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Simpson Family
Season Nineteen (2007-2008) · 20 Episodes

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He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs (#JABF20 / SI-1820) 23 Sep 2007
As a reward for saving Mr. Burns after he falls into a mall fountain, Homer is flown to Chicago on Burns's private jet, and enjoys it so much that he wants a job that involves private jet flying, but when his job interview goes bad, he hides his failure from Marge until he can tell her in the one place he feels she won't take it too hard - onboard a private jet - only for Homer to have to take over the controls

Homer of Seville (#JABF18 / SI-1818) 30 Sep 2007
Homer becomes an opera star after an incredible performance in Mr. Burns's production of La Boheme (done entirely while Homer was lying down, as this is the only position in which he has his singing voice), which leads to one exceptionally helpful groupie (voiced by Maya Rudolph) becoming the head of his fan club, but when he rebuffs her advances, she tries to ring down the final curtain on Homer

Midnight Towboy (#JABF21 / SI-1821) 7 Oct 2007
Matt Dillon guest voices as a tow truck driver in nearby Guidopolis who tows Homer's car (while he's searching for some milk for Maggie, who has become a little too clingy to Marge until Marge hires someone who talks her into letting Maggie become independent) and ends up selling Homer a tow truck, but when Homer tows away a few too many of his friends' cars, they come up with a solution that results in Homer being put out of business...and possibly out of existence

I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (#JABF19 / SI-1819) 14 Oct 2007
Steve Buscemi guest voices as a bank robber who holds Marge hostage during a robbery, only to give himself up when she promises to visit him in prison (since his mother abandoned him at an amusement park when he was a child), but when Marge finds excuses not to talk to him, much less visit him, he escapes and confronts Marge...and makes her take him to the same park
Note: Fox originally scheduled this episode to air on September 30, 2007, but was replaced with "Homer of Seville"; although no official explanation was given, it may have something to do with Luciano Pavarotti's death three weeks earlier

Treehouse of Horror XVIII (#JABF16 / SI-1816) 4 Nov 2007
This year's episode is so crammed with terrorlicious charm, it takes five letters just for the Roman numeral in the title:
  • "E.T. Go Home" - Bart discovers Kodos hiding in the Simpsons' backyard, where Kodos tells him and Lisa he needs some equipment to contact someone to pick him up, but in reality he's setting Earth up for an invasion
  • "Mr. and Mrs. Simpson" - Homer and Marge as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, killers for hire
  • "Heck House" - when Bart, Nelson, Milhouse, and (begrudgingly) Lisa play too many pranks on Halloween, Ned asks for God's help to have the church's "heck house" scare some sense into them, and God obliges...a little too well, as far as the kids are concerned

Little Orphan Millie (#JABF22 / SI-1822) 11 Nov 2007
Kirk and Luann van Houten fall off the cruise ship where they are celebrating their honeymoon after getting remarried, and when Milhouse is told that they're lost at sea, he turns into a loner, transforming him into the coolest kid in school, much to Bart's dismay; when Homer can't remember what color Marge's eyes are, she wears sunglasses and won't let him see them again until he can remember the color

Husbands and Knives (#JABF17 / SI-1817) 18 Nov 2007
Marge doesn't like the way she looks compared to a Wonder Woman cardboard cutout standing outside the new comic book store (which, thanks mainly to the fact that the owner doesn't act like an ogre towards shoppers, has taken all of the Android's Dungeon's custmoers), but when the gym she goes to seems meant for a younger, hipper clientele, she opens up a gym for "regular women  which is a success - a little too successful for Homer when he discovers that most successful wives dump their first husbands for younger, better looking ones
Note: Fox originally scheduled this episode to air on October 7, 2007, but was replaced with "Midnight Towboy" without explanation

Funeral for a Fiend (#KABF01 / SI-1901) 25 Nov 2007
Homer buys a TiVo that allows Marge to skip commercials, but after a dream in which Keith Olbermann chastises her for doing so, she starts watching the ones she skipped, one of which is for a new rib restaurant that turns out to be a trap set by Sideshow Bob; once again, the trap fails and Bob is arrested, but at his trial, Bart throws away a nitroglycerin vial that Bob needed for a heart condition, and Bob falls dead. The town blames Bart for killing him, and Bob's brother Cecil suggests that Bart pay his last respects before Bob is cremated - but it's not Bob who's due for a hot time.

Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind (#KABF02 / SI-1902) 16 Dec 2007
When Homer wakes up in the snow and discovers that Marge and his kids are nowhere to be seen, Moe tells Homer about the drink he had that made him forget the previous 24 hours, so he goes to Professor Frink to get his memory back, where he discovers that he found Marge with another man

E Pluribus Wiggum (#KABF03 / SI-1903) 6 Jan 2008
Homer throws a car battery into the Krusty Burger trashcan, which ruptures a gas line that causes every fast food restaurant to explode, but in order to get the planned bond measure to rebuild them passed as soon as possible, Springfield moves its Presidential primary from June to January, where Homer comes up with an idea to get back at the politicians and media - vote for Ralph Wiggum - only for the media to proclaim Ralph as the national front-runner

That 90's Show (#KABF04 / SI-1904) 27 Jan 2008
When Bart and Lisa find a BeSharps album  no photos of Maggie  Marge's college diploma, Homer and Marge flash back to the 1990s, where Homer has to work at the power plant Grampa's Lazer Tag factory rather than follow his dream of working at a bowling alley being a musician in order to support a third child sending Marge to college, but when Marge gets a bit too "friendly" with one of her professors, Homer responds by inventing grunge music
Note that Fox lists the title as "That 90's Show," although it should be "That '90s Show", especially as it's a reference to the titles That '70s Show and That '80s Show

Love, Springfieldian Style (#KABF05 / SI-1905) 17 Feb 2008
On Valentine's Day, Homer and Marge get stuck in a tunnel of love (thanks to Bart and some gelatin), so they pass the time with love stories of three couples, animated for our enjoyment:
  • Homer and Marge as Bonnie and Clyde
  • Homer and Marge (again) as "Shady and the Vamp"
  • Nelson and Lisa as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen

The Debarted (#KABF06 / SI-1906) 2 Mar 2008
When Principal Skinner is one step ahead of all of Bart's pranks, Bart suspects a mole among his friends; when Homer gets a loaner car after Marge has an accident, he's reluctant to give it back when his old car is fixed

Dial 'N' for Nerder (#KABF07 / SI-1907) 9 Mar 2008
Bart pulls a prank on Martin in Springfield Forest, only for Martin to go tumbling off a cliffside and be presumed dead - and Lisa, thinking she's an accomplice, persuades Bart to keep quiet about it; Marge calls on a Cheaters-type show to catch Homer in the act of cheating...on his new bell pepper diet
This episode may have been called "N Is for Nerder" at one point

Smoke on the Daughter (#KABF08 / SI-1908) 30 Mar 08
Lisa discovers that second-hand cigarette smoke makes her a better ballet dancer, and ends up addicted to it; a family of raccoons makes off with Homer's homemade beef jerky supply

Papa Don't Leech (#KABF09 / SI-1909) 13 Apr 08
When the town goes after Lurleen Lumpkin (once again voiced by Beverly D'Angelo) for non-payment of city taxes and Marge discovers she's homeless, she takes her in, only to discover that Lurleen's father left her thirty years ago, so Marge gets them back together, only for the father to run the Dixie Chicks with a song Lurleen wrote (and he's claiming credit for) in hand

Apocalypse Cow (#KABF10 / SI-1910) 27 Apr 08
Bart joins the 4-H club and saves a bull from the slaughterhouse, but when he gives it to a farm girl, her father - Cletus - consideres it a wedding proposal

Any Given Sundance (#KABF11 / SI-1911) 4 May 08
"The Simpsons Are Going To..." Park City, Utah (not to be confused with Park County, Colorado, home of a certain Family Guy-bashing Comedy Central TV series), as Lisa's documentary is being screened at the Sundance Film Festival, but the other Simpsons aren't particularly happy that the movie does not exactly show their good sides

Mona Leaves-a (#KABF12 / SI-1912) 11 May 08
Glenn Close returns as the voice of Homer's mother, whom Homer won't forgive for leaving him time and again, but when she dies, Homer decides to fulfill her last request - to dump her ashes from the highest point of Springfield Monument Park, which turns out to be a silo for a missile to dump the nuclear plant's waste in the Amazon rainforest

All About Lisa (#KABF13 / SI-1913) 18 May 08
Lisa goes from being Krusty's assistant to star of her own TV show to Springfield Media Entertainer of the Year, and she doesn't particularly care whose giant shoes she steps on to get there; Homer and Bart get involved with coin collecting, but are one coin short - a 1917 misminted penny that appears to have Abraham Lincoln kissing himself

NOTE: All titles and synopses for episodes in development are subject to later modification.

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