The Guide to Alternate Credits
Another argument against the shabby treatment they get

Created by Jordan Eisenberg
Maintained by Matt Garvey

This is a list of episodes in which the ending credits vary in some way from the standard. That includes variations in music and backdrop, and dialogue that continues into the credits.

A few notes from Matt:
I've reorganized the list a little since taking over. The main groups are now audio, video, and Gracie/Fox; since numerous episodes fit more than one of these, use your browser's find function to search by p-code.
I've tried to verify every episode's credits, but there's always a possibility I missed something or made some other kind of mistake. Feel free to send me corrections and updates. There is also a list here of episodes whose credits I have yet to verify; they're probably standard, but any news on them is welcome. (Keep in mind that though certain things start before the credits, if something is contained entirely in the Executive Producers' screens, I won't include it.)
Also, careful readers might find that I've moved several clips out of the Fox logo section, because in every version I have seen they've been in the Gracie Films logo instead. Feel free to take up any beef with me, but I'd like some proof.

Readers might also be interested in Nicol�s Di Candia's recent "Treehouse of Horror" credits list here. It lists most of the spooky Halloween names taken on by cast and crew in those episodes.

Audio: Simpsons Theme Variations

7F04Halloween Version 1 (Harpsichord)
8F02Halloween Version 2
8F12UCLA Marching Band Version
9F04Halloween Version 3 (Harpsichord)
1F04Halloween Version 4 (Addams Family Homage)
1F03Dragnet Homage
1F08Big Band/Las Vegas Version
1F09It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Homage
2F05Hockey Style
2F13Australian Version
2F15Renaissance Version
2F21Hill Street Blues Homage
2F16JFK Homage
2F20Afro-Cuban Version (Tito Puente)
3F04Halloween Version 5 (Myst/Philip Glass Style)
3F06Somber Version
3F19Dragnet Homage (alternate mix of 1F03 credits)
3F21Grunge Rock Version (Sonic Youth)
4F02Halloween Version 6
4F0470s Combo/Love Ballad Version
3G02Jazz/Pop Version (with brief vocal from Homer)
5F02Halloween Version 7
3G04UCLA Marching Band Version (alternate mix of 8F12 credits)
AABF01Halloween Version 8
AABF02Psychedelic Version (Yo La Tengo and Homer)
BABF01Halloween Version 9
BABF05Alternative rock version (NRBQ)
BABF04Hawaiian Version
BABF21"The Munsters" version
CABF17Hobo version
DABF02Buddhist version
DABF10Brazilian/Carnivale version
DABF19Halloween Version 10
EABF21Halloween Version 11
FABF10Brave Combo Version
GABF02Marching Band Version 3 (see also Audio: Miscellaneous)
GABF14Los Lobos Version
GABF17Halloween Version 12
HABF04Vegas Version 2 (not the same as 1F08)
HABF17Halloween Version 13
JABF14"24" version (actually a remix of 2F16)*
JABF16Halloween Version 14 (very much like 1F04)
KABF16Halloween Version 15
KABF22Fallout Boy (I refuse to spell it their way) version
LABF08A cappella version by Canvas (abridged)

