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"I really hate those Internet freaks who take each thirty minute bundle of joy and turn it into a cult game of Where's Wally." -- Danny Baker

Also see Simpsons Internet Domains and The Simpsons and Computers.

References From the Show
1F02Nerds debate with MIT students about which Star Trek captain is better. {hl}
2F06Rock Bottom correction: "The nerds on the Internet are not geeks." {hl}
2F10Homer: The information superhighway showed the average person what some nerd thinks about Star Trek.
2F11One of the members in "the Super Friends" is called E-mail. {bg}
2F17Comic Book Guy discusses the Radioactive Man movie on alt.nerd.obsessive. (See note #1)
2F21Lenny brings a "nudie" deck for poker - The Girls of the Internet.
Homer: Oooh, the girls of the Internet... I'd go online with them any day!
3F23Cypress Creek Elementary School has a website (
4F12Comic Book Guy posts his thoughts on the latest "Itchy and Scratchy" online.
4F13Kent Brockman advertises his forthcoming show "Making the Most of Your Modem".
5F04Reverend Lovejoy consults a Hindu website.
5F10One of the comedians consults "Internet Comedian". {hl}
5F11Ned and Maude Flanders run an Internet company, "Flancrest Enterprises".

Homer jealously follows their lead, and creates "Compuglobalhypermeganet".

Comic Book Guy looks at a porn website.

Homer has pop-up ads on the porn site.

Comic Book Guy asks Homer if he can upgrade his Internet connection.

Bill Gates "buys out" Homer's company.

5F13Bart asks Frink if he's on the Internet when looking at "the Visible Computer".
3G04Bart writes "My butt does not deserve a website." in the opening sequence.
5F19Bart writes "My e-mail address is not" in the opening sequence. (See note #2)
5F21KBBL radio's Phil and Marty joke about Bill Clinton's new website -- www.(wolf-whistle).(boing)!
AABF01The credits list the animation producer as "mike@wolfman.den".
AABF07The kids need somewhere to post gossip about their parents.

Milhouse: We gotta spread this stuff around. Let's put it on the Internet!
Bart: No! We have to reach people whose opinions actually matter!

AABF08Lisa mentions "sea captain, bumblebee man, comic book guy, squeaky-voiced teen" -- quite a few people on the Internet ask what these characters' names are. {ddg}
AABF20 Lisa: I'll show you how to order pizza over the internet.
Homer: The internet? Is that thing still around?
Bart: I know a web site that shows monkeys doing it.
Lisa: Bart, the internet is more than a global pornography network it's--

Homer, Lisa and Bart visit the "Java Server" cyber-cafe.

Willie looks at "Upkilt" pornography on the internet.
AABF23Comic Book Guy is thrown out of the movies for posting spoilers online via his computer.

Homer: How did the country lose its way, Mel? When did we stop rooting for the man with a flame-thrower or an acid-spraying gun of some kind?
Mel Gibson: I blame the Internet. And the return of swing music.

BABF03Homer: Kids are the best, Apu. You can teach them to hate the things you hate. And they practically raise themselves, what with the Internet and all.
BABF20Lisa looks up badger information from (See note #3)
BABF17Sophie finds Krusty by typing "pathetic clown" in a search engine.

Fat Tony and his associates plan to open a website at

BABF22 According to automated stock prices, Yahoo! is up 6 1/2.

Homer: Damn you, eBay!

