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Created by Dave Hall
Contributions from Brian Bergevin
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The Maggie File V2.0
Original compilation by Chris Baird, Raymond Chen, and Dave Hall.
Updated thru [5F18] by Brian Bergevin


1.1 What is Maggie's full name?
Margret Simpson [3F06]

1.2 What is Maggie's date of birth?
Unknown. She was apparently concieved on the "18th of the month" [2F10]
Maggie is perpetually 1 year old, celebrating her first birthday in [1F21].

1.3 In the opening credits, how much does Maggie cost?
$847.63. It has been claimed by many that Matt Groening once stated that the figure reflects the amount once determined to be the monthly cost of raising an infant in the United States. However, no reliable source confirms this.

1.4 Who voices Maggie?
Several people are responsible for the sounds Maggie has made.




Good night, Dad Liz Georges {ddg}


{sucking sound}* Gabor Csupo, Liz Georges (also said anecdotally to be Matt Groening)


All right! / Look at this! Yeardley Smith {ddg} [MG09]
It's your fault I can't talk Matt Groening** [7F07]
Moe (burp) Yeardley Smith [8F08]
Mama (Bart's radio microphone) Nancy Cartwright {ddg} [8F11]
Lavish attention on me and entertain me.
Where did you go?
Oh, there you are-- very amusing.
I have soiled myself.  How embarassing.
I want what the dog's eating.
Danny DeVito [8F23]
Daddy (first real word in "The Simpsons") Elizabeth Taylor [9F08]
This is indeed a disturbing universe James Earl Jones [2F03]
Daddily-doodily Yeardley Smith [3F01]
Various crying, coughing, giggling, etc. Yeardley Smith [2F08]

{Original compilation by rc}

*For the half-hour show, Maggie's sucking noise was replayed from a synthesizer.
**Don Del Grande suggests MG voice credit for 7F07 may be incorrect. I concur.

1.5 What is Maggie's traditional apparel?
Maggie is most often seen in her blue "baggie", along with a blue hair ribbon and red pacifier.

Other outfits have included:

Baggies / Dresses
--white baggie worn to bed: [MG04], [MG40], [7G03] {ddg}, [7F02], [7F03], [9F07], [9F22] {dh}, [2F08], [3G03], [5F03], [5F07], [4F19], [3F12]
--black baggie: [MG14], [9F11] {ddg}
--pink baggie: [7F20], [7F24]
--purple baggie and purple hair ribbon: [7G09] {dh}
--prey baggie with light blue collar and belt: [3F11]
--baggie with collar and placket [2F03]
--grey smock: [3F23]
--purple "Crown Royal" (liquor) baggie: [8F17]
--a baggie with no arms or legs: [7F18]
--a real dress and red hair ribbon: [1F21]
--Flower girl dress: [8F20]
--white baptismal gown with bonnet and train [3F01]
--orange baggie with separate legs: [5F14]
--star-spangled jumpsuit, green sweater, pink nightshirt, beaver costume: [4F20]
--jewelery with baggie: [8F23]

--blue bonnet, most often worn to church: [3G03], [9F01], [8F19] {sg}, [2F04], [3F07] (bonnet was white in [7F13] {dh})
--coonskin cap: [3F13]
--baseball cap: [8F13]
--cowboy hat: [3F24]
--hair net: [4F08]
--straw hat: [4F20]

Outdoor clothes
--orange, star-shaped snowsuit: [7G08], [7F03], [9F07] {dh}, [3F07], [4F10], [5F07], [5F14], [5F16]
--orange bathing suit: [3F15] (orange life jacket in [7F18])
--orange jacket: [1F12]
--pink rain slicker & hat: [3G04]
--rubber gloves: [4F06]

Naked or wearing only a diaper: [MG10], [2F10], [3F18], [3F06], [4F13], [5F09], [8F16] {ddg}

1.6 What does Maggie grow up to be like?
Physically, she looks a lot like a larger version of Lisa from the Tracy Ullman days. Grown-up Maggie wears a blue blouse, black t-shirt, red pants, a friendship bracelet and black boots. She wears her pacifier around her neck as a necklace. (Also shown in black and blue bridesmaid dress.) [2F15] 

According to Homer, grown-up Maggie never shuts up.  In addition, accoding to Dr. Hibbert, "she's quite a little hellion, but she has an angelic voice." [2F15]

Maggie's future is also hinted at in:
[MG41] Bart tells a story about adults Bart, Lisa, and Maggie sending children Marge and Homer to their room {ddg}
[8F22] Homer's funeral
[1F03] Her wedding.

