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Simpson Family
Season Twenty-One (2009-2010) · 23 Episodes

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Homer the Whopper (#LABF13 / SI-2013) 27 Sep 2009
Comic Book Guy's new comic, "Everyman", is being turned into a movie with Homer in the title role...but while Everyman gains the powers of any superhero in any comic book he touches, he isn't supposed to look like he has gained their weight as well, so the studio hires somneone to get Homer into shape, which he does - that is, until he leaves halfway through the film

Bart Gets a "Z" (#LABF15 / SI-2015) 4 Oct 2009
When Mrs. Krabappel confiscates her students' cellphones, Bart comes up with the idea of spiking her coffee, which gets her fired and replaced with "Mr. Z", a trendy teacher who uses cellphones and Twitter to get through to students, but when Bart sees what has happened to Mrs. Krabappel, he tries to make things better, only to realize that the only way this is going to happen is to get her old job back

The Great Wife Hope (#LABF16 / SI-2016) 11 Oct 2009
All of the men in Springfield are watching a new Mixed Martial Arts promotion, which promises to go out of business and give all of its profits to charity - if Marge can defeat the promotion's owner in an MMA fight

Treehouse of Horror XX (#LABF14 / SI-2014) 25 Oct 2009
  • "Dial 'M' for Murder, or Press '#' to Return to Main Menu" - Bart and Lisa get into a little misunderstanding over getting revenge on their teachers, especially when Bart kills Miss Hoover and expects Lisa to do the same to Mrs. Krabappel
  • "Don't Have a Cow, Mankind" - thanks to a new Krustyburger made by feeding cows to other cows, most of Springfield turn into zombies "munchers"
  • "There's No Business Like Moe Business" - this is a "show within a show"; more precisely, a stage musical about how Moe manages to win Marge's heart with his new beer and its secret ingredient - Homer's blood

The Devil Wears Nada (#LABF17 / SI-2017) 15 Nov 2009
When Marge and her friends decide to do a pin-up calendar for charity, all of the photos end up being of Marge (note that this episode aired not long after Marge "posed" for "Playboy" magazine); newly promoted Sector 7-G supervisor Carl makes Homer his executive assistant

Pranks and Greens (#LABF18 / SI-2018) 22 Nov 2009
Principal Skinner tells Bart about a former student whose pranks put Bart's to shame, but when Bart gets Willie to tell him who the prankster was and he discovers he never exactly grew up, Bart tries to help him by getting him a job with Krusty; when the "Midday Mommies" scold Marge for serving unhealty snacks to the kids, she gets the family involved in health foods

Rednecks and Broomsticks (#LABF19 / SI-2019) 29 Nov 2009
Lisa makes friends with three Wiccans, only to have to come to their rescue when they are accused of making half the city blind; Cletus introduces Homer to the world of moonshine

O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (#MABF01 / SI-2101) 13 Dec 2009
When Lisa tells Bart he'll never have the special bond that she has with Maggie because he doesn't have any brothers, he tries to get Homer and Marge to make him a baby brother, but when that doesn't work, he goes to the orphanage - where a young boy follows him home

Thursdays with Abie (#MABF02 / SI-2102) 3 Jan 2010
In the show's 450th episode aired, a Springfield Shopper reporter takes an interest in Grampa's stories, making him front-page news, which makes Homer jealous, until Homer discovers what the reporter has in store for the final column; Lisa loses the classroom stuffed lamb she was watching for Bart - down a sewer drain

Once Upon a Time in Springfield (#LABF20 / SI-2020) 10 Jan 2010
In order to get more girls to watch his show, Krusty's network tells him to add a female sidekick...and Krusty falls in love with the actress; when Mr. Burns decides to get rid of the free donuts at the nuclear plant, Homer, Lenny, and Carl are wooed by Capitol City's plant

Million-Dollar Maybe (#MABF03 / SI-2103) 31 Jan 2010
When a fortune cookie tells Homer it is his lucky day, he buys a Lotto ticket, but ends up missing a wedding reception he and Marge were supposed to attend, so when he wins the million dollar jackpot, he has to find ways to give his family things anonymously so Marge won't discover where he was; Lisa buys the Retirement Castle a video game system

