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Simpson Family
Season Twenty-Three (2011-2012) · 22 Episodes

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The Falcon and the D'ohman (#NABF16 / SI-2116) 25 Sep 2011
The new security guard at the nuclear plant is a former agent who, after getting fired (for having a flashback that resulted in attacking Mr. Burns with a silver helmet), is taken in by Homer, who ends up getting kidnapped by a Ukranian agent who sees a YouTube clip of the guard at the plant

Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts (#NABF17 / SI-2117) 2 Oct 2011
When Principal Skinner challenges Superintendent Chalmers to try to teach Bart something, he does, sparking an interest in Theodore Roosevelt, a field trip to Springfield Forest - and, when Nelson gets injured and his mother threatens to sue the school district, a now-unemployed Chalmers, prompting Bart to do something to get him his job back

Treehouse of Horror XXII (#NABF19 / SI-2119) 30 Oct 2011
  • "The Diving Bell and the Butterball" - Homer is put into a coma by a spider, but can still communicate...through his farts
  • "Dial D for Diddily" - Ned becomes a vigilante by night
  • "In the Na'Vi" - Bart and Milhouse do Avatar
  • also, Homer gets his arm trapped by a boulder and has to gnaw it off

Replaceable You (#NABF21 / SI-2121) 6 Nov 2011
Homer's new assistant ends up getting him demoted to being her assistant; Bart and Martin (well, mainly Martin, but it was Bart's idea) develop a robot seal that becomes popular with the Retirement Castle set, much to the dismay of the town's funeral directors, who discover a way to turn the robots evil

The Food Wife (#NABF20 / SI-2120) 13 Nov 2011
Tired of being the "non-fun parent," Marge discovers that she shares a love of exotic food with Bart and Lisa, who create a food blog, but when they are invited to an exclusive restaurant, Marge is so afraid of Homer turning "her thing" into another "fun dad thing" that she gives him the wrong address, where they are cooking up something that could send Homer to Springfield Penitentiary

The Book Job (#NABF22 / SI-2122) 20 Nov 2011
When Lisa discovers that the author of the Angelica Button books is just a front, and that pretty much every "tween lit" is written by a group of people hired by the publishers, Homer gets the idea to hire his own group of writers to write a book, but when a publisher buys the book, Homer and the others discover that their original idea is turned into yet another vampire story, and try to change it back before final publication

The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants (#PABF01 / SI-2301) 27 Nov 2011
After Mr. Burns sees the way Homer organizes a party for Absolut Krusty vodka, he makes Homer the plant's new accounts manager, but hasn't Homer already learned his lesson about having to put work before family? (yes, he did, in "The Devil Wears Nada"); Bart is hooked on Little Women when Lisa gets him to read it to her at bedtime

The Ten-Per-Cent Solution (#PABF02 / SI-2302) 4 Dec 2011
When Krusty is "kancelled" yet again and his agent drops him, he gets help from his first agent to get back on TV, but when she becomes far too bossy for the network's taste, Krusty has to choose between her and his show

Holidays of Future Passed (#NABF18 / SI-2218) 11 Dec 2011
30 years into the future, Bart and Lisa try to solve their parenting problems (he with his two sons, she with her (and Milhouse's) daughter) by taking them to spend Christmas with Homer and Marge; meanwhile, Maggie has a parenting problem of her own - namely, trying to get back to Springfield before giving birth

Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson (#PABF03 / SI-2303) 8 Jan 2012
When Homer's ranting on an airplane that is stuck on the tarmac for seven hours goes viral, he ends up hosting his own political show, Gut Check with Homer Simpson, and when the Republicans want him to choose their candidate for 2012, he chooses Ted Nugent

The D'oh-cial Network (#PABF04 / SI-2304) 15 Jan 2012
In an attempt to make some friends, Lisa creates the SpringFace social network, only to discover that not only are all of the other kids too busy accessing SpringFace to do anything with her (or anybody else), but all of the adults would rather be on SpringFace as well (which is not a good thing when some of them should be putting out fires)