1.7. What are some significant events in Maggie's life?
[2F10] birth
[8F19] cut her "first tooth" (although a lot of episodes show her with a full set of teeth) {ddg} [9F08] first real word
[1F12] seen eating food with a fork without help {A first?}
[1F18] first nemesis -- Gerald, "the baby with one eyebrow" (who also appears in [1F21] {ddg} and [4F16])
[1F21] first birthday
[2F20] shot Mr. Burns
[4F05] wins "Cutest Baby" contest


2.1 Maggie frequently trips and falls

Falls from the Tracy Ullman show: {ddg}

2 walking towards the TV
1 after changing the channels

3 (1 off-camera), all on the roof chasing the butterfly

2 when Bart pulled the pacifier out of her mouth
2 when Maggie went to her room (1 cut in syndication)

1 when she and Lisa are "cheerleading"

1 when the kids are running to the mirror

1 after her first salute

1 when the women return from the ballet

1 after getting out of her chair when searching for Bart

1 during the rain dance

1 walking to the keyhole
2 walking away from Bart

1 as they walk past the tank

2 when Maggie spins Bart in the chair

1 when going to the jar
1 when Bart calls her name

1 as they walk through the zoo

4 (unspecified)

1 (cut in syndication) - as the kids fall over and laugh

1 as they leave the car

4 on the way to the movie theater (note that nobody, not even Maggie, even slows down during the falls)

1 after pulling the curtain in front of the TV open

1  when Bart pokes at his present.

1 when the door slammed

Falls from the series: {ddg}  (note how Maggie falls less and less as the seasons go on)

3 during Bart's first prank phone call
1 when the kids were waiting for Homer to come home
1 after Marge growled at the kids
3 during Bart's second prank phone call
1 when Ms. Botz introduces herself
1 when Marge thanks Ms. Botz for coming
5 on way to watch video tape (2 silent, rapid falls in hallway; 1 in front room; 2 in TV room)
1 after landing on a pile of toys
1 sneaking pass Ms. Botz
1 at the bottom of the stairs
1 arriving at the TV room
1 when she tricks Ms. Botz into following her
1 at the telephone booth.

1 when Marge has an idea that's fun for the whole family.

1 when Marge straightens her Sunday Hat.

3 during Marge's voice-over of her letter (one off screen)
1 at the end of Marge's letter
1 when looking at Flander's Christmas lights.

3 as she follows Homer and Bart looking for help; one off-screen thud is heard {cjb}

1 when the kids bring Marge breakfast in bed
1 when they cry out "Happy Birthday!"
1 during Homer line "A very - thoughtful gift"
1 during Lisa line "I think he forgot, Mom"
1 when she hands the pizza box to Homer.

1 walking out of Lisa's bedroom

1 when Adil shakes her hand.

1 when the signs were hammered into the front lawn
1 as Burns leaves the house.

1 when getting off the couch
1 at Bart's bedside
1 when Homer finds out the plant is closed.

1 when Homer signs the delivery form
1 during Homer's line "Well, It's all ours"
1 when entering the foyer with knife in mouth
1 when the aliens arrive
1 during Lisa's line "we face that prejudice every day of our lives"
1 as an Angel
1 when leaving the Treehouse.

1 when BGMurphy finishes the anthem {cjb}

1 leaving the kitchen after descending the high-chair {rjc}
2 when following Lisa out of the living room {rjc}
1 at the top of the stairs
1 when entering Lisa's room
1 at Homer's feet while watching the football
1 when Bart appears on TV.

1 at Homer's first putt, "fore"
1 when she fell out of the skull's eye-socket.

{There is one fall somewhere in this episode -dh}

1 when Marge and the kids return from shopping
1 when Homer rushes the TV
1 when Marge hands Lisa lemonade
1 when OFF walk out to see Homer cut the cable. {no sound -dh}

1 while hugging SLH during the family meeting {cjb}
1 at the ceremony {cjb}

1 when kids are introduced to Herbert Powell.

