Ivy League References On The Simpsons

Maintained by Haynes Lee

Harvard references:

[7F10] Lionel Hutz mentions Harvard in the list of schools he's attended. {je}
[7F16] Homer's long lost brother paid his way through Harvard by waiting on tables and scrubbing toilets.
[7F21] Comic Book Guy has a masters degree in Folklore and Mythology, commonly considered one of the wackiest "disciplines" at Harvard. {mc}
[9F07] Young Barney studies for his SAT's, with hopes of getting into Harvard.
[9F16] Itchy & Scratchy writer from Harvard.
(That was John Vitti getting fired by Roger Meyers. {dh})
[1F16] Marge imagines Bart receiving his diploma from Harvard.
[2F15] When Lisa has her future foretold, she goes to an "Eastern University" which is clearly modeled on Harvard. {cs}
[3F06] Fake driver's license issued to Homer's mother has 44 Bow Street (address of Harvard Lampoon).
[3F10] Otto tries to win Harvard diploma from prize machine.
[3F13] The museum curator, Hollis Hurlbut, is named after two of the Harvard Yard dorms.
[3F17] Springfield Elementary School is on 19 Plympton Street (address on Skinner's envelope containing air tickets).
[3F20] The local Kwik-E-Mart is on 57 Mount Auburn Street.
[4F05] Smithers and Burns comment on Harvard's rampant cheating at the football game.
[4F13] Riviera's walk-in clinic address is 44 Bow Street.
[4F16] Blind guy's address is 57 Mount Auburn Street.
[5F05] Dr. Stephen Jay Gould guest stars as himself. {rs}
[AABF03] Harvard's doors are closed to Lisa because she got a zero in test.
[DABF15] Lisa attends a poetry reading. As the poet reads, five guys in the crowd spell out B-A-S-H-O by writing one letter in crimson on each man's chest. The man with the "H" on his chest (Harvard reference) is wearing a crimson and white scarf (a la Oliver in "Love Story" and typical of Harvard undergrads). {rs}
[DABF18] Lisa says Marge's [breast] endowment is larger than Harvard's.
[EABF07] Female students at Radcliffe College meet Harvard men, those at Wellesly marry them.
[FABF14] Lenny and Carl say the movie "Love Story" is about a chick who falls for a Harvard guy and then dies.
[GABF07] Homeless woman's cadaver sent to Harvard Medical School.

Note: Harvard Lampoon Castle is located at the juncture of Bow, Plympton, and Mount Auburn street. The addresses of the Harvard Lampoon Castle are as follows:

  • 44 Bow Street
  • 57 Mt. Auburn
  • 14 Lindon St.
  • 17 Plympton St.
  • 0 Freedom Square {wdw}

List of Harvard writers {dh}
Al JeanDan McGrathJohn CollierPatric Verrone
Bill CanterburyDavid CohenJon VittiRich Appel
Bill OakleyDavid SacksKen KeelerSteve Tompkins
Conan O'BrienGeorge MeyerMax ProssSteve Young
Dan GreaneyJeff MartinMike ReissTom Gammill
Nell Scovell

Note: Conan O'Brien who wrote "Homer Goes To College" once served as the president of the Harvard Lampoon and Bill Oakley once served as vice president.

Professor Michael Sandel, who is a famous moral and political philosopher at Harvard. He is also widely believed to be the physical model for Mr. Burns (He teaches one of the most popular classes on campus). {mah}

See 1997 Harvard magazine artice on Simpsons alumni.

