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Computer References

[7G02] Strange computer seen through window of door to school room in genius school
[7G02] Book in genius school library "Design of Computers".
[7G04] Dr. Marvin Monroe has one of the World's more sophisticated electric generators (tape drives and everything..) {cjb}
[7G09] Cowboy Bob uses a computer to check Homer's credit rating.
[7F02] Definitely an IBM-PC/XT/AT seen in the background when Smithers raids the personnel office. {cjb}
[7F03] Computers were seen in Bart's dream about spending the rest of his life in the fourth grade.
[7F10] The Devil using a Macintosh computer in Bart's 'Life after death' experience. {jc}
[7F13] Homer tells Bart to hide his stolen Macintosh computer.
{To my eyes it looked like only a dumb terminal. -cjb}
[7F16] Homer's new car design calls for an onboard computer.
[7F23] Ned has a left-handed computer at his Leftorium shop.
[8F01] On the plane on their way to Washington Bart harasses the businessman in the seat behind him working on his portable computer by repeatedly reclining his seat. {bg}
[8F02] Computer seen on surveillance camera at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
[8F04] Smithers appears to have punched up something on a keyboard to get Homer's job file. (Also a SNPP employee is briefly seen running with a computer during the meltdown scare.)
[8F04] One of the SNPP employees takes off with a Macintosh SE. {cjb}
[8F05] PC seen on cover of Modern Jewish Father magazine
[8F06] Computer in bank behind loan officer.
[8F07] The `National Fatherhood Institute' had computers.
[8F12] Prof. Frink creates the ``Gamble-Tron 2000'' to pick the outcome of football games.
[8F15] Bart & Lisa's aptitude tests were graded by a computer Emma in Iowa.
[8F22] When ordering the weight loss tapes, the operator types the order into a computer. {bg}
[9F10] A couple of thieves were stealing a Macintosh computer while Springfieldians were at the town meeting.
{NB: The thieves didn't steal the keyboard. -cjb}
[9F15] The dentist uses a computer to show what will happen to Lisa if she doesn't get braces.
[9F16] In the scene with Itchy and Scratchy writers, which are in fact caricatures of members of the actual Simpsons writing team, we see George Meyer: sitting at a computer, tossing a pencil. {bg}
[1F02] Pretty much every scene with the nerds.
[1F04] Lizzie Borden tries to sit in an ergonomic computer chair.
[1F04] Martin had a Wang Computers' t-shirt.
{There's a funny bit of folklore about Wang Computers and T-shirts... cjb}
{Their slogan "Wang Cares" sounds like "Wankers" -hl}
[1F12] Smithers has a computer.
[1F15] The DJ 3000, It plays CDs automatically, and it has three distinct varieties of inane chatter. {sd}
[1F19] Skinner reads punch card.
[2F01] Itchy & Scratchy Land is run by computers.
[2F02]# Sideshow Bob has voting list stored on floppy disk.
[2F05] Dolph has an Apple Newton. {sh}
[2F07] UPC scanner/satellite linkup is featured (which is obviously run by computers).
[2F11] Two of the Superfriends names are Email and Database.
[2F13] Homer tells the Australians that in America "the weak and nerdy are admired for their computer programming abilities."
[2F14] Store manager uses computer to check Homer's credit history.
[2F14] Computer on desk in First Bank of Springfield.
[2F15] Librarian uses computer to check status of book.
[2F17] Comic book guy uses a Linux type setup to log onto alt.nerd.obsessive.
[2F17] We then see four fellow nerds at four locations on computers, then Prince on a computer
[2F17] Nerd under conference table with laptop.
[2F20] DNA computer plays the Microsoft Windows tada.wav.
[3F04] Homer in computer generated 3D space.
[3F05] Homer works from a computer terminal at home.
[3F06] Government clerk uses a Windows 95 setup.
[3F06] Dragnet cops run computer aging program on laptop.
[3F08] Sideshow Bob uses computer terminal in blimp.
[3F08] Kent Brockman's program: Making The Most Of Your Modem. {hw}
[3F10] Burns uses a computer to perform analysis on every employee's resemblance with "Poppin Fresh".