CABF02Homer starts a website which showcases gossip and scandals involving the citizens of Springfield. (See note #3)
CABF06 Marge: How will the kids get home?
Homer: I dunno, Internet?
CABF07Homer literally "surfs the net" -- a tennis net, that is.
CABF16There's a glitch in The Good Guy Awards' webcast.
"Type control-backslash-semicolon-alt-dot-escape and you'll be fine."
CABF21Lenny and Carl talk about internet--"the internetting they invented to line swim trunks."
DABF04Patty and Selma send an e-mail to Artie Ziff from Marge.
DABF06Wolfgang Puck wants to sell rice crispy squares with M&M's on the Internet.
DABF10The Simpsons buy plane tickets from the Internet.
DABF13Before going bankrupt, makes popular Internet cartoons based on Bart's "Angry Dad" comics.
DABF15Kerrie complains she lives in a dorm without a DSL line. {bg}
EABF03Homer Simpson's e-mail address is (See note #4)
EABF05Through a webcam, Homer sees Bart partying with Tony Hawk.
"Of all the sites on all the web, I had to click onto his."
EABF08Lenny gets Sara Sloane's autograph to sell it on eBay
EABF11Principal Skinner reminds the children that the school computers should not be used to access, or

Bart visits

EABF20Lisa sings that she can be reached through e-mail at smartgirl63_/ (smart girl six three underscore backslash at yahoo dot com).
FABF08Lisa encourages viewers to visit

Homer tells that he removed Artie Ziff from his mailing list.

GABF02Comic Book Guy hosts (See note #3)
"Best website ever."
GABF04Mayor Quimby announces the "Springfield Is for Gay Lovers of Marriage" site (See note #3).
GABF15Ned rents a room for two girls who have a webcam broadcasting to (See note #3)
JABF09Bart tells his psychiatrist to go and find a date on the Internet.

Lisa sends e-mail to Brandine.

JABF08Homer thinks that wedding rice being harmful for pidgeons is just an Internet rumor.
KABF01Sideshow Bob attempts to check a Shakespeare quote from Wikipedia.
KABF02Homer asks Santa's Little Helper to show where the family is on MapQuest or Google Maps.

Flashback video of Homer's life ends in "Watch again" screen similar to YouTube clips.

KABF07Bart says that the Internet wrote his school essay. Maggie is seen playing Internet poker.
KABF22Principal Skinner mentions Lisa's Facebook page.
LABF04Comic Book Guy refers to information found on Wikipedia.
LABF06Various ice hockey sites are seen on screen when Homer punches his laptop.

Moe finds a date in an Internet chat room.

LABF07Lisa looks up information for her essay on "Springfield in 50 years".
LABF08Friend adds Lisa for her Facebook buddy.
LABF12Chalkboard gag: It's "Facebook," not "Assbook".

References from Simpsons Comics
SC #21Sideshow Bob and his fellow prisoners have set up an anti-Bart website -- (Note: That's an e-mail address, not a website.)
SC #37Apu sets up his own website --! {hl}
  1. The newsgroup alt.nerd.obsessive was created shortly after 2F17 aired.

  2. 5F19's chalkboard gag, "My e-mail address is not" was changed to "My e-mail address is not butt.butt" when the show's producers discovered there was a real site at "," which was of, shall we say, an adult nature.

  3. Homer's website from CABF02 was accurately recreated by the team at Fox and put online to promote the episode. The site is/was here. Similarly, Fox opened when Lisa visited the site in BABF20. Other sites that are no longer available include Comic Book Guy's that was opened in conjunction with "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass", (web archive) from episode "There's Something About Marrying" and (web archive) from "Home Away from Homer".

  4. Homer's e-mail address, as seen on EABF03, was registered by writer-producer Matt Selman, who also replied to e-mails from fans testing it. "He logged in the night that the episode aired and it was immediately filled with the maximum number of responses. He's tried to answer every one of them and then as soon as he answers a hundred, a hundred more pop in," Al Jean told the New York Post in January 2003.

Misc Stuff
In "Virtual Springfield," go into Principle Skinner's office and look on the computer. He has SOL (Springfield Online) V3.1 running. You can login and check his e-mail.

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A few years ago, Sky One showed "The Simpsons Big Night In" -- an evening of Simpsons episodes. The host, Danny Baker, a self-proclaimed huge Simpsons fan who claims to know everything there is to know about the show, yet still mispronounced "Groening," said "I really hate those Internet freaks who take each thirty minute bundle of joy and turn it into a cult game of Where's Wally." Uh... Simpsons episodes are only about 22 minutes long, Danny. -hw

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