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Simpson Family
Season Thirty-One (2019-2020)

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The Winter of Our Monetized Content (#YABF19 / SI-3019) 29 Sep 2019
When a video of Homer and Bart fighting becomes viral, they try to profit from social media; Lisa becomes part of Springfield Elementary's "for-profit" detention system

Go Big or Go Homer (#YABF21 / SI-3021) 06 Oct 2019
Homer talks a new intern at the nuclear plant to go into business for himself, but I don't think he had a business that would get them into trouble with Fat Tony in mind

The Fat Blue Line (#YABF22 / SI-3022) 13 Oct 2019
When Fat Tony is framed for masterminding a ring of pickpockets, one person believes he's innocent - one small problem; it's Chief Wiggum

Treehouse of Horror XXX (#YABF18 / SI-3018) 20 Oct 2019
In the show's 666th episode:
  • "Danger Things" - in a Stranger Things parody, Milhouse is another dimension;
  • "Heaven Swipes Right" - in a Heaven Can Wait parody, Homer's death doesn't stop him from other people's bodies;
  • "When Hairy Met Slimy" -in a The Shape of Water parody, Selma finds the, er, "man" of her dreams - Kang;
  • in a parody of both The Omen and The Exorcist, Maggie needs an exorcism

Gorillas on the Mast (#YABF20 / SI-3020) 03 Nov 2019
When Bart helps Lisa free a whale from a water park, the feeling he gets prompts him to free a gorilla from the zoo, only for it to wreak havoc on Springfield; Homer (or the writers) must have missed the episode of Family Guy where Peter buys a boat, as Homer has to see for himself what that's like

Marge the Lumberjill (#ZABF02 / SI-3102) 10 Nov 2019
"The Simpsons are Going to..." Portland, when Homer is afraid that Marge might leave him when she flies with Moe to a bartenders' convention in Aruba no, that was "Mommie Beerest" opens up a chain of fitness centers no, that was "Husbands and Knives" finds that she has a talent in lumberjacking and goes off with her trainer to compete

Livin' La Pura Vida (#ZABF03 / SI-3103) 17 Nov 2019
"The Simpsons are Going to..." Costa Rica as part of Milhouse's family's annual trip, where Patty and Marge discover that Patty's new girlfriend is a lot like Homer (she drinks too much and likes women), while Lisa, worried over how the family is supposed to afford the vacation, tries to figure out how Milhouse's family can do it

Thanksgiving of Horror (#YABF17 / SI-3017) 24 Nov 2019
In 17th-Century America, a turkey Simpson family tries to avoid being eaten; Marge tries to get rid of an artificial intelligence version of herself that's a better cook; the children aboard a spaceship leaving a dying Earth square off against an animated can of cranberry sauce bent on devouring their bones

Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? (#ZABF04 / SI-3104) 01 Dec 2019
Nothing puts the fear of God into people better than the Simpsons...or so Ned thinks when he sends Todd to live with them after Todd blames God for killing Maude and renounces his faith

Bobby, It's Cold Outside (#ZABF01 / SI-3101) 15 Dec 2019
Somebody is stealing packages from Springfield's front porches, and the only clue is the initials SB; coincidentally, Sideshow Bob is the new Santa at Santa's Village

Hail to the Teeth (#ZABF05 / SI-3105) 05 Jan 2020
Artie Ziff is getting a Marge robot; when Lisa gets new braces, they make her smile constantly, giving her popularity

The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson (#ZABF06 / SI-3106) 16 Feb 2020
Springfield opens a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) school, at which even Bart excels, until Lisa discovers that most of the students are really learning how to do menial jobs; Homer fears that a new soft drink machine is the start of a "robot revolution"

Frinkcoin (#ZABF07 / SI-3107) 23 Feb 2020
When Professor Frink invents a new cryptocurrency, he becomes the richest person in Springfield, much to Mr. Burns's well as his own, when he discovers that his new friends are only interested in his wealth

Bart the Bad Guy (#ZABF08 / SI-3108) 01 Mar 2020
Spoiler Alert: when Bart is shown a blockbuster movie a month in advance, he discovers that his true power is not in spoiling it, but by not spoiling it

Screenless (#ZABF09 / SI-3109) 08 Mar 2020
Marge takes away everyone else's social media devices when she thinks the others are addicted, but when they discover that Marge is the one with the addiction, she takes them all to a rehab clinic; Marge teaches Maggie sign language

Better Off Ned (#ZABF11 / SI-3111) 15 Mar 2020
When Homer gets jealous of Bart bonding with a "Bigger Brother" Ned, he retaliates by becoming a "Bigger Brother" himself mentoring Nelson

Highway to Well (#ZABF10 / SI-3110) 22 Mar 2020
Marge gets a job at a high-end marijuana dispensary, but when Otto just wants to "score some weed," Homer and Moe open a competing dispensary that features the experience of buying it illegally...which Marge has to get shut down if she wants to keep her own job

The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby (#YABF13 / SI-3013) 19 Apr 2020
Maggie is depressed when she can't play with Hudson (from the short Maggie Simpson in: Playdate with Destiny) because Marge has a problem with Hudson's mother; Mr. Burns wants Homer to help him get Cletus's helium supply
This episode was delayed from Season 30 as it ties in with the short film Maggie Simpson in: Playdate with Destiny, which first appeared in theaters along with the Disney film Onward

Warrin' Priests (#ZABF12 / SI-3112) 26 Apr 2020
A new, charismatic priest charms his way into Reverend Lovejoy's parishoners...and his job

Warrin' Priests: Part 2 (#ZABF13 / SI-3113) 03 May 2020
Reverend Lovejoy confronts the town with the details on what got the new priest banished from his previous position in Michigan

The Hateful Eight-Year-Olds (#ZABF14 / SI-3114) 10 May 2020
Lisa is invited to a sleepover by a new friend, only to discover that she's really there just so her friend can look down on her so she can be accepted by her other stuck-up friends; Homer and Marge go cruising - er, go on a dinner cruise

The Way of the Dog (#ZABF16 / SI-3116) 17 May 2020
When Santa's Little Helper starts acting out and ends up biting Marge, he is taken to a dog psychologist to solve the problem...which stems from his past

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