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Simpson Family
Season Twenty-Nine (2017-2018)

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The Serfsons (#WABF17 / SI-2817) 1 Oct 2017
In a Dungeons & Dragons-era setting, when Lisa Serfson is kidnapped by the king after being detected using witchcraft to turn lead into gold to pay for an amulet to keep Marge's mother from freezing to death, Homer rallies the other peasants to storm the castle to get her back

Springfield Splendor (#WABF22 / SI-2822) 8 Oct 2017
Marge's illustrations turn Lisa's story about how sad her life is into a graphic novel, only for Marge to get jealous when Lisa gets all of the fans, but the tables are turned when it is turned into a stage show concentrating on the drawings instead of Lisa's story

Whistler's Father (#WABF16 / SI-2816) 15 Oct 2017
When Homer discovers that Maggie is a talented whistler, he tries to turn her into a child star without Marge finding out, but he's afraid that what happens to other child stars will happen to her too; when Fat Tony likes the job Marge did designing the late ride waiting room at the school, he hires her to design his new building - a brothel

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII (#WABF18 / SI-2818) 22 Oct 2017
  • Maggie becomes possessed by a demon, so Homer and Marge call in an exorcist
  • In a spoof of Coraline, Lisa finds a hidden tunnel that leads to a "perfect" Simpsons family
  • Chef Mario Batali serves - er, serves up - Homer

Grampy Can Ya Hear Me (#WABF19 / SI-2819) 5 Nov 2017
Grampa gets a hearing aid...and does not like what he hears with it; when sneaking into the school to fix a mistake Lisa made on a paper, Bart and Lisa discover Principal Skinner, who moved out of his mother's house after discovering that, when he was in high school, she hid an acceptance letter from Ohio State and told him he didn't get in

The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be (#WABF20 / SI-2820) 12 Nov 2017
Marge is elected mayor, but when she fails to do her main campaign promise - put out the tire fire - the town turns against her...until they start supporting her when they see Homer, well, acting like Homer, when he's around her

Singin' in the Lane (#WABF21 / SI-2821) 19 Nov 2017
Moe coaches the reformed Pin Pals to the state championship, only to bet the bar against a group of ringers

Mr. Lisa's Opus (#XABF01 / SI-2901) 3 Dec 2017
Lisa's application essay to Harvard includes flashbacks to her 7th birthday, which everybody forgot, and her 14th, where she had to keep Marge from leaving Homer

Gone Boy (#XABF02 / SI-2902) 10 Dec 2017
Bart falls into an underground missile silo, but when Milhouse finds him, the only person he ends up telling is Sideshow Bob

Haw-Haw Land (#XABF03 / SI-2903) 7 Jan 2018
In this take-off on Moonlight - I'm sorry; there's been a mistake...
In this take-off on La-La Land, Lisa falls for a young jazz musician she meets at a STEM conference, but Nelson takes up music in order to impress her as well, while Bart discovers an interest in chemistry that has everyone wondering just what he's up to

Frink Gets Testy (#XABF04 / SI-2904) 14 Jan 2018
When everybody in Springfield is tested to see what their "personal worth" is, Homer is dismayed to find he has the lowest possible score, while Lisa becomes obsessed with finding out how Ralph scored higher than she did

Yes, there were no new episodes between 1/14/2018 and 3/18/2018 - instead, Fox aired:

Homer is Where the Art Isn't (#XABF05 / SI-2905) 18 Mar 2018
On tonight's episode of Banacek er, Manacek, Manacek is called into Springfield to solve the mystery of a stolen painting, with three suspects: a tech millionaire, Mr. Burns...and Homer

3 Scenes Plus a Tag From a Marriage (#XABF06 / SI-2906) 25 Mar 2018
When visiting their old apartment in Capitol City, Homer and Marge tell the story of how they had the "perfect" lives - which were ruined by having kids

Fears of a Clown (#XABF08 / SI-2908) 1 Apr 2018
When the entire faculty pranks Bart, he seeks revenge by making them wear clown masks, only to cause the entire town to start fearing clowns, which results in Krusty having to switch to serious acting when no one will watch his show; meanwhile, Marge convinces a judge to send Bart to a rehabilitation camp in order to try to cure him of pranking

No Good Read Goes Unpunished (#XABF07 / SI-2907) 8 Apr 2018
After seeing the effects of an Itchy & Scratchy marathon followed by everybody staring at their tablets, Marge takes the others to a bookstore, where Bart employs Sun Tzu's The Art of War against Homer, while Marge's attempts to read her favorite childhood book to Lisa run into problems when Marge notices how offensive the book is

King Leer (#XABF10 / SI-2910) 15 Apr 2018
Moe gets into a fight with his father, who pretty much disowned him years ago after Moe refused to sabotage a rival mattress company's mattresses, only for his father to announce his retirement and give Moe one of his stores; Homer and Marge make Bart take up the violin, apparently forgetting that he's one of the best drummers anyone has ever heard

Lisa Gets the Blues (#XABF11 / SI-2911) 22 Apr 2018
"The Simpsons are Going to..." New Orleans, where they meet up with Chief Wiggum and Principal Skinner, who are now private detectives oops, wrong episode where Lisa tries to get over her yips that are preventing her from playing the saxophone, Bart tries some voodoo, and Homer can't get enough of the food

Forgive and Regret (#XABF09 / SI-2909) 29 Apr 2018
On the 636th episode of the series, which breaks the record for most episodes of a primetime "entirely scripted" series (as opposed to a daytime series like The Guiding Light with 18,262, or "somewhat scripted" series like WWE Smackdown with over 900 as of mid-2018) held by Gunsmoke, Grampa, on his death bed, makes a shocking confession to Homer, but when he recovers, Homer refuses to forgive him - and when Homer tells the rest of the family what Grampa did, they side with Homer

Left Behind (#XABF12 / SI-2912) 6 May 2018
When the Leftorium goes out of business, Flanders gets a job as the human resources director at the nuclear plant, but when he gets fired and can't hold down any other jobs, Marge suggests filling a vacancy...left by his late second wife

Throw Grampa from the Dane (#XABF13 / SI-2913) 13 May 2018
"The Simpsons are Going to..." Denmark, so Grampa can get free health care after Homer receives a house insurance payment, because obviously they learned nothing from "Havana Wild Weekend"

Flanders' Ladder (#XABF14 / SI-2914) (20 May 2018)
When Bart gets hit by lighting trying to steal Ned's router after Homer's internet goes out, he goes into a coma, where Lisa, having just been the victim of a Bart prank, suggests to Bart that he can see ghosts, one of which is Maude Flanders...who wants revenge on Homer for killing her

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