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Simpson Family
Season Thirty-Three (2021-2022)

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The Star of the Backstage (#QABF17 / SI-3217) 26 Sep 2021
Marge decides to stage a revival of her 1999 high school musical ("but didn't Marge graduate from college in 1994?" Well, when you put it that way, wasn't Lisa born in 1984?), in which she was the stage manager, but when the original star returns, Marge realizes that the cast pretty much pretended she didn't exist
Originally titled "No Day but Yesterday"

Bart's in Jail (#QABF18 / SI-3218) 03 Oct 2021
...according to somebody who called Grampa, who has to send the caller the $10,000 that he saved up playing cribbage in the park to bail him out, but when he discovers it was a scam, the family gets together to get his money back

Treehouse of Horror XXXII (#QABF16 / SI-3216) 10 Oct 2021
The hunters going after Bambi and her mother didn't expect his father to show up; The Parasite is spoofed; the tree that hosts Bart's treehouse comes to life when Homer tries to chop it down; Lisa tries to unravel the mystery of a deadly TikTok video

The Wayz We Were (#QABF19 / SI-3219) (17 Oct 2021)
Moe reconnects with Maya in the middle of a traffic jam, but he's convinced that it just won't work out; when Homer manages to solve the traffic jam clogging up Evergreen Terrace, his neighbors start to like him...much to his dismay

Lisa's Belly (#QABF20 / SI-3220) 24 Oct 21
Bart and Lisa have to take a steroid-based medication after getting sick at a water park, but it makes Lisa gain weight, and when Marge calls her "chunky," Lisa lets it get to her; meanwhile, the steroids make Bart muscular, which earns him respect with the bullies

A Serious Flanders (#QABF21 / SI-3221) 07 Nov 2021
When Ned discovers over $170,000 in a bag and donates it to an orphanage, it comes to the attention of a debt collector who just happens to be owed the same amount - but who kidnaps Homer by mistake

A Serious Flanders (Part 2) (#QABF22 / SI-3222) 14 Nov 21
Ned has to find a way to get the money back in order to save Homer...but at what cost to his reputation?

Portrait of a Lackey on Fire (#UABF01 / SI-3301) 21 Nov 21
Smithers falls in love with a billionaire fashion least until he sees what the designer's factory is doing to the town

Mothers and Other Strangers (#UABF02 / SI-3302) 28 Nov 21
A Mother's day gift triggers a memory in Homer of his mother, leading to an online therapy session that becomes a flashback of when he and Abe went to find her when he was 16...with the FBI close behind

A Made Maggie (#UABF03 / SI-3303) 19 Dec 21
When Marge fears for Maggie's soul because she isn't baptized, Homer's search for a proper godfather leads him to Fat Tony, but Marge worries about the influence Fat Tony has on Maggie, while Fat Tony's associates think he's going soft and want to take action

The Longest Marge (#UABF05 / SI-3305) 02 Jan 2022
Springfield's new starting quarterback's lifestyle ends up costing the team games, so Marge takes him in, and the family surroundings is just what he needs to turn his attitude, and the team, around - much to the dismay of Mr. Burns, who depends on the player's carefree attitude to sell his new brandy

Pixelated and Afraid (#UABF04 / SI-3304) 27 Feb 2022
When Lisa fears that Homer and Marge have lost the spark in their marriage, they go on a trip to a remote resort, only to end up crashing and ending up lost in a forest, cold, naked, and alone...well, except for that wolverine

Boyz N the Highlands (#UABF06 / SI-3306) 06 Mar 2022
As punishment for various crimes, Bart, Nelson, Dolph, and Martin are sent on a wilderness trek, only for Nelson and Dolph to be captured by devil worshippers looking for their sacrificial goat; back at home, Lisa wants to be treated like an only child...named Jules

You Won't Believe What This Episode Is About - Act Three Will Shock You! (#UABF07 / SI-3307) 13 Mar 2022
When Santa's Little Helper accidentally locks himself in the car after closing all of its windows, Homer becomes an Internet outcast, only to discover there is one way to clear his name...but at a terrible price (oh, and Act 3 won't shock you; it's clickbait)

Bart the Cool Kid (#UABF08 / SI-3308) 20 Mar 2022
Bart gets humiliated when he tries to return designer shoes Homer bought him that turn out to be knockoffs, only to become friends with the designer, but their attempts to release a new show they design themselves hit a snag when Homer gets the other older men in town to start wearing the designer's clothing line

Pretty Whittle Liar (#UABF09 / SI-3309) 27 Mar 2022
When Cletus discovers Brandine is smarter than she lets on, she leaves him; Lisa discovers a hidden society of smart kids at school

The Sound of Bleeding Gums (#UABF10 / SI-3310) 10 Apr 2022
Lisa's attempts to stop the Springfield Lottery from using a Bleeding Gums Murphy song lead her to discover his son...who is deaf
Originally titled "Bleeding Gums Murphy in The Sound of Music"

My Octopus and a Teacher (#UABF11 / SI-3311) 24 Apr 2022
While making a nature documentary, Lisa makes friends with a small octopus and takes it home with her, but the octopus has a habit of breaking free; Bart starts acting weird around his new teacher

Girls Just Shauna Have Fun (#UABF12 / SI-3312) 01 May 2022
When Lisa temporarily joins the Springfield High School marching band, she makes friends with one of the drummers - Superintentent Chalmers's daughter Shauna - but Marge fears that Shauna is a bad influence on Lisa; meanwhile, Superintendent Chalmers involves Homer in his home beer brewing

Marge the Meanie (#UABF15 / SI-3315) 08 May 2022
When Marge meets her middle school principal, she recalls how she used to prank her, but when it makes Bart respect her, she returns to her old ways; Homer tries to bond with Lisa through vegetarian cuisine

Meat Is Murder (#UABF13 / SI-3313) 15 May 2022
One of the co-owners of a burger restaurant Krusty helped make popular, only to turn on it and form Krusty Burger when he wouldn't pay Krusty more, has become so rich that he has bought out Krusty's parent company, and decides to put his old partner on his board of directors - Grampa

Poorhouse Rock (#UABF14 / SI-3314) 22 May 2022
Homer, disgraced by Bart's presentation about him in Sunday school, takes him to work, which impresses him so much that he wants to grow up to replace Homer...until a janitor breaks into a musical number about how that will never happen because the middle class just isn't what it used to be

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