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This does not include reprint issues such as Simpsons Treasure Trove or Bongo Comics Free-For-All

Simpsons Comics

Issue #StoryReprint Book
1The Amazing Colossal HomerSimpsons Comics Extravaganza
Bart Simpson's Creepy Crawly Tales: The CollectorSimpsons Comics Extravaganza
2Cool Hand BartSimpsons Comics Extravaganza
Patty & Selma's Fascinatin' FashionistSimpsons Comics Extravaganza
Patty & Selma's Ill-Fated Romance Comics: My Sister, My HomewreckerSimpsons Comics Extravaganza
3The Perplexing Puzzle of Springfield PumaSimpsons Comics Extravaganza
Krusty, Agent of K.L.O.W.N.Simpsons Comics Extravaganza
4It's In the CardsSimpsons Comics Extravaganza
BusmanSimpsons Comics Extravaganza
5When Bongos Collide! (part 2)Bartman: The Best of the Best!
6Be-Bop-a-LisaSpringfield Comics Spectacular
Chief Wiggum's Pre-Code Crime Comics: The End of El BartoSpringfield Comics Spectacular
7The Greatest D'oh! on EarthSpringfield Comics Spectacular
McBain Comics: Dead to the Last DropSpringfield Comics Spectacular
8I Shrink, Therefore I'm SmallSpringfield Comics Spectacular
Edna, Queen of the Congo: Jungle BungleSpringfield Comics Spectacular
9The Purple Prose of SpringfieldSpringfield Comics Spectacular
Barney Gumble: Asleep at the WellSpringfield Comics Spectacular
10Fan-Tasty IslandSimpsons Comics a Go-Go
Kwik-E-Comics: Apu's Incredible 96 Hour ShiftSimpsons Comics Strike Back
11Fallen FlandersSimpsons Comics Simpsorama
Homer on the Range: The Kwik-E and the Dead 
12Survival of the FattestSimpsons Comics Simpsorama
White-Knuckled War Stories: Spare the Rod, Spoil the GruntSimpsons Comics Simpsorama
13Give Me Merchandising or Give Me Death!Simpsons Comics Simpsorama
Wedgie Comics: Rebel Without a ClutchSimpsons Comics Simpsorama
14To Heir i$ HomerSimpsons Comics Simpsorama
Itchy & Scratchy in This Blood's For YouSimpsons Comics Simpsorama
Bongo Cantankerous Coot Classics: Nostalgia Ain't What it Used to Be 
15A Trip to Simpsons MountainSimpsons Comics Strike Back; Simpsons Holiday Humdinger
Heinous Funnies: Kill-Er-Up With RegularSimpsons Comics Strike Back
16Waitresses in the SkySimpsons Comics Strike Back
Bumblebee Man: ¡Ay, Que Lastima! 
Itchy & Scratchy in Lead It BleedSimpsons Comics Strike Back
Dr. Nick Riviera's Elective Surgery ClinicSimpsons Comics Strike Back
17What's the Frequency, Simpson?Simpsons Comics Strike Back
Headlight Comics: The Dame and the ClownSimpsons Comics Strike Back
KrustyCo Presents Dartin' AroundSimpsons Comics Strike Back
18Get FattySimpsons Comics Strike Back
Milhouse: The Quest for YazSimpsons Comics Strike Back
19Don't Cry for Me, JebediahSimpsons Comics Wingding
Roswell, Little Green Men: How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Ant Farm? (chapter 1)Roswell Walks Among Us
20The Artist Formerly Known as BartSimpsons Comics Wingding
Roswell, Little Green Men: How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Ant Farm? (chapter 2)Roswell Walks Among Us
21Stand and DeliveranceSimpsons Comics Wingding
Krusty's Fireworks 
Roswell, Little Green Men: How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Ant Farm? (chapter 3)Roswell Walks Among Us
22Little Big MartSimpsons Comics Wingding
Roswell, Little Green Men: How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Ant Farm? (chapter 4)Roswell Walks Among Us
23Bart De TriompheSimpsons Comics Wingding
Hellfire Comics: Citizen Shame!Simpsons Comics Wingding
24Send in the ClownsSimpsons Comics On Parade
Li'l Homey: Homey AloneSimpsons Comics On Parade
25Marge Attacks!Simpsons Comics On Parade
Itchy & Scratchy: Game Called Because of PainSimpsons Comics On Parade
26Get Off the Bus!Simpsons Comics On Parade
Krusty's Celebrity Psychic HotlineSimpsons Comics On Parade
Lou and Eddie in Diner ViolationsSimpsons Comics On Parade
The Unbearable Lightness of Barney 
27They Fixed Homer's Brain!Simpsons Comics On Parade
Tales of the Briny Deep: Down the Hatches BoysSimpsons Comics On Parade
28I Just Can't Keep it DownSimpsons Comics Big Bonanza
Flanders' Big ScoreSimpsons Comics Big Bonanza
29Let's Get Ready to Bumble!Simpsons Comics Big Bonanza
Maggie Simpson: Bringing Down BabySimpsons Comics Big Bonanza
30Smitherses!Simpsons Comics Big Bonanza
Bart & Milhouse: Bore Us the Movie GruelSimpsons Comics Big Bonanza
31Masquerade BallSimpsons Comics Big Bonanza
Comic Convention Survival GuideSimpsons Comics Big Bonanza
32Rhymes and MisdemeanorsSimpsons Comics a Go-Go
The Bongos That Time Forgot 
33Milhouse the Man, Krusty in the Can, & The Great Springfield Freak-OutSimpsons Comics a Go-Go
Tiger Teen magazineSimpsons Comics a Go-Go
34Burnsie on BoardSimpsons Comics a Go-Go
Simpsons Supporters' Suggestion Spin Cycle!Simpsons Comics a Go-Go
35To Live and Diaper in SpringfieldSimpsons Comics a Go-Go
More Bongos That Time Forgot 
36The Geek Shall Inherit the EarthSimpsons Comics Unchained
Radioactive Man #120: The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man (Chapter 1)Radioactive Repository Volume 1
37The Absent-Minded ProtesterSimpsons Comics Unchained
Radioactive Man #120: The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man (Chapter 2)Radioactive Repository Volume 1
38Dullards to DonutsSimpsons Comics Unchained
Radioactive Man #120: The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man (Chapter 3)Radioactive Repository Volume 1
39Sense and CensorabilitySimpsons Comics Unchained
Radioactive Man #120: The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man (Chapter 4)Radioactive Repository Volume 1
40Sideshow SimpsonsSimpsons Comics Unchained
Lard Lad: In Search of the Lost Donut HolesSimpsons Comics Unchained
41Bart Simpson & the Krusty Brand Fun FactorySimpsons Comics Unchained
The Day the Nagging StoppedSimpsons Comics Unchained
Uncle Krusty Will Send You Prizes Like TheseSimpsons Comics Unchained
42The Homer ShowSimpsons Comics Unchained
Classics Illustrated: SlobberwackySimpsons Comics Unchained
43Journey to the Cellar of the Kwik-E-MartSimpsons Comics Madness
PoochieSimpsons Comics Madness
44The Prime of Miss Lisa SimpsonSimpsons Comics Madness
Bartman: Identity CrisisSimpsons Comics Madness
45Hamburger's Little HelperSimpsons Comics Madness
Mr. Sparkle: Destroy All Manga!Simpsons Comics Madness
46Angels with Yellow FacesSimpsons Comics Madness
Picture PerfectSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
47The Rise and Fall of Bartholomew J. SimpsonSimpsons Comics Madness
Where Has All the Flour Gone?Simpsons Comics Madness
48Tic Tac D'oh!Simpsons Comics Madness
Cockamamie's Mail Order Cult-Alog of Cool Pop Culture CollectiblesSimpsons Comics Madness
49Maggie Come HomeSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
