The Stellar Acting Career of Troy McClure

Originally by Jeff Soesbe
Contributions from Hari Wierny


  • [7F13] "Cry Yuma"
  • [7F13] "Here Comes the Coast Guard"
  • [8F01] "Preacher With a Shovel" (with Dolores Montenegro)
  • [8F03] "The Revenge of Abe Lincoln"
  • [8F03] "The Wackiest Covered Wagon in the West"
  • [8F14] "Calling All Quakers" (with Dolores Montenegro)
  • [8F14] "Gladys The Groovy Mule"
  • [8F14] "Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die" (1)
  • [9F07] "Dial M for Murderousness"
  • [9F07] "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules"
  • [9F20] "'P' is for Psycho"
  • [9F20] "The President's Neck is Missing!"
  • [1F21] "The Boatjacking of Supership 79"
  • [1F21] "Hydro, the Man With the Hydraulic Arms"
  • [2F07] "Good-Time Slim, Uncle Doobie, and the Great 'Frisco Freak-Out"
  • [3F15] "Muppets Go Medieval" (1977) (with Dyan Cannon and The Muppets)
  • [3F15] "The Greatest Story Ever Hulaed"
  • [3F15] "They Came to Burgle Carnegie Hall"
  • [3F15] "Meet Joe Blow"
  • [3F15] "Give My Remains to Broadway"
  • [3F15] "The Verdict Was Mail Fraud"
  • [3F15] "Leper in the Backfield"
  • [3F15] "Make-Out King of Montana"
  • [3F15] "The Electric Gigolo"
  • [3F15] "The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel" (also director) (2)
  • [5F11] "David vs. Super-Goliath"
  • [5F11] "Suddenly Last Supper" (3)
  • [SI#2] "Space Mutants VII: Cry of the Space Mutant"
  • [SI#8] "The Itchy & Scratchy Movie" (bit part)
  • [SC#1] "Jagged Attraction"
  • [SC#1] "Look Who's Still Oinking"
  • [SC#5] "Three Men And A Nuke"
  • [SC#12] "Ten Was Too Many"
  • [SC#14] "The Computer Wore Puka Shells"
  • [SC#14] "The Frontier Family Get Deer Ticks"
  • [SC#14] "The Mediocre Journey"
  • [SC#??] "Slow Down David Copperfield, What's That Down Your Sock?"
  • [BM#1] "Calling All Lumberjacks"
  • [BM#1] "The Day Paul Bunyan Cried"
  • [RM#412] "Radioactive Man III"
  • [SJ] "The Pulverizer"
  • [SJ] "Radioactive Man II: Bring On The Sequel"
  • [SJ] "Sleepless in Shelbyville"
  • [SJ] "The Unbearable Moistness of Sweating"
  • [TC] "Coffee, Tea, or Fiddle Dee Dee"
  • [TC] "Eenie Meeni Miney, Die"
  • [AD] "A Bridge Too Far" (as Todd, the worlds unluckiest dentist)
  • [AD] "Swing, Swang, Swung" (as Bobby, the happy-go-lucky boyhood friend of Ook-Ook the lip cancer chimp)
  • [AD] "Three Men and a Bunsen Burner" (as the doomed Professor Landrew)
  • [AD] "Wake Up, Finnegan" (as Paddy the relentless bell-ringer)


  1. "Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die" is the first McBain movie, according to the McBain trading card.
  2. Troy turned down the part of McBain's sidekick in "McBain IV : Fatal Discharge" to do "Contrabulous Fabtraption". [3F15]
  3. In 5F11, Troy McClure also plays Noah in a religious movie with an unknown title.

TV Series

  • [8F07] "Troy and Company's Summertime Smile Factory"
  • [8F07] "Buck Henderson, Union Buster"
  • [8F12] "Handel With Kare"
  • [SC#6] "Troy McClure's Pre-Teen Soul Machine"

TV Specials

  • [8F18] Miss American Girl Pageant (host)
  • [9F07] "Carnival of the Stars" (host)
  • [3F31] "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" (host)
  • [3F31] "Alien Nose Jobs" (Fox Network Special)
  • [3F31] "Five Fabulous Weeks of the Chevy Chase Show" (Fox Network Special)
  • [4F20] "The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase" (host)
  • [SC#29] "Troy McClure's Aloha from Louie's House of Shave Ice" (Live Via Satellite!)


  • [3F15] "Stop the Planet of the Apes : I Want To Get Off!"
  • [TC] "Muttonchops" (A one-man musical tribute to the great thinkers of the 19th Century.)
  • [AD] "Trucks" (as Rod, the happy-go-lucky fire engine)


  • [4F12] "Christmas Ape"
  • [4F12] "Christmas Ape Goes To Summer Camp"
  • [SC#6] "Barnum -- The Animated Series"