Total count: 45

Audio: Other Music

7G08"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (The Simpsons)
7G06Bleeding Gums Murphy plays sax at the Jazz Hole
7F05"Capital City" (Tony Bennett)
7F12"The Joker" (Homer Simpson)
7F24"Happy Birthday, Lisa" (Kipp Lennon with Bart Simpson) (accompanied version)
8F08"Young Lust" (Aerosmith)
8F13"Talkin' Softball" (Terry Cashman)
8F24"South of the Border" (Gene Merlino)
9F05"It's Not Unusual" (Tom Jones)
9F11"(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" (Michele Pillar, plus interjection from Selma Bouvier)
9F13"Monster Mash" (Bobby "Boris" Pickett)
9F14"Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head" (Kipp Lennon)
1F02"Louie, Louie" (The Kingsmen)
1F21"The Sound of Grampa" (Kipp Lennon, with additional vocals from Abe Simpson)
1F22"Summer Wind" (Alf Clausen's orchestra)
2F03"One" (The Simpsons)
2F09"We Do" (The Stonecutters, with no character voices mixed in)
2F11"Que Sera, Sera" (Alf Clausen's orchestra)
2F32"Jazz Man" (Lisa Simpson with Bleeding Gums Murphy, with short dialogue at end)
3F03"Maybe I'm Amazed" (Paul McCartney, with backmasked lentil soup recipe)
3F31"Shake Your Booty" (K.C. and the Sunshine Band)
3F13"Ballad of Jebediah Springfield" (Rich Logan and Dick Wells)
3F22"All Summer Long" (The Beach Boys)
3F23"Scorpio" (Sally Stevens)
4F03"People" (Sally Stevens)
4F05"Any Way You Want It" (Journey)
4F06Instrumental version of "We Put the Spring in Springfield" (Alf Clausen's Orchestra)
3F24"Short Shorts" (The Nashville Teens)
3G03Instrumental reprises of music heard throughout the episode
4F11"Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" (C&C Music Factory)
4F16"Jammin'" (Bob Marley with Chief Wiggum and Lou)
4F22"New York, New York" (Michael Dees)
5F07"Santa's On His Way" (Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys)
5F08"Groove Me" (King Floyd with Homer Simpson)
5F18"Rock the Casbah" (The Clash)
AABF05"I Will Always Love You" (Whitney Houston)
AABF06"Viva Las Vegas" (Elvis Presley)
AABF08"Spanish Flea" (instrumental)
AABF14"Highway to Hell" (AC/DC)
AABF15"Arrivederci, Roma" (vocals by Michael Dees) {pk} {bp}
AABF16"Can't Buy Me Love" (performed by NRBQ)
AABF20Generic techno music (from "Battling Seizure Robots")
AABF19"Glove Slap" (The B-52's)
BABF10Rachel Jordan sings a verse over the voice credits (then condensed theme)
BABF16"Bawitdaba" (Kid Rock) {ms2}
BABF15Extended soundtrack to a Little Vicky movie
BABF19"Simpsons Christmas Boogie" (the Simpson family)
BABF17"I Like That Girl" (NRBQ) (not "Sophie's Song," which is a.f.a.i.k. her violin piece)
CABF01"Spybreak!" (Propellerheads) (popularly known from "The Matrix")
CABF03"Pulp Fiction"-style guitar riffs
CABF12"Join the Navy" (The Party Posse song played "backwards") (see also Audio: Miscellaneous)
CABF11"Always Safety First" (NRBQ)
CABF15"Get Dancin'" (Disco Tex and His Sexolettes)
CABF22"Don't Fear the Reaper" (Blue Oyster Cult)
DABF03"Sugar Sugar" (The Archies)
DABF09"Beverly Hillbillies"-esque music, plus snoring from Grampa
DABF22"Rip This Joint" (Rolling Stones) (see also Audio: Miscellaneous)
DABF18"Who Let Her Jugs Out?" (Baha Men)
EABF07"I Put a Spell on You" (Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
EABF09"America, America" (instrumental)
EABF12"Homer and Marge" (sung by "Weird Al" Yankovic)
EABF20Instrumental reprises of songs from the episode
