Irish References On The Simpsons

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Irish References On The Simpsons

(as mentioned in Yahoo! Internet Life, March 1997, page 38)

[7F22] Homer tells Marge that she is living in a world of make-believe with "flowers and bells and leprechauns and magic frogs with funny little hats."

Mr. Burns, newly revitalized, greets his workers, "Top of the mornin' to ye'" is a distinctly accented way. This is a stereotypically Irish greeting. {kab}

[8F02] Lisa's T-shirt: I Kissed the Balmoweloud is analogous to Irish "I kissed the Blarney Stone" T-shirts.

[8F05] Msgr. Daley speaks with an Irish accent on religious radio talk-in show with Rabbi Krusty and Rev. Lovejoy.

[8F11] Timmy O'Toole is from the Irish folktale "Tim O'Toole and the Wee Folk".

[9F08] Woman with Irish accent thinks Mike Farrell from M*A*S*H* really "boils her potato".

[9F15] SNPP union clause for a green cookie every St. Patrick's Day.

[9F18] Springfield's "Snake Whacking Day" is synonymous with St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland.

Bart reveals that snake whacking day was made up as an excuse to beat up the Irish. Irishman says "But 'twas was all in good fun".

[9F21] Barney sings Tura-lura-lura (an Irish Lullaby). with an Irish voice. Irishman from [9F18] starts crying.

[1F05] Grumpy leprechaun stands at one end of Brad Goodman's "Feeling Bad Rainbow." {kab}

[1F08] Burns laughs continuously after remembering he crippled an Irish worker with a bumper car. (Fox showed this episode in syndication Saint Patrick's Day, 1997)

[1F09] Grampa says he chased the Irish out in 1904. Irishman from [9F18] says "And a fine job you did, too".

[1F14] Priest in soup kitchen has Irish accent.

[1F20] In space game Bart plays Commander Bart McCool which is probably a reference the Irish mythological hero Finn (or Fionn) Mac Cumhal (pronounced McCool).

[2F20] Smithers says he tried to march in the New York St. Patrick's Day parade.

[3F16] Vintage "Itchy runs afoul of an Irishman" while Chester Lampwick plays "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" on piano.

[3G03] Barney sings with Irish voice from [9F21].

[4F13] Bart makes crank 911 phone call about "leprechaun bite".

[4F15] Springfield celebrates St. Patrick's day, has parade.

Everyone wearing green except for Bart and the designated drivers. Even Marge's hair is green and Mrs. Hibbert is wearing a green dress. Moe serves green beer.

Milhouse says "It the wearin' of the Green, Bart" "The Wearin' of the Green" is an Irish ballad about how wearing the color green was a jailable offense during the 18th century as an illegal sign of Irish nationalism and rebellion against the British. {kab}

Parade music includes "Danny Boy" and "The Old Irish Washerwoman". {kab}

Parade floats:

  • 2000 Years of Irish Cops (who beat everybody up)
  • Pot "O" Gold
  • St. Patrick
  • The Drunken Irish Novelists of Springfield
  • Duff beer

Bart saying "Move over Seamus". Seamus is an Irish name.

British pub "John Bull's Fish & Chips" blown up.

Kent O'Brockman talks about drunkeness, fighting and damage to property as qualities he questions whether we should associate with the Irish. {kab}

Moe's has a "Help Wanted: No Irish Need Apply" sign up over the door. NINA signs were once common, especially in Boston and other large East coast cities. Many Irish pubs have them now as reminders of a different not altogether happy era. {kab}

another sign in Moe's Tavern "Erin Go Bragh" which is Gaelic for "Ireland Forever". Also a Gaelic folk song.

another sign in Moe's Tavern "Kiss me, I'm Irish" (well, d'uh!).

Krusty uses the word "Boyo's" which is a peculiar Irish idiom for "guys" or "friend's". {kab}

one of the Drunken Irish Writers who jump off the float and start the brawl is quite obviously James Joyce ("Ulysses"). {kk}

[5F02] Boy dressed up as leprechaun for Halloween. {kab}

[5F03] Chalkboard punishment is "I did not invent Irish dancing". Irish dancing is a big craze in Europe and the United States (shown on PBS). The whole craze began with Riverdance. Later, one of the members, Michael Flattley, had his own show called Lord of the Dance.

[5F04] In the discoteque Apu and his backup dancers imitating "Riverdance".

[5F05] Lisa says angels are a fantasy like unicorns, sea monsters and leprechauns. Brockman rebutts by saying leprechauns are extinct.

[5F09] Homer sneaks into U2 concert wearing a green vest and Andy Capp hat, speaking with an Irish accent, and delivering a bag of potatoes.

[5F13] Ralph has a Blarney Stone in his backyard and sees a leprechaun who tells him to burn things.

[AABF08] Title character from the movie "Rudy" wearing a Notre Dame Fighting Irish jacket tries to get on Homer's Super Bowl bus. {bjr}

[AABF12] Homer parties at P.J. O'Harrigan's. Comes back the next morning wearing a green hat with shamrock on it.

[AABF17] Homer thinks Mr. Burns is in search of a rare "sober Irishman".

[BABF09] One of the little people jockies captured by Homer offers him a pot of gold if he sets them free.

