Schedules for the UK & Ireland
July 3rd, 2017 edition

Maintained by Wesley Mead

This page provides complete scheduling information for "The Simpsons" in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Schedules are available for Channel 4, S4C, Sky 1/Sky 1 HD and RTÉ airings. All times are GMT, and all scheduled slot times last 30 minutes. All episodes are subtitled for the hearing impaired.

If you would like television listings for other countries please click here, where you can get schedules for many countries around the world, including Germany and Australia. You may also like to check out my guide to BBFC classification of the show in the UK.

 Latest Update
 July 3rd, 2017

Welcome to the 3rd July update. Full, updated schedules for Channel 4, RTÉ2 and Sky One are available below. I'm away next week, so next update may not be until Monday 17rd July - feel free to e-mail me at if you need to contact me in the meantime.


 Channel 4: Schedule Status & Listings
 3rd to 21st July 2017

SEASON RIGHTS: 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24

C4 are currently airing season 18 in the regular 6pm weekdays slot.

Saturday triple-bill matinees are currently cycling through season 2; Sundays are season 16. (None air on the 15th and 16th, due to Formula 1.)

Note that all episodes that air on Channel 4 are simulcast on Channel 4 HD and can be viewed one hour later on their timeshift service, Channel 4 +1.

MON 03 JUL  18:00  S11  Beyond Blunderdome
TUE 04 JUL  18:00  S18  Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times
WED 05 JUL  18:00  S18  Little Big Gril
THU 06 JUL  18:00  S18  Springfield Up
FRI 07 JUL  18:00  S18  Yokel Chords
SAT 08 JUL  10:50  S2   Old Money
            11:20  S2   War of the Simpsons
            11:50  S2   Three Men and a Comic Book
SUN 09 JUL  13:30  S16  Goo Goo Gai Pan
            14:00  S16  Mobile Homer
MON 10 JUL  18:00  S18  Rome-Old and Juli-Eh
TUE 11 JUL  18:00  S18  Homerazzi
WED 12 JUL  18:00  S18  Marge Gamer
THU 13 JUL  18:00  S18  Crook & Ladder
FRI 14 JUL  18:00  S18  Stop or My Dog Will Shoot
SAT 15 JUL  No episodes scheduled
SUN 16 JUL  No episodes scheduled
MON 17 JUL  18:00  S18  24 Minutes
TUE 18 JUL  18:00  S18  You Kent Always Say What You Want
WED 19 JUL  18:00  S18  The Haw-Hawed Couple
THU 20 JUL  18:00  S18  Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em
FRI 21 JUL  18:00  S11  Grift of the Magi
For more information on the episodes, see the Episode Guide.

 RTÉ2: Schedule Status & Listings
 3rd to 28th July 2017

SEASON RIGHTS: 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24

RTÉ2 are currently airing season 24 on weekdays at 5:30pm. Due to golf coverage, there are no episodes scheduled on some upcoming weekdays; see full details below. There's a bonus episode on Thursday 13th at 7:25pm.

There are currently no weekend episodes scheduled.

MON 03 JUL  17:30  S24  Penny-Wiseguys
TUE 04 JUL  17:30  S24  A Tree Grows in Springfield
WED 05 JUL  17:30  S24  The Day the Earth Stood Cool
THU 06 JUL  No episodes scheduled
FRI 07 JUL  No episodes scheduled
SAT 08 JUL  No episodes scheduled
SUN 09 JUL  No episodes scheduled
MON 10 JUL  17:30  S24  To Cur with Love
TUE 11 JUL  17:30  S24  Homer Goes to Prep School
WED 12 JUL  17:30  S24  A Test Before Trying
THU 13 JUL  17:30  S24  The Changing of the Guardian
            19:25  S23  The Food Wife
FRI 14 JUL  17:30  S24  Love is a Many-Splintered Thing
SAT 15 JUL  No episodes scheduled
SUN 16 JUL  No episodes scheduled
MON 17 JUL  17:30  S24  Hardly Kirk-ing
TUE 18 JUL  17:30  S24  Gorgeous Grampa
WED 19 JUL  17:30  S24  Black-Eyed Please
THU 20 JUL  17:30  S24  Dark Knight Court
FRI 21 JUL  17:30  S24  What Animated Women Want
SAT 22 JUL  No episodes scheduled
SUN 23 JUL  No episodes scheduled
MON 24 JUL  17:30  S24  Pulpit Friction
TUE 25 JUL  17:30  S24  Whiskey Business
WED 26 JUL  17:30  S24  The Fabulous Faker Boy
THU 27 JUL  17:30  S24  The Saga of Carl
FRI 28 JUL  17:30  S24  Dangers on a Train
For more information on the episodes, see the Episode Guide.

 Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD: Schedule Status & Complete Listings
 3rd to 21st July 2017

SEASON RIGHTS: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27

Sky1 are currently generally airing three episodes on Sundays and weekdays from 6:30pm to 8pm. Mondays usually have an extra double-bill in the 8pm hour. Saturdays are more variable, and there are also a number of bonus post-watershed slots - see listings below.