Lisa Simpson, Storeroom RaiderSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
50Wall or NothingSimpsons Comics Royale
Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy: Catch of the Day 
Lisa Simpson: Li'l GoodfellasSimpsons Comics Royale
Bartman: The 1001 Costumes of BartmanSimpsons Comics Royale
Inside Bongo ComicsSimpsons Comics Royale
Krusty: Krusty's 11Simpsons Comics Royale
Itchy & Scratchy: Love GorySimpsons Comics Royale
Radioactive Man: Planet of the Strange-O'sSimpsons Comics Royale
51Thanksgiving!Simpsons Comics Belly Buster
What Would Possibly Happen if...Cletus Went to College?Simpsons Comics Belly Buster
52Worst Christmas Ever!Simpsons Holiday Humdinger
A Springfield Christmas CarolSimpsons Holiday Humdinger
53The Beer BoysSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
Around Town with Ned FlandersSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
54Tanks for NothingSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
Homer vs. the WallpaperSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
Itchy & Scratchy: Bash to the Future! 
Bart: Fork it Over 
55Siege on Evergreen TerraceSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
Duff DaddySimpsons Comics Belly Buster
56The Yes-Man Who Would Be KingSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
Ned Flanders: Blind LuckSimpsons Comics Belly Buster
57How the Vest Was Won!Simpsons Comics Barn Burner
A Swingin' Affair!Simpsons Comics Barn Burner
58Mayor Me a LittleSimpsons Comics Barn Burner
Lisa's Historical DreamSimpsons Comics Barn Burner
59Faking the BandSimpsons Comics Barn Burner
Simpsons Comic Strip: $5 for a Comic Book 
Kent's StateSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
60The Man with Two WivesSimpsons Comics Barn Burner
Stretch Dude and Clobber GirlSimpsons Comics Barn Burner
61The Paper ChaseSimpsons Comics Barn Burner
Asphalt BungleSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
62Bart Simpson's Bible StoriesSimpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin'
Bongo Blast from the Past: Give a Hoot, Stay in School!Simpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
63The Bogey ManSimpsons Comics Barn Burner
If Homer Simpson Invented Golf 
64Judge MargeSimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
Malibu Stacy: Stacy's Busy DaySimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
65Viva BartSimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
Beauty School HellcatsSimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
66Cruisin' for a Bruisin'Simpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
So You Want to Work for Globex, Huh?Simpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
67Growing PainsSimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
The Abominable Dr. ColossusSimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
68Merchants of Vengeance!Simpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
Dr. Nick Riviera: Crime Family PracticeSimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
69In Burn$ We Tru$tSimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
How Marge Got Her Curtains BackSimpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree
70Greek to MeSimpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin'
Aesop's FablesSimpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin'
71Simpson/Sideshow Sibling SmackdownSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
A Recipe for DisasterSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
72Homer's RunSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
Secret Origin of Sideshow Mel!Simpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
73Day of the NerdSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
Bummer VacationSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
74Laughter is the Worst MedicineSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
Down Home Doctorin' TimeSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
75The Permanent Record Room!Simpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
76Bard BoiledSimpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin'
77The Many Faces of BobSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
Homer vs. the RaccoonSimpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo
78The Buck Stops EverywhereSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
79Homer for the HolidaysSimpsons Comics Holiday Humdinger
80All Fired UpSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
81Lisa Simpson's Book ClubSimpsons Comics Supernova
82Ned the SimpsonSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
Lisa Goes to CampSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
83The Homer EffectSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
How I Spent My Summer Vacation / To Hell and BackSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
Brain DrainSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
84The Principal of the ThingSimpsons Comics Dollar$ to Donuts
85The Simpson Family CircusSimpsons Comics Hit the Road
Crap that No One WantedSimpsons Comics Hit the Road
86Yellow CrushSimpsons Comics Hit the Road
87Hail to the CatSimpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis
88License to KiltSimpsons Comics Hit the Road
89Lisa in the MiddleSimpsons Comics Hit the Road
90Homer's AmericaSimpsons Comics Hit the Road
Do the Copyright ThingSimpsons Comics Hit the Road
913000's CompanySimpsons Comics Meltdown
92The Burger Kings of Comedy
(includes Itchy & Scratchy in Fry Hard With a Vengeance)
Simpsons Comics Meltdown
93Hotfoot in the ParkSimpsons Comics Meltdown
9424/7th HeavenSimpsons Comics Meltdown
95Coach Me If You CanSimpsons Comics Meltdown
96A Tale of 2 Pen PalsSimpsons Comics Confidential
97Feud, Glorius Feud!Simpsons Comics Confidential
98The Return of Xt'tapalatakettleSimpsons Comics Confidential
99Marge Simpson LivingSimpsons Comics Confidential
100Clip Clip Hooray! 
101Sofa So GoodSimpsons Comics Supernova
102Uncle Burn$Simpsons Comics Supernova
103AnchormomSimpsons Comics Supernova
104The Duffman Cometh! 
105Dr. Nick @ Night:
Permanent Damage
Comic Book Guy Gets a Life!
28 Hey-Heys Later!
Simpsons Comics Shake-Up
106Simpsons the MusicalSimpsons Comics Shake-Up
107To Kill a Mocking BartSimpsons Comics Shake-Up
108Big House HomerSimpsons Comics Shake-Up
109Now Museum, Now You Don't!Simpsons Comics Clubhouse
110Bad News BearerSimpsons Comics Clubhouse
111Know it All in the FamilySimpsons Comics Clubhouse
112The Simpsons Spin-off Showcase Quickly-Cancelled Comics Cavalcade!:
The Curse of the Mama Jama Voodoo Zombie Gumbo
The Love-Matic Grampa in: "Exchanging Ows"
The Simpson Family Smile-Time Salute to Rock & Roll
Simpsons Comics Chaos