EABF22"Rule Brittania"
FABF03"One, Two" (Roofi, written by Alf Clausen though credits ignore this)
FABF06"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (Mozart) (NOT heard in syndication)
FABF07"Movin' on Up" (Ja'net DuBois) (NOT heard in syndication)
FABF17"America" (Neil Diamond) (NOT heard in syndication)
FABF23"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" (Theme from "Perfect Strangers")
GABF01"Love Will Keep Us Together" with alternate lyrics by Homer and Marge (becomes instrumental after one verse)
GABF03A hip-hop beat presumably by Boots Riley of The Coup (clarification wanted) (see also Audio: Miscellaneous)
GABF05"Tijuana Taxi" (performed by the Simpson family)
GABF07"I've Been Everywhere" (Johnny Cash)
GABF13[Some instrumental song I can't place, following the "jazz hands" reprise] (see also Audio: Miscellaneous)
GABF09[What sounds like music from Riverdance; again, clarification useful]
GABF18"Car Wash" (Rose Royce)
GABF19"California" (Phantom Planet)
HABF02"That's Amore" with alternate lyrics ("That's Immoral") by gondolier and dialogue by Homer and Marge (then instrumental)
HABF01"The Marche" (Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker) (NOT heard in syndication)
HABF05Instrumental reprises of songs from the episode
HABF06"Hoe-Down" from "Rodeo" (Aaron Copland)
HABF10[Indian music related to the episode; perhaps a named song?] (NOT heard in syndication)
HABF12"Thick as a Brick" (Jethro Tull) (NOT heard in syndication)
HABF16Instrumental version of Tabitha Vixx's "Trouble-istic" (Alf Clausen)
HABF15"Godfather"-esque music (NOT heard in syndication)
HABF18More jazz from the episode (NOT heard in syndication)
JABF18Instrumental opera music
JABF21Western-movie-like music (NOT heard in syndication)
JABF17Jack Black sings "What's New, Pussycat?" in Korean
KABF05Otherworldly music (that's what closed captions say!) (NOT heard in syndication)
KABF08Instrumental ballet music (NOT heard in syndication)
KABF09Dixie Chicks' version of Lurleen's song (NOT heard in syndication)
KABF10Western/farmy music
KABF18Lovey music (from or based on "Two for the Road") (NOT heard in syndication)
LABF03Mardi Gras music (NOT heard in syndication)
LABF11Irish music (instrumental of "This Is the Life")
LABF10"Waverly Hills" (parody of Weezer's "Beverly Hills")
LABF09"Time to Say Goodbye" (end credits version of "Hi-Ho" soundalike)
LABF12Norwegian music
LABF13Superman-type music
LABF16"Boola Boola" (Yale fight song)
LABF14Medley of songs from the episode (the musical act)
LABF18Upbeat, vaguely rural music from a prank sequence
LABF20"A Princess Knows" (Princess Penelope's song) (instrumental)
MABF03"Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" (instrumental)
MABF05"Trepak" (the "other" song from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, see HABF01)
MABF06"O Canada" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (instrumental) (following "La Marseillaise" from execs)
MABF07Love theme from Cinema Paradiso {ja}
MABF10Jewish instrumental music (during latter portion) (see also Audio: Miscellaneous)
MABF08"Monty Burns' Blues" (by Burns and backup singers)
MABF09"At Seventeen" (Janis Ian)
MABF14"La Mer" (Charles Trenet)
MABF12"Get Ready for This" (2 Unlimited) (instrumental)
MABF13"I'll Always Love My Mama" (The Intruders)
MABF11Theme from Cape Fear(e)