Sky are currently primarily broadcasting season 8; this is followed by season 9. The Monday 8pm double-bills are running through season 28. Post-watershed slots, meanwhile, tend to comprise later seasons at the moment, with nighttime episodes on Tuesday 4th (11:15pm-12:15am), Friday 7th (10-11pm), Thursday 13th (11pm-12am) and Tuesday 18th (10-11pm). Whew!

No more newbies 'til the autumn - I'll be the first to let you know when season 29(!) is on deck, though, later this year. Note that episodes from mid-season 20 onwards are now simulcast on Sky 1 HD in High Definition.

MON 03 JUL  18:30  S1   Some Enchanted Evening
            19:00  S8   You Only Move Twice
            19:30  S8   The Homer They Fall
            20:00  S28  Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus
            20:30  S28  Friends and Family
TUE 04 JUL  18:30  S8   Burns Baby Burns
            19:00  S8   Bart After Dark
            19:30  S8   A Milhouse Divided
            23:15  S21  American History X-cellent
            23:45  S7   Summer of 4 ft. 2
WED 05 JUL  18:30  S8   Lisa's Date with Density
            19:00  S8   Hurricane Neddy
            19:30  S8   El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer
THU 06 JUL  18:30  S8   The Springfield Files
            19:00  S8   The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
            19:30  S8   Mountain of Madness
FRI 07 JUL  18:30  S8   Simpsoncalifragalisticexpiala-D'oh!-cious
            19:00  S8   The Itchy, Scratchy and Poochie Show
            19:30  S8   Homer's Phobia
            22:00  S25  Homerland
            22:30  S25  Treehouse of Horror XXIV
SAT 08 JUL  No episodes scheduled
SUN 09 JUL  18:30  S8   Brother from Another Series
            19:00  S8   My Sister, My Sitter
            19:30  S8   Homer vs the Eighteenth Amendment
MON 10 JUL  18:30  S8   Grade School Confidential
            19:00  S8   The Canine Mutiny
            19:30  S8   The Old Man and the Lisa
            20:00  S28  The Town
            20:30  S25  Four Regrettings and a Funeral
TUE 11 JUL  18:30  S8   In Marge We Trust
            19:00  S8   Homer's Enemy
            19:30  S9   The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
WED 12 JUL  18:30  S9   The Principal and the Pauper
            19:00  S9   Lisa's Sax
            19:30  S9   Treehouse of Horror VIII
THU 13 JUL  18:30  S9   The Cartridge Family
            19:00  S9   Bart Star
            23:00  S28  Treehouse of Horror XXVII
            23:30  S25  The War of Art
FRI 14 JUL  18:30  S9   The Two Mrs Nahapasapeemapetilons
            19:00  S9   Lisa the Skeptic
            19:30  S9   Realty Bites
SAT 15 JUL  No episodes scheduled
SUN 16 JUL  18:30  S9   Lisa, the Simpson
            19:00  S9   Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
            19:30  S9   All Singing, All Dancing
MON 17 JUL  18:30  S9   Bart Carny
            19:00  S9   The Joy of Sect
            19:30  S9   The Last Temptation of Krust
            20:00  S28  Trust But Clarify
            20:30  S28  There Will Be Buds
TUE 18 JUL  18:30  S9   Dumbbell Indemnity
            19:00  S9   This Little Wiggy
            19:30  S9   Simpson Tide
            22:00  S13  Weekend at Burnsie's
            22:30  S19  Love, Springfieldian Style
WED 19 JUL  18:30  S9   The Trouble With Trillions
            19:00  S9   Girly Edition
            19:30  S9   Trash of the Titans
THU 20 JUL  18:30  S9   King of the Hill
            19:00  S9   Lost Our Lisa
            19:30  S9   Natural Born Kissers
FRI 21 JUL  18:30  To be confirmed
            19:00  To be confirmed
            19:30  To be confirmed
For more information on the episodes, see the Episode Guide.

 Additional Notes and Latest UK DVDs
 Updated April 2015

Latest UK DVDs: Season 17 is available now. (Let's hope the DVD releases don't end there..)

UK scheduling history: check out my June 2012 piece for Dead Homer Society, "English? Who Needs That?": The Simpsons in the United Kingdom, a 3000-word piece on the show's history, scheduling and ratings over here. (Also check out The Ann Arbor Review of Books, where I'm writing a regular column about British perception of American culture, "Imported Goods".)

Credit where credit's due: Many thanks to David McCormick, creator of this page and original maintainer; Brian Petersen and Adam Wolf, who contributed HTML; and Phinbart, Jared Morris, Robert Burroughs, Matt Johnson, Ben Clifford and Grace for helping out around these parts - much appreciated! Thanks also to the members of the No Homers Club who regularly contribute to the UK scheduling discussing thread, which is very closely linked with this page (I post as Wezzo there).

Contact: Being completely accurate is great, but unfortunately, sometimes unattainable. Changes can occur that are beyond my control; if you spot any such late amendments, note any errors, or have any suggestions or queries regarding the listings, please contact me - details here, e-mail is your best bet for a speedy answer.

Syndication of listings: If you wish to use these listings on your site (with credit, please!), drop me a line.

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