113Little Orphan BartSimpsons Comics Chaos
114Ring-a-Ding SpringfieldSimpsons Comics Chaos
The Maggie & Moe Mysteries!: M is for ZirconiaSimpsons Comics Chaos
115Clown TherapySimpsons Comics Chaos
Verti-go-areenoSimpsons Comics Chaos
116Mall or NothingSimpsons Comics Knockout
117Sandwiches are ForeverSimpsons Comics Knockout
118The "X" MenSimpsons Comics Knockout
119The Flunky!Simpsons Comics Knockout
120Homer Drops the Ball!Simpsons Comics Knockout
121The Town That Time ForgotSimpsons Comics Game On
122Springfield's Typical Teen-ager Homie in: One Plus Two Equals ZeroSimpsons Comics Game On
123Bobbing for VengeanceSimpsons Comics Game On
124'Til Ned Do Us PartSimpsons Comics Game On
Angry Dad in: The Roller SkateSimpsons Comics Game On
125The Hills Have HicksSimpsons Comics Game On
Maggie's Little HelperSimpsons Comics Game On
Bake Love, Not WarSimpsons Comics Game On
1261001 Arabian Nuts:
Ala-diddly-addin and his Magic Lamp
Apu Baba and the Four Thieves
Simpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin'
127Simpson Family Robinson Crusoe 
129You'd Better Sloth Around 
130Marge the Sellout 
131The Simpsons Comics Internationale
Too Crazy, Juvenile Prankster: Bartomu!
Les Schtroumphsons
Los Simpsons in: Pardon My Border
132A Brand New Burns - Part One! 
133A Brand New Burns - Part Two! 
134In the Swim 
135The Bald Man and the Sea 
136Bowl Me Over 
137H: The Last Fat Man 
138Tsunami, Tsunami, Baloney! 
139Leave 'em in 'Striches! 
140Mow Money 
141Grampa Flanders 
142Frycooks of the Caribbean 
143Not Duff Enough 
144Ragin' Abe Simpson and the Flying Hellfish in: War is Smelly! 
Ragin' Abe Simpson's Battle Round-Up! 
145Worst Competition Ever! 
Marge Simpson: Forensic Homemaker 
146A Skate with Destiny! 
147DNAin't Necessarily So 
148Hans Across AmericaSimpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin'
149Homer Won't Squeal 
150How Sweet It Ain'tSimpsons Comics Compendium 1
151Rise of the Szyslaks 
152In the Name of Lava! 
153On the Bubble 
Pieces of Homer 
154Honey Nut Cheery D'ohs!Simpsons Comics Compendium 2
155The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!, Part 1Simpsons Comics Compendium 3
156The Simpsons Save the WorldSimpsons Comics Compendium 1
157Marge's Extreme Make-Under 
158Homeowner Homer 
159Big Monty 
160Simpsons Animal Stories 
161Mighty MMORPG Player RagersSimpsons Comics Compendium 1
Bart of War(craft)Simpsons Comics Compendium 1
Maggie's MousieSimpsons Comics Compendium 1
Second-Hand LifeSimpsons Comics Compendium 1
Mighty MMORPG Player Ragers Part IISimpsons Comics Compendium 1
162Oh, Brother!Simpsons Comics Compendium 3
163No Cause for AlarmSimpsons Comics Compendium 2
164Pardon My Clunker
(includes Itchy & Scratchy in: Baby, You Can Drive My Hearse)
165Love Potion Numbs Her Mind 
166Tour de Springfield 
167Snake's Kin
(includes Itchy & Scratchy in: Cain Dis-Abled)
The Death of Comic Book Guy!: Part One 
168Myth Information
Between a Ragnarok and a Hard Place
What's Eating You?
Stop the Planet, I Want to Get Off!
169Bart Like Me
(includes Itchy & Scratchy in: Single Whacked Female)
Simpsons Comics Compendium 2
170The Generosity Gene 
171To the Bookmobile! 
172X-mas Marks the Spot! 
173Pop! Goes the Career 
174Owl or Nothing 
175It Came from the '70s 
176Nobody's Purrfect 
177Through a Mug Darkly 
178The Thingama-Bob from Outer Space! 
179Scam Wow! 
Itchy & Scratchy in: Mousery 
180He Who Controls the Donuts, Controls the World 
Itchy & Scratchy in: Face-Lift FelineSimpsons Comics Compendium 2
Angry Dad in: Poppin' MadSimpsons Comics Compendium 3
181Better Off Ned 
182The Last King of Spotland 
Snake & Apu in: Hold-Up no. 427Simpsons Comics Compendium 1
183Everything's Bartchie! 
Angry Dad in: ATM Dad 
Cattin' Around with Snowball II 
Angry Dad in: Changing the Tire 
The Spectacular Spider-PigSimpsons Comics Compendium 1
185The Big Finish 
186Sideshow SlobSimpsons Comics Compendium 3
Springfield GeneralSimpsons Comics Compendium 3
187The Dot Com Before the Storm 
188Lisa Simpson's Toot Suite 
Bart Simpson in "Oh, Henry" 
189Poop My Baby Says 
190the social fretwork 
191Breaking Bart 
192Mutiny on the BartySimpsons Comics Explosion 1
193Man vs. Beast vs. FoodSimpsons Comics Explosion 1
194Homer Simpson: Canine DecoderSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Moe's Poetry Corner: Ode to a Ceiling Fan What Don't Work Right 
195Springfield: Year ZeroSimpsons Comics Explosion 2
196Wilde at Heart!
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Selfish Giant
The Remarkable Rocket
197Homer Fries! 
198Donut DisturbSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
199The Bids Are All Right 
200Mass Historia! 
Be Aware. Play With Care! 
Moe Meets His MatchSimpsons Comics Explosion 2
The Sweet Taste of Justice 
201The Murder Party 
202Like a Boss! 
203The Rise and Fall of D'oh!Simpsons Comics Compendium 5
D'oh! Magazine
Star Drek!
Krusty's Catchphrase Corner!
The Sound and the Funny
Simpsons Comics Compendium 5
205A Brand New SmithersSimpsons Comics Explosion 3
206D'oh vs. the Volcano! 
207Snooze Alarm! 
208Brit Simpson!Simpsons Comics Compendium 5
209American History "F" 
210D'oh-lice AcademySimpsons Comics Compendium 5
211Double Page Spread-tacular!
Wild Animal Planet Kingdom
Milhouse's Dreamhouse
An Unconventional Romance
Dolph & Nelson Ponder Their Existence
Your Horrorscope
All-Syrup Super Squishee
The Last D'oh!-nut
Slack-Jawed Scientist
Pirate Booty
212Monty's Morphin' Power Wranglers 
213Debt Be Not Proud 
214Worst Con Ever!Simpsons Comics Explosion 3
215Phone Homer! 
216Dolls Well That Ends Well 
217Homer Sucks! 
218Spaced Out! 
219Stand By Me! 
220Drinker, Failure, Bowler, SpySimpsons Comics Compendium 5
221Yellow Is the New Black 
222Now You Wiggum, Now You Don't! 
223The Book of Jobs 
224Moat Monty Moat Problems! 
225Adventure River Adventure 
Small-Time Travelers 
Eddie & Lou in Cool Fuzz 
226Lisa the Clown 
The Bullies! 
A Dame to Swill For 
227Peas in a Podcast 
Moe in "Closing Time" 
Slumber Party Seance 
228Dumpster Divers! 
Secret Size Me 
Itchy & Scratchy in: Bad on the Outside 
229Itchy & Scratchy Live! 
The Moe & Otto Switcheroo 
230Game On! 
Donut Detectives 
231Bart the Rake 
Golden Receiver 
If You Could See What I Smell 
232Uncivil War / Bartman v. Houseboy 
...Are You Duff Enough? 
233100% Homer 
Suck It Up! 
234Body Double 
Water Squish Down 
The Seven Diddly Sins! 
235Krusty on Ice 
No More Mr. Ice Guy! 
236Bear Patrol III: Panda-monium! 
Homer Mountain 
238Bad Boy Homer 
Scratchman & Itchin' in: Origin of the Scratch Signal 
Donuts of Destiny 
239Brew Ha Ha! 
240Outside the Lines 
Just an Ordinary Day 
241Radioactive Woman: The Movie 
242The Riddle of the Mystery's Enigma
Murder on the Monorail Express!
Springfield Elementary

