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Simpson Family
Season Twenty-Four (2012-2013) · 21 Episodes

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Moonshine River (#PABF21 / SI-2321) 30 Sep 2012
Bart tries to figure out why the girls in his life all got away, and decides that "miss right" is Cletus and Brandine's daughter Mary (from Season 19's "Apocalypse Cow")...who moved to New York

Treehouse of Horror XXIII (#PABF17 / SI-2317) 7 Oct 2012
  • "The Greatest Story Ever Holed" - Springfield's Subatomic Supercollider creates a miniature black hole that endangers the town;
  • "UNnormal Activity" - a spoof of Paranormal Activity;
  • "Bart & Homer's Excellent Adventure" - Bart's trip back to 1974 to buy a comic book when it first comes out has some unintended side effects - Bart tells 1974 Marge not to go out with Homer, and when Bart and 1974 Homer return to the present, Marge is married to Artie Ziff;
  • plus, the "Simp-Mayans" witness a prediction that the world will end in 2012

Adventures in Baby Getting (#PABF18 / SI-2318) 4 Nov 2012
When Marge's car falls into a sinkhole, she has a problem with her new one - it won't fit the entire family if they include the baby she wants; Bart tries to figure out why Lisa has strange written messages and is sneaking into town after school

Gone Abie Gone (#PABF16 / SI-2316) 11 Nov 2012
When Grampa goes missing from Springfield Retirement Castle, Homer and Marge's attemps to find him uncover another secret - a woman who claims she's married to Grampa; when Homer puts money from an injury settlement for Lisa's college fund into an online poker site, Lisa decides to see if she can work her way up to better universities

Penny-Wiseguys (#PABF19 / SI-2319) 18 Nov 2012
Otto's replacement on the Pin Pals is Fat Tony's accountant, who ends up being named Fat Tony's temporary replacement while he is on jury duty, and asks Homer to stop him from killing mob members; when Lisa's fainting spell during a concert is diagnosed as iron deficiency, she starts eating insects, but her attempts to grow a supply of them end up working a little too well

A Tree Grows in Springfield (#PABF22 / SI-2322) 25 Nov 2012
Homer has newfound hope, and Springfield a new "miracle spot", thanks to the tree in his backyard that spells "HOPE" in sap; Homer wins a Mapple MyPad at a school raffle

The Day the Earth Stood Cool (#PABF20 / SI-2320) 9 Dec 2012
When a "cool" couple moves in next door to the Simpsons, Homer tries to be just like them, but Marge and Bart have problems with trying to "fit in," and eventually Homer sees the light as well - but it's the light of the oncoming cars as Springfield is overwhelmed by trendy people

To Cur With Love (#RABF01 / SI-2401) 16 Dec 2012
When Homer loses Santa's Little Helper because he's too busy playing VillageVille (which is pretty much CastleVille without the Gloom and the Beasties and the eight million quests that require you to plant crops that you have to harvest within 12 hours despite the fact that you're at work most of the day, but I digress...), Grampa tells the story of Homer's first dog, Bongo

Homer Goes to Prep School (#RABF02 / SI-2402) 6 Jan 2013
After Homer is involved in a lockdown at a "fun zone" that turns into anarchy (at least for the fathers), he gets involved with a group of survivalists, which turns out to be a good thing when an electromagnetic pulse knocks out all electronics and power in Springfield

A Test Before Trying (#RABF03 / SI-2403) 13 Jan 2013
Thanks to Mr. Burns raising electricity rates, Superintendent Chalmers says that the school with the poorest test scores gets torn down, and that ends up being Springfield Elementary - or, at least it was before somebody noticed that Bart didn't take the test; Homer finds a discarded parking meter and plants it around town to pick up some spare change

Changing of the Guardian (#RABF04 / SI-2404) 27 Jan 2013
A tornado leads Homer and Marge to consider naming guardians for their kids should something happen to themselves, but when everybody they know is either rejected by them or doesn't want to do it, they find a "cool" couple willing to do it...a little too willing, it turns out

Love is a Many Splintered Thing (#RABF07 / SI-2407) 10 Feb 2013
Mary Spuckler returns to Springfield, but thinks Bart isn't paying enough attention to her, mainly because he doesn't, and when he tells Marge what he thinks of women in the middle of a fight with Homer, they both end up out of the house

Hardly Kirk-ing (#RABF05 / SI-2405) 17 Feb 2013
An "epoxy fight" gone a little too far, along with a tie that's a little too tight, makes Milhouse look and sound just like his father; Homer gets a little too involved with picture search books

Gorgeous Grampa (#RABF06 / SI-2406) 3 Mar 2013
Homer buys a storage locker, only to discover that it's Grampa's, from the days when he was wrestler Glamorous Godfrey, the most hated wrestler in the business, but Mr. Burns's favorite; Burns talks him into wrestling again, but how long can Grampa put up with it when he sees that Bart is starting to act like Godfrey in real life?

Black-Eyed, Please (#RABF09 / SI-2409) 10 Mar 2013
When Ned's father prefers spending time with Homer, Ned ends up punching Homer in the eye; Miss Hoover is undergoing a bout of severe depression, and Lisa can't figure out why the substitute teacher doesn't like her

Dark Knight Court (#RABF10 / SI-2410) 17 Mar 2013
When Bart is accused of playing a prank on the school band, Lisa defends him in student court; Mr. Burns is vengeance - he is the night (well, the early evening) - he is Fruit Bat Man

What Animated Women Want (#RABF08 / SI-2408) 14 Apr 2013
Homer takes Marge to what he promises to be a romantic lunch, but when he is more interested in the food than with her, well, let's just say that you would think that, by now, Homer would have figured out how to reconcile with Marge; Milhouse adopts a 1950s Marlon Brando-style persona in order to impress Lisa

Pulpit Friction (#RABF11 / SI-2411) 28 Apr 2013
Springfield is overcome with bedbugs, but the townspeople are calmed by the church's new assistant minister, whose trendiness leads Reverend Lovejoy to leave the church; Marge's wedding dress ends up getting swapped with one of Krusty's costumes by a dry cleaner

Whiskey Business (#RABF13 / SI-2413) 5 May 2013
Moe's homemade whiskey (and his new suit) catches the interest of venture captialists; when Grampa gets injured while babysitting Bart, he discovers that Bart keeps better care of him than the Retirement Castle staff; while watching jazz at the Jazz Hole, Lisa takes exception to a hologram of Bleeding Gums Murphy performing

Fabulous Faker Boy (#RABF12 / SI-2412) 12 May 2013
When Marge has Bart take music lessons, he learns piano from a beautiful young woman, only for him to resort to using an automatic piano in order to impress her with his "ability"; Homer loses the last two hairs on his head and can't bring himself to tell Marge

The Saga of Carl (#RABF14 / SI-2414) 19 May 2013  
Homer, Moe, Lenny, and Carl share a winning lottery ticket, but when Carl makes off with the winnings, the others follow him to his homeland - Iceland
This episode may have been originally titled "The Saga of Carl Carlson", but Fox's press releases refer to it as "The Saga of Carl"

Dangers on a Train (#RABF17 / SI-2417) 19 May 2013
Marge attracts the interest of a married man when she converses him on a site for married people seeking affairs (under the impression that this "Ashley Madison" site is a "Dolly Madison" site for people interested in pre-packaged baked goods); Homer tries to hide his 10th anniversary gift from Marge - a train that used to run at the "expensive" mall

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