{one during the couch gag, if that counts? -cjb}

1 after waving good-bye to Homer & Marge {dh}
1 when Marge comments how wonderful the house looks.

1 while Lisa confirms Bart about ruining the family
1 when she shows Lisa a flash-card.

1 when Homer was tossing junk mail into the trash.

1 when Maggie walks in with her witch mask. {ddg}

1 at the end of the episode.

1 while Marge was praying
1 while the kids were watching I&S
1 during Lisa's line "A role-model in my very own house...".

1 while Marge was talking on the phone.

1 when Marge asked Homer to be nice.

1 if counting the couch scene.
1 when trying to get away from Homer.

One definite fall, when she and Lisa go to the front door to see what the commotion is about. aggie crawls to the door, suggesting that she also fell off-camera while en route. (Since Maggie rarely crawls.)

1 while trying to throw a football as Homer & Lisa watch TV.

1 from the doorway she was clinging to
1 as she walks down the street looking for Marge {ddg}

1 As she walks away from the fingerprinting session {ddg}

1 as the flower girl at the wedding {ddg}

1 at the Fourth of July picnic {ddg}

1 during Lisa's "training session" with Bart {ddg}

1 as she runs to Marge on Visiting Day {ddg}

1 when Burns leaves with Bobo. {ddg}

1 when she goes after her pacifier. {ddg}

1 as she's carrying the circular saw. {ddg}

1 in kitchen

1 leaving house in second segment

2 while chasing butterfly (1 is offscreen- sound only)

1 when Homer hugs Marge

1 approaching stairs (no sound)
1 climbing stairs
1 outside Bart's room

1 before party starts
1 during wedding ceremony

1 when setting up office

1 when dancing with Bart (but almost stopped herself from falling)

2 during final song

1 time looking for Homer in third segment
1 time at end of musical number

1 when introduced to Apu's mother

1 when walking into empty house
1 hanging off washcloth

2.2 Constant sucking on pacifier

Want a list of every time Maggie has sucked on her pacifier?  We don't have one.   If you're willing to compile it, we'll post it.  Be glad you have the list of falls.

Other things Maggie has had in her mouth:

[7G10] Sucking on a fried shrimp
[7G12] Krusty pacifier
[7F04] Bart's `severed' finger
[7F22] flash card
[8F04] Chess piece
[8F14] seat-belt
[8F18] her thumb, a crayon, a block, Bart doll
[8F23] Herb's nose
[9F02] a cigarette (tossed by "Menthol Moose") {ddg}
[9F09] a dreidel {ddg}
[9F15] a giant tooth (in the dentist's office). {ddg}
[2F03] diamond-studded pacifier
[3F02] straw drink umbrella
[4F20] "first tooth" as beaver
[5F07] Christmas cookie

Others who have sucked on Maggie's pacifier:

[MG05] Bart & Lisa
[7G01] Bart {dh}
[7G09] a bear
[7G13] Homer
[8F06] Lisa's pony
[9F18] a snake
[1F01] Burns
[1F04] Bart (in the introduction to the first story).
[2F32] Homer (also offered to Lisa)

Maggie seen without pacifier (other than eating) 

[7G01] When Bart whacks Ms. Botz
[7F14] being burped; chewing on the seat belt {ddg}
[7F19] crying for her pacifier {ddg}
[7F24] when she spits her pacifier at Bart
[8F08] when she says ``Moe''
[8F11] when Marge puts her pacifier on a hook on her crib {ddg}
[8F14] being burped by Marge {ddg}
[8F18] Ms. Sinclair takes her pacifier away
[8F19] kissing album covers
[8F23] when Herb is "measuring" her "speech", and when Herb is demonstrating the translator {ddg} {Actually Maggie didn't have her pacifier during all of Herb's research -dh}
[9F01] when her tongue gets stuck to a seat-belt {ddg}
[9F08] when she speaks, and when she burps {ddg}
[9F12] when she burps ``Bart''
[9F15] when she was in the dentist's office {ddg}
[9F18] she spits out her pacifier at Bart {ddg}
[1F01] when she offers her pacifier to Mr. Burns {ddg}
[1F08] lost her pacifier
[2F15] grown up Maggie, wearing it around her neck
[2F32] when she offers it to Homer and Lisa
[3F01] spits it out to eat, takes it outto burp, takes it out to say "Daddily-doodily"
[3F03] loses it when "eaten" by animals at the zoo
[3F04] drinking out of soda can, takes out pacifier to stop Willie, twirls pacifier on finger
[3F06] pacifier falls out of mouth in shock
[3F07] taken out for family photo
[3F18] stuck in newspaper box without pacifier
[4F06] takes pacifier out as wave comes in
[3G03] pulled out by kite string
[4F13] after o.d. on coffee ice cream
[5F23] takes out pacifier and grins, drops pacifier upon seeing hoverbike