Bart Simpson Comics

Issue #StoryReprint Book
1Bat Fat Trouble in Little SpringfieldBig Book of Bart Simpson
Grrrl-WhirlBig Book of Bart Simpson
Close Encounters of the Nerd KindBig Book of Bart Simpson
2Bart's Day at the ZooBig Book of Bart Simpson
Talent HuntBig Book of Bart Simpson
Maximum Bart!Big Book of Bart Simpson
Futility BeltBig Book of Bart Simpson
3The Space Family Simpson in: Terror on Trioculon!Big Book of Bart Simpson
Battle of the Boy-Bands!Big Book of Bart Simpson
Sky-High Bart!Big Book of Bart Simpson
4Who Wants to Win a Pocketful of Quarters?Big Book of Bart Simpson
Quantum ColaBig Book of Bart Simpson
Bully for You!Big Book of Bart Simpson
5Wild, Wild BartBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
The Case of the Hanging ShoesBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson's Day OffBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
Bart's Puzzle PageBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
6The Supercat of SpringfieldBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
The Invisible Nerd!Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson
24 Hours in the Life of Ralph Wiggum!Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson
7See You Later, Alligator!Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson
The Case of the Missing Moon WafflesBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
All's Veldt That Ends Veldt!Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson
8The Dickens You SayBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
Li'l Kang and Kodos in: Baby's First AbductionBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
Sashimi Bart!Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson
Bart & Milhouse's Almost Excellent AdventureBig Bad Book of Bart Simpson
9O Bart, Where Art Thou?Big Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
A Chair of One's OwnBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Bart's Nasty ShirtBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Cooking with Kang and KodosBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Prize PossessionBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Cyrano de BartBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Hill of BeansBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
10Bart's BeardBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Snow BrawlBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Li'l Itchy & Scratchy in: Of Mice And Menace!Big Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Lunch PalesBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
The Madness of MilhouseBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
11From Lichtenslava With LoveBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Tango TangleBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
BartzillaBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Balloon PaymentBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
12An Anime Among Us!Big Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Scheme SupremeBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Taming Your Wild ChildBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
Bart Fink and the Mighty MississipBig Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
13Bartzan and the Ancient Forbidden Golden City of Gold!Big Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Little Buddy DayBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Scaredy CatsBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Bart's Big SpillBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
14The Time Bandit!Big Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Bring Your Parents to School DayBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Computer HacklesBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Bart Does Something Fishy!Big Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Reading NightBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
15Bart Version 2.0Big Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Diary of a Mad Sax CamperBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Bart's Junior Camper Demerit Badge ManualBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Bad Hair Day!Big Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Invasion of the Baby SnatchersBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
16Picture DayBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
The Squish of DeathBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
The Case of the Headless DollsBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
Zone WarsBig Beefy Book of Bart Simpson
17Legends of the Bartman FamilyBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
Li'l Abe Simpson: the Able-Bodied BoyBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
The Special Kid in: The Hinting Hippie!Big Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
18Secret Agent, ManBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
Itchy & Scratchy in: The Truth About Cats and MiceBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
19Are You Gonna Eat That?Big Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
Art for Bart's SakeBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
Maggie's MobilizationBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
Bartless on a TuesdayBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
20The Great Springfield Donut War!Big Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
Bart's Fun Pages! / 101 Ways to Improve Study HabitsBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
Movie MayhemBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
Undead Men WalkingBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
The EndBig Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson
21Batter-Up BartBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
The Three Stages of TeachingBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Cuff It Up!Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
22Final DetentionBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Bart BurgerBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Bait and CackleBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Birth of a SalesmanBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
23Bart vs. the One-Man SchoolBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
The Sick DayBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Special DeliveryBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Kwik-E-BartBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Grampa BartBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Flu ShotBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
24Bart's Got Spirit!Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Nelson Muntz's Guide to Grown-Up NerdsBig Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Sherri & Terri in: The Kiss of Blecch!Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
The Maggie & Moe Mysteries!: The Willful Will!Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
25The Underachieving Bart Simpson: Comics Fan No More!Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Box Office BingoBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Cross Country ClownBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
26Bart Gets StumpedBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Mayor MaggieBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Stink & StinkabilityBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
27Hot Air BuffoonBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
The Case of the Sax Solo SaboteurBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
No Purchase NecessaryBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
28Lisa the Vampire CroakerBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Milhouse...the Girl?Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Prankster's HelperBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Bart Goes to the MoviesBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Angry Dad in: Trimming the HedgesBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
29Bart Cops OutBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
If You Can't Wiggum, Join 'Em!Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
Worker and Parasite!Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
K-BartBig Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson
30The Book That Ate Springfield!Bart Simpson Son of Homer
The Secret Life of Bart SimpsonBart Simpson Son of Homer
The Great Train WreckBart Simpson Son of Homer
31Spree for AllBart Simpson Son of Homer
Handy Pop Culture Quotes for All Occasions!Bart Simpson Son of Homer
Shopping for School Supplies the Bart Simpson Way!Bart Simpson Son of Homer
The Maggie & Moe Mysteries!: The Disappearing Duchess!Bart Simpson Son of Homer
32Hog TiedBart Simpson Son of Homer
Clone AloneBart Simpson Son of Homer
Baby Got Back at BurnsBart Simpson Son of Homer
33Fort KnocksBart Simpson Son of Homer
The Uter BomberBart Simpson Son of Homer
A Load of TroubleBart Simpson Class Clown
Signs of Intelligent LifeBart Simpson Class Clown
34Mr. Bart Krabappel!Bart Simpson Class Clown
Willie and the WeaselsBart Simpson Class Clown
Burger MeisterBart Simpson Class Clown
35The Return of TruckasaurusBart Simpson Class Clown
Today's Science Prank with Professor FrinkBart Simpson Class Clown