Educational films and the like

  • [8F16] "The World Without Zinc" (child actor?)
  • [8F22] "Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You-Know-What"
  • [8F22] "Here Comes The Metric System"
  • [8F22] "Lead Paint: Delicious But Deadly"
  • [9F14] "60 Minutes of Car Crash Victims"
  • [9F14] "Alice's Adventures through the Windshield Glass"
  • [9F14] "The Decapitation of Larry Leadfoot"
  • [2F15] Pepsi Presents Fractions
  • [3F03] Meat Council film : "Meat And You: Partners in Freedom" (1)
  • [3F03] "Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun"
  • [3F03] "Firecrackers: The Silent Killer"
  • [3F07] "Shoplifters BEWARE"
  • [3F07] "Designated Drivers: The Lifesaving Nerds"
  • [3F07] "Phony Tornado Alerts Reduce Readiness"
  • [3F13] "Young Jebediah Springfield" (A Watch-and-Learn Production)
  • [3F15] "Locker Room Towel Fights : The Blinding of Larry Driscoll"
  • [BM#1] "A Tree Grew In Springfield"
  • [SJ] "Turning Comics Into Movies"


  1. Note : The Meat Council film is number 3F03 in the "Resistance is Useless" Series.

Do-It-Yourself Videos

  • [9F05] "Dig Your Own Grave and Save"
  • [9F05] "Mothballing Your Battleship"
  • [9F05] "The Half-Assed Guide to Foundation Repair"


  • [1F03] "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House"
  • [1F03] "Out With Gout '88"
  • [1F03] "Springfield Public Television Telethon"???

"I Can't Believe They Invented It!"

  • [7F13] The Candy Bar That Cleans Teeth
  • [7F14] Eyeball Whitener
  • [8F07] Spiffy, the 21st Century Stain Remover
  • [9F20] The Juice Loosener
  • [AD] Styro-Glow! (the incredibly simple seventeen-step solution that makes your styrofoam look brand new)
  • [AD] New Improved Brick! (the waterproof sponge! Now in decorator colors!!)
  • [AD] Brew 'n' Chew (the beer flavored gum)
  • [AD] Obscenity! (the fragrance that isn't afraid to speak your mind!)
  • [AD] The Cobinolator! (87 hard-to-use tools in one! Instructions sold separately!)

Infomercials and Miscellaneous

  • [8F03] Introductory video to the "Ah! Fudge" chocolate factory
  • [8F11] "We're Sending our Love Down the Well" (singing)
  • [8F14] Introductory video to "Rancho Relaxo"
  • [9F11] Voice-over for the Duff Gardens commercial
  • [9F19] The Springfield Squares
  • [1F21] Impulse Buying Network (IBN)
  • [3F12] (celebrity funeral) Herschel Shlomo Krustofsky, aka Krusty The Clown
  • [3F12] (celebrity funeral) Andre The Giant, We Hardly Knew Ye
  • [3F12] (celebrity funeral) Shemp Howard, Today We Mourn A Stooge
  • [SC#17] "Where in the Heck is the People's Republic of Kampuchea?" (travel)
  • [SC#17] "Boy, Oh Cheboygan!" (travel)

Self Help Videos

  • [1F05] "Adjusting Your Self-O-Stat" (with Brad Goodman)
  • [1F05] "Get Confident, Stupid!"
  • [1F05] "Smoke Yourself Thin"
  • [SC#5] "Kiss Your Butt Goodbye: Post-Meltdown Emergency Procedures"

Welcome Kiosks

  • [5F13] "Welcome to Springfield Airport"
  • [5F13] "Where's Nordstrum?"
  • [5F13] "The Springfield Knowledgeum"

Medical Films

  • [4F24] "D.N.A."
  • [4F24] "Alice Doesn't Live Any More"
  • [4F24] "Mommy, What's Wrong With That Man's Face?"

Nature Films

  • [5F22] "Birds: Our Fine Feathered Colleagues"
  • [5F22] "Earwigs, Ew!"
  • [5F22] "Man Verses Nature: The Road To Victory"


  • [SC#6] "Silent Partner and Wolfcastle & Krustofski Circus" (host)
  • [SC#6] "Circus of the Washed-Up B-List Celebrities" (circus?)

Travel Shows

  • [SC#15] "Where the Heck is the People's Republic of Kampuchea?"
  • [SC#15] "Boy, Oh Cheboygan!"

Memorable Interruptions

  • [SC#9] Lisa's book speech
  • [SC#9] "Your honor, I object. Fatty Airbuckle was with me the whole weekend."
  • [SC#9] "Not so fast, Mr. Copperfield, what's that in your sock?"


  • [SC#9] "The Demure McClure"


  • [3F15] "Smellin' of Troy" (maybe)

Key to abbreviations

  • #F## = episodes of "The Simpsons" TV show
  • SI = Simpsons Illustrated magazine
  • SC = Simpsons Comics (guide)
  • BM = Bartman comic book (guide)
  • RM = Radioactive Man comic book (guide)
  • SJ = Simpsons Joke Book Supplement to Hero Illustrated
  • TC = Trading Card
  • AD = AfterDark(tm) Simpsons Screen Saver


Episode number research and thankless past maintenance carried out by Chris Baird, with his modest assistant Bucky Whaley. Some information provided by Dave Hall, Chris Lehr and Gabor Kiss.

Information from printed Simpsons materials supplied by Jim Dyer, Anthony Dean, James Liu, Phil McGoldrick, Ian Pugh and the man himself, "Troy McClure."

"I Can't Believe They Invented It" details provided by Gregory Myers. Information from AfterDark(tm) Simpsons Screen Saver (movies and ICBTII!) provided by John.

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