The Exploits of Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney

Originally by Dave Hall and Jordan Eisenberg
Maintained by Kyle Robinson

   Bart:  How can you like that guy?
   Laura: I dunno.  Maybe because he's an outlaw.
          You know that dead body they found behind the mayor's house?
   Bart:  Jimbo killed him?
   Laura: No.  [dramatically]  But he poked him with a stick.
-- "The New Kid on the Block (9F06)"

Jimbo's Characteristics
The tall one. Wears a purple knit cap, black T-shirt with a skull. His real name is Corky. He is voiced by Pamela Hayden.

Dolph's Characteristics
The short one. Wears a green T-shirt. One of his eyes is usually covered by his long hair. He is also voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Kearney's Characteristics
The stocky one. Head shaven. Wears a white T-shirt, blue shorts, and spiked wristbands. He is exceptionally overage for his school, owns a car, and has a son who sleeps in a drawer. Nancy Cartwright provides his voice. (* Note alternate spellings for Kearney are Kerny and Kerney.)

Group Exploits
SC19Supervillains in Bart's fantasy
SC21Jimbo and Kearney buy things at Bart's "School Shopping Network" while Dolph pulls the fire alarm
Causing a ruckus in Mrs. Krabappel's classroom
Hanging Wendell from the school's flagpole by his underwear (Jimbo calls it the "Star Spangled Wedgie" and Nelson salutes)
7G07Sneaking into "Space Mutants IV"
Using a "five-finger discount" at the Kwik-E-Mart
Throwing rocks at the statue of Jebediah Springfield
7F08Playing pool while Lisa coaches Bart
7F20Jimbo and Dolph steal Simpson property at Bart's party while Kearney keeps Otto busy
7F23Stealing left-handed items from the Leftorium
Playing keep-away with Lisa's saxophone
Beat up Bart, and hang him from a basketball hoop in a diaper
8F12Bart models his new clothes for the boys
8F15Giving Milhouse a "pink-belly"
8F24Tormenting kids as Kamp Krusty counsellors
9F01Apu's armed nephew, little Jamshed, protects the Kwik-E-Mart against the boys
9F02Parting money from visitors at "Jimbo's Spookhouse" (cut in syndication)
9F04Kicking around Principal Skinner's disembodied head as zombies
9F11Briefly shown getting arrested in a Duff Gardens commercial
Making away with three bumper cars
9F13Ralph Wiggum's performance as George Washington makes them want to learn more about their founding fathers
9F18Skinner has the boys locked away during Superintendent Chalmers' inspection
1F01Jimbo's old man couldn't get a beer 'cause Bart's old man wouldn't give a bear to another old man
1F06Playing keep-away with Bart's Junior Campers uniform
1F07Along with Nelson, the boys make nerdy Bart's life miserable
Later, Bart returns to his normal self, but the boys don't mind beating one of their own
1F18Stealing Principal Skinner's underwear and then taunting him
1F22Spending time in the Simpson pool
2F02Covering Milhouse in bumper stickers and sending him on a 'mystical journey'
2F05Playing hockey
2F14Chasing down the 'masked dancer' when his true identity is revealed
2F19Stealing Bart's lunch money while Kerney creates a diversion
2F21Beating up Bart when he's seen wearing safety gear
2F21Homer attempts to buy the boys some beer
3F02Writing obscenities in their own breath in the Kwik-E-Mart
3F10The boys contribute to the uprising against uniforms
4F03Stealing Bart's new belt
4F06They sing one verse of "We Put the Spring in Springfield"
4F01They think Superintendant Chalmers' missing "H" is pretty funny
Giving Nelson a hard time for his relationship with Lisa
Egging Principal Skinner's house
4F18Terrorizing the Leftorium, and chasing Ned Flanders throughout Springfield
4F20Beating up the Love-O-Matic Grampa after it calls Kearney gay
5F08Seen hanging out at the carnival while 'pigeon' Homer strolls past
5F13Pestering Ralph and Bart
Video-taping their own crime-spree
Playing hackey-sack with a frog
5F23Stealing luggage from the airport, each punching the Puberty Boy in the stomach
AABF07They practice skateboarding outside
Seen in the crowd during the song "Kids"
BABF02They wave at and taunt the camera from behind Kent Brockman
BABF03They steal a pushcart full of Duff crates from the Kwik-E-Mart
BABF15After Homer is blinded by post-laser-surgery eye-crust, the trio tricks him into thinking Kearney is Marge, and buying her some Jack Daniels and a carton of smokes
BABF20When Bart wanders into New Springfield, they steal his frisbee and pants, and do his homework
CABF11They stand by while Nelson throws tomatos at Martin
Lisa offers them a job protecting her from Francine
CABF15The bullies "break bread" with the nerds in Praiseland

