This area provides a full scope of broadcast scheduling for The Simpsons in the United States. Show times are provided for network airings (minus one hour for central and mountain zones).

For a comprehensive list of American & Canadian stations showing episodes in syndication, consult the Syndication Stations & Times list.

Because national syndication scheduling is no longer offered, viewers should consult local listings via Zap2it, Yahoo or TV Guide for broadcast info.

Simpson Family

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Episodes On FOX

February 25 • Grampy Can Ya Hear Me (WABF19)
Grampa gets a hearing aid...and does not like what he hears with it; when sneaking into the school to fix a mistake Lisa made on a paper, Bart and Lisa discover Principal Skinner, who moved out of his mother's house after discovering that, when he was in high school, she hid an acceptance letter from Ohio State and told him he didn't get in

March 4 • The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be (WABF20)
Marge is elected mayor, but when she fails to do her main campaign promise - put out the tire fire - the town turns against her...until they start supporting her when they see Homer, well, acting like Homer, when he's around her

March 11 • 3 Scenes Plus a Tag From a Marriage (XABF06)
In flashbacks, the story of how Homer and Marge's marriage changed as they had each of their three kids is shown

Projected Schedule
These are episodes whose dates have been mentioned from non-Fox sources, or are based on previous Fox patterns, but have not been made official by Fox, and are subject to change

March 18 - Homer Is Where the Art Isn't
March 25 - No Good Read Goes Unpublished
April 1 - Fears of a Clown (yes, a new episode on Easter Sunday, and against NBC's version of Jesus Christ Superstar)

Worldwide Schedules

Scheduling information for international broadcasters is available from the following web sites. If you know of any international scheduling data on the internet that has been overlooked here, send e-mail.
Please send e-mail only if you know of a web page that has the actual scheduling information for episodes. Do not simply include the address of the network's home page.
This is not intended to be a list of every network in the world that shows The Simpsons - just a list of the sites that list their upcoming episodes.

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