Lisa's Saxophone Solo List

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This is a comprehensive list of Lisa's saxophone solos used in the opening credits, created as a complement to the Chalkboard Gags and Couch Gags lists on this site (and let's not forget the overarching Opening Sequences list).

In many episodes' opening sequence, Lisa plays the saxophone. Mr. Largo dismisses her, and she walks out the door still playing. Occasionally, it's not a saxophone, but the document title remains the same.

As of the end of season 35, there have been 67 different sax (etc.) solos used. 284 episodes have had solos and 484 have not. Starting with LABF01, the opening sequence has been reanimated for widescreen HD; we now see Lisa for more of the solo, and at the end she ducks back inside, plays a bit more, and smiles. This smile may vary slightly in length; some older solos may feature a delay before her reappearance when they are reused (such pauses are not documented here).

As always, please let me know if something has been missed or if there are errors. Thanks.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Descriptions of Lisa's Solos
Solos Reused Within Episodes
Alternate Visuals and Instruments
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Lisa's Sax Solos by Episode

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What's the name of that one song Lisa plays--
Could it possibly be "Baker Street"?

2. Who performs Lisa's solos and other sax music?
According to Alf Clausen, since episode 7F04 (Alf's first episode, though one with no solo), this has been Terry Harrington. (He is also mentioned here and there on The Simpsons Archive, e.g. in the LISA.) Some modern episodes actually give Terry credit for in-episode sax performances. However, on July 20, 2022, the legendary musician died just shy of his 84th birthday, and the July 31 third Fox airing of episode UABF09 featured a standard dedication to him with a Simpsons-style caricature of Terry and a saxophone.
Before Terry Harrington's tenure, under Richard Gibbs, this was apparently Kim Richmond. Bonus tip: Bleeding Gums Murphy's sax was played by Dan Higgins starting in season 2.

3. Who wrote the solos? Are there any official names for them?
Again according to Alf Clausen, though he composes (composed) the in-episode pieces, the main title solos are (were) improvised by Terry Harrington to give Lisa's performance a more spontaneous feel. I don't know who performs the non-sax ones. There are no official English names for the solos, so you'll have to make do with the catchy ones we came up with.

4. These descriptions are worthless! Can I download them or get the music?
We're certainly not going to be hosting mp3s of the solos, sorry. If you have the first three seasons on DVD, you also have #1-13; #14-21 are on the season 10 and 11 DVDs; and #22-36 are scattered throughout seasons 16, 19, and 20 (#23 may be better on season 18), which is as far as DVD releases have gotten. I'm behind on US syndication comparisons, but most recent episodes seem to retain their openings, so #37 and up are probably intact on your local station. Of course, with almost every episode in rotation on FXX and streaming platforms, and the online-clip-friendly world we're now in, you have other options too.
Once upon a time, MIDI versions were in progress and may eventually surface; note-by-note transcriptions of many solos, apparently done by Alan J. Rosenthal (, can be seen in some of the episode capsules. If you have transcriptions to share, please volunteer your expertise and send them to me. You will be credited.

5. How has the balance of episodes with solos in the opening shifted over the years?
I'm glad you asked! (What do you mean this Q isn't AF?) I was curious for a simple visual representation of this, though. In fact, I made a graph! (I make a lot of graphs. In fact, there's a second one there now!)

6. Are you sure solos 2, 3, and 5 are different? Why are there at least five versions of the main theme?
They're definitely different, and the answer to the second question helps explain why. The key is in the openings. You should already be aware that season 1's opening was reanimated quite a bit for seasons 2+, but the music changed as well. In fact, the music changed again in season 3. Not only that, but the different opening lengths (at the time, full, condensed, and short) each use different recordings, with a basic main theme solo where applicable. (The cut-and-condensed opening, introduced in season 5, has its own signature sound as well.) That makes 8 variations; listen carefully and maybe you'll spot the differences. I imagine that the differences between lengths are due to the recording processes of the time; it became easier to tweak openings in later years.
Anyway, each main theme solo corresponds exactly* to one type of opening. #1 is season 1, #2 and #3 are season 2's full and condensed, and none of them were used again. Season 3 found the addition of 8 non-theme solos, but all its full-length openings with a main theme solo use #8 (and #8 is only found in full-length intros through the SD era). Lonely #5 is only in three episodes, but two are condensed openings in season 3, and the third is 2F13 for some reason, which is also condensed. It's so easy! (*Actually, of the two season-2 holdovers, 7F23's solo follows season 2's full opening, and 7F24 uses season 3's condensed. The rest of the music matches those alignments, even though 7F24 aired first, so I guess 7F23 was still treated as part of season 2. Go figure. It's so complicated!)
In fact, through season 9, even non-theme solos tended to stay with one type of opening or the other. Through #13, I've marked their alignments, and they hold up to the 5Fs (conveniently, the end of 4-character codes), with the sole exceptions of 1F07 and 5F13. Their debuts were orderly, too, shortened premieres aside: in season 3, when the first 8 non-theme variations were rolled out, a streak of condensed openings began with the theme and then 4 variations in a row, followed shortly by the same pattern in full openings, all in the span of 15 episodes. See also footnote [1].

7. What about the solo for the movie?
The solo for the movie is not in the movie, so do shut up. It's only on the soundtrack CD, and I'm not putting it in the list. (I don't even know if Terry Harrington played it.) If you must include it, it starts off sounding like "Jingle Bells" before going all over the place, and the CD was released in the US on 7/24/07, so you can stick it between #24 and #25.


Descriptions of Lisa's Solos
For each solo, there is a short description and the list of episodes in which it was used (for "also heard in" see the next section). We have also given each solo a nickname to distinguish it. The nicknames are not official, so don't take them as such. The list of episodes near the bottom of the page organizes the information by season and episode. Thanks to Vivian Lewis for some musical help in the descriptions!
Solo #1
Nickname: "Main Theme (High)"
DEBUTED:   January 4, 1990   [7G02] 10 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  This solo follows the 17-note main melody figure (counting from the first note all main theme variations have in common, not counting sustained lead-in notes or a few occasional others).  Only used during Season One.

EPISODES:  7G01, 7G02, 7G03, 7G04, 7G06, 7G07, 7G09, 7G10, 7G12, 7G13.

Solo #2
Nickname: "Main Theme"
DEBUTED:   October 11, 1990   [7F03] 16 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Follows the main melody figure, but one octave lower. A few variations of this solo also appear. Used mostly in Season Two episodes with full, uncondensed openings.

EPISODES:  7F01, 7F02, 7F03, 7F05, 7F06, 7F07, 7F08, 7F09, 7F10, 7F13, 7F14, 7F17, 7F20[1], 7F21, 7F22, 7F23.

Solo #3
Nickname: "Main Theme, Variation #1"
DEBUTED:   January 24, 1991   [7F11] 5 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Almost an exact copy of Solo #2, except that it's more "breathy", and the fourteenth note in the sequence is played more aggressively. This is used in Season Two episodes where the opening sequence is condensed.

EPISODES:   7F11, 7F12, 7F15, 7F16, 7F18.

Solo #4
Nickname: "Slow Downward Blues Scale"
DEBUTED:   October 10, 1991   [8F03][1][2] 7 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   A deliberate downward blues and chromatic scale, that ends with a quick downward trill. Originally used in condensed openings.