[3F12] Computer on desk of bank employee at Bank of Springfield.
[3F13] Comic book guy wrote a screenplay where computers threaten our personal liberties.
[3F14] Smithers uses Macintosh to find his replacement.
[3F14]# Homer gets Burns a Cray supercomputer. Burns: You call this a supercomputer? (striking Cray with his cane)
[3F17] Nuclear technician uses computer to see if Homer's station console is operational.
[3F20] A young Professor Frink shows the Frinkiac-7.
[3F20] Apu wrote a tic-tac-toe program on punch cards.
[3F21] Homer mentions music festival founded by guy from Apple Computers.
[3F23] Globex employees using computers.
[3F24] Coyote mentions to Homer that he does not even have a computer.
[3G01] Scully using a computer.
[3G02] Kids at prestigious school using computers.
[4F05] Computer simulation used for Homer's bloody outcome.
[4F08] Oklasoft, Oklahoma's fastest-growing software company sounds familiar with Microsoft.
[4F11] Couch scene has "America Onlink" on Macintosh screen which fails to load Simpsons family members.
[4F12] ISP in Itchy, Scratchy & Poochie also stands for "Internet Service Provider".
[4F13] "The Crypto Barn - A place for codes" in the promenade. {hp}
[4F21] Future wars will held by computers and robots in space. {hp}
[5F02] [THOH VIII] French Nuclear missle "Le Bombe Neutron" has Intel Inside logo on it
[5F04] Single women at bachelor auction go nuts for Apu when he mentions he has a doctorate in computer science.
[5F08] Homer gets job as a circus geek.
(not that type of geek!!- hl)
[5F10] Internet Comedian tells one-liners on laptop screen.
[5F10] When asked, "What do you think, Internet Comic?" the computer twice plays the famous system sound "Sosumi", found on all Apple Macintosh computers. {er}
[5F10] Krusty's comment about the quality of computer porn.
[5F11] Pretty much everything with Homer's internet company.
[5F11] Bill Gates appears.
[5F13] Homer goes to sex education computer.
[5F13] Frink demonstrates a "floating point" unit.
[5F14] IRS computer can process over nine tax returns a day.
[5F15] Monkey types "Pray for Mojo" on laptop.
[5F17] Homer says that Lisa was hooked up to a computer.
[5F19] Comic Book Guy has computer printout of technical errors.
[5F20] Bart says he does not need paper because everything is done on computers and staplers.
[5F21] Frink has a reel-to-reel computer.
[AABF03] Ralph Wiggum using school's lone Coleco computer (which looks like a Commodore PET).
[AABF09] Homer, describing Trent Steele: He has a company that makes computers, or, a computer that makes companies.
[AABF10] Marge's Canyonero has onboard computer.
[AABF10] Microsoft tagline "Where would you like to go today?" lifted almost directly from their ads. {bjr}
[AABF11] Martin's anatomy model is a brain with blinking lights.
[AABF13] "Navitron" the truck-navigating computer.
[AABF18] Comic Cook Guy wearing a "C:/DOS/RUN" shirt (which should have had backward slashes).
[AABF18] Comic Cook Guy displaying list of America's top cities on computer screen
[AABF18] Stephen Hawking has an onboard computer for his wheelchair.
[AABF20] Java Server computer cafe has bold colored Apple iMacs.
[AABF21] Computers at Springfield Shopper.
[AABF21] Lisa types Homer's review on computer.
[AABF22] Satellite has onboard computer and printer.
[AABF23] Comic Book Guy caught smuggling computer into movie preview. {dld}
[AABF23] Comic Book Guy types movie review on laptop. {dld}
[BABF01] The Collector has a computer in his lair.
[BABF01] Homer's computer has a Y2K glitch which spreads havoc around the world.
[BABF01] Bill Gates in line-up of important people to be evacuated.
[BABF04] Lisa uses computer to run Virtual Doctor.
[BABF06] Nerd's computer is in 256 (#FF0000) shades of red.
[BABF06] Bart song has line "I took a whiz on the school computer".
[BABF07] Lisa likens Funzo's destroying of toy competition to Microsoft.
