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Simpson Family
Season Eight  (1996-1997)  ·  25 Episodes

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Treehouse of Horror VII (#4F02) 27 Oct 1996
Sorry, no fanfare this year, just three more stories: In “The Thing and I”, Bart discovers the 'evil twin' brother he never knew he had, locked away in the Simpsons' attic. Next, Lisa's tooth-desolved-in-soda science experiment develops into a higher form of life, who eventually see Lisa as God and Bart as the Devil in “The Genesis Tub”. Finally, as the election draws near, the aliens Kang and Kodos kidnap and assume the roles of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton. It's up to Homer to expose their evil plot for world domination in “Citizen Kang”.

You Only Move Twice (#3F23) 3 Nov 1996
Homer moves the family to a new town after he receives a better job offer, at a better nuclear power plant, but Homer is oblivious to the fact that his new boss is a Super Villain who is out to rule the world.

The Homer They Fall (#4F03) 10 Nov 1996
Moe turns Homer into a successful boxer after discovering Homer can absorb massive blows to the head, but Marge is worried that won't save Homer in the upcoming match with Dreaderick Tatum, the heavyweight champion. Michael Buffer and Paul Winfield guest star.

Burns, Baby Burns (#4F05) 17 Nov 1996
Burns discovers his long lost 60-year-old illegitimate son, Larry, is insulting and lazy, and wants nothing to do with him. Homer thinks a good kidnapping is all that's needed to change Burns' mind. Rodney Dangerfield guest stars.

Bart After Dark (#4F06) 24 Nov 1996
As punishment for destroying private property, Bart is force to work for the homeowner, but unbeknown to everyone in the family, including Bart, the homeowner runs a shady business where people leave with lighter wallets and smiles on their faces.

A Milhouse Divided (#4F04) 1 Dec 1996
Homer questions his own marriage bless when, at the latest Simpsons party, Kirk and Luann Van Houten (Milhouse's parents) announce their divorce.

Lisa's Date with Density (#4F01) 15 Dec 1996
Lisa enters into a doomed romance when she attempts to change Nelson Muntz, the school bully she develops a crush on. Meanwhile, Homer discovers quick cash in telemarketing fraud.

Hurricane Neddy (#4F07) 29 Dec 1996
Ned Flanders checks himself into a mental hospital after suffering a nerves breakdown when his house is destroyed in a hurricane.

El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (AKA: The Mysterious Voyage of Homer) (#3F24) 5 Jan 1997
Consuming too may hot peppers gives Homer visions, which tell him to seek out his "soulmate". Johnny Cash guest stars.

The Springfield Files (#3G01) 12 Jan 1997
Homer witnesses something out of this world in Springfield woods, but no one believes him, not even FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (from The X-Files), who came to investigate the incident. Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Leonard Nimoy guest star.

The Twisted World of Marge Simpson (#4F08) 19 Jan 1997
Marge's new pretzel franchise is failing until Homer strikes a deal with Fat Tony, Springfield's local mobster. Jack Lemmon and Joe Mantegna guest star.

Mountain of Madness (#4F10) 2 Feb 1997
o promote team work amongst the power plant's employees Burns makes them go on a corporate retreat up in the mountains: the goal to find a hidden cabin.

Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious (#3G03) 7 Feb 1997
The Simpson family get a nanny after Marge starts loosing her hair to overwork stress.

The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show (#4F12) 9 Feb 1997
In the 167th episode of The Simpsons, Homer provides the voice for Poochie, a new character added to the The Itchy and Scratchy Show in a desperate attempt to boost sagging ratings. Alex Rocco guest stars.
NOTES: with this episode The Simpsons surpasses The Flintstones as television's longest-running, animated prime-time series; in some airings, the couch opening in which both families appear is shown instead of the "Sergeant Pepper" opening originally used

Homer's Phobia (#4F11) 16 Feb 1997
A shop owner befriends the Simpson family, but after discovering he is a homosexual Homer fears Bart will emulate him. John Waters guest stars.

Brother From Another Series (#4F14) 23 Feb 1997
Bart suspects a sinister motive when Sideshow Bob reunites with his estranged bother Cecil, who promptly places Bob in charge of supervising the building of Springfield's Hydroelectric Dam. David Hyde Pierce guest stars.

My Sister, My Sitter (#4F13) 2 Mar 1997
Lisa's babysitting reputation is put to the test when she is assigned the task of babysitting Bart and Maggie, for which Bart is determine to make Lisa's life a 'living Hell'.

Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment (#4F15) 16 Mar 1997
When Prohibition hits the town of Springfield, and with Bart's help, Homer goes into the booze making business. Dave Thomas and Joe Mantegna guest star.

Grade School Confidential (#4F09) 6 Apr 1997
After stumbling across Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel kissing, Bart strikes a deal with them to keep it a secret, but unknown to Bart the deal he makes lands him in the middle of this love affair.

The Canine Mutiny (#4F16) 13 Apr 1997
Purchasing an expensive purebred dog on a fraudulent credit card lands Bart in the doghouse when creditors want the pooch back, but Santa's Little Helper ends up the real loser here. Frank Welker guest stars.

The Old Man and the Lisa (#4F17) 20 Apr 1997
Mr. Burns loses his vast fortune and turns to Lisa for help in getting it back through environmental means. Bret "the Hitman" Hart guest stars.

In Marge We Trust (#4F18) 27 Apr 1997
Marge becomes the "Listen Lady" when the people of Springfield turn to her after Reverend Lovejoy loses interest in helping people. Meanwhile, Homer sets out to discover why his face is on a box of dish soap. Sab Shimono, Gedde Watanaabe and Frank Welker guest star.

Homer's Enemy (#4F19) 4 May 1997
Frank Grimes, the new employee at the power plant, isn't impress with Homer's bad habits and lack of professional work ethic, becomes disgruntled when he learns Homer is more of a success than he is. Frank Welker guest stars.

The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase (#4F20) 11 May 1997
Troy McClure present three Simpsons spinoff spoofs: In “Chief Wiggum, P.I.”, Chief Wiggum becomes a detective and moves to New Orleans with Principal Skinner as his assistant. Next, Grampa Simpson's soul is trapped inside Moe's Love tester machine in “The Love-Matic Grampa”. Finally, the Simpson family host a '70ish variety show in “The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour”.
NOTES: Tim Conway and Gailard Sartain guest star.

The Secret War of Lisa Simpson (#4F21) 18 May 1997
Lisa is determine to stick it out as the only girl at boot camp when she and Bart attends military school. Willem Dafoe guest stars.

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