Barty & MilhousyBart Simpson Class Clown
Elementary School DropoutBart Simpson Class Clown
36One Flew Over the Retirement CastleBart Simpson Class Clown
Bart vs. BartBart Simpson Class Clown
Milhouse in: Going PostalBart Simpson Class Clown
One for All and Alpha OneBart Simpson Class Clown
37The Ten-inatorBart Simpson Class Clown
38Principal Simpson!Bart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Milhouse's Guide to Keeping It CoolBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Ralph in: Raplh Learns a LessonBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
39Bigger Than BigBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Homer in: Heatie JeebiesBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Bart the MagnificentBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Window of OpportunityBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
The Trial of Maggie SimpsonBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
40Easy WriterBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Li'l Krusty (2 parts)Bart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Attack of the 50-Foot MaggieBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
41No Such Thing as a Free ComicBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Krustyburger Comics and Funbook:
It's a Burger Eat Burger World!
Mr. Teeny's Maze / What's Wrong with This Picture?
Bart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Bart Hears a What?Bart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Angry Dad (fixes his car)Bart Simpson Prince of Pranks
42Battle of the 'Plexes!Bart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Say Hello to My Little Friend...Scarface!Bart Simpson Prince of Pranks
Ponce Upon a TimeBart Simpson Prince of Pranks
43Lisa's Bad Word!Bart Simpson Out to Lunch
Cool Rules!Bart Simpson Out to Lunch
Saxophony!Bart Simpson Out to Lunch
44Maggie's MeltdownBart Simpson Out to Lunch
Citizen CaneBart Simpson Out to Lunch
Bart's Name is Mud!Bart Simpson Out to Lunch
45Class KlownBart Simpson Out to Lunch
Dog Gone Hollywood!Bart Simpson Out to Lunch
The Maggie & Moe Mysteries: Naptime for Murder!Bart Simpson Out to Lunch
46Aye, Robot!Bart Simpson Out to Lunch
Yellow Chef!Bart Simpson Out to Lunch
How Miss Hoover Got Her Groove BackBart Simpson Out to Lunch
47Split DecisionsBart Simpson Out to Lunch
Li'l Krusty (with Baby Teeny)Bart Simpson Big Shot
The Dating GameBart Simpson Big Shot
48The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!, Part 2Simpsons Comics Compendium 3
49Children Off the CobBart Simpson Big Shot
Li'l KrustyBart Simpson Big Shot
12 Angry KidsBart Simpson Big Shot
50The Simpson ProjectBart Simpson Big Shot
Maggie's Crib (Late-Night TV)Bart Simpson Big Shot
Big Top FlopBart Simpson Big Shot
Maggie's Crib (Glass of Water)Bart Simpson Big Shot
51Bart's Invisible!Bart Simpson Big Shot
Change Is Good!Bart Simpson Big Shot
Maggie's Crib (Bart Takes A Cookie)Bart Simpson Big Shot
Drive-In, Driven OutBart Simpson Big Shot
Maggie's Crib (Bart Invades Maggie's Dream)Bart Simpson Big Shot
52The Sound and the FlurryBart Simpson Big Shot
Maggie's Crib (State Fair)Bart Simpson Big Shot
Homer Simpson: Chick MagnetBart Simpson Big Shot
Scared TentlessBart Simpson Big Shot
53The Mystery of the Pesky DeskBart Simpson to the Rescue
Maggie's Crib (Krusty O's)Bart Simpson to the Rescue
La Bart VitaBart Simpson to the Rescue
Maggie's Crib (Scary TV Movie)Bart Simpson to the Rescue
54Bart on the Fourth of JulyBart Simpson to the Rescue
Maggie's Crib (Egyptian Archeologist)Bart Simpson to the Rescue
Let the Games Begin!Bart Simpson to the Rescue
Fortunate SonBart Simpson to the Rescue
The Death of Comic Book Guy!: Part 1 
55The Princess PrincipleBart Simpson Blastoff
56Richie SimpsonBart Simpson to the Rescue
Maggie's Crib (Snake)Bart Simpson to the Rescue
Lisa Rocks the Party!Bart Simpson to the Rescue
57A Tomb with a ViewBart Simpson to the Rescue
Maggie's Crib (Carnival Game)Bart Simpson to the Rescue
Bart vs. Bart: AirplaneBart Simpson to the Rescue
The Day of the MustacheBart Simpson to the Rescue
The More, the Merrier 
58Pranks a LotBart Simpson to the Rescue
Maggie's Crib (Thunder)Bart Simpson to the Rescue
Bart vs. Bart: MirrorBart Simpson to the Rescue
Maggie's Crib (Rubik's Cube)Bart Simpson to the Rescue
It's the Thoughtlessness That CountsBart Simpson to the Rescue
Rod & Todd Pray-OffBart Simpson to the Rescue
59Eat the Pie SlowlyBart Simpson Blastoff
Maggie's Crib (Dinner)Bart Simpson Blastoff
Bugged!Bart Simpson Blastoff
Sleepless in SpringfideldBart Simpson Blastoff
60Bart vs. the Kwik-E-MartBart Simpson Blastoff
Big Bad Brother BartBart Simpson Blastoff
Zombie Moves!Bart Simpson Blastoff
61Mail-Order Mayhem!Bart Simpson Blastoff
Maggie's Crib (Mechanical Horse)Bart Simpson Blastoff
Planet of the PlantsBart Simpson Blastoff
62Bart's Got WheelsBart Simpson Blastoff
Maggie's Crib (Sandbox)Bart Simpson Blastoff
The Nukes of HazardBart Simpson Blastoff
63Model BehaviorBart Simpson Master of Disaster
The Invincible PrincipalBart Simpson Master of Disaster
Maggie's Crib (Beach Photo)Bart Simpson Master of Disaster
Curse of the MolemanBart Simpson Master of Disaster
64Model Citizen SimpsonBart Simpson Master of Disaster
An Easy AssignmentBart Simpson Master of Disaster
¡Viva la Bart!Bart Simpson Master of Disaster
65Gamemaster LisaBart Simpson Master of Disaster
Maggie's Crib (Gerald and the Pacifier)Bart Simpson Master of Disaster
Monster MashedBart Simpson Master of Disaster
66Marge Goes Green!Bart Simpson Master of Disaster
Maggie's First DayBart Simpson Master of Disaster
I'm Lisa Simpson, Who the Heck Are You?Bart Simpson Master of Disaster
Maggie's Crib (Jurassic Sandbox)Bart Simpson Master of Disaster
67The Face that Launched a Thousand BlecchsBart Simpson Master of Disaster
Bart Simpson: WarlordBart Simpson Master of Disaster
Maggie's Crib (Pacifier Shopping)Bart Simpson Master of Disaster; Simpsons Comics Explosion 1
68Free RangeBart Simpson Suckerpunch
The Great Springfield Gold RushBart Simpson Suckerpunch
Maggie's Crib (Taking a Bath)Bart Simpson Suckerpunch
69Hoop SchemesBart Simpson Suckerpunch
Maggie's Crib (Auto Repair)Bart Simpson Suckerpunch
...Bart Simpson Shall Do My Bidding!Bart Simpson Suckerpunch
70The Black ToothBart Simpson Suckerpunch
Maggie's Crib (Juggling)Bart Simpson Suckerpunch
Girl Power!Bart Simpson Suckerpunch; Simpsons Comics Explosion 1
What's Wrong With This Family?Bart Simpson Suckerpunch
71Formula for DisasterBart Simpson Suckerpunch
Maggie's Crib (Kiddie Pool)Bart Simpson Suckerpunch
Sound Thinking!Bart Simpson Suckerpunch
Frinkventions!: Automatic Seat Spring-Up ProviderBart Simpson Suckerpunch
72The Prince and the Penal SystemBart Simpson Suckerpunch
Wedgie IssueBart Simpson Suckerpunch
Maggie's Crib (Gorilla Pacifier)Bart Simpson Suckerpunch
Rock 'n' RollBart Simpson Suckerpunch
Bart's List of Truly Unspeakable Words and Phrases 
73Everybody Really Hates BartBart Simpson Bust-Up
Maggie's Crib (Homer's Diaper Run)Bart Simpson Bust-Up
Bart's Short CutBart Simpson Bust-Up
Children of the Corn MazeBart Simpson Bust-Up
74Decisions, DecisionsBart Simpson Bust-Up
The Many Faces of BartBart Simpson Bust-Up
Into the WoodsBart Simpson Bust-Up
Maggie's Crib (Painting)Bart Simpson Bust-Up
75New Girl in TownBart Simpson Bust-Up
Maggie's Crib (Maggie the Composer)Bart Simpson Bust-Up
There's No Business Like Shoe BusinessBart Simpson Bust-Up
Angry Dad Flips His LidBart Simpson Bust-Up
On This Day in Springfield History: 1959 
76Fund-RazingBart Simpson Bust-Up
Flight of FantasyBart Simpson Bust-Up
Southern Fried SimpsonsBart Simpson Bust-Up
77Good Cop, Bart Cop!Bart Simpson Bust-Up; Simpsons Comics Explosion 1
For a Limited Time OnlyBart Simpson Bust-Up
78Bartman vs. Doctor Octuplets 
Basketball's a Drag 
Milhouse Goes to Heck 
79Lisa's LaughatorySimpsons Comics Explosion 2
The Demon 
80Springfield Elementary Shakedown 
Kneading Dough 
Maggie and the Moon 
Meerkat Milhouse 
81Who the Bartman?Simpsons Comics Explosion 3
The Todd & Rodyssey 
Maggie's Pancakes 
82The Martin Chronicles!Simpsons Comics Explosion 2
Springfield Babies 
Nights of the Dinner Table 
So Long, Chum! 
83The Booty 
I'd Rather Bleed Than Read 
Krustyburger Konfidential 
84Carpool Party 
¡Bart Speaks Spanish! 
85Exit Through the Comic Shop 
Angry Dad in The Last Beer 
Maggie and the Buccaneers 
Agent vs. Agent 
86Treehouse of ChimpsSimpsons Comics Explosion 3
Angels in the Outfield 
With Great Power... 
87Prankenstein's Monster!Simpsons Comics Explosion 1
Inherit the Windfall 
The Sideshow Redemption 
88Fool For a Client 
The Gluten, the Bread and the HungrySimpsons Comics Explosion 2
89That's Hairable! 
Fangs for Nothing! 
Thumb Wrasslin'! 
90The Curious Case of Hans Moleman 
The RebootingSimpsons Comics Explosion 3
91Bored Walk 
Radioactive Milhouse 
Mission Imp-possible! 
Radioactive Man in: A Grand Adventure 
92Leader of the Backpack Pack 
D'oh! Unto OthersSimpsons Comics Explosion 3
93Pen Pals 
Zoo Game 
94Me and My Shadow 
SpongeBart SquarePants 
Kitty Konfusion 
Food Feud! 
95Bart Simpson: Assistant Manager 
Mommy Nature Is My Friend! 
Güber Driver 
96Bedroom Battle 
Leapin' Lisa 
97App'd Out 
Bart Simpson Saves the Universe 
98Don't Forget to Leave a Tipster 
Skateboard Renegade 
A Nose for Adventure 
99Career Day 
Back Words 
From Malibu With Love 
Talk Cootie To Me 
100Son of Homer's Odyssey 

