Homosexuality References in The Simpsons

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Originally by Jordan Eisenberg

"Girls, Lisa! Boys kiss _girls_."
-- Marge, "Summer of 4 ft. 2 (3F22)"

7G02Homer is a little nervous about kissing Bart
7F07Jimbo makes fun of Bart for liking Jebidiah by saying "He's your boyfriend!" {jk}
7F02Harvey Fierstein guest-stars; his character, Karl, kisses Homer goodbye
7F15Bart's "Homer Sexual" phone prank {hl}
7F15Homer appraises Seymour Skinner as a "possible homer-sexual" {tm}
8F08Some would say the "Flaming Moe" is a clever hint at Moe's sexuality (as well as the "Flaming Homer") {mf}
8F10Homer accidentally tells Marge he's thinking about boys
8F12Card catalog entry: "Football, homo-eroticism in"
8F16Homer's three simple words: "I am gay" {hl}
8F18Bart says Boswell of the "Worst Dressed" lists is "such a bitch" {hl}
8F23Homer is afraid of hugging another man
9F04Patty loses the last lingering thread of her heterosexuality after seeing Homer naked {hl}
9F06Laura Powers suggests that Kearney and Dolph are boyfriends
9F07Homer says some "Leave it To Beaver" cast members were gay {hl}
9F12The "Bigger Brothers" made Tom sign a form promising he wouldn't kiss Bart
9F13Homer's six simple words: "I'm not gay, but I'll learn" {hl}
9F15Homer thinks Mr. Burns is coming on to him
9F15Club "Adam and Adam" seen {ss}
9F22McBain tells some off-color homosexual jokes {hl}
1F03Chief Wiggum is cautious about making sure his inflatable women are really women
1F07Lisa imagines that Homer may be obsessing over a man named Mandy
1F11Homer comments lustily that Oliver North "was just POURED into that uniform!" {tm}
1F12Lisa made the family march in gay rights parade {hl}
1F14Carl thinks that Homer said that he and Flanders are gay {hl}
1F18Bart instructs Skinner to make pass at his commanding officer {hl}
2F07Homer accidently leafs through a Robert Mapplethorpe book {hl}
2F08Homer wanders into the She/She Lounge (a lesbian bar) {hl}
2F09Grampa is president of Gay and Lesbian Alliance for some reason {hl}
2F11Kent Brockman lists who is gay {hl} (see below)
2F13Homer reads "Uruguay" as "U-R-Gay" {hl}
2F31Homer tricks Jay Sherman into telling Patty & Selma that MacGyver is gay {hl}
3F03Home offers Dr. Hibbert "another hot beef injection"
3F12Krusty's plane: the "I'm-on-a-Rolla-Gay"
3F15Troy McClure tells Selma he's not gay but wished he was {hl}
3F16Amendment-to-be threatens to tell that Ted Kennedy is gay {hl}
3F19Baron von Wortzenberger yells to Bart and Grampa: "Hey, fun boys, get a room!," implying that they are gay
3F20Homer says the "we're here, we're queer" chant {hl}
3F22Lisa says Gore Vidal has kissed more boys than she ever will {hl}
3F22Bart's "mystery date" is a boy ... who looks like Milhouse
3F24Homer phones up a GBM (gay black male) he finds in the personal ads {hl}
3G02Milhouse's file mentions several "flambouyantly homosexual tendencies" {eb}
3G04The Navy is not allowed to ask Homer if he's a homosexual
3G04At the Naval Reserve training Barney hung up a picture of Homer in some sort of lingerie (wonder how he got it) {cr}
3G04The Village People perform a song
4F01Lisa's band class chants "Uter likes Milhouse!" (cut in syndication) {tm}
4F01Jimbo Jones says: "You kissed a girl! That is _so_ gay!"
4F06Patty is photographed walking out of the Maison Derriere (a burlesque house aimed at men) {hl}
4F11 The episode explores Homer's homophobia. Many gay references throughout
One of three episodes with an overtly gay theme (see 4F11 and GABF04) {mh}
4F13Title taken from "My Sister, My Sister," a movie about two lesbians
4F15The gays and Italians are not a little bit Irish
4F20The Love-o-Matic Grampa says Kearney is gay
5F12Renee asks Moe if he's gay
5F14Homer puts one of two unconscious government workers' hand on the other one's butt
5F16Homer admires Ranier Wolfcastle's taut, rippling biceps
5F22Nelson suggests that Bart wants to marry Milhouse
AABF06Las Vegas theatrical productions: "Okla-Homo" and "Klon-Dyke"
AABF10Homer trades away his "F-Series" Canyanero, afraid of seeming gay (he grasps Marge's purse with two hands as he says this)
AABF11A few copies of "Jugs" will keep Captain MacCallister's men from resorting to homosexuality
AABF11Possibly the most openly gay celebrity in the world, Elton John guest stars
AABF12Marge writes "Krusty - Gay?" after hearing his story of picking up a transvestite
AABF15Bart says he was a little attracted to Milhouse
AABF15Lenny calls Carl "big guy" in the SNPP showers
AABF15Akbar and Jeff, Matt Groening's supposedly gay "Life in Hell" characters, appear in a museam
AABF17Jerry Rude has lesbian gladiators on his show {ss}
AABF17Jerry Rude asks Mr. Burns about his first "gay" experience
AABF17Arthur Fortune coerces two male pandas to mate successfully
AABF18Posing for erotic photos, Homer says "It's time to get Homer-erotic."
AABF22Skinner shows Bart a "king-sized flamer"
AABF22Bart dresses up in cheerleaders' clothing from the pep closet ... Homer says "You might say he's coming out of the pep closet!"
AABF22Marge hears about an adorable new bar where men dance with men
AABF23Moe flirts with Mel Gibson
BABF04Homer is disturbed and pre-occupied by Ned's skin-tight ski outfit, and utters "Stupid, sexy Flanders!"
BABF04Homer and Bart see some gay guys get married in Hawaii
BABF07Homer wants "a non-gay explanation" for Bart's and Milhouse's cross-dressing {em}
BABF08Pirates mistake Burns' yacht for a homosexual party boat ("They always have such nice things!")
BABF10Chief Wiggum would date Ned in a second if he were gay
BABF11Qtoktok and Ak want to Marry Craig and Amy
BABF12Bart and Lisa wander into the Gay Republicans' headquarters
Homer says he's a little turned on by Moe
BABF13In the future, Ned Flanders is grateful that Bart hasn't outing Rod and Todd
Lisa becomes America's first straight female President
BABF14To stay afloat, Moe's Bar is going to have to go "queer"
BABF19Bart engages in "interracial homoeroticism", paying Lenny and Carl $,1000 each to kiss each other
BABF19Apparently, Huckleberry Hound was in the closet
BABF21Homer considers Lenny an attractive co-worker
BABF22Homer's threat and aversion to "that cat making out with that mouse" are an abstract allusion to homophobia
CABF02The Comic Book Guy crosses "the final frontier" and visits Mr. X's website, which he thinks contains male porn
CABF05The other guys in prison told Jack Crowley that the strongmen were gay
CABF06Bart misses the "Itchy & Scratchy" episode where they finally kiss
CABF14A gentleman of high culture, Cletus tells Homer he could be "one of them TV magic queers"
CABF15Nelson gets the wrong idea when Ned Flanders calls him "beautiful"
CABF17The Simpsons' hobo friend impersonates two of his hobo friends kissing each other
EABF12 Homer is kissed by one of his gay roomates
One of three episodes with an overtly gay theme (see 4F11 and GABF04) {mh}
GABF04 Marge's sister Patty announces she is gay and intends to marry
One of three episodes with an overtly gay theme (see 4F11 and EABF12)
The first and only episode to have a parental advisory notice aired {mh}
GABF12  Bart and Lisa each claim the other is "gay for Moleman"; Moleman laments that "No one's gay for Moleman" {mh}

NOTE: This does not include scenes involving Smithers. For a list of those, see the Smithers' Sexuality file.

Kent Brockman's List of Gay People (2F11) {ddg}
    - MATT GROENING, Executive Producer
    - KEN TSUMARA, Animation Co-Producer for Gracie Films
    - GEORGE MEYER, Co-Executive Producer
    - JOEL KUWAHARA, Assistant to the Producers
    - BILL OAKLEY, Supervising Producer
    - ELIZABETH JACOBS, Assistant to Mr. Mirkin
    - JOSH WEINSTEIN, Supervising Producer
    - JANE O'BRIEN, Assistant to the Producers
    - ANNETTE ANDERSEN, Assistant to Mr. Groening
    - MIKE SCULLY, Producer
    - DOMINIQUE BRAUD-STIGER, Post Production Assistant
    - GREG DANIELS, Producer
    - Produced by JOSEPH BOUCHER
    - AL JEAN, Consulting Producer
    - PING WARNER, Post Production Assistant
    - MIKE REISS, Consulting Producer
    - CRAIG FEENEY, Assistant to the Producers
    - Produced by RICHARD RAYNISS
    - DON GILBERT, Assistant to the Producers
    - DAVID MIRKIN, Executive Producer
    - JACQUELINE ATKINS, Assistant to the Producers
    - CHRIS LEDESMA, Music Editor
    - MARK McJIMSEY, Dialogue Sound Editor
    - Music by ALF CLAUSEN
    - ALISON ELLIOTT, Post-Production Supervisor
    - Produced by DAVID SILVERMAN
    - DAVID COHEN, Story Editor
    - Only the top half of the last name appeared, so I'm not sure if
      it's correct: N. VYOLET DIAZ (no reference in the credits)
    - Note that the writer's and director's names are absent...

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{mh} Matthew Henry
{cr} Claus Rasmussen
{ddg} Don Del Grande
{eb} Elizabeth Boswell
{em} Edward Martland
{hl} Haynes Lee
{jk} Joe Kirkpatrick
{mf} Myran Faust
{ss} Samuel Sklaroff
{tm} Tracie McClain

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