EPISODES:   8F03[2], 8F13, 9F18, 5F18, 5F21, AABF04, AABF05.

Solo #5
Nickname: "Main Theme, Variation #2"
DEBUTED:   September 19, 1991   [7F24] 3 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   A very plain, no-frills variation of the main theme, but not "breathy" like Solo #2 or Solo #3. Used in condensed openings.

EPISODES:   7F24, 8F06, 2F13[6].

Solo #6
Nickname: "Downward Blues #1"
DEBUTED:   September 26, 1991   [8F01] 14 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   Similar to Solo #4, but quicker. Starts at the top, and ends with two "friendly sounding" notes. Originally used in condensed openings.

EPISODES:   8F01, 8F08, 9F06, 9F12, 1F09, 1F10, 5F13, AABF10, AABF12, BABF20, EABF14, EABF16, LABF01, NABF05.

Solo #7
Nickname: "Downward Blues #2"
DEBUTED:   October 24, 1991   [8F05][2] 12 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   Similar to Solo #6, but at the beginning there is a pause, and then a slide to the top note. The ending is plain in comparison. Originally used in condensed openings.

EPISODES:   8F05[2], 8F15[2], 9F14, 1F11, 1F19, 5F05, CABF07, CABF08, KABF03, MABF21, NABF10, SABF14. Also heard in MABF05.

Solo #8
Nickname: "Main Theme, Variation #3"
DEBUTED:   November 14, 1991   [8F07]   or   March 26, 1992   [8F19][2] 18 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   The last variation on the main theme, originally used in full openings. Notice the fancy triplet on the third note, not used in the previous variations. This may be the most famous of Lisa's solos.

EPISODES:   8F07[2], 8F19[2], 8F23, 9F03, 9F10, 9F17, 9F21, 2F32[7], 3F31, AABF03, AABF17, CABF13, DABF06, GABF15, PABF15, RABF12, WABF01[11], OABF13. Also heard in UABF15 (album version sped up and reversed in end credits).

Solo #9
Nickname: "Crazy Be-Bop"
DEBUTED:   December 5, 1991   [8F09] 15 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   Possibly the "funniest" of Lisa's solos, this one is a favorite. It's just several atonal blasts, followed by a crazy attempt to get back on rhythm. It almost foreshadows the scene in 4F24 where Lisa plays her sax poorly, Homer states "Now you're swinging, honey!", and he runs off imitating her. Originally used in full openings.

EPISODES:   8F09, 8F17, 9F02, 9F07, 1F07, 3G01, AABF02, BABF04, BABF07, BABF18, CABF04, CABF11, CABF17, EABF04, HABF16. Also heard in LABF19, VABF21, XABF03.

Solo #10
Nickname: "Melodic Figure #1"
DEBUTED:   December 26, 1991   [8F10] 11 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   Optimistic and happy sounding. It's bright, thoughtful, and not bluesy at all. Originally used in full openings.

EPISODES:   8F10, 8F18, 8F20, 9F05[1], 9F11, 9F20[1], 5F19, AABF08, BABF19, DABF04, HABF08[8].

Solo #11
Nickname: "Melodic Figure #2"
DEBUTED:   January 9, 1992   [8F11] 12 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Somewhat like Solo #10: thoughtful, bright, melodic notes with only a hint of blues. Only used in full openings so far.

EPISODES:   8F11, 8F21[3], 8F24, 9F08, 9F13, 9F16, 9F22, 2F08, 3G03, AABF06, AABF07, GABF18. Also heard in VABF06.

Solo #12
Nickname: "Break Out"
DEBUTED:   February 6, 1992   [8F14] 11 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   The solo starts early, as if Lisa's breaking out of the pattern and taking over. Very melodic and thoughtful. Originally used in full openings.

EPISODES:   8F14, 8F22[4], 9F01[5], 9F09[1], 9F19, 3G02, 4F16, 5F17, FABF01, HABF14, JABF06.

Solo #13
Nickname: "Funk #1"
DEBUTED:   October 17, 1991   [8F04][2] 10 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   A James Brown influence; the accent is on the "one" (downbeat). Another favorite. Originally used in condensed openings.

EPISODES:   8F04[2], 9F15, 3F23, 5F01, 5F14, AABF09, AABF11, BABF15, EABF05, MABF13.

Solo #14
Nickname: "Funk #2"
DEBUTED:   March 28, 1999   [AABF13] 13 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   Sounds like Solo #13 coming in late, ending with two low blasts. The first new solo in seven years.

EPISODES:   AABF13, AABF19, BABF22, CABF10, CABF12, CABF14, CABF15, CABF18, CABF21, CABF22, DABF08, DABF20, PABF04. Also heard in TABF01.

Solo #15
Nickname: "Funk Groove"
DEBUTED:   April 4, 1999   [AABF14] 10 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   Groovy, backbeat driven funk that begins with three falls/descending triplets and one more short descent, climbs up an octave note by note, and ends high.

EPISODES:   AABF14, AABF18, CABF01, CABF02, CABF06, HABF04, JABF01, MABF07, NABF03, RABF03. Also heard in YABF19.

Solo #16
Nickname: "Slow Soul"
DEBUTED:   April 11, 1999   [AABF15] 6 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Simple, slow, and sad. Two longing wails.


Solo #17
Nickname: "Hot Jazz"
DEBUTED:   April 25, 1999   [AABF16] 8 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   Named for one aspect and not actually what hot jazz typically describes, but I'd rather not change the name. Bluesy riff that starts slow, moves up to the top, turns downward with two "hot" blasts/growls, and ends low and quiet.


Solo #18
Nickname: "Three Blasts"
DEBUTED:   October 24, 1999   [AABF21] 14 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   Familiar sounding melodic riff, but brand-new. Distinguished by three deliberate blasts in the middle.


Solo #19
Nickname: "Mellow Yellow"
DEBUTED:   November 14, 1999   [BABF02] 6 episodes
DESCRIPTION:   The first bar sounds eerily like the chorus of the song "Mellow Yellow" by Donovan. The ending is very bluesy and sad.


Solo #20
Nickname: "Wailing Horn"
DEBUTED:   January 23, 2000   [BABF08] 4 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Dramatic, drawn-out blues notes. It ends on a non-blues tonal center note.


Solo #21
Nickname: "Counter Rhythm"
DEBUTED:   February 6, 2000   [BABF09] 2 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Starts off funky. Slows down and breaks out of the main rhythm with a noticeable ritardando, then a soulful blues climax.


Solo #22
Nickname: "Coffeehouse Improv"
DEBUTED:   December 5, 2004   [FABF22] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  A simple, slow-paced bluesy melody, largely from a minor key. Defined by an obvious beat. The first new solo in almost 5 years.


Solo #23
Nickname: "Fragments"
DEBUTED:   May 6, 2007   [JABF13] 4 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Four distinct groups of 4-5 notes each, sounding like a few false starts but not unintentionally. Overall is reminiscent of fragments of the main theme, but only if you don't listen too closely. The first new solo in two and a half years (the last significant gap before more frequent debuts overall).