Total count: 115

Audio: Miscellaneous

7F11Homer watches television bowling tournament
9F01God: "The meaning of life is..." (cut into regular theme) (This was inserted so when Fox's voiceover began, well, consider 5F11, but that night they didn't do one. Figures.)
9F21Homer quotes the Beatles; everyone laughs; Barney doesn't get it (then condensed theme) {pk}
3F01Standard Theme (with a short dialogue of Homer & Marge) (NOT heard in syndication) {pk}
3F07Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge
3F15Entertainment Tonight spoof on Troy McClure's new film (plus Fox fanfare, then cut into regular theme)
3F17Marge recieves many calls pertaining to Bart's road trip (then condensed theme)
3F18Professor Frink sings his theme song (then condensed theme) {as}
4F01Homer's autodialer performs its court-ordered apology (cut into regular theme)
5F03Standard Theme (with Homer "cutting" credits)
5F24Standard Theme (with Snake shooting orchestra)
5F09Short skit with U2 and Mr. Burns over latter portion of credits
AABF07Standard Theme (with the Crazy Old Man talking over the voice credits)
AABF10Homer reads a Fox disclaimer at gunpoint over the voice credits (cut into regular theme)
BABF03Standard Theme (with Homer being attacked by mongooses (mongeese?) over the voice credits) (NOT heard in syndication)
BABF08Standard Theme (with Homer decrying all the rich people over the credits) (NOT heard in syndication) (season 11 DVDs reveal it was over ALL credits!)
CABF12Outtakes of *NSync in the recording studio (during latter portion) (see also Audio: Other Music)
CABF19Pierce Brosnan, the Puking Prince, and the leprechaun leave the Simpsons lot
CABF21Standard Theme (with Moe and Homer talking about all Moe's clues)
DABF22Outtakes of the guest stars in the recording studio (during latter portion) (see also Audio: Other Music)
EABF02"What Do I Think?" and associated framing, probably cut for time from the episode itself (cut into regular theme)
EABF03Standard Theme (with Bart tricking Homer into reading Lisa's diary) (NOT used in network repeats)
FABF02Nelson "haw-haw"s once at the very start, credits start with harp (unusual for this season)
FABF09Standard Theme (with Simon Cowell insulting cast members, producers, etc.) (NOT used in network repeats)
FABF19Homer and Lisa converse about her self-image (then condensed theme)
FABF22Outtake with Chloe and Lisa, plus God, Buddha, and SpongeBob (then condensed theme)
FABF21Outtake with Bart and Nelson (then condensed theme)
GABF02Outtake of Homer's poor sportsmanship lessons (through most of the cast credits) (see also Audio: Simpsons Theme Variations)
GABF03Outtake with Skinner wanting to join the crew (see also Audio: Other Music)
GABF04Outtake with the Sea Captain at Homer's chapel (then condensed theme)
GABF06David Silverman shows us how to draw Bart (then a few seconds for the end of the theme)
GABF08Outtake with Homer recounting his inferno dream (then condensed theme)
GABF12Bart puts on the Vice President Cletus prediction (cut into regular theme)
GABF10Homer and Ray pinpoint how and when to catch "Everybody Loves Raymond" (NOT used in network repeats or syndication)
GABF11Homer and Tab continue chatting (cut into regular theme)
GABF13Outtake with Homer scatting while he, Lisa, and Maggie do "jazz hands" (see also Audio: Other Music)
HABF03Outtake with Homer asking his fake dad to teach him the stove is hot (cut into regular theme)
HABF07Outtake with Maude, Bob Hope, and God in Heaven (then credits sting)
HABF08Outtake with Ricky Gervais' character "riffing" over credits (then credits sting)
HABF09Outtake with Abe naming communists (cut into regular theme)
HABF13Homer and Marge remember everyone in the credits (no music till a sting at the end)
HABF213G04 theme (with the base commander sending everyone to front line infantry)
HABF19Outtake with Homer and the family at a syrup tasting (then credits sting)
JABF02Homer laments Greystash's demise at Moe's (cut into regular theme)
KABF11"Chalmskinn" epilogue (cut into regular theme, though it repeats the first section of the "checkout line" theme)
MABF01The Smothers Brothers and Homer go for a while ("naked bacon" etc.) (no music)
MABF02Homer rambles on (FIRST airing over regular theme and stopped before cast finished; REPEATS use a new ramble that goes all the way, with no music)
MABF04Coda to 50s "world of tomorrow" film over first half, with "An American in Paris" music throughout {ddg}
MABF10Sasha Baron Cohen's character rants, no music (only a little past cast) (see also Audio: Other Music)

Total count: 49
EABF06 is not included here, though God's last line carries over just a little bit. What's the point?