[BABF07] Computer seen in surveillance room.
[BABF15] Love Your Computer store in Springfield Mall
[BABF20] Lisa uses a laptop to look up badgers.
[BABF21] Homer comments that we invented computers (and therefore we can defeat dolphins!).
[BABF22] Stockbroker at I.P.O. Friday's uses an iMac to place Homer's stock order
[CABF02] Episode title and much of this episode - The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
[CABF04] Woman in Let's Get Fiscal uses a Macintosh.
[CABF08] Magician says "Sure computer trickery is here to stay, but they'll always be a place for the practical special effects wizard.
[CABF16] Comic Book Guy is seen using a Macintosh.
[CABF18] There's several computers (loot) on Snake's house.
[CABF18] Inside police station we see a large computer with tape reels!
[CABF18] Snake: I swear I can change, Gloria. I'm taking classes in computer fraud.
[CABF19] Ultrahouse 3000 runs the Simpson household in a THOH segment.
[CABF22] Police Chief Wiggum's police cruiser has a Miranda Rights Teleprompter.
[DABF04] Computer and a modem demonstrating a device Artie Ziff invented to turn modem noise into music. "Hey there computer geek, you will be connected in no time."
[DABF04] Patty and Selma type an email to Artie Ziff from Marge Simpson which then transverses a Cisco router. {js}
[DABF04] We see Ziff's computer with Window icons.
[DABF07] Bart and Buck McCoy walk past a computer covered in leather.
[DABF15] Kerrie complains she lives in a dorm without a DSL line.
[EABF08] Flanders has a computer at The Leftorium.
[EABF11] Bart uses a laptop (Apple?) at school during assembly to view banned web sites.
[EABF11] Observing a meteor shower Marge comments "Oooh, this is even better than our screen saver. And I love our screen saver."
[EABF15] Computer seen in electronics store as Homer shops for a cell phone headset.
[EABF19] Abe points out his web site on an Apple - OLD COOT.COM WHY TODAY STINKS
[FABF05] Marge uses a computer to write the great American novel.
[FABF11] Bart abuses the Wedding Registry computer at Costington's.
[FABF17] Springfield Shopper story writer uses a computer to write the story of Bart mooning the flag.
[FABF17] Lisa uses a laptop to read email.
[FABF18] Lisa types out and edits the Red Dress Press on a computer.
[FABF19] Nelson: Hey, I'm sure it's just a phase. Like when I use to stand on the overpass and drop computers on the freeway. Marge: That's how we got our Kaypro!
[FABF21] Homer uses a computer to research how to build a nuclear reactor on
[GABF02] We see kids surfing the net on generic computers at Springfield Elementary - Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney see video of Homer on CBG's web site in Big-Ass Baryshnikov.
[GABF04] Homer logs into the web site on a Mac to become a priest.
[GABF07] At the Merry Widow Life Insurance company we see the woman behind the desk using a computer.
[GABF15] Bart finds broadcast from Ned Flanders house on his computer in his room
[GABF15] Apu checks out on his laptop in the Kwik-E-Mart
[HABF04] Skinner's secretary Myra is using a computer as Bart walks into the office.
[HABF06] Access control computer, for Burns mansion's PANIC ROOM: Computer: Enter place of birth: Burns: Pangaea. Computer: Correct. Your password has been emailed to you.
[HABF06] Bart and Nelson steal a computer from Springfield Elementary
[HABF07] Winner of Duck Race and Church Fundraiser wins a home computer. Marge: That's the new feMac, the computer designed just for women!
[HABF07] Ned Flanders (after giving Marge a feMac): We could do a little quid pro for the Kaypro,...
[HABF09] diePOD: Dr. Egoyan's assisted death computer
[HABF18] Amber PaiGow Simpson; A gifted cocktail waitress who hoped one day to learn computers.
[HABF19] In couch opening Simpsons are drag and dropped onto couch by a mouse pointer on an Apple screen, then entire couch is drag and dropped into the trash bucket, then empty trash is selected. (reused for [KABF13])
[JABF09] Lisa typing out next edition of the Fourth Gradian on a computer at school.