Yale references:

[7F10] Lionel Hutz mentions Yale in the list of schools he's attended. {je}
[9F16] Roger Meyers Jr. has the boorish manners of a Yalie. {je}
[2F02] Sideshow Bob is a Yalie. {je}
[3F05] Burns is seen directing calesthenics in a Yale Varsity Sweater, couple that with the old time megaphone he is using and his slight physique, one can only conclude that, at one time, Mr. Burns was a coxswain for the Yale Varsity Crew Team. {jtv}
[3F23] In Homer's new office is a picture of an 8 oared shell with the word Yale on it. {wk}
[3F24] In Chili cook-off, Mr. Burns runs a booth called "Old Eliku's Yale Style Saltpeter Chili". {djw}
[4F01] Burns has a skull in his book collection (Skull & Bones?).
[4F05] Mr. Burns and Smithers are riding back from the Yale-Harvard football game in a Pullman Railway car. This is significant because, Cornelius Vanderbilt, founder of the Pullman Railway Company and the Vanderbilt family is a huge benefactor of the university. Oddly enough, Cornelius Vanderbilt had many of the same ogre-ish tendancies as Burns... he even looks like him. {jtv}
[4F05] Mr. Burns tries to get persuade Yale officials to accept his boorish son.
[4F11] John offers Homer the hat worn by Yale Summers in Daktari. {je}
[4F16] Mr. Burns comment that Laddie has "the fine coat of a Yale Man" (a reference to the racoon skin coats worn by Yalies at the turn of the 1900's). Only after Mr. Burns shakes Laddie' s hand does he turn to Smithers and suggest that Laddie was in Skull & Bones (a reference to the supposed secret handshakes bonesmen use to identify one another). {jtv}
[AABF17] Burns mentiones that someone "couldn't find ugly at a Radcliffe mixer", which is something you might expect a Yalie to say (Radcliffe being the "female Harvard"). {ddg}
[FABF05] Book author says she she got her special to be a writer at a class at the "Y", Yale University.
[GABF12] Eight years in the future:
  • Lisa wins a Montgomery Burns Scholarship to go to Yale.
  • Mr. Burns had to set up the scholarship as punishment for stealing Christmas (which apparently he never returned).
  • Yale has forbidden male-oriented scienes and replaced them with courses such as "galgebra" and "femistry".
  • Mr. Burns gives the scholarship to layabout Bart instead.
  • McDonald's now owns Yale.
[GABF13] "Privileged Boy" song has the line "Then I will go to Yale because I am a legacy".
[HABF08] Reality show mom is the youngest full professor at Yale.

Cornell references:

[1F02] Cornell's clock tower (the most distinguishing feature on campus) can be seen in series of pictures of Springfield College. {ak}
[1F02] Just before the nerds are to save the dean according to Homer's plan, there is a distance shot of campus that bears a striking resemblance to Cornell's Arts. Notice the white domed building (Sibley Hall) and the building opposite it Olin Library. {ak}
[1F02] The pig mascot (Sir Oinksalot) is likely a reference to the Ag school (Agriculture and Life Sciences), making fun of Cornell's reputation as a farmer school. {ak}
[1F02] Sign outside Springfield College: "Ask about our latin motto contest". Cornell is the only Ivy League school that's motto is in english. {ba}
[FABF20] Sideshow Mel said he's an Cornell alumnus.

Princeton references:

[1F13] The person who introduces Homer and Barney at the NASA press conference calls them "Nassau astronauts". Old Nassua has been Princeton University's alma mater since 1859.
[2F02] Sideshow Bob is in rowboat against Princeton alums.
[4F14] Sideshow Bob refers to his brother Cecil's four years at Princeton as "clown college".
[EABF01] Chief Wiggum calls Lou "Princeton Pete".
[GABF12] Eight years in the future to elaborate to Bart that an ivy league education makes one husband material Snake said he once broke into a Princeteon dude's house and that he was "totally married".

Brown references:

[AABF03] Otto almost got tenure at Brown university.
[AABF03] Lisa expresses disgust about her application being passed to Brown university.

List of Brown writers:
Ian Maxtone-Graham

Pennsylvannia references:

[BABF10] The businesswomen with whom Ned goes on a date says she has a Wharton MBA (the business school of the University of Pennsylvania). {tgp}
[HABF02] Penn State pennant in Sideshow Bob's old house. Chief Wiggum asks kids if they ever heard of his brother there.