Video: Full or partial motion or slides

7G08Various visuals for "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
7G06Outside backdrop of the Jazz Hole
7F11Homer watches television bowling tournament
8F13Old-timey clips of the episode for "Talkin' Softball"
1F02Stills of Homer's college life accompany "Louie, Louie"
2F03The Simpsons dance around while singing "One"
3F04The (real-life) camera slowly rises over the "Erotic Cakes" shop
3F06Homer watches the night sky in contemplation from atop his car
3F31Hard-core nudity! (Clips and one outtake of such moments from the show)
3F07Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge
3F13A not entirely still visual of Jebediah Springfield's statue
3F15Entertainment Tonight spoof on Troy McClure's new film (over first half)
3F21Sullen teens sway to the credits music
4F03Stills of Moe saving people (over first half)
4F01Homer's autodialer performs its court-ordered apology (over first half)
4F22The Simpsons leave New York
5F09Short skit with U2 and Mr. Burns over latter portion of credits
AABF02Colorful swimming backdrop
AABF08Homer sits in the auto-shop waiting room
AABF20"Battling Seizure Robots" flashes incessantly *
BABF05Real-life footage of NRBQ performing the theme
BABF15Grainy, black-and-white video as backdrop for text (also has the only visual change in a Gracie logo, see below) *
BABF19"Behind the Music"-style credits with clips of Homer being hurt ("widescreen," feathered on the left) *
CABF12Real-life outtakes of *NSync in the recording studio, mixed with some animation (over second half)
CABF17Stills from the episode, and a few not from it
CABF19Pierce Brosnan, the Puking Prince, and the leprechaun leave the Simpsons lot
DABF09The Simpsons (with Grampa) wave "Beverly Hillbillies"-style from the stage door
DABF22Mick and Keith do some housework; then follow real-life outtakes of the guest stars in the studio
EABF02"What Do I Think?" visual (over first half)
EABF03Lisa writes in her diary and goes to bed; Bart tricks Homer into opening it (fade to black at end) (NOT used in network repeats)
EABF09News crawl appears at the top of the screen after the voice credits
EABF12Clips from the show and Weird Al (including a deleted bit) to match "Homer and Marge"
FABF23Stills from the episode
FABF22Outtake with Chloe and Lisa, plus God, Buddha, and SpongeBob (over first third)
FABF21Outtake with Bart and Nelson (over first third)
GABF01Homer and Marge sing "Love Will Keep Us Together" at Moe's, disrupting others (over first half), and Johnny Carson tribute slide just before Gracie logo (the latter NOT used in network repeats)
GABF02Outtake of Homer's poor sportsmanship lessons (through most of the cast credits)
GABF03Outtake with Skinner wanting to join the crew (over first half)
GABF04Outtake with the Sea Captain at Homer's chapel (through cast credits)
GABF05Continuation of the outdoor scene (through most of the cast credits)
GABF06David Silverman shows us how to draw Bart (cut to black at end)
GABF08Outtake with Homer recounting his inferno dream (over first half)
GABF12Bart switches Frink's future-TiVo to Vice President Cletus (over first half)
GABF11Homer and Tab drive into the horizon and disappear (over first half)
GABF13Outtake with Homer scatting while he, Lisa, and Maggie do "jazz hands" (over first half)
HABF02Outtake with Homer and Marge on a gondola (over first half)
HABF03Outtake with Homer asking his fake dad to teach him the stove is hot (over first half)
HABF07Outtake with Maude, Bob Hope, and God in Heaven (cut to black at end)
HABF08Outtake with Ricky Gervais' character "riffing" over credits (cut to black at end)
HABF09Outtake with Abe naming communists (over first half)
HABF19Outtake with Homer and the family at a syrup tasting (cut to black at end)
JABF02Homer laments Greystash's demise at Moe's (over first half)
KABF11"Chalmskinn" epilogue (through most of the cast credits)
LABF08A cappella theme by Canvas over half (windowboxed with credits below); the windowboxing may be because of the 4:3 source, the cut to black because it was too long and a video splice would be evident
MABF04Coda to 50s "world of tomorrow" film (over first half)
MABF14Stills of under-the-sea crayon drawings (over first half)

Total count: 56

Video: Stills

7G05The Simpsons' house at night
7F04Graveyard backdrop
8F02Graveyard backdrop with Burns and Smithers
9F04Graveyard backdrop with Bart and Lisa
1F03Police badge
4F11Landscape from the road the Simpsons just drove down
AABF06Caesar's Palace-esque marquee (with credits displayed on it) *
AABF16"A Bart Day's Night" album cover featuring the Simpson family (OK, technically it's not still; the title disappears near the end for the last batch of credits) *