Solo #24
Nickname: "Coffeehouse Improv #2"
DEBUTED:   May 13, 2007   [JABF12] 5 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Somewhat like #22 in that you can snap your fingers to it, but is lower and has more of a melody. Ends on a down note.


Solo #25
Nickname: "Sorcerer's Apprentice"
DEBUTED:   September 30, 2007   [JABF18] 3 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Kind of marchy, with discrete notes, but the first four notes remind me especially of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. This marks the first of 6 new solos for season 19 and then 6 more in season 20, which tie for the most introduced in one season since season 3, not matched until season 29; the season 18-20 wave of 14 beats the non-theme solos of season 3 and seasons 10/11 (8 each), and is the last distinct/sharp wave to speak of.


Solo #26
Nickname: "Wail and Bass"
DEBUTED:   November 11, 2007   [JABF22] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  A sustained high note, followed by a few steps down to a low tone. Sounds a little uninspired.

EPISODES:   JABF22. Also heard in VABF06.

Solo #27
Nickname: "Barn Dance"
DEBUTED:   November 18, 2007   [JABF17] 3 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  A rapidly-paced piece that sounds like it belongs at a hoedown. (I'd have called it "Hoedown" but it sounds nothing like Copland's well-known song of the same name. You might know it as "that beef song.") Knee-slappin'.


Solo #28
Nickname: "Funk #2.5"
DEBUTED:   December 16, 2007   [KABF02] 7 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Starts like #23, but becomes more like #13 and #14 at the end. It's pretty fun.


Solo #29
Nickname: "Hot Jazz Minor #1"
DEBUTED:   March 2, 2008   [KABF06] 2 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Starts a lot like #17, but then hits a minor key and gradually works down in a jazzy way. The last four notes are repeated.

EPISODES:   KABF06, MABF17. Also heard in PABF13.

Solo #30
Nickname: "Hot Jazz Minor #2"
DEBUTED:   April 27, 2008   [KABF10] 2 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Remarkably similar to #29 (and thus close to #17), but the trip down the scale is more playful and doesn't repeat.


Solo #31
Nickname: "Barn Dance #2"
DEBUTED:   October 5, 2008   [KABF15] 3 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Similar to Barn Dance, but not as frenetic.


Solo #32
Nickname: "Up-Note Jazz"
DEBUTED:   November 30, 2008   [KABF20] 3 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  A jazzy finger-snapping number with a sort of questioning up note near the end.


Solo #33
Nickname: "Deck the Halls"
DEBUTED:   December 7, 2008   [KABF21] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  A syncopated, jazzy version of the first line of this carol. Used in the second appearance of JABF01's reanimated Christmas opening. (The rest of the band plays the main theme as usual.)


Solo #34
Nickname: "Staccato and Flourish"
DEBUTED:   March 1, 2009   [LABF02] 4 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  A few discrete, almost random notes, followed and recognizable by a moderate 6-note trill and a final flourish. This was the first new solo after the HD/WS opening, and with the end of the solo now animated, this may have been designed to take advantage.


Solo #35
Nickname: "4 + 4 + More"
DEBUTED:   March 8, 2009   [LABF03] 3 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Starts with two separate, somewhat similar groups of four notes, and then what sounds like a third variation continues farther down a scale.


Solo #36
Nickname: "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral"
DEBUTED:   March 22, 2009 (March 17 in UK/Ireland)   [LABF11] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  A thoughtful, drawn-out rendition of the first line of this song. Used in the heavily-publicized Irish-set episode.


Solo #37
Nickname: "Trumpet 1: New Orleans Jazz/Swing"
DEBUTED:   May 23, 2010   [MABF15] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Lisa plays a high-pitched trumpet instead of a sax, with a very upbeat jazzy tune. This one stays high and swings a long note in the middle. Apart from the change in octave in season 2 and the new animation in season 20, this is the first substitute for Lisa's instrument in the title sequence.


Solo #38
Nickname: "Trumpet 2: New Orleans Jazz/Down"
DEBUTED:   March 13, 2011   [NABF09] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Starts very much like #37, but has an overall downward progression and no long, sustained notes.


Solo #39
Nickname: "Violin 1: Falling Leaf"
DEBUTED:   May 15, 2011   [NABF14] 2 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  This first violin solo has a fairly moderate pace and could trace the pattern of a leaf drifting downward. It ends with three ascending triplets, each lower than the one before, and sudden climb like a squeaky door.


Solo #40
Nickname: "Tuba 1: Pep Band"
DEBUTED:   October 2, 2011   [NABF17] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  After some low notes, heads up a scale in a syncopated stairstep fashion and ends with a high flourish. Would not sound out of place aiming to roll up the score at a sporting event.


Solo #41
Nickname: "Tuba 2: Thpaste"
DEBUTED:   February 19, 2012   [PABF07] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  A slow, comically jaunty ascent, playful end, and flourish. One of the cartoonier, shall we say, solos, so how can I resist a punny name?


Solo #42
Nickname: "Tuba 3: Walk Off"
DEBUTED:   September 30, 2012   [PABF21] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  If #41 is a jaunty stepping-out accompaniment, this might accompany a happy walk into the distance. The rhythm is peppy like #40, and the tune primarily descends.


Solo #43
Nickname: "Violin 2: Square Dance"
DEBUTED:   February 10, 2013   [RABF07] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Overall frenetic pace during the body of the solo, then five slower, distinct, mostly ascending notes at the end.


Solo #44
Nickname: "Violin 3: Fast Fiddle and Holds"
DEBUTED:   March 17, 2013   [RABF10] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Fast-paced first half with a descending trend, then three ascending tenuto (held) notes and a final upswing.


Solo #45
Nickname: "Tuba 4: When the Saints Improvise"
DEBUTED:   April 28, 2013   [RABF05][10] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  The first few notes could fit with a syncopated "When the Saints Go Marching In", as if that's the starting point for a jaunty improv. Ends high.


Solo #46
Nickname: "Harp 1: Flashbacks #1"
DEBUTED:   September 29, 2013   [RABF20] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  The first of many harp solos to feature the glissando technique, this is more or less continuous throughout, rising and falling, sounding mostly like a long version of a TV flashback cutaway. Ends with a short chord (a punctuation many of these have to accompany Lisa's final doorway grin).


Solo #47
Nickname: "Phantom Funk"
DEBUTED:   October 6, 2013   [RABF16] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Although this is the first new sax solo after 10 non-sax ones were introduced, it's also the first with a major setting change: a Phantom-of-the-Opera-esque basement, with the band replaced by a low organ and male chorus. This is also the only Treehouse of Horror episode so far to feature a solo in the opening! The solo itself is a little funky, a little jazzy, but distinguished by a bassier, more forceful power as if to keep up with the gothic context. Visually, the sax is drawn about as usual.


Solo #48
Nickname: "Wenceslas Breakout"
DEBUTED:   December 15, 2013   [SABF01] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  In a first for the band itself, a recognizable tune, "Good King Wenceslas", replaces the main theme; Lisa breaks out from it in a solo that starts off like #29 or #30, then gets stuck on a few notes as she heads outside.


