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Simpson Family
Season Thirty (2018-2019)

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Bart's Not Dead (#XABF19 / SI-2919) 30 Sep 2018
When Bart is dared to jump into a reservoir and ends up in a coma, he tells people that he met Jesus, and the story gets made into a movie starring Jonathan Groff, Gal Gadot, and Emily Deschanel

Heartbreak Hotel (#XABF15 / SI-2915) 7 Oct 2018
After 46 failed attempts to get on, Homer and Marge finally make it to The Amazing Place, only to be eliminated on the first day and end up having to stay in an airport hotel until filming ends, but there is a way to get back on the show - for one of them

My Way or the Highway to Heaven (#XABF17 / SI-2917) 14 Oct 2018
As God and St. Peter discuss who should get into heaven, they watch a Sunday School class where Christian Ned, Atheist Marge's grandmother, and Buddhist Lisa make their cases

Treehouse of Horror XXIX (#XABF16 / SI-2916) (21 Oct 2018)
  • Body-snatcher plants infest Springfield
  • Lisa goes crazy and tortures Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson
  • Mr. Burns crosses Jurassic Park with a retirement home, but somebody didn't pay attention to the "do not raise the temperature" sign;
  • Homer enters an oyster-eating contest...against Cthulhu

Baby You Can't Drive My Car (#XABF18 / SI-2918) 4 Nov 2018
When Homer is fired from the nuclear plant, he gets a job at a new driverless car company, but he has to decide between the perfect job and its dark secret - it drives people to where the company's paid sponsors tell it to go

From Russia Without Love (#XABF20 / SI-2920) 11 Nov 2018
Moe falls in love again - this time, with a Russian mail order bride that Bart, Nelson, and Milhouse order for him as a prank after one of Bart's prank calls goes bad

Werking Mom (#XABF21 / SI-2921) 18 Nov 2018
Marge gets a job at the nuclear plant  selling pretzels  running a fitness center  making sandwiches selling plastic food containers, but it turns out her popularity is in people thinking she's a drag queen; when Lisa brings some joy into Jasper's life, she tries doing the same for the others around her, but it backfires when she makes things between Principal Skinner and his mother worse

Krusty the Clown (#XABF22 / SI-2922) 25 Nov 2018
When Homer's recaps of Krusty's shows cause Krusty to try to kill Homer, he goes on the lam and joins the circus - but can he cut it as a "real" clown instead of a TV one?

Daddicus Finch (#YABF01 / SI-3001) 2 Dec 2018
Lisa Has a Crush on Homeractually, that was the episode's original title When Homer stands up against a store selling sexy clothes for young girls, Lisa sees a resemblance to Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird; Bart gets jealous of the attention and tries to bond with Marge

'Tis the 30th Season (#YABF02 / SI-3002) 09 Dec 2018
"The Simpsons Are Going to..." Florida, to cheer up Marge when her attempt to get the present Bart and Lisa both want on Black Friday goes haywire

Mad About the Toy (#YABF03 / SI-3003) 06 Jan 2019
When Grampa goes into a panic attack whenever he sees Little Green Army Men, the others discover that he was the model for them, but when they also discover that the photographer was fired for kissing him, "The Simpsons are Going To..." Marfa, Texas so Grampa can discover what happened to him

The Girl on the Bus (#YABF04 / SI-3004) 13 Jan 2019
Lisa becomes friends she sees from the window of the school bus, but is so ashamed of her own family that she lies about them, only for Marge to insist that she invite the family over for dinner

I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can (#YABF06 / SI-3006) 10 Feb 2019
When Homer binge watches a show he and Marge were watching together after she told him to wait until she returned from a trip, he tries to make it up to her by learning how to dance; Bart enters a contest where he can run through Krusty's toy store

The Clown Stays in the Picture (#YABF05 / SI-3005) 17 Feb 2019
In a podcast, Krusty tells the story of his attempt to make a movie based on a book that sounds a lot like Dune, and how he tried to keep his assistant, Marge, from spending too much time with her boyfriend, Homer, only for Homer to end up kidnapped

101 Mitigations (#YABF07 / SI-3007) 03 Mar 2019
When Homer is given Comic Book Guy's car by a valet, he takes the kids for a joyride, only for Comic Book Guy to have him arrested for grand theft auto

I Want You (She's So Heavy) (#YABF08 / SI-3008) 10 Mar 2019
When Marge sprains her ankle and Homer gets a hernia after he tries to carry her up the stairs, she rehabilitates with kitesurfing, while he listens to a hallucination of his hernia

E My Sports (#YABF09 / SI-3009) 17 Mar 2019
"The Simpsons are Going to..." South Korea after Homer's offbeat coaching sends Bart and his team to a world video gaming championship, but will a side trip Lisa organizes to a Buddhist temple stand in their way of victory?

Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy (#YABF10 / SI-3010) 24 Mar 2019
When Bart's friends turn on him after he organizes a boycott of an all-female Itchy & Scratchy only for Bart to be caught laughing at it, he joins a group of sixth grade girls who vandalize against male dominance

Girl's in the Band (#YABF11 / SI-3011) 31 Mar 2019
Lisa is selected to play in the Capital City Youth Philharmonic, but Marge, Bart, and Maggie aren't too thrilled about the 60-mile daily round trip, and in order to pay for it, Homer works the night shift at the nuclear plant

I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'oh (#YABF12 / SI-3012) 07 Apr 2019
When Llewellyn Sinclair is removed as the director of the local production of Oklahoma!, it is replaced with a musical based on Jebediah Springfield, written by Lisa and directed by Marge; Homer and Maggie, and pretty much every other adult male in Springfield that can get his hands on a baby, attend a "Daddy and Me" class pretty much just for the hot woman in charge

D'oh Canada (#YABF14 / SI-3014) 28 Apr 2019
"The Simpsons are Going to..." Niagara Falls (, where Lisa ends up being granted political asylum in Canada after going over the falls, and isn't exactly enthralled about the prospect of returning to the USA

Woo-Hoo Dunnit? (#YABF15 / SI-3015) 05 May 2019
Tonight on Dateline: Springfield, who stole over $600 from underneath the Simpsons' kitchen sink?

Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion (#YABF16 / SI-3016) 12 May 2019
When Mr. Burns cuts Homer's children out of the medical plan, Marge switches to crystals to handle Bart's ADD, but when they work (a little too well for Lisa's liking), she goes into the crystal selling business

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