Total count: 8

Alternate Gracie Films Logos

7F05Music overrun: "Capital City"
8F02Music played by an organ {pk}
8F12A whistle blow instead of "Shh!"; music played by a band {pk}
8F13A crack of a bat instead of "Shh!"; music played by a stadium organ {pk}
8F21The theme is played on an electric guitar {ah}
8F24Music played by a Mexican band, then a shout of "ol�!" {pk}
9F04Music played by an organ
9F14Homer rings the bike bell twice and giggles (NOT heard in syndication; "Raindrops" overruns) {pk}
1F04Scream of horror + organ music (the first "screamy") {pk}
1F08Big band plays the first half; a slot machine noise replicates the rest {pk}
1F21Grampa apologizes to the "shooshy" {pk}
2F03Scream of horror + organ music {pk}
2F09Carl says "Shut up!" to the "shooshy" {pk}
2F13All sound replaced by a didgeridoo {pk}
2F15Music played by trumpets and harp {pk}
2F32Music played by sax and piano {pk}
2F16A shot is heard during the music {pk}
3F03Music overrun: "Maybe I'm Amazed" (might not be in original version; info is welcome)
3F04Music played in Myst/Philip Glass style {pk}
3F22Music played by a sax, beach-style {pk}
4F02Scream of horror + slow organ music
4F16Chief Wiggum says "Jamming" one last time
3G02Music played by a sax {pk}
5F02Scream of horror + organ music {pk}
5F03Homer cuts the "shooshy" {pk}
5F07Music in fairy-tale style {pk}
5F24Snake shoots the "shooshy": "You too, Gracie-music dude, goh" {pk}
AABF01Regis Philbin: "My eyes! My beautiful eyes!" (all but first airing on Fox) {pk}
5F19Ron Howard: "Homer, we're out of vodka." {ms}
AABF07Crazy Old Man insults the "shooshy" {pk}
AABF08Rupert Murdoch says "Silence!" instead of "Shh!" {pk}
AABF10Multiple gunshots (and a thud) instead of the "Shh!" or music {pk}
AABF16Music overrun: "Can't Buy Me Love"
AABF17Lisa: "Ooh, I hear this really sucks."
AABF18Homer: "Larry Flynt is right. You guys stink!"
AABF23Mel Gibson does his Three Stooges impersonation
AABF22Army guy: "Aww, why'd you have to 'shoosh?' You ruined the whole show!"
BABF01Scream of horror + organ music
BABF04Fred Mertz: "You hit her pretty hard there, Rick!"
BABF08Homer: "Don't shush me, you rich bastard!" (NOT heard in syndication)
BABF09Comic Book Guy: "Worst episode ever!" (recycled from 4F12) {pc}
BABF11Homer: "Save me, Jebus!"
BABF12Duff Man: "Oh, yeah!"
BABF13Bart: "Moochie, moochie!" {pc}
BABF15Little Vicki: "Tappa-tappa-tappa!" (moves up, with cat rubbing eyes below - the only visual change in a Gracie logo yet)
BABF21Loud scream of horror + organ music
BABF20Phone sounds indicating a call can't be completed (according to {bw} this is a type of SIT, or "special information tones")
BABF17[John Updike laughs] Krusty: "Shut up, Updike!"
CABF04Homer: "Baby made a boom-boom."
CABF08Agnes Skinner: "Why, you ill-mannered sack of crap!"
CABF10Krusty: "Mukluk!"
CABF11Music overrun: "Always Safety First"
CABF14The French teacher tells his class to laugh "en francais"
CABF15Orphans coughing
CABF16Bill Cosby rambles on about Pokemon
CABF17Homer: "Oh boy, buffalo testicles!"
CABF19Scream of horror during organ music (the only change of their usual order)
CABF22Homer: "Cobras! Cobras!"
CABF21Homer screams twice
DABF06Milhouse: "Whazzup?"
DABF09Lisa (as if Elly May Clampett): "This has been a Gracie Films pray-sen-tation." (during this, the image is frozen; it then proceeds normally)
DABF19Scream of horror + organ music
DABF22Mick Jagger: "Simpson!"
EABF21Scream of horror + organ music
FABF09Simon Cowell: "Oh, shush yourself." (NOT used in network repeats)
FABF23Organ music simultaneous with 2 of Homer's screams (taken from CABF21, probably)
GABF10Stephen Hawking: "[Badabing, badaboom,] and we're done." (section in brackets heard only in Fox's short credits with regular theme and in syndication)
GABF17Scream of horror + organ music
HABF17Scream of horror + organ music
JABF18Male opera singer holds a high note instead
JABF16Scream of horror + organ music
JABF17Jack Black: "Might be some wrong words in there, but uh, pretty much nailed it." (no music)
KABF09Music overrun: Dixie Chicks' version of Lurleen's song
KABF16Music played in "Peanuts"-like style, no shush or scream (NOT heard in repeats or syndication)
LABF14Scream of horror + organ music
MABF01Overrun of Homer and Smothers Brothers (no normal audio)
MABF02Homer: "Hey, shush yourself" (after rambling through credits and claiming to have started Gracie Films) (REPEATS ONLY)
LABF20Princess Penelope vocalizes a little (no normal audio)
MABF03La Bomba: "Soon you will be--" (shh!) (no murmuring)
MABF10A group shouts "l'chaim!", then normal tune
MABF14A whale call, then normal tune
MABF15Simon Cowell laughs, then normal tune (overlapping slightly)