Solo #49
Nickname: "Harp 2: Happy-Go-Plucky"
DEBUTED:   January 12, 2014   [SABF03] 3 episodes
DESCRIPTION:  Primarily made of short pizzicato (plucked) pairs with pauses between many of them, with both rhythm and rising-and-falling pitch giving it a very singsong quality. Ends with a quick gliss. This is one of the only non-sax solos used more than once, but it's abridged somewhat in later episodes, with SABF20 dropping a few early pizzicato notes and YABF14 paring down the brief gliss at the start.

EPISODES:   SABF03, SABF20, YABF14 (see abridgement notes above).

Solo #50
Nickname: "Violin 4: Upwardly Playful"
DEBUTED:   March 16, 2014   [SABF09] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Jazzier and less fiddle-y than other violin entries, this one starts low and meanders up over the span of an octave or two, with only a few fast notes.


Solo #51
Nickname: "Jingle Breakout"
DEBUTED:   December 7, 2014   [TABF03] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  The band plays "Jingle Bells" and Lisa veers off, beginning a bit like #18, but repeating some riffs and circling back around.


Solo #52
Nickname: "Main Theme, Retro Gaming Variation"
DEBUTED:   February 15, 2015   [TABF07] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Plain Jane theme variation recalling the simplest renditions of season 1 and 2, as rendered to look and sound like an old video game (using early-season visual style, even several years into the modern era). It doesn't sound anything like a real sax, of course, or even a synthesized sax, but it's portrayed as a pixel-art one, so I'm not counting it as a new instrument.


Solo #53
Nickname: "Harp 3: Staggered Scales"
DEBUTED:   April 26, 2015   [TABF12] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  A gradually climbing pattern is plucked out as if each hand is walking up a scale on its own. The effect calls Debussy to mind.


Solo #54
Nickname: "Harp 4: Ghost Chimes"
DEBUTED:   February 14, 2016   [VABF07] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Sounds less like typical harp and more like chimes being hit gently at random, as if by wind or an unseen spirit. Ends with a brief chord. This one is named partly for a certain film containing a claim the world would end the day this solo debuted.


Solo #55
Nickname: "Tuba 5: Main Theme Knockoff"
DEBUTED:   April 3, 2016   [VABF10] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  The first half sounds just like the other main theme variations, but the second half practically inverts it while retaining the rhythm. It may just be playfulness, yet it's reminiscent of copyright-skirting soundalike melodies often used in TV.


Solo #56
Nickname: "Theremin: Main Theme"
DEBUTED:   May 22, 2016   [VABF15] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  It's the usual portion of the main theme, on a theremin. It skips some of the earlier notes, though.


Solo #57
Nickname: "Harp 5: Paging Glissa Simpson"
DEBUTED:   September 25, 2016   [VABF20] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Basic wandering glissando patterns sandwiched between two very bright single notes that evoke old department store paging tones.


Solo #58
Nickname: "Harp 6: Flashbacks #2"
DEBUTED:   November 5, 2017   [WABF19] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Like #46, but slower and with clearer down-and-up scales patterns. Ends with a major chord.


Solo #59
Nickname: "Tuba 6: Jazz and Gliss"
DEBUTED:   November 12, 2017   [WABF20] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  The tuba ventures into jazz territory for this faster-paced improv. A small climb near the end is followed by a glissando up about the same range.


Solo #60
Nickname: "Coral Riffs"
DEBUTED:   November 19, 2017   [WABF21] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  In a special "Shrimpsons" opening, the characters all live "under the sea" and the band segment certainly takes inspiration from the showstopper of that name. It's still the sound of a land saxophone, one that actually plays the main theme with/over the band (something of a first); the solo on its own is a pretty straightforward down-up-down with a slight island rhythm, but the high four-note button after a rest may identify it best.


Solo #61
Nickname: "Jingle Bell Scat"
DEBUTED:   December 10, 2017   [XABF02] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  The band plays "Jingle Bells" (worse than in #51), and Lisa actually runs with it a little, traveling up before ending in some more distinct, scattier notes. Most of these Christmas openings have extra visual flourishes, but this one affects the solo more, as the snow falling off the roof makes her release a few random toots.


Solo #62
Nickname: "Jazz Intrigue"
DEBUTED:   April 8, 2018   [XABF07] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  If played more slowly, this solo could fit a brief moment in a spy caper. A high minor-key note near the very start is almost sour, and the first four notes are close to a Bond sting in a different rhythm. The rest is a jazzy downward-upward progression. Apart from the new artwork on the walls, this is the first normal sax solo with normal animation to debut since #36 (9 years), or #35 if you only count original tunes.


Solo #63
Nickname: "Extended Soul"
DEBUTED:   April 22, 2018   [XABF11] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  By far the longest solo, exceeding all others by about 5 seconds, since it cuts the opening short and transitions right into the episode as Lisa continues playing outside and clashes with Mr. Largo. It starts early, too, with some high wails, several sustained tones, and a slow soulful pace throughout.


Solo #64
Nickname: "Deck the Halls Improv"
DEBUTED:   December 9, 2018   [YABF02] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  The band and Lisa play "Deck the Halls", and Lisa jazzes it up during the solo, more than in #33, but sticks to the basic tune.


Solo #65
Nickname: "Sixties Bop"
DEBUTED:   January 6, 2019   [YABF03] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Uses a distinct, driven 1960s beat, as if backing a peppy pop tune of the period, and could loop easily, unlike most solos. Primarily bassy, with some higher notes at the end of alternate measures.


Solo #66
Nickname: "Sixties Jazz"
DEBUTED:   January 5, 2020   [ZABF05] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  One of the peppiest sax solos, even compared to its immediate predecessor. Stays high and playful, with mostly distinct, rapid tones between an initial squeal and the final flourish.


Solo #67
Nickname: "Harp 7: Tremolo and Gliss"
DEBUTED:   May 3, 2020   [ZABF13] 1 episode
DESCRIPTION:  Yet more glissando, but distinguished by lower pitch overall, less of the "flashback" quality than some others, and a short wavering tremolo near the start while the band is playing. Ends with a single high note that has room to breathe.


Solos Reused Within Episodes
In recent years, parts of these solos have been used elsewhere in episodes, all played by Lisa. Sometimes they're very short excerpts, but they are still recognizable to anyone who's become familiar with the old favorites. Are these quotes quick ways to toss in some incidental tooting without a special scoring session, or are they a special bonus? I have a feeling it's the former. This list doesn't cover Lisa's sax playing in general, however. You know what to do if you have spotted an error or omission.

LABF19: Two blurted notes from Solo #9 "play" as Lisa blows shaving cream out of the sax at Bart, who filled it as a prank, halfway through the episode
MABF05: Solo #7 played in full, including the sustained lead-in note usually heard as the band plays, while Lisa busks on a Canadian street corner mid-episode
PABF13: Solo #29 played in full during family commotion at the end of Act I
TABF01: Parts of Solo #14 (lead-in and about two-thirds, then the first third again) when Lisa joins the drum circle in Act III, though a later tune seems new
VABF06: Most of Solo #11 as Lisa tries to hold a crowd over near the end, then the descending part of Solo #26 after that fails
VABF21: A bit of Solo #9 in the couch gag (so the opening sequence did have sax!)
XABF03: Middle section of Solo #9 at the start of Act III as Lisa practices badly
YABF19: Beginning of Solo #15, along with a very short restart, during the Breakfast Club dancing parody in the middle
UABF15: Solo #8 (as part of album version of main title) is barely discernible during the episode's end-credits gag of running the title sequence backward at high speed

Alternate Visuals and Instruments
Occasionally, the usual animation is not used for Lisa's solo.

