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Simpson Family
Season Twenty-Six (2014-2015) · 22 Episodes

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Clown in the Dumps (#SABF20 / SI-2520) 28 Sep 2014
When Krusty takes a comedy roast of himself too seriously, and his father's last word to him was "Eh", he decides to retire; Lisa fears for Homer's health

The Wreck of the Relationship (#SABF17 / SI-2517) 5 Oct 2014
When Homer's attempts to get Bart to eat his broccoli result in them fighting, Marge puts them on a "Relation Ship" sailing ship; Marge drafts Homer's fantasy football team for him, but the trash talking gets to her

Super Franchise Me (#SABF19 / SI-2519) 12 Oct 2014
When Marge discovers that her sandwiches are incredibly popular with the kids at Springfield Elementary, she opens up a pretzel business (wait, that was Season 8's "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson") a fitness center for "ordinary women" (no, that was Season 19's "Husbands and Knives") a franchise sandwich shop, only to lose all of her business to another store in the same franchise - that opens up across the street

Treehouse of Horror XXV (#SABF21 / SI-2521) 19 Oct 2014
  • When Bart reads some symbols carved on a desk, he transports himself and Lisa to Hell...and he likes it
  • In a spoof of "A Clockwork Orange", "Marge" wants "Homer" to leave "Moe's" gang;
  • The Simpson house is invaded by the ghosts of the past - specifically, the Simpsons from The Tracey Ullman Show, complete with Frosty Chocolate Milkshakes (and special guest appearance by Dr. Marvin Monroe)

Opposites A-Frack (#SABF22 / SI-2522) 2 Nov 2014
When Mr. Burns's fracking operation is uncovered by Lisa, she gets the Speaker of the State Assembly to shut down the fracking, and ends up turning up the heat between the Speaker and Mr. Burns

Simpsorama (#SABF16 / SI-2516) 9 Nov 2014
Bart blows his nose on a sandwich that he puts into a time capsule, which, when combined with Milhouse's rabbit's foot and radioactive slime, creates mutant rabbits that turn into green creatures that look suspiciously like Bart and wreak havoc on New New York, resulting in Bender, Fry, Leela, and Professor Farnsworth from Futurama to go back in time to kill the source - whom they think is Homer

Blazed and Confused (#TABF01 / SI-2601) 16 Nov 2014
Springfield Elementary has a new, no-nonsense, fourth grade teacher making life hard on Bart, but when Bart discovers how to get back at him, and solve Homer's problem of not having made a campsite reservation for Labor Day, "The Simpsons are going to...", er, the "Blazing Guy" festival

Covercraft (#TABF02 / SI-2602) 23 Nov 2014
Moe gets into a fight with the owner of King Toot's Music Store, forcing the store to close and Homer and Lisa to go to a "big box music store", where Homer is talked into buying an electric bass, where he, Kirk, Reverend Lovejoy, Dr. Hibbert, and Apu form a cover band, only for Apu to be hired as the lead singer for the band whose songs they play when they need a singer for their latest tour

I Won't Be Home for Christmas (#TABF03 / SI-2603) 7 Dec 2014
Homer spends Christmas Eve at Moe's - and when Marge won't let him back in the house that night, he spends the rest of it on the streets of Springfield

The Man Who Came to Be Dinner (#RABF15 / SI-2415) 4 Jan 2015
When the Simpsons ride the "Rocket to Your Doom" ride at an amusement park, "The Simpsons are going to..." Rigel 7, the home planet of Kang and Kodos, where they end up in a zoo - and Homer is to be eaten
This was originally planned to be the Season 24 finale, but was withheld as, according to producer Al Jean, there was somewhat serious consideration to save the plot for a second Simpsons movie

Bart's New Friend (#TABF05 / SI-2605) 11 Jan 2015 Homer, who, while attending the circus, is hypnotized into thinking he is a 10-year-old boy

The Musk Who Fell to Earth (#TABF04 / SI-2604) 25 Jan 2015
SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk gets Mr. Burns to help him improve everybody's lives through electricity, but when Burns discovers that it is costing him millions of dollars, he decides to take it out on Musk - with snipers

Walking Big & Tall (#TABF06 / SI-2606) 8 Feb 2015
When Moe discovers that Springfield's town anthem is also used by a number of other cities, Bart and Lisa write a new one, but when Homer's attempt to be part of a standing ovation ends up taking out a row of theater seats, he tries to get help losing weight, only to join a group that embraces being overweight

My Fare Lady (#TABF07 / SI-2607) 15 Feb 2015
Marge takes a job at the nuclear plant no, at an erotic bakery er, driving for an Uber/Lift-style taxi service; thanks to Homer bankrupting him, Moe has to take a new job at an Uber/Lyft-style taxi service er, at an erotic bakery no, it's at the nuclear plant - as a janitor

The Princess Guide (#TABF08 / SI-2608) 1 Mar 2015
Moe falls for the daughter of a Nigerian king in town to conduct a business deal with Mr. Burns

Sky Police (#TABF09 / SI-2609) 8 Mar 2015
When Homer and Bart crash their rocket er, Chief Wiggum crashes his new jet pack into the First Church of Springfield, the churchgoers decide to raise the money by playing blackjack after learning how to count cards, but their success is in jeopardy when Homer is captured by casino management

Waiting For Duffman (#TABF10 / SI-2610) 15 Mar 2015
When Duffman retires due to an injury, Homer is chosen by the jidges - er jerdges - judges, including Haitch K.- er, H. K. Duff (why, yes, Cat Deeley is voicing herself as the reality show host - what gave it away?) to be the new Duffman (well, he is after the winner is discovered to have another beer brand tattooed on him), but being Duffman (and a sober one at that) makes Homer see Duff in a whole new, and unfriendly, light

Peeping Mom (#TABF11 / SI-2611) 19 Apr 2015
When Chief Wiggum accuses Bart of being involved in a bulldozer stealing, but Bart denies it, Marge hovers over Bart day and night in an attempt to get to the truth; Homer is more interested in Ned's new dog than in Santa's Little Helper - and the dog is more interested in Homer than in the Flanderses

The Kids are All Fight (#TABF12 / SI-2612) 26 Apr 2015
When Homer discovers an old, undeveloped roll of camera film in his jacket pocket, "The Simpsons are going to..." have another flashback episode - this time, to when Bart and Lisa first started fighting with each other

Let's Go Fly a Coot (#TABF13 / SI-2613) 3 May 2015
Grampa's old Air Force buddies come to his defense when they think Homer is treating him poorly; Bart takes up smoking E-cigarettes to impress one of Milhouse's female cousins

Bull*E (#TABF15 / SI-2615) 10 May 2015
When Bart is bullied after a school dance, Marge gets the city to adopt a tough anti-bullying law that gets Homer arrested when Rod and Todd claim that he's bullying Ned, but is Ned willing to turn the other cheek this time?

Mathlete's Feat (#TABF16 / SI-2616) 17 May 2015
When the school goes all-digital and all of the electronics go out, Lisa suggests turning the school into a Waldorf school, where kids "learn by doing"; Groundskeeper Willie is put in charge of the school Mathletes team, because math is not a spectator sport yay math

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