One-Off Titles

Issue #StoryReprint Book
Lisa ComicsLisa's Adventures in WordlandSimpsons Comics Royale
Krusty Comics #1The Rise and Fall of Krustyland (part 1) 
Krusty & Mr. Teeny Double DateSimpsons Comics Royale
Sideshow Mel: Part 1 - On the TownSimpsons Comics Royale
Krusty Comics #2The Rise and Fall of Krustyland (part 2) 
Krusty's Channeling TipsSimpsons Comics Royale
Sideshow Mel: Part 2 - On the SpotSimpsons Comics Royale
Krusty Comics #3The Rise and Fall of Krustyland (part 3) 
Sideshow Mel: Part 3 - On the LambSimpsons Comics Royale
(title changed to "On the Lam")
Comic Book Guy #1The Death of Comic Book Guy, Chapters 1-3 
The Death of Comic Book Guy, Chapters 4-6 
The Death of Comic Book Guy, Chapters 7-8 
The Death of Comic Book Guy, Chapters 9-13 
The Death of Comic Book Guy, Chapters 14-16 
Ralph Wiggum ComicsThe Man of the HouseSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Ralph's Room (2 stories)Ralph eating is in Simpsons Comics Compendium 5
Ralph Wiggum's Day Off 
Where's Ralph?Simpsons Comics Compendium 4
Ralph The Role ModelLi'l Homer
Bart Simpson's Pal MilhouseThe Imaginarium of Milhouse van HoutenSimpsons Comics Compendium 3
Milhouse's Best DaySimpsons Comics Explosion 1
Octo-WeenieSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Manners with Milhouse: "Telephone Etiquette" 
Feets of Fury 
Li'l HomerMean GenieSimpsons Comics Compendium 3
The Brothers Grime: The Boy Who Would Not Take a BathSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Fish Story 
Late for School 
Springfield's Next Top Model Kit 
Angry Kid in Stupid KiteSimpsons Comics Explosion 2
MaggieMadison Avenue Maggie 
Scent of a Baby 
Goodnight Buffoon 
Maggie's Crib (Radio Controlled Airplane) 
Maggie's Crib (El Barto)Simpsons Comics Compendium 4
Professor Frink Fantastic Science FictionsFrink Sinatra!Simpsons Comics Compendium 3
Hook, Line & Frinker 
Synchronicity for TwoSimpsons Comics Compendium 5
The Malevolent Mr. BurnsLittle Monty Million$ Adventure on Bigfoot Mountain!Simpsons Comics Compendium 3
Release the Hounds! 
Mr. Burns to the RescueSimpsons Comics Compendium 5
Mr. Burns Bears It AllSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Burnsie's Belly Laughs! 
The Wonderful World of Lisa SimpsonThe Pyramids of Lisa 
Honey Pooch Pooch 
Lisa's Lending LibrarySimpsons Comics Compendium 4
The Bongo Beat: Comic Krazy 
Duffman AdventuresThe Duffman CorpsSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Duff TV 
Kang & Kodos!The Big Kang TheorySimpsons Comics Compendium 5
Spit Happens 
Teen Cosmos presents: Under the Dome! 
Hillbilly Abductshun 
Ask Kang & Kodos! 
Spend Your Next Vacation on Rigel VII 
McBainHave Bodybag, Will Travel!(printed on the back side of the McBain "Have Bodybag, Will Travel" poster) 
Jimbo JonesEscape from New Springfield 
What's Under Jimbo's Cap? 
Inside Man 
Candy Crush 
Grampa Simpson's Unbelieveable AdventuresGrampa Simpson's Great Sandwich Caper! 
Things To Do Before I Die 
Krusty the ClownThe Laugh Man on Earth! 
Megameal Mayhem 