Moe Goes from Rags to Riches (#PABF05 / SI-2305) 29 Jan 2012
When everyone jokes at how Moe's best friend is his bar rag, the rag (voiced by Jeremy Irons) narrates its own history, starting as a tapestry woven by a poor woman in medieval times; Milhouse decides that Bart's latest slam on him is one too many, and Bart can't seem to figure out how to restore their friendship

The Daughter Also Rises (#PABF06 / SI-2306) 12 Feb 2012
On Valentine's day, Lisa falls in love (yet again), and, after Lisa hears the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe from Grampa, heads off with the boy to an island where they can pledge themselves to each other for eternity; after watching a Mythbusters-type show, Bart and Milhouse debunk all of Springfield Elementary's legends

At Long Last Leave (#PABF07 / SI-2307) 19 Feb 2012
In the show's 500th episode, which, this time, is not only the 500th episode produced if you include the Christmas special (which they didn't do for the "300th" episode), but is scheduled to be the 500th episode aired (again, including the Christmas special), which wasn't true for the "350th" episode,, where was I?
Oh, right...anyway, the Simpsons discover another of those events where everybody else in town already knew about it in advance, but this time, they have an excuse for not knowing; they weren't told about it, as it's a town meeting that votes to throw them out of town, and they end up in a community that lacks a few of the "homey touches" like electricity and fuel

Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart (#PABF09 / SI-2309) 4 Mar 2012
Bart becomes a underground graffiti artist whose work quickly catches the eye of his fellow artists; a Trader Joe's-style store becomes tough competition for the Kwik-E-Mart

How I Wet Your Mother (#PABF08 / SI-2308) 11 Mar 2012
In an attempt to solve Homer's bedwetting problem, Marge and the kids (with a little help from Professor Frink) enter Homer's dreams in order to solve the problem, where the solution has something to do with Homer's late mother

Them, Robot (#PABF10 / SI-2310) 18 Mar 2012
Rather than risk being sued by everybody at the plant who was overexposed to gamma radiation, Mr. Burns decides to replaces all of the employees with robots - that is, all except Homer (he needs somebody to be the scapegoat), who soon discovers that (a) there's a way to get the robots to communicate with him, and (b) there's also a way to change their prime directive from "protect humans at all costs" to "get rid of Homer"

Beware My Cheating Bart (#PABF11 / SI-2311) 15 Apr 2012
Jimbo has Bart escort his girlfriend to a movie, but when she would rather hang out with Bart than Jimbo, Jimbo doesn't get mad, he gets punchy; Homer's new treadmill can stream old TV shows over the internet, and Homer gets hooked on a "Lost"-style show from five years ago

A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again (#PABF12 / SI-2312) 29 Apr 2012
"The Simpsons are going to..." Antarctica, but not exactly by choice, after they are kicked off a cruise ship when Bart stages a hoax about a worldwide virus in order to keep the cruise from ending

The Spy Who Learned Me (#PABF13 / SI-2313) 6 May 2012
Marge is angry at Homer after he makes wisecracks during a Stradivarius Cane spy movie, so when Homer gets eight weeks of paid injury leave from work, he gets guidance from an injury-induced vision of Cane to help him get back on Marge's good side; Bart gets an idea on how to stop Nelson's bullying - stuff him full of fast food

Ned 'n Edna's Blend (#PABF15 / SI-2315) 13 May 2012
When Edna is refused permission to see Ned after he has an accident at the Springfield Passion Play (when the crucifix falls on him because it won't hold up Homer as Jesus), Ned blurts out that they secretly got married, so Marge offers to host a reception for them, which doesn't turn out as well as she had planned when Ned takes exception to what has happened to Rod and Todd after Edna convinced Ned to have them transfer to public school

Lisa Goes Gaga (#PABF14 / SI-2314) 20 May 2012
Lady Gaga's train makes a stop in Springfield - the city with the lowest self-esteem in the world - when Gaga senses that someone needs her - Lisa, who was elected least popular girl in school, and whose attempts to make her seem popular by posting anonymous online messages only made things worse

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