9F02] hugs Bart for his encouragement {gm}
   [9F04] snail-Lisa miss-appreciates Bart's sarcastic 
          comment {gm}
   [9F08] baby Lisa convinces Bart to stay with her first
          word: Bart {gm}
   [9F16] they write a cartoon together {gm}
   [9F18] teaming up against whacking snakes {av}
   [9F19] they get Krusty's career going again {gm}
   [1F04] they try to expose Burns as a vampire {gm}
   [1F11] suggests a new character-model for Bart {gm}
   [1F17] he helps her sabotage Allison's diorama {ddg}
   [1F22] she gives him a telescope she won, and helps him
          solve the Flanders "murder" {ddg}
   [7F09,9F03] Backs up/Agrees with Bart in the issue of 
               I&S. {gm}
   [2F04] Defends Bart against accusations of theft
   [2F14] Appreciates Barts balletic skills (but still 
          leaves him in the ditch)
   [2F17] Encourages Bart to stay friends with Milhouse
   [2F18] Together with Bart, foils the evil plans of Mr. 
>>Fighting with Bart
   [7G02] Over his faked brilliance {gm}
   [7G11] about their parents situation {gm}
   [7F07] over a bottle of glue
   [7F07] when he burns her centrepiece {gm}
   [7F24] over birthday presents {gm}
   [8F11] about his prank on the town {gm}
   [9F06] when Bart teases her {gm}
   [9F08] over a spot on the rug {gm}
   [9F14] the "Is Bart smarter than a hamster" thang {ts}
   [9F16] argues about script credit {gm}
   [1F12] when he encourages the sexist MS doll {gm}
   [2F01] she throws one of her shoes at him. {ddg}
   [2F05] Knockdown fight in Lisa's bedroom
   [2F20] Argues about whether she could have shot Mr. Burns
   [2F21] Tackles Bart in the kitchen
   [7G06] Mopes her way throughout this episode
   [7F07] when Bart destroys her centrepiece
   [7F18] sobs her way to the front of the line at Mt. 
          Splashmore :)
   [7F19] after she calls Homer a Baboon
   [7F19] saying good-bye to Mr. bergstrom {gm}
   [7F23] Jimbo, Dolph and Kerny play `keep away' with her
   [7F24] everyone forgot her birthday
   [8F01] political corruption
   [8F06] Homer lets her down
   [8F12] when she finds out Homer used her talents for 
          football gambling
   [8F15] when she could be expelled from school {gm}
   [8F17] (kind of) voice cracks at the apparent death of
          SLH. {gm}
   [9F02] after seeing her caricature
   [9F04] Snowball
   [9F09] when she realizes Homer's having a heart bypass 
          operation {ddg}
   [9F15] (silently) when the dentist shows what she'd look
          like without braces {av}
   [9F15] when she arrives home with the antique braces, and
          SLH runs away from her {av}
   [9F20] (kind of) when Marge is taken off to prison {gm}
   [1F08] when she is disappointed with her outfit & her 
          mother. {gm}
   [2F05] Because she is in danger of failing gym
   [2F32] At Bleeding Gums Murphy's death
>>Standing up for/Against
   [7G06] For self expression & musical creativity {gm}
   [8F01] against political corruption
   [9F02] against Laramie Cigarettes {sj}
   [9F18] against Whacking Day
   [1F12] against sexist Malibu Stacey dolls.
   [2F06] for her father
   [8F06] First step, and first word {as}
   [9F03] Homer reads TV GUIDE to her {ddg}
   [9F08] first word (second version)
   [9F21] "plastic" Homer {ddg}
   [9F21] Marge is holding Baby Lisa. {gm}
   [2F05] Bart and Lisa imagine each other in years past
>>Dressed up
   [7F13] For church. {gm}
   [7F20] for church. {gm}
   [8F01] her visit to Washington D.C. {gm}
   [8F12] when the family goes out to eat at the Gilded 
          Truffle {mk}
   [8F18] To go to see Oh! Streetcar {as}
   [8F19] to the TV Show that Homer was on with Lurleen {as}
   [8F20] meeting Selma's new boyfriend for dinner; at the 
          wedding {as}
   [9F01] for church {gm}
   [9F09] visiting Homer in hospital {gm}
   [9F16] at The Cartoon Awards Show {sj}
   [1F21] the wedding. {as}
>>A peek into the future
   [8F12] Gambling Lisa {jac}
   [8F22] imagines Homer's funeral {cjb}
   [9F14] Imagines her mutant tomato wiping out world hunger
   [1F11] impales Bart on Nobel Peace Prize. {jac}
   [2F05] imagines herself as the President (of USA)
   [2F15] virtually the entire episode
>>Showing her age {ddg}
   [7G08] Believes in Santa; wants "a pony, a pony, a pony,
          a pony, a pony, a pony, thank you" {ddg}
   [8F06] giving up Princess(??)
   [1F07] fish sticks -- burnt on the outside, frozen on the
          inside. {ddg}
   [2F01] Begs parents to visit Itchy & Scratchy Land
   [2F10] Ticked off that Marge turned off the TV
   [2F12] Appreciates Krusty's antics
   [2F15] Plays with the bunny (I mean esquilax)
   [2F15] Finds the "Happy Squirrel" to be cute
>>Devious or Clever Lisa {av}
   [7f20] reads Grampa the fake shopping list {av}
   [8f15] tells bad girls what to egg {av}
   [8f15] steals teachers' editions {av}
   [9f14] is My Brother Dumber Than a Hamster? {av}
   [2F01] "Mom, Dad!  Bart's dead!"
   [2F02] Panders to the lowest common denominator to make
          Mayor Quimby look good