When she plays a different instrument, that is shown instead (and often, but not always, on her bike in the driveway scene later on); that instrument, like the sax, is often simplified and may not match the exact version heard (e.g., we see a tuba but might really hear a sousaphone).

In later seasons, entire new opening sequences are reanimated for one-off or holiday themes, and in two early examples we just don't see Lisa at all.

And since the end of season 27, the walls of the band room sometimes bear new visuals: a bulletin board behind Largo becomes a sign reading "andante arpeggio baritone", while nondescript posters near the exit become (left) a sign with "Polonaise" above a few measures of music and (right) a portrait of Chopin.

Different instrument (a plus sign means it's seen in the driveway)
Trumpet: MABF15, NABF09
Violin: NABF14+, PABF19, RABF07, RABF10, SABF09
Tuba: NABF17+, PABF07, PABF21, RABF05, VABF10+, WABF20+
Harp: RABF20+, SABF03+, SABF20+, TABF12+, VABF07+, VABF20+, WABF19+, YABF14+, ZABF13+; YABF01 has no solo but a harp is used in the driveway anyway
Theremin: VABF15+

Lisa not seen: 3F31 (most of opening replaced by montage of couch gags while longer title music plays), JABF20 (post-movie reconstruction set to title music)
Live action: HABF08[8]
Snowy Christmas theme (all but the first with a unique solo, many with extra beats such as snow falling on Lisa's head): JABF01, KABF21, SABF01, TABF03, XABF02, YABF02
Other special openings with a (unique) solo: RABF16 (only Treehouse of Horror with one), TABF07 (retro gaming), WABF21 (underwater)
Extended/alternate solo animation (and new signage): WABF01 (Lisa bumps into the wall), XABF11 (solo continues outside and starts episode), OABF13 (extra characters drawn in for 750th episode, no Chopin), 35ABF12 (in "Bart's Brain" opening sequence parody a few minutes in: Bart scares Lisa back into the room, the rest of the class falling like dominoes)

New band room walls: VABF15, WABF01 (with bump), WABF19, WABF20, XABF07, XABF11 (extended and with one more sign), YABF03, YABF14, ZABF05, ZABF13, UABF15 (in end credits only), OABF13 (minus Chopin poster)

Honorable Mentions and Soundtracks
Some episodes have a saxophone presence in the opening sequence without really making it a traditional solo, often in the couch gag (see also VABF21 above), sometimes not even played by Lisa:

SABF02: Special opening sequence "MusicVille" has the entire family as living instruments
TABF16: Rick briefly noodles on Lisa's sax during extended Rick and Morty couch gag
VABF20: Lisa is seen playing a few notes of what sounds a bit like a pitched-up Solo #29 in extended Adventure Time couch gag (in addition to having her usual spot)
In MABF12's cringeworthy "Tik Tok" special opening, some elements of the usual title sequence are reimagined, including Mr. Largo dancing in the band room (minus Lisa and the rest).

Soundtrack releases for the show, along with other compilations, have various versions of the main theme and established solos, though they mostly stick to main theme variations. (The movie soundtrack has an album-only solo; see FAQ.) Of course, they don't contain extra sound effects, and even the long sustained solo lead-in heard in episodes seems to be an overlay of its own as only a shorter, quieter version is present on the soundtracks.

Songs in the Key of Springfield (album 1): Solo #8 is used in a full (season 3) opening with long chorus line couch gag (as first used in 9F08) spliced in. Liner notes claim this recording belongs to 9F22, but although that episode does use the extended couch gag in a full opening too, it has Solo #11 and its own slower TV music after the couch gag. The closest this version gets to any actual episode audio may be to 3F31, except that jumps a few times near the start, changes speed, and uses different TV music too.

Go Simpsonic with the Simpsons (album 2): Solo #4 (not a theme variation) gets tapped on this second soundtrack, in a condensed (season 3) opening, presumably for observant fans to enjoy. The liner notes, despite calling attention to the different length, mistakenly copy in the reference to 9F22; 8F03[2] is the first of a few early episodes that match this recording perfectly (apart from added sound effects).

Testify (album 3): Solo #8 in a full (season 3) opening with normal couch gag music (and no particular episode attribution in liner notes) kicks off this album, and for the standard-def era this seems to be the de facto standard "Simpsons theme" (this exact version is also used for the show on TVT Records' Television's Greatest Hits albums, for example, and the couch gag music is the only difference from SitKoS). It matches up very well with 8F07[2], among others.

Danny Elfman's Music for a Darkened Theatre: Solo #1 features in the full (season 1) opening, the only solo that went with that version (a version that's nice to have on a commercial release).


Episodes with No Sax Solo
The following episodes had no saxophone solo in the opening sequence in network airings. See lists above for episodes with parts of solos elsewhere and use of sax in other parts of the openings. If I am wrong about any of these, please let me know.

You will notice that beginning with production Season 5/[1FXX], there are far fewer saxophone solos. The Simpsons production office apparently opted for shortened opening sequences to make the episodes longer. Almost none of the [2FXX] series had a sax solo, and this practice continued through much of the [5FXX] series; after a brief resurgence, the solos have been in sharp decline since the DABFs. In later decades, opening sequences have gotten shorter and shorter as episode runtimes continue to be whittled away, although sometimes a very long couch gag or special opening uses the time a normal long opening might otherwise take. (Note: in some seasons full of solos, the Treehouse of Horror episode is the only entry in this list!)

7G05, 7G08, 7G11; 7F04, 7F19; 8F02, 8F12, 8F16; 9F04;
all 1FXX except 1F07, 1F09, 1F10, 1F11, 1F19; all 2FXX except 2F08, 2F13[6], 2F32[7]); all 3FXX except 3F23 and 3F31; 3G04; all 4FXX except 4F16;
5F02, 5F03, 5F04, 5F06, 5F07, 5F08, 5F09, 5F10, 5F11, 5F12, 5F15, 5F16, 5F20, 5F22, 5F23, 5F24; AABF01; BABF01, BABF21; CABF19;
all DABFXX except DABF02, DABF04, DABF06, DABF07, DABF08, DABF20; all EABFXX except EABF04, EABF05, EABF06, EABF14, EABF16; all FABFXX except FABF01 and FABF22; all GABFXX except GABF15 and GABF18;
all SABFXX except SABF01, SABF03, SABF08, SABF09, SABF14, SABF20; all TABFXX except TABF03, TABF07, TABF12; all VABFXX except VABF07, VABF10, VABF12, VABF14, VABF15, VABF20; all WABFXX except WABF01, WABF16, WABF19, WABF20, WABF21; all XABFXX except XABF02, XABF07, XABF11; all YABFXX except YABF02, YABF03, YABF14; all ZABFXX except ZABF05 and ZABF13;
all QABFXX (the first production season with absolutely none/part of the first air season with none); all UABFXX; all OABFXX except OABF13; and all 35ABFXX so far (01-07, 09-12).