[JABF10] Lisa showing Marge the internet on a laptop.
[JABF12] Computer in Chemistry Lab at Springfield Elementary.
[JABF14] Computer in Springfield Elementary Counter Truancy Unit
[JABF15] Flanders on computer sending email complaining about Ken Brockman swearing on airwaves.
[JABF15] Lisa sets up a computer webcam to let Kent Brockman broadcast truth about Fox
[JABF15] Lenny and Carl watching Kent Brockman's web cam at SNPP.
[JABF15] Sideshow Mel and Mr.Teeny watching Kent Brockman's web cam at home.
[JABF19] Computer visible on desk at bank.
[JABF21] Marge uses web to look up how to deal with a clingy baby. "The C.R.I.E. method" - "Create Responses for Infant Edu-loving!"
[JABF22] We see a computer in Bart's room.
[KABF01] Sideshow Bob: You shall all perish in a tragic accident, caused by a defective laptop battery.
[KABF02] Laptop on OFF kichen table.
[KABF04] Marge takes the Apple Computer when Homer and Marge divide their belongings in flashback episode
[KABF04] Flashback of Kirk Van Houten using dial-up line on computer for six hours to download picture of Luann cheating on him.
[KABF11] Comic Book Guy at Sundance reporting on his web site AIN'T I FAT NEWS about Lisa's Capturing The Simpsons movie.
[KABF13] We see Homer and Bart looking up 1917 Kissing Lincolns mistruck penny on an Apple Laptop.
[KABF15] Homer and Marge are using a laptop to track Bart's cell phone GPS.
[KABF17] PC on desk at Bail Bonds office.
[KABF20] Laptop at Bashir's house, Simpsons' Jordanian neighbors.
[KABF20] Episode features spoof on Apple ("Mapple"), iPods, ("MyPods"), Steve Jobs ("Steve Mobs") and the Apple Store wherein Bart mocks Apple evangelists by voicing over a message from Steve Mobs. This results in CBG hurling a hammer at the giant screen in parody of the landmark "1984" Apple commercial introducing Macintosh during the Super Bowl broadcast.
[LABF05] Patty & Selma are using a Windows PC with the Pipes screensaver at the DMV.
[LABF06] Moe surfing the net using one of three computers at the library.
Moe: I would do anything to chat with Maya. Short of actually purchasing a computer.
[LABF06] Homer angry at missing the end of the hockey game is punching the laptop next to the couch complaining he'll never know the score. As he punches the keyboard the screens "Instant Hockey Scores", "ESPN Sports News", "Hockey Results Now" and "Missed the Game? We've Got The Score" appear.
[LABF09] Woman at front desk of Finger-Looking Good Nail Salon has flat screen computer.
[LABF09] Woman answering 911 call from Dr. Hibbert is using a flat screen computer.
[LABF09] Flat screen computer at Mediocri-Tots Daycare Center
[LABF13] Maggie and Mr. Teeny working on laptops editing Mr. Everyman movie script.
[LABF13] CBG using computer with flat screen at end to critique Everyman movie:
[LABF15] Springfield Elementary classroom has an ancient IBM PC "AddGood" clone using 5 1/4 floppies, sound of a dial-up modem heard.
[LABF15] Springfield Elementary students all busy playing games and texting on cell phones in Mrs. Krabappel's class
[LABF15] Bart uses a computer at home to buy liquor from ebooze.
[LABF15] Laptop seen on Zachary Vaugn's desk (temporary Krabappel replacement teacher)
[LABF17] Supervisor Carl has a flat screen monitor and keyboard on his desk at SNPP.
[LABF19] Lisa using a computer with a flat screen monitor at home.
[MABF02] Marshall Goldman (reporter) takes out an Apple laptop.
[MABF02] Homer has an monitor displaying an Apple browser with "The Seven Essential Truths About Pyramid Power"
[MABF02] Homer: Marge, my brain is like a computer. I file away Grampa's stories in a very special place.
We see an Apple computer screen in Homer's brain
...Homer's brain has folders for Food I Like, Bart in Hell, Marge's Boobs, Grampa's Stories, Kids' Friends' Names, Driving a Stick Shift, and History(?)