Dartmouth College references:

[BABF10] The female singer in church mentions that she was "drinking like a Dartmouth boy." {tgp}
[BABF12] Duffman says correct answers will count toward Dartmouth College course credit. {tgp}
[GABF15] "Banjologist" Stefan Whitmore from Dartmouth comments on the dying art of Peruvian banjo music.

Fraternity hijinks:

[7F08] Flanders wears Maude's Sunday dress mowing lawn. Reminisces about wearing dresses during his fraternity days.
[8F10] Smithers recognizes two job applicants as frat brothers at Alpha Tau.
[8F18] Flanders reminisces about playing Blanche Dubois in "Streetcar Named Desire" during his fraternity days
[9F12] A bunch of drunken frat boys use name "I.P. Freeley." as the name of news source.
[BABF06] Homer victim of Kappa Gamma Tau prank.
[FABF02] Flanders rents out his house to a college fraternity.
[FABF08] Movie at theatre: "Frat Ghost".

Other references:

[7G04] Lisa had dreams of going to Vassar College. {jh}
[8F15] Mrs. Krabappel mentions Bryn Mawr. {nm}
[9F09] Dr. Nick flashes back to Medical School where he is seen talking to a co-ed in a Sigma Chi Fraternity House. {wl}
[1F02] Pretty much everything with Springfield College.
[2F12] Krusty Clown College.
[2F19] Lisa wonders what effect the teachers' strike might have on her acceptance to an ivy league school. {je}
[2F19] Homer tells Lisa to stop her Vassar-bashing. {jh}
[3F18] Snake wearing a Middlebury shirt.
[3F20] Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.
(There's a funny bit of folklore about the initials)
[3F20] Apu tells Marge the story of how he graduated at the top of his 7,000,000 class at [Caltech] Calcutta Technical Institute. {as}
[4F22] Barney remembers giving a guest lecture at Villa Nova.
[5F13] Bart refers to the Morningwood Penitentiary as "Pen State".
[AABF01] Snake played lacrosse at Ball State University. {rm}
[AABF15] Ned says (after seeing homer was saved by flood) "Heaven must be easier to get into than Arizona State!". {am}
[AABF19] Supt. Chalmers said he went to Ball State University. {rm}
[AABF20] Japanese waiter wearing a UCLA shirt.
[BABF03] Homer's makeout script for Apu has him going to Ivy state university with a scholarship.
[BABF06] Homer attends Springfield University reunion.
[CABF11] Lisa's Malibu Stacy doll is wearing a Pepperdine t-shirt. {cb}, {jl}
[CABF20] Moe went to bartending college at Swigmore University.
[DABF01] After getting arrested, Lisa realizes she'll be unable to go to an Ivy League school: she's stuck going to Stanford instead. {bp}
[DABF15] Episode title "Little Girl in the Big Ten" refers to the "Big Ten Conference", a group of eleven world-class universities with a common mission (sports being the biggest one).
[DABF15] Lisa attends Springfield University.
[EABF07] Lisa offered scholarship at any of the Seven Sisters colleges.


{ak} Aron Katz, Cornell
{am} Aceman
{as} Alex Sheive
{ba} Brad Appel, Cornell
{bp} Brian Palmer, Stanford
{cb} Chase Brown
{cs} Charles Savage
{ddg} Don Del Drande
{dh} Dave Hall
{djw} Daniel J. Walworth
{je} Jordan Eisenberg
{jh} Jonathon Howard, Vassar College 1997
{jl} Jake Little, Pepperdine 1999
{jtv} J. Ted Vogt, Yale 1995
{mah} Matthew A. Hartzell, Harvard
{mc} Matt Carter, Harvard 1999
{nm} Nadia Masri, Bryn Mawr 1994
{rm} Ryan McCracken
{rs} Renee Soto, Harvard
{tgp} Theodore G. Paulakis, University of Pennsylvania 2003
{wk} Will King
{wl} Will Lee, Sigma Chi, Iota Psi Chapter 1991

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