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Simpson Family
Season Thirty-Four (2022-2023)

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Habeas Tortoise (#UABF16 / SI-3316) 25 Sep 2022
After Homer humiliates himself yet again at a town meeting, he tries to redeem himself by joining a group of people trying to find a missing giant tortoise from the zoo, but when he discovers the tortoise's whereabouts, he's afraid to break up the group by saying anything

One Angry Lisa (#UABF19 / SI-3319) 02 Oct 2022
Marge gets a new exercise bike, and is mesmerized by her online instructor, much to Homer's lament, only for Homer to find out he's not the only husband with this problem; Lisa gets a summons for jury duty

Lisa the Boy Scout (#UABF21 / SI-3321) 09 Oct 2022
In an episode reminiscent of "22 Short Films About Springfield," two hacktivists take over the show and demand a ransom, and show clips of "the worst unaired (and a few that actually aired) scenes from The Simpsons" unless it is paid

Originally titled "Love, Hacktually

The King of Nice (#UABF20 / SI-3320) 16 Oct 2022
After showing promise in a focus group, Marge is hired as a segment producer for Krusty's new daytime talk show, but her supervisor is driving her and the other employees to the brink of madness

Not It (#UABF17 / SI-3317) 23 Oct 2022
In a takeoff on Stephen King's It, Krusto the Clown terrorizes the kids of the town of Kingfield, where a group of self-professed losers that look an awful lot like a young Homer, Marge, Carl, Moe, and Comic Book Guy try to take him down...and reunite when he reappears 27 years later

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII (#UABF18 / SI-3318) 30 Oct 2022
* The Pookadook - Marge reads a book to Maggie, only for the book to possess Marge into trying to kill her
* Death Tome - animated in an anime style, Lisa finds a book that lets her kill anyone just by writing their name in it
* Simpsons World - in a Simpsons-themed amusement park where pretty much every episode is reenacted by Simpsons robots, a Homer robot becomes self-aware and gathers other members of his "family" in an attempt to escape

From Beer to Paternity (#OABF01 / SI-3401) 13 Nov 2022
Duffman tries to get out of a problem with women by claiming he has a daughter, but when he shows everyone a picture of him and Lisa, Homer confronts him, only for Duffman to admit he has an estranged adult daugter, and, seeing how Lisa turned out, thinks Homer is responsible and asks him for advice

Step Brother from the Same Planet (#UABF22 / SI-3322) 20 Nov 2022
Grampa moves in with his new girlfriend, and treats her son pretty much the opposite of how he treated Homer; with his retirement home room still paid for two weeks, Lisa tries to shake her "wet blanket" image by throwing the ultimate slumber party

When Nelson Met Lisa (#OABF02 / SI-3402) 27 Nov 2022
When Lisa runs into Nelson at her college graduation, a series of flash-forwards reveals their relationship as they keep running into each other, despite the fact that Lisa is married to someone else

Game Done Changed (#OABF03 / SI-3403) 04 Dec 2022
When Bart discovers a glitch in an online multiplayer game that allows him to make real money, Principal Skinner, who wants to turn the school into a magnet performing arts school, gets in on it, but when another school tries to interfere, they disagree on what course of action to take; when Marge discovers that she can communicate with Maggie in the game through emojis, soon Homer and Lisa join them and don't want to leave

Top Goon (#OABF04 / SI-3404) 11 Dec 2022
Moe needs an enforcer to protect his youth ice hockey team's only scorer - Bart - and finds one in Nelson, who gets a little help from three of the NHL's most penalized players: Stu Grimson, Dave Schultz (the NHL leader for penalty minutes in a single season), and Tiger Williams (the NHL career leader in penalty minutes)

My Life as a Vlog (#OABF05 / SI-3405) 01 Jan 2023
A viral video with Homer and Maggie turns the Simpsons into YouTube sensations, complete with a new mansion, but what happens next is depicted in a number of other Springfielders' video podcasts

The Many Saints of Springfield (#OABF06 / SI-3406) 19 Feb 2023
When Ned needs some financial help, he accepts it from Fat Tony, unaware of his, er, "legitimate businessman social" connections, and equally unaware that there's only one way out of the deal

Carl Carlson Rides Again (#OABF07 / SI-3407) 26 Feb 2023
Carl meets a woman who convinces him that he needs to find out who he really is...which starts with the belt buckle he has had since he was left at his orphanage

Bartless (#OABF08 / SI-3408) 05 Mar 2023
Bart gets into trouble when he has younger kids draw in library books, only for the librarian to praise him for getting the kids interested in reading, so Homer and Marge wonder if they just don't like Bart...and wake up in a world where they live successful lives with their two daughters, only to run into a somewhat familiar ten-year-old boy whom they take in

Hostile Kirk Place (#OABF09 / SI-3409) 12 Mar 2023
Kirk's demands that the school stop teaching that his great-grandfather, when mayor, was responsible for a gazebo collapse that killed a number of people, result in the town being divided, and eventually Kirk becoming the town's de facto dictator; Homer, after being taken in by one too many of Shaquille O'Neal's late night sales pitches, comes up with one of his own - copper-based shirts with slogans that he can sell to the two sides

Pin Gal (#OABF10 / SI-3410) 19 Mar 2023
Marge has to win a bowling match to keep Barney's Bowlarama from being turned into something else, so Homer enlists the help of a bowling coach - Jacques (from Season 1's "Life on the Fast Lane"), who may or may not still carry a torch for her (okay, he does)

Fan-ily Feud (#OABF11 / SI-3411) 23 Apr 2023
When Homer insults a pop singer's fan base on live TV, they make the phrase "Life in Hell" personal, thanks mainly to one of their own - Lisa - who in turn gets inspiration from Bart

Write Off This Episode (#OABF12 / SI-3412) 30 Apr 2023
Lisa helps turn Marge's method for cleaning Homer's clothes with a bag into a charity to help homeless people who don't have access to laundry service, but Marge's attempts to raise money skyrocket into turning the charity into more about raising brand awareness and less about actually helping people - especially when a homeless shelter is destroyed to make room for the charity's new headquarters

The Very Hungry Caterpillars (#OABF14 / SI-3414) 07 May 2023
A swarm of caterpillars forces Springfield into a lockdown, where Homer and Marge have to resort to stealing from Ned after their ranch dressing supply, which Maggie now won't eat anything without, runs out; Bart tries to help Principal Skinner from losing his mother's quilt, which was his old security blanket; and Lisa ends up transported into her Malibu Stacy mall

Clown v. Board of Education (#OABF15 / SI-3415) 14 May 2023
When Krusty notices that there's nobody teaching anybody how to become a clown, and that there's a lot of money in private education, he opens up his own clown school, which becomes successful - successful enough for Fat Tony to want in on it

Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass (#OABF13 / SI-3413) 21 May 2023
When Homer discovers that Marge's father left her $1000 per month in his will, and Marge never told him about it, he gets so angry that he ends up driving into a fire hydrant, and as he flies through his windshield, Maggie's Happy Little Elf doll in the car (voiced by Lizzo) shows him what really happened...including how he ended up dead when he got impaled by a fence post

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