>>Socially Conscious Lisa
   [2F01] Embarrassed that Marge orders veal
   [2F02] Hates listening to the conservative Birch Barlow
   [2F04] Plays "Cowboys & Native Americans" (in a 
          nonviolent manner)
   [2F06] Admires graduate student Ashley Grant
   [2F09] Encourages Homer to help the community
   [7F14] Homer buys her a Corey magazine when she was sick 
   [8F11] She tells Janey about her dream that she was 
          married to Corey {ddg}
   [8F12] uses rolled-up Corey poster to announce Malibu 
          Stacey giving away{av}
   [9F12] when she constantly calls the Corey Hotline 
         (1-900-555-CORY) {ddg}
   [2F33] considers Corey her "one true love" {ddg}
   [7F14,9F07] Corey Hotline? {gm}
>>Her laugh/Smile
   [8F24] Bart forging A+'s on his report card {av}
   [9F14] imagines hamster-Bart stuck in maze (covering up
          by saying she was laughing at a Herman's Head 
          joke) {av}
   [9F15] laughs crazily upon seeing braces {jac}
   [1F06] laughs at Bart's Junior Camper outfit. {jac}
>>Sardonic/Teasing Remarks {av}
   [7G04] Why can't we have a meeting when you're watching 
   [7G12] If cartoons were meant for adults, they'd be on in 
          prime time. {av}
   [7F06] [Announcer: Rasputin, the friendly Russian!]
          [Lewis: Didn't he use to be the Mad Russian?]
          Yes, but I'm afraid the forces of history have 
          changed wrestling, perhaps forever. {av}
   [7F21] [Bart: I wonder how Richie Rich died?]
          Perhaps he realized how shallow the pursuit of 
          money was and took his own life. {av}
   [8F16] Hey Bart, let's do some homework! [makes kissing
   [9F12] [chuckles at Marge] Bobby Sherman! {sj}
   [1F05] [Brad Goodman suggests Bart is the inner child]  
          WHAT??! {av}
   [1F06] [re Junior Campers] The few, the proud, the geeky
   [1F08] [as Florida] I'm not a state, I'm a monster!
          {I live there. It's just as bad as Lisa said, 
          although she wasn't referring to Florida's myriad
          problems. - av}
   [2F05] [to gym teacher] You mean those leagues where 
          parents push their kids into vicious competition 
          to compensate for their own failed dreams of 
          glory? [smirk]
   [2F05] [to Bart] Don't worry, I'm wearing my lucky 
          rabbit's head.
   [2F07] [to Bart and Milhouse] Maybe they're all reverse 
          vampires and they have to get home before dark.
   [2F08] the whole "bean picking" dialogue with Homer
   [2F13] [to Bart] In fact, in Rand McNally, they wear hats
          on their feet and hamburgers eat people.
   [2F22] [on what happened to town pride] It's been going 
          downhill ever since the lake caught on fire.
>>Other Instruments {ddg}
   [9F16] A guitar {ddg}
   [9F17] "Pagan" Lisa playing some 11th-century instrument
   [9F18] an electric bass {ddg}
   [1F09] a jug. {ddg}
   [1F10] Apu teaches her to play the Sheh'nai {jac}
   [2F13] a didgeridoo
   [2F18] bongo drums
>>Victim of Bart's Pranks or dares {av}
   [8F01] her nose is held closed by Bart {av}
   [8F19] Bart gets her to open her eyes at the wrong moment 
          during Space Mutants movie {av}
   [9F09] Bart opens his mouth to show Lisa the train wreck 
          victims, then he gives them a burial at sea by 
          dumping the mush into Lisa's bowl {av}
   [9F11] Bart dares her to drink the contaminated water 
   [7F01] Mary Bailey campaign T-shirt {av}
   [8F14] Bart makes faces at her {av}
   [9F02] pink dress {av}
   [9F02] pink leotard, white tights {av}
   [9F03] Itchy & Scratchy T-shirt {av}
   [9F11] gray funeral dress for Gladys Bouvier's funeral 
   [9F11] nothing (in fermentarium) {av}
   [9F13] for the Krusty Anniversary Special (w/ Ralph) {av}
   [9F13] purple dress, bow, and shoes {av}
   [9F15] red bow (for school pictures) {av}
   [9F20] "It seems like I've been wearing this same red 
          dress forever!" {av}
   [1F05] Bart makes faces at her {av}
   [1F11] pink blouse, green sweater, green skirt, pink 
          shoes (fantasy). {av}
   [2F01] Purple jacket with hood, blue pants, purple 
          sneakers {ddg}
>>Lisa's clothing {Raymond Chen}
     Standard attire:
        Red strapless dress.
        White necklace.
        No rings.  It maker her look cheap.
        Red shoes.
        White underwear.