Total count: 82
7F24 has Michael Jackson's "Hoo!" slightly overlapping the Gracie logo, but it seems unlikely that it was meant as a "Gracie sound."
9F11 is not included here, since the original version has a standard Gracie sound. In syndication, the music runs over into it, but that's not exactly the real thing.

Alternate "20th Century Fox" Logos

AABF16Music overrun: "Can't Buy Me Love"
AABF20Homer: "Aah! Undo! Undo!"
BABF07Christmas bells accompany fanfare
CABF16Bill Cosby continues talking about Pokemon (ONLY heard in syndication, as far as I know)
CABF21Homer screams one more (long) time (NOT heard in syndication)
FABF23Homer screams once more (callback to CABF21, but repeat of one of the earlier screams instead) (NOT heard in syndication)

Total count: 6

Other notes

*Episodes that don't use the standard Matt Groening handwriting font for the credits:
"Viva Ned Flanders" (AABF06)
"The Old Man and the C Student" (AABF16)
"Thirty Minutes over Tokyo" (AABF20)
"Last Tap Dance in Springfield" (BABF15)
"Behind the Laughter" (BABF19)
"24 Minutes" (JABF14)
"Bart Gets a Z" (LABF15)

On a similar note, there are a few episodes that use a different font for the Executive Producer credits:
"Treehouse of Horror" through "Treehouse of Horror VI" (7F04, 8F02, 9F04, 1F04, 2F03, 3F04)
"Last Tap Dance in Springfield" (BABF15)
"Behind the Laughter" (BABF19)
"Pranksta Rap" (GABF03)
"24 Minutes" (JABF14)
"Bart Gets a Z" (LABF15)
"Postcards from the Wedge" (MABF04)

Aside from Treehouses of Horror (all but 7F04 and most of 8F02) and episodes whose credits are in a different color because of other footage (including the 5 listed above), only "I'm with Cupid" (AABF11) uses a nonstandard color (red with white shadow) for the credits' text. LABF12 credits "AL JËAN" as Executive Producer, in the episode's Norwegian theme, even though the umlaut-E is not a Norwegian letter.

Final note on text: Some time in season 7 (seems to be about 3F12 and based on original airdate, but any info on this is appreciated), the text switched to what is essentially a widened version of the MG font. I like the thinner version better.

Several episodes have now had extra scenes between the Executive Producer credits and the rest, usually to complete an interrupted thought. So far I'm listing season 21's, but there may be more I forget at the moment. Let me know if you have one.
"The Great Wife Hope" (LABF16)
"Rednecks and Broomsticks" (LABF19)
"Chief of Hearts" (MABF09)

Season 16 saw some changes at Fox. In the summer of 2004, the network decided to move its text-based credits from the right side of the screen to the bottom; at the same time, there seems to be a new deal with the producers of The Simpsons. That is, for almost all special content in the credits of new episodes (and most in-season repeats), the credits are seen full-screen (even once any visuals end), not even interrupted by bugs or voiceovers. This is in sharp contrast to the usual method since the introduction of the side-text credits, which was to move any extra visual content to the small window on the left after the cast credits, and even then generally only on new episodes. Possibly to take advantage of this, there is a large amount of outtakes and extra material in the credits in season 16!
While I see how this new policy plays out, I am maintaining a list of what is cut off anyway, for all airings or just repeats. So far, here are the results (special credits cut off on Fox):
  • Season 16: FABF19 (repeats; it was done by the usual cutoff anyway), GABF02, GABF05 (repeats), GABF07, GABF10 (repeats replaced with regular theme), GABF14 (repeats), GABF09
  • Season 17: Not nearly as forgiving, especially for audio-only (but compare HABF12, HABF13). GABF18, GABF19, GABF17, HABF01, HABF04, HABF05, HABF06, HABF10, HABF16
  • Season 18: Note that there weren't many special credits to begin with (especially in JABFs). HABF15, HABF18, HABF17, JABF14
  • Season 19: All are audio-only, and only one has vocals. JABF18, JABF21, JABF16, KABF05, KABF08, KABF09, KABF10
(By comparison, a handful have enjoyed full credits that weren't really needed: FABF19's original airing and all airings of GABF04, where the special stuff was done before the usual cutoff; JABF10, which was standard but not cut off on all versions, leading me to wonder if something was originally planned and cleared; KABF11, where the extra stuff was all in the cast, and KABF12, which was also standard but perhaps left alone for the Mother's Day dedications. KABF12 was cut off (but dedication preserved) in repeats; JABF17 and KABF11 were the only season 19 episodes to enjoy full credits on all Fox airings.)