[1]: The DVD versions of 7F20, 9F05, 9F09, and 9F20 have full openings and different sax solos (2, 10, 12, 10) from those previously indicated on this list (4, 5, 3, 6). From some new information, I've learned that Fox used to run summer repeats with shortened openings (which used a different batch of solos, see FAQ) to save time, and the long versions (with the solos given here) are probably the real ones. (This affected old versions of this document by having Solo #4 "debut" in 7F20 instead of 8F03, hence the footnote.) -mg

[2]: The premiere dates and episodes of Solo #4, Solo #7, Solo #8, and Solo #13 are debatable, in part because Global usually aired full openings when Fox's premieres were trimmed. I took some time to work it out. Solo #4 debuted with 8F03, and Solo #13 with 8F04, using either Fox or Global premieres. Solo #7 was in Global's 8F05 premiere on 10/24/91, but its inclusion in Fox's repeat 3/19/92 was preceded by 2/27/92's premiere of 8F15, making that the solo's US premiere. The toughest one is Solo #8, because I do not know if Global's premiere of 8F07 included it. If so, the solo debuted then, on 11/14/91; if not, and certainly as far as Fox is concerned, it was first heard in 8F19 on 3/26/92, a week before 8F07's repeat. For the debut dates above I am using Global's. You might also have noticed that the numbering is not in order for any interpretation; the original author assigned numbers based on some misconceptions, particularly concerning #4[1] and #13. For the curious, Global's debut order of 4-13: 5 6 4 13 7 8 9 10 11 12, with 8 at the end if 8F07's premiere was trimmed; Fox's debut order: 5 6 9 10 11 4 12 7 13 8 (with 7 and 13 the same night!). The season 3 DVDs do include the full version of each episode's opening, so the solos first appear there in Global's order. (Older versions had #13 debuting with 9F15, hence the footnote.) -mg

[3]: The first airing of 8F21, by Chad's tapes and records, had a shortened opening and no sax solo. However, the capsule says it used Solo #11. For this reason and with confirmation from the season 3 DVD, I've put it in the list. -mg

[4]: Originally, 8F22 had no sax solo. According to the capsule, in subsequent viewings the episode used Solo #12. Season 3 DVD and so forth. -mg

[5]: The original airing of 9F01 had a shortened opening sequence, but the third airing on November 27, 1994 (when 2F06 debuted) showed 9F01 with a full opening sequence. Chad had this version on tape, but the opening cut in late. The season 4 DVD uses Solo #12, not Solo #13 as an old version conjectured, and this is consistent with my own sources. Thus, here it is. See the ambiguities list for more. -mg

[6]: Though previously listed without one, 2F13 definitively has a solo now (as seen on the season 6 DVD and confirmed in original airing), though some repeats may have used a shorter intro. -mg

[7]: There was doubt before, but 2F32 has been shown (on the season 6 DVD, along with Simpsons Archive confirmation) to have used Solo #8 in a full opening, though repeats may have shortened it. -mg

[8]: HABF08's first broadcast used a version of the special UK live-action opening, with a slightly trimmed Solo #10. The repeat used a different (animated) opening but the same (uncut) solo. However, do note that the full live-action intro (aka "The Real Simpsons") used a differently-trimmed Solo #11.

[9]: LABF07's solo, a repeat, seemed to be slowed down overall, perhaps to match the ending to the new animated flourish. It's most noticeable at the end, but the whole solo seems to be affected.

[10]: The original Fox (and Global) airing of RABF05 used a severely shortened opening, and so Solo #45 did not debut until the repeat, which was after the debut of Solo #44 in the later episode RABF10. The numbers are correct in solo order, although not in episode order.

[11]: WABF01's opening sequence is full of mishaps by the Simpson family; Lisa runs into the wall halfway through her solo and squeaks out a few errant notes as she falls. Still, there's no need to make an entirely new number, especially since it clearly uses the old recording.