2.3 Maggie is the least seen member of the Simpson family

When she is around, Maggie is almost always being carried by Marge in her arms.   But, often, the family will go out to dinner or elsewhere and leave Maggie behind.   We know little about who takes care of her in these instances.

Episodes with little or no Maggie in them

[8F17] There is very little of her in this episode {sg}
[9F14] Seen only when the bookcase falls on Bart - she grabs the cupcake when she walks by {ddg}
[9F16] only seen in photos/pictures {ddg}
[1F07] not seen
[1F09] only appeared at the breakfast table
[1F15] seen only at breakfast and at the end of this episode
[1F19] seen for a few seconds in the courtroom (later, the top of her head is visible for a few more seconds). {ddg}
[2F09] seen only in 2 short scenes at the end
[2F22] only seen at dinner
[2F17] seen for about one second in two scenes at the table
[3F09] only in one scene on couch
[3F10] not seen
[3F13] seen only once at very end
[3F19] only in one scene, eating with a spoon
[4F01] not seen
[4F14] only on Marge's lap in first scene
[5F04] seen once in Marge's lap, and in a few broad shots of wedding crowd
[5F11] not seen
[5F14] only in two short scenes

2.4 Maggie tends to imitate her family members {ddg}

Opening credits: steering the car, honkng the horn
[7G04] Saying Grace with the family; Beating her Daddy with a rubber mallet {dh}
[7G08] poking the spot where Bart's tattoo use to be {dh}
[7F05] cartoon violence {dh}
[7F06] joins Homer in clapping hands at Lisa's recital. {dh}
[8F04] praying along with Marge {ddg}
[8F06] clapping with Marge when Bart goes on stage {dh}
[8F13] when Bart and Lisa do the "Darryl" chant, Maggie puts her hand next to her mouth as well {ddg}
[8F20] Maggie rubs Bart's head along with Marge {ddg}
[9F03] making hand gestures at the guy in the car behind her {dh}
[9F04] Maggie taps the wall below the window with a tiny hammer as the others board up the window to keep the Zombies out {ddg}
[9F09] Maggie hugs Marge as Bart and Lisa hug Homer {ddg}
[1F01] joins family in tackling Homer. {dh}
[2F01] shakes her fists as Bart and Lisa punch each other
[2F05] shakes fist along with crowd
[2F06] gathers around Homer with Bart and Lisa to hear about candy show
[3F08] waves arms with Bart, Homer, and Lisa over planes
[3F12] stretching with family after night in haunted house
[3F14] cheers with crowd
[4F07] waves arms along with Bart, Homer, and Lisa as they work the Rubik's cube
[4F09] flinches with Marge when Homer yells trough megaphone
[4F12] cheering Poochie's death
[4F20] performs 2 musical numbers with family in Smile Time Variety Hour
[3G03] marching with family during song

2.5  Maggie is often reaching for or grabbing something {ddg}

[7F16] Herb's tie
[7F17] the lions
[1F12] a Lisa doll
[8F18] her pacifier {dh},  Ned's glasses during rehearsals {sg}
[8F21] reaches for the guitar (that Homer was playing) {sg}
[8F23] Wanted Herb to hold her, grabs Herb's chin
[9F10] family of opossums {dh}
[9F11] car door handle {dh}
[1F08] the tiger {dh}
[1F10] reaching for TV {dh}
[1F12] Abe's old coins {dh}, reaches for a stack of Lisa Lionheart dolls
[1F14] wanted Homer to hold her. {dh}
[1F17] Tugs at Marge's dress {ddg}
[2F10] Homer's thumb, wanted to be hugged, grabs pacifier
[2F20] Homer's lollipop
[3F22] red balloon
[4F24} scissors
[5F07] Brockman's microphone


Maggie gets the least attention out of all the Simpsons, but often, she can be seen in the foreground of a scene doing something interesting, even when the action is focused elsewhere.