Two of the Three
SC22Jimbo and Kearney complain about the new "Mega Kwik-E-Super Store" in the town hall
SC23Jimbo, Kearney and Newton (Nelson) coerce "Burt Sampson" into making a prank phone call
Later, Burt rides away from them with the Devil
7F13Jimbo and Dolph attend Bart's "Top Hat Theatre"
8F02Dolph and Kearney go trick-or-threating and extort goodies from Homer
They egg the Simpson house and stomp on the Simpson pumpkin
9F06Dolph and Kearney harrass Bart before Laura Powers steps in
1F04Jimbo and Kearney are seen on the school bus
1F05Jimbo and Kearney are seen waiting in line for Homer's trampoline
They sneak into the Simpson backyard looking for the trampoline, but jump on the car instead
1F18Kearney tells Jimbo to ask the new principal Ned Flanders a question or they'll have to go to class
3F05Jimbo and Dolph make fun of Homer from outside his window {k1}
4F09Dolph and Kerney are in the crowd when Skinner and Krabappel lock themselves inside Springfield Elementary
AABF07Dolph and Jimbo give Chief Wiggum phony drivers' licenses
Jimbo and Kearney hitch a ride behind OFF's car
AABF17Jimbo and Dolph loot the Furtune Megastore's shoplifting department with Nelson
BABF09Jimbo and Kearney beat the guff out of Nelson at the Springfield Downs
CABF06Jimbo and Dolph open the doors for Nelson's attempted escape from Springfield Elementary

Jimbo Alone
7F13Steals oranges at the supermarket
7F21Corrects Mayor Quimby on name of Radioactive Man
8F11Pokes his head and waves at the camera during Kent Brockman's report
9F06Dates Laura Powers
Has supposedly poked a dead body with a stick
9F10A fellow passenger on the monorail
1F04Pulls down Bart's pants
Puts flares in Martin's pocket
1F08Was Bart's craps table operator. (This episode hints that Jimbo might actually have talent of a sort.)
1F09Joins Homer's vigilante gang
Threatens homer that he's going to law school
1F10James Woods asked him if he sounded like a real Kwik-E-Mart Employee
1F18Jimbo Jr. tells Lunchlady Bart his creamed corn "tastes like creamed crap"
2F03He was the murderous teachers' first victim
2F18Bart picks a fight with Jimbo, thinking the puppies would protect him (cut in syndication)
2F19Watches soap operas with his mother during the teachers' strike
2F20He takes part in the mob bloodthirsty for Burns' blood {k1}
3F07He and Nelson coerce Bart into shoplifting
3F07Shows up in Bart's fantasy and recieves the March 8th newspaper for Christmas
3F09Jimbo takes advantage of the malfunctioning Squishy machine, and swims away with a couple of six packs
3F12Convinces Bart to write him a check
We discover his real name is Corky
3F21He thinks Peter Framton's guitar is talking
3G02Little Jimbo looks forward to wailing on all the new kids
3G03Skinner attempts to sell him on the streets
5F21Seen in the couch gag watching OFF's TV
AABF11Shopping during Apu's peak hour for stoned teenagers buying shiny things
BABF21Jimbo is among the crowd who molests Snorky the dolphin {k1}
CABF02It might've been Jimbo who told Bart about Mayor Quimby's money fraud
CABF06Juggles Principle Skinner's "Princy" awards
CABF12In the audience at the final Party Posse concert; he swims to safety when the concert goes downhill

Kearney Alone
SC21Paints his cheeks with "Sheea Paste," which causes them to grow green fur
7F24Kearney waits for Michael Jackson to arrive
Later he threatens Bart. (This episode gives a good view of his bedroom and a insight to this thug's personality. Note the baseball bat with nails in it.)
8F15Milhouse shoots a spit-ball at him, and he begs Bart to put a stop to it
1F03Drives by a truck stop on his tricycle, scaring the patrons with the siren strapped to his head
1F18Ripping up school books during Ned Flanderseses' reign as principal
2F19Dances a jig for Marge while the boys steal Bart's lunch money
2F16Calls Lisa a nerd as she activates the school's oil pump
3F13Reminisces our nation's bicentennial while shaving in the school's auditorium
3F20Attempts to fool Apu with a fake ID
3F24In the bar as Homer searches for his soulmate, but he's only an associate
3G03Volunteers to babysit for OFF
4F04Discusses his divorce on the bus
His son is introduced
4F07Kearney helps himself to a gasoline tank full of squishies during the Kwik-E-Mart raid
5F06A fellow inmate in Snake's prison, Kearney resents Snake's disrespect for the 'honor system'
5F15Bart reports on a fight between him and Mr. Largo
AABF10In a government-required class to cure his 'road rage'; arguing with Agnes Skinner
BABF13Kearney becomes bodyguard to the President of the United States of America (Lisa) in the year 2030
BABF17Teaches his son the art of destroying sandcastles {k1}
CABF06He is afraid of missing his son's birthday

Dolph is seen alone for the first time in BABF04, learning to snowboard with Bart and Nelson.

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