Lisa's Sax Solos by Episode
Season One - 10/13 Episodes - 1 Solo
7G08    none 7G06    Solo #1 7G10    Solo #1
7G02    Solo #1 7G09    Solo #1 7G13    Solo #1
7G03    Solo #1 7G07    Solo #1 7G12    Solo #1
7G04    Solo #1 7G11    none 7G01    Solo #1
7G05    none      
Season Two - 20/22 Episodes - 2 Solos
7F03    Solo #2 7F09    Solo #2 7F14    Solo #2
7F02    Solo #2 7F10    Solo #2 7F17    Solo #2
7F04    none 7F11    Solo #3 7F18    Solo #3
7F01    Solo #2 7F12    Solo #3 7F19    none
7F05    Solo #2 7F13    Solo #2 7F20    Solo #2 [1]
7F08    Solo #2 7F15    Solo #3 7F21    Solo #2
7F07    Solo #2 7F16    Solo #3 7F22    Solo #2
7F06    Solo #2      
Season Three - 21/24 Episodes - 11 Solos
7F24    Solo #5 8F07    Solo #8 [2] 8F13    Solo #4
8F01    Solo #6 8F08    Solo #6 8F15    Solo #7 [2]
7F23    Solo #2 8F09    Solo #9 8F17    Solo #9
8F03    Solo #4 [1][2] 8F10    Solo #10 8F19    Solo #8 [2]
8F04    Solo #13 [2] 8F11    Solo #11 8F20    Solo #10
8F05    Solo #7 [2] 8F12    none 8F21    Solo #11 [3]
8F02    none 8F14    Solo #12 8F22    Solo #12 [4]
8F06    Solo #5 8F16    none 8F23    Solo #8
Season Four - 21/22 Episodes - 9 Solos
8F24    Solo #11 9F07    Solo #9 9F14    Solo #7
8F18    Solo #10 9F08    Solo #11 9F15    Solo #13 [2]
9F01    Solo #12 [5] 9F09    Solo #12 [1] 9F17    Solo #8
9F02    Solo #9 9F10    Solo #8 9F16    Solo #11
9F04    none 9F11    Solo #10 9F18    Solo #4
9F03    Solo #8 9F12    Solo #6 9F20    Solo #10 [1]
9F05    Solo #10 [1] 9F13    Solo #11 9F19    Solo #12
9F06    Solo #6      
Season Five - 7/22 Episodes - 5 Solos
9F21    Solo #8 1F07    Solo #9 1F14    none
9F22    Solo #11 1F08    none 1F15    none
1F02    none 1F09    Solo #6 1F16    none
1F01    none 1F11    Solo #7 1F18    none
1F04    none 1F10    Solo #6 1F19    Solo #7
1F03    none 1F12    none 1F21    none
1F05    none 1F13    none 1F20    none
1F06    none      
Season Six - 3/25 Episodes - 3 Solos
1F22    none 2F07    none 2F31    none
1F17    none 2F08    Solo #11 2F15    none
2F33    none 2F09    none 2F18    none
2F01    none 2F10    none 2F19    none
2F02    none 2F11    none 2F32    Solo #8 [7]
2F03    none 2F12    none 2F21    none
2F04    none 2F13    Solo #5 [6] 2F22    none
2F05    none 2F14    none 2F16    none
2F06    none      
Season Seven - 1/25 Episodes - 1 Solo
2F20    none 3F31    Solo #8 3F16    none
2F17    none 3F07    none 3F15    none
3F01    none 3F10    none 3F17    none
3F02    none 3F09    none 3F18    none
3F03    none 3F11    none 3F19    none
3F04    none 3F12    none 3F20    none
3F05    none 3F13    none 3F21    none
3F06    none 3F14    none 3F22    none
3F08    none      
Season Eight - 4/25 Episodes - 4 Solos
4F02    none 3G01    Solo #9 4F15    none
3F23    Solo #13 4F08    none 4F09    none
4F03    none 4F10    none 4F16    Solo #12
4F05    none 3G03    Solo #11 4F17    none
4F06    none 4F12    none 4F18    none
4F04    none 4F11    none 4F19    none
4F01    none 4F14    none 4F20    none
4F07    none 4F13    none 4F21    none
3F24    none      
Season Nine - 7/25 Episodes - 5 Solos
4F22    none 5F07    none 5F13    Solo #6
4F23    none 5F24    none 3G04    none
3G02    Solo #12 5F08    none 5F14    Solo #13
5F02    none 5F23    none 5F15    none
5F01    Solo #13 5F11    none 5F09    none
5F03    none 5F10    none 5F16    none
5F04    none 5F12    none 5F17    Solo #12
5F05    Solo #7 4F24    none 5F18    Solo #4
5F06    none      
Season Ten - 20/23 Episodes - 11 Solos
5F20    none AABF05    Solo #4 AABF13    Solo #14
5F21    Solo #4 AABF06    Solo #11 AABF14    Solo #15
5F22    none AABF07    Solo #11 AABF15    Solo #16
AABF01    none AABF08    Solo #10 AABF16    Solo #17
5F19    Solo #10 AABF09    Solo #13 AABF17    Solo #8
AABF02    Solo #9 AABF11    Solo #13 AABF18    Solo #15
AABF03    Solo #8 AABF10    Solo #6 AABF20    Solo #17
AABF04    Solo #4 AABF12    Solo #6   
Season Eleven - 21/22 Episodes - 10 Solos
AABF23    Solo #17 BABF07    Solo #9 BABF12    Solo #16
AABF22    Solo #17 BABF04    Solo #9 BABF13    Solo #18
AABF21    Solo #18 BABF06    Solo #17 BABF14    Solo #18
BABF01    none BABF08    Solo #20 BABF16    Solo #18
AABF19    Solo #14 BABF09    Solo #21 BABF15    Solo #13
BABF02    Solo #19 BABF10    Solo #19 BABF18    Solo #9
BABF03    Solo #18 BABF11    Solo #18 BABF19    Solo #10
BABF05    Solo #18      
Season Twelve - 20/21 Episodes - 10 Solos
BABF21    none CABF06    Solo #15 CABF09    Solo #20
BABF20    Solo #6 BABF22    Solo #14 CABF11    Solo #9
BABF17    Solo #17 CABF05    Solo #19 CABF13    Solo #8
CABF01    Solo #15 CABF08    Solo #7 CABF14    Solo #14
CABF04    Solo #9 CABF07    Solo #7 CABF15    Solo #14
CABF02    Solo #15 CABF10    Solo #14 CABF16    Solo #18
CABF03    Solo #19 CABF12    Solo #14 CABF17    Solo #9
Season Thirteen - 9/22 Episodes - 4 Solos
CABF19    none DABF05    none DABF11    none
CABF22    Solo #14 DABF04    Solo #10 DABF12    none
CABF20    Solo #18 DABF06    Solo #8 DABF13    none
CABF18    Solo #14 DABF07    Solo #18 DABF14    none
CABF21    Solo #14 DABF09    none DABF15    none
DABF02    Solo #18 DABF08    Solo #14 DABF16    none
DABF01    none DABF10    none DABF17    none
DABF03    none      
Season Fourteen - 6/22 Episodes - 5 Solos
DABF19    none EABF04    Solo #9 EABF11    none
DABF22    none EABF06    Solo #18 EABF12    none
DABF20    Solo #14 EABF05    Solo #13 EABF13    none
DABF18    none EABF07    none EABF14    Solo #6
DABF21    none EABF08    none EABF15    none
EABF01    none EABF09    none EABF16    Solo #6
EABF02    none EABF10    none EABF17    none
EABF03    none      
Season Fifteen - 1/22 Episodes - 1 Solo
EABF21    none FABF04    none FABF11    none
EABF18    none FABF05    none FABF12    none
EABF20    none FABF06    none FABF14    none
EABF22    none FABF07    none FABF15    none
EABF19    none FABF09    none FABF13    none
FABF01    Solo #12 FABF08    none FABF17    none
FABF02    none FABF10    none FABF18    none
FABF03    none      
Season Sixteen - 2/21 Episodes - 2 Solos
FABF23    none GABF02    none GABF12    none
FABF20    none GABF03    none GABF10    none
FABF19    none GABF04    none GABF11    none
FABF22    Solo #22 GABF05    none GABF13    none
FABF21    none GABF06    none GABF14    none
FABF16    none GABF07    none GABF15    Solo #8
GABF01    none GABF08    none GABF09    none
Season Seventeen - 8/22 Episodes - 8 Solos
GABF18    Solo #11 HABF01    none HABF09    Solo #16
GABF16    none HABF03    Solo #19 HABF10    none
GABF19    none HABF04    Solo #15 HABF11    none
GABF17    none HABF05    none HABF12    none
GABF20    none HABF06    none HABF13    Solo #17
GABF21    none HABF07    none HABF14    Solo #12
GABF22    none HABF08    Solo #10 [8] HABF16    Solo #9
HABF02    none      
Season Eighteen - 5/22 Episodes - 5 Solos
HABF15    none JABF01    Solo #15 JABF06    Solo #12
HABF18    none JABF03    none JABF10    none
HABF20    none JABF05    none JABF11    none
HABF17    none JABF04    none JABF13    Solo #23
