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Simpson Family
Season Thirty-Five (2023-2024)

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Homer's Crossing (#OABF18 / SI-3418) 01 Oct 2023
Homer inadvertently volunteers to become a school crossing guard, but when he saves Ralph from an oncoming car, Mayor Quimby increases the crossing guard budget, and Homer uses the opportunity to turn them into an instrument of power

A Mid-Childhood Night's Dream (#OABF16 / SI-3416) 08 Oct 2023
Marge keeps having nightmares, and they're all about the same thing; she's worried that her kids are growing up too fast

McMansion & Wife (#OABF20 / SI-3420) (22 Oct 2023)
Homer's new neighbor is a luxury sports car salesman who takes a liking to him, but it turns out that it's only so Homer will approve when he completely renovates his house; Nelson's bullying is worse than ever, but Lisa's attempt to counter with cyberbulling run up against his new ally - Hubert Wong

Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story (#OABF21 / SI-3421) 29 Oct 2023
The documentary Driven to Drink: The Lifeboat Story tells how a woman with a device that removes salt from salt water much faster and cheaper than current methods manages to talk Mr. Burns into being her co-investor - then her husband - until the true method of how the device "works" brings everything crashing down

Treehouse of Horror XXXIV (#OABF17 / SI-3417) 05 Nov 2023
  • "Wild Barts Can't be Token" - when Bart is digitized and turned into an NFT, Marge has to become digitized herself and enter the blockchain to rescue him - but the only way to get to him is to increase in value, and the only way to do that is to destroy other NFTs
  • "Ei8ht" - in an alternative timeline of the episode "Cape Feare," Sideshow Bob kills Bart; 30 years later, criminal psychologist Lisa needs his help in solving a string of murders
  • "Lout Break" - when Homer eats a donut covered in radioactive waste, his belches turn other people into Homers, who spread the disease themselves

Iron Marge (#OABF22 / SI-3422) 12 Nov 2023
When Marge is underwhelmed by the birthday presents Bart and Lisa give her - two identical ironing board covers - they go into her past to find what they think is the perfect gift; Homer competes with Agnes Skinner to see which one can spread the most alarm about potential problems in Springfield

It's A Blunderful Life (#OABF19 / SI-3419) 19 Nov 2023
60 years in the future, at a family Thanksgiving, Lisa recounts the story of how the entire town lost all of its electric power, and Homer ended up being the scapegoat for it

AE Bonny Romance (#35ABF02 / SI-3502) 3 Dec 2023
When Bart thinks that Groundskeeper Willie has been kidnapped, "The Simpsons are Going to..." Scotland, only to discover that Willie is getting married

Murder, She Boat (#35ABF04 / SI-3504) 17 Dec 2023
While the family is on a pop culture cruise, Bart is accused of breaking Comic Book Guy's rare Radioactive Man figure with Wolverine claws, and it's up to Lisa to find the real thief...even after she discovers the detached head in Bart's stuff

Do the Wrong Thing (#35ABF01 / SI-3501) 24 Dec 2023
When Bart cheats to help Homer win a fishing tournament, Homer and Bart continue to cheat to win in "working man's" sporting events as a bonding moment; Lisa tries to get into a summer camp, only to discover somebody cheated on her application

Frinkenstein's Monster (#35ABF03 / SI-3503) 18 Feb 2024
Homer is offered a job at a new nuclear power plant in Shelbyville, which he gets, thanks to help from Professor Frink with his online interview, but now Homer needs Frink's help to keep from looking like a fool...especially in front of the much more qualified woman he beat out for the job, who is now his assistant bent on revenge

Lisa Gets an F1 (#35ABF05 / SI-3505) 25 Feb 2024
When Lisa becomes afraid of Homer's driving, she gets therapy by driving a go-kart, in which she becomes really good, only for Homer to become afraid of Lisa's driving; Bart becomes friends with Lisa's main rival driver

Clan of the Cave Mom (#35ABF06 / SI-3506) 24 Mar 2024
A 20,000-years-ago Marge protects her family with an iron ferocity...that shows up in present-day Marge after Luanne van Houten calls Bart "beyond hope"

Night of the Living Wage (#35ABF07 / SI-3507) 07 Apr 2024
When Snowball II attacks a girl's support chicken, leaving Homer with the $16,000 medical bill, Marge takes a job at a combination ghost kitchen-food delivery service, but when their overtime is denied, Marge decides to form a union, and when she is fired, the others go on strike, only to face the company's new anti-union spokesperson - Homer

Cremains of the Day (#35ABF09 / SI-3509) 21 Apr 2024
When Larry (the guy who usually sits at the far end of Moe's) dies at the bar, it is revealed at his funeral that he considered Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Moe his closest friends, so they agree to take a road trip to scatter his ashes...assuming they can get there without tearing each other's heads off first

The Tell-Tale Pants (#35ABF10 / SI-3510) 05 May 2024
When Homer asks Marge to mend his pants, and she discovers that they're worth over $2000, she sells them, then buys an expensive gift for herself...only to have severe misgivings about it

The Tipping Point (#35ABF11 / SI-3511) 12 May 2024
When Homer accidentally tips a server $10,000 instead of $1, he discovers that the more he tips, the more popular he becomes, until his tipping addiction becomes too much for him...only to find a place where they have solved his problem for him

Bart's Brain (#35ABF12 / SI-3512) 19 May 2024
When Bart gets a brain in a jar, his teacher makes him carry it around as if it was his son, but Bart takes it one step further when, after his assignment is completed, he starts treating it like a real person

The Beautiful Shame (#35ABF08 / SI-3508) (moved to Season 36)
No further information available at this time

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