Simpsons Super Spectacular

Issue #StoryReprint Book
1Holy Cow! Has Pieman Turned Evil? 
The Crimespree on Springfield 2!Simpsons Comics Compendium 1
The Origin of Radioactive Man
(different from RM #1)
The Little Boy with the Big Dream 
Radioactive Man and Roargo 
2The League of Extraordinary Barts!Simpsons Comics Compendium 1
3The Coming of Gastritus 
Lure Lass and Weasel Woman in: The Crimes of the Crazy Cat Lady! 
A League of Their OwnSimpsons Comics Compendium 2
4Shadow Apocalypse of The Sciencester! 
Bartman vs. Screamapillar! in: Scream a Little Scream... 
The Day Radioactive Man Quit! 
5Captain Cupcake and Pieboy! 
Mufelatto the Ailment Man 
6Interminable Crises 
7The Agony and the EctoplasmSimpsons Comics Compendium 5
The House of Westinger! 
8The SprintSimpsons Comics Compendium 2
For Whom the Doorbell Tolls 
The True Origin of Radioactive Man 
9The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!, Part 3Simpsons Comics Compendium 3
10The Brave and the Bald 
Radioactive Man vs. Retroactive Man 
The Unleashed Legion! 
11The Piemen of the World 
I'm Rubber, You're Glue 
The Death of Comic Book Guy!: Part 1 
12Dial "M" for Milhouse! 
Metal as Anything 
14Radioactive Man: Turn Up the Silence 
Maggeena's Den 
15Nerds of PreySimpsons Comics Compendium 5
Sorcery Most Foul 
16Bartmanga! featuring Robartman! 
Crisis of Discontinuous Continuities! 

Bartman Comics

Issue #StoryReprint Book
1The Comic Cover CaperBartman: The Best of the Best!
Bartman's Bottom 40Bartman: The Best of the Best!
2Where Stalks...the Penalizer!Bartman: The Best of the Best!
3When Bongos Collide (Part 3): The Final CollisionBartman: The Best of the Best!
4Bartman (Part One) 
5Bartman Part Two: Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves 
6Bartman Part Three: The Great Purple Hope 

Itchy & Scratchy Comics

Issue #StoryReprint Book
1Around the World in 80 Pieces 
Itchy & Scratchy's Top 40 
2The Itchy & Scratchy Movie II 
3Labor Pains 
Labor Pains / When Bongos Collide, Part 1Bartman: The Best of The Best!
Itchy & Scratchy Holiday Hi-Jinx SpecialIt's a Wonderful KnifeSimpsons Holiday Humdinger

Radioactive Man

Issues appear in order of actual publication

Note that issues 222 and 575 only have a publication month; the listed years are assumptions
Radioactive Man Radioactive Repository #1 includes the first seven issues (including the 80-Page Colossal) as well as "The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man" from Simpsons 36-39

#1 (November 1952)
#88 (May 1962)
#216 (August 1972)
#412 (October 1980)
#679 (January 1986)
#1000 (January 1995)
Radioactive Man 80-Page Colossal #1 (Summer 1968)
"Calling All Scrawny, Self-Hating Wimps" appears in Simpsons Comics Simpsorama
"Huge Cardboard City of the Future" appears in Simpsons Comics Strike Back
"Uncle Krusty Will Send You Prizes Like These" appears in Simpsons Comics Unchained
#100 (May 1963) - Simpsons Comics Compendium 2
#222 (November (1972))
#136 (May 1966)
#4 (March 1953)
#575 (January (1984))
#106 (November 1963)
Bongo Super-Heroes #7
Radioactive Man: The Movie Adaptation ("8th Big Edition")
#197 (June 1971)

Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror (issues 1-13)
The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror (issues 14 and later)