Boy Meets Curl (#MABF05 / SI-2105) 14 Feb 2010
"The Simpsons are going to..." Vancouver, to compete in the 2010 Winter Olympics (although they never actually use the words "Olympic Games" or show the rings) when Homer and Marge team up with Principal Skinner and his mother to form a mixed curling team; Lisa gets involved in collectible pin trading - a little too involved

The Color Yellow (#MABF06 / SI-2106) 21 Feb 2010
When researching her family tree for someone who isn't a total boob or criminal, Lisa finds the 1860 diary of Eliza Simpson, a young girl who was in the Underground Railroad and tried to help a slave escape to Canada, but a diary by one of Milhouse's ancestors casts doubt on just what Eliza accomplished

Postcards from the Wedge (#MABF04 / SI-2104) 14 Mar 2010
When Homer receives a letter from Mrs. Krabappel saying that Bart is way behind in his studies, he tries to take a hard line with him, but Marge thinks he has too much work, so Bart finds a way to turn their difference of opinion into a full-blown fight, only for it to end up with the two of them deciding that they need to worry about themselves more than Bart - at least until Bart discovers that running trains on the old Springfield Subway is causing the school's structure to crumble

Stealing First Base (#MABF07 / SI-2107) 21 Mar 2010
When Springfield Elementary's two fourth grade classes have to share desks rather than pay for a substitute teacher, Bart falls for his new deskmate, but after he kisses her, she starts sending him mixed signals; Lisa gets advice on how to handle being a female overachiever...from Michelle Obama (voiced by Angela Bassett)

The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed (#MABF10 / SI-2110) 28 Mar 2010
"The Simpsons are going to..." Jerusalem, when Ned invites Homer along on a church retreat in an attempt to save his soul, but when Homer defiles one too many sacred sites (and that tour guide who sounds like Sacha Baron Cohen isn't doing anybody any favors), Ned says he's had enough

American History X-cellent (#MABF08 / SI-2108) 11 Apr 2010
When stolen paintings are found in Burns Manor, Mr. Burns is arrested, so he has Smithers take over for him at the nuclear plant, but when he starts working the employees night and day, they try to get Mr. Burns back, even if it means breaking him out of prison - which it does; Bart and Lisa bond over one ant that survives an accident involving Lisa's ant farm

Chief of Hearts (#MABF09 / SI-2109) 18 Apr 2010
Homer and Chief Wiggum become close friends during Homer's community service stint, but when Homer leaves Wiggum's side during his recuperation to go to Moe's, the Chief takes offense; Bart becomes addicted to "Battle Ball", a Japanese game with cards and plastic balls that turn into creatures

The Squirt and the Whale (#MABF14 / SI-2114) 25 Apr 2010
Fed up with high electric bills, Homer puts up a wind turbine in the backyard, but when he sees that his excess energy goes back to the power company, he makes the house entirely dependant on it; among the victims of a violent windstorm are the turbine and a whale which ended up beached, prompting Lisa and Homer to attempt to save it

To Surveil with Love (#MABF12 / SI-2112) 2 May 2010
Thanks to Homer leaving a gym bag with radioactive waste (planted there by Smithers) unattended in a train station, Springfield has surveillance cameras installed throughout the town, but when citizen video monitor scanner Ned abuses his ability to speak through the camera's speakers, Homer uses the camera blind spot Bart discovers to the town's advantage; Lisa, having heard one too many dumb blonde jokes, dyes her hair brown

Moe Letter Blues (#MABF13 / SI-2113) 9 May 2010
Homer, Apu, and Reverend Lovejoy take a day trip with their kids on Mother's Day so their wives can have a day to themselves, but the three of them receive a message from Moe saying that he's leaving Springfield...with one of their wives

The Bob Next Door (#MABF11 / SI-2111) 16 May 2010
Cuts in spending throught Springfield force the Simpsons' next door neighbors to move, and Bart is convinced that the house was bought by Sideshow Bob, so Marge takes him to the prison, where Bob is confined to a cell...or so it appears

Judge Me Tender (#MABF15 / SI-2115) 23 May 2010
American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and Ellen DeGeneres welcome a new judge to the show - Moe, who displays an exceptional talent in judging things; while Moe is away, Homer has more time to spend at home with Marge...much to her dismay

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