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Originally by Haynes Lee
Maintained by Jukka Keskiaho

A collection official and unofficial domains whose names pertaining to {The Simpsons} & {Futurama}.

My top men tell me the Internet is going to be big! Daguerreotype big! I've decided to buy this Internet, one domain at a time.

-Charles Montogomery Burns, THESIMPSONS.COM


  • XYZ.COM: WHOIS entry for
  • (home): home page for
  • (fansite): unofficial Simpsons/Futurma fan site.
  • (banner): non-unique mirror/redirect/pointer domain.
  • (closed): closed, forbidden access, misconfigured, empty contents.
  • (homestead): only generic "under construction" page setup (possible squatter).
  • (password): requires password authentication.
    (no link)
  • (off-line): domain is registered but has no web-page.
    (dead link)
  • (on hold): domain is registered but is "on hold" which may be due to
    • payment for the domain is not current;
    • the domain name is involved in a trademark dispute;
    • pending server activation.
    (Internic stopped listing any "on hold" status Jan-16-99)
    (dead link)
  • (expired): registration expired.
    (dead link) (These have been removed in the New Year to clean up clutter)
  • (adult): domain has adult content.
    (no link)
  • [7G01]: episode capsule.
  • {Alan Smithee}: Internet Movie DataBase entry
For more info see this Yahoo cateogory, Netcraft search, and WHOIS Command Overview document.

What's new

  • WHOIS search changed to INTERNIC.

The Fully Monty (as Smithers will say)

Private Simpson Domains:

Character Domains: (common first/last names)

Place Domains:

Catchphrase Domains:

NameZero Domains: (This service provides for individuals and small businesses with a chance to apply to receive a free, .com domain name, with domain hosting, domain based e-mail forwarding for free service members.)

NetIdentity MailBank Domains: (this service offers family-name based email addresses. All domains have a generic web-page saying XYZ.COM is shared by MailBank/NetIdentity clients for their personal Email and matching Website addresses." Has over 12,000 domains. We won't list them all...)

Another Domains: (this service offers also "unofficial" UK fan-based email addresses. Has over 12000 personalized domain names.)

Simpsons Production Houses Domains:

Fox Domains: All are banner pages to various places on Fox website.

Bongo Domains:

Futurama Domains: (see bongo, fox, & foreign domains for more)

Simpsons Cast Domains:

Friend-To-Friend Foundation Domains: This unique service reserves the names of a number of well-known public figures for their own personal use, and FriendtoFriend gives them back to them when they get in touch with them. The stars listed below have not contacted FriendToFriend. As of around May 1, 2000 these domains have been transferred to CelebSites.

Cupcake Party Domains: a relatively new company which registered a whole block of Simpsons domains over the period Dec 98 to Jan 99. All of these domains pointed to a pornographic banner page on which is also run by Cupcake Party. Cupcake Party also registered the domains,,,,,,, & which pertain to the {Sailor Moon} cartoon (and also point to All the Sailor Moon and Simpsons domains records were simultaneously changed Feb. 16, 1999. In early June 1999 all their Simpsons re-direct webpages were replaced with blank pages. In May 2000 these are now been redirected to less offensive computer game/mp3 pages but still with annoying banners. For see some of their domains click here

Stealth Domains: (Me fail English? That's unpossible.)

Foreign Domains:

Err..., that's it.

This is a summary of all known Simpsons-related domains that are registered with Internic and other internet registries. If you know of any not listed above email me at Please no third-level subdomains ( (although deserves honorable mention).


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