This area provides a full scope of broadcast scheduling for The Simpsons in the United States. Show times are provided for network airings (minus one hour for central and mountain zones).

For a comprehensive list of American & Canadian stations showing episodes in syndication, consult the Syndication Stations & Times list.

Because national syndication scheduling is no longer offered, viewers should consult local listings via Zap2it, Yahoo or TV Guide for broadcast info.

Simpson Family

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Episodes On FOX

January 20 • DOUBLE FEATURE...of repeats
7:00 • My Way or the Highway to Heaven (XABF17)
As God and St. Peter discuss who should get into heaven, they watch a Sunday School class where Christian Ned, Atheist Marge's grandmother, and Buddhist Lisa make their cases
8:00 • Treehouse of Horror XXIX (XABF16)
Body-snatcher plants infest Springfield; Lisa goes crazy and tortures Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson; Mr. Burns crosses Jurassic Park with a retirement home, but somebody didn't pay attention to the "do not raise the temperature" sign; Homer enters an oyster-eating contest...against Cthulhu

January 27 • 7:00 • Baby You Can't Drive My Car (XABF18)
When Homer is fired from the nuclear plant, he gets a job at a new driverless car company, but he has to decide between the perfect job and its dark secret - it drives people to where the company's paid sponsors tell it to go

Fox is airing a live version of Rent at 8:00

February 3 • DOUBLE FEATURE...of repeats (what do you expect against the Super Bowl?)
7:00 • Bart's Not Dead (XABF19)
When Bart is dared to jump into a reservoir and ends up in a coma, he tells people that he met Jesus, and the story gets made into a movie starring Jonathan Groff, Gal Gadot, and Emily Deschanel
8:00 • From Russia Without Love (XABF20)
Moe falls in love again - this time, with a Russian mail order bride that Bart, Nelson, and Milhouse order for him as a prank after one of Bart's prank calls goes bad

February 10 • DOUBLE FEATURE
7:00 • Werking Mom (XABF21)
Marge gets a job at the nuclear plant  selling pretzels  running a fitness center  making sandwiches selling plastic food containers, but it turns out her popularity is in people thinking she's a drag queen; when Lisa brings some joy into Jasper's life, she tries doing the same for the others around her, but it backfires when she makes things between Principal Skinner and his mother worse
8:00 • I'm Dancing as Fat as I Can (YABF06)
Homer has to make it up to Marge after he binge watches a show the two of them were watching together; Bart enters Krusty's Holiday Trample

Worldwide Schedules

Scheduling information for international broadcasters is available from the following web sites. If you know of any international scheduling data on the internet that has been overlooked here, send e-mail.
Please send e-mail only if you know of a web page that has the actual scheduling information for episodes. Do not simply include the address of the network's home page.
This is not intended to be a list of every network in the world that shows The Simpsons - just a list of the sites that list their upcoming episodes.

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