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Simpson Family
Season Twenty-Five (2013-2014) · 22 Episodes

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Homerland (#RABF20 / SI-2420) 29 Sep 2013
Homer attends a nuclear power convention with Lenny and Carl, but when he returns separately and stops eating pork chops and drinking beer, Lisa thinks that he has been brainwashed by terrorists who want him to destroy the nuclear plant

Treehouse of Horror XXIV (#RABF16 / SI-2416) 6 Oct 2013
  • An opening credits segment by Guillermo del Toro that pays tribute to famous characters from horror films
  • "Oh, the Places You'll D'oh" - Homer is "The Fat in the Hat"
  • "Dead and Shoulders" - when Mr. Burns gets into an accident, his head needs to be attached to another body - Homer's
    no, wait, that was Treehouse of Horror II
    when Fry gets into an accident, his head needs to be attached to another body - Amy's
    no, wait, that was a Futurama episode
    when Bart gets into an accident, his head needs to be attached to another body - Lisa's
  • "Freaks no Geeks" - in a story set in the 1930s, Mr. Burns runs a circus where Moe the circus freak has eyes on Marge the trapeze artist, much to the dismay of Homer the strongman

Four Regrettings and a Funeral (#RABF18 / SI-2418) 3 Nov 2013
A death in Springfield leads four characters to look back at moments they now regret; Homer selling stock to buy a bowling ball, Marge for listening to too much Kiss music while pregnant with Bart, Mr. Burns breaking up with a French woman, and Kent Brockman not following Rachel Maddow from local news to cable

YOLO (#RABF22 / SI-2422) 10 Nov 2013
Homer, with a little help from his childhood pen-pal and his "You Only Live Once" lifestyle, tries to finish the "to do" list he created when he was ten years old; after a cheating scandal by Springfield Elementary is exposed, Lisa creates an honor code for the school

Labor Pains (#RABF19 / SI-2419) 17 Nov 2013
Homer delivers a baby in an elevator in Carl's apartment building, and becomes attached to "Homer Jr." - a little too attached; Lisa tries to unionize the Springfield Atoms' cheerleaders

The Kid is All Right (#SABF02 / SI-2502) 24 Nov 2013
Lisa's opponent for the second grade representative on the school student council is her new best friend - and a Republican that the town's party officials want to get elected at any cost

Yellow Subterfuge (#SABF04 / SI-2504) 8 Dec 2013
Bart becomes a model student when Principal Skinner offers a ride in a submarine as a reward to the best behaved kids, but when Skinner leaves Bart behind, Bart gets even; Krusty sells the rights to create foreign Krusty shows (for a 75% cut), only to find out that the other Krustys are doing better than he is

White Christmas Blues (#SABF01 / SI-2501) 15 Dec 2013
Global warming means it is not snowing anywhere in the USA - except for Springfield, where a combination of radioactive steam from the nuclear plant and soot from the tire fire cause it to snow, resulting in the town being overridden with tourists, but when a combination of too many tourists and too much price gouging means there isn't any money for Christmas, Marge decides to take in some boarders

Steal This Episode (#SABF05 / SI-2505) 5 Jan 2014
Homer's problems with movie theaters lead him to start downloading current movies illegally so he can watch them at home, but when Marge sends a check to Hollywood to pay for watching a movie Homer pirated and she watched, the FBI arrest Homer

Married to the Blob (#SABF03 / SI-2503) 12 Jan 2014
You are cordially invited to the wedding of Jeff "Comic Book Guy" Albertson and Kumiko Nakamura, a Japanese woman working on an autobiographical manga comic...provided Kumiko's father doesn't drag her back to Japan first

Specs and the City (#SABF06 / SI-2506) 26 Jan 2014
Mr. Burns's Christmas gift to his employees is glasses that Burns uses to spy on them, but when Homer gives his to Marge and discovers Burns's viewing monitors, he sees Marge in therapy; when Bart refuses to give Nelson a valentine for Valentine's Day, Nelson responds that Bart needs to come up with something spectacular for him...or else
This episode may also have been listed here as "I Only Have My Eyes For You"

Diggs (#SABF08 / SI-2508) 9 Mar 2014
Bart is saved from another pummeling from the bullies by a boy who is interested in falconry - well, falconry as a means to get himself to fly like birds

The Man Who Grew Too Much (#SABF07 / SI-2507) 9 Mar 2014
Lisa discovers a cultural bond with the new head of a chemical engineering company - Sideshow Bob; Marge tries teaching safe sex to a church group

The Winter of His Content (#SABF09 / SI-2509) 16 Mar 2014
Grampa, Jasper, and Crazy Old Man move in with the Simpsons, causing Homer to take to the elderly lifestyle; when Bart stands up for Nelson after he's caught wearing his mother's underpants, Bart becomes an honorary bully, only to end up taking the fall at a gathering of bullies when their leader is hit by a slingshot

The War of Art (#SABF10 / SI-2510) 23 Mar 2014
Homer buys a painting from the van Houtens for $20 that turns out to be worth $100,000, but when Homer tries to sell the painting and not give the van Houtens anything, it splits the town - and, when Kirk's old girlfriend from when he was separated shows up to claim that it's hers, it splits Kirk and Luann as well

You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee (#SABF11 / SI-2511) 30 Mar 2014
When Lisa's speech about how Homer is hero in part because he gave her a red card when she took a dive in a soccer game (in "Marge Gamer") inspires the World Cup organizers to hire Homer as a referee because the existing referees are too corrupt, "The Simpsons are going to..." Brazil, but when Homer discovers the truth about why Lisa chose Homer as her hero, can Homer resist the temptation of accepting a bribe to throw the World Cup Final?

Luca$ (#SABF12 / SI-2512) 6 Apr 2014
Lisa thinks she can change a boy in training to be a competitive eater, but all Marge sees is Lisa marrying "someone like Homer"; when Bart hides Snake from the police, Snake rewards Bart with stolen gifts - at least until one of them happens to be stolen from Milhouse, who turns Snake in

Days of Future Future (#SABF13/SI-2513) 13 Apr 2014
Homer dies, but Professor Frink manages to replace him with a clone...and another...and another...which leads to the future of "Future-Drama", where Homer ends up as a screen saver, Milhouse turns into a zombie (and his wife, Lisa, seems to like him better that way), and Bart still has ex-wife problems

What to Expect When Bart's Expecting (#SABF14 / SI-2514) 27 Apr 2014
Bart's attempt to use a voodoo doll on his art teacher gets her pregnant, and soon Bart is wanted by couples trying to have a baby - including Fat Tony, who wants to get his filly impregnated by a champion horse he "borrowed"

Brick Like Me (#RABF21 / SI-2421) 4 May 2014
Everybody and everything in the universe is made of LEGO blocks - except that Homer starts seeing "smooth" visions of himself and discovers that the whole thing is in his imagination

Pay Pal (#SABF15 / SI-2515) 11 May 2014
After Homer ruins a game night at the new neighbors' home, Marge decides they're better off not having friends, but she's not about to let Lisa share the same fate

The Yellow Badge of Cowardge (#SABF18 / SI-2518) 18 May 2014
Bart sees Nelson beat up front-runner Milhouse during the annual Springfield Elementary Last Day of School Race Around the School and ends up winning, but can't bring himself to tell anyone what happened; Homer tries to restore the town's annual July 4 fireworks show when it is cancelled due to budget cuts

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