Error message comes up FATAL ERROR Please contact system administrator.
Homer: Uh-oh.
[MABF02] We see a flat screen monitor when Homer sneaks into Marshall Goodman's office.
[MABF03] During opening sequence Homer pulls out an iPod, clicks on Couch Gag, and it occurs on the screen. He then receives a call from Mr. Burns, screams and eats his iPod.
[MABF07] Lisa uses a PC in the school library to post to
[MABF09] Computers on the desks at First Bank of Springfield.
[MABF12] Duffman passes out free Duff Flash drives
[MABF12] Ned Flanders (watching city cameras): That Wi-Fi is for hotel guests only!
[MABF13] We see Frink with MOM - Multiplatform Optical Mainframe.
[MABF14] Homer unplugs Simpsons home computer to reduce power usage.
[MABF15] Old People Try to Figure Out Computers - one of the reality shows the representative from the The Uncreative Arts Agency tells Moe about
[MABF16] We see an old computer monitor in the Simpsons attic.
[MABF17] Lisa goes online to find the besy way to spend her $50 inheritance from Grampa.
[MABF17] There's an old computer in Nelson Muntz' garage.
[MABF17] At the Entrepreneur Expo at Springfield Convention Center we see Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook on a computer.
[MABF17] At the Entrepreneur Expo at Springfield Convention Center we see Bill Gates on a computer.
[MABF17] At the Entrepreneur Expo at Springfield Convention Center we see Richard Branson with a computer and an iPad.
[MABF18] Prof. Frink is using a MacBook (laptop computer)
[MABF18] Lisa using a MacBook laptop computer
[MABF18] Lisa, baseball manager: The computer says it's statistically impossible! Burns: Bah, computers. They'll never replace by Huffnagle Autocollater.
[MABF21] Bart is using a laptop to search for a defense for Krusty.
[NABF03] Homer uses an Apple notebook to Skype with Moe.
[NABF04] Bart and Milhouse are seen modifying an Apple Think Different sign.
[NABF05] Lisa using a computer in her room writing Palladium.
[NABF07] Herman Millwood shows Angry Dad cartoon to OFF on an Apple iPod.
[NABF07] The animation company that will bring Angry Dad to life has a computer on every desk.
[NABF10] Bart using a computer with flat screen in his room.
[NABF13] Lisa in her room on a Macintosh looking a Taffy's page Pulling Taffy
[NABF14] There are five computer stations in the hidden room downstairs at Springfield Elementary
[NABF16] Season 23 opens with CBG showing a flat screen computer with NEDNA, YEA OR NAY? on screen below Nedna symbol.
[NABF17] Bart is using an Apple computer with a tube monitor and two floppy disk drives.
[NABF17] Secretary at Springfield Elementary is using a laptop computer.
[NABF17] Principal Skinner's secretary at Springfield Elementary is using a computer.
[NABF18] In the future Lisa is using a MacBook.
[NABF18] In the future Lisa's daughter Zia is using a MacBook.
[NABF20] At the E4 - Expensive Electronic Entertainment Expo we see Mapply - Think Differently
[NABF20] CBG pulls out a tablet in the Ethiopian Restaurant showing "The Android's Luncheon"
[NABF20] Lisa pulls out a Macbook computer to write the Simpsons food blog.
[NABF22] Lisa begins writing her novel using a MacBook.
[PABF04] Homer buys a Mapple notebook.
[PABF04] We see the Springfield Elementary Computer Lab - Proud Home of the Commodore 64
[PABF04] At the Springfield Elementary Computer Lab Lisa is using an Apple Lisa 2/10 computer.
[PABF06] We see Bart and Milhouse watching a television show on a laptop and then on a smartphone.
[PABF07] Lisa uses her Macbook to access
[PABF10] Burns has a tablet computer with the following apps;
- Am I Alive?
- Ukulele Hero [Guitar Hero]
- Google Naps [Google Maps]
- Captain Billy's Whiz-Bang [publication from 1919 - 1935 or so..]