     Formal attire:
        Ensemble 1: [7G11] (Marge's birthday party)
                    Pink dress with long sleeves and frilly 
                    turtleneck collar. No necklace.

     Church clothes: [9F01,9F09]
        Pink dress with dark pink highlights.
        Pink hat with dark pink ribbon.

     Night/morning clothes:
        Dark green night-gown (with white frilly collar). 
        Dark blue night-gown (with white frilly collar), 
        blue slippers.  [9F06]

     Other clothes:
        Pink dress with frilly neckline. [7F06] (recital)
        Lavender dress with matching bow and shoes. [9F13] 
        (anniversary show)
        Purple colonial attire, with green neckerchief.  
        [9F13] (school play)
        Pink winter coat, with pink hood, and pink muff. 
        [7F03] (skating)
        Lavender winter coat with pink fur, matching 
        lavender gloves. [9F07]
        Hockey jersey. [2F05]
        Girl Scout uniform (in Barney's movie). [2F31]

{Suggestions for sections are welcomed}


cjb - Chris J Baird
rjc - Raymond Chen
jac - James A. Cherry
ddg - Don Del Grande
 pg - Peter Gross
 sj - Stuart Jackson
 mk - Matthew Kurth
tlm - Teresa Lauren Marx
 gm - Gavan McCormack
 as - Andrew Shaw
 ts - Tony Stott
 av - Aaron Varhola

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