[7G01] Waving "bye-bye" to Bart & Lisa as Ms. Botz carries her to bed
[7G03] poking Homer's eye
[7F21] mushing fries into table at Krusty Burgers
[8F02] shovelling candy into mouth with both hands
[8F05, 3F01] drinking from dog dish
[8F06] feeds Lisa's pony with pacifier
[8F12] fumbling with the football
[8F13] feeds SLH under the dinner table {sg}
[8F14] won't give up her pacifier; won't let go of door frame, throwing things out of the cart {ddg}
[8F16] playing peek-a-boo with Marge
[8F16] you can hear her laugh {ddg}
[8F17] poking SLH's eyeball
[8F17] she pets the SLH at the end of the show which is pretty impressive for a baby {sg}
[8F19] her eyes follow the recording level indicators and isolates when the level peaks, rides the tape reel {sg}
[8F22] shoots plastic darts at Bart (misses)
[8F23] throwing up on Unkie Herb
[9F08] tricking Homer out of seven cookies
[9F09] feeds SLH with her pacifier
[1F04] waving "bye-bye" to the Bart-Bat {ddg}
[1F22] napping on Jello
[7F13,1F03] sleeping on SLH.
[7G08] Riding SLH
[7F05] hitting Homer over the head with a mallet; attacking Homer with a pencil; offering Homer a glass of lemonade {jb}
[7F08] "riding" the windmill at Sir Putt-A-Lot's {ddg}
[7F24] riding a ceiling fan
[9F06] waltzs with Snowball II {ddg}
[7G11,7F06,8F11] porridge drop routine
[7F13,7F20] putting things in cart
[2F06] wearing wax lips, patting candy pile, hanging upside-down from Marge's lap
[2F07] drinking giant soda at the movies
[2F12] appears in clown makeup
[3F01] karate chops melba toast
[3F03] claps at 3 little pigs diorama
[3F08] picking flowers
[3F13] waving flag
[3F18] playing peekaboo
[4F04] battles SLH and Snowball II for fallen meatball
[4F11] squirts Cheez-wiz in mouth
[4F13] squirts powder at Lisa, hangs from shower rod
[4F16] dumps oatmeal on her head
[4F12, 4F17]petting SLH
[4F19] covers her eyes in embarassment when Grimes yells at Homer
[4F24] playing with hairbrush
[5F01] playing with blocks
[5F07] pulls Bart's hair, plays with noisemaker
[5F09] petting Snowball II
[5F15] crawling around pile of mail
[5F16] playing with her food

There is quite a bit of evidence from the show to suggest Maggie has an advanced intellect for a 1 year old.

[[7G01] Knows what a VCR remote is used for
[7G02] spelling out "E=MC sq" with toy blocks
[7G06] Bart tells her to run to the one she loves best and she runs to the TV and hugs it.
[7G09] communicating with bears
[7F22] Maggie shows Lisa an "Aztec" flashcard after seeing the Olmec head {ddg}
[8F18] taping out 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies' on a toy xylophone; liberating her pacifier [1F12] doodling 'Maggie Simpson' on an 'Etch-A-Sketch'
[9F01] getting her pacifier back (a joint effort.)
[9F03] driving Homer's car
[9F19] Maggie realizes Homer is being attacked because Maggie is mad at Gabbo's appearance on TV and uses the remote control to change the channel {ddg}
[1F21] knows what a credenza is
[2F03] spells "redrum" on blocks
[2F05] catches bottle flying at Homer
[2F31] waves bye-bye to departing Jay Sherman
[2F16] alerts Marge that Bart is hurt
[3F01] got red star in Bible trivia
[3F04] saved Bart and Lisa from Willie
[3F05] makes Play-doh donut for Homer
[3G03] uses fire extinguisher to put out curtains

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