- Angry Burns [Angry Birds]
- Trap Door
[PABF14] Milhouse has a MacBook showing Lisa the Daily Fourth Gradian web site
[PABF14] We see Lady Gaga handler with an Apple iPad
[PABF16] Moe pulls a laptop out from beneath the bar.
[PABF16] Homer is using a Macbook.
[PABF17] [THOH] Homer has a laptop to view all the cameras set up in the house
[RABF01] Homer is using an iPad to watch keyboard playing cat and then begins playing VillageVille
[RABF02] Unidentified man shows Homer the fall of civiliation on an iPad at Moe's.
[RABF04] Carl holds up a MacBook showing Homer the Wiccapedia page for Surface Hoar
[RABF05] Milhouse using a computer to test being his father.
[RABF05] Lisa using a laptop receives a Skype call from Milhouse playing his father.
[RABF06] Marge uses a laptop to find a man date for Grampa
[RABF06] Homer brings an iPad to Burns and Grampa to show them what Bart did at "Show and Tell"
[RABF07] Man at Brokewood Apartments is using a laptop computer.
[RABF13] Lisa uses a laptop to write an angry letter about the exploitation of Bleeding Gums Murphy.
[RABF14] Lisa uses a laptop to look up a Geyser in Iceland.
[RABF14] Homer is using a tablet to book his airfare to Iceland
[RABF17] Marge using a laptop to attempt to order Homer's Anniversary gift, a case of cupcakes from Dolly Madison, but she accidentally orders from Sassy Madison, a web site for cheating spouses.
[RABF17] Marge checking out Upton Rectory web site on a laptop.
[SABF01] Reverend Lovejoy is editing his Christmas sermon on a Macbook.
[SABF02] Lisa takes out a tablet and Oogle's composer - "One (is the lonliest number)"
[SABF02] Isabel (Lisa's new friend) has an Macbook on her desk.
[SABF04] Lisa uses a tablet to show Krusty Spongebob foreign syndication - Spugna Roberto Quadrati Pantaloni
[SABF04] Bart uses a laptop to piece together recordings of President Obama to call Principal Skinner but bird comes by and begins pecking at random clips.
[SABF04] Agent uses a laptop to show Krusty that the foreign versions of Krusty are hotter than he is
[SABF05] Bart uses a laptop to show Homer how to illegally download movies.
[SABF05] Hollywood exec uses tablet to see that Homer's defence narrative of illegal downloads is hitting all four quadrants.
[SABF06] Marge pulls out a tablet to show Bart email from his teacher.
[SABF09] We see Marge use a laptop that the octogenarians have set to screen size font.
[SABF10] Lisa uses tablet to look up painter Johan Oldenveldt on Artipedia
[SABF10] Kirk is using a tablet to look at Luann's photo.
[SABF10] Homer uses a tablet to show a painting to an artist in Isla Verde - and subsequently trashes the tablet.

SNPP has a computer voice for meltdown/self-destruct warnings [8F04, 1F02].

Virtual References

[9F10] Lisa dreams of a virtual history class.
[1F12] Smithers has a virtual Burns screensaver.
[2F15]# Bart trying to play virtual pool has a virtual bar fight with man playing virtual darts. {bjr}
[3F24] Professor Frink's Virtual Chili.
[5F08] Yard Work Simulator.
[5F13] Bart says he's going to toss a virtual salad.
[5F13] Nelson tells Bart to kiss the virtual ass.
[BABF04] Lisa uses Virtual Doctor to diagnose Homer and Bart with leprosy.
[BABF13] Homer and Marge try Virtual Fudge

[MC25] Intel commercial where an Intel processor is implanted into Homer's brain making him super intelligent. {je}

#- cut in syndication

bg - Bruce Gomes
bjr - Benjamin J. Robinson
cjb - Chris J Baird
dd - Daniel L. Dreibelbis
ddg - Don Del Grande
er - Eric Rustan
hw - Hari Wierny

hp - Henrik Paulini
jc - Jordan Crouse
je - Jordan Eisenberg
js - James Saunders
sd - Stuart Dunkeld
sh - Simon Humphries

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