Issue #StoryReprint Book
1Little Shop of HomersTreehouse of Horror Heebie-Jeebie Hullaballo
Call Me HomerTreehouse of Horror Heebie-Jeebie Hullaballo
Bart PeopleTreehouse of Horror Heebie-Jeebie Hullaballo
The Quick 'n' Easy, Low Budget, Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cool CostumesTreehouse of Horror Heebie-Jeebie Hullaballo
2Sideshow Blob!Treehouse of Horror Heebie-Jeebie Hullaballo
The ExorsisterTreehouse of Horror Heebie-Jeebie Hullaballo
3The Immigration of the Body Snatchers!Treehouse of Horror Heebie-Jeebie Hullaballo
Fatal ReceptionTreehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
4I Faced Tann-Enn-Bahm, The Christmas Tree From Another WorldTreehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spectacular
Rigel Four, Springfield ZeroTreehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spectacular
(retitled "Rigel 7, Springfield 0")
Illustrative ManTreehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spectacular
5Dark LisaTreehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spectacular
Xt'tapalatakettle's DayTreehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spectacular
Apu on Rigel 7Treehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spectacular
6Hell-o-weenTreehouse of Horror Fun-Filled Frightfest
MetamorphsimpsonsTreehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spectacular
Young FrinkensteinTreehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spectacular
From Duffs Till DawnTreehouse of Horror Fun-Filled Frightfest
7In Springfield No-One Can Hear You ScreamTreehouse of Horror Fun-Filled Frightfest
I'm Not in Springfield Anymore!Treehouse of Horror Fun-Filled Frightfest
HomererectusTreehouse of Horror Fun-Filled Frightfest
Catastrophe in Substitute Springfields!Treehouse of Horror Fun-Filled Frightfest
8Night of Nineteen Screams!Treehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
Tales from the Kwik-E-MartTreehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
"Krustine"Treehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
The Powerplant of PainTreehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
9Ring Around the SimpsonsTreehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
The Cask of Amontilla-D'ohTreehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
From Hell and BackTreehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
10Bart Simmons, God of Thunder!Treehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
The Legend of BatterfaceTreehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
House of a Thousand DonutsTreehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
Scareway to HeavenTreehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
11The Sub-Basement of DraculaTreehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
Squish ThingTreehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
A Quick Way to a Krusty Death!Treehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
Bart Simpson, Midget CommandoTreehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
Shock! Suspense! Simpsons!Treehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
Blast from the Future Past!Treehouse of Horror Dead Man's Jest
12Homer's Ark!Treehouse of Horror from Beyond the Grave
Blood Curse of the Evil Fairies!Treehouse of Horror from Beyond the Grave
Willie: Portrait of a GroundskeeperTreehouse of Horror from Beyond the Grave
13GnawsTreehouse of Horror from Beyond the Grave
They DrawTreehouse of Horror from Beyond the Grave
Prop, Prop, Whiz, WhizTreehouse of Horror from Beyond the Grave
The Pygmy ElixirTreehouse of Horror from Beyond the Grave
1430 Days of D'oh 
Murder He Wrote 
Homerstein Conquers the World! 
Part 2: War of the Gargantua Homersteins 
15Cloud 13 
The Call of Vegulu 
Blurst Agin! 
Mo' Bodies Mo Problems 
The Gods Must be Lazy! 
Contributors of the Damned 
Three Little Kids 
Bad Milhouse 
The Slipsons 
16I Screwed Up Big-Time.../I Totally Saved the Earth's Butt 
The Coff-Diddly-Offin 
Tell-Tale Bart 
Homer Goes to Hell! 
Marge of the Dead 
Quilty as Sin! 
A Fine Broth of a Boy 
The Missing Last Page 
18Eerie BeerySimpsons Comics Explosion 2
Marge Simpson in Margemary's Baby 
One Bart and Stormy Knight 
The Bride 
19Monster Mash-up 
Alienated!Simpsons Comics Explosion 1
Cthulhu? Gseundheit! 
20ZombienadoSimpsons Comics Explosion 3
The Walking Ned 
Dusk of the No-Brainers! 
Power Plants vs. Zombies 
21Graveyard Shift 
The Left Behinders! 
22Ghost Bashers 
The Ex Files 
Retirement Castle of the Vampires 
Bart & Lisa vs. the Red Menace 
23IT Happens! 
A Fungus Among Us 
Curse of the Cat Lady 

Simpsons Comics Summer Shindig

Issue #StoryReprint Book
1Midday on the MidwaySimpsons Comics Compendium 1
Bart vs Bart: Dream vs. DreamBart Simpson Big Shot
Homer's Guide to the BeachSimpsons Comics Shake-Up
Bart Simpson's Report on Francis Scott KeySimpsons Comics Shake-Up
Homer Beats the HeatSimpsons Comics Compendium 1
Bart Simpson's Guide to The Last Day of Summer VacationBart Simpson Big Shot
2The Simpsons Au Naturel!Simpsons Comics Confidential
Down in the DumpsSimpsons Comics Supernova
Chili Chili Bang BangSimpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis
3D'oh, Nuts!Simpsons Comics Compendium 2
A Roaming HolidaySimpsons Comics Shake-Up
Radioactive Man in: The Riddle of Radioactive Rabbit 
Moron Kombat!Simpsons Comics Compendium 1
4The Last Son of KraptonSimpsons Comics Clubhouse
Dirty LaundrySimpsons Comics Clubhouse
I.C.S.I. (Ice Cream Scene Investigators!)Simpsons Comics Compendium 2
Bartman BeyondSimpsons Comics Compendium 2
5Tales from the Springfield Bear PatrolSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Fly Away HomerSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Fur 'n' Hate 451Simpsons Comics Clubhouse
6Tattoo YouSimpsons Comics Chaos
Anchor BluesSimpsons Comics Compendium 2
The Radioactive Manqués! 
Locked in a BrewerySimpsons Comics Chaos
7Railroaded!Bart Simpson Bust-Up
The Battle of the BatboysBart Simpson Suckerpunch
Sun Burns!Simpsons Comics Compendium 4
Judge DredneckSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
8Poolin' AroundSimpsons Comics Compendium 5
McBain in: A Hero's HeroSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Bartman Unmasked! 
McBain in: Caffeine Fiends!Simpsons Comics Compendium 4
McBain in: Reduce, Reuse, Re-vengeance!Simpsons Comics Compendium 4
What the Hole?!Simpsons Comics Compendium 5
McBain in: Dial M for McBain! (Also Murder)Simpsons Comics Compendium 4
9Pieman meets the Pi Man 
Stretch Bob and Sideshow Clobber!Simpsons Comics Compendium 5
Bicolps vs The Diplopian Duo! 
One Gigantic Mess! 

Simpsons Comics Winter Wingding

Issue #StoryReprint Book
1Springfield's Letters to SantaHomer for the Holidays
Angry Dad (Shoveling the Driveway)Homer for the Holidays
Hot Cider in the CityHomer for the Holidays
Homer's New Year's ResolutionsHomer for the Holidays
Itchy & Scratchy in: The Gift That Keeps On GivingHomer for the Holidays
The Gift of the MaccabeesHomer for the Holidays
Snow Falling on CheatersHomer for the Holidays
2The Christmas That Lasted Forever!Homer for the Holidays
Otto's Gnarly Showboarder's GlossaryHomer for the Holidays
Brave BartHomer for the Holidays
Ralph vs. the WildHomer for the Holidays
that's SO glavin!Homer for the Holidays
VSI: Valentine Scene Investigators 
3Yes, Flanders, There Is a Santa ClausHomer for the Holidays
Scared Jail 
Not a (Green, Slimy) Creature Was StirringHomer for the Holidays
Hibernatin' HomerHomer for the Holidays
4Off the Grid 
Itchy & Scratchy in: Are We There, Yeti? 
The Landfill of Forbidden Toys 
Oh, Plow, Where Art Thou? 
'Twas the Eve Before Christmas 
5One Flu Over Springfield 
Freezer Burns 
A Simpleton PlanSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Getting There is Half the Battle 
The Sno-blitterator 
6Guardian Snow Angel 
It's Snow Game! 
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Cards 
The Iceman Cometh 
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Carols 
Billion Dollar Butt-ski 
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Cookies 
There's No Such Thing as Free Shipping 
7Kiss Me, Bart Simpson! 
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Lights 
Gift Exchange 
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Eggnog 
'Tisn't the Season 
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Trees 
Hole Lotta Trouble 
Itchy & Scratchy in: Chest Guts Roasting 
8Bear Patrol II: Polar ExcessSimpsons Comics Compendium 4
Pete Za Party 
Everybody Loves a Parade 
D.I.Y. Homer 
9Snow Dad 
The Radioactive Man Christmas Special! 
The Heist Before Christmas 
A Cold Day in Springfield 
10"Yippee Ki-Yay, Mr. Flanders" 
The Mr. Plow Mysteries! 
Fright Before Christmas 
The Winter of Our Discount Tent 
Sideshow Bob's Holiday Wishes! 

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