Season 20 began (resurrected?) yet another trend: full credits with no interruptions or voiceovers for all episode premieres, special or not! However, repeats are sometimes cut off. As of 6/17/09, only those repeats since 2/1/09 (KABF18's third airing; its second was cut short, despite special music) have been full, with the exceptions of KABF19 on 2/8/09 and KABF21's third on 4/5/09.

(Note, please, that I did not pay as much attention when the text credits were introduced, or note how most special credits were treated between that time and the start of season 12. It looks like they came about during or just after season 9. I'd gladly accept, and give credit for, any information about those years.)

Starting with LABF01 in season 20, The Simpsons is being produced in 16:9 widescreen and HD. The credits still occupy the middle 4:3 area, presumably to allow a "safe" (ugh) space for pan and scan presentations. The Gracie logo, however, is stretched vertically; in the 4:3 episodes, it is at about a 2.35:1 theatrical ratio, letterboxed, but now it fills the 16:9 frame awkwardly. I see no need for this. The 20th Century Fox logo is the 16:9 version that basically includes the 4:3 one in the center.

Beginning with KABF22 (also the first episode broadcast in 2009), the show now uses a 4-act format, with the first act immediately following the opening. I'm not sure why. One assumes this will render the syndication break shuffle, noted below, a moot point (watch for scg-20). One is wrong (see scg-20). For Fox, LABF14 (Treehouse of Horror XX) is the sole exception so far, with three stories in three acts, and a long/special enough opening that it is on its own.

The following 52 episodes have no commercial break before the credits in syndication (instead keeping one after the opening). Seasons 17 to 19 have seen many more episodes join this list (though not always the best ones for it; see the SCG).
2F03, 3F03, 3F04, 3F06, 3F31, 3F17, 3F22, 4F03, 4F05, 3F24, 3G03, 4F11, 4F22 {js};
in season 17, GABF18, GABF19, GABF17, GABF20, GABF21, GABF22, HABF05, HABF06, HABF13;
in season 18, HABF21, HABF19, JABF02, JABF01, JABF03, JABF05, JABF04, JABF07, JABF09, JABF10, JABF11, JABF13, JABF12, JABF14, JABF15;
in season 19, JABF18; JABF19; JABF16; JABF22; JABF17; KABF01; KABF02; KABF03; KABF04; KABF06; KABF07; KABF10; KABF11; KABF12; KABF13.
Season 19 is the first in syndication to include Spanish voiceover credits, just before the production logos. For most of season 20, these extra credits are in the same font and color as the rest. See scg-19 and scg-20 for more.

On a related note, it seems that some alternate credits stemmed from the need to shift a break from before Act I to after Act III on Fox. Al Jean remarked in the 9F04 commentary that (because of the missing break after the intro) one more break was needed, and it was put before the credits; the cel was included so there was some "content," apparently to justify the credits' isolation instead of adding another act break. This probably explains 7G05, 7F04, and 8F02, and might have necessitated the song in 7G08. Oddly, 7G11 does not follow this pattern, but any information on this would be a help.


{ah} Alan Hamilton
{as} Adam Smith
{bp} Brian Petersen
{bw} Brad Wilmot
{ddg} Don Del Grande
{ja} Joseph Adkins
{js} Jay Sherman
{lmg} Lawrence M. Gruss
{ms} Mike Smith
{ms2} Matt Stinn
{pc} Paul Campa
{pk} Pete Klassen
Jordan Eisenberg, creator and maintainer through season 12

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