[BABF12] One of the contestants in the Duff Beer-Tender of the Year contest is Irishman Michael Finn, who hails from the Green Potato Pub at O'Haire International Airport. {bm}

[CABF01] Dirt First protest group succeeds in blocking St. Patrick's parade.

[CABF12] New York city cop has red hair and Irish accent.
[CABF19] Homer catches leprechaun to beat Gypsy curse. But he makes out with the Gypsy woman saying "Kiss me, I'm Irish".
[DABF01] Flanders' Vegas wife asks him to "Irish up the coffee" for her.
[DABF01] The Flanders do not use the "I-word" in their house.
[DABF07] Marge says Bart still has to go to Riverdance.
[DABF13] Groundskeeper Willie's enemy is a drunken Irish poet named Groundskeeper Seamus.
[DABF16] Catholic priest has Irish accent, "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" played in background.
[DABF18] Irish cop in Batman episode appears.
[EABF01] Duffman mentions the dark ale Duff Stout, the beer that made Ireland famous.
[EABF08] Irish cop has a laugh about Flanders dating a movie star and says "toi toi toi toi".
[EABF11] Grampa says that during the last meteor shower they thought the sky was on fire so naturally they blamed it on the Irish and hanged more then a few.
[FABF06] In divorce settlement King Henry VIII (Homer) has to give up half his kingdom to Marge. So he gives her the Irish half.
[FABF16] Homer syas he could have been Rachel's Irish cousin in Friends. Speaks in Irish accent and asks who'll put out for Uncle Seamus.
[FABF22] Marge using "Irish Strength" Shiner-Be-Gone with leprechaun with his fists up on the can. Too-ra-loo-ra-li music playing in background.
[GABF01] Barney singing "Danny Boy" at clsong of Moe' bar.
[GABF01] Leprechaun in attendance of closing of Moe's Tavern.
[GABF02] NFL mascot is a leprechaun.
  • Bart calls Father Sean "Irish".
  • Father Sean had a stereotypical Irish father who was an abusive drunk.
  • in the Irish part of Catholic Heaven they are fighting, drinking, wearing green halos, and dancing at the end of the rainbow to Irish music.
  • Father Sean gets the people in Catholic Heaven to dance like Michael Flatley's Riverdance.
  • Homer says the Catholics got the good part of Ireland.
[GABF10] Barney wearing Irish green hat at Lenny's surpise party in Moe's Tavern.
[GABF14] Heaven used leprechaun labour to build water slide.
[GABF20] Krusty's voiceover on his tea service asks if green tea is Mr. T's Irish brother?".
  • Housekeeper has Irish accent and likes drinking beer.
  • Housekeeper in pub with shamrocks, Irish flag and and Guiness sign on wall.
  • Violin player wearing the green and playing "Danny Boy".
[GABF20] Krusty's voiceover on his tea service asks if green tea is Mr. T's Irish brother?".
[HABF13] Maids with Irish accents cleaning Marge's house. Irish music plays and green Irish shamrock cutout appears.
[HABF17] Moe talks about driving out the Irish, Barney say he's Irish but then admits to really being Polish.
[HABF20] "Smiles of Ireland" book in remainder store.
  • Ol' Gil, Kirk Van Houten, Crazy Cat Lady, Irishman, leprechaun, SLH, celebrating Saint Patrick's Day singing "MacNamara's Band".
  • mice Irish dancing in rafters.
  • lepreachaun picks fight with SLH, dances on his head to Irish music.

Lucky Charms References

(even though the cereal failed to catch on in Ireland itself)
[1F10] Marge tells Apu she's out of Lucky Charms.
[2F06] Bart curses the FDA because his Lucky Charms is not all marshmallows.
[3F10] Burns mistakes Hans Moleman with the leprechaun and drills his brain to get his Lucky Charms.
[CABF11] Betsy Ross finds the white stars but not the red hearts, yellow moons, and green clovers for the U.S. flag. Stabby-Ohs cereal has pink daggers, green hatchets and yellow ice picks.
[CABF19] Homer uses Lucky Charms as bait to catch leprechaun.
[HABF22] Bart eating Krusty Charms cereal.
  • Ned Flanders is always wearing a green sweater.
  • Simpsons writer Conan O'Brien is Irish.
  • ... and quite possibly Dan Greaney also.
  • Springfield Mayor Quimby is most likely of Irish descent like the Kennedys.
  • There is a Springfield parish in Ireland.
  • A matchbook in Mayor Quimby's drawer: McCarty's Irish Sushi House: The Homeo of the Wasabi Potato Roll
  • Grampa tells a boring radio story in the Simpson's Family (TV) Room: "Like that show with the Irish Lady. Amos & Andy it was." (The "Irish Lady" might be Molly from Fibber McGee & Molly?)
  • Book on C.M. Burns' desk: Xenophobia Today: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, You've Just Been Robbed.
  • In Krusty's Office, on poster of "They Shoot Clowns Don't They?" credit reads: music by Enya Macaroni (Pun on Ennio Morricone (soundtrack composer famous for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) makes reference to Irish singer Enya).

{bjr} Benjamin J. O'Robinson
{bm} Bill O'McNeal
{kab} Kevin Arthur O'Bowman
{kk} Kenneth O'Kiernan

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