HABF21    Solo #19 JABF07    none JABF12    Solo #24
HABF19    none JABF09    none JABF14    none
HABF22    none JABF08    none JABF15    none
JABF02    none      
Season Nineteen - 10/20 Episodes - 10 Solos
JABF20    Solo #18 KABF01    none KABF08    none
JABF18    Solo #25 KABF02    Solo #28 KABF09    none
JABF21    none KABF03    Solo #7 KABF10    Solo #30
JABF19    Solo #24 KABF04    none KABF11    none
JABF16    none KABF05    none KABF12    Solo #17
JABF22    Solo #26 KABF06    Solo #29 KABF13    none
JABF17    Solo #27 KABF07    none   
Season Twenty - 14/21 Episodes - 12 Solos
KABF17    none KABF21    Solo #33 LABF05    Solo #20
KABF15    Solo #31 KABF22    Solo #28 LABF06    none
KABF14    Solo #25 LABF01    Solo #6 LABF07    Solo #23 [9]
KABF16    none LABF02    Solo #34 LABF08    Solo #31
KABF18    Solo #24 LABF03    Solo #35 LABF10    none
KABF19    none LABF04    none LABF09    none
KABF20    Solo #32 LABF11    Solo #36 LABF12    Solo #28
Season Twenty-One - 14/23 Episodes - 11 Solos
LABF13    Solo #16 MABF02    none MABF08    Solo #28
LABF15    Solo #20 LABF20    Solo #35 MABF09    Solo #21
LABF16    Solo #16 MABF03    none MABF14    Solo #34
LABF14    none MABF05    none MABF12    none
LABF17    Solo #28 MABF06    none MABF13    Solo #13
LABF18    Solo #34 MABF04    none MABF11    Solo #24
LABF19    Solo #30 MABF07    Solo #15 MABF15    Solo #37
MABF01    none MABF10    none   
Season Twenty-Two - 12/22 Episodes - 11 Solos
MABF21    Solo #7 MABF19    Solo #23 NABF09    Solo #38
MABF17    Solo #29 NABF03    Solo #15 NABF10    Solo #7
MABF18    none NABF04    none NABF11    none
MABF16    none NABF05    Solo #6 NABF12    none
MABF20    none NABF06    Solo #24 NABF13    Solo #28
NABF01    none NABF07    none NABF14    Solo #39
NABF02    Solo #18 NABF08    Solo #32 NABF15    none
MABF22    none      
Season Twenty-Three - 7/22 Episodes - 7 Solos
NABF16    none NABF18    none PABF08    none
NABF17    Solo #40 PABF03    Solo #31 PABF10    none
NABF19    none PABF04    Solo #14 PABF11    none
NABF21    none PABF05    Solo #27 PABF12    none
NABF20    none PABF06    Solo #32 PABF13    none
NABF22    none PABF07    Solo #41 PABF15    Solo #8
PABF01    none PABF09    none PABF14    none
PABF02    none      
Season Twenty-Four - 10/22 Episodes - 10 Solos
PABF21    Solo #42 RABF02    Solo #25 RABF10    Solo #44
PABF17    none RABF03    Solo #15 RABF08    none
PABF18    none RABF04    none RABF11    none
PABF16    none RABF07    Solo #43 RABF13    none
PABF19    Solo #39 RABF05    Solo #45 [10] RABF12    Solo #8
PABF22    Solo #16 RABF06    none RABF14    none
PABF20    none RABF09    Solo #34 RABF17    none
RABF01    none      
Season Twenty-Five - 7/22 Episodes - 7 Solos
RABF20    Solo #46 SABF05    none SABF11    none
RABF16    Solo #47 SABF03    Solo #49 SABF12    none
RABF18    none SABF06    none SABF13    none
RABF22    none SABF08    Solo #35 SABF14    Solo #7
RABF19    none SABF07    none RABF21    none
SABF02    none SABF09    Solo #50 SABF15    none
SABF04    none SABF10    none SABF18    none
SABF01    Solo #48      
Season Twenty-Six - 4/22 Episodes - 4 Solos
SABF20    Solo #49 TABF03    Solo #51 TABF09    none
SABF17    none RABF15    none TABF10    none
SABF19    none TABF05    none TABF11    none
SABF21    none TABF04    none TABF12    Solo #53
SABF22    none TABF06    none TABF13    none
SABF16    none TABF07    Solo #52 TABF15    none
TABF01    none TABF08    none TABF16    none
TABF02    none      
Season Twenty-Seven - 5/22 Episodes - 5 Solos
TABF14    none VABF02    none VABF09    none
TABF17    none VABF03    none VABF10    Solo #55
TABF19    none VABF04    none VABF11    none
TABF22    none VABF05    none VABF12    Solo #28
TABF18    none VABF07    Solo #54 VABF14    Solo #27
TABF21    none VABF06    none VABF13    none
TABF20    none VABF08    none VABF15    Solo #56
VABF01    none      
Season Twenty-Eight - 2/22 Episodes - 2 Solos
VABF20    Solo #57 WABF03    none WABF09    none
VABF18    none WABF02    none WABF10    none
VABF17    none WABF06    none WABF11    none
VABF16    none WABF04    none WABF12    none
VABF21    none WABF05    none WABF13    none
VABF22    none WABF07    none WABF14    none
VABF19    none WABF08    none WABF15    none
WABF01    Solo #8 [11]      
Season Twenty-Nine - 7/21 Episodes - 7 Solos
WABF17    none XABF01    none XABF07    Solo #62
WABF22    none XABF02    Solo #61 XABF10    none
WABF16    Solo #23 XABF03    none XABF11    Solo #63
WABF18    none XABF04    none XABF09    none
WABF19    Solo #58 XABF05    none XABF12    none
WABF20    Solo #59 XABF06    none XABF13    none
WABF21    Solo #60 XABF08    none XABF14    none
Season Thirty - 3/23 Episodes - 3 Solos
XABF19    none YABF01    none YABF09    none
XABF15    none YABF02    Solo #64 YABF10    none
XABF17    none YABF03    Solo #65 YABF11    none
XABF16    none YABF04    none YABF12    none
XABF18    none YABF06    none YABF14    Solo #49
XABF20    none YABF05    none YABF15    none
XABF21    none YABF07    none YABF16    none
XABF22    none YABF08    none   
Season Thirty-One - 2/22 Episodes - 2 Solos
YABF19    none ZABF04    none ZABF11    none
YABF21    none ZABF01    none ZABF10    none
YABF22    none ZABF05    Solo #66 YABF13    none
YABF18    none ZABF06    none ZABF12    none
YABF20    none ZABF07    none ZABF13    Solo #67
ZABF02    none ZABF08    none ZABF14    none
ZABF03    none ZABF09    none ZABF16    none
YABF17    none      
Season Thirty-Two - 0/22 Episodes - 0 Solos
ZABF19    none QABF01    none QABF09    none
ZABF18    none QABF03    none QABF10    none
ZABF21    none QABF04    none QABF11    none
ZABF17    none QABF05    none QABF12    none
ZABF15    none QABF06    none QABF14    none
ZABF22    none QABF07    none QABF13    none
QABF02    none QABF08    none QABF15    none
ZABF20    none      
Season Thirty-Three - 0/22 Episodes - 0 Solos
QABF17    none UABF02    none UABF09    none
QABF18    none UABF03    none UABF10    none
QABF16    none UABF05    none UABF11    none
QABF19    none UABF04    none UABF12    none
QABF20    none UABF06    none UABF15    none
QABF21    none UABF07    none UABF13    none
QABF22    none UABF08    none UABF14    none
UABF01    none      
Season Thirty-Four - 1/22 Episodes - 1 Solo
UABF16    none OABF02    none OABF09    none
UABF19    none OABF03    none OABF10    none
UABF21    none OABF04    none OABF11    none
UABF20    none OABF05    none OABF12    none
UABF17    none OABF06    none OABF14    none
UABF18    none OABF07    none OABF15    none
OABF01    none OABF08    none OABF13    Solo #8
UABF22    none      
Season Thirty-Five - 0/18 Episodes - 0 Solos
OABF18    none OABF19    none 35ABF06    none
OABF16    none 35ABF02    none 35ABF07    none
OABF20    none 35ABF04    none 35ABF09    none
OABF21    none 35ABF01    none 35ABF10    none
OABF17    none 35ABF03    none 35ABF11    none
OABF22    none 35